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He Set Another Parable Before Them, Saying, “The Kingdom of Heaven is Like A Grain of Mustard Seed, Which a Man Took, and Sowed in His Field; Which Indeed is Smaller than All Seeds.  But When it is Grown, It is Greater than the Herbs, and Becomes a Tree, So that the Birds of the Air Come and Lodge in Its Branches,” (Matthew 13:31-32; Luke 13:18-19).

So the Lord Said, “If You Have Faith as a Mustard Seed, You Can Say to this Mulberry Tree, ‘Be Pulled Up by the Roots and Be Planted in the Sea’ and it Would Obey You,” (Matthew 17:20; Luke 17:6).

Faith is Nothing More that Trusting Yahweh to Do What He Said that He Was Going to Do, Whether that Be in the “Spoken” or in the Written Word.

But Without Faith it is Impossible to Please Him, For He Who Comes to Yahweh Must Believe that He Is, and that He is a Rewarder of Those Who Diligently Seek Him.  Hebrews 11:6


Holy Spirit~!

Before I Get Started, I Strongly Suggest a Book that My Brother Gave Me and I Waited this Long Before Opening it Up.  It is Andrew Murray On the Holy Spirit, (You Can Usually Buy it at Wal-Mart For Around $5.99 as a Small Paperback Book Under the Choice Books Revolving Stand Near the Book Department). 

Andrew Murray Has Gone On to Be with Yahweh, (1828-1917), But Here is an Example of His Words that He Left Behind.  He Was in Cape Cod, South Africa, (So You Might Not Have Heard of Him).

Also, with the Recent World Events, I Want to Make Sure that I Am Not Talking About the Other Gods, So ALL References On this Web Site Refer to the Name of Our Lord, Yahweh, the Loving Abba Father.  Also, I Talk a Lot Below About How I Did in the Stock Market.  I Don’t Put My Trust in Stocks Anymore, Nor in the Deceitful Riches of the World.

I Do Not Trust in uncertain Riches, But I Trust in the Living God, Who Gives Us Richly ALL Things to Enjoy, (1 Timothy 6:17).  However, this is a True Testimony of How I Learned to Trust Yahweh More, and this Time Yahweh Chose to Teach Me by Using the Stock Market So I Mention Stocks.


Who Gives Us Richly ALL Things to Enjoy~!

For Two Weeks I Watched a Certain Stock Option and I Was Praying and Yearning and ALL the Other Anxious Things that Can Be Done.  When I Wrote This, I Was Just Hoping it Would Go to 21¼ and I Could Get My Money ALL Back Before the Expiration Date of the Coming FRIDAY~!!!~!  After Friday, the Money Would Be Gone.

However, I Heard a Sermon Yesterday About Mark 4, and the Word When it Has Gone Forth From Yahweh.  Some When they Hear the Word of Yahweh, Immediately they Don’t Hang On to the Word and it is Gone.  Others Allow the Cares of this World to Come in and Choke the Word.  Mark 4:7, (Amplified Bible Classic Edition Reads this Way, “Then the Cares and Anxieties of this World,” Creep in and Choke the Word.)

You See, Worry is the Exact Opposite of Faith, (or Relaxing and Trusting Yahweh).


Reasonings (and)
Yielding Your Thoughts to d—Evil One

Have You Ever Heard the Expression, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”?  Well, That’s Not Quite Right.  It Should Say, “Put Your Mouth Where Your Faith in Yahweh Is.”


Talk Faith~!

So, I Relaxed, and then Starting Saying Out Loud, Because Faith Does Talk, (Romans 10:6), and I Proceeded to Quote Malachi 3:10-12 About the Part Where Yahweh Will Rebuke the Devourer, and the Devourer Will Not Destroy My Fruit and that Neither Shall My Fruit Fall to Ground Before it’s Time.

I Relaxed, and Starting Saying Out Loud to the Matter at Hand, Because Faith Does Talk, (Romans 10:6).  This is Faith, this is Trust.  This is Resting in Yahweh, Depending Solely On Yahweh to Honor His Word. Oh, Pardon Me, I Was Just Rehearsing For What I’m About to Share with You and Reminiscing. You See, I Have a Dual Fluorescent Drop Light that I Like a Lot. But, I’ve Have Been Working Up in My Attic Doing Electrical Wiring Installing Some LED Spot Lights, So I Brought this Light Up there with Me. But, Somehow or Another, I Misplaced this Light and Haven’t Found it After 11 Days or So. The Last that I Could Recall, it Was Up in the Attic with Me. I Have Searched Every Cabinet in My Garage, and Throughout the House and Even a Hidden Place in the Attic that I Might Have Tucked The Light In, But to No Avail.

So, I Went Back Up into the Attic Tonight, While it’s Cool.  By the Way, Have You Noticed that it Has Been an Exceptionally Cool Winter Down Around Where I Live?  That is Because I Have Been Working in My Attic and I Don’t Need it Hot, So I’ve Been Speaking to the Weather.  I Haven’t Been Saying, “Boy, it Sure is So Hot~!,” or, “My Attic is So Hot~!”  I Have Restrained My Words Because I Have Some Insider Information, I Have Some Knowledge.  “Whoever Restrains His Words Has Knowledge, and a Person Who Has a Cool Spirit is a Person of Understanding.” (Proverbs 17:27), {I Enjoy a Good Play On Words Such as Having a Cool Spirit, Meaning Calm, Resolved, I Am Relaxed, Resting, and I Have Cool Spirit; However, Since I’m Dealing with Temperature, I Relish the irony in the Cool Spirit Also Referring to Cooler Weather.  If You Think I’m Taking this Scripture, too Literally, then Chill, Dude :)  So, Restrain Your Words, Especially Around Others, and Don’t Say, “Well, it’s Hot as Blue Blazes,” But Instead Say, It’s Going to Be a Record Breaking Cool Summer, and they Will Respond with Something Like, “Is that What They Are Saying?”

Yahweh Can Not Lie, and We Have Been Given Dominion Over the Earth and Told to Subdue The Earth, [Adam Was Told this in (Genesis 1:28), and He Lost this Privilege, But the 2nd Adam, {Yahoshua}, (1 Corinthians 15:45), Got it Back For Us, (Romans 5:17)].


Light Found Testimony~!

However, I’ll Tell a Testimony and that Will Be Enough to Turn Your Thoughts into Reality.  Back to My Favorite Drop Light.  The Scripture Says that the Blessing of Yahweh Adds No Sorrow with it, (Proverbs 10:22), and that Drop Light Has Been a Blessing to Me, and to Have it Be Lost, is Sorrow.  So, that Means that it Will Be Found, Because of the Blanket Coverage of a Blessing From Yahweh.  It’s Not Really Lost You Know, For Yahweh knows Exactly Where that Drop Light Is.  It Was Me, that Didn’t Know Where it Was.  All I Have to Do is Align Myself Up with Yahweh by Confessing, (or Saying the Same Thing that Yahweh Says and I’ll Know Where this Light is Also).  However, that Didn’t Occur to Me then, So I Was in the Attic and I Searched Through All the White Installation in the Area that I Had Been, Thinking that Maybe it Fell and Got Buried in there.  I Search Diligently, But Could Not Find the Drop Light, (nor it’s Attached 6’ Cord).  When I Came Down Out of the Attic, Thoughts Were Being Submitted to Me From d—Evil One.  Thoughts Like, Well, “I Just Don’t Know Where that Drop Light Could Be.”

Then it Just Occurred to Me that I Have Been Preaching Very Boldly About Having What We Say, and So, I Quickly Took that Thought Captive by Speaking the Word of Yahweh Out Loud, that Says, “For Nothing is Hidden, that Will Not Be Revealed; Nor Anything Secret, that Will Not Be Known and Come to Light,” (Luke 8:17; Luke 12:2; Matthew 10:26; Mark 4:22).  And Just then I Had the Thought Come From Yahweh to Look in One of the Garage Cabinet Doors that I Had Already Checked For this Particular Drop Light and at the Same Time, I Was Getting a Word From Abba Father Saying, “Say What You Said to Your Garage Door”.  So, I Did.  I Said, “Drop Light, You Better Not Get Used to Being Hidden, Because You’re Already Found.”  And at that Exact Moment, I Spotted My Drop Light in the Back of the Cabinet Where I Had Already Looked 4 or 5 Times Near the Bottom Under a Shelf.  There Was the Drop Light~!  Was that Cool or What?


My Word Is My Bond~!

I Really Want to See You Grasp that Your Words Are Powerful Also, So, I’m Also Going to Tell You a Parable.

Suppose, Now that You Have a Daughter and She Wants a Specific Rare, Hard-to-Find Doll.  You Tell Me About it, and I Tell You that I Know Where One of these Dolls Are, and that I Am Going to Buy Your Daughter This Certain Doll For Christmas that She Wants.  The Following Day or So, I Phone Back and Tell You that I Found the Doll, and that I Bought it.  You Haven’t Seen it, and You Don’t Have Proof that I Bought it.

You Only Have My Word Over the Telephone that I Bought it.  Now, Your Daughter Wines and Begs You Day After Day For that Doll, Would You Feel Rushed to Go Buy it, Knowing that I Am Going to Get this Doll to You?  This is Putting Your Trust in Me, Believing that I Would Be Faithful to Do What I’ve Said that I Would Do.  Believing Me, Based On My Word Alone.

This is Faith, this is Trust.  You Are Putting Your Trust in Me, and Supposing that I Will Not Let You Down.  There is a 99.9% Probability that I Will NOT Let You, Nor Your Daughter Down, with Some Possibilities that I Could Forget it, or Be Delayed or Send the Doll and it Could Get Lost in the Mail, or the Plane Caring the Doll Might Crash, and Things Like that, But there is a Much Higher Probability that I Will Do What I Said I Will Do.

Now, Suppose Someone Called You and You Two Started Talking About Your Daughter and Wondering if She Was Going to Get that Doll.  Wouldn’t it Be Really Odd For You to Say, “Well, I Guess I’m Just Going to Have to Go Out and Buy the Doll, For I Have Not Seen One Yet, and I Know that He Told Me that He Was Going to Mail Her One”.  Now, On Our Human Level, it Really Won’t Matter if You Talk Against What I Am Going to Do or Not.


Don’t Talk the Problem, When You Want Faith~!

(It’s Not Like We Got to Go Up to Heaven and Get the Stuff).  It is Right Here On Earth, it’s in Us.  The Kingdom of Yahweh is Within Us.  I Will Show You a Glimpse From Mark 11:23-24; Romans 10:6-10; Matthew 12:34-35, and Deuteronomy 30:9-19.

Deuteronomy 30:12-15, 19

12 It is Not Up in Heaven, So Distant that You Must Ask, ‘Who Will Go to Heaven and Bring it Down So We Can Hear and Obey it?’
13 It is Not Beyond the Sea, So Far Away that You Must Ask, ‘Who Will Cross the Sea to Bring it to Us So We Can Hear and Obey it?’
14 The Message is Very Close at Hand; It is On Your Lips and in Your Heart So that You Can Obey it.
15 Now Listen~!  Today I Am Giving You a Choice Between Prosperity and Disaster, Between Life and Death.
19 I Call Heaven and Earth as Witnesses Today Against You, that I Have Set Before You Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing; Therefore Choose Life, that Both You and Your Descendants May Live;

We Don’t Have to Get Heaven to Come to Us to Get Our Things Done.  The Angels May Well Come From Heaven to Do the Things, But the Force that Calls Them into Doing these Tasks is Us Voicing His Word, Coming Out of Our Heart, Done in Faith and Love.  It Has to Come Out of Our Mouths, (and Also in Our Hearts as Our Praise Opens Up a Gate, Click Here to See More On How Praise Opens Up a Gate).

Don’t Go Ranting and Railing and Saying, “I Just Don’t Know What We’re Going to Do About the Doll,” When You Want Me to Supply the Doll.  So, Don’t Call the Dog When You Want the Cat!  And Don’t Talk the Problem, When You Want Faith.  Don’t Allow Worry to Cut Down the Faith.

What Comes Out of Your Mouth Effects Your Heart, and Your Heart Effects Faith, and What Comes Out of Your Mouth is the Catalyst that Calls in the Right Answer From Yahweh.  It’s Yahweh’s Faith, Yahweh’s Words, (See Isaiah 55:9-11). Yahweh Puts His Faith in Our Heart, and Yahweh Puts His Words in Our Mouth.  So, We Say Yahweh’s Words Back and the Angels Respond, (Psalm 103:20-21, Daniel 10:11-12).

Talk Faith

Here is a Quote From Andrew Murray’s Book, (mentioned Above).  “We Have Here an Answer to the Question, How is Yahweh Going to Be My Yahweh?  Am I to Regard Him as a Great and Almighty and Distant God, Outside of Me and Separate From Me in the Heaven Above, From Whom I Am From Time to Time to Have a Little Help?”

The Way that Things Come From the Heaven to the Earth is Through Us, So it Does Matter if You Talk Bad About What’s Hoped For.  Faith Has to Be in Two Places.  First it Has to Be in Your Heart, and the Second Place, Faith Has to Be Coming Out of Your Mouth.  So, Now You Can See that the Title of this Section is a Play On Words.  You Have to Talk Faith to Expect Faith Results~!  But, You Can’t Just Talk it, or, “Name It—Claim It,” “Blabb It—Grab It,” Because Just Speaking Alone Won’t Work.  You Have to Mix Faith with Your Words “Spoken Out Loud”; {Faith Resides in Your Heart}, (Mark 11:23; Romans 10:9-10; Hebrews 4:2).

Okay, Where the Rubber Meets the Road.  Suppose You Have a Lot of High Debt, and You Are Wondering What Do I Need to Do.  Do I Go Get a 2nd Job at Lowe’s? Thoughts Are Trying to Run Rapid in Your Brain, (Who Do You Suppose is the Originator of these Fear Thoughts?).  But Suppose You See and Say This, “And My God Shall Supply ALL My Need According to His Riches in Glory by the Messiah, Yahoshua.” ~ (Philippians 4:19).  Or You Read, or Recall... He that Spared Not His Own Son, But Delivered Him Up For Us ALL, How Shall He Not with Him Also Freely Give Us All THINGS?, (Romans 8:32).

So, You Have the Same Exact Choice that I Had Yesterday, and the Reason Why I Included that Testimony that Had Been Tested and Proven Concerning My Drop Light that I Didn’t Know Where it Was.  I Can Either Get in Line with the Word of Yahweh and Find The Light, or I Can Say, “I Don’t Know Where that Light Is,” and it Remain Lost~! You Can Get Agree with the Word of Yahweh that You Are Rich, For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Being Rich He Became Poor, For Your Sakes; that Through His Poverty You Might Be Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).

One Choice Will Get You the Results You Want, and One Choice Will Not.


Hope is the Earnest Expectation

“Yahweh is Not a Man, that He Should Lie, or a Son of Man, that He Should Change His Mind.  Does He Speak and then Not Act?,” (Numbers 23:19).

If He’s Promised it, He Will Do it~! ~ (Word)

It’s Our Part To Believe As If It’s So, and then Act in a Manner Accordingly~!

You’ve Done it Often Yourself When You Heard a Word From Yahweh and then Acted On it.  Maybe You Were Told by Yahweh that there Was a Parking Space Down this Row, and You Went Down that Row, Not Seeing a Parking Space, But Just at the Last Moment a Vehicle Pulled Out Very Close to the Front and You Took it.  That is What Faith Is.

Faith Is... (Hebrews 11:1). 

  • The Substance of Things Hoped For
  • The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

For We Were Saved In this Hope, But Hope that is Seen is Not Hope; for Why Does One Still Hope for What He Sees? (Romans 8:24-25). 

You Didn’t Have the Parking Space in Your Sight, Only a Word From Yahweh, or a Promise. But, You Were Pregnant with the Parking Space that Yahweh Promised and You Knew that it Would Come.  You Had ‘Hope’, (Not the Word Used in Today’s Society Meaning that if You Spin the Big Wheel On the Price is Right, You Hope it Lands On $1.00, But More Like You ‘Hope’ that the Baby Will Come Soon, Knowing that the Baby Will Come, (Not an uncertainty).

When You Get a Word From Yahweh, (Spoken” or Written) and You Believe that Word and Act On that Word, (As if it’s So), then You Are Pregnant with that Word, “You Are Expecting~!


Hope Defined

Here’s How One Mother, (Victoria Boyson), Explains Hope, and this Sums Up My Definition of Hope.

When the Expected Due Date For Each of My Children Neared, I Would Awaken Each Day with the Expectancy that Today Could Be the Day that I Would Deliver this Child.  Each Day I Would Think, “Today Could Be the Day.”  I Never Thought to Myself that it Just Could Not Happen Today, Because I Knew My Time Was Coming and that this Day Could Be the Day that I Would Give Birth.

As Each Day Ended Without Seeing the Birth of My Baby, I Would Feel Somewhat Disappointed.  But Once Again, Another Morning Would Come and I Would Arise with Hope From Heaven, Remembering that this Day Could Be the Day.  And I Was Prepared to Go at Any Time; I Had My Bags Packed and Gas in the Car.

Wait in Faith Through Each Day as a Woman Waiting to Give Birth.  Yahweh Does Not Bring You to the Time of Birth Just to Stop the Whole Process.  He Did Not Bring You this Far to Leave You Now.  He Will Not Forget You~!  It Will Happen~!  (Romans 10:11) ~ For the Scripture says, “Everyone Who Believes in Him Will Not Be Put to Shame.”  For, “He Who Began a Good Work in You Will Be Faithful to Complete it,” (Philippians 1:6).


Take Stock

I Asked Yahweh to Show Me Something.  In Fact, it Was the Last Thought that I Recall Thinking Last Night Before I Dozed Off to Sleep.  First, I Have to Give the Background, then I’ll Tell You the Question I Put Before Yahweh.

To Me, I Believe that this is the Fundamental Foundation ~ Cornerstone; and From Which I Base ALL My Other Beliefs.

I Believe that, “Faith is Nothing More than Believing the Word of Yahweh, (Spoken” or Written), and then Acting On that.”  To Say It More Precisely, Taking the Appropriate Action that Would Correspond as if You Believe What Was Said Was True.  Not Just Hearers Only, But Doers of the Word, (James 1:22).

Here’s an Example of What I Am Talking About.  Suppose, I See a Neighbor Child Running After a Ball Between Two Park Cars, and I Spy a Car Coming Along that Does Not See this Child.  If I Shout at the Child to, “Stop,” and the Child Stops Immediately and the Car Whizzes by, then I Would Say This Child, “Heard the Word, Believed the Word, and Acted On the Word.”  Not Just Hearers Only, But Doers of the Word.

Notice How I Neglected to Tell the Child the Reason Why, So that He Could Turn His Head and Confirm What I Told Him and then Walk by Sight and Believe with His Natural Senses.  This is the Way Yahweh Does Us, as Often there Just is Not the Time For Him to Explain Why, Just Obey.  then You’ll See Clearly Why as it Will Come in Front of You.

I Implore You Before You Finish Reading this to Reason that From Now On, that You Will Not Have to Have Your Mind and Your Understanding Enlightened Before You Will Act On the Word of Yahweh, Whether it Be in the Word or in Your Ear.


Faith Is...

So, Here’s the Question I Posed Before Yahweh.  If What I Believe to Be True and that the Definition of Faith Is:, “Faith is Nothing More than Believing the Word of Yahweh, (Spoken” or Written), and then Acting On that.”  Then that Ought to Be in Yahweh’s Word Some Place.  Faith Ought to Be Defined Some Place in Yahweh’s Word, (ALL I Could Think of Was, Hebrews 1:1 ~ Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For, the Evidence of Things Not Seen,” and Romans 8:24-25 ~ 24 “For We Were Saved In this Hope, But Hope that is Seen is Not Hope; for Why Does One Still Hope for What He Sees25 But if We Hope for that Which We See Not, then Do We with Patience Wait for it”.

Yahweh Had Spoken this to Me, But it Should Also Be Confirmed in His Word.  If I Just Think This, No Matter How clever Sounding it Is, then it is a, “Tradition,” and it Will Make the Word of Yahweh of No Effect, (Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:8-9, 13; Colossians 2:8). 

I Was Basing My Foundation On Mark 4:20, [the Same Chapter and Part of the Same Talk Where Yahoshua Said, that, “Do You Not Understand this Parable?  How then Will You Understand ALL the Parables?”.  This Tells Me that This Parable is a Key that Unlocks Some Understanding, {By the Way, in Case You Think I Am Trying to Have a Relation with Yahoshua, with Just the Word Alone, Yahoshua and the Word Are the Same, (John 1:1), and So that Cannot Be Possible}].

And Those Sown On the Good (Well-Adapted) Soil Are the Ones Who Hear the Word and Receive and Accept and Welcome it and Bear Fruit—Some Thirty Times as Much as Was Sown, Some Sixty Times as Much, and Some [Even] a Hundred Times as Much, (Mark 4:20).



I Was Awaken the Next Morning and Felt Drawn to Go Out to My Private Place to Prayer with My Word of Yahweh.  I Had Forgotten About Last Night’s Request.  I Just Said, “Yahweh, it’s a Pretty Big Book to Read ALL in One Setting, So Where Would You Like For Me to Read this Morning.”  I Felt a Drawing to a White vertical Strip Where the Bronze edging of the Pages Was Slightly Opened to.  I Opened to this Section, and I Had No yellow Highlights On this Page, So this Was Not a Page in Yahweh’s Word that I Have Turned to Often.  (Around About March, I Gave Away My Normal Book of Scriptures and Had to Start Over in My Highlighting in This New Book of Scriptures).

* * * * *

It Was Galatians 3.  Wow, I Thought to Myself, I Know Galatians 3:13, and in My Spirit, I Heard Like an Interesting narrator Saying, “Yes, and Now You’ll Find Out What Leads Up to Galatians 3:13.”

The First Verse About the Foolish or Silly and Thoughtless Galatians, Did Not Mean Much to Me, (So I Read On).

 2Let Me Ask You this One Question: Did You Receive the [Holy] Spirit as the Result of Obeying the Law and Doing its Works, or Was it by Hearing [the Message of the Gospel] and Believing [it]?  [Was it From Observing a Law of Rituals for From a Message of Faith?]

Emphasis Added to Show What Went Off in My Mind.  I Started to Pay Attention, (Could This Be Something Else that Yahweh Was Showing Me, or Was Yahweh Showing Me the Answer to My Prayer From the Night Before, {My Mind Recalled Asking the Question}, So I’m Alert Now and Paying Attention).

My New Book of Scriptures Is, “King James,” On the Left and, “The Amplified Bible Classic Edition,” On the Right.  I Was Reading the Amplified Bible Classic Edition, So I glanced Over to See if the King James Worded this Verse the Same Way.

2 This Only Would I Learn of You, Received You the Spirit by the Works of the Law, or by the Hearing of Faith?

And this Reminded Me of Galatians 3:13, {Christ Purchased Our Freedom [redeeming Us] From the Curse (doom) of the Law [and its Condemnation] by [Himself] Becoming a Curse For Us, For it is Written [in Yahweh’s Word], Cursed is Everyone Who Hangs On a Tree (is Crucified)}.  There it Was Even Clearer, in Romans 10:17 Where The Scripture Says, “So Faith Comes by Hearing [What is Told], and What is Heard Comes by the Preaching [of the Message that Comes by the Word of Yahweh.”


Question Answered

This Reading of the Word of Yahweh Was Pretty Cut and Dry to Me.  But, I Just Proceed On, Rather than Trying to Read the Word of Yahweh to Confirm My Beliefs, I Was Choosing this Morning to Read the Words of Yahweh to See What Yahweh Wanted to Communicate with Me.

Then I Got Down to Verse 5.

5 Then Does He Who Supplies You with His Marvelous [Holy] Spirit and Works Powerfully and Miraculously Among You Do So On [The Grounds of Your Doing] What the Law Demands, or Because of Your Believing in and Adhering to and Trusting in and Relying On the Message that You Heard?

By This Time, My Thoughts Were Saying, “Wow, Wow, Wow~!,” I Knew in My Knower that Yahweh Was Directly Answering My Question From the Night Before.

But Before I Got too Excited, I Checked the ‘King James’, For Galatians 3:5.

5 He Therefore that Ministereth to You the Spirit, and Worketh Miracles Among You, Doeth He it by the Works of the Law, or by the Hearing of Faith?

If You’re Ever Seen Me Lay Hands On the Sick and Pray For Them, You’re Very Most Likely to Hear Come Out of My Mouth, “And these Signs Shall Follow Them that Believe, they Shall Lay Hands On the Sick and they Will Be Made Whole,” (found In Mark 16:18).  I Never Lay Hands On Someone Apart From the Word of Yahweh, and Every Time Someone Asks Me to Pray For Them to, it Might Seem Spiritual to Be Quiet Before Yahweh, and See What Yahweh Wants to Do This Time.  {I’m Still Waiting For the Command to, “Spit On the Dirt and Rub Mud in it their Eyes” :) }.


Same Method Of Operation Every Time

Honestly, I Don’t Need to Get Another Command, (Yahoshua Already Commanded Us to Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead, (Matthew 10:8, Luke 9:2, Luke 10:9,19, Matthew 28:19-20).  So, if You’re Taking Notes, and You See the Success that I Enjoy in Watching Folks Get Healed; You Don’t Have to Do Something Different Every Time.  I Do the Same Thing Time and Time and Time Again, and it Just Builds and Builds and Gets Stronger On the Inside of Me Every Time I Use the Same Words.

I Base My Actions On the Word of Yahweh.  These Signs SHALL Follow Them that Believe in the Name of Yahoshua, THEY WILL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK AND THEY WILL RECOVER, (Be Made Whole, Be Healed).  I Lay My Hands On Them In The Name of Yahoshua of Nazareth, and they ARE Completely Healed, (Mark 16:18).

I Went into a Gas Station and When I Paid For the Gas, the Register Say, “God Loves You” and I Commented On that Being Nice, and the Cashier Said that the Owner Doesn’t Mean Your God, Because they Call their God, “God”.

So, Later on, I Prayed this Prayer For the Young Football Player that Was Told to Me that He Was Muslim.  When I Prayed For His Hand to Be Healed, I Prayed Specifically Using the Name of Yahoshua, So that there Could Be No Doubt that I Wasn’t Talking About the Hey-Zeus Down the Street, or to Be Confused with their Term For God.  I Used the Name Yahweh, and I Think We ALL Will We Want to Follow Suit in this Present Time as the Term, “God” Means One Thing to the People that Worship their Gods and Another to the Followers of Christ, (*Actually God Means Fortuitous, Happen-Stance).  Then I Asked this Young Man to Move His Hand, and He Said, “It Feels Better.”

I’m Ready in Season and Out.  I Made Myself Memorize Mark 16:18 and That’s the Verse I Use Most Often, (or Sometimes if they Are Believers’, I’ll Switch Over and Use James 5:13-15).

So, Back to My Story About My Quite Time with Yahweh and His Word.  By Now My Ears Are ALL the Way Pricked Up~!  Abba Father Was Being Very Kind to Me, and Patient and Teaching Me with Loving-Kindness About His Word.  I Was in Delight to Be in the Presence of Yahweh~!


The People [Who Live] by Faith Who Are [the True] Sons of Abraham

But, I Felt Drawn to Read More.

6 Thus Abraham Believed in and Adhered to and Trusted in and Relied On Yahweh, and it Was Reckoned and Placed to His Account and Credited as Righteousness (as Conformity to the Divine Will in Purpose, Thought, and Action).

7 Know and Understand that it is [Really] The People [Who Live] by Faith Who Are [the True] Sons of Abraham.

8 And the Scripture, ForeSeeing that Yahweh Would Justify (Declare Righteous, Put in Right Standing with Himself) the Gentiles In Consequence of Faith, Proclaimed the Gospel [foretelling the Glad tidings of a Savior Long Beforehand] to Abraham in the Promise, Saying, in You Shall ALL the Nations [of the Earth] Be Blessed.

There it Was in Black and White.  The Promise.  How Did Abraham Get this Promise, and What is it’s Significance?


Heard The Word, Received The Word, Produced Fruit

Abraham Heard the Word of Yahweh, Believed the Word of Yahweh Where Yahweh Told Him, “In You Shall ALL the Nations [of the Earth] Be Blessed,” and Even Went to Offer Isaac On the Altar Believing the Word of Yahweh So Strong that Yahweh Would Fulfill the Promised Word “Spoken” to Him that Abraham Believed that Yahweh Was Going to Raise Isaac Up From the Dead, (Check Out Hebrews 11:16-19, if You Think I’m Making this Stuff Up).

  17 By Faith Abraham, When He Was Put to the Test [While the Testing of His Faith Was Still in Progress] Had Already Brought Isaac For an Offering; He Who Had Gladly Received and Welcomed [Yahweh’s] Promises Was Ready to Sacrifice His Only Son.

 18 Of Whom it Was Said, Through Isaac Shall Your Descendants Be Reckoned.

 19 For He Reasoned that Yahweh Was Able to Raise [Him] Up Even From Among the Dead.  Indeed in the Sense that Isaac Was Figuratively Dead [potentially Sacrificed], He Did [Actually] Receive Him Back From the Dead.

Bonus:, “I Will Go Yonder and Worship, and We Will Come Back to You.” (Genesis 22:5).


An Act of Faith

In Fact, Jack, this Act Got No Flack From Yahweh.  This is the Act that Established Righteous in Abraham, (it Wasn’t the Law, But An Act of Faith And, “Faith is Nothing More than Hearing What Yahweh Said, and then Taking Action Based On that Word From Yahweh).  The Only Reason that it Makes Sense For it to Be Faith For Abraham to Offer Isaac Was that Abraham Believed that Yahweh Was Going to Fulfill His Promise.  Yahweh Was Going to Keep His Word, Despite What Abraham Was Seeing by His Sight.

And Here’s Another Witness Saying the Same Thing.

Romans 4:18
[For Abraham, Human Reason For] Hope Being Gone, Hoped in Faith that He Should Become the Father of Many Nations, as He Had Been Promised, So [Numberless] Shall Your Descendants Be.
Romans 4:17-19 (in Context) Romans 4 (Whole Chapter)


Hearing, Believing and Acting On it

So, Faith is Defined in the Word of Yahweh in at Least Three Places.

Mark 4:20

And Those Sown On the Good (Well-Adapted) Soil Are the Ones Who Hear the Word and Receive and Accept and Welcome it and Bear Fruit—Some Thirty Times as Much as Was Sown, Some Sixty Times as Much, and Some [Even] a Hundred Times as Much.

Galatians 3:2

  2 Let Me Ask You this One Question: Did You Receive the [Holy] Spirit as the Result of Obeying the Law and Doing its Works, or Was it by Hearing [the Message of the Gospel] and Believing [it]?  [Was it From Observing a Law of Rituals or From A Message of Faith?]. 

Galatians 3:5

  5 then Does He Who Supplies You with His Marvelous [Holy] Spirit and Works Powerfully and Miraculously Among You Do So On [The Grounds of Your Doing] What the Law Demands, or Because of Your Believing in and Adhering to and Trusting in and Relying On the Message that You Heard?



But, Really in ALL Honesty, the Point of Galatians 3 is Get You to Believe that You Don’t Have to Follow ALL the Letter of the Law Described in Deuteronomy 28 to Get the Blessings that Now Come to Us Through Yahoshua.  And to Get You to Believe,  The Word Believe or Faith Had to Be Defined.

What Are the Blessings of Abraham?  Deuteronomy 28 Gives Us Some of the Promises Made to Moses, (“I’m Blessed Coming in and Blessed Going Out,” and these Are Still Yours... However, Now, But Without the Curse as We Could Never Keep Deuteronomy 28:1 ~ And it Shall Come to Pass, if You Shall Hearken Diligently Unto the Voice of Yahweh Thy God, to Observe and to Do ALL His Commandments Which I Command Thee this Day, that Yahweh Thy God Will Set Thee On High Above ALL Nations of the Earth:


The Blessing Of Abraham

Galatians 3:13-18 Now Makes a Whole More Sense.

 13 Christ Purchased Our Freedom [redeeming Us] From the Curse (doom) of the Law [and its Condemnation] by [Himself] Becoming a Curse For Us, For it is Written [in Yahweh’s Word], Cursed is Everyone Who Hangs On a Tree (is Crucified); (A)

  14 To the End that Through [Their Receiving] Christ Yahoshua, The Blessing [promised] to Abraham Might Come Upon the Gentiles, So that We Through Faith Might [ALL] Receive [the Realization of] the Promise of the [Holy] Spirit.

 15 To Speak in Terms of Human Relations, Brethren, [if] Even a Man Makes a Last Will and Testament (a Merely Human Covenant), No One Sets it Aside or Makes it Void or Adds to it When Once it Has Been Drawn Up and Signed (ratified, Confirmed).

 16 Now the Promises (Covenants, agreements) Were Decreed and Made to Abraham and His Seed (His Offspring, His Heir).  He [Yahweh] Does Not Say, and to Seeds (descendants, Heirs), as if Referring to Many Persons, But, and to Your Seed (Your Descendant, Your Heir), Obviously Referring to One Individual, Who is [none Other Than] Christ (The Messiah). (B)

 17 This is My Argument: the Law, Which Began 430 Years After the Covenant [concerning the Coming Messiah], Does Not and Cannot Annul the Covenant Previously Established (ratified) by Yahweh, So as to abolish the Promise and Make it Void. (C)

 18 For if the Inheritance [of the Promise Depends On Observing] the Law [as these False Teachers Would Like You to Believe], it No Longer [depends] On the Promise; However, Yahweh Gave it to Abraham [as a Free Gift Solely] by Virtue of His Promise.


Better Covenant

So We Have a New and Better Covenant ~ {Hebrews 8:6, Hebrews 12:24} That Allows Us to Draw Close to Yahweh, Not Based On What We Do or Don’t Do, But Based On Faith, (Faith Righteousness as Mentioned In Romans 3:22 & Romans 10:6).

In Huntsville, Alabama, The C.C. Clay Bridge, (also Called The Whitesburg Bridge) Was an Old Bridge Built in 1931 that Resembled a Draw Bridge with it’s Beautiful Shaped H-Beams and bolts that The Cantilever Truss Bridges Are Famous For.  It Supported the Weight of Many Trucks that Brought Supplies From Other Places and Taken People and Supplies Out.  I Had Traveled On it Myself Several Times with Great Success in Crossing the TennesSee River Below Without Any Delays Whatsoever.  And it Was a Much Desired Improvement Over the White’s Ferry that Used to Transport People and Cars Over the River.

The C.C. Clay Bridge Was a Tried and True Bridge and Really Very Artistic To Behold From the Nearby Marina at Ditto Landing.

Progress, New Designs, Wider Cars and the Age of the Bridge Brought About the Demolition of The C.C. Clay Bridge, (Click Here to See a Clip of the Collapse).

I Really Thought that this Was an Eye-catching Bridge to Look at and to Ride Over Watching the Beams Over Head Pass by.  However, Now that the Bridge is Completed, the Highway Department Opened Up the New Bridge that Took the Place of the Former Bridge.  It’s a Much Taller, Concrete Based Bridge, and it Will Hold More Cars and Trucks at One Time Without a Hitch.

But, What Caught My Eye Was that as Resplendent as the Former Bridge Was, For the First Time in My 20 Some Odd Years We Were Now Able to See the Grandiose of the Hills that Outlined this Passage that We Had Not Seen Before.  While the Older Bridge Had a Nice Aesthetic Value From the Outside Looking On, this New Bridge Revealed a Breath-Taking View that Had Been Obscured by the Old Bridge’s Elaborate Framing.

Both Bridges Allowed For Safe Passage Over the Deep and Churning Waters Below, But One is Newer and Better.

The Same is True with the New Covenant.  We Don’t Lose What We Gained in the Covenant that Yahweh Established with Abraham, or with Moses, But We Have ALL Those Benefits Plus, “We Don’t Have to Be Righteous Based On Our Performance.


Heirs According to Promise

Galatians 3: 11, 25-26

 11 Now it is Evident that No Person is Justified (Declared Righteous and Brought into Right Standing with Yahweh) Through the Law, For The Scripture Says, the Man in Right Standing with Yahweh [the Just, the Righteous] Shall Live by and Out of Faith and He Who Through and by Faith is Declared Righteous and in Right Standing with Yahweh Shall Live.  (A)

 25 But Now that the Faith Has Come, We Are No Longer Under a Trainer (The Guardian of Our Childhood).

 26 For in Christ Yahoshua You Are ALL Sons of Yahweh Through Faith.

 27 For as Many [of You] as Were Baptized into Christ [into a Spiritual Union and Communion with Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah] Have Put On (Clothed Yourselves with) Christ. 

 28 There is [Now No Distinction] Neither Jew Nor Greek, there is Neither Slave Nor Free, there is Not Male [a] and Female; For You Are ALL One in Christ Yahoshua.

 29 And if You Belong to Christ [Are in Him Who is Abraham’s Seed], then You Are Abraham’s Offspring and [Spiritual] Heirs According to Promise.


A Call to Action

A Call to Action, (The ABC’s of Faith), For this is the Definition of Faith.

1st:  Acknowledge and Hear the Word

2nd: Believe the Word

3rd: Commit an Action Based On that Word

Mark 4:20

And Those Sown On the Good (Well-Adapted) Soil Are the Ones Who Hear the Word and Receive and Accept and Welcome it and Bear Fruit—Some Thirty Times as Much as Was Sown, Some Sixty Times as Much, and Some [Even] a Hundred Times as Much.

2 Corinthians 5:21
For Our Sake He Made Christ [virtually] to Be Sin Who Knew No Sin, So that in and Through Him We Might Become [endued with, Viewed as Being In, and Examples of] The Righteousness of Yahweh [What We Ought to Be, Approved and Acceptable and in Right Relationship with Him, by His Goodness].

IF You Believe Galatians 3: 11, 25-26, And 2 Corinthians 5:21 Then Say This, “I Am the Righteousness of Yahweh Not Based On What I Do or Don’t Do, But Based On the Fact that the Word of Yahweh Says So.”


Click Here to See More on Walking in Faith

“And He Said, WhereUnto Shall We Liken the Kingdom of Yahweh?  Or with What Comparison Shall We Compare it?  It is Like a Grain of Mustard Seed, Which, When it is Sown in the Earth, is Less than ALL the Seeds that Be in the Earth: But When it is Sown, it Grows Up, and Becomes Greater than ALL Herbs, and Shoots Out Great Branches; So that the Fowls of the Air May Lodge Under the Shadow of it.” (Mark 4:30-32).


The Law Of Faith

I Believe it Will Take these Elements to Make Something Happen, (to Produce Fruit).  The Best I Can See is that Faith is Like an Epoxy and to Have the Epoxy Turn into an Adhesive Compound and Glue Things Together, You Must Have a Resin and a Hardener.

1st ~ You’ve Got to Hear the Word of Yahweh in Your Heart.

Your Word Have I Laid Up in My Heart, that I Might Not Sin Against You, (Psalm 119:11).

2nd ~ You Have to Mix Faith with Word and it Has to Be Believed in Your Heart..

But the Message they Heard Did Not Benefit Them, Because it Was Not Mixed with Faith, (Hebrews 4:2).

Okay, the Word Would Be the Resin, and Faith, (in Your Heart) Would Be the Hardener in an Epoxy.

3rd ~ You Must Have an Action, An Act of Faith~! (James 1:22).

You Must Apply the Epoxy Mixture~!

  1. The Word Has to Be in Your Heart
  2. Faith Has to Be Mixed with the Word That’s in Your Heart
  3. Then You Must Be a Doer of the Word, (James 1:22); (To Believe Only Will Not Get the Job Done~! ~ You Believe that there is One God. You Do Well. Even the demons Believe--and Tremble! (James 2:19).


The Kingdom of Yahweh

For Example, the Word in Mark 4 Reads, “And He Said, WhereUnto Shall We Liken the Kingdom of Yahweh?  or with What Comparison Shall We Compare it?  It is Like a Grain of Mustard Seed, Which, When it is Sown in the Earth, is Less than ALL the Seeds that Be in the Earth: But When it is Sown, it Grows Up, and Becomes Greater than ALL Herbs, and Shoots Out Great Branches; So that the Fowls of the Air May Lodge Under the Shadow of it.” (Mark 4:30-32).

The Kingdom of Yahweh Works On a, “Seed Principle.”  If You Plant it, Money, Time Invested ~ then it Will Grow.

However, this is the Word of the One True Living God, and, “That’s the Way It Is.”  This is How the Kingdom of Yahweh Operates.

But, Suppose You Cut Your Neighbor’s Lawn, and You Don’t Apply this Word of Yahweh to the Process.  You Might Think, I’m Just Cutting their Lawn Because I Know that they Are Busy.

Your Actions Are Good, and Commendable, But So Far You Haven’t Mixed Faith with it, “Well, I’m Not Trying to Get Anything Back.”  I Understand This, But Your Children’s Children Might One Day Need a Return On What’s You’ve Sown.


Results of Trusting Yahweh and Speaking It Forth

Let’s Step Back in Time.  Has Yahweh Ever Told You to Say a Word to Someone and You Obeyed?  Sure, Lots of Times.  Perhaps, You Also Got to Preach that Word, But Maybe it Was Just a Word Spoken at Wal-Mart at the Right Time, But it Was Still a Word From Yahweh.

Now, Suppose One Day You Come Along and Find in Mark 16:20 That Yahweh Will Confirmed the Word with Signs and Wonders.  And they Went Out and Preached Everywhere, Yahweh Working with Them and Confirming the Word Through the Accompanying Signs.  Amen.

Mark 16:20 (Amplified Bible Classic Edition)
And they Went Out and Preached Everywhere, While Yahweh Kept Working with Them and Confirming the Message by the Attesting Signs and Miracles that Closely Accompanied [it].  Amen (So Be it).

Well, then You Come to Understand in Your Heart that Since Yahweh is the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Yahweh Never Changes, then Yahweh WILL Work with You Also and Confirm the Word with Accompanying Signs, {also at (Mark 16:20; Acts 14:3; 1 Corinthians 2:4;
Hebrews 2:4

Yahweh Said it, I Believe it, it is So.  Perhaps, You Failed to Believe it.  You Didn’t Mix Faith, (Your Hardener, and So the Word is Still Like a Resin).  And Now Your Heart is Condemning You.  Right?

1 John 3:20
For if Our Heart Condemn Us, Yahweh is Greater than Our Heart, and Knows ALL Things.


A Ray of Hope and of Joy~!

So, I Have Some Great News For Myself Included.  The Word is Still Willing to Work, But it Needs Some Faith Mixed with it For it to Adhere.  Why Don’t We Just Mix Our Faith with it Right Now.  People From Where We Had “Spoken” to Them a Word From Yahweh From Years Ago, Suddenly Becoming Whole and Healed in their Bodies, or a Miracle of their Finances.  I’m Not Going to Limit Yahweh, “Abba, Father, You Said in Your Word that You Would Work with Us and Confirming the Word Through the Accompanying Signs.  I Rest in that Promise by Faith and I Look Forward to Hearing the Folks Attesting to the Fact that Yahweh, Abba, Father God Healed Them or Made Them Whole in their Family Relationships or in their Finances or Whatever Was Broken.  I Count it as So.  It is So.”

Wasn’t that Fun~!  I Can’t Wait to Hear these Testimonies.  By the Way, Since I Now Know Yahweh Will Confirm the Word Through the Accompanying Signs, I See Healings, Deliverances, Miracles, Signs and Wonders Every Time I Speak a Word From Yahweh.

But, Wait, there’s More.  I Failed On Purpose to Tell You that For Faith to Operate, it Has to Be in Your Heart, and that Came Just While We Read Mark 16:20, But Faith Also Has to Be On Your Lips.


Get Your Hopes Up~!

We Have Green Grass.  It’s Very Exciting to Me, as We Planted it and I Didn’t Know How or if it Would Take.  But, I’ll Come Back to that in a Moment.

I Want You to Get Your Hopes Up.  (Get a Hope Chest~!)  I Finding that I Am Getting Results by the boatload Using this One Phrase, “The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It.”  (Notice the Word Blessing is Singular, Not Plural, “The Blessing”).

Proverbs 10:22
The Blessing of Yahweh—it Makes [Truly ] Rich, and He Adds No Sorrow with it [Neither Does toiling Increase it].

For Example, Anytime that I Recognize that I Have Sorrow or Am Having Sorrow, then I Say Out Loud, The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It.


Blessed All The Time~!

Like Just the Other Day, I Realized that My Internet Connection Was slower than a Dial-Up Connection, and Connection, and has Dropped a Lot.  Even to the Point that For One Whole Day, I Could Not Even Connect to the Internet and a Certain Cable Company Still Hasn’t Serviced This Area of Our Neighborhood, and Yahweh Had Told Me Before I Moved Here that I Would Be Serviced by this Certain Cable Company.

So, I Got Mad at the Situation and Realized this Was Painfully Frustrating.  So, I Said, “The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It,” and Having a Nice House and a Fine Computer, But Having a Bad or Slow Connection to the Internet is Sorrow.

I Have a Foundation of Other Supporting Verses, Like, “Are Not the Angels ALL Ministering Spirits (servants) Sent Out in the Service [of Yahweh For the Assistance] of Those Who Are to Inherit Salvation?  We Have Inherited Salvation, (Soteria ~ Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Zoe ~ Fullness of Life).  {Hebrews 1:14}

I Am Blessed Going in and Blessed Going Out, Blessed in the City and Blessed in the Country, (Deuteronomy 28: 3-6).  And this is Sorrow, and I’m Not Having Sorrow.  I Bless You Angels of Yahweh Who”

{hold that Thought, I’ll Come Back to it in a Moment.  But First Let Me Tell You About the Results}


Expected Blessing~!

This Was October 29, 2006.  The Very Next Morning this Certain Cable Company Was Out in Front of Our Home Installing the Cable.  Is that Awesome or What?  This Has Been Happening Over and Over Again, Just by Standing On One Promise.

Now, it Might Work Better For Me Because in the Back of My Mind, I Also Have a Repertoire of Verses Replete with Yahweh’s Promises Like Psalm 103:20-21.

 20 Bless Yahweh, You His Angels, that Excel in Strength, that Do His Commandments, Hearkening Unto the Voice of His Word.

 21 Bless You Yahweh, ALL You His Hosts; You Ministers of His, that Do His Pleasure.

So, I Begin to Say What Yahweh Says About My Current Situation, {This is by Action, the Very Definition of the Word, “Confess” as it is Meant to Be Used in Romans 10:9-10}. That if You Shall Believe that Yahweh Has Raised Yahoshua From the Dead and Shall Confess that Yahoshua is Lord, You Will Be Saved {Sozo ~ Healed, Delivered, Saved, Welfare, Wealth, Prosperous in ALL Ways of Life}.


Life To The Fullest~!

Anyhow, Since Yahweh Raised Yahoshua From the Dead, then I Get Life, (Not Just Life, But Life in the Absolute Sense, Life as Yahweh Has it, Which the Father Has in Himself, of this Life Men Become Partakers Through Faith in Yahoshua, {the Messiah} ~ Zoe ~ John 10:10).  This Surmises Three Things I Know About the Covenant and it’s Exchange.

Yahoshua Was Rich and Became Poor that I Might Be Made Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).

He Who Knew No Sin, Became Sin For Us in Order that We Might Become The Righteousness of Yahweh in Him, (2 Corinthians 5:21).
Because Christ Also Suffered for Sins Once, The Righteous for the Unrighteous, that He Might Bring You to God; Being Put to Death in the Flesh, But Made Alive in the Spirit; (1 Peter 3:18).

He Himself Bore My Sickness and Diseases and By His Stripes, I Am Healed~! ~ (Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17, 1 Peter 2:24).

This is Covenant.  I Know My Covenant.  I Know What I Get, and Having a Slow Internet Connection is Sorrow.


Blessing the Angels of Yahweh~!

{Okay, Let’s Continue On with Where I Left Off Above}

“I Bless the Angels of Yahweh that Excel in Strength, that Do His Commandments, Hearkening Unto the Voice of His Word.  Bless You Yahweh, ALL You His Hosts; You Ministers of His, that Do His Pleasure.

When I Do This, I’m Doing Two or More Things.  I acknowledge Faith in that the Angels Are Going to Do this that Needs to Be Done to eliminate Sorrow From My Midst.

I Do So by Blessing the Angels of Yahweh, (I’m Agreeing, and Adding My Decree ~ Declaration) that the Angels of Yahweh Excel in Strength and that they Do Yahweh’s Commandments.  They Are Obedient.  The Angels Are Hearkening to The, “Voice of the Word” and I Am the One Shouting the Voice of the Word.  I Put Forth Faith to Believe that the Angels Are Responding to the Words that I’m Saying, Because the Words that I’m Saying Are Yahweh’s Words.

Words Like, “The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich, and He Adds No Sorrow with it,” (Proverbs 10:22).  Or, “Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift is From Above, and Comes Down From the Father of Lights, with Whom there is No Variation or Shadow of Turning,” (James 1:17).


Standing On The Promises~!

or Words Like:

2 Corinthians 1:20
For as Many as Are the Promises of Yahweh, they ALL Find their Yes [Answer] in Him [Christ].  For this Reason We Also utter the Amen (So Be it) to Yahweh Through Him [in His Person and by His agency] to the Glory of Yahweh.

2 Peter 1:4
By Means of these He Has Bestowed On Us His Precious and Exceedingly Great Promises, So that Through Them You May Escape [by Flight] From the Moral Decay (Rottenness and Corruption) that is in the World Because of Covetousness (Lust and Greed), and Become Sharers (partakers) of the DiVine Nature.

I Am employing the Promises, and Enacting the Angels and Putting Forth My Faith to Make it So.

Not Because I Want to Get Yahweh to Do Things For Me, Like I’m Spoiled, But Because I Know What Belongs to Me and as a King I Stand Firm On What Yahweh Has Promised.


Angels Are Working on Our Behalf~!

2 Peter 1:5
For this Very Reason, Adding Your Diligence [to the Divine Promises], employ Every Effort in Exercising Your Faith to Develop Virtue (Excellence, Resolution, Christian Energy), and in [exercising] Virtue [develop] Knowledge (intelligence),

I Just Went Out the Door, I’m Blessed Going Out.  I Just Came in the Door, there Comes Another Blessing; and I’m Seeing Sorrow, and I’m Not Supposed to Have Have Any Sorrow and I Know Yahweh Whom I Serve, Sends forth His Angels, to Prosper My Way, and I Know that the Angels Are Working on Our Behalf, (Genesis 24:7, 40).

Now, if at Anytime You Can See Yourself Having Sorrow, Feel Free to Jump Right in and Say Aloud, “The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich, (rich in ALL Ways, Like Having Close Friends, etc.), and Adds No Sorrow with it.”  And I’ll Not Have Sorrow.  Angels Are Working on My Behalf, {Hebrews 1:14}.


The Seed Principal~!

Okay, Back to My Grass.  It Was a Barren Landscape in Our Backyard, and Even More So, as I Had the Land Scraped with a Back Hoe Machine.  Then I Aerated the Soil with a Machine that I Rented.  Then I Planted Seed, and Covered it with Straw.

However, I Put these Scripture Passages in Me About the Seed Growing From Mark 4:26-28 Below:

 26 And He Said, the Kingdom of Yahweh is Like a Man Who Scatters Seed Upon the Ground,
 27 And then Continues Sleeping and Rising Night and Day While the Seed sprouts and Grows and Increases—He Knows Not How.
 28 The Earth Produces [Acting] by Itself—First the blade, then the Ear, then the Full Grain in the Ear.

I Looked at My Lawn and the Seed Had Been Planted, and Now I Go to Sleep and the Seed Will Sprout and the Grass Will Grow, (I Know Not How, “I Agreed with the Word of Yahweh by Faith, Rather than Worrying Because I Don’t Know How to Make it Grow”).


Its Leaf Will Be Green~!

Deuteronomy 28:10-13 Tells Us,
 10 And ALL People of the Earth Shall See that You Are Called by the Name [and in the Presence of] Yahweh, and they Shall Be Afraid of You.
 11 And Yahweh Shall Make You Have a Surplus of Prosperity, Through the Fruit of Your Body, of Your Livestock, and of Your Ground, in the Land Which Yahweh Swore to Your Fathers to Give You.
 12 Yahweh Shall Open to You His Good Treasury, the Heavens, to Give the Rain of Your Land in its Season and to Bless ALL the Work of Your Hands; and You Shall Lend to Many Nations, But You Shall Not Borrow.

Jeremiah 17:7-8 Says,
 7 “Blessed is the Man Who Trusts in Yahweh, And Whose Hope is Yahweh.
 8 For He Shall Be Like a Tree Planted by the Waters, Which Spreads Out Its Roots by the River, And Will Not Fear When Heat Comes; But Its Leaf Will Be Green, and Will Not Be Anxious in the Year of Drought, Nor Will Cease From Yielding Fruit.


My Grass Is Green~!

So, then it Rained and then it Rained Some More, and then it Rained ALL Week Long.  It Did Not Rain Until I Had Completed Seeding the Lawn and Putting Straw On Top of the Seeds.  Yahweh’s Word Says that it Will Rain in the Due Season.  Also, it Didn’t Rain So Hard as to Wash Away Our Seed, But it Was a Good Soaking.  And it Rained For Almost 4 Days, and Stopped and then Rained Some More.

The Grass Grew and Turned a Bright Green ALL Over Our Entire Backyard.

What Happens Again When it Rains?

You Get a Bumper Crop.  You Get Harvest~!

Well, Doesn’t Yahweh Promise Us that He Will Send Forth Both the Early and the Latter Rain(Joel 2:23;Zechariah 10:1; Deuteronomy 11:14; James 5:7-8)


Put to Death Anxiety~!

Removing/Removal (of)
Everything that Causes
Stress (or)


Aside (and)
Concentrating On Christ

And Stay

Loads (To The)

(Colossians 3:1-2,15)


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