Can You Feel The Love?

Part Four of a Five-Part Series



For by Grace Are You Saved, Through Faith; and Not of Yourselves

Grace ~ CariV (charis) ~ khar’-ece

Graciousness (as Gratifying), of Manner or Act (abstract or Concrete; Literal, Figurative or Spiritual; Especially The Divine Influence Upon the Heart, and its Reflection in the Life; Including Gratitude) —Acceptable, Benefit, Favour, Gift, Grace(-ious), Joy, Liberality, Pleasure, Thank(-s, -Worthy).


Performance-Based Love

I Remember Being Corrected in My Formative Years For Something I Did Wrong, and it Seems to Me Always there Was Always An, “I Love You Added.” “I Love You, BBBBUT”   I Don’t Recall Hearing, “I Love You” Without The, “But.”   The Insertion of the Word, “But”, Wipes Out Anything Just Previously Said.

I Got the Impression, “Well, You’re Not What We Wanted, But You’re Our Son, and We Have Learned to Love You, We Tolerate You.”  And That’s the View I Had of How Abba Father Felt About Me.  I Never Recall a Time Where My Father Decided that We Would Go Off Together Alone, and Pull Me Over Close and Say, “Son, I Want to Tell You How Pleased Your Mother and I Are of You.  And if We Could Ask Yahweh For Any Son in the World, We’d Want One Just Like You.  We Love You So Much.”

Well, that Never Happened, and I Have Christian Parents Who Love Yahweh, and they Would Probably Say this Very Thing About Me Word For Word.  Moral of the Story, We Need to Be Saying, “I Love You”, More Often, Especially in Positive Times of Refreshing.

So I Associated the Words, “I Love You”, with, “You’re Really Messing Up, But Because I Love You, I Tolerate You.”  The Message I Got, Although Unintentional, Was I Could Never Measure Up.  Even, if I Did Everything Correctly and Worked as Hard as I Could, there Would Always Be Some Oversight On My Part.  I Received Non-Acceptance Based On My Performance, or Rejection.

If Someone Were to Tell Me that they Liked Me, I Took that as a Sincere Form of Acceptance.  However, if Someone Were to Tell Me that they Loved Me, I Wanted to Hit Them in the Face.  I Saw that as a Rejection.  And That is the Way I Viewed Yahweh.

When I Heard that Yahweh Loved Me, I Thought that Meant that Yahweh Tolerated and Put Up with the Way I Acted, But Yahweh Really Didn’t Like Me Nor My Actions.  I Thought Yahweh Loved Me Because He Had to Love Me, Not Because He Wanted to Love Me.  This is the Way I Had Had Love Expressed to Me.  I Heard, “I Love You”, {But it Was Inferred that this is a Conditional, Performance-Based Love.  You Do Right and We’ll Love You.}


It Didn’t Do Any Good For Me to Know that Yahweh Had Said, “For I Know the Plans I Have For You, ” Declares Yahweh, “Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future,” (Jeremiah 29:11).   By the Way, Yahweh Just Said that He Has Plans Not to Harm You~!  The Next Time You Find Someone Sick in a Hospital and they Said, “Yahweh is Just Doing this to Test Me, Contrast that Statement with the Word of Yahweh that Says that Yahweh Has Plans Not to Harm You~!” “Let Yahweh Be True and Every Man a Liar,” (Romans 3:4).

Compare What they Say with What Yahweh Said About, “Plans Not to Harm You.”  James 1:17 Says, “Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift is From Above, and Comes Down From the Father of Lights, with Whom there is No Variation or Shadow of Turning, (NKJ).  It is Not Good To Be Sick.  I Thought of Yahweh’s Plans For Me Similar to the Plans that I Might Have For Others.  We Need to Know that Yahweh is Extraordinarily, Extremely Good.

Here is Something My Brother Said that I Thought Was From the Heart of Yahweh.  Stop Trying So Hard to Be Pleasing to Yourself and Your Boss.  The More You Try to Please Others in Your Own Ability the More You Send the Message to Your Heart that You Are Not Measuring Up.  The Competition is Over (Isaiah 40:2); Christ Yahoshua Has Measured Up For Us in ALL Things So We Do Not Have to Compete For Favor.

You No Longer Have to Worry About the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Judgment Based On Performance).  We Have Been Set Free From this Worldly System So that We Can Enjoy Life (John 10:10).   You Do Not Have to Work Until You Feel Successful - You Are Success (in Christ)~!  You Do Not Have to Feel Worthy of Having Things - You Have ALL Things (in Christ ~ 2 Peter 1:3)~!

Satan’s Threefold Plan For Your Failure (Mark 4:14-19):

  1. Prevent the Word From Growing in Your Heart Through Man’s Tradition (Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:8-9, 13; Colossians 2:8), and Law (A Performance-Based Relationship with Yahweh ~ Galatians 5:4), or Worldly Reasoning (Knowledge of Good and Evil, {1 Corinthians 1:17}).

  2. Cause the Word that Has Started to Grow in You to Be Dried Up by Sending You Persecution.  We Get So Busy Watching the Sea that We Forget About the Command to ‘COME(Matthew 14:28-30).

  3. Prevent the Word From Growing Enough to Bear Fruit by Distracting Us with Cares, Pleasure, or Contentment.

A Heart Full of Grace Will Avoid these Things and Have a Yield of 30%, 60% or 100%.

Yahweh is a Good God~!

When I Traced the Hebrew Root of the Word, “Good,” I Found the Attributes of Yahweh, Because Yahweh is the Ultimate Good.  I Can Find References that Yahweh is Good ALL Over Psalm and the Scriptures.  Jeremiah 29:11 Ought to Have Read, I Know the Wonderful, Glorious, Illustrious Plans that I Have For You, Plans to Give You a Brilliant Future and an Outstanding Hope.  Plans that Are Far More Exceedingly Abundant than You Can Ask For or Hope.

Hope Means Confident Expectation.  Yahweh Was Saying, “I’m Going See that You Make it.”  You Can Relax When You’ve Got Hope, (Confident Expectation), Because You Know it is Going to Happen.  You Don’t Have to Get in a tizzy Trying to Make it Happen Yourself When You Know Yahweh is Going to Make it Happen.  But if We Hope For What We Do Not Yet Have, We Wait For it Patiently. (Romans 8:25 ~ NIV).

The Plans that I Have For You Are Above and Beyond All that You Can Ask or Think According to the Power that Works in Us, (Ephesians 3:20).  What if in the Re-created Person that You Are in Christ, You Have Inside Your DNA in Your Blood Something that is Like a Secret Weapon that You Don’t Know About But Will Destroy viruses Including aids.

Yahweh Said the Life is in the Blood, (Leviticus 17:11).   What if When Yahoshua Said to Them, “Most Assuredly, I Say to You, Unless You Eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and Drink His Blood, You Have No Life in You,” that Yahoshua Was Speaking Literally About the “Designer Genes” that Yahweh Had Purposed in Us, (John 6:53).

2 Corinthians 5:17-21 ~

17 Therefore if Anyone is in Christ, He is a New* Creation.  The Old Things Have Passed Away. Behold, All Things Have Become New*.
18 But All Things Are of God, Who Reconciled Us to Himself Through Jesus Christ, and Gave to Us the Ministry of Reconciliation;
19 Namely, that God Was in Christ Reconciling The World to Himself, Not Reckoning to Them Their Trespasses, and Having Committed to us the Word of Reconciliation.
20 We Are Therefore Ambassadors on Behalf of Christ, as Though God Were Entreating by Us: we Beg You on Behalf of Christ, Be Reconciled To God.
21 For Him Who Knew No Sin he Made to Be Sin On Our Behalf; So that in Him We Might Become The Righteousness of God.

* Thayer’s Greek Definition ~ New, (Strong’s Concordance #G2537)

  1. As Respects Form: Recently Made, Fresh, Recent, Unused, Unworn
  2. As Respects Substance: of a New Kind, Unprecedented, Novel, Uncommon, Unheard of

Reconciled Has a Different Definition.  Actually, Reconciled is An Accounting Term, When the Books are Being Balanced.  Such as An Employee Might Have Spent X-Amount of Money Taking Someone to Lunch for the Company and Paid for the Lunch Out their Own Pocket, and Now the Company Needs to Reimburse that Employee, But When the Exact Amount is Restored to the Individual, then that Deficient has said to be Reconciled in the Company Payment Ledger.  This is the Use of the First Occurrence of Reconciled, {Katallass} as Used in (2 Corinthians 5:18).  Another Example Would be When an Automobile has Been in an Accident, and is Taken to a Body Shop, and the Car is Restored To its Original Condition Prior to the Damage Occurring.  Or any Kind of Redemption Work where Something has Been Restored, (A Painting, Broken Furniture, a Nail Hole in a Wall that has Been Patched with Putty, a Net that has Been Mended).  However, the Word Yahweh Used for is New Creation.  Our Fellowship has Been Restored, and Pardoned Just As If It Never Occurred, But We Are Now A New Creation That Never Existed Before.  The Greek Word, “Tetelestai”, Used in John 19:30 is Translated, “It is Finished”, (Tetelestai ~ G5055), is an Accounting Term that Means, “Paid In Full”}.

Yahweh Says I KNOW the Plans that I Have For You.  We Might Not Know the Plans, But Yahweh Knows.  Our Part is to Trust Yahweh.  So, Why Would We Not Believe that Yahweh Has Some Sort of Structure in Our Cells that Fights Germs, or Generates Life?  When We Get Cut, We Never Have to Tell Our Bodies to Heal that Wound.  It Just Happens.  What Yahweh Does For a Pastime Recreation Hobby is “Re-Creation”, (A Play on the Word “Recreation”).

I Am

I Am.  That’s What Yahweh Told Moses When Moses Asked Who Shall I Say Sent Me.  I Am.  I Always Thought that Was a Smart Aleck Answer.  Moses Asked Yahweh a Very Serious Question, Like Who Should I Say Sent Me, and Yahweh Replies Back, “Tell Them ‘I Am’ Sent You.”  So, I Asked Yahweh, “Do You Mind if I Ask You Why You Answered Moses in Such a Smart Aleck Manner?  Moses Wanted to Go Tell the Folks Who He Had Talked to, and You Tell Them ‘I Am’ Sends You.”  Sounds Like a Dog Food.

Then Yahweh Told Me, “That’s Because I Am.”  “Now, You’re Doing it to Me~!  I Am What?”,  I Responded.  In a Fun Way, with a Touch of Humor in His Voice I Heard Yahweh Say, “I Am Whatever You Need.  I Am the God that Heals You, I Am Your Rock, and a Strong Tower, I Am Your Shelter, “I Am”~! All of Sudden it Made Sense.  I Said to Yahweh, “Well Why Didn’t You Tell Moses that.”   Yahweh Replied, “He Didn’t Ask Like You Have.”

Even the Name Yahweh Means, “To Exist, or the Existing One.” That’s Like that Part in the Lion King Where the Seemingly Isolated Young Lion Cub Simba Was Going to Be Eaten Alive by the Hyenas, But Suddenly the Father Lion Roared Letting it Be Known that He Was there.  This is Want Yahweh is Saying.  I AM Here.  You Can’t Mess with My Son or Daughter Without Going Through Me, and I Exist.  I AM a Force to Be Reckoned with.  I AM.

Then Yahweh Showed Me Jeremiah 29:11; “I Know the Plans that I Have For You, Plans to Give You a Future and a Hope.” (Yahweh Said About the Same Thing to Isaac in Genesis 26:24). The Words Don’t Mean Much Unless You Know the Character of the One Who’s Talking.  The Hyena’s Just Like d—Evil One Can’t Take Down a Full Size Lion, So He Has to Come After Us When We Are Just Young Cubs, {So Let Us Grow Up, Luke 2:52; Ephesians 4:15; 1 Peter 2:2; 2 Peter 3:18}, (WEB).

Yahweh’s Food Has Value~!

I Used to Live at in a Certain Area of Town Where there Were More People of a Different Skin Color than I Was.  While Living in this Area, I Went to the, “Valu Foods,” and I Said to Yahweh, “Abba, I Think I Need to Move, Because this Neighborhood Has More People of a Different Color than Me and in Case You Haven’t Noticed, I Am the Only Person with My Skin Color at this Store, and I Want to Do the Smart Thing and Not Put Myself in Harm’s Way, and Here it is at 9:14 pm and I Need to Get Sugar.”  And I Thought to Myself, “Maybe, I Should Go Home, and Come Back in the Daytime.”

Yahweh Said, You Read Joshua 1:9, (and I Opened My the Scriptures, Which I Carried with Me Everywhere I Went).  It Read, “Have I Not Commanded You?  Be Strong and of Good Courage; Do Not Be Afraid, Nor Be Dismayed, For Yahweh Your Yahweh Is With You, Wherever You Go.”  Click Here to See Scriptures that Show, I Am With You” or, “Yahweh Is With You,” or, “I Was With Him.

Have I Not Commanded You?

I Said Something Like, “Yeah, Right,” and I Was Thinking  How Can Yahweh Order Me Not to Become Discouraged and Order Me to Be Strong?  How Can Yahweh Order Me Not to Be Afraid?  I’m Only a Human.  How Can I Just Decide I’m Not Going to Be Afraid?  I Am Alone Out Here at Night and I’m the Only Guy Out with My Skin Color.

How Can I Just Buck Up & Decide that I Am Not Going to Be Discouraged When Something Bad Happens in My Life.  How Can I Just Say NO, (Like a Cocaine Addict Could Really Just Say NO to a Habit Like that).  I Asked Yahweh this Very Same Question.

I Said to Yahweh, “I Know that You Are Yahweh and Lord and ALL that, But Aren’t You Pushing it Just a Little Bit?  How Can I Walk Down to the Middle of a Gang and Just Buck Up and Not Be Afraid?  How Can I Face the Loss of a Job, and the Death of a Loved One Like My Little Girl that Only Lived Two Months and My Son Born in the Fallopian Tubes and Just Decide I Am Not Going to Be Dismayed?”  How Can You Just Command Me, “Be Not Afraid?”

For I Am With You

Yahweh Responded Unexaggeratedly, Very Nonchalantly, (I Thought I Had Yahweh Cornered), “What Does the Last Part Say?,” Came the Reply.

So, I Had to Look Down at Yahweh’s Word and Read Them Right there Outside The, “Food Valu
at 9:14 pm, there it Was.

For I Am With You” ~ “For Yahweh Is With Me,” I Thought On the Inside.

Then Yahweh Added, “Where Can You Go On the Face of the Earth and,I Am With You,” and Be in Harm’s Way?

I Responded, “You Are Going to Be With Me?”, (as in You Guarantee This?).  Yahweh Said Back, “I Give You My Word as God.”

Then My Answer is Easy, “Nowhere.”  Wow~!  What a Relief Came Over Me.  For Yahweh Is With Me.  Not that I’m with Yahweh, (That Depends On if I Feel Like I’ve Sinned, But No, Yahweh Is With Me).

Outward Response

So, I Opened the Car Door and Said to Myself and to Yahweh, “Well Let’s Go On in and Say Howdy to the Folks.”  As I Came In, Cashiers, (with a Different Skin Color than Me), Turned and Looked at Me as I Entered.  Even the Manager Stood Up and Peeked Over His Elevated Counter.  And they ALL Were Just Starring at Me.  I Was So Confident and So Full of Love For these My People, and Knowing that Yahweh Was with Me, that I Said in a Pretty Louder than Normal Voice, “Hey, How Are Y’all,” and the People Countenance Instantly Changed, and they Smiled and People Were Helping Me, and it Was Great Time, “We’re Doing Good, How Are You ?”  I Was in Heaven, and I Had Found Friends.

So, From that Time Until Now, I Am Changed, “Yahweh Is With Me” that Thought Must Go Through Me a Lot.  Yahweh Is WITH Me~!  Yahweh Is WITH ME~!  Yahweh’s Riding in My Car.  Yahweh Is With Me When I’m Jogging Late at Night.   See Also (Psalm 118:6; Romans 8:31).

When I First Lived in Lived in a Part Of Town; Late at Night You Could Hear, “Pow, Pow, Pow,” “Pow, Pow” as People Fired Guns at Each Other.  But, Yahweh Was with Me  I’d Go Jogging at 11 pm and Claim this Ground For Yahweh, and Pass by Crowds of Folks Talking.  Yahweh Was WITH ME.  I Heard Yahweh Say Once as I Was Jogging, But After the Food Valu Lesson, (This is a Play On Yahweh’s Word)…  You Know I’ve Called You to Live in this Neighborhood, {I Learned Later that I Brought the Blessing Everywhere I Tread My Foot, (Deuteronomy 11:24; Joshua 1:3; Joshua 14:92; Corinthians 2:14)}.  Yahweh Said, “I Have Many Elderly Women Depending On You For their Safety, and the Closest that I Can Get For Others to Come to this Community is that a Lot of Folks Pass Through this Subdivision On their Way to Work and Many of My People Pray For This Neighborhood and they Pray For You, But I Can’t Get Any of Them to Live Here).

Feeling Inspired

I’d Go Out of My Way to Jog Past that Food Valu and Even Someone Asked Me Why Don’t I Stay Off Jordan Lane, as there Was a Lot of Oncoming Traffic, But I Said, “Yahweh Is With Me, I’m Not Afraid,” and I Knew that I Would Get a Chance to Jog in Front of the Food Valu, (and Include that Territory as Part of Where My Feet Were Treading).  Also Click On this Link, “I Am With You,” (Click Here to See Scriptures that Show, I Am With You” or, “Yahweh Is With You,” or, “I Was With Him”)}.

So, When I Heard Gun Fire, I Opened the Door to Our House and Said About as Loud as I Can Holler, “Stop that Now in Jesus Name,” (I Was Bold, For I Had the Revelation that Yahweh Is With Me).  Sometimes, People Would Fire a Few More Shots, and I Would Shout Out, “If You Fire Even One More Shot I’m Coming Over there.  I Command ALL the Enemies of Darkness to Immediately Stop Right Now, (Ephesians 4:27).” and it Would Stop.  Then it Just Stopped For Good.  For the Last 17-18 Years that I Lived there, Never Was a Shot Heard.  It Became a Safe Place.  For Yahweh Was with Me.

Anyhow, Back to the Story  I Was at Promise Keepers in Memphis, TN Alone But Had Joined Myself to a Group that Was Staying in the Same Church Gym, (We Had Sunday School Rooms, More Like a Dorm, More Private) and there Were 10,000 People there, But they Were Singing this Song that Had So Changed and Impacted My Life, “Be Bold, Be Strong, For Yahweh My God is with Me, Walking in Faith and Victory, For Yahweh My God — Is With Me.”

For Yahweh Is With Me

This is a Story About a Time When I Felt a Little Frightened in Praise & Worship.  Some Tell Me that they Can’t Imagine Me Being Shy, that is Because I’ve Walked Through Stuff and Had to Grow into the Character of Yahweh, (But You Didn’t Know Me When I Was Younger).

This Feeling of ‘Revival’, Has Been Called ‘The Glory’, ‘The Manifest Presence of the Yahweh’.

A Lot of Preachers Think that Worship is Just to Warm Up the Emotions So that they Can Now Preach, and Especially the Teachers to Teach.  Now, the Paradox is that When You Do Go ALL the Way in Worship, then Just Exactly What the Teachers Want Happens, Our Hearts Are Ready and We Are Enlightened and Can Receive the Message.  Let’s Pray that We Go ALL the Way to the Extent of Worship that We Are Supposed to Each Time.

Out of My Comfort Zone

Here’s One Time that I Was Way Out of My Comfort Zone, (We Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony, So Here’s My Testimony).  I Went Once to Promise Keepers in Memphis, and Henry Blackaby Was Scheduled to Speak, (He is Like Moses, to the Baptist People, and I Call Him Moses Blackaby).  You Can Find His Study Guide On, “Experiencing God” in Any Christian Book Stores.

While at this Promise Keepers in Memphis, they Started Singing, “Be Bold, Be Strong, For the Lord Thy God is with Thee, Walking in Faith and Victory, “For the Lord Thy God is with Thee.”

They Were Singing a Joshua 1:9  ~ Haven’t I Commanded You?  Be Strong and of Good Courage; Don’t Be Afraid, Neither Be Dismayed: For Yahweh Your God is with You Wherever You Go.  They Were Still Singing, “Be Bold, Be Strong

To Dance or Not?

I had Read in the Scriptures and Surmised that the Secret of King David’s Success Was that David Inquired of Yahweh,, (1 Samuel 23:1-3; 1 Samuel 23:4-5; 1 Samuel 23:10-11; 1 Samuel 23:12-14; 1 Samuel 30:8-9; 2 Samuel 2:1-2; 2 Samuel 5:17-21; 2 Samuel 5:22-25;
2 Samuel 21:1; 1 Chronicles 14:10, 14
  So, I Turned to Yahweh and Said, “Should I Go Down There and Dance?  Yahweh Replied Back, “Be Bold”,Right, I Said, “I’m On My Way.  But, Out in Front of the Stage For About 50 Feet Nobody Was Dancing.  Further Back Where the Folding Chairs Were, People Were Dancing, But they Were Cramped and it Was Not the Place to Dance, (Restrained, Afraid of Others Would Think).  We’ve ALL Been there.

I Was Like David, “I Faced Gun Fire, What it is this For My God”.  {“And David Said Unto Saul, Thy Servant Kept His Father’s Sheep, and there Came a Lion, and a Bear, and Took a Lamb Out of the Flock: Thy Servant Slew Both the Lion and the Bear: and this unCircumcised Philistine Shall Be as One of Them, Seeing He Has Defied the Armies of the Living God,” (1 Samuel 17:34-35)}.

But, the Word Says Let Everything Be Done in Decency and in Order or at Least That’s the Excuse that I Used, and So I Asked One of the County Sheriff’s in a Green and Khaki Uniform if it Would Be Okay if I Danced Out Front of the Stage.  I Was Really Just Hoping He Would Say, “No, That’s Not Allowed,” So that I Could Say I Tired and Return to My Seat.  But, He Was in Touch with the Same Spirit of Yahweh that I Was Hearing and Said Instead, “Oh Yeah, Go On Out there.  I Prodded Him Further, “Do You Need to Call and Ask Anyone Else,” and He Respond, “No, if I Say You Can Go Out there then You Can Go Out there”.

Be Bold

And Just then they Quit Playing, “Be Bold, Be Strong,” and I Was Just Standing there On the Side Near the Wall, Feeling a Little Intimidated, Wondering What I Should Do.  Then they Started Singing, “When the Spirit of Yahweh is Upon Me, I Will Dance Like David Danced” and I Just Knew that Yahweh Is With Me, Let’s Go, and I Sort of Skip-Twirled Five Times Right Out to the Very Middle.  I Don’t Think that I Can Skip-Twirl Like that On My Own Without Falling or Getting Dizzy, But I Didn’t Get Neither.

Just then From the Other End of the Stage Came Another Policeman in a Dark Blue Uniform and He Got Right in Front of Me and Used Both Hands to Signal Me to Back Up, Back Up, Back Up, Back Up, Back Up, and He Did this the Whole Way, (50 Feet) Until I Was Smugly in the Cramped Place Where the Others Where Dancing.

Oh, the Levels of, “I Wish I Could Crawl Under a Rock, I Think I Turned Nine Shades of Red”  I Was So Embarrassed.  I Really Wanted to Let Tears Flow, it Hurt So Bad.

I Heard Yahweh Stay, “Stay, Keep Dancing, Don’t Lose Your Joy.”  I Repeated, “The Joy of Yahweh is My Strength.”  Still, I Wanted to Cry.  I Had to Repeat this Maybe 25 Times to Myself, “The Joy of Yahweh is My Strength,” “The Joy of Yahweh is My Strength.”  And I Would Say to Myself, “Smile Big, Keep Your Joy, they Are Not Going to Steal My Joy.”  Finally, the Worship Was Over and I Could Return to My Seat.


And We Listened to the Guest Speaker, (Henry Blackaby May Have Spoken the Next Night, I Can’t Recall Who Spoke)

Then the Service Was Over .  As I Was Getting Up Out of Seat at the Conclusion, a White Man with Crutches Was Fighting Against the Crowd Going Up the Stairs in the Coliseum to Come Down.  He Was So Out of His Comfort Zone Coming Down this Precarious Trek that I Noticed Him Immediately, and He Was Not Moving Slow.

He Stopped Right in Front of Me and Said, “God Told Me to Tell You that Was of Him, and He Was Very Proud of You.”  I Said, “Thanks,” But Inwardly I Was Hoping Nobody Was Paying Attention to Him, Instead a Crowd Formed Around Me and Others Just Watched it Play Out.  I Thanked Him Again and He Said, “I Want You to Know that if I Didn’t Have Crutches, I Would Have Joined You Down there.”  I Stopped and Looked Him in the Eye, and I Knew He Would Have Done So, I Actually Lifted My Head Some.

People Were Patting Me On the Back, I Wasn’t Sure if it Was Because they Were Trying to Consul Me For Missing God So Bad or Telling Me I Did Alright.  But, Before it Could Subside Another Man Came Hoppling Down with a Cast On His Foot and Said About the Same Thing, (if My Foot Wasn’t in a Cast, I Would Have Come Down and Joined You).

Kept My Joy

Finally We Made Our Way to the Inner Coliseum, and Were Making Our Way Towards Our Bus, When Another Black Man in Wheel Chair Was Really Making that Thing Scoot, and He Was Pressing Against the Crowd Going in the Other Direction and Again His Determination Really Caught My Eye, and He Grabbed My Arm as I Passed Him and He Said, “Son the Spirit of the Lord Was ALL Over You, and When You Stayed and Did Not Lose Your Joy, I Knew that God Was in This.”

By This Time, ALL I Could Do Was Just Listen and Be Amazed.  The Folks with Me Were equally Amazed & Just Listened.

So, that Friday Night Was Over, Finally.  I Went Back to Our Dorm-Like Rooms, and Just Pondered Today’s Events.  I Don’t Remember Asking Yahweh About Today’s Events.  I Was Thinking, “But, I Asked the Sheriff, I Tried to Do Everything in Decency and in Order.”  And I Think I Apologized For Missing Yahweh, and Prayed that I Was Not a Distraction, or at Least I Was Going to Pray This, But ALL I Could See Were the Three Individuals that Pressed Hard to Touch Me, and I Fell Asleep Pondering About Them.

Was It a Coincidence?

I Have to Say One Note Here.  A Certain Pastor at a Local Church Had Frowned Upon Me Dancing, and There Was Some Hurt There, (I Could Not Stop Doing Something Yahweh Had Called Me For the Gifts and The Calling of God Are Irrevocable,” ~ Romans 11:29).

So, Back to the Present On Saturday Night The, “Master of Ceremonies,” For this Promise Keepers Was Another Man with the Same Exact Name, (Different Person, But the Same Name), as that Former Pastor that had Frowned Upon My Dancing, and I Just Thought it Was More than a Coincidence~!

Coincidences ~ Proverbs 16:33 (AMPC), The Lot is Cast into the Lap, But the Decision is Wholly of the Lord [Even the Events that Seem Accidental Are Really Ordered by Him].

So, Just Before the Praise and Worship Began, the Master of Ceremonies Took the Microphone and Said, “Last Night as We Praised a Young Man Came Down to the Front of the Stage and Twirled and Danced”.  (I Thought, “Oh No, One Night of Embarrassment Was Enough, Do I Have to Go Through this Again?”).  I Was Thinking, “God I Don’t Care How Many Folks You Send Tonight to Confirm that I Was Hearing From You, I Don’t Want to Go Through that Again, But I Will if Tell Me to Do So.”

The Master of Ceremonies Paused, and then said, “I Apologize Not to You, But to that Young Man.”  We Were Taken by Surprise, We Did Not Anticipate Anyone Dancing, and We Failed to Tell the Police and the Sheriff’s that it is Okay.

The Dam Broke

We Fully Hope that ALL that Want to Worship Will Come Down in Front of the Stage.  We Have this Large Area that No One is Using and Everyone Laughed, (broke the Ice).  I Think I Was Just Sitting there with My Mouth Open, and About 25-35 of the Group Around Me Were Saying, “Way to Go~!”.  Then they Started the Praise Music and My Group Was Saying, “Get On Down there,” and I Said, “Yahweh, Should I Go Back Down there Tonight,” and Yahweh Said, “You Started it, Now Go Finish it, Firestarter”.

I Meant to Just Go Down at a Normal Pace, But they Were Getting More and More into the Song and Guess What the Song Was, “Be Bold, Be Strong, For the Lord Thy God is with Thee, Walking in Faith and Victory,” and Since Last Night I Never Made it there Fast Enough to Dance to this Song, (I Was Up High in the Stands).  So, I Started Jogging the Stairs Taking Literally Two at a Time, (and that Made a Loud Noise of Heavy Steps Coming Down On Steel).

I Hit the Floor and Again Twirled Five Times, this Time with a Lot of Energy Coming Off the Ground, there Was a, “Yell”, That Went Out From that Crowd.  I Leaped, I Twirled.  I Wasn’t Stumbling, But in High Form Doing the Twirls Coming Off the Ground Without Missing a Beat, (“Hallel” Means to Dance Around, Foolishly to Others, But Tender to the Heart of Yahweh.  #H2342 =, “To Twist or Twirl in a Circular Manner,” (Exodus 15:20; Judges 21:21; 1 Samuel 21:11; Psalm 149:3).  Something Broke and that Was The, “Go” Signal For Many Thousands of Young Men and Older Men, the Dam Had Burst and as I Looked Up, You Could See People Still Rushing Hard to Make their Way to the Front.  A Break-Through Had Occurred.  Baptist and Presbyterians Alike Were Shedding Some Religious Tradition and Coming to Praise Yahweh with All They Got~!

I Was in the Very Front Row in the Center with Young & Old Men On Both Sides of Me, Locking Arms and Hooping it Up Like the Spirit Filled Men of Yahweh that We Are Supposed to Be~!  The Entire Front Was Filled to Capacity as Well as ALL the Way Back Down the Center and Both Side Isles~!  This Memphis Coliseum Capacity is Around 1000 People.  Yahweh Was Awesome~!  All I Could Do Was Keep Thanking Yahweh For His Goodness and Mercy.

Volunteered as a Counselor

After the Service Two of the Men that Had Pressed in to Touch Me the Night Before, Made their Way Again and they Were So Full of Joy.  The Man On Crutches and the Man in the Wheel Chair.

But, That’s Not ALL.  They Asked For Volunteers From Our Group to Be the Host Down Front For the Final Invitation On Sunday Night.  So, I Heard the Holy Ghost Tell Me to Volunteer, and I Volunteered.  We Were Basically Just to Confirm and Make Sure that the Young Men Knew What they Were Doing.  I Was Standing Down Front and the Usual, “Just as I Am,” Was Being Sung.  Folks Were Going Down to Others But Not to Me.  I Felt Like the Town Fool, Like I Had the Plague, Nobody Wanted to Come to Me as they ALL Knew that I Was ‘THAT Man that Danced~!’.  Maybe, they Thought it Was Contagious.  I Was Seriously Thinking About Secretly Exiting, But Then I Recalled, “Wait, Yahweh Told Me to Volunteer, So I Better Stay”.

I Spotted Two Good Looking Young Men About 40-50 Feet Away Looking Around Like they Were Trying to Find Something, While Everyone Else Had their Head Bowed and Eyes Closed, When they Locked Eyes with Me, they Made a Bee-line Straight For Me and Came Over and Stood in Front of Me.  In Fact, they Were So Strikingly Handsome, Clean Shaven, Smart Haircuts, But with Dark Hair Even Though their Heads Were Cut Close, that I Felt Intimidated, and Wondered What Could I Say, or How Should I Act in Front of Them and Have Them Receive Me, and Think of Me as Cool or at Least Respectable.

Lives Saved

They Said, “We’re Both in the Army and We’re Fixing to Go to Desert Storm, (it Was 1991 or So), But We Just Had to Meet Another Warrior Before We Go.”  I Asked Them if they Had Asked Jesus to Be their Lord, and they Said, “No Man, In Fact We Both Thought that Christians Were ALL Wimps, Until We Saw You Dancing.  We Saw You and We Just Came Down to Meet You in Person”

I Asked Them Would they Like to Ask Jesus to Be their Lord, and they Both Looked at Each Other, and Again I Felt So Inadequate in Front of these Obviously Cool Guys.  Then they Both Said, “Yeah, Sure.”  And I Held One Forearm of Each Guy and We Bowed Our Heads and I Had Them Repeat After Me.

Yahoshua is Lord

They Asked Jesus to Be their Lord, and I Started Prophesying Over Them.  When I Started I Had No Word For Them, But I Knew they Saw Me Like a Father Figure, (They Were 18 & 19, I Was 35).  So, I Started and as Soon as I Opened My Mouth I Knew Things About Them, and Spoke What I Knew to Them, “That they Would Return Back Alive and Have Families, (and they Both Said that they Had Girl Friends and I Asked if their Girl Friends Had Asked Jesus to Be their Lord and they Both Said, “No,” So the First Thing I Instructed Them to Do Was to Go Tell their Girlfriends What they Had Done Tonight and to Ask their Girl Friends to Ask Jesus to Be their Lord, and they Asked, “What About Our Parents,” and I Said, “Yes, Most Certainly Tell Everyone You Know and Be Sensitive to the Holy Ghost as He Will Show You How,” and I Told Them to Read the Gospel of John).

I Told Them that they Would Be Bold Just and as I Was a Light to Them, they Would Be a Light to Many and Many Folks Would Turn to Them in the Days to Come in the Army For Safety, and I Explained How that Happened to Me in the Navy as a Plane Got Caught Fire On the Flight Deck with a Nuclear Bomb On it Onboard an Aircraft Carrier and Nobody Could Sleep, and I Said, “I’m Going to Bed, God Gives Sweet Sleep and God Will Take Care of Us” and Turned Away From the Overhead TV Monitor, and About 115 in My Berthing Area Felt So Relaxed that they Followed Suit.  (Learned Later that as Soon as I Went to Bed they Got the Fire Under Control… Coincidence?  I Got Fear Under Control, and the Fire Got Extinguished).

Everything’s Changed

I Remembered When I Was in the Navy Boot Camp and One of my Instructors Asked How Many Were Christians; and How I Just So Very MUCH Wished He Didn’t Ask that Question, But, I Can’t Deny Yahoshua, So, I Had to Raise My Hand. There Were Only seven of us Professing Christ as our Savior Out of 196 young men, plus our Squadron Commanders, (But none of them raised their Hands).  And He Told the Rest of the Group, that if they had any Problems to Come to Us. And this Caused Many Others in My Squadron to Seek Me Out for Advice.

So, I Said to these Two, You Will Bring Peace and Comfort, and the Boldness that I’ve Shown, You Will Show Greater, and Not Just to the Boys in Desert Storm, But to the Families You’re Going to Have and to Your Children’s Children, and to Your Children’s Spouse’s Parents and Even to their Parents, and to Friends that Will Gather Around Your Children Because there is Such Peace in Your Homes.  Everything’s Changed~!

The Plans that the Enemy Had of Having Your Teenage Boy Have a Car Wreck at Age 17 Are Now Dissolved.  The Plans to Have Your Teenage Girl Get Date Raped and Pregnant Are Brought to naught, I Spoke to the Other, and I Wasn’t Guessing Either, I Was Telling What I Knew For Sure Would Have Happened Otherwise.  And You Two Will Stay Friends For ALL Your Lives.  (Yahweh Set in Motion a Blessing, Even as they Went to Fight in this War, they Had Glimpses of, “I Have a Future,” and their Thoughts Would Not Be Consumed by the Fear of Dying, as they Now Know that they Will Survive, to Be Friends their Entire Life.  This Was a, “Father’s Blessing”).

And You Know What, Suddenly ALL the Thought of How Cool they Were Was Gone, and they Just Seemed Like My Sons.  So, I Told Them How Cool they Were and How Cool they Looked and that they Are Leaders and that Many Will Be Drawn to Them Just Based On their Looks, But You Know and I Know that Something Just Happened On the Inside of You, and the Coolness that You Had Before Will Be Replaced by a Godly Attraction, Where People Will Look to You Two For Leadership.

Obedience Honored

We ALL Three Hugged and Embraced, and People ALL Around Us Had Also Asked Jesus to Be their Lord with their Guidance Counselors.

Two Guys, and their Families Go to Heaven Because Yahweh Told Me that He Was With Me, (Can it Get Any Greater than This?  I Plan to Find Out~!).  This is the Reason For the Glory Showing Up

This Feeling of Revival, a Rush as of a Might Wind, I Think it’s Called the Glory, the Manifest Presence of the Yahweh, Revival May Be the More Appropriate Word After ALL.

You Can’t Have a Testimony Without First Having a Test~!

I Know this Sounds Like I’m ALL About Me, But that Was Not My Intentions, But this Testimony is Designed Be An Encouragement to You~!  This Was a True Story of What Happen to Me in Memphis, TN Back Around 1991 and as We Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and Also by the Word of Our Testimony, (Revelation 12:11)~!  I Encourage You Also, to Keep a Journal, (It’s Manly as Even the Star Trek Captains Have a Captain’s Log)… So that in the Future, When You’re Overwhelmed or Just need Encouraging; You Can Read Your Own Journal and See What Yahweh has Done Through You.  I Have Many Stories to Tell Some of Which You May Not Believe, But When the Sunset of Life is Upon You, You Will Have a Catalog of Stories that Are Greater than Mine~!


Okay, Suppose I Tell You About a God that is So Good that No Matter Where He Goes He Leaves a Trail of Success.  This God is Known For Helping Out ALL that Come into Contact with Him and Call On Him For Help.  For Close to 6,000 Years this God Has Without Fail Come Through~!

This Was the Same God that Parted the Red Sea When Moses Became Trapped Between a Rock and a Hard Place Exiting Egypt by the Red Sea.  This Was the Same God that Got Jonah Out of a Whale of a Jam, and Daniel From the Jaws of the Lions, and Daniel’s Three Friends From a Fiery Furnace.

This Was the Same God that Made Not Just The Earth, Not Just the World and the Moon and the Sun, But Who Created the Universe with a Word.  Now Suppose that I Tell You that this Same God is Riding in the Car with You.  This God is Huge~!  This is the Very God that Made You and Me.

Is there Anything too Hard For Yahweh?  (Jeremiah 32:27). This Isn’t Jeremiah the BullFrog Riding Beside You Saying I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You.  This is Yahweh Yireh, My Provider. El-Shaddai, the God Who is More than Enough, the Almighty One Riding On High.

Will it Make a Difference?  Well, it Might.  It ALL Depends On You.  Know that this Same God Also Loves You and Thinks of You as the Apple of His Eye, “For Yahweh Your God is with You Wherever You Go,” (Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 41:10-12).  It Will Make a Difference if You Grab Hold of this Promise as Belonging to You~!

Love Is An Action~!

Paul Wrote in Ephesians 3:16-21, “That Christ May Dwell in Your Hearts Through Faith; that You, Being Rooted and Grounded In Love, May Be Able to Comprehend with ALL the Saints What is the Width and Length and Depth and Height — to Know The Love Of Christ Which Passes Knowledge; That You May Be Filled with ALL the Fullness of Yahweh.  Now to Him Who is Able to Do Exceedingly Abundantly Above ALL that We Ask or Think, According to the Power that Works in Us, to Him Be Glory in the Church by Christ Yahoshua to ALL Generations, Forever and Ever.  Amen, (NKJ).

But Yahweh is Not Like Me.  Yahweh is a Better God, than I Was as a Person.  Before You Can Comprehend the Plans Yahweh Has For You, it is Important to Realize that Yahweh is Good, and that Yahweh is Not Mad Nor Disappointed with You and that Yahweh Loves You, Much More than You Know.

Compassion is a Deep Yearning that Responds to the Needs of People.  It’s Much Deeper than Sympathy. Sympathy Can Just Sit Around Feeling Sorry For People.  Compassion Has to Do Something For Them.

Compassion is What Motivates God, {Yahweh}, and Yahoshua’s, {Jesus’}, Life On Earth Was a Picture of that Compassion in Action.  His Whole Ministry Was Driven by it.  It Was Compassion that Caused Him to Multiply the Loaves and Fishes, Heal the Sick, Cast Out Demons and Raise the Dead.  It Was Compassion that Compelled Him to Go to the Cross.  And it’s that Same Compassion that He Now Longs to Pour Out Through You, {Copied From Compassion in Action}.

Yahoshua, {Jesus} Went Out, and He Saw a Great Multitude. He Had Compassion On Them, and Healed their Sick. Matthew 14:14.

For Yahweh So Loved The World that He Gave, (John 3:16)

But Yahweh Demonstrates His Own Love Toward Us, in that While We Were Still Sinners, Christ Died, (Romans 5:8)

In this the Love of Yahweh Was Manifested, (Revealed) Toward Us, that Yahweh Has Sent, (1 John 4:9), His Only Begotten Son into the World, that We Might Live Through Him.

In this is Love, Not that We Loved Yahweh, But that He Loved Us and Sent, His Son to Be the Propitiation, (as the Atoning Sacrifice For Our Sins) For Our Sins. (Romans 3:25 & 1 John 4:10).

If Yahweh So Loved Us that He Sent His Son to Die in Our Place, then is Yahweh Going to Stop Loving Us if We Mess Up?  That Would Make His Son’s Death of No Value.  Yahweh Loves Us.  Do We Stop Loving Our Children Because they Do Dumb Stuff?  {Click Here For More On Love}.

If You Love Someone Enough to Send Your Child to Die For Them, You Do Not Stop Loving Them.  In Matthew 9:36 and Luke 7:13 Recorded Just Some of the Instances Where Yahoshua Was Moved with Compassion and Acted.  Yahoshua, {Jesus} Went Out, and He Saw a Great Multitude. He Had Compassion On Them, and Healed their Sick. Matthew 14:14.  The Word Compassion Comes From the Greek Word Splagchnizomai”, (Strong’s # 4697).

The Very Word Means to Have Compassion - Eager Yearning, Inward Affection, Moved to Action.  To Be Moved as to One’s Bowels.  When a Woman is Having a Baby and Her Waters Breaks, it May Already Be Too Late to Go the Hospital, as that Baby’s Coming Out.  More Precisely, this May Be Why the Hebrew Word For Compassion Was the Word Used to Describe a Womb.  Because there is No Stopping this Kind of Love.

There’s No Stopping a Baby From Being Born When the Contractions Have Started.  Moved to Action.  Vines Calls this to yearn with Compassion.  Yahweh Yearns For Us to a Point Where an Action Occurs.  (For More Details See the Hebrew-Chaldee Word at Strong’s # 7356 ~ Racham {rakh’-am}, From Strong’s # 7355 ~ Racham {raw-kham’}).


I’m For You, I’m Not Against You.  If I Could I Would Let You Look into My Heart, and Let Know that Yahweh Loves You, and So Do I~!  You Are Accepted, and Loved~!  You Are the Apple of Yahweh’s Eye~!

You Are of Great Value~!  So Don’t Be Ashamed at His Appearing, (1 John 2:28), Thinking You Haven’t Accomplished Some Performance-Based Measure of Success, Like Have Enough Faith, or Did You Make it Big Financially and Have a Nice House, Family, Dog and a Cat.  Or that You Were Never a Sunday School Teacher, Deacon, Elder or Even a Pastor, or Even if You Were.  Your Only Response Should Be, “I Am Yahweh’s Child.”

Much Like Simba In, “The Lion King,” We Cry Out to Yahweh in the Same Way that Simba Cried Out to His Father After the Father’s Death, Saying, “Father, You Said that You’d Always Be there For Me, But You’re Not; and it’s ALL My Fault.  But, it Turned Out that Simba’s Father Had Not Left Simba, and Was Not Mad at Him at ALL, and it Was Not Simba’s Fault.  Simba Had Believed the Lie.  I Used to Have to Be at Work at 7 Am.

Some Mornings I Would Run Five Minutes Late.  On Those Mornings, I Avoided Bumping into My Boss, Because I Thought He Might Be Mad at Me For Being Late.  On Other Mornings I Would Even Arrive On Time or Five Minutes Earlier.  On Those Mornings, I Tried to Make Sure that My Boss and I Crossed Paths.  Why?  Because I Felt that He Was Delighted in Me On Those Mornings.  I Was Coming to My Boss Based On My Works, Not On the Relationship.

In Reality, My Boss Liked Me and Thought I Was a Great Worker.  But, My View Got Distorted From the Factual View of What Was Real, When I Thought I Had Fallen Down.  This is the Way that We View Yahweh After We Think We Have Done Something that Separates Us From Yahweh.  All the While, the Truth of the Matter is that Yahweh is Still Our Father and Promises Us that He Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us, (Hebrews 13:5).

We Might Leave Yahweh, But Yahweh Never Leaves Us.  Like the Woman that Commented to Her Husband as they Were Driving Along in their Car After a Number of Years of Marriage, “How, Come We Never Sit Close Anymore?,” and the Husband Replied, “I Haven’t Moved”.  Yahweh Has Not Moved.  We Moved~!  Return to Me He Says in Malachi 3:7 ~ From the Days of Your Fathers You Have Turned Aside From My Ordinances, and Have Not Kept Them.  Return to Me, and I Will Return to You, Says Yahweh of Hosts, (Tsebâ’âh)(Malachi 3:7)

Let the Wicked Forsake His Way, and the Unrighteous Man His Thoughts; and Let Him Return to Yahweh, and He Will Have Mercy On Him; and to Our God, For He Will Abundantly Pardon, (Isaiah 55:7).

Righteousness Is A Free Gift~!

Sin is Like Corrosion On the Battery Post, Obscuring Our Connection to Yahweh, But that Does Not Mean the Battery No Longer Has Power.  If We Will Clean Off the Corrosion, We Will Once More Talk with Yahweh, (Matthew 5:8, 1 John 3:3, Hebrews 12:14).   We Are Still Yahweh’s Child.

Just Like When Mufusa, the Lion’s Father In, “The Lion King,” Saw Simba, the Father Said, “You Are My Son, and the One True King.  Remember Who You Are.  This is What Yahweh is Saying to Us.  Remember Who You Are~!

Remember Who You Are, The Father Is Within You,” (Taken From, “The Lion King”).  Your Brother is The One True Lion King From the Tribe of Judah, So that Makes You in the Same Family, (Hebrews 2:11).  You Might Have Felt Rejected Like Timon the Meerkat or Pumbaa the Warthog, in the Movie, “The Lion King”.

But, When You Are Accepted by the Lion King, You Are Accepted by ALL, and Even Brought to His Throne to Reign in Life with Him as Were Timon and Pumbaa Who Had Felt Like the World Had Turned their Back On Them.

You Are Accepted in Yahweh’s Sight, as Ephesians 1:6 Says, “To the Praise of the Glory of His Grace, by Which He Has Made Us Accepted in the Beloved.” “Much More they Which Receive Abundance of Grace and of the Gift of Righteousness Shall Reign in Life by One, Yahoshua, (The Messiah), (Romans 5:17).


Righteousness Is A Free Gift~!  What Do You Do to Receive a Gift?  Just Receive it~!  What Do You Say?  Here’s What I Said.  Yahweh, I Want You to Be My Father.  I Want this Acceptance.  I Believe that Yahoshua Was The Christ, Your Son Who Died For Me; to Restore Me to a Right Relationship with You.  I Believe that Yahoshua Rose From the Dead, and I Want Yahoshua to Be Lord Over My Life.  Father, I Accept this UnConditional Love that You Offer, and I Am No Longer Rejected, But I Am Accepted.  I Am Your Child Now.

This is the Gospel of Peace.  Gospel Means Good News. This is the Good News~!  Matthew 24:14 Says, “And This Gospel of the Kingdom Will Be Preached in ALL the World as a Witness to ALL the Nations, and Then the End Will ComeThe Gospel of Peace is that Yahweh is Not Mad at Us Even if You Just Sinned Right Now as You’re Reading This.

This Means that We Come Before Yahweh Based On Faith, or We Receive Based On His Word.  We Accept by Faith that We Are Holy and Worthy, Not Because of What We Have Done or Have Not Done; But, Because of What He Has Done.  It is a Finished Work.  We Accept by Faith that Jeremiah 31:33-34 Applies to Us, Even After We Are Saved.  (See Also Galatians 3:13-29).

Perhaps the Law of Religion Has Been Preached Around the World, and We Have Mistakenly Called that the Gospel.  The Religious Law that Says You Have to Do Such and Such, or Not Do Such and Such to Gain Approval by Yahweh and to Come Before His Presence.  This is Not the Gospel.  This Not Good News.

Religion Comes From a Word that Means to Return To Bondage.  A Bondage of Performance.  That is to Say that if We Act Okay, then Yahweh Will Not Be Mad at Us.  But the Good News of the Gospel is that Yahweh Loves You, and that Yahweh is Not Mad at You, and that Yahweh Has Only Good Plans For You For Yahweh is Good..  If You Accept Yahoshua and Never Spend Time with Him, that Does Not Change Yahweh’s Love For You or the Promises.  It is Yahweh’s Desire to Spend Time with You.  How Will You Respond?

Spend Time with Yahweh ~ Make Him Your Personal Lord & Saviour~!

Here’s What Yahoshua Instructed His Followers to Do.  In Mark 3:13-15 ~Yahoshua Went Up On a Mountainside and Called to Him Those He Wanted, and they Came to Him.  He Appointed Twelve — Designating Them Apostles — that they Might, “

  1. Be With Him And

  2. That He Might Send Them Out to Preach And

  3. To Have Authority to Drive Out Demons.

The Order of these is Highly Significant.  Before they Attempted to Minister For Yahoshua To Preach or Have Authority to Drive Out Demons, they Were Called to Be with Him(This is Quoted From the Book, “Surprised by the Power of the Spirit,” by Jack Deere, Zondervan Publishing House, Page 202 and Supported by Acts 4:13 Wherein it is Stated,

Now When they Saw the Boldness of Peter and John, and Perceived that they Were Uneducated and Untrained Men, they Marveled.  And they Realized that They Had Been with Yahoshua”).

  Spend Time with Yahweh.  Remember that Yahweh is Much More Concerned with the Process than He is with the Task Accomplished.  Think of Paul and His Lost Opportunity to Equip Mark.  Paul Got a Second Chance For Mark.  Mark Wrote this Passage Above.

Truth Being Told

The Reason I Have Used So Many Illustrations From the Movie, “The Lion King,” is Because there is More of Yahweh’s Truth Being Displayed On TV and the Movies than there is in the House of Yahweh, (Luke 16:8).   d—Evil One In Order to Sell His Lie, Has to Put in More and More Truth.  Yahweh Knew that Would Happen Back Before Time.  We Are Attracted to the Truth.

Yahweh Said, “We Shall Know the Truth,” and, The Truth Will Make You Free,” (John 8:32).   Yahweh Planned For Us to Know the Truth Before the Enemy Starting Using Truth to Exploit their Movies and Make Money.  So, it is d—Evil One’s Big Mistake to Keep Putting So Much Truth into Movies.  What d—Evil One Meant For Bad, Yahweh Will Use For Good, (Genesis 50:20).

A Lot of the Televisions Shows Have a, “New Age Appeal.  New Age Have Some Parts of Truth Embedded in their Lie.  New Ager’s Like Crystals.  Are We Going to Throw Away and Not Have Anything to Do with Crystals? The New Jerusalem Has a Crystalline Appearance, (Revelation 21:10-11).

And The New Ager’s Make a Big Deal About Rainbows.  I’m Sorry, But Yahweh Said it First When He Said it’s, “My Rainbow” in Genesis 9:13-14.   Isaiah 54:9-10 and Genesis 9:16 Lets Us Know that this Rainbow Was as a Reminder of the Covenant that Yahweh is Not Mad at Us.  And there is a Rainbow Around Yahweh’s Throne, and On an Angels Head as Mentioned in Revelation 4:3, and Again in Revelation 10:1 Respectfully.


In Fact, Ezekiel Saw the Rainbow Also When He Saw Yahweh’s Throne, (Ezekiel 1:28).   I Said at the Beginning of this Document, that I Believe We Are in The, “Age of Grace.”   I Mean that.  We’re in the Last Age of the Church And After that, the Millennium.  The Very Next, “Age” Will Be, “New” to Us.  Revelation 21:4-5 Says that Yahweh Will Wipe Away Every Tear, and Old Conditions and the Former Order of Things Will Pass Away.

The Age We Live in Now Would Be the Old Age.   Then in the Next Verse, (5), Yahweh Says that, “He that Seats Upon the Throne Will Make ALL Things ‘New’.”  If Anybody Has a Legal Right to the title, “New Age,” it Ought to Be Us Followers of Christ.  But, Let The, “New Age Movement” Keep their title.  I Just Want the Relationship to Yahweh.  But, My Point is that Truth is Coming into the World Even by Our Adversaries.

I Saw More Truth Revealed About Yahweh’s Healing Power In, “Leap of Faith” Than I Learned On My Own.  In the First Few Scenes of, “The Lion King,” I Knew the Rays of Light Coming Down From the Heavens Were What Yahweh Described as, “The Heavens Declaring His Glory,” (Psalm 19:1; Malachi 4:2).   I Tell You, there is More Truth Shown About How to Get Along in Relationships, On, “Deep Space Nine,” Than is Being Taught at Sunday School.

In Light of this Paradox, I Think the Beginning of, “Deep Space Nine” Looks Like the Description of the ‘Wheel Within A Wheel’ that Ezekiel Wrote of in Ezekiel 1:16, and Ezekiel 10:10.   I Also Saw More Explained On How the Holy Ghost Talks to Us in the Movie, “Always,” Than I Learned in Church .  And Every Week in the TV Show, “Touched by an Angel,” I Heard this Woman that is Supposed to Be an Angel Saying that Yahweh Loves Us More than We Could Ever Hope For.

We Shall Know The Truth

Even In, “The Lion King,” Young Simba Kept Asking His Father to Walk Outside with Him, Going So Far as to Tug On His Ear Several Times.  I Thought of Matthew 7:7, Where Yahoshua Said, “Seek and You Shall Find, Knock and it Shall Be Opened Unto You.  I Equated Simba’s Asking, with Seeking and Simba’s Tugging On the Ear of His Father with Knocking.  The Father Lion Got Up, And Showed the Lion Cub that Their Kingdom Extended Everywhere The Light Touched.  But, Not to Those Shadowy Places~!

And That’s True For the Kingdom of Yahweh Also.  And Zazu Later Tells Us in So Many Words that Evil Has a Legal Right to Be in Darkness. Take a Look at All these Scriptures and this Time, Don't Gloss Over the Word “Darkness”, Like it's Part of a Title, But See it as an Actual Description, (Luke 22:53; John 3:19; John 8:12; John 12:46; Acts 26:18;
2 Corinthians 6:14; Ephesians 6:12; Colossians 1:13; and 1 John 1:5
.  Scar, Mufusa’s Brother Was in the “Darkness” When He Schemed that He Was Going to Kill Mufusa, and Simba.  (Compare that to 1 John 2:9; & 11).  And the Three Slothful Hyena’s Dwelt in the Darkness, (See Psalm 74:20b).  But, Even in the Darkness, the Hyena’s Shuddered at the Name of Mufusa Just as Demons Shudder at the Name of Yahweh, (James 2:19).

Things Exposed and Brought to Light Stop Activities that Occur in the Dark and Shadowy Places, {(John 3:20; Ephesians 5:11; 13) ~ For Everyone Practicing Evil Hates The Light and Does Not Come to The Light, Lest His Deeds Should be Exposed…. And Have no Fellowship with The Unfruitful Works of Darkness, But Rather Expose Them. … But When Anything is Exposed by The Light, it Becomes Visible}. (John 3:20; Ephesians 5:11, 13) ~ But When Anything is Exposed by The Light, it Becomes Visible.

Granted there Also Some Lies in TV Shows and Movies, Even in Some of the Movies and Shows that I Have Mentioned and Including Yahweh’s Name in Vain Used Once In, “Leap of Faith.  The Truth May Be Intermingled in with Lies to Draw Us Away in Deception, Such as Getting Us to Believe that Only Angels Can Do the Things in Intercession Portrayed in, “Touched by an Angel.

Despite This, Spiritual Truth Abounds in the Media.  In these Last Days, I Think that Yahweh is Pouring Out His Spirit On ALL Flesh Just as He Said that He Would, (Acts 2:17-18).   And ALL Flesh Includes Television Writers.  There is a Lot of Yahweh’s Truth Being Taught From Secular Television as a Message to the World and to the Church .  If You Don’t Believe Me Go See, “Sister Act or, “Leap of Faith or, “Groundhog Day or Even, “Hook,” For Yourselves.


Or Recall Jimmy Stewart’s In, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” or Marlo Thomas In, “It Happened One Christmas.”  Based On the Difference One Life Can Make On a Community by One’s Absence or Presence Two Possibilities of Worlds Exist.  As I Watched Jimmy Stewart Come Back into Pottersville, Which Was Formerly Bailey Park, and the Angel Said, “You Never Know What a Difference One Life Can Make,”

I Recall Hearing the Holy Spirit Saying in My Heart, “You Never Know What a Difference One Life Sold Out to Yahweh Can Make.  The Movie, “Back to the Future II”, Showed this Same Scenario with a Different Version of 1985 than the One Where Marty Left Behind.  This is the Same Concept Yahweh Talked About Concerning the “Spoken Out Loud” Blessings of the Upright and their City.

Proverbs 11:10-11 ~ A City is Built Up by the Blessing of the Upright, But it is Torn Down by the Mouth of the Wicked.
Proverbs 21:22-23 ~ The One Who Guards His Mouth and Tongue Keeps Himself Out of Trouble.

Truth is Truth, No Matter if it Comes From a Church House or a Cinema Screen.  Lock Down On the Fact that Yahweh Said, “We Shall Know The Truth~!,” and Yahweh is Not a Man that He Can Lie, (Numbers 23:19).   Yahweh Knew that the Enemy of Darkness Would Have to Use Truth to Sell His Lies and Schemes, Getting the Truth Out No Matter What Means, Including Secular TV.  Yahweh is Allowing His Word to Work.  And We Know that ALL Things Work Together For Good to Them that Love Yahweh, to Them Who Are the Called According to His Purpose, (Romans 8:28).

And it’s The Truth That Will Make You Free~!  It’s Not Only Just the Truth That Will Make You Free, But it is the Truth You Know Down in Your Heart That Will Make You Free.  Fortunately For Us, Yahweh Promises that We Shall Know The Truth.  The Word Know Is Again the Word Ginosko, (Strong’s Concordance #1097), and is Defined as a Knowledge Grounded On Personal Experience.  We Shall Know From Experience The Truth.  It Just So Happens as a by-Product, that the Truth That We Know Will Make Us Free.

The Truth Will Make You Free~!

When I Was a Small Child, I Did Not Know that Because of Gravity that Glasses or Cups Had to Be Held Upright to Contain the Fluid, and I Spilt Many a Liquid Onto Myself and Others.  Now Because I Know the Truth About the Gravitational Pull, I Am Free From Spilling My Drink Onto Myself and Others as Long as I Remain Within the Guidelines of that Truth That I Now Know.  Truth Was Still Truth Before that Point, But Now I Know the Truth About Gravity.

Is there Satisfaction with Another Man’s Wife?  Yahweh Said that a Woman’s Desire Shall Be For Her Husband, (Genesis 3:16).  Proverbs 6:32 Says, “Whoever Commits Adultery with a Woman Lacks Understanding; He Who Does So Destroys His Own Soul,” (NKJ).  Your Soul Being Your Mind, Will and Emotions.

Once Your Soul is Destroyed You Will Not Be Able to Hear From Yahweh Correctly, and Proverbs 5:7-23 Says that this Will Lead to Total Loss of ALL You Own.  Proverbs 6:34 Says that, “Jealousy Will Arouse the Husband’s Fury and the Husband Will Show No Mercy When He Takes Revenge,” (NIV).  Is it Any Wonder that Husbands Have Been Known to Kill a Man Found with their Wife.  It is Implanted in Us a Husband’s a Jealousy For Our Wife as Christ Has a Jealousy For His Bride.

It Isn’t that Yahweh is Mad at Me and Will Punish Me.  The Outcome of Adultery is Total Ruin, and Because Yahweh Loves Me, I Am Given Wisdom Regarding the Pitfalls of Adultery.  I Also Know That Yahweh’s View of the Matter is that My Wife’s Bosom Shall Satisfy Me at ALL Times, (Proverbs 5:19). That’s Why Solomon Said to Regard Wisdom as Your Sister, (Proverbs 7:4-27).


Even at Times When I Have Come Across a Woman that Attracts My Eye, I Can Just Reflect On My Own Wife and the Wonderful Intimacy that We Have Shared and the Attraction For the Woman in Front of Me Vanishes.  I Know the Truth, and the Truth That I Know Sets Me Free.  It’s Not Just the Dread of The Consequences to Me that Stops Me From Committing Adultery.

I See What Will Happen to the Other Person.  I See How this Will Destroy their Soul, (Mind, Will and Emotions); and the Effect that it Will Have On Them in the Future.  I See How d—Evil One Will Use this to Rob Them of their Relationship with Yahweh.  I See The Husband and I Know I Cannot Do this to Him.  I Thought that When I Became a Born-Again Follower of Christ that I Would Instantly Lose the Desire For Another Man’s Wife.

But, What I Have Found Instead is that I Have Enough of Yahweh’s Love and Truth Inside of Me to Disarm the Desire.  Romans 5:5... Because The Love of Yahweh Has Been Poured Out in Our Hearts by the Holy Spirit Who Was Given to Us,” (NKJ).  I Find that it is Love That Stops Me, “For The Love of Christ Compels, (or ‘Constrains’), Us Because We Judge Thus: that if One Died For ALL, then ALL Died; and He Died For ALL, that Those Who Live Should Live No Longer For Themselves, But For Him Who Died For Them And Rose Again,” (2 Corinthians 5:14-15 ~ NKJ).

Yahweh Hasn’t Taken Me Out of This World, But Has Shown Me the Path of Success in this World.  It’s Not Just the Truth, But the Truth with Love and it ALL Points Back to, “He that Finds His Life Must Lose His Life in this World,” and this Involves Laying Down Your Life For Your Brethren, and Dying to Self, (or Dying to Selfish Ambition), {John 12:25; Matthew 10:38-39; Matthew 16:25; Mark 8:35; Luke 9:24; Luke 17:33}.

Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Edifies

1 Corinthians 8:1 Says that, “Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Edifies.”   All this that I Have Given You is Knowledge.  And it Was Solomon that Said, “As Regards Anything Besides these My Son, Take a Warning: To the Making of Many Books, there is No End, and Much Devotion [to Them] is Wearisome to the Flesh,” (Ecclesiastes 12:12 ~ New World Translation)

This Knowledge is of No Value On Unless it is Applied.  Edify Means to Build Up, as in Erecting a House, (Strong’s #3619).   We Are Building Up the House of Yahweh When We Edify One Another.  Greek Scholars Tell Us We Have a Word in Our Vernacular Today that is Closer to the Original Greek than the Word Translated, “Edify.”   And that Word Is, “Charge,” as We Use it in Connection with Building Up a Charge on a Battery.

Yahweh Practices What He Says, and He Said to, “Speak the Truth in Love, that We May Grow Up into Him In ALL Things, Which is the Head, Even Christ,” (Ephesians 4:15).  Recall From Proverbs 16:6 That it is Not Just the Truth But, “By Mercy and Truth Iniquity is Purged: and by the Fear of Yahweh Men Depart From Evil.”

Yahweh Speaks the Truth to Us in Love, and I Speak the Truth In Love Also.  Is there Someone You Know of that is Lonely or Sad?  Like the Apostle Paul, is there a Mark in Your Life?  Do You Let their Differences Pull You Apart?

Is there Someone Looking to Your Life as a Pattern For their Own?  If they Were Successful in One Area, they Wouldn’t Need You to Instruct Them in that Area.  Do You Take Them with You as You Go Minister?  Or, Are You So Concerned with Reaching the World that You Don’t Have Time to Equip Them For Success, Not Realizing that they Are Part of the Plan For Your Triumph, and there Are Other Areas of their Lives that You Can Learn From.

Oswald Chambers Put it this Way On His July 28 Page of, “My Utmost For His Highest,” Yahweh is More Interested in the Process than the End Result, (or the Product).  And I’ll Add, The Process Will Result in the Product, But by Aiming at the Product, You Will Not Achieve the Product Nor the Process.

Barnabas and Paul Think they Know More than Yahweh

Although Yahweh Had Said To Separate Barnabas and Saul For The Work WhereUnto I Have Called Them, You Never Read About Barnabas And Paul, (Saul), Being a Team After their Fight Over Mark.  Things Went Downhill For Paul From Acts 16 Onward, and From that Time On, and Paul Started a Lot of Jail Ministries that Could Possibly Have Been Avoided Without His People Oriented Buddy.  And Barnabas Seemed to Have Faded into Oblivion After the Parting, Except that Maybe He Was Responsible For the People Cyprus Witnessing to the Hellenistic Greeks.  I Suspect that Barnabas Showed The Love Walk to Paul, and Paul Wrote About it.  Paul Was Hardheaded and Didn’t Mind Controversy, and this Got Him into a Lot of Trouble, that Had Barnabas Been there, Paul Might Have Avoided.

And Paul Would Have Made Barnabas More Effective.  However, Paul Liked to Be in Control.  But, Yahweh Listed Barnabas’ Name First When He Assigned Them to Work as a Team.  Barnabas Would Have Made Paul to Be More Palatable.  I Marvel Why Paul Got Stoned and Yet Apparently Barnabas Was with Him, But Did Not Get Stoned, (Acts 14:19-20).   And I Cannot Help But Wonder if it Was Because Paul Was Speaking in Acts 15:2 That there Arose, “No Small Dissension and Disputation.”  Note, that this Strife Continued Until Acts 15:12-13, Where I Speculate that Barnabas Was Speaking, (as His Name Was Mentioned First).  The Word For Today Is Coalesce, {Click On this Word to See it's Definition}.

I’ve Asked if there is a Mark in Your Life.  Someone that You Contribute to their Growth.  But, Now Let Me Ask if there is a Barnabas in Your Life?  Someone that Contributes to Your Growth?  If You Are a Person that Likes to Control Others For What You Surmise is Right, Note that the Next Couple of Words in the Dictionary After the Word Control, Are Controller, then Controlling Interest, then Control Surface and then Controversial Then Controversy then Controvert to Contumacious.  None of these Words Describe the Character of Christ.  Perhaps You Are Throwing Away the Very Means to Your Success by Controlling.


At the Very Tail End of Paul’s Life, He Realized that He Better Write Down this that Yahweh Had Shown Him For Posterity’s Sake and He Wrote Letters.  But, He Could Have Just as Easily Realized this On a Beach On the Island of Cyprus Rather than in a Cold Dark Jail.  Paul Also Learned a Lot About Life and What’s Significant in His Lifetime.

How Often Have You Heard an Old Man During the twilight Years of His Life Remark, “I Wish I Had Spent More Time with My Family.”   Paul Also Realized Late in Life that One of the Most Important Things in Life Are Relationships, and He Wrote About it.  All the Word of Yahweh Was Inspired and I Am So Glad that the Holy Ghost Did Not Inspire Paul Until He Was Much Older.  Aren’t You Glad Paul Didn’t Write What He Thought Was the Most Important Until He Got Older, Wiser, and More Mature.  Imagine ALL the Letters that Would Had to Have Been Sent Out Refuting the Earlier Letters.

However, When Paul Finally Realized the Need For Writing Down What Would Bring Success, He emphasized Relationships as a High Priority. Dr.  James B. Richards, Calls This, “Rocking Chair Religion.”   Don’t Wait Until You’re Old and About Gone On to the Other Side to Arouse to the Fact that Relationships Are Vital.  As it is Said, “No Man is an Island.”

We Need the Goal Achievers Perspective to Accomplish the Task, and We Need the Viewpoints of the People Persons to Keep Us From Becoming So Results Oriented that We Miss Relationships.  We Need Both Personality Types~!  Hebrews 10:24 Involves this Operation When it Says, “And Let Us Consider and Give Attentive, Continuous Care to Watching Over One Another, Studying How We May Stir Up, (Stimulate and Incite, Spur), to Love and Helpful Deeds and Noble Activities.”  (Click Here For More Info On Hebrews 10:24).


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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