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How to Stay Well



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Opening Page
The Righteousness of Yahweh
Righteousness Consciousness
Sin Consciousness
Establish Your Heart
Feeling UnWorthy
Relying On Man
New Creation
Self Righteous
Blessings of Abraham
Oblivious to Us
Sin Nature
Faith Righteousness
Righteous Nature
Feeling Accepted
Righteousness of Yahweh
Sacred Cow
Believe You’re Righteous
What You Say
More Witnesses
 Hearing Yahweh
My Quiet Spot
A Willing Heart
Testing the Voice
Ready to Obey
Yahweh’s Thoughts
How Yahweh Talks
Take No Thought~! Arguing with Yourself
Still Small Voice
Inquire of Yahweh
Believe You Are Hearing Yahweh
How to Hear Yahweh
Study the Word
Developing a Listening Hear For Yahweh
Characteristics of a Listening Spirit
The Holy Ghost
A Blood Covenant
Exchange Strengths
More than a Contract
Unbreakable Contract
More Covenants
Final Covenant
Yahoshua Became Man
Last Will & Testament
Faith Still Going
Yahweh of this World
Unrelenting Love
Authority Over the Earth
Covenant Rights
Better Promises
Taking Yahweh’s Name in Vain
The Big Swap
Does Yahweh Heal?
Is Anybody Sick?
Meditate On these
Healing Testimony
Compare these
Call For the Oil
The Debt Has Been Reconciled
The Bill’s Already Been Paid
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Mediate On these Scriptures
A Lack of Knowledge
Stay in Great Health
By His Stripes
People Destroyed
Effective Faith
Good Things
Catch 22
No Lack
Not Partial
Faith Of Yahweh
Beloved Acceptance
Job Repented
Two Kingdoms
Your Call
Not My Thought
Thought Replacement
His Wounds For Ours
Prayer of Faith
Prayer of Agreement
Pertains To Life
Are Not
Wishy Washy
Be Attitudes
How To Live Long and Prosper
Can You Feel The Love?
Words of Faith
Trusting Yahweh
Grace Explained
Paul Dumps Mark
Paul’s Choice
Same Body
Patch the Hole
As Yahoshua Walked
Imitators of Yahweh
By The Love
I Desire Mercy
Love So Important?
The Mirror Effect
Quench the Spirit
Judging Others
The Truth
Change Your Mind
Weapons of Warfare
Does Sin Block Us?
Not Invited In
Sacrificial Love Walk
Love is Not
Hidden Love
Exhort & Encourage
The Right Focus
Equip the Saints
Believe in Others
You Are Precious~!
Abba ~ Father
In Your Heart
Performance Based
Yahweh is a Good God
I Am
Yahweh Is With Me
Love is an Action
Free Gift
Time with Yahweh
Truth Being Told
Know the Truth
Make You Free
Love Edifies
Barnabas & Paul
Mind of Christ
The Process
Helping Others
Asking How
Learn As You Go
Understanding Others
Languages of Love
Leadership Styles
Personality Types
Praise Ways
How We Learn
Brotherly Love
Trusting Yahweh
Relaxing in Faith
Talk Faith
Take Stock
Better Covenant
Faith Choices
Limiting Yahweh
A Sure Word
You Cast the Deciding Vote
Touch Him, {Touch Hem}
Faith Comes By Hearing
Talking the Faith Talk
Taking the Leap Of Faith
The Light Dawns
Peter Lost His Focus
We Walk By Faith
Stay Focused On Yahweh’s Promises
Possess the Land
Dispossess Their Land
Milk and Honey
As Yahweh Said It Would Be~!
Ten Spies Give an Evil Report
Spy Report
Let the Redeemed Say So
Remaining Steadfast
Integrity Of the Word
Angels Ministering
We Are A Voice Uttering
Say the Good Confession
The Three Amigos
Expecting Blessing
Froward Mouth & Perverse Lips
Twisted Thinking
Saying the Same Thing
Defraud & Deceiving Yourself
Speak Positive
Had What They Said
They Too Had What They Said
Walking the Faith Walk
Hearing and Hearing
Heal Myself
God Cannot Lie
Light Dawns
Have Mercy
Say that Again
Faithful Yahweh
Meditate Word Of Yahweh
Healed Them ALL
Faith Arises
Count the Cost
Money Hinders Healings
Final Answer
Diseases Healed
Bridge Wind
Alpine Slide
Rocket Man
Not Ashamed
On the Road
Overcome Fears
Deliverance Prescription
Take No Thought
Thoughts Captive
Word Power
Other Resources
 In Spirit
The Spirit of Yahweh
Traditions of Men
The Promise
Saw & Heard
Speaks to Yahweh
 The Love Walk
Faith Works by Love
Knowledge Puff Up, But Love Edifies
Love Even As
Love Is
Love One Another
The Commandment to Love One Another
Receiving One Another
Emptied and Poured Out
Love Never Fails
Prayer For Grace in The Love Walk
Strife ~ the Bait
The Glory Connected to Keeping Our Joy
To Stay in Joy, We Must Stay in Love
The Joy of Yahweh
The Greater One is Inside Us
Brotherly Love
Thanksgiving Victory
You’ll Only Bloom Where Yahweh Planted You
Help For the Hurting~!
Sound the Alarm~!
The Trigger of Offense
Offended People Are Trapped
Conflict is d—Evil One’s Weapon
The Enemies Weapons Are Only Carnal
Offenses Will Come
What’s the Catch
Love is Not Touchy or Resentful
Peter Offended
Will You Flee?
Doubting is UnBelief
Offense Will Make Your Heart Frozen
Get Understanding
Be Forgiving
Surrendering To Self
Letting Go
Other Resources On Love
Don’t Swallow the Hook
The Peace that Passes Understanding
The Weapons of Our Warfare
We Bless with Our Mouths
Pray For Those that Persecute You
Bless Your Enemies
Teflon Coating
Anakin Skywalker Offended
What’s Our Response to Be Offended
 Praise & Worship
Many Ways of Expression
Seven Ways To Worship
Worship Testimony
Barak, (or Barouch)
Hallel, (or Hawlal)
Other Praise Words
What Praise Does
Corporate Worship
Unity ~ Symphony
Adopted by Yahweh
Apostles & Prophets
The Armor of Yahweh
My Pastor(s)
A Loved Ones Departing
How to Draw Near to Yahweh
Our Authority
The Fear of Yahweh
Setting Goals
Yahweh Loves You
Mysterious Ways
A Memorial
Our Identity
Invite Yahoshua
Knowing Yahweh
Scripture Study Tools
Yahweh’s Word is True
My Church
Titles of Yahweh
One Voice
Powerful Prayers
Prayer For All the Nations
Prayer For the Lost
Racial & Ethnic Reconciliation
Pray For Jerusalem
Speak Forth
Believers’ Voice of Victory with OnLine Scripture
The Joy of Yahweh
The Spirit of Yahweh
Healing Testimony
Purpose Driven
Our Voice
We Are a Triune Being
Spiritual Warfare
Building a Memorial
 I Spoke
I Have “Spoken
Does What We Say Really Matter?
Confessing is Professing
When Does Yahweh Deliver?
For then
A Sure Thing
Our Part
Have What You Say
I Say To You
Faith Works By Love
Singing is Speaking with Power
For She Said
Her Faith
Your Faith
For She Kept Saying
Jarius Walked with Yahoshua
Believe and Receive
Yahoshua Met Jarius Where His Faith Was~!
Binding & Loosing
The High Praises of Yahweh Be in Their Mouths
I Have “Spoken
Hold Fast To Your Confession
Confess Means to Say the Same Thing
The Good News of Christ
Fight the Good Fight Of Faith
Devourer Rebuked
Call Everybody
Having Done All To Stand
Pork Chops Testimony
Supply According to His Riches
All My Needs Are Met
We Order Our Mouths
Confess with Your Mouth
Death and Life
Our Words
David Calls
If You Had Faith
Take No Thought, SAYING
Yahoshua SPOKE To the Fever
Yahoshua SPOKE To the WIND~!
Let Us Go Over To the Other Side”
The Words Of My Lips
Acts, Not Facts
Greater Is He
NOT Against Flesh and Blood
He Sent His Word
Uttered His Voice
Every Word of Yahweh is Important
Yahweh Gives Us the Victory
If You Say So
I Say To You
Yahweh’s Words Always Produce
Yahweh’s Words Causes Things Happen
Study How To Answer
Grace Ministered by Your Words
Words of Life
Edifying Words Build Up
Words that Will Help Others Become Stronger
The Tongue of the Wise Promotes Health~!
Plentifully Declaring the Thing As It Is~!”
Your Words Can Change the OutCome~!
Damaging Words Hurt Folks~!
Dissension at Antioch
Dissension at Iconium
Stop Talking About Others~!
Fit of Rage~!
It Just Slipped Out~!
Angry Words “Spoken” Causes Discouragement~!
Teach Your Children About Yahweh
Speak To the Rock
The Mouth Speaks
Speak To It
Blessings, Not Cursings
Send Forth Your Word
The Tongue is Like a Rudder
Hold Fast the PROFESSION / CONFESSION of Our Faith
Not Wavering ~ No Ambiguity
Let the REDEEMED of Yahweh SAY SO
The Truth That You Know Shall Make You Free
Watch Your Mouth
You Don’t Say
I Don’t Say
Let My Words Be Few
Fill My Mouth
Be Full, But Don’t Be a Fool
Only Believe
He is A Rewarder
I Believed I Received
Benefits Package
Birth Something in the Spirit
Save the Best For Last
Eagle Mountain International Church
KCM with OnLine Bible
Web WallPaper
HTML Color Changer
Horizontal Bibles
Vertical Bibles
Scriptures Pledge
Christian Flag
My Short Cuts
Shipping & Tracking
How to Optimize
Huntsville City Council
Madison County
Clergy, Churches, Synagogues
& Denominational Unity

Huntsville City Schools,
Teachers & Administration

Huntsville Information
Huntsville ~ Christ, Our Passover Feast
MercyMe ~ Shake, (DownTown, Dlicous Dining Smokehouse Grill)
Cracker Barrel Peg Game
State Legislature
Legal Information Network
Everything Alabama
The Official Website of the State of Alabama
 United States
U.S.A. Flag
The Presidential Prayer Team
The President
The Vice President
House of Representatives
United States Senate
The Library of Congress
Thomas Library of Congress
United States Supreme Court
Federal Government
The Military
Find Information On Your State
U.S. State Government (Your State)
 Praise is Giving Thanks
Why So Down Cast?
One Word From Yahweh
You Shall Rejoice~!
Faith Righteousness
Giving Thanks
The Correct Protocol
Make Your Requests to Yahweh
Don’t Talk the Problem~!
Petition Yahweh ~ Not Others~!
Again, I Say Rejoice~!
Here Comes the Judge~!
Don’t Rehearse the Curse~!
Abundantly Above All We Ask or Think
Think Big~!
Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving~!
The Light Dawns~!
Praising Yahweh~!
Joyful Again~!
Rejoicing Means You Used To Have Joy~!
Rejoicing in Adverse Circumstances
Whine Flu
After He Had Given Thanks with Thanksgiving


Yahweh’s Promises

I Urge, then, First of ALL, that Requests, Prayers, Intercession and Thanksgiving Be Made For Everyone, For Kings and ALL Those in Authority, that We May Live Peaceful and Quiet Lives in ALL Godliness and Holiness.
(1 Timothy 2:1-4)

Presidential Prayer Team

Powerful Prayers that Work~!



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