Can You Feel The Love?

Part Five of a Five-Part Series



For by Grace Are You Saved, Through Faith; and Not of Yourselves

Grace ~ CariV (charis) ~ khar’-ece

Graciousness (as Gratifying), of Manner or Act (abstract or Concrete; Literal, Figurative or Spiritual; Especially The Divine Influence Upon the Heart, and its Reflection in the Life; Including Gratitude):—Acceptable, Benefit, Favour, Gift, Grace(-ious), Joy, Liberality, Pleasure, Thank(-s, -Worthy).


The Mind of Christ

The Final Resolve is This: We Are Instructed to Have the Mind of Christ.  The Mind of Christ is Best Explained in on Another Web Site, (Click Here), Where I Expound on the Following Scriptures:

Ephesians 4:2; 30 Through Ephesians 5:2; Philippians 2:2-8; Colossians 3:12-14;
Romans 12:10; 16; 18; Matthew 22:37-40; 1 Corinthians 12:25

Or More Precisely Said, to Have the Mind of Christ is to Walk as Yahoshua Walked, to Walk in Love Towards Your Brothers in Christ. This Means to Be Tender-Hearted, Kind, Gentle, Forbearing with One Another, Long-Suffering, Forgiving One Another, Giving Honor, Precedence and Preference to One Another.  Putting On the Bond of Love, Pursuing Peace, Being Imitators of Yahweh, Denying or Dying to Self.  Forgiving Even as Christ Has Forgiven Us.

In Other Words, The Bottom Line is Laying Down Your Life For Your Brethren; and these Are Just Some Examples of How This is Done.  A Very Good Checklist is Found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, “Love Suffers Long and is Kind, and Patient; Love Does Not Envy; Love Does Not Parade itself, is Not Puffed Up; Does Not Behave Rudely, Does Not Seek its Own, is Not Provoked, Thinks No Evil; Does Not Rejoice in Iniquity, But Rejoices in the Truth; Bears ALL Things, Believes ALL Things, Hopes ALL Things, Endures ALL Things.  Love Never Fails.”


Or as the Amplified Bible Classic Edition States, “Love Endures Long and is Patient and Kind; Love Never is Envious Nor boils Over with Jealousy, is Not Boastful or vainglorious, Does Not Display Itself Haughtily.  It is Not Conceited, (Arrogant and Inflated with Pride); it is Not Rude, (Unmannerly) and Does Not Act unbecomingly.  Love, (Yahweh’s Love In Us), Does Not Insist On its Own Rights or its Own Way, For it is Not Self-Seeking; it is Not Touchy or Fretful or Resentful; it Takes No account of the Evil Done to it, [it Pays No Attention to a Suffered Wrong]. It Does Not Rejoice at Injustice and Unrighteousness, But Rejoices When Right and Truth Prevail.  Love Bears Up Under Anything and Everything that Comes, Is Ever Ready to Believe the Best of Every Person, its Hopes Are Fadeless Under ALL Circumstances, and it Endures Everything [Without Weakening].  Love Never Fails.”  (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

Love is Not Touchy or Fretful or Resentful, or Love Does Not Get it’s Feelings Hurt, or Demand it’s Own Way.  Love Pays No Attention to a Suffered Wrong~!  Wow~!  Love Doesn’t Have to Right a Wrong.  What if Someone Accuses Us of Something We Said or Did that We Know We Didn’t Do, or that they Misunderstood Us?  What if Someone Deliberately Tells False Accusations Against Us?  Do You Feel the Need to Right the Wrong, or to Be Right?  Love Does Not Rejoice at Iniquity.

Yahweh is More Interested in the Process

Whenever You Find Yourself in Frenzy, Stop and Ask Yourself, Do I Have Selfish Motives?  Am I Envious, or Jealous?  If You Answer No to This, But You Still Have an Uneasy Feeling, (which I Call the “Rumbling”), Evaluate Your Objectivity by Seeing if Your Response Facilitates Your Natural Tendencies to Stay in Your Comfort Zone.  James 3:14 Refers to this Rumbling as Contentiousness in Your Hearts, (New World Translation).

If You Do Not Have Peace Inside Your Heart, (Colossians 3:15), You Have a Rumbling Sensation.  It Feels Just Like drums Marching Close by in a Parade, (Psalm 38:8).  Maybe, The Rock Group, “The Eagles,” Knew What they Were Talking About When they Sang About Getting a Peaceful, Easy Feeling, (Philippians 4:7).

Perhaps You Are Looking For a Task to Be Accomplished or Objective to Be Achieved, and You Make Decisions Based On Whether You Can See a Logical Goal or Immediate Results to Be Obtained.  As Moses Asked Himself, Ask Yourself, is What I Am Deciding Going to Bring Me Short-term Satisfaction or Long-term Fulfillment, (Hebrews 11:24-25).

Recall that Yahweh is More Interested in the Process than the Product or the End Result.  It’s Like the Movie, “Cars”.  Lightning McQueen who has so Few Friends that He Can’t Invite Anyone to Use the 20 Free Passes for the Next Race and Thinks He is a One Man Show and so Alienated Himself from All that Want to Help Him, (Like His Pit Crew & Crew Chief).  However Lightning McQueen Gets Detoured to the Town of Radiator Springs, and has to Do Some Civil Tasks Before He Can Leave to Go Race for the Piston Cup.  However, During the Process, He learns to Drive Backwards and to Drive Going Left with His Front Tires Going Right which Later Comes into Play to Help Him Have Some Winning Strategies at the Races When UnforeSeen Potentiel Calamities Arise.  Plus He Also Acquired Some Strong Work Ethics and He also Learns how to be a Friend and to Give of Himself to Others.  At the End of the Movie He is has Developed Character and Become Close Friends Enough to Influence other Celebrities to the Town of Radiator Springs.  So, His SideTrack Wasn’t a Diversion at All, But a Life Education Lesson~!


If You Are Asking Yourself, What is to Be Gained For Me, You Are Not Asking The, “Lay Down My Life For Others” Question. It’s as if Sometimes We Have a Computer Virus that Everything Has to Be Filtered Through.  Subjective Reasoning, I Suppose.  How Will this Benefit Me?  This Holds True For ALL Areas of Life.

For Example, You See a Lone Parking Place in the Parking Lot and Another Car is Starting to Head Towards this Lane.  It’s You Against Them.  You Feel the Rumbling, But Your Own Understanding Says if You Don’t Get this Space Right Now, You May Have to Drive Around Nine More Minutes Until You Find One.

What You Did Not See Was Another Car Beside the Space Backing Out, and Your Selfish Ambition Creates Confusion.  If You Had Waited, You and the First Car You Saw Could Have Had Parking spaces Without Crisis.  Or Maybe You Are On the Parkway, and You Want to Change Lanes, But Something Inside You Signals, “Wait~!”  You Wait and Find Out that Another Car Was Also Changing into that Same Lane From the Other Side.  Soon You Begin to, “Trust in Yahweh with ALL Your Heart, and Don’t Lean On Your Own Understanding,” (Proverbs 3:5), as You Begin to Know that, “All Your Needs Are Met in Christ,” (Philippians 4:19).

Remember, “Faith Works by Love,” (Galatians 5:6).  It’s that Small Inner Voice that Yahweh Speaks to Your Heart with.  I Learned From Watching the Televised Version of My Church Service that I Had a Bald Spot On the Back of My Head.  I Was Blind to My Bald Spot, and I Needed Someone Else to Point it Out to Me.

Likewise, We ALL Have Blind Spots That We Do Not Know Exists.  Areas in Which Our Assessments Are clouded.  If You Are Results Oriented, Seek Out Input From People Persons and Vise-Versa Before You Make Decisions.


This with What My Barnabas Like, (People Oriented), Friend Taught Me.  If You See that Your Brother’s Lawn is too Tall, Let Yahweh Mow the Grass.  Your Part is to Pray and Intercede.  Perhaps Even to Mow the Lawn For Him.  Once You Get Your Eyes Off the Problem, You Might Learn that they May Have a Son or Daughter in the Hospital, or Perhaps they Have Some Health Problem Themselves that Prohibits Them From Mowing the Lawn.

The Very Reason Yahweh Has Allowed You to See the Other’s Faults is So You Can Intercede Properly~!  Kenneth Hagin Says in that in His Many Years of Experience that He Has Noted this About Those that Get Healed.  That they Are Quick to Forgive, Quick to Believe, (or Repent and Change their Mind), and Quick to Receive.

Dr.  James B. Richards of Impact Ministries in Huntsville, Alabama Says that the Key to a Productive Christian Life is Adaptability and Flexibility.  Peter Lord Says the Same Thing in a Different Manner Stating, “Insanity is to Keep Doing the Same Things the Same Way, But Expecting Different Results.”  I Recently Read a Story About a Sagging Salesman that Evaluated His Job Performance and Found that 80% of His Sales Came From 20% of His Customers, Yet His Time Was Given equally to ALL the clients.

He Requested that 36 of His clients Be Reassigned to Another Salesman and Began to Spend More Time with The 20%.  His Results Were Amazing.  He Became a Top Salesman~!  This is a Good Example of Changing Your Mind, (or Repenting).  If What You Are Doing Does Not Bring Desired Results, Change.  Find Out How they Would Like to Be Loved, and Act Accordingly.

Helping Others

At Times, I Have Been Like Barnabas Myself, Attempting to Help Others, But Even When I Really Want to Save Another Person Some Agony, I Must Remember as Proverbs Says that it is Foolish to Grab Someone by the Ears, and Demand that they Listen to Me, When they Are Not Ready to Listen to Me.  This is Compared to Grabbing a Dog by the Ears, as this Will Cause Much Strife, (Proverbs 26:17).

If I Start Giving Someone Advice, Even if I Think My Advice is Out of this World, and I Start to Feel that, “Rumbling” Sensation Inside of Me, I Back Off, (Proverbs 10:19-20).  It is the Word “Fitly Spoken” at The Right Time, that Avails Much, and is Like Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver, (Proverbs 25:11, Proverbs 15:23).

It May Never Be The Right Time~!  Can You Imagine the Weight Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver?  That is a Lot of Gold And Very Heavy and Extremely Costly~!  If You Have a Minimum of Two Apples, Because the Word Was Plural, at the Current Price of Gold and Silver Per Ounce, About Eight Millions Dollars~!  That is How Valuable the Words Aptly “Spoken” at the Right Time Are Worth~!  Words Outside of that Window Are Not Worth the Air they Are “Spoken” On~!

They May Have to Learn the Hard Way, and I Don’t Like that.  Yahweh Does this ALL the Time.  Every Day People Miss Out On What Yahweh Plans.  All the While Yahweh Never Gives Up On Them, But Patiently Waits For the Right Time. Missing Yahweh For Most Folks is Just a Part of Life.  I Don’t Mean this Wrongly, But Relax, They’ll Learn One Way or the Other.  Yahweh is More Interested in the Process than the Product.


Most of the Time, People Make Small Mistakes in Missing Yahweh, and this Actually Helps Them to Avoid the Big Blunders .  However, they Don’t Need Us to Tell Them, “I Told You So.”  Nor Do they Need Us to Show Them their Faults.  They Need Us to Facilitate.

Sometimes We Think that We Are Helping by Saying Something to the Effect of, “I Think that What You Did Was ALL Right For Now, But Next Time Maybe You Should Do Such and Such.”

We Call this Constructive Criticism.  Actually, it is Just Criticism, and is NOT the Way Outlined in the Scriptures at (Matthew 18:15; Galatians 6:1).  It Seems Right For Us to Correct Others as We Think that this is ALL that they Need to Do a Task Correctly.  Just a Little Correction Here, and a Little More there.  Proverbs 14:12 Says, “There is a Way that Seems Right to a Man, But its End is the Way of Death.” (NKJ).  Sow Judgment, and You’ll Reap Judgment, (Matthew 7:1).  Sow Condemnation, and You’ll Reap Condemnation, (Luke 6:35-38).  Criticism Begets Criticism, (Galatians 5:15; Psalm 109:17).

The Way in Which We Treat Others is Also How they Perceive that Yahweh Views Them.  We Represent Yahweh.  So, How Do You Stop the Other Person From Doing What they Are Doing?  You Don’t.  Romans 4:2 Says, “The Goodness of Yahweh Leads Us to Repentance.”

You Have to Trust Yahweh that What Yahweh Said in Luke 6:40 is Going to Work.  I Have Found that the Best Way to Correct Someone is by Not Mentioning their Fault(s), But Rather to Pray First and it May Be that Yahweh Will Show Me Another Approach to the Situation that Appeals to their Desire For Success, and Let the Other Person Grasp Hold of The idea and Never Even Be Aware that the Way in Which they Were Doing Something Was Not Productive.  But the Key is to Pray For Them, Not to Prey On Them~!  A Good Verse to Read Before You Pray is Philippians 1:6, (Being Confident of This Very Thing, that He Which Has Begun a Good Work in You Will Perform it Until the Day of Jesus Christ). {See Also this Link to How to Pray For Someone ~ Click Here, and Also this Link On How to Pray For Our Country, (Click Here)}.


Sometimes Months or Even Years Later, they Realize that they Were Doing Something that Was Wrong and they Also Reflect On the Way in Which You Valued their Self-worth, and the Way in Which You Handled this Fault.

This Makes that Person Want to Be Like You as Luke 6:40 Says.  This is How Yahweh Deals with Our Faults.  This Means that We Are Going Be Just Like Our Teacher, and that Our Instructor is Yahweh.

I Want to Be a Grandfather Full of Wisdom, and Yet I Am Only a Young Man.  But, the Grandfather Pattern that I Have in My Heart of Patience and Acceptance is What Yahweh is Describing When He Describes Wisdom.

Wisdom is a Practical Application of Yahweh’s Truths.  Wisdom Knows How to Apply and to Put into a Day-to-Day Practice Those Things that Yahweh Said Would Work.  Wisdom in Part, Also Knows How to Teach Someone, and Knowing How they Will Respond.

2 Timothy 2:24 Puts it this Way, “And a Servant of Yahweh Must Not Quarrel But Be Gentle to ALL, Able to Teach, Patient,” (NKJ).  People Don’t Want Another Boss.  They Want Someone that Will Love Them.

Does Richard Simmons Make People Feel More Accepted than I Do, a Child of Yahweh?  I Wonder this Sometimes and Keep it as a Guide to Gauge My Actions.

Asking How

The Real Key in Helping Someone Else, I Have Found, is Asking the Holy Ghost How?  How Do I Correct Them this Time?  (If I Am to Correct Them at ALL, and Each Time is Unique).  What I Did Last Time in a Similar Situation Might Not Work Again this Time.

I Slow Down and Before Answering Someone Right Off the Top of My Head, as I Really Like the Way that King David Took the Time to Inquire of Yahweh First, (1 Samuel 23:1-3; 1 Samuel 23:4-5; 1 Samuel 23:10-11; 1 Samuel 23:12-14; 1 Samuel 30:8-9; 2 Samuel 2:1-2; 2 Samuel 5:17-21;
2 Samuel 5:22-25; 2 Samuel 21:1; 1 Chronicles 14:10, 14
  Sometimes Yahweh Instructs Me to Wait, and to Have Patience and Not to Say Anything at ALL~!

At Other Times Yahweh Tells Me to Do Something and My Doing that Something May Trigger Off in the Other Person the Answer they Need.  I Have Not Mentioned Much About the Holy Ghost in This, and I Regret that.  I Use the Word Ghost Because the Word Spirit Sounds Mystical, Whereas the Word Ghost Conveys a Person.

The Holy Ghost is a Person, and Very Personal.  The Holy Ghost is the Ghost of Yahoshua, (Romans 8:9, Philippians 1:19, 1 Peter 1:11).  I Learned that I Could Trust this Still Small Voice, by Having Made Mistakes.  I Think Yahweh Desires that We Learn to Hear Even the Quietness in His Voice, (Isaiah 66:2).

If Yahweh Has to Put Up a Big Billboard to Get Our Attention, What Good is that?  Then the Enemy Could Hear What He Was Saying Also.  It is Better to Make a Mistake Darting Through a Crowd, and Knock Someone’s Coke Out When You Hear Yahweh Saying, “Wait,” (if this Helps You to Learn Yahweh’s Voice), than it is to Miss Yahweh’s Voice and Do Something that Really Brings About Harm.

Look at Joseph’s Life.  He Was Accurately Foretold by Yahweh of the Future at an Early Age, Long Before He Ever Need to Know this Information, But He Had to Walk Out His Life Before the Events Occurred.  This Just Shows Me that Yahweh is More Interested in the Process than the Product, (Actually, He is Interested in Both).


If Yahweh Were Only Interested in the Product, He Would Have Made Joseph to Be a Ruler at a Lot Younger Age, or Perhaps Yahweh Would Have Told Him Later On in Life.  But, it Was the Process Including Some of Joseph’s Blunders that Developed Character in Him, So that When He Began to Rule, Joseph Would Be a Good Ruler.  Joseph Decided to Brag to His Brothers and Father that He Was Going to Rule Over Them, (Genesis 37:6-10).

Joseph Had the Gift, (His Dreams Turned Out to Be Accurate), But He Had Not Yet Developed the Character to Walk in that Gift.  However, if Joseph Had Not Told the Dreams, His Brothers Probably Would Not Have Gotten Jealous of Him and Thrown Him into that Pit, Which Started the Character Building in His Life, and Might Explain Why Yahweh Told Him The Events to Come Long Before He Need to Know This, (Knowing How that Joseph Would Blab ALL that He Knows).

And Let Me Add this About the Process.  If Your Call On Your Life is to Be One of the Five-Fold Ministries, Go Start Off by Teaching the Two Year Olds or Younger.  Learn How they Respond.  What Makes Them Tick?  Then Move Along to the Three and Four Year Olds, then to the Five Year Olds and So On.

The Two Year Olds and Church Congregations Have a Lot in Common.  They Both Can’t Do Tasks Alone as they Both Need a Helper, a Facilitator, and they Both Want to Feel Accepted and Loved.  I Feel too Many People Got Involved in the Ministry And Jumped Right into Adults.

And When Adult Sized Problems Arise, the Ministers Have No Foundation From Which they Could Have Learned How to Deal with the Problems Encountered.  You Can Avoid this if You’ll Study How to Spur One Another On to Love and Good Works as Hebrews 10:24 Says.  So Why Not Start with Young People.

Learning As You Go

You May Find Out Whether Teaching Children or Mentoring an Adult, You Will Also Learn From Them Just as Much as they Will Learn From You.  Receive Each Child as a Child of Yahweh.

Yahoshua Said in Matthew 18:5,Whoever Receives One Little Child Like This in My Name Receives Me.” (NKJ).  Isaiah Prophesied in Isaiah 11:6,And a Little Child Shall Lead Them.”

I Think Yahweh Also Says Things Literally, Figuratively, and Symbolically ALL Rolled in One.  So, I Take this Prophecy Literally.  I Believe in the Last Days the Grace Movement Will Be Brought On by Children.

So, I Wouldn’t Think of Working with and Equipping Children as Second Best, But Rather On the Cutting Edge of What Yahweh is Up to.  Remind Yourself that this Little Child is Come In Yahoshua’s Name and You Might Learn Something From Them.

And Don’t Frown On Our Differences Knowing Yahweh Has Designed Us to Learn From Each Other, “From Whom the Whole Body, Joined and Knit Together by What Every Joint Supplies, According to the Effective Working by Which Every Part Does its Share, Causes Growth of the Body For the edifying of Itself in Love,” (Ephesians 4:16).

Understanding Our Differences

There Are Other Key Things that I Have Found that Cause Us to Have Differences that We Must Overcome, if We Want to Show Love to Someone.  Over the Years, I Have Found Some Things to Be Very Important in Helping Me to Understand Why Others Do What they Do, and to Help Me to Have a Cool or a Calm Spirit, (Proverbs 17:27).

Proverbs 15:21 -

Folly is Joy to Him Who is Destitute of Discernment, But a Man of Understanding Walks Uprightly.

Proverbs 17:27 -

He Who Has Knowledge Spares His Words, and a Man of Understanding is of a Calm Spirit.

For Example, Someone Behind You Continues to Talk While The Speaker is Talking.  Annoying, and You Want to Turn to Them and to Tell Them to Shut Up or Move, Until You Learn that One of the Listeners Doesn’t Speak English, and the Other One is Translating.  Still Annoying, But Not Enough to Provoke Anger.  And a Man of Understanding Has a Calm Spirit~!

A Man of Understanding Has a Cool Spirit ~
Understanding Our Difference

These Are Keys that I Hold Very Dear to My Heart.  These Are Like Gold to Me, Like Precious Stones.  If You Desire to Become Effective at Making Others Feel Loved, it Will Greatly Behoove and Enhance Your Ministry to Others to Not Let these Pointers Go to Waste, But to Pursue and Read Up On the Following,

The Language of Love by Gary Smalley,
(Often A Person Can Buy the First Edition For One Cent with the Total Price of $4.00).

We Tend to Love Others in the Way in Which We Feel Loved, But that is Not Necessarily the Way the Other Person Feels Love.

  • Quality Time Spent with Them
  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Receiving of Gifts
Different Leadership Styles  

John Maxwell Says that there Are Two Distinct Leadership Styles.

  • Influential
  • Administrative

This is Very Important.  For Example, if You Have a Manager that Leads by Administration, and Delegation, and an Assistant Manager that Leads, (and is Led by an Influential Style, What the Manager Does in Moderation, the Assistant Manager Will Do in Excess, Like Leaving Work to Take Care of Personal Items).  The Assistant Manager Will Not See the Boss Getting in there with Them and Doing the Task, and Will Think that He Also Does Not Have to Do the Task Either as His is Not Inspired.

And if You Have Someone that Leads by Administration, then they Will Assume that the One Leading by Influencing is Not Leading at ALL, and Not Setting Forth Guidelines, While the Influencing Style Will Lead by Example, and Get Right in there with the Co-Workers and Do the Tasks Thinking that they Will Follow, and He Might Find that He is Doing ALL the Work Alone, as the People that Are Led by Administration Will Not Even Notice that He is Leading by Example.

Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church Located in South Barrington, a Northwest-Suburban of Chicago, IL; Says that there Are Ten Different Leadership Styles.

  • Visionary Leader
  • Directional Leader
  • Strategic Leader
  • Managing Leader
  • Motivational Leader
  • Shepherding Leader
  • Team-Building Leader
  • Entrepreneurial Leader
  • Re-engineering Leader
  • Bridge-Building Leader

This Might Really Be a Manifestation of the Personality Types Listed Below Grouped with John Maxwell’s Two Types of Leadership Styles.  Maybe, I’m Limiting My Perspective as Only Type A or Type B.  It’s Like a Computer Screen that Has 16,000,000 Colors, But Some Can Only Show 16 or 256 Colors.

The Four Different Personality Types

These Go All the Way Back to Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates and Galen Named these Temperaments,
(I Prefer to Call them Personality Types)

  • Choleric, (High D)
  • Sanguine, (High I)
  • Phlegmatic, (High S)
  • Melancholy, (High C)

If You Are One of the Driver Personality Types then You May Only See Two Only Categories:

  • Type A - Fast Movement
  • Type B - Slow Movement

A High D is the Driver, and is Bold, Daring, and Would Hang Glide, Parachute, or Race Cars Fast or Start His Own Business, (Doctor).  I’m Not Sure if a High I, the Influencer (Salespersons, Worship Leaders) Would Be as Bold.  A High D Would Not Wait Long at an Intersection, and Very Interested in the Bottom Line, and Facts.  A Melancholy or a High C ~ Cautious Thinker (Engineers, Musicians), Would Wait with Caution Until it is Perfectly Clear Before Moving Out, and then Moving Out So Slowly that the Car Behind Can’t Move Out with Him/Her and Has to Wait For the Next opening.  And the High S ~ Phlegmatic Would Allow Others to Cut in Front Probably More than the Ones Behind Want Them to as they are Most Concerned with Relationships.  Also, a High S Personality Type Would be Prone Not to Tell You What they are Really Thinking or Wanting, (as they Want to Avoid Conflicts).  For Example, Suppose an Adult High S Was to be Giving a Birthday Party and they Really Like Golden Corral, But they Sense You Can Don't Like that, then they Will Probably say Cracker Barrel, (so, it helps to Know their Personality Type Especially, if You Have a Tendency to be a High D or a High C Personality Type that Would Either Speak the Facts, or Desire to Speak Accurately~!

One Book that I Recommend to Read Called, “People Smart”, by Tony Alessandra Says that You Can Roughly Test Folks the Following Way.

A “High D” is The, “Driver” Who Says, “We Are Going Over the Mountain.”  The “High I” is The, “Influencer” that Encourages Others that they Can Do What the Driver Wants.  The “High C” is the One that, “Contemplates”, How to Do What The, “Driver” Wants.  And the “High S” is the One that is Most Concerned About, “Relationships,” Keeps the Team Together, and Repairs the Hurts Usually Causes by the “High D”.

Do they Move Fast or Slow?  (Talk Fast, Animated).  Fast Means they Are One of Two Things.  They Are Either Choleric, (High D), or they Are Sanguine, (High I).  Also, Do they Have a Lot of Sustained Energy?


If they Are Slow Movers, Slow Talkers then they Are Phlegmatic, (High S), or Melancholy, (High C).  The Phlegmatic, (High S) is One of the Folks that Run Out of Energy Before Dark, So they Are Early Risers Trying to Get Everything Done that they Have to Do Before their Batteries Run Down, and Have to Be Recharged.  The High C Will Have More Energy and Be More Cautious.

To Make it More Concise, I’ve Color-Coded The Flavors and then Grouped Them Several Ways:

  • Fast Movement, {Choleric, (High D), Sanguine, (High I)}
  • Slow Movement, {Melancholy, (High C), Phlegmatic, (High S)}

Ok, Now that We Got Them Sized Up as to Fast, (D, I); or Slow (S, C); Let’s Evaluate Them in Regards to People and Things, Also Called, “Type A” And, “Type B” Personalities.

  • Type A ~ Things Person, {Choleric, (High D), Melancholy, (High C)}
  • Type B ~ People Person, {Sanguine, (High I), Phlegmatic, (High S)}

Now, Overlap the Two Tests.

  • Fast Movement, Task Oriented Thing Person {Choleric, (High D)}
  • Fast Movement, Influencing People Oriented Person {Sanguine, (High I)}
  • Slow Movement, Relationship People Oriented Person {Phlegmatic, (High S)}
  • Slow Movement, Perfectionist Thing Oriented Person {Melancholy, (High C)}

There Are Also Some Other Factors that Come into Play When We’re Trying to Understand One Another.  For Example, a Right-Handed Person More than Likely Uses the Left-Side of their Brain For Logical Decision Making Processes; Whereas a Left-Handed Person More than Likely Uses the Right-Side of their Brain.  This Means that the Creatively Side is Also Swapped On Both People And This Can Affect their Personality.

I’m a, “High I,” and I Like to Look Good, But Looking Good is Not Going to Mean Much to My Wife.  For Her it’s Having a Clean House.  So, if I Want to Really Impress My Wife, then I Need to Clean the House for Her~!  In Fact, Her ‘Language of Love’, is Acts of Service, and So this Will Minister to Her On Multi-Levels.

What Personality Type Do You Think Donald Trump is?  What Personality Type Do You Think Barrack Obama is?  This Will Help You to Understand Others and to be Able to Pray for them More Effectively~!

And from My Observations and Other Folks Informed Opinions and Studies, Blacks, (Especially the Women), Tend to be More Relationship Oriented than White Folks.  White Men Tend to be Loners.  In Fact, whole Cultures Might be More Relationship Oriented.  Even Companies Study these Facts Out to Learn How to Negotiate Contracts, (Google Task Orientation vs. Relationship Orientation); so How Much More so Should We As the Body Of Christ Study These Things Out.  Click Here to Go to this Watershed Associates Web Site.  This Watershed Associates Web Site is Very Revealing and in Light of this Revelation about the Personality Types. So, Go Back Start Praying Again for Barrack Obama and Donald Trump, this Will Definitely Help You to Pray More Efficiently and More Powerfully~!  (A Man Of Understanding Has a Cool Spirit ~ Proverbs 15:21).

Women Tend to be Relationship Oriented, and Men Lean Towards Logic.  So, for Example, I Went Out to Put My Garbage beside the Road this Morning, and I Spotted my Two Neighbor Children, {One a Boy and One a Girl}, Out With Their Parents Playing Catch Football While Waiting for the School Bus.  I Wasn’t Sure that they Saw me or Not, But I Waved Anyhow.  Just to See if You’re Realizing that this is Not Just a Note of Interest, But the Key to Ministering to Others, which of these Do You Suppose Had Already Seen Me and Waved Back?

*If You Said, the Little Girl, You are Correct.  And Why?  This Could be the Key to Understanding Why a Woman is More Equipped to be a Mother than a Man, (and Reasons Not to Have a Same Sex Marriage with Two Fathers).  A Woman Can Keep Up with All the Children She May Have With Her, (Some Could be Friends of Her Children), or if She’s a School Teacher or a Camp Counselor.  Normally, a Woman Can Cross the Road and Tell You where Every Child is Because She is More Geared for Relationships~!

By the Way and this is a Fact, Men Vastly Outnumber Women in Programming Jobs, (by 92% According to One Survey).  Do You Suppose it Could be Because Men Tend to be More Logical?  Here is the Way that I’ve Seen Some Gender Deal with Computer Woes, (“Why is this Computer Doing this to Me” ~ Taking It Personally, [which by the Way, Will Not Solve the Dilemma]); as Compared to a More Logical Trouble Shooting Approach, “Well, the Computer Must be Not Taking Into Account a Certain Condition”, and Then Look to Solve The Problem and it Might Mean to Correct the Computer Code Algorithm.

Seven Ways to Praise

Here’s an Area Where Differences Are Really Noticed in The Church .

There Are at Least Seven Ways From the Scriptures of Praising Yahweh.  Some Are Quietly Sitting Before Yahweh and Others Require that You Be On The Floor with Your Dancing Shoes On.  You Can See Where these Two Folks Would Suspect that the Other Person Either Has their Wood wet, or they Are too Loud and Boisterous.

  • Towdah, (Confession, Praise, Thanksgiving)

  • Yadah, (Lift Your Hands - Excitedly Like When a Team Wins - Yes~!)

  • Barak, or Barouch, (Bow Quietly in the Awesome Presence of Yahweh)

  • Shabach, (Shout’ til the Answer Comes About)

  • Zamar, (Yahweh in Song with Any Instrument)

  • Hallel or Halal, (Praise that Makes You Want to Dance)

  • Tehillah, (The Song of Yahweh)

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How We Learn

There Are the Male/Female Roles.  A Woman is Looking For a Man that Looks Like a Man But Acts, Thinks and Feels Like a Woman, and Vise-Versa.  Then there’s Society to Consider, Where People Are Raised, and Also Ethnic Groups, or Nationalities.

I Don’t Bunch Them ALL Up into One Group of Differences Because a Person of Color From England Acts Very Differently than a Person of Color From Alabama.

Then there’s the Birth Order, and I Believe there’s People’s Looks, Intelligence, and Personality and Even their Name that Mole Them into Who they Become.  Often a Good Looking Child Grows Up Believing they Are Yahweh’s Favorite, (The Apple of Yahweh’s Eye).

It is Easy For these Favorite Children to Conceive that Yahweh Loves Them, as they Were Treated that Way by their Parents and Others, (How, I Wish ALL Were Raised as if they Were Good Looking Children), But This Gives Us a Clue How to Show Love to Those that Are Not Good Looking, {But Might Be Some of the Best Cooks, Musicians, Artist, Designers, Computer Wizards, Doctors, or Athletes etc. We’ve Ever Seen).

By the Way, it’s My Thoughts that Popular Folks Are Designed to Share their Popularity by Giving the Same Love and Acceptance that they Have Received to Others, and Making the Others Feel that they Are Popular, In Fact, this is the Way to Stay Popular; by Making Others Feel Loved and Accepted.  (In the Movie, “Charlie Bartlett” the Principal Nathan Gardner Played by Robert Downey, Jr, Has the Following Conversation with Charlie“

Charlie Bartlett: For the First Time, Everybody Likes Me.
Principal Nathan Gardner: There Are More Important Things.
Charlie Bartlett: Look, I Know. Everybody Keeps Saying that, But the Thing is it?  I’m 17 and Popularity is Pretty * Important to Me.
Principal Nathan Gardner: Charlie, There Are More Important Things
Charlie Bartlett: Like What?
Principal Nathan Gardner: Like What You Do with that Popularity.

*Explicative Omitted.

But, I’m an Influencer Personality Type On the DISC Personality Profile, And  {and I Am a Charlie Also}, So this Might Just Be Me.

I Think if We Want to Nail Down the Real Stuff, (Not Just What they Teach in the Colleges), then We Also Need to Recognize that Some People Are Audio Learners, While Others Are Visual Learners.  My Wife is a Visual Learner, I’m an Audio Learner.  I Learn From Listening.  I Can Zip Through Audio Tapes, MP3’s or CD’s and Grasp Hold of the Concepts Very Fast.


My Wife On the Other Hand Can Read Things Like Wedding Invitations and Know What Time to Show Up.  I Can Read Them and End Up Having to Ask Her What Time Does it Start.  I Can Tell Her How to Do Something, and the Next Time She’ll Not Do it the Way that I Instructed as in the Past She Has Not Learned as Quickly From Listening as Much as She Has from Reading it.  Do You Think that this Could Be an Area For Conflict?  Well, Knowing that She Has Not in the Past Learned by Hearing, I Now Know that Anything that I Want to Convey to Her I Should Put it On Paper, or Text or Email it to Her, and She Realized that I Need to See Icons or Pictures Instead of Text.

A Person that is Dyslexic Might Also Have Learned to Rely On Icons and Pictures, and Verbal Communication Rather than Text to Learn, and if You’re Dealing with a Person that is Dyslexic, Consider Using Pictures and More Vocal Things.

This Web Page is Sent to Help You Better Communicate to People that Are Not Text Readers, But Audio or Icon Readers, (Like Me And My Father).  If You Write it Down For Dad & Me, You Might Not Understand Why We Don’t Comprehend it, Just Like We Don’t Know Why You Don’t Catch On When We Only Tell You Verbally, (and You’ll Recognize a Audio Learner Because He Will Expect Others to Receive in the Same Way that He Does, and You May Commonly Hear this Expression, “I Told You”).  For My Brother and My Wife, and My Mom, I Would Want to Write it Down if I Wanted Them to Grasp the Concept.  You Have to Tell My Dad & Me by Vocalizing it, Putting it into the “Spoken Word”.

It’s ALL About Love.  Finding Out How Those that You Relate to Receive Information and Give it Accordingly, Even if that is Not Your Way of Receiving Information.  If You Recognize that You Have an Audio Learner in Your Midst, Try Using More Pictures and Icons to Convey Your Point.  If You Recognize that You Have a Text Learner, then Quit Talking So Much and Start Putting It Down In Writing~!


What Does it Mean to be Relational Oriented.  Here’s an Example, my Wife Followed me in Another Car Through The Light Show, So That my Aunt Could Have a Front Row Seat, While my Father Who Was Riding with me Could Also Have a Front Row Seat.  for a While no One Was Behind Either of Us, and my Wife Stayed a Respectable Distance Behind Me, Even Going Slower than me and Really Taking in The Light Displays.  However, as Soon as a Car Was on Her Bumper, then She Was on my Bumper… (Not Wanting to be the Cause of Someone Getting UpSet for Her Going Too Slow).

This Happens a Good Bit with my Wife.  And Normally, I am More Task Oriented, But Going Through The Light Show, I Was More Logically Minded, Thinking we Paid for this Short Ride, so Why Hurry it Up, But Take in All The Lights Doing a Variety of Music for Each Set.

Well, Here is Another Set of Differences.  Women Have Their Sexual Organs Internally, and Men Have Their Externally.  Men Will Often Refer to Their External Organs by Various Names as if These Parts are Somehow Separate From the Man.  A Woman Seldom Refers to Sexual Organs at All, as to Her, There are no Individual Body Parts, She is a Whole Person, and if Someone is Looking at Her Body Parts, They are Looking at Her.

A Woman for this Reason Feels Embarrassed to be Naked, Even a Little Bit.  If Even it’s Only a Bra Strap.  And it Goes Beyond Her, and if Her Daughter is Accidently Flashing; the Mother Also Feels Exposed.  However a Man Doesn’t Seem to Have this Concern at All.  And Will Play Basketball or Football with “Shirts” and “Skins”, and it Doesn’t Matter Who is the “Skins”.  When I Was in the Navy, it Was Extremely Common to Walk Into the Head, (Bath Room), and Find Five Guys Shaving Butt-Naked, (Not Joking).

But When it Comes to Expressing Themselves Women are Not Embarrassed at All to Open Up and Share Some of the Most Intimate Things, and Perhaps with a Lot “Sing-Song” in Their Tone of Voice.  Women Don’t Mind Sharing Emotional Feelings and Will Cry Openly, and Not Feel Ashamed for Doing So, (Which is Actually Great ~ Atta-Boy Girls {Pun}).

Well, this Will Help You to See How Men Are.  Men are Not Embarrassed to Show Our External Body Parts, While a Woman’s Organs are Hidden.  However, When it Comes to Opening Up and Sharing Our Emotions, Men are Like the Woman in Regard to Her Privacy.  Men do Not Want to Cry and Display Their Emotions, (It is Like Being Exposed as a Woman).  That is Also Why Men Generally Do Not Express Themselves A Lot in Public Worship~!


But, the Point is Now You Have Another Tool in Your Array of Arsenals & Armament to Help You Make People Feel Understood and Loved.  You Now Have An Awareness that People Learn Differently.

I Find that it’s Interesting that Yahweh Would Allow Me to Equip Others into Building Relationships.  That’s Not My Natural Forte.  I’m a High I, Interesting in Influencing Others, and My Second Personality Type is a High D, a Driver, or Dominating Type Personality.

However, One Other Characteristic of the High D, is that they Are Very Competitive, and Task Oriented.  So, Now that I Know that there Are Other Things to Be Mastered, I and Other High D’s Like Me Will Learn and Apply this to Our Lives and Teach Others, (Probably Teaching it as if We Are the First Ones that Yahweh Has Showed it to).

I Pray that You Will Become Effective in Making Others Feel Loved and Accepted by Both You and by Yahweh, and that You Will Begin to Love More People than Those You Already Love and and That Your Sphere of Influence Will Grow.  Remember that You Can Speak the Truth, But if You Don’t Speak the Truth in Love, (Ephesians 4:15), it Will Be the Letter of the Law, and that Will Not Bring Life, (Romans 7:6; 2 Corinthians 3:6).  If you Love, but Don't Speak the Truth, then they Won't Grow Up, (Ephesians 4:15). This Message Is Found In a Lot of Places, Like “Lovingkindness and Truth Have Met Together; Righteousness and Peace Have Kissed Each Other” (Psalm 85:10).Grace and Truth Came Through Jesus Christ”, (John 1:17), {Not Just Truth, but “Grace and Truth. But Most Importantly, it is Found in the Verse that You Need to Stand on Found at Proverbs 3:3-4 ~ 3 “Let Not Mercy and Truth Forsake You; Bind Them Around Your Neck, Write Them on The Tablet of Your Heart, 4 “So Shall You Find Favor, Good Understanding, and High Esteem In The Sight [or Judgment] of God and Man”.  Ephesians 2:4 Says, that “God is Rich In Mercy~!

I Highly Recommend Reading, “People Smart”, by Tony Alessandra, Michael J. O’Connor, and Janice Van Dyke or “Understanding How Others Misunderstand You”, by Ken Voges and Ron Braud or “Be A People Person”, by John Maxwell, or “Bringing Out the Best in People”, or “The Friendship Factor”, both by Alan Loy McGinnis, or “Lifetime Guarantee”, by Bill Gillham.

Also, I Recommend Reading, “The Language of Love, (You Can Often Buy the First Edition For One Cent with the Total Price of $4.00), by Gary Smalley; and Leadership Styles”, by John Maxwell; or “Certain Trumpets”, by Garry Wills.  Anyhow, the Key Word in Hebrews 10:24 is to Studying ~ And Let Us Consider and Give Attentive, Continuous Care to Watching Over One Another, Studying How We May Stir Up (Stimulate and Incite) to Love and Helpful Deeds and Noble Activities; and it’s Talking About People.  Great Prices On Books at or On Amazon, and Also On eBay.


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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