Can You Feel The Love?

Part Three of a Five-Part Series



For by Grace Are You Saved, Through Faith; and Not of Yourselves

Grace ~ CariV (charis) ~ khar’-ece

Graciousness (as Gratifying), of Manner or Act (abstract or Concrete; Literal, Figurative or Spiritual; Especially The Divine Influence Upon the Heart, and its Reflection in the Life; Including Gratitude):—Acceptable, Benefit, Favour, Gift, Grace(-ious), Joy, Liberality, Pleasure, Thank(-s, -Worthy).


Sacrificial Love Walk

What if Someone Calls You in the Middle of Eating Dinner, What Will You Do?  Or Suppose Someone Calls You After You Have Been Watching One Hour and Fifty Minutes of a Suspenseful Movie that You Have Waited ALL Week Long to See, and there Are Only Ten Minutes Left of the Show and You Can’t Record it.

What if this is the Kind of Person that When they Get Under Pressure, they Feel the Need to Verbalize?  We Refer Back to our Manual and the Sacrificial Love Walk as Outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  Love Suffers Long and is Kind; Love Does Not Envy; Love Does Not Parade Itself, is Not Puffed Up; Does Not Behave Rudely, Does Not Seek its Own, is Not Provoked, Thinks No Evil; Does Not Rejoice in Iniquity, But Rejoices in the Truth; Bears ALL Things, Believes ALL Things, Hopes ALL Things, Endures ALL Things. Love Never Fails.  Love Always Looks For the Best, Almost to a Point of Gullibility.

Like Ralph Carmichael’s Song Entitled, “Love is Surrender,” if there Were No Obstacles to Overcome, We Could Not Be Given the Opportunity to Be People Who Overcome.  If there’s Nothing that You Don’t Have to Lay Down Your Life For then this Won’t Be Agape Love.  (The Definition of Agape Love is Laying Down Your Life For One Another).

We Must Rule Out Our Own Motives or Selfish Ambition.  You Can Be Sure the Time You Allot to Set Aside For Prayer Will Be the Time that ALL the Favorite Shows You Like to Watch Will Come On.  Or the Day You Set Aside to Fast, You Will Probably Be Asked Out to Lunch and they’re Paying.  If there Were Nothing to Lay Down, then this Would Not Be Agape Love.

Why is it So Important that We Show Agape Love by Laying Down Our Live For the Brethren?  Why Don’t We Just Show Brotherly Love?  It is Because Only by Acts of Agape Love Can Advances Be Made in the Kingdom of Yahweh Down On Earth.  Recall that, “By This Shall ALL [Men] Know that You Are My Disciples, by the (Agape) Love You Have One For Another, (John 13:35).


In Matthew 24:14 Yahoshua Says that, “This Gospel of the Kingdom Must Be, and Shall Be Preached in ALL the World For a Witness Unto ALL Nations, then the End Will Come.”  What Gospel is This?  Even as Little Children Sing, “Yes Yahoshua Loves Me, For the Scriptures Tells Me So“,” This is the Gospel of Peace.  Peace Between Yahweh and Man, Letting Man Comprehend Finally that Yahweh is Not Mad at Us, and Peace Between Mankind, Loving One Another.

This is What the Heavenly Hosts Proclaimed When Christ Was Born, “And On Earth, Peace, Good Will Towards Men,” (Luke 2:14).  Even the Word Used in Matthew 24:14 For Nations, (It’s Plural), is the Greek Word Ethnos, (Strong’s #1484), From Which We Derive Our Word Ethnic.  This verse Was Talking About Folks Getting Along with Each Other From ALL Ethnic Backgrounds.

My House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer For All the Nations, (Mark 11:17).

For Nation Shall Rise Against Nation, and Kingdom Against Kingdom: and there Shall Be Famines, and Pestilences, and Earthquakes, in Divers Places, (Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8).

The Word Nation is Translated as Ethnos, (G1484), ~ Meaning Race, {from Which We Get Our Word Ethnic Groups of People}.  There is an All Out Attempt to Start a Race War.  24-7, the Enemy is Seeking Whom He May Devour...

Be Sober, Be Vigilant; Because Your Adversary the Devil, As a Roaring Lion, Walks About, Seeking Whom He May Devour, (1 Peter 5:8).

You Really Learn the Sacrificial Love Walk with Children.  One of the Male Two Year Olds in My Class Wanted to Kiss Me.  I’m Male and He’s Male, But the Kiss Idea Seemed Okay, as He is a Small Child.  I Bent Down and Got a Kiss Right On the Mouth.  I Was Not Expecting that.  Talking About Laying Down Your Life~!  Suppose this Boy Asks to Kiss Me Again?  None For Me, Thank-You Very Much.

At Another Time, I Know of One Person that Was Greatly Distressed Because of a Certain Situation Regarding Another Individual.  As Long as they Focused From a Self-Centered Point of View, they Only Became Hotter and More Infuriated.  Finally, this Person Got the Focus Off of Themselves and Replied, “Maybe, the Reason Things Have Not Gone as I Thought they Would is Not Because they Are Rejecting Me, But Because,” and Explained Why The Other Person Behaved as they Did.


James 3:16 Says that Hostility Will Occur When there is Selfish Ambition, “For Wherever there Is Jealousy, (Envy), and Contention, (Rivalry and Selfish Ambition), there Will Also Be Confusion, (Unrest, Disharmony, Rebellion), and ALL Sorts of Evil and Vile Practices.”  (The Word Used For Contention Here; Strong’s # 2052, is the Same Word Used Back in Philippians 2:3 for Selfish Ambition where it is Stated, “Let Nothing Be Done Through Selfish Ambition, or Strife.

The Amplified Bible Classic Edition Actually Uses the Words, “Selfish Ambition” in James 3:16.  My Point is that the English Translation of Strife, Contention or Self-Ambition Are ALL Derived From the Same Word, and that if You Find Yourself in a Situation Where there is Strife or Confusion, You Can Be Sure that there Has to Be Selfish Ambition On Someone’s Part.  Understanding this Point is the Key to Solving the Conflict as it May Prompt You to Examine Your Own Motives.

Love Always Denies Self and Believes For the Best in Others.  In Fact You Can’t Even See the Facts, Until You Get Your Eyes Off of YourSelf, as Selfish Motives Will Result in Chaos Every Time.  When We Are Doing Things that Have Motives of Getting Our Needs Met We Are Violating James 3:16, (For Where Envying and Strife is there is Confusion and Every Evil Work)Proverbs 3:5-7 Calls this “Leaning to Your Own Understanding”, (See Also Proverbs 29:11).

James 3:15 Goes So Far as to Call this Demonic, Saying in verse 14, But if You Have Bitter Jealousy (Envy) and Contention (Rivalry, Selfish Ambition), in Your Hearts, Do Not Pride Yourselves On it and Thus Be in Defiance of and False to the Truth and Galatians 5:19-20 Calls Strife One of the Works of the Flesh.  James 1:20 Says, For the Wrath of Man Does Not Produce The Righteousness of Yahweh, (NKJ).  Most of the Areas of Strife Are Caused Because We Superimpose Onto the Other Person that We Would Do if We Were in their Shoes, Forgetting that they Are a Hand and We Are a Brain, and So Forth.

Our Own Value System is Judging Them Even if We Don’t Think We Are Judging the Other Party.  What We Often Perceive as Fact is Not Fact, But Instead, it is Our Own Perception Based On Our Values.

What Love is Not~!

Some of the Stuff Listed Above Describes What Loves Does Do, But Some Things Listed Are Things that Love Doesn’t Do.  Let Me Give You an Example.  A Young Man Name Claude Wanted More than Anything a Rifle that Costs About $1500.00.  He Really Expected His Father to Give Him that Rifle Upon Graduation From High School.

However, Instead of the Rifle He Got From His Father a Brand New Bible.  His Father Said that He Thought this Would Help Him Get Through College.  Claude Was Extremely Disappointed and Went On to College, and Never Once Opened that Bible.  For Years Claude Held a Grudge Against His Father.  Finally, Decades Later, the Father Passed Over .

Claude Wished that He and His Father Had Gotten Along Better ALL that Time, Before His Passing, But it Had Been Downhill Ever Since that Bible Was Given to Him Instead of the Rifle.  Prompted by Remorse, Claude Went Up to the Attic and Located that Bible.  It Was Still in the Box.  It Had Never Been Opened.

Claude Took the Bible Out, and Turned it’s Pages, and Two Neatly Pressed One-Thousand Dollar Bills Inside~!   The Father Had Actually Given the Son the Money to Buy the Rifle He Wanted, But the Means to Buy the Gun Were Hidden to the Boy.  This Story Really Illustrates to Me What Love is Not.  This Father Loved His Son, But Insisted that His Son Accept His Love the Way He Outlined.


Proverbs 27:5 Says that People Would Rather Have Open Rebuke than Hidden Love.  This Father Loved His Son, But that Love Was Hidden to the Son.  We Must Love in Such a Way that it Felt.  How Much Better Would it Have Been For the Father to Have Shown Love For His Son by Buying Him What the Son Desired.  That Was Where the Son Was.

The Son Hadn’t Realized the Need For Reading the Scriptures Yet.  Claude Viewed Receiving a Bible as a Criticism of ALL the Things His Father Thought that He Wasn’t Doing Right, Rather than a Blessing Intended as a Road Map For Success.  And For ALL Those Wasted Years When there Was a Rift Between Him and His Son, When the Father Could Have Ended ALL that Strife by Telling the Boy that the Fifty Dollar bill Was in the Scriptures.

And the Father’s Methods Did Not Produce a Desire to Open the Scriptures or Read the Words of Life Until After the Father Was Gone.  If the Father Had Given Him the Rifle Instead, there Was a Good Chance that the Boy Would Have Been Receptive to Receiving a Bible Later From His Father.  In Fact, if the Father Was a Bible Reader Himself, Luke 6:40 Promises that the Boy Would Be Just Like His Teacher.

If the Father Had Only Relaxed, and Had Confidence in that Promise, He Could Have Given Him the Gun, “Being Confident of this Very Thing, that He Who Has Begun a Good Work in You Will Complete It Until the Day of Yahoshua, (The Messiah),” (Philippians 1:6). Think of ALL the Heartache that Could Have Been Saved as that Young Man Went ALL Those Wasted Years Lacking a Relationship with Yahweh as Father or Without Knowing the Answers that Yahweh’s Word Offers.

Love That Is Not Felt ~ Hidden Love

I Really Think it’s Important For You to Realize How Vital Love is that Can Be Felt and How Strong Hidden Love is as a Factor of Open Rebuke.  What is Open Rebuke?  That Would Be When You Are Scolded and Perhaps Embarrassed in Front of Others.  One Summer, I Worked with Children at a Backyard Bible School in an Apartment Complex.  These Kids Were Much in Need of Love and Attention.

As I Talked with Another Adult, One Boy Hauled Back His Fist and Hit Me in the Loins.  I’m Male and This Hurt.  I Turned to the Boy and Explained to Him that He Was Not to Do this to Me Nor Any Other Male as this Could Hurt a Lot.  I Returned Back to the Adult and Began to Chat Some More.  The Boy Struck Me Again in the Same Place.  This Time it Hurt a Lot More.  I Talked to the Boy Again.  I Turned Back to the Adult, and Once More This Boy Hit Me Hard.

He Pushed My Hot Button, and I Grabbed Him by the Forearm, Twisting and Coming Upward.  This Bent Him Over Backward with His Arm Straight Up.  Everyone Got Quiet in the Room as I Restrained Him.  This Was an Open Rebuke, and it Was a Sharp.  I Talked to the Boy Harshly, and Let Him Go.

It Was Hard to Walk in Love When You’re in Pain.  I Began to Complete My Conversation with the Other Party.  And Would You Believe that Even After that Open Confrontation in Front of ALL His Peers, that Boy Hit Me Again?  Maybe You Would.  Maybe You Know Children.  I Was Caught by Surprise.  Inside Me, I Heard the Holy Ghost Say, “Open Rebuke is Better than Hidden Love,” (Proverbs 27:5).

This Young Boy Would Rather Have an Open Rebuke than Hidden Love~!  I Cared About that Little Boy, But He Was Unaware of it, Because the Way that I Was Showing Love to Him Was Not Perceived as Love.  I Had to Find Out What Way that He Would Feel Loved.  I Terminated the Conversation with the Adult and Lavished Love On the Boy.  I Guessed that Since He Expressed His Need Physically, that Physical Was the Way to Go.  I Turned Him upside Down and Put His Feet On The ceiling.  I Wrestled Him On Top of the Nearby Couch.


It is Important to Build Trust in a Father-Son Relationships When the Child is Aware of the Awesome Power of the Mentor He is Wrestling with, Yet the Boy Knows He Won’t Get Hurt. This Makes it Easier For Us to See ALL Powerful Yahweh as Our Abba Father, Daddy.  So, I Sat On Top of Him On the Sofa Pretending to Be Placing ALL My Weigh On Him and Crushing Him.  And then I Hugged Him and We Sat Together On the Sofa For a Long While with My Arm Gently Around Him.

From that Time On, that Boy Never Struck Me Again, and I Talked to Other Adults Uninterrupted.  All I Had to Do to Pacify Him Was to Make Eye Contact and Move My eyebrows Upward and He Felt Like I Liked Him, (which I Did.  He Reminded Me of How I Had Been).  Some Would Say that He Just Needed Attention.  In Fact, You Probably Just Said that.

But, I Would Deduct that His Need For Attention is a Cry For Love.  Attention of Any Kind is Better than No Attention.  All He Needed Was Acceptance.  Yahweh Once Showed Me that the Only Reason People Become Homosexual is Because they Feel Rejected.


I Heard in the Movie, “The Lion King,” That Timon Said to Simba, “When the World Turns it’s Back On You, You Turn Your Back On the World”.

This is What Happens to People that Have Been Rejected.  For a Close Look the Effects of Rejection, Go See, “Batman Returns”.  An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Ton of Cure.  Love that is Not Felt is Not Love to the Individual.  This is Hidden Love.  Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Have You Ever Carried a Mattress by Yourself, and You Have it Balanced, But Just So.  And then Someone Tries to Help You by Grabbing an End. This is Hard as it Forces the Weight Back On You.  Sometimes We Try to Help, But We Do What We Think is Helping, and it is Not.  Find Out How they Can Be Helped, and Do So.

A Minister Once Told Me that Help that is Not Perceived as Help is Not Help.  You May Be Showing a Lot of Love On Your Part, But Unless the Individual Perceives What You Are Doing as Love, it is Hidden Love to Them.  You May Have to Become More Verbal than You’re Comfortable with, or More Reserved and Analytical than You’re Accustomed to.


In John 14:16; 26; & John 16:7, Yahoshua Said We Have the Comforter.  In the Greek, this Word is Parakleo, (Strong’s #3875).  One of the Understandings of this Word is Defined as a, “Standby in the Amplified Bible Classic Edition.  Para Means, “To the Side of,” and Kaleo Means to Call Out to Somebody or Invite Them.  I See this as Someone Who, “Comes Alongside,” or Like a Track Coach Who Runs a Parallel Course as We Are, and Encourages Us On.

In the Complete Word Study Dictionary, Spiros Zodhiates Defines Parakaleo as: to Aid, Help, Comfort, and/or Encourage, in Other Words, a Supporter, or Sponsor, Exhorter.  This is Someone that Says When You Fall Down, “It’s Okay~!  You Can Do it,” and You Regain Confidence and Get Up and Go Once More.

In Fact, Look at Hebrews 10:24 ~ Let Us Consider How to Provoke One Another to Love and Good Works.  This Says Volumes.  I Looked Up the Definition For ‘Provoke’ and it Means Exactly What I Hoped that it Would Mean, (Inciting, Incitement).  Some Translations Use the Words ‘Spur’, or ‘Stimulate’.  And it Also Means, “Irritation.”  Now, Keep in Mind that We Are Instructed to Provoke One Another to Love and Good Works, and then Immediately We Read in Hebrew 10:25 That Says that the Justifiable Reason For Coming Together in an Assembly is to Encourage or Exhort One Another and Also Gain Encouragement or Exhortation, (That You May Not Know that You Needed), and So Much the More, as You See the Day Approaching.

You’d Have to Be Blind Not to See that the Day of Yahoshua’s Return is Coming Closer.  Peter Said it Was the Last Days, and to Yahweh a Day is as a Thousand Years and So if Peter Was in the Last Days, and as of the Year 2000, (2 Days), We Crossed Over into the Last Day of the Last Days.  And We Are Told to Exhort One Another More So.  (Click Here to See More About Exhorting)

A Derivative of the Same Word Parakleo, is Parakletos, (Strong’s #3870); and is Used For Exhort and Encourage in Some Translations in Hebrews 3:13 And Hebrews 10:25, Where We Are Told to Exhort, (Encourage), One Another.  Put that Back Together with ‘Let Us Consider How to Provoke One Another to Love and Good Works’, with ‘Forsaking Not the Assembling of Ourselves So that We Might Encourage One Another’.  We Are Supposed to Encourage One Another, (Brothers and Sisters in Yahweh), it’s One of Our Commands.

Quite a Lot of Scriptures Instruct Us to Speak Encouragingly to One Another in Love, (Ephesians 4:15, 25; Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16).  (Click Here to Read More About Exhorting and Encouraging One Another).  Click Here To Read More About How To Study Answer.


Yahweh Said in Isaiah 49:13-15, That if We Only Grasp What Yahweh Had Done For Us, then We Ought to Sing For Joy, “For Yahweh Has Comforted His People, and Will Have Mercy Upon His Afflicted.  You Cannot Conceive What it Means For Yahweh to Comfort Us, Unless You Have Been Without Comfort, Hurting On the Inside, Maybe Committing that One Sin Over Again For the 49th Hundredth Time, and Seeing No Way Out.

Perhaps You Feel Destitute, Without Hope, About to Be snuffed Out Like a smothering Flax.  Well, Take Courage, “For Yahweh Will Have Mercy Upon His Afflicted.  The Word Used Here For Mercy is the Hebrew Word, “Racham and is Closely akin to the Hebrew Word, “Raham,” (Strong’s Concordance #’s 7355, & 7356).

In Isaiah 49:15, Yahweh Talks About a Woman’s Love For Her Child that Has Just Been Born, “Can a Woman Forget Her Sucking Child, that She Should Not Have Compassion On The Son of Her Womb”.

The Word Used For Compassion in this verse, (Strong’s # 7355 Racham {raw-kham’}), is the Same Hebrew-Chaldee Word Used in Isaiah 49:13 Above For Mercy, and the Definition For this Word is Also Used to Define Compassion, and is Closely Related to Strong’s # 7356 Racham {rakh’-am}, Which is Defined as Compassion and Also a Womb~!  Why is the Word Womb a Good Moniker to Describe His Compassion For Us?

Women Act Differently to a Child, and Especially their Children, Once a Child Has Been Formed in their Womb.  I Surmise that Some Sort of a Chemical or Psychological Change Happens to Women at this Point.  Women Seem to Transform, Never to Go Back to Just Being Female.


I’ll Show You What I Mean. While a Young Woman is Pregnant with Her First Child She Will Probably Refer to the Child as An, “it”, While the Baby is Starting to Grow Inside of Her.  But, About One-fourth of the Way Along the Term, She Will Start to Address the Child as, “The Baby,” or, “He,” or, “She”.

If the Woman Gets Pregnant Again, She Will Call the Infant, a, “Child,” Right From the Start, and She Will Refer to Other UnSeen Children in Other Wombs as, “The Baby.”  It’s Only Us Men that Still Mistakenly Call the Child An, “it”.  The Mistake is Even, if You Call the Child An, “it” in Front of these Women.

I Don’t See Ordinary Women Reacting the Way I Have Seen Mothers React.  Suppose You Were to Walk Up to a Small Child While it’s Mother Was Present and Grab that Child by the Hair and Raise Your Hand Back in a Clutched Fist Poised as if You Were Going to Strike the Child?  What Do Think Will Happen?

If this Mother is Watching You, She is Going to Knock You Over the Head with ALL Her Might~!  She’ll Probably Claw You, and Come Away with a Good Chunk of Your Hair~!  You’ll Most Likely Pick Yourself Off the Ground, Wondering What Happened.

It Doesn’t Matter About Her Social Status, (She Could Be the President’s Wife or an Unemployed Barely Educated Unwed Mother), and She Could Be Small in Stature or Timid and Shy, and You Could Be 6’5” and Weigh 240 Pounds.  My Money is On the Woman.  You See, When You Have Done it to the Child, it Was Just as if You Had Done it Unto the Mother.  That’s Why Women Are So Offended When the Father is Rough On their Children.

Fixation On What the Child is Doing Right

The Mother Takes the Abuse of Her Children Personally.  When the Father Slaps a Child, the Mother Feels Slapped Also~!  If I Tell a Mother that Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Has Lifted Her Dress and Showed Her Underwear, the Mother Will Get Embarrassed as if She Herself Had Been Exposed.  The Inverse of this is True Also.

When I Give Praise to a Small Child in Front of Her Mother, it’s Like the Mother is the Child’s Ventriloquist as I Say, “My, Don’t You Look Nice Today,” To the Child, I Will Surely Hear a Thank-You Coming From the Mother’s Mouth.  I Don’t Mean, “Now, Henry What Do You Say to Mr.  Charlie; Say Thank-You.

Instead, I Will Hear, “Thank-You Mr.  Charlie”, Coming From the Mother.  Henry’s Lips Didn’t Move, But I Heard a Reply as if Henry Had Talked.  That Mother is Deeply Connected to that Child, Like When I Spoke to The Child I Am Speaking to the Mother.  This is What Matthew 25:40 Was Talking About When Yahweh Said, “Inasmuch as You Have Done it Unto One of the Least of these My Brothers, You Have Done it Unto Me.”

Yahweh’s Love is Just Like that.  If an Ordinary Mother Can Turn ‘Mean Tiger ’, Over Her Child, Think What Yahweh Will Do Over You~!   You Are Yahweh’s Child.  Yahweh Describes His Compassion For You with the Word Womb.  Yahweh is Always Watching Over You, (Proverbs 15:3; Proverbs 5:21).  His Eyes Don’t Miss Any of the Well Crafted Schemes and Devices that d—Evil One’s Tries Against You His Child.

I Heard Somebody Ask of Someone What is their Favorite Scripture Verse, and it Occurred to Me, that I Couldn’t Think of One that I Liked More than the Rest.  However, as I Have Pondered About this.  I Think it is this Verse

Do Not Withhold Good From Those to Whom it is Due, When it is in Your Power to Act, (Proverbs 3:27).
{And I’ll Say that this Verse Means Whether its an Act of Kindness, or Money, or an Apology or Just a Kind Word}.

Ironically, a 327 is a Powerful Chevrolet Engine Back in the Day of the Muscle Cars, (A Chevy II with a 327 Being Light Weight Often beat the Heavier Oldsmobile 442’s or the Chevelle 396’s).  Another Powerful Engine Was the Police Interceptor 429.  And Ephesians 4:29 Would Be the other Verse that I Might Have as my Favorite Verse of Scripture.  Just Like Ephesians 4:29, a 429 Police Interceptor Was a Powerfully Fast Car with a 429 Cubic Inch Engine~!

Ephesians 4:29 ~ Let No Foul or Polluting Language, Nor Evil Word Nor Unwholesome or Worthless Talk [Ever] Come Out of Your Mouth, But Only Such [Speech] as is Good And Beneficial to the Spiritual Progress of Others, as is Fitting to the Need and The Occasion, that it May Be A Blessing And Give Grace (Yahweh’s Favor) to Those Who Hear it.

(NKJ Reads ~ Let No Corrupt Word Proceed Out of Your Mouth,
But What is Good For Necessary Edification, that it May Impart Grace To the Hearers).



Can a Woman Forget Her Sucking Child?  Yes, there Have Been Times that a Woman Failed to Be Watchful and Turned Her Back On Her Small Infant as Her Attention Was Distracted or Preoccupied, and Someone Stole Her Child at a Store or a Mall.

There Have Been Other Times Where a Mother ALL Out abandoned Her Child On a roadside Park, or Left the Child at Someone’s Doorstep, or Died Herself.  It Has Happened.  But, Yahweh Says, “Yet I Will Not Forget You.  See, I Have Inscribed You On the Palms of My Hands,” (Isaiah 49:16).  Every Time Yahoshua Looks at the Palms of His Hands, there Are The Nail Holes that Remind Him of His Great Love For Us.

You May Feel Like You Are Rotten.  You May Have Done that One Sin Over Again For the 49th Hundredth Time, or You May Not Have Arrived at Where You Want to Be in Life and it Seems as Though You Never Will, or a Thousand Other Things.  You May Have Success ALL Around You, But Don’t Have Peace in Your Heart, “It Doesn’t Matter.  It’s in the Past,” (Quoted From the Movie, “The Lion King”).

Yahweh Says, I Am Not Mad at You, Nor Am I Ashamed of You.  I Will Not Put Out a Smoking Flax, Even if the Smoke is Offensive to My Eyes.  I Will Not Break and Disregard a Bruised Reed.  You Are of Great Value to Me~!  You Are Precious in My Eyes~!  You Are the Apple of My Eye~! (Isaiah 54:9; Romans 10:11; Hebrews 2:11 & Hebrews 11:16).


You See there is One More Thing I Forgot to Tell You About Mothers.  Mothers Don’t Focus On the Wrong.  Mothers Are Always For You.  Believing the Best For You.

I Have Taught Children in the Nursery.  I Can Tell the Mother About a Problem that Her Son or Daughter is Having, and in the Mother’s Eyes, it is Always the Teacher’s Fault.  There Must Be Something that the Teacher is Doing Wrong.  I Can Even Get a Video Camera and Film the Action and Show the Mother The Video, and I Will Hear, “Oh No, That’s Not My Child, My Child Would Never Do That.

That’s the Way that Yahweh Is.  Yahweh Never Gives Up On You.  Most Parents Display a Performance-Based Bumper Sticker On their Car that Reads, “My Child is an Honor Student at Valdosa High,” While Yahweh Displays On the Via Dolorosa that it is an Honor to Have You as a Child(The Via Dolorosa is the Road to the Cross at Calvary that Yahoshua Walked the Day He Died).

A Mother is Always Supportive, Believing in You and Encouraging You Even When You Have Failed Again.  Mom’s Show a Lot of Love, and Although they May Not Approve of What We Are Doing, they Always Approve of Us.  UnConditional Acceptance, Not Based On Performance of Any Kind.

Equip the Saints

A Friend Told Me Once, “I Wanted To Be a Big Shot Pilot in the United States Army, So Everyone Could See How Great I Am.  But, the Truth of the Matter is that You Already Are Great, Therefore You Are a Big Shot in Yahweh’s Eyes~!  Big Enough For Yahweh to Send His Son to Die in Your Place.

But Yahweh Demonstrates His Own Love Toward Us, in that While We Were Still Sinners, Christ Died For Us, (Romans 5:8).  Let Me Show You What I Mean.

The Word Equip Just Kept rolling Around Inside of Me ALL Day.  I Finally Took this as a Prompting From The Holy Spirit, and I Looked the Word Up.  Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Defines Equip Like This.  To Furnish For Service, or Action; Make Ready by Appropriate Provisioning, to Dress, Array.

Immediately, I Thought About My Mom Dressing Me in a Raincoat and Galoshes as I Walked a Half Mile to School as a Young Boy.  I Got to School Dry, Because I Was Properly Equipped For the Rain.  This is What Mom’s Do.  Mom’s Prepare Little Boys to Grow Up and Become Carpenters, Doctors or Writers.  Mom’s Endow their Young Girls to Blossom into Astronauts, Rocket Scientists or Even Mothers and HomeMakers Themselves, Raising Other Little Boys and Girls.

Mother’s Equip Us For Success by Showing Us Love and UnConditional Acceptance, and at Times Nudging Us Onward Even as Simba’s Mom nudged Him In, “The Lion King,” to Go Be Like His Dad.  Yahweh and Mom’s Encourage Us to Our Potential Despite What Appears to Be Another Failure.

When a Small Baby Just Starts Walking and Falls Down, the Mother is Just So Proud that the Child Tried at ALL, You Don’t Hear Criticism But Exaltation and Praise Until the Child Has Mastered that Ability.


The Same is True ALL the Way Through their Childhood.  Why Does Most Every President that I Know of Always Bring His Mom to the Forefront.  Perhaps, UnSeen to Me, She Gave Him the Confidence to Go On to Be What He Has Become.  She Was the Motivating Source of His Encouragement.  Despite Paul’s Blunders You Might Be Surprised to See How Yahweh Enabled and Viewed Paul in 1 Timothy 1:12-16.

After, I Looked Up the Word Equip, I Just Kept Hearing the Holy Spirit Saying, “To Equip the Saints.  Over and Over Again, I Kept Hearing in My Spirit, Just the Phrase, “To Equip the Saints.  I Thought that This Was in Ephesians 4.  I Got Out My Interlinear Bible, and Found the Phrase In Ephesians 4:12, That the Word in the King James Translation Was Interpreted as, “Perfecting”.

Then, I Opened My New King James and Found that the Same Word Was Translated as, “Equipping,” So I Knew the Holy Spirit Was Showing Me Something.  I Got Out ALL My Books On New Testament Word Studies and I Began.  I Found that this Word Above Was Katarismos, (Strong’s #2677).

I Knew From Previous Studies that this Word Was Derived From Katartizo, (Strong’s #2675). Katartizo is the Same Word Used in Matthew 4:21; And Mark 1:19 For Mending as in Mending Their Nets, (They Weren’t Tossing their Nets in the Trash, Just Because they Had a Hole in them).  What I Did Not Know Until then, Was that Katartizo is the Same Word Used in Luke 6:40 For, “Perfectly,” or that this is the Same Word Translated in Galatians 6:1 as, “Restore.  So, to Mend Means to Restore to it’s Original Quality, to Make Perfect.


I Like What Vines Said About, “Katartizo,” (#2675): To Mend, Repair.  To Complete, Furnish Completely, Equip, Prepare, Perfect.  To Render Fit, Complete.  It Indicates the Close Relationship Between Character and Destiny, to Restore. The Tense is Continuous Present in Galatians 6:1, Suggesting The Necessity For Patience and Perseverance in the Process.

By Exchanging the English Words For the Greek Word, Katartizo, the Same Sentence in Luke 6:40 Would Have Read, “Every One That Is, “Perfect, Completely Repaired”, Shall Be Like His Teacher, or Everyone That Is, “Equipped or Mended”, Shall Be Like His Teacher.  Or by Substituting the English Words, Galatians 6:1 Would Have Read, “Mend, Repair, Restore, Equip, Fix Such a One in the Spirit of Meekness.”

Like a Bolt of Lightning, I Heard in My Heart, “We’ve Been Whipping Instead of Equipping.  Criticizing Where We Ought to Be Showing Compromise, Critiquing Where We Ought to Be Showing Compassion.” We’ve Whipped Instead of Equipped~!  I For One, Felt Remorse, Not Just For Myself, But For the Misconception of My Brothers in Christ, and then I Decided From that Point On, I Would Not Find Fault.

We Should Be Like Fishermen, Constantly Mending the Saints, Equipping Them to Haul in the Lost.  Are We Mending or Bending? Are We Trying to Shape Them or Repair Them. Too Often, We Are Trying to Conform Them to What We Derive as Best.  We Don’t Have to Change Folks.  Dr.  James B.  Richards of Impact Ministries Says People Are Influenced Not by Those they Believe In, But by Those that Believe in Them.

Believe in Others

All We Have to Do is Believe in Them, Like Yahweh Believes In Us.  And Here Are Some Bible Verses to Help You Believe in Them.

But We ALL, with Unveiled Face, Beholding as in a Mirror the Glory of Yahweh, Are Being Transformed into the Same Image From Glory to Glory, From Yahweh, the Spirit(2 Corinthians 3:18).  I Should Be Saying, ________ is Changed From Glory to Glory.  They Are Not the Person they Were, they Are Not the Person they Are Now, But they Are the Person that they Are Being Changed into.  I Am Free From Having to Condemn ________.  (2 Corinthians 3:9-17).  I Receive ________ Now as My Brother.

Matthew 6:33

33, “But Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh and His Righteousness, and All These Things Shall be Added to You.”  (NKJ) {See Also Romans 14:17}.

Seek Yahweh’s Righteousness For Our Brothers, and Not Righteousness Based On Our Own Standards.

Beloved, Now We Are the Sons of Yahweh, and it Has Not Yet Been Revealed What We Shall Be, But We Know that When He is Revealed, WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM; For We Shall See Him as He Is.  (1 John 3:2).  Maybe What this is Saying is that When Christ is Revealed in My Life, in My Walk, then I Shall See My Brother or Sister as He or She Is, as Being Changed From Glory Unto Glory.

We Are Instructed to Be Like a Mother, and Nurture and Encourage Our Brothers in Yahweh that Are Not as Mature.  Whether, You Call it Discipleship, Equipping, Facilitating, Mentoring, Sponsoring, or Coaching, or Mothering, We Are to Walk Alongside Others, as the Holy Ghost Walks Alongside of Us.  The, “Mark” in Your Life May Have More Potential than You When He Grows Up~!


James 1:5 Says Yahweh Will Give Wisdom to Whoever Asks Without Scolding You.  Yahweh Offers No Condemnation, So Why Should We?  We Are to Equip Others in The Circle of Life, Passing Down From One Generation to the Next in the Pathway of Victory, Wisdom Gleaned From Yahweh Without Denunciation, Even as Simba’s Father In, “The Lion King,” Revealed to His Son What He Would One Day Become.

What if They Are Still in Sin and Heading in the Wrong Direction?  The Earth is round.  They’ll Get there~!  You Don’t Stop a Two Year Old From Biting Another Child by Biting the Perpetrator.  You Show Them Love, and they Will Become Like You as Luke 6:40 Says.  In, “The Lion King,” the Reason Young Simba Got into Trouble to Start with, is Because He Went Out to Be Brave Just Like His Father.  Even So, the Father Bathed Young Simba in Love, Realizing that Simba Only Wanted to Be Just Like His Father.  We too Want to Be Like Our Father.

But Like Simba In, “The Lion King,” Our Pride, Our Own Self-Righteousness Has Kept Us From the Throne.  As Long as Simba Sang, “I’m Brushing Up On Looking Down, I’m Working On My Roar,” He Was Moving Farther and Farther Away From the Kingdom.  Only After He Humbled Himself and Realize that He Was to Use His Power to Set the Kingdom Back in Order, Was He Prepared to Be King.

Before that Time, Simba Mistook Being a King as a Place to Intimidate by Looking Down On Others, or Roaring Louder than Others.  Simba Had to Join a Bunch of Outcasts Before He Realized Life is More than Power.


Simba Became Aware that He Wasn’t Made a King So that He Could Have Power and Honor; But, Rather that His Power Was Given to Him So that He Could Carry Out The Office of a King, and Restore Harmony in the Kingdom.  Simba Found Acceptance Among the Repugnant, and then Showed in Return Approval to the Rejected Meerkat and Warthog by Taking Them Up to the Throne with Him On What Else But Pride Rock.  To Be the King of the Pride Lands, and to Sit atop Pride Rock, Simba Had to Humble Himself, (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5).

The Earnest Expectation of the Whole Creation Must Be Wondering About Us in their Hearts, the Song that Nala Sang in the Movie, “The Lion King,” as they Wait For the Manifestation of the Sons of Yahweh, (Romans 8:19).  Nala Sang, “He’s Holding Back, He’s Hiding, From What I Can’t Decide.  Why Won’t He Be the King I Know He Is.  The King I See Inside.  In, “The Lion King,” the Father Spoke to His Son as Our Father Speaks to Us, “Remember Who You Are.  You Are More than Who You Have Become.  The Father is in You, Emmanuel, Which Being Interpreted Is, Yahweh with Us, (Matthew 1:23).

But, Like Simba in, “The Lion King,” Who Looked into the Water to See His Reflection and Yet Still Did Not Know Who He Was, Many Followers of Christ Don’t Know Who they Are Either, (James 1:23-24).  Also Like Simba, they Feel Unjustifiable Shame, and Believe their Father, (Yahweh) is Not Mad at Them For Something, Not Realizing that Yahweh Loves Us the Way We Are, and Has Already Paid the Price For ALL Our Sin, (Romans 3:25; Revelation 1:5; 1 John 2:2).

We Have Allowed What I Have Entitled, “The Lying King,” (John 8:44; John 12:31), To Rob Us of Our Inheritance.  We Need to Remember Who We Are.  A Child of Yahweh, that Yahweh is Not Ashamed of.  And We Need to Cast that Deceiver Out of Our Rightful Throne, Just Like Scar Was Cast Out into a Lake of Fire, (Luke 10:19; Romans 8:14-17).

You Are Precious~!

Here’s an Excerpt Entitled, “You Are Precious” that I Copied From the Open Door Ministry Track that More Accurately Reflects My Heart.




Oh My Little Ones, Why Do You Fear My Presence?  Do You Not Understand that I Do Not See Your Faults?  Oh, For Even My Love Would Cover a Multitude of Sins, (1 Peter 4:8).  Do You Not Know that My Grace Wherein I Have Loved You Does Cover You?  I Have Paid the Price.  Upon My Hands I See the Scars For You, (Isaiah 49:16).  Upon My Side is that Which I Have Suffered.  Do Not My Feet Serve to Remind Me that YOU ARE PRECIOUS?

When You Were Lost I Gave Myself that I Might Have You.  When You Hated Me and Were in Your Sin, I Loved You with Great Compassion. (Psalm 145:8).  Oh, For You Have I Suffered and For You I Died.  Will I Cast You From Me?  Or Will I Turn You Aside?  (Isaiah 42:3, Matthew 12:20).  Do You Not Understand that YOU ARE PRECIOUS?

Oh Why Would You Hide?  I Will Come to You and Bind Your Wounds. (Isaiah 61:1).  I Will Heal You.  With My Love I Will Correct You. (Proverbs 16:6, Hebrews 12:6).  Oh, YOU ARE PRECIOUS~!

Expose Yourself Unto Me.  Give Yourself. Give Me Your Heart and Your Affections, For I Have Given You My ALL.  No Man Shall Harm You.  No Man Shall Be Able to Take You From My Hand.  No One Shall Pluck You Out.  No One Shall Cast You Forth For I Have Bought You. (Acts 20:28).  I Am the One that Sought You Out and YOU ARE PRECIOUS~!

Will I Not Overshadow You?  Will Not My Angels Be Around About You as Walls? (Psalm 34:7).  Will Not Mine Ear Be Open Night and Day? (Psalm 34:15).  If You Should Cry, Will I Not Say, “Here Am I?”  Am I Not a Wall About You and a Fortress Unto You?  (Psalm 18:2).  Am I Not a Tower into Which You Can Run? (Proverbs 18:10).  Look Unto Yahweh Your God and the Rock From Which You Are Hewn and Know that You a Victorious and an Overcoming Person, For I Have Done it For You, (Isaiah 51:1).  Believe My Word and Enter into that Which I Have Purchased, For Great and Mighty is My Power and My Love Toward You.


Additional Copies Can Be Obtained From:
The Open Door Ministry Track
%Gospel Tabernacle
P. O. Box 246
Coudersport, PA 16915


Yahweh Wants to Be Your Father ~ Abba ~ Daddy

Yahweh Loves You with ALL His Heart.  The Very Heart of the Matter is that Yahweh Loves You with ALL His Heart, (I Know I’ve Already Said that, But I Want You to Know That’s So).  It’s Not Like Yahweh Has Many Priorities and You Are Just One of Them.

No, it’s Not that Way at ALL.  Yahweh’s Weekend Hobby is Not Going Down to Earth and Having to Endure the Odious Task of Dealing with Humans.  We Are Yahweh’s Fond Object of Affection.  We Are His Principle Occupation.

Yahweh is Not Mad at You and Promises that He Never Will Be, (Isaiah 54:9).  And Yahweh is Not Counting Our Sins Against Us, (2 Corinthians 5:19).  Yahweh Counts Us as Righteous and Spotless.  Yahweh is at Peace with Us~!  ~ (1 John 2:1).

For Example, Think of a Refrigerator Light.  When You Open the Door, The Light Gets ALL Over You.  It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Working Hard to Maintain a Diet, or if You’ve Indulged ’til You’ve Bulged, The Light Touches You Either Way.

Yahweh’s Love Works the Same Way that the Refrigerator Light Does Because You Cannot Earn Yahweh’s Love Nor Have it Stopped by What You Do or Don’t Do, (Romans 14:17).  For Yahweh is Good, (Exodus 33:19; Psalm 25:8; Psalm 31:19; Psalm 34:8; Psalm 73:1; Psalm 100:5; Psalm 107:1; Psalm 135:3; Psalm 136:1-26; Psalm 145:9; Jeremiah 33:11; Lamentations 3:25; Nahum 1:7).  Yahweh Has Only Good Plans For You.  For I Know the Plans I Have For You, ” Declares Yahweh, “Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future,” (Jeremiah 29:11).


Yahweh is Very Concerned About You~!  The Amplified Bible Classic Edition Says In Hebrews 11:40 That Yahweh Had Us in Mind~!  And Yahweh Shows No Partiality; (Acts 10:34); So if He Said this to One Person, that Which is “Spoken” then Applies to ALL.  It Doesn’t Matter What You’ve Done.  In Other Words, Yahoshua Became Our Peace and Broke Down the Wall Between Us and Yahweh. (Ephesians 2:13-14; Galatians 3:16).

It’s Like if I Told You that I Just Paid Off ALL of Your Debts.  But, if You Don’t Believe Me, then You’ll Still Try to Pay Your House Note, (or Any Other Debt), Each Time When it Used to Be Due.  All Your Sins Are Wiped Out~!  Gone~!  Kapooey~!  Yahweh Says in Jeremiah 31:34, ““Your Sins I Will Remember No More.”  It’s Only Us that Still Hold On to a Misconception that Our Sins Separate Us From Yahweh.  Yahweh Says Your Sins I Will Remember No More~!

Here’s What We Ought to Be Saying, “I, Even I, {Yahweh}, Am He Who Blots Out and Cancels Your Transgressions, For My Own Sake, and I Will NOT Remember Your Sins.  Put Me in Remembrance [Remind Me of Your Merits]; Let Us Plead and Argue Together.  Set Forth Your Case, That You May Be Justified (Proved Right),” (Isaiah 43:25-26).

Yahweh Wants to Be Your Father and Fond Supporter, Backer, Sponsor, Counselor, Advocate and Friend.  Yahweh is For You~!  It is Your Part to Trust that this is So, (Ephesians 2:8).  It’s Your Part to Receive.  That’s All that is Required~!  Maybe You’ve Been Always Striving, But Never Quite Arriving, (2 Timothy 3:7).  Yahweh Likes You the Way You Are~!

For if by the One Man’s Offense Death Reigned Through the One, Much More Those Who Receive Abundance of Grace and of The Gift of Righteousness Will Reign in Life Through the One, Yahoshua, (The Messiah), (Romans 5:17).  Receive~!

Yahweh Puts the Code On the Inside of Us

Jeremiah 31:33-34 Says, “But This [is] the Covenant That I Will Make with the House of Israel After Those Days, Says Yahweh:

  1. I Will Put My Law Within Them, and On their Hearts I Will Write it.

  2. I Will Be their God, and they Will Be My People.

  3. I Will Forgive their Iniquity.

  4. I Will Remember their Sin No More.

34 No More Shall Every Man Teach His Neighbor, And Every Man His Brother, Saying, ‘Know Yahweh,’ For they ALL Shall Know Me, From the Least of Them to the Greatest of Them,” Says Yahweh.  (NKJ)

Peter Lord Says Concerning the Above Passage, that there Are Four, “I Will’s”, From Yahweh.  What’s Our Part?  To Say Thank-You.  This is in it’s Simplest Form, is What Faith is ALL About.  Yahweh Said it, I Believe it, and that Settles it, (Mark 4:20).

  1. Hear The Word

  2. Receive The Word

  3. Produce Fruit

Romans 5:17 Says, “For if by the One Man’s Offense Death Reigned Through the One, Much More Those Who Receive Abundance of Grace and of the Gift of Righteousness Will Reign in Life Through the One, Yahoshua, (The Messiah).”(NKJ).  Receive.  Receive.  Receive.  That’s Our Part.  To Say Thank-You~!  I Receive the Covenant.  I Receive the Abundance of Grace and the Free Gift of Righteousness.  I Receive.  Thank-You~!

Faith Doesn’t Move or Not Move Yahweh.  Faith Moves Us to Believe Yahweh is Acting in Our Behalf, “Whatsoever Things You Desire, When You Pray Believe That You Receive, and You Shall Have Them,” (Mark 11:24).  So, Apply Your Faith to Be Confident that, “Yahweh is Able to Make ALL Grace Abound Toward You, that You Always Having ALL Sufficiency in ALL Things, May Abound to Every Good Work,” (2 Corinthians 9:8).


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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