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Faith Comes by, “Hearing and Hearing” by the Word of Yahweh
Romans 10:17


Luke 18:8
I Tell You that He Will Avenge Them Speedily.
Nevertheless, When the Son of Man Comes,
Will He Really Find Faith On the Earth?



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Healing For Me

I Can Lay Hands On the Sick and they Are Healed ALL Day Long.  I’ve Experienced it Already.  But, When it Comes to Me, I Haven’t Had the Same Success Until Now.  Recently, I Said, “A Part of Me Wanted to Run and Hide and Not Tell You Any of this Stuff, Because How Can I Preach Healing and Don’t Know How to Obtain it Myself.”

I Think it’s the Best Policy Always to Be Completely 100% Honest with Yahweh and with Yourself.  I Know I Believe in Healing.  But, For Some Reason it Didn’t Seem to Be Working For Me.  I Didn’t Know What to Do Except to Pray And Yahweh Told Me that He Would Meet Me at the Doctor’s Office, and So I Resolved That’s Where My Faith Is, So Let’s Not Try to Have Faith When I’m Only Pretending to Have Faith.

Unless, a Miracle Occurs I Was Planning to Go to the Hospital and Have these Polyps Found in My Nose Cut Out On January 22, 2003.  So On January 7, 2003; I Had a Cat Scan, an EKG, a Blood Test And a Chest X-Ray in Preparation For the Surgery On My Nose to Include Straightening Out a Deviated Septum.




God Cannot Lie

Well, that Changed About February 2003.  Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh, (Romans 10:17).

King David Encouraged Himself in Yahweh, When there Was No One to Encourage Him, (1 Samuel 30:6).  So, My Own Email Encouraged Me.  I Read What I Had Written.

Yahweh Said that His Word Will Not Return to Him Void, (Isaiah 55:11), and How Does Yahweh’s Word Return to Him?  The Correct Answer is by Our Voice, by Confessing or Saying the Same Thing as What the Scriptures Says.

By the Way, “To Say the Same Thing as” is the Definition of Confess as Used in Romans 10:9 ~ That if You Confess with Your Mouth The Lord Yahoshua And Believe in Your Heart that Yahweh Has Raised Him From the Dead, You Will Be Saved); and the Word Saved Comes From the Word Sozo Which Means to Be Made Whole, Healed, to Make Well Among Other Things, Delivered.

But, it Still Went Off in Me Like a Dud Firecracker that Fizzles Out.  I Knew that I Believed in Healing, and I Have Laid Hands On Folks and that they Have Gotten Completely Made Whole.  And I Know Why I Can Do this Any Day or Night ALL the Time.

It Has to Do with the Word of Yahweh that Cannot Lie, and Who Said, “Then Will Lay Hands On the Sick, and they Will Recover,” (Mark 16:17-18).  Yahweh Said It~!  I Lay Hands On Folks, Believe What Yahweh Wrote and Wa~La~!  It Works.  It’s Awesome~!




A Light Dawns, (2 Peter 1:18-19)

For Myself it Seems to Be Harder.  I Even Looked Up Polyps, and Merriam-Webster Described Them as Having a Central Mouth Surrounded by Tentacles Armed with Nematocysts.  I Don’t Have to Be a Brain Surgeon to Tell You that Sounds Demonic.  But, Still What Could I Do?

Fortunately, For Me My Spiritual Father is Kenneth Copeland.  That’s What Yahweh Told Me, Because Kenneth is the One Who Taught Me About the Blood Covenant.

So, I Try to Get ALL I Can Get From My Spiritual Father, and I Subscribe to Get Daily emails From Kenneth Copeland.  Time After Time After Time, What Yahweh Has Inspired Ken Copeland to Write is Precisely What I Need For that Period in My Walk with Yahweh.  And So it Was that On January 8 in My Emails, Was This Article Entitled, “Step Across the Faith Line,” (Click Here On this Link to Read this Article).


Yahweh’s Mercy

Well, it Wasn’t Even Two Days Later, While this Message About Drawing a Faith Line and Crossing Over to the Point of No Return is Still Stirring in My Heart, that On January 10, I Received a Short Email Message From Kenneth Copeland Called, “Recall Yahweh’s Mercies,” (Click Here On this Link to Read this Article).

You See Back When I Was Seeing the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist the Words of the Doctor’s Mouth Set My Heart to Thinking.  First, (The Word of Yahweh Tells Me in Mark 11:23 That, “You Have What You Say”), and the Doctor Said, “These Polyps May Come Back.”

I’m spending My Dollars to Have this Problem Removed, and He Tells Me they May Come Back.  I Recalled Thinking of the Woman Who Spent ALL Her Money and Was None the Better, (Mark 5:25-34).  But, Still I Dismissed that Thought. 

I Tried to Get the Doctor to Say that they Will Never Come Back, But He Could Not.  Finally, I Decided, “Let’s Get Serious Here.”  I Have Not Even Been Able to Smell, And this Guy Can Help Me, and So Far My Faith Isn’t Cutting it.

then He Said, that if He Maintained a Close Watch On Me, that He Would Be Able to Stop this Disease, by Cutting Out the Polyps When they Are Small.  I Asked Him, “You Mean that I Got to Do this For the Rest of My Life?”  He Responded affirmatively.


Excuse Me, Please Say that Again~!

The Doctor Asked Me if I Had Any Questions, and I Said, “What Did You Say About this Being a Disease.”  He Said, “Yes, it’s a Disease, Just Like High-Blood Pressure is a Disease.”  I Said, “Well, Now I Got Something From the Word of Yahweh that I Can Fight this with.”

I Was Thinking of Deuteronomy 28:61 and Galatians 3:13-14, and a Ray of Positive Hope Dwelled Up On the Inside of Me.  And Hope is Not a Bad Start as Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For, (Hebrews 11:1).  Hope is the Blueprint Upon Which Faith is Built by.  For We Were Saved In this Hope, But Hope that is Seen is Not Hope; for Why Does One Still Hope for What He Sees? (Romans 8:24-25).  Hope Means The, “Earnest Expectation,” But I Don’t Get Upset if I’m Still in Hope, Because that Means that Faith Will Rise Soon.

Still, I Couldn’t Cross the Barrier Until When I Read, “Recall Yahweh’s Mercies.”  Kenneth Copeland Was Saying How Yahweh is Faithful.  And How We Need to Remind Ourselves of His Faithfulness by Repeating Some the Benefits that We Are Entitled to as Followers of Christ.

He Went On to Say that We Should Quote Psalm 103:1-8 Every Day.  My Wife And I Used to Do this Regularly Every Morning.


Yahweh’s Faithfulness

Psalm 103:1-8 Spells Out Yahweh’s Faithfulness

  1. He Forgives ALL Your Sins.

  2. He Heals ALL Your Diseases.

  3. Redeems My Life From Destruction.

  4. Crowns My Head with Loving Kindness and Tender Mercies.

  5. Satisfies My Mouth with Good Things So that My Youth is Renewed Like the Eagles.

  6. He Executes Righteousness and Judgment For You Against Oppression.  He Sets You Free.

  7. He Makes Known His Ways To You.

  8. He Gives You His Grace and Mercy in Times of Need.

Wait a Minute~!  Back this Train Up~!   Heals My Diseases~!   Heals My Diseases~!   The Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Has Pronounced this as a Disease, and Yahweh Said He Heals ALL My Diseases.  That’s the Final Word.  Yahweh’s Authority. 

I Had Been Thinking ALL Along that this Was Just a Growth.  An Enlargement.  I Couldn’t See Where Yahweh Would Cut Off Over -growth.  I Didn’t See this as a Disease.  I Had to Get dressed, and So I Went and Took a Shower, But Still this Rolled Over in My Head, “Yahweh You Said that You Heal ALL My Diseases.”


Meditate On Yahweh’s Word

While in the Shower, I Made Up My Mind to Seek Yahweh On this Matter.  I Said, “Yahweh with this Doctor, (Probably the Best in My Town and He Will Do a Wonderful Job), and the Surgery is ALL Set.

However, I See in Your Word that You Said that One of My Benefits is that You HEAL ALL My Diseases, and the Doctor Has Pronounced that This is a Disease.  Now, Yahweh Am I Really Dumb to Cancel the Surgery and Walk by Faith.”  the Reply Came Back Immediately, “It’s Never Wrong to Put Your Trust in Yahweh’s Word,” (Proverbs 16:20).

So, I Tested that Spirit, “Spirit that Just Said Unto Me, ‘It’s Never Wrong to Put Your Trust in Yahweh’s Word’, I Command You to Tell Me Has Yahoshua, (The Messiah) Come in the Flesh?”  and the Response Was Again Fast, “I Have, and I Say Once More, it’s Never Wrong to Put Your Trust in My Word.”

So, the Thought Occurred to Me that I Wanted to Inquire of Yahweh Some More On This, But I Didn’t Want to Make Yahweh Angry with My UnBelief.  But, I Want to Do the Right Thing.  Psalm 103:5 Popped into My Mind About Yahweh Putting the Right Words in My Mouth, or More Precisely About How Yahweh Satisfies My Mouth with Good Things So that My Youth is Renewed Like the Eagles.


And Yahoshua Healed Them ALL

So, I Said, “Holy Spirit,” Fill My Mouth with Good Things So that I Can Talk to Yahweh Without Falling Out of Faith.  This Thought Came to My Mind and So I Spoke it to Yahweh in My Thoughts, “I Know it’s Never Wrong to Trust Yahweh’s Word, But I Don’t Know if I Have that Much Faith.  I’ve Done Some Dumb Things in the Past, and Thought that they Were Faith.  If I Personally Decide Today Based On Your Word to Not Have this Surgery On My Nose, and Just to Trust the Word of Yahweh, Am I Making An unwise Decision.”

Yahweh Replied Fast, “It’s the Wisest Decision that You Could Ever Make.”  Again, I Tested the Spirit, and Said, “Spirit that Just Said to Me, ‘It’s the Wisest Decision that You Could Ever Make’, I Command You by Yahoshua of Nazareth to Tell Me Has Yahoshua, (The Messiah) Come in The Flesh.”

Again, Same as Before, Yahweh Responded, “Yes, I Have”  Short Pause, Same Voice, “Not Only is it the Wisest Decision You Can Make, But From this Point On You’ll Not Have Any Problems with Sickness and Disease as Long as You’re Alive On Earth.”

I Sure Am Glad that the Doctor Diagnosed this as a Disease, Cause I Didn’t Think You Repaired Growths.  Yahweh Responded, “That Why I Had the Word ALL in there.”  Yahweh Heals, “ALL” My Diseases, (and I Recalled, “And Yahoshua Healed Them ALL,” {Matthew 12:15}).


Faith Arises

I Regained My Composure.  Washed The Shampoo Out of My Hair, and Put the Soap Down.  I Wanted to Make Sure that I Got this Precisely Right.  I Said, “From this Day Forward I’ll Never Have Any Problems with Sickness and Disease Because Yahweh Said that One of My Benefits of Being His Child is that He Heals ALL My Diseases.”

I Just Stood there For Awhile.  Then I Said, “All My Diseases Are Healed.  It’s Written in the Word of Yahweh, it is Done.”

I Was Alone in the House, So I Just Got Loud, and Said, “If You Ask My Body if it is Healed, then it Would Probably Say NOOoooo, But I’m Not Asking My Body, I’m Asking the Word of Yahweh, and Yahweh Has Said to Me that HE HEALS ALL MY DISEASES.

In The Name of Yahoshua of Nazareth, I Command these Tumors or Polyps to Come Out of My Nose, and to Stay Out and For My Sense of Smell to Return, I’m Washed by the Blood of Yahoshua, and by His Stripes I AM HEALED.  End of Story, End of Song.”


Count the Cost

Yet I Still Persisted in Taking The Medent LD Tablets, (decongestant), and I Was Supposed to Start Taking the Prednisone On January 13, 2002, to Shrink the Polyps So the Doctor Could Remove Them Better with No Bleeding Involved.

I Went Ahead and Took Six Prednisones as Scheduled, But On the Inside of Me, I Heard the Holy Ghost Say, “Well Men Don’t Need Medicine.”  I Thought, “But, these Cost Me a Lot of Money”  It Took Me Three or Four Hours to Come to a Firm Decision And to Be Established About the Matter.

During that Time, Yahweh Brought to My Memory the Time I Was Out Jogging Late at Night and Ran Across Another Jogger, a Man Wearing Hearing aids.  I Asked if I Could Pray For Him and He Agreed, and I Had Him to Take the Earring aids Out And I Laid My Hands On this Partially Deaf Man.

I Had Him Turn His Back to Me and Had Him Cover One Ear Very Well then the Other, While I Stepped Back and Lightly Spoke Barely audible About Five Feet to Seven Feet Away and He Heard Fine.  Then He Turned Around and Went and Put the Earring aids Back in His Ear.


But they Cost A Lot of Money

I Said, “What Are You Doing that For, You’re Completely Healed.  You Won’t Need Those Anymore.”  And He Replied, “But they Cost Me a Lot of Money.”  I Asked Him if He Could Have Heard Me Before Without the Hearing aids, and He Responded, “No,” and He Put The Earring aids in His Pocket.  I Said, “Why Don’t You toss Those Things Away.”  And He Replied Once More, “But they Cost Me a Lot of Money.” 

His Words Were Still Reverberating in My Mind and I Realized I Was Saying the Same Thing.  Yahweh Spoke to My Heart and Said, “This Is a Stumbling Block For a Lot of Folks,” I Didn’t Reply Right Off, then I Said, “Well Men Don’t Take Medicine, and Yahweh Heals ALL My Diseases,” and I Resolved Not to Take Any More Medicine, No Matter How Much Money it Had Cost Me.

Later that Same Night, I Baked an Apple Pie, and it Started to Burn.  My Wife Said, “I Can Smell the pie Burning.”  So, I Bent Over  to the toaster oven Right in Front of it And sniffed Hard.  Nothing.  I Couldn’t Smell a Thing.  But, I Said, “I Walk By Faith and NOT by Sight, I’m Not Moved by What I Can See, or Hear, Touch or Smell.”  I’m Moved by the Word of Yahweh, and Yahweh Said that He Heals All My Diseases.


Yahweh’s Word as the Final Authority

Like Abraham Who Being Near 100 Years Old Did Not Consider His Own Body, I Don’t Consider My Own Body, (Romans 4:17-19).  I Consider What Yahweh Told Me that He had Done, “He Heals ALL My Diseases,” (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24).  This is Faith, this is Believing.  However, Just Believing Alone is Not enough.  Even the Demons Believe, But they  Don’t Put forth Faith and Trust in Yahweh with a Demonstrating Response.  So, if Someone is Saying that they Are Believing and Saying that they Are in Faith, there Will Be Some Corresponding Behavior~!  “For as the Body Without the Spirit is Dead, So Faith Without Works is Dead Also,” (James 2:14-26).

But, Action Alone or Doing Something Just for the Sake of Doing Something, or Acting at the Wrong Time Won’t Work Either, (Numbers 14:39-45).  For, If Just Touching alone Were enough, then a Whole Bunch More Folks Should Have also Gotten Healed When that Woman Touched the Hem of His Garment, for (Mark 5:31), Says, “How Can You Ask, ‘Who Touched Me?’ When You See the Crowd Pressing You on All Sides?”  Lots of Folks Were Touching Yahoshua, But Only the Person Touching Just the Hem of His Garment on Purpose Mixed with Faith that Involves Saying it with Her Mouth Got Healed~!

The Key is to Listen to the Holy Ghost and then Act in Accordance to What You’ve Heard, and that Will Require Some Believing the Promise, Some Faith.  Faith is Nothing More than Believing What Yahweh has said has WILL Come About.  Faith is Not Some vague Thing that We Try to Muster Up.  Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh, (Romans 10:17). 

Abraham Was Not Weak in Faith, and Considered Not What His Body Was Telling Him.  I Don’t Consider What My Body Was Telling Me.  I Consider the Unfailing Word of Yahweh to Be the Final Authority.  Yahweh Has Said and Confirmed Through His Word and to Me Personally, that Yahweh Heals All My Diseases~!

If You Went Out to Eat at a buffet and You Saw a Young Boy About Eight or Nine Standing Near the Food Bar with a Plate In His Hand For Thirty Minutes or So, But Not Getting Any Food; You Might Be Moved Go to the Young Boy And Ask if You Could Help Him.

His Stance is that He Has Been Told by His Father to Wait Here, and that the Father Would Return.  That the Man’s Wife, (and the Boy’s Mother), Called and Said that She Had a Flat tire, and the Father Left to Change The tire; and as Soon as the Father Gets the tire Changed He’ll Be Back, But Not to Start Eating Until they Were ALL there as Tonight is The Mom’s Birthday.

You Might Not Think of this as Faith.  You Would Just Think of it as Trust or Obedience, that His Father Told Him that He’d Show Up and the Father Will Show Up, and then they ALL Will Eat.  Or You Might See this as the Young Boy Having Confidence in His Father’s Word.  In the Same Way, Hebrews 10:35 says, “Therefore Do Not Cast Away Your Confidence, Which Has Great Reward”.  Confidence is the Same as Faith or Believing What Yahweh Said.


He Heals ALL Our Diseases

This is What Yahweh is Saying, “I Heal All Your Diseases.”  So, How Does Yahweh’s Word Return to Him as Isaiah 55:11 Says.  It’s Us that Put Voice to Yahweh’s Word and Echo it Back to Him.

You See Yahweh is Like a Scanner with the Eyes of Yahweh Scanning the Globe to Show Himself Strong of Behalf of Those Who Put their Trust in Him, (2 Chronicles 16:9).  Yahweh is Watching Over His Word to Perform it, Watching and Waiting For His Word to Come Forth Back to Him Full of Faith by One of Us, (Jeremiah 1:12).

I Crossed the Mark.  I Walk Over the Line of Faith to the Point of No Return.  From this Moment Forward, I Walk In Faith Based On the Word of Yahweh.  He Heals ALL My Diseases.  That Settles it For Me.  I Encourage Myself in Yahweh, and Talk of His Mercies and Faithfulness ALL Day Long, (Psalm 13:6; Psalm 104:33; Psalm 146:2; Lamentations 3:21-23).

Faith Comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh, (Romans 10:17).  You Might Think that You Don’t Have Much Faith, But Faith is So Powerful that One Small Mustard Seed of the Word of Yahweh Can Move Mountains, (Matthew 17:20).

We’ve Each Been Given a Measure of Faith, (Romans 12:3).  We Grow Even Stronger in Faith by Listening to the Voice of Yahweh’s Word “Spoken” by His Preachers and Saints, and Especially “Spoken” by Yourself.


Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I Normally Don’t Tell My Weaknesses, But When I Went to New Orleans to Retrieve My Younger Brother During Hurricane Frederic, I Had to Cross this Very Tall Cantilevered Steel Truss Bridge, {from Modern Photos; this Had to Have Been the Huey P.  Long Bridge}.  The Lanes at that Time Were Only 9 Feet Wide Without Shoulders.  It Has Since Been Widened to Three 11-foot Lanes in Each with Shoulders.

USS New Orleans Under the Huey P.  Long Bridge or The Huey P.  Long Bridge

I Was in a 1963 Ford Econoline Van with a 78 Horse Power Motor.  This Was Before Vans Were Designed to Be More Wind-Stream Efficient.  So, a Side Wind with a Mostly Horizontal Steering Wheel Making it Hard to React Against a CrossWind Could Very Easily Cause You to Move Over 7-9 Feet.  Especially, if Another Panel Truck Got Close and the Wind Was bouncing Off their Sides.

​I Was On Top of that Bridge and the Wind Was Blowing, (The Beginning of Hurricane Frederic); and I Seriously Thought I Was Going Over the Sides.  Really, the Van Was Being Moved About 2-4 Feet to My Right by the Wind and I Was in the Uttermost Right Hand Lane with Only the Trusses Separating Me From the Water.

However, I Remember Counter-Thinking, “Lord Save Me,” and I Had More Confidence in Yahweh Saving Me than I Did in Going Over, and Just Like that, the Van Came Back to Center of My Lane.  Much Later On, I Read in Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21; & Romans 10:13 That Says, “And it Shall Be that Whoever Shall Call Upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved.”


Alpine Slide

I Have Seen the Salvation of Yahweh Before.  My Earthy Father Says that I Was Given the Handicap of Getting Motion Sickness to Protect Me From Getting Hurt and as a Child I Was Not Able to Ride Most of the Circus Rides, (Yet, I Was the One that Wanted to Ride Them the Most).  I Take that Thought Captive Now.  But, in a Way He Has a Point.  My Brothers & Myself Just Seem to Have No Fear, or No Sense in Doing Things to their Maximum, Not Realizing the Consequences of Our Actions.

I Was Once Up in Chattanooga, TennesSee Doing an Alpine Concrete Slide Amusement Ride.  I Had Gotten Up at 4 Am and Really Did Serious Spiritual Warfare in the Heavenlies, (and Saw Proof of it When We Went to a Morning Country Church).  However, this Was Sunday Afternoon.  The Alpine Slide Has Since Been Removed.  Raccoon Mountain Caverns and Campground Are Best Remembered For their Alpine Slide, Which Was in Operation From 1978 to 1999.

This Was the First Alpine Slide in the Nation.  Riders Took a chair Lift Up the Mountain and then Stepped into a Small Fiberglass sled and Traveled Down One of Two Twisting Concrete Chutes at an Average Speed Between 10 and 15 Miles Per Hour.  The Rider Controlled the Speed of the sled by Means of a Hand Brake.  There Were Also Signs that Warned Against Trying to Slow Down by Grabbing Onto the Concrete Chute (Good Advice).  Other Signs Cautioned Against Trying to Rock the sled Out of the Track (More Good Advice). 

As it Went Across Each Seam of the Concrete, the sled Made a Clickety-Clack Sound that Was Reminiscent of Riding in a Train.  To Return the sled to the Top of the Mountain, the Ride Operator Hoisted it Onto a Hook Attached to the Chair Lift.  The Slide Works by Gravity, and the Bigger You Are, the Faster Your Sled Can Go, But it is Very Safe For a Small Child as they Don’t Weigh Much.  I Could Easily Catch Up with Small Children Proving This.

Photos of a Concrete Alpine Slide, (Alpine Slide Photo 1; Alpine Slide Photo 2)


Rocket Man~!

So, there Weren’t Many Folks Up there that Day and None Behind Me, So I Waited to Ensure that I Wouldn’t Catch Anyone.  The Sled Had a Brake that Put Down Something, (Wood?), to Create Friction, But I Made Sure that Was All the Way Up.  I Went Off and Got Going So Fast that I Jumped All the Ramps in the Air 8 or 9 Times, Before Coming to these Major Curves that Look Like the BobSled, {BobSleigh} or the Luge at the Olympics with Tall Curves.

I Took the First Curve Okay, with My Hand Pressing on the Handle All the Way Down to Make Sure that I Didn’t Have Any Friction On the Brakes.  Second Curve, Still Flying Fast, But Fine~!  Third or Forth Curve Things Are Starting to Get Tight.  Major Concentration as I Would Have to Throw My Body Fast to the Opposite Direction Rapidly From One Curve to Another.  Then the Straights, (finally, Out of the Woods)...  But, Oh No, Major Curve Coming Up and I Had Gained More Speed, too Much Speed.  No Time to Brake.  Just Hang in there.

I Got Going So Fast that I Took One Curve So Hard that My Head Scrapped the Concrete On the Low Side of the Wall, and I Had No Helmet On, (I Had the Scrape Mark to Prove it, with Red Blood).  I Had to Have Been Riding Almost upside Down On the Upper Edge.  That is Hauling Fast to Be Able to Do This.  I Later Estimated My Speed to Be Between 35-40 mph.

It Got Real Scary Very Fast.  Immediately, I Had Another Curve Coming Up Going the Other Way and if I Put On Brakes Now, I Felt that the Centrifugal Force Would Throw Me Off and My Forward Momentum Would Tumble Me Out in Front Where I Might Really Get Hurt and slam into the Concrete Curve Tall Rail Ahead of Me On My Head.  Panic, What Do I Do?  What Do I Do?  It Rose On the Inside of Me, “Whosoever Calls Upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved.”


Not Ashamed
(Psalm 25:3; Isaiah 50:7; Isaiah 54:4; Romans 10:11; Romans 1:16-17; Romans 9:33)

I Was Close to the Bottom, and I Knew Everyone Down there Could Hear Me, {I Heard On the Inside of Me, “Whoso is Ashamed of Me Among Men, I Will Be Ashamed of Among Angels” ~ (Matthew 10:32-33; Mark 8:38; Luke 9:26)}.  I Didn’t Care Who Heard Me, I Needed Some Angels Right Now.

I Shouted as Loud as I Know How at Max Volume, “JESUS~!!!!!,” Because I Knew that Whosoever Shall Call Upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved.  I Wasn’t Crying Out Because I Was So Scared, (which I Was); But Because of My Trust in the Name of the Lord, and My Trust in His Word, (That’s How Faith Operates Every Time, Believe in Your Heart, and Confess with Your Mouth).

Instantly, Right Away the Sled Resumed Stability and I Came On in and Slowed to a Stop.  People Were Staring at Me Very Funny, I Mean the Kind of Strange Looks You Get When they Are Really Puzzled, (Signs and Wonders ~ they Wonder What Just Happened).  I Asked Outloud if Anyone Heard Me Scream the Name of Jesus.  They All Said, “So that Was What that Was, We Thought it Thundered.”  I Was Very Pleased to Not Be Ashamed of Yahweh Among the Angels After What they Just Did For Me, {Are they Not Ministering Spirits Sent Forth to Minister Unto Those that Will Inherit Salvation, It’s Only by Faith in Yahweh’s Word and His Words of Life Coming Out of Our Mouths, that the Angels Hearken to and the Angels Are Our Ministering Spirits, (Hebrews 1:14-Hebrews 2:3).  Angels Respond / Heed / Hearken to the Voice of His Word, and We Are the Ones that Utter that Word with Our Voices, (Psalm 103:20-21).}


On the Road

Then Once When We Were Coming Back to Huntsville, a Middle aged Black Lady Pasted Me North of Montgomery Where Those Long Bridges Are, (About at Mile Market 178 Northbound).  When She Passed Me On the Left, I glanced Over at Her and She Was Asleep at the Wheel, and Her Head Was All the Way Nodded Down.  Oh No~!  I Told My Wife, “She’s Asleep~!”

That’s Not a Comfortable Feeling So I Slowed Down, My Wife Concurred.  However, this Woman Did Not Slow Down at as She Was Completely Asleep.  And then Her Vehicle Starting veering Off to the Drop Off Between the Bridges, But Not Quite to the Ravine Between the roads, But Heading Directly Towards the Railing On the Side of the Bridge and to the Bridge itself About to Strike Where the Driver’s Side Steering Wheel Was, (it Looked Like Certain Death).

Again, Without Even Thinking About it, I Hollered Loud, JESUSSSSSSS~!!!!! and The Goodness of Yahweh Leads to Repentance, (Meaning to Change Your Mind).  Repentance Does Not Mean Punishment.  It is Our Own Hearts that Cause Problems.  Several Years Ago, I Was Driving Too Fast In The Rain.  A Van Stopped In Front of My Truck, and I Locked My Brakes.  I Remember Hearing In My Heart as Loud as if I Were I Talking, “I’M Going to Hit that Van”. But, I Aimed My Truck to The Side, and Cleared Him, But Just as Suddenly, The Curb that I Was Going to Jump, Had a Driveway at that Very Spot, and The Curve of The Driveway Slid me Back Into The Van.  Bam! I Thought Why Did that Have to Happen, I Was Clear of Him. And I Remembered My Heart, and What I Had Said Just Before I Struck.  That is What Got me Considering this About Your Heart Causing All The Problems, and Yahweh Opened Up My Eyes, and I Typed What I Saw.  This is Why it Seemed All The More Important that I Guard My Heart. Just as Clearly as I Saw that Van Get Hit by My Truck and Some $1395.00 Dollars Later, (One Estimate Was $3, 000.00), I Saw that One Day an Opportunity Would Come Up Where I Could Die, and if I Did Not Guard My Heart, then Boom, Out I Go, Despite My Best Efforts to Confess and Get My Heart Going In The Right Direction.  My Voice Directly at Her Angels as She Was About 175 Feet Ahead of Me On My Left, as Whosoever Calls Upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved~!  I Don’t Think it Says You Have to Be Loud, But it Seems When I CRY Out to Yahweh, I CRY OUT~!

She Immediately Woke and Jerked the Wheel to the Right Causing Her to Miss the Barrier But Put Her in a Complete Spin~!  I Moved to the Middle of the Road to Keep Anyone From Passing Me, and as She Spun, I Said it Again, “JESUS.”

Her Vehicle Righted Itself with Her Orientation Going in the Right Direction.  She Pulled Over to the Side of the Road.  I Pulled Over Behind Her.  She Was Not Hurt.  No Injuries.  No Dents.  No Impact at All.  A Miracle~!  She Told Me it Was Like Something Just Woke Her Up, Like an Angel~!  She Said that She Believed that it Was a Miracle.  I Believed it Was Also, But Like the Easy-Bake Oven Commercial, I Wanted to Say, “And I Helped,” as I Was the One that Used the Name of “Yahoshua”, (Who I Only Knew as “Jesus” Back then), and Got the Angels Responding, (Psalm 103:20-21).

So, I Say All this to Say this About the TransGender Bathrooms.  If I Walk by Sight, this Situation Really Could Irk Me, if I Let it.  There Have Been No Studies Done on the Effects of Having TransGender Bathrooms on Primary Age Children, But Yet that is What President Obama Wanted to Do.  I am Going to Say this Again, if You Are a Pastor, do Everything Now to Get Out from Under the 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status, Because if You Read that Contract, You Are Making the Government ~ Not Yahweh the Head of the Church and Your Bathrooms Will Be Targeted also and Have a Legal Paperwork You Can Signed to Endorse it.  Read the 501(c)(3).

Did You Know for Example, that Organizations Described in Section 501(c)(3) Are Prohibited From Conducting Political Campaign Activities to Intervene in Elections to Public Office?  You Can Go to Jail or Even Prison for Violating this Gag Order.  This is Not in the Future, this is Now in this Present Age.  At Least Read the 501(c)(3) for Yourself, (Click Here).  If Your Church has to Pay Taxes, Pay Taxes, Then Follow Yahoshua’s Example of Paying Taxes, (Matthew 17:27).  and You Can Be Sowing and Naming Your Seed into the United States of America.

Exodus 23:8 ~ “You Shall Take No Bribe, for a Bribe Blinds Those Who Have Sight and Perverts the Words of the Righteous.”
Deuteronomy 27:25 ~ “‘Cursed Is He Who Takes a Bribe to Kill an Innocent Person.’” ~ ~ {The Church has Taken a Bribe in the Form of Tax Exempt Status Taking Our Voice so as to Allow Abortions to Occur}.

But, I  Don’t Walk by Sight, and Neither do You.  First, Let’s Go to the Word of Yahweh for Our Salvation.  The Scriptures Tell Us in

James 1:20, For the Wrath of Man DOES NOT Produce The Righteousness of Yahweh.  (NKJ).

In the Aramaic Bible in Plain English ~ For The, “Rage” of Man Does Not Perform The Righteousness of God.

But Take a Look at What the Verse Says Just Before This ...  At James 1:20 ~

So then, My Beloved Brethren, “Let Every Man Be Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak, Slow to Rage, Anger, Wrath”;
(it’s Same Word Used in James 1:19 & 20 ~ NT:(G3709).

Okay, We Can See that Us Getting All Worked Up About this Matter that We Abhor with our Very Being, Won’t Accomplish The Righteousness of Yahweh, (Think of Righteousness as “Doing the Right Thing”).  I Believe that the Intended Results of this Are to Confuse the Sexual Orientation of our Children, So that there Are More TransGender People to Emerge.  Well, I Worked Computer Help Desk and I Can Tell You One of the First Things I had to do Was to Realize that the Computer Was Not Doing This to me Nor to Them, and See The Computer as Only a Machine with Code, and Not Take the Problem Personally, (Then I Could See a Logical Solution, Not an Emotional Fix).  Same Way, Here.  Just Follow Me on this.  If I’m Right that the TransGender Bathroom’s Intent is to Produce More TransGender Folks then d—Evil is Coercing, and Trying to Manipulate the Outcome.  Then d—Evil One Must Be Frightened and He is Backed into a Corner.

Now, Suppose that this Ploy Works and Some Young Children Get their Sexual Orientation Confused and they Go After the TransGender Lifestyle and this Choice Keeps them from Allowing Yahoshua to Be their Lord, and they Die and Go to Hell.  Matthew 18:6 says,  “But Whoever Causes One of these Little Ones Who Believe in Me to Sin, It Would Be Better For Him if a Millstone Were Hung Around His Neck, and He Were Drowned in the Depth of the Sea.”

So, Whoever is Behind this Movement, Woe, (Whoa) Be Unto Them.  They Might as Well Go Down to the River and Pick Out a Millstone, as that Would Be Better for them.  This Causes Me to Want to Pray for them as Romans 13:1-7 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4 Instruct Us to do ~ 1 Therefore I Exhort First of ALL That Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions, and Giving of Thanks Be Made For ALL Men, 2 For Kings and All Who Are in Authority, that We May Lead a Quiet and Peaceable Life in ALL Godliness and Reverence.  3 For this is Good and Acceptable in the Sight of God Our Savior, 4 Who Desires All Men to Be Saved and to Come to the Knowledge of the Truth.

Psalm 41:11 ~
11 By This I Know that You Delight in Me, Because My Enemy Doesn’t Triumph Over Me.

We Are Called to Bless Every Place We Go~!  But Thanks Be To Yahweh, Who Always Leads Us in Triumph in Christ, And Makes Manifest Through Us the Savor of His Knowledge In Every Place, (1 Corinthians 15:57).

But, to Have The, “Always Causes Us To Triumph in Christ,” (2 Corinthians 2:14), or, “Victory Meets Me at Every Step,” (Isaiah 41:2 - Amplified Bible Classic Edition); or 1 Corinthians 15:57, or
“But Thanks Be to Yahweh, Who Gives Us the Victory Through Our Lord, Yahoshua Ha Mashiach,” {Jesus the Christ},
(2 Corinthians 2:14).  We’ve Got to Stay Focused On the Promise, Despite What We Are Seeing with Our Eyes.  “For ‘The Things Seen’ Are Temporal,” (NT:4340 ~ Brief and Fleeting, Subject to Change, Transitory, Lasting Only a Time, Momentary, Enduring Only For a Little While, Temporary ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18).  We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight, (2 Corinthians 5:7).

I  Don’t Have any Idea of How Many Times that By Faith the Rain was Held Back or the Temperature Lowered, Because I’ve Done it So Many Times.  To Do this Requires Faith, and Even Though I Have Faith to Move Mountains, But Have Not Love, then I Am Nothing, (1 Corinthians 13:1-8).  So, to Walk by Faith Means that We Are Going to Have to Walk in Love, for Faith Works by Love, (Galatians 5:6).  Recall, from Mark 11:22-25, that the Faith has to Be in Two Places for it to Work, (in our Hearts and in our Mouths), But a Vital Part of praying is, “And Whenever You Stand Praying, if You Have Anything Against Anyone, Forgive Him, that Your Father in Heaven May Also Forgive You Your Trespasses.”  So, the First Thing that I Have to Ask Myself is, “Am I Mad at the President”?  If I’m mad at Him, then this Reflects that I haven’t Rolled the Care of this Matter Over to Yahweh, nor am I Walking in Love.  This Especially Shows that I Have Not Prayed For the President, Because if I Have Prayed in Faith, Believing, then I Would Be Expecting the Promise to Be the outcome.


By The Love

Suppose, that the Work Place said that it is No Longer Okay to Post Pictures with Religious Connotations In Our Cubicles.  I Don't See this as a Bad thing.  It's Just the World's Way of Rejecting the Religion that Bangs them Over the Head with a Bible.  What the World is Saying, is that they Want to Feel The Love that We Are Supposed to Have in Us, Not Just See Plaques and Motto’s and Nothing Else.

This Might Not Be Want You Want to Hear.  I Like to Hear that My Favorite NASCAR Driver is the Best, or for Others Their Favorite Football Team, and in a Like Manner, We Want the World To Acknowledge Our God as the Captain of the Armies...  But, Unfortunately, They Don't Know Him, and See Him as a Mean God that Only Wants to Find Fault with Them, (as that Is What We Have Shown to Them Through Our Words and Actions and Lack of Love).

I Used to Sing, “And They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love; yes, They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love.”  It’s Not Just a Song; this is the Pathway of Yahweh’s Plan of Reconciliation For the World, (2 Corinthians 5:18-21).

By This We KNOW That We Have Passed From Death Unto Life, that We Love The Brethren, (1 John 3:14).  Yahoshua Said, “A New Commandment I Give You, that You Love One Another,” (John 13:34).  Romans 13:10 Says We Have Fulfilled ALL of the Law When We Love, For Love Works No ILL to His Neighbor.  We Shouldn’t Have to Tell Someone that We Are a Christian.  They Should Know it by The Love We Have.

By This Shall ALL Men Know You Are My Disciples, by the Love You Have For One Another, (John 13:35).  Note, Yahoshua Did Not Say Some Men Would Know, Nor Did He Say ALL Men Might Have Some Enlightenment.  Yahoshua Said, “ALL Men Would KNOW, by the Love You Have For One Another”.

All Men Would Know From Experience That We Are Followers of Christ When We Love One Another.  Yahoshua Also Said Here that You Have this Kind of Love, (“By The Love You Have”).  We Have this Love of Yahweh in Our Hearts~!  Galatians 5:22 Says that the FIRST Fruit of the Spirit is LoveRomans 5:5 States that, “Hope Does Not Disappoint, For The Love of Yahweh Is Shed Abroad in Our Hearts by the Holy Spirit, Which is Given to Us by Yahweh.

By This Shall ALL Men Know You Are My Disciples, by the Love You Have For One Another, (John 13:35).  Not by the Tracts, Not by the Programs.  Now, that We Are in Love, Let’s Walk in Faith.  All the Plans of the Enemy Are Brought to Naught, Now.  No Person Will Have their Sexual Identity Changed or Persuaded by any Event Regarding the TransGender Bathrooms.  In Fact, this Will Only Solidify the Correct Sexual Orientation that Yahweh has Chosen for Each Person ~ “Now God Has Set the Members, Each One of Them, in the Body, Just as He Desired,” (1 Corinthians 12:18).  Never has it happened that Someone Was in the Assembly Line In Heaven and They Realize that They Sent a Man to Earth In Woman’s Body or Vise-Versa.

However, there is a Cure.  This is the Same Agape, (Love), that Yahoshua Says that the World Will Know that We Are His Disciples, (John 13:34-35).  It’s a Kind of Love that Cannot Be Duplicated by Other Religions.

And That’s the Point I’m Making, (They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love, (John 13:34-35).  If the Folks Have Only Seen the Wrong Version of Christianity Without The Love, then they Have Not Seen Christ as Only We Can Portray Him and His Love.  It’s Not that they Will Say, “This One Has it, and this One Does Not”; But Rather, “My Lord, I Want this Kind of Love in My Life.”  This World Has a Hungering Placed in Them by God, that Desires this Kind of Love.

I Met a Young Man that Told Me He Started Going to a Christian Bible Study at College and Eventually Asked Yahoshua to Be His Lord, but He Was Drawn By How Much They Loved Each Other in that Group, and He Wanted to Be Loved like That?

By This Shall ALL Men Know You Are My Disciples, by the Love You Have For One Another, (John 13:35).  Note, Yahoshua Did Not Say Some Men Would Know, Nor Did He Say ALL Men Might Have Some Enlightenment.  Yahoshua Said, “ALL Men Would KNOW, by the Love You Have For One Another.  Once Again, the Word For, “Know” is the Greek Word Ginosko, (Strong’s #1097), and is Defined as, “Experiential Knowledge.

All Men Would Know From Having Experience It That We Are Followers of Christ When We Love One Another.  Yahoshua Also Said Here that You Have this Kind of Love, (“By The Love You Have”).  We Have this Love of Yahweh in Our Hearts~!  Galatians 5:22 Says that, “The First Fruit of The Spirit is Love”.  Romans 5:5 States that, “Hope Does Not Disappoint, For The Love of Yahweh Is Shed Abroad in Our Hearts by the Holy Spirit, Which is Given to Us by Yahweh”.

Not by the Tracts, Not by the Programs, Nor by Even the Yahweh-Sized Tasks of Faith, (Faith Can Only Work by Love, (1 Corinthians 13:2,13) & Galatians 5:6).  Yahweh is Love! (1 John 4:8).  Yahweh So Loves that He Has Written the World a Blank Check of Forgiveness, (Isaiah 43:25-26).  You Are Yahweh’s Ambassador When You Offer Pardon to Your Brother or Sister in Christ, (John 20:23).

All this Yahoshua Capsized in (Matthew 22:37-40), When He Said The First and Great Commandment is to Love Yahweh Your God with ALL Your Heart, and with ALL Your Soul, and with ALL Your Mind; and the Second Commandment is Like Unto it.  That Is, to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

They Had the New Commandment, But Didn’t Know it.  To, “Love One Another”; it Was there ALL the Time in the Ten Commandments.  Or as B.  J.  Thomas Sang, We Should Be, “Loving People and Using Things, and Not the Other Way Around”.

After Yahoshua Had Already Told the PhariSees, “Go and Learn What this Means: I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice,” (Matthew 9:13),  He (Yahoshua) Ran Across Some PhariSees Being Critical of the Disciples For Doing Something On the Sabbath.  Yahoshua Admonished the PhariSees Here, But Only Because their Accusations Were Affecting the Disciples.  But Even So, Yahoshua Did this in Love.  Yahoshua Allowed His Disciples to Know they Were Not Guilty, and Removed the Burden of Shame.

This is What Yahoshua Responded to their Criticism with, “But if You Had Known What this Means, I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice, You Would Not Have Condemned the Guiltless,” (Matthew 12:7).  Have We Desired Mercy Rather than Sacrifice? Would We Rather Sing Five Choruses of I Love You Lord, than to Hug the Unlovely? Do We Make Accusations or Intercessions? Even if they Are Wrong?

Do We Join the Bashing or Pray? Pray For Someone, Not Prey On Them.

Galatians 5:6 ..†
For in Christ Jesus Neither Circumcision Amounts to Anything, Nor uncircumcision, But Faith Working Through Love.

Recall that it Is, “The Goodness of God Leads that You to Repentance,” (Romans 4:2), Had Not We Do the Same For One Another?  Yahweh, *(Our Example), Blesses Both the and the Just and Unjust with Rain and Sunlight, So that the Crops Will Grow, (Matthew 5:43-45).  The Pointing Finger and Telling People What they Are Doing Wrong is Man’s Way, Not Yahweh’s, (Isaiah 58:9).

You Are The Light of The World, Not Just Your Community.  Yahweh Did Not Say that You Should Just Be The Light Where You Are.  Yahweh Said You Are The Light of the World.  You Don’t Get a Yahweh-Sized Task than to Be Told to Be The Light of the World, (Matthew 5:14).  That is Our Yahweh-sized Task~! It’s Than You and Me Both.

How Do We Pull it Off? By Starting with Those We Come into Contact with And Showing Them the Agape Love of Yahweh; Showing Them Acceptance, Not Rejection Because they Do Not Obtain to Some Performance-Based System.  Then Watch this Kingdom of Yahweh Grow Like Leaven, or Yeast Until it Affects Every Corner of the Globe, (Matthew 13:33; Luke 13:20-21).

It’s a Distinctive Hallmark that Will Draw ALL to the Real Living Yahweh.  (John 12:32), Yahoshua Said, “And I, if I Be Lifted Up From the Earth, Will Draw ALL Men Unto Me.” I Believe Yahoshua Did this by Now Duplicating Himself in Each One of Us When He Died and Rose Again, and We Invite this Love of Yahweh into Our Hearts. 

The Definition of Agape Love is Laying Down Your Life For One Another, and Laying Down Your Life Doesn’t Mean You Die Literally, But You Lay Down Your Agenda, and What You Want to Do, and Die to Self.

James 1:20 Says that, “Man’s Anger Does Not Promote the Righteousness of Yahweh,” Even if the Criticism Seems Justified.  You Are Fallen From Grace and Placed Yourself Back Under Law When You Judge Others, (Galatians 2:21; Galatians 5:4; Hebrews 12:15).  Even if it’s abortion, Yahweh’s Plans For Success is the Same For ALL Situations.

Hebrews 12:14 Says to, “Follow, (Pursue), Peace with ALL Men, and Holiness, Without Which No Man Shall See Yahweh.” Pursue, to Chase After.  In Hot Pursuit, Like One squirrel Chasing Another over Limb and Branch, or Like One Bird Darting After Another Bird.  We Are Directed to Chase After Peace with ALL Men.  You Are Not Laying Down Your Life For the Brethren When You Judge or Condemn.

{We Are Instructed to Love People, Hate Evil, (Amos 5:15; Romans 12:9; Psalm 97:10), and We Are Told, “For Our Wrestling Is Not Against Flesh and Blood, But Against the Principalities, Against the Powers, Against the World’s Rulers of the Darkness of this Age, and Against the Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in the Heavenly Places,” (Ephesians 6:12)}.


Overcome Fears

I Have to Admit Every Time I Cross the African Town Cochran Bridge Going East Where Mobile, Alabama is On Your Right, it Has Triggered a Fear Factor in Me, and I Think of Those that a Fear of Heights Has Crippled and Wonder How Can We Resolve this Fear that Seems to Ride with You.  I Just Wonder and Pray.

However, that Was Until Today.  This is What is Coming Up in Me.  I Never Was Being Brave On the Huey P.  Long Bridge, or On the Alpine Slide, or On I-65.  What Rose Up in Me Was Something I Trusted in More than I Thought About Being Afraid.

And this Brings Me to this Conclusion.  What Helps Me to OverCome is to Agree With the Adversary Quickly, (Matthew 5:25).  Knowing that if Left to Myself, I’d Fall Again.  Can’t You See that this is a Moment For the Heebie-Jeebies to Run Amuck.  Even So, Just Knowing that the Greater One Lives Inside Me, (1 John 4:4); and that I Am Not Alone is an Outstanding Starting Point~!  {Yahweh Is With Me ~ Click On This, Not I Am with Yahweh, But Yahweh Is With Me Even On an Alpine Slide ~ Same Was True For Yahoshua, (See Acts 10:38 For Yahweh Was with Him.  Also Click On this LinkI Am With You,” (Click Here to See Scriptures that Show, I Am With You” or, “Yahweh Is With You,” or, “I Was With Him”)}.

So What Did Yahoshua Immediately Say to Jarius, “Do NOT Be Afraid; Only BELIEVE.”  Very Important Concept Here, (John 14:1; Mark 5:36; Luke 8:50; 2 Corinthians 4:13).

You Can Be Doubting in Your Head at Max Volume, (Like I Was at the Alpine Slide), that Safety is On it’s Way...  As Long as You Are Not Doubting in Your Heart, as the Scriptures Say...

Mark 11:23
23 For Assuredly, I Say to You, Whoever SAYS To This Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea,’ and Does Not Doubt in His HEART, But Believes that Those Things He SAYS Will Be Done, He WILL Have Whatever He SAYS, (NKJV).


Prescription For Deliverance

My Part.  (Luke 4:18), ~ To Proclaim Liberty to the Captives

I Proclaim Liberty to My Dearly Beloved Brother or Sister Who Has Been Held Captive by this Bondage of Fear of Heights, or Bridges or any Other Phobias.  From this Day Forth, YAHOSHUA Reigns in Your Thought Life From Now On.

Your Part

First of All Fill Yourselves with Certain Scriptures.  Don’t Be Concerned that You’re Not Doing the ‘Sarah Young’ Daily Devotional Thing For Now.  Normally, to Have a Devotion that Makes You Feel Good, with Birds Chirping in the Background, the Smell of Fresh Flowers Flowers is Relaxing and Soothing to Your Soul.  But Today, You Need Deliverance from this Phobia, that has Paralyzed You.  You Need Deliverance from Fear~!  First of All, You need to Correct Your Mouth, and stop Saying You Can Have a Fear of Whatever, and I’ll correct Myself, You Don’t HAVE a Phobia for ...

2 Timothy 1:7 ~ 7For God Has Not Given Us the Spirit of Fear; But of Power, and of Love, and of a Sound Mind.”

Tap or Click Here for the ‘Sarah Young’ Version, Birds Chirping, Smell of Fresh Flowers, Drinking Your Morning Hot Chocolate, Photos of Your Family.  Your Confession Ought to Be, “Yahweh HAS Given Me a Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind~!

Take the Scripture From this Email that Just Seemed to Pop Out at You, (Those Would Be a Rhema Word).  When a Certain Scripture or Even a Certain Word Within a Verse Just Comes to Your Attention, then the Holy Ghost is Making Utterance and Talking to Your Spirit, (1 Corinthians 2:10-12).  However, a Rhema Word is Not Limited to Just that.  Like When You Just Know Not to Go a Certain Route Today.  Take these Scriptures and Post them Up on Your Visor in Your Vehicle and Read them at a Red Light, Up on Your Make-Up Mirror, on the Refrigerator Door, Record them into Your Cell Phone and Have it Play Back While You’re Driving, Be Creative.  Buy or Make, Croquette a Picture to Hang on the Wall with the Verses You Can Are wanting to Get into Your Spirit.  Find a Song that sings the Scripture, and Play it Back Often.  Find the Song on YouTube that Sings it Differently and Play Several Versions Until You find the One that Imparts it into You.

1 John 4:4 ~ 4 “We Are From God, Little Children, and Have Overcome Them; Because Greater Is He Who is in Me than He Who is in the World~!

You Will Need to Get So Strong in the Certain Rhema Words of Yahweh that Abba Father is Pointing You to that in the Advent that the Enemy Tries to Whispers Something in Your Ear, You Will Be Able to Take that Though Captive, (Yahoshua Said, “Take No Thought, Saying,” Matthew 6:31).  Five Times in Ten Verses In Matthew 6:25-34, Yahoshua Said ,“Take No Thought.”  If Yahoshua Said This, it Must Be Because He Knew the Ways & Wiles of the d—Evil One and that the Devil Would Try to Get You to Take a Thought, and to Worry About.  Fear is the Substance Things Worried Over~!  Faith Works the Same Way, But Different.  We Call it Meditating On or Pondering Over, or Pouring Over or Hope in His Word Daily Until it Bakes and Becomes Faith, (Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For, Hebrews 11:6.  For We Were Saved In this Hope, But Hope that is Seen is Not Hope; for Why Does One Still Hope for What He Sees? ~ Romans 8:24-25).


Take No Thought, SAYING

And that Brings Me to This.  d—Evil One Will Try to Put Thoughts in All of Us.  If I Have in Any Way Made this Seem Like I Have a Lot of Faith, and You Don’t Because You Don’t Trust the Lord as Much as Me, then I Apologize WholeHeartedly.  d—Evil is Such a Liar and an Accuser of the Brethren, (and Sisters).  I Get the Opportunity to Be Knocked Off My Feet and Surrender to the Heebie-Jeepies Also.  However, if I Trust Yahweh and Turn to Him Something Will Rise Up Inside of Me that Will Help Me Conquer this Problem or Dilemma with My Words.  Usually, it Will Be a Thought or a Verse of Scripture.

d—Evil One Has in the Past Put a Though to Me or You Saying, “I Feel Like I’ve So overtaxed My Brain, that I Feel a Headache, Knee Ache Coming On.”  Then He Has Been Know to Switch Voices and Say Like a Mother Would, You Better Go Lie Down and Take Some Advil.  This Will Seem So Normal.  I Told You He’s a Liar.  But, if You’ll at that Exact Point Take that Thought Captive by Countering it with the Word, You’ll Be Amazed at How Differently the Outcome Will Be.

You’ll Also Be Surprised at How Relentless d—Evil One Will Be.  Like Maxwell Smart Used to Say, d—Evil One Will then Come Back at You and Has Been Known to Say, “Would You Believe that You’re Getting Tired?”  No, I Will Not as I Can Do All Things Through Christ.  Then Would You Believe You’ve Got a Back Problem and You Deserve to Just Kick Back and to Rest Trying to Get You to Make the Romans 1:21 Mistake of Being UnThankful.  His Weapons Are ONLY Carnal and He Has to Get You into His Carnal Mindset Way of Thinking to Get You to Take a Thought SAYING, to Bring it into Your Life, (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

He Might Suggest, What About How Such-n-Such Treated You, You Don’t Deserve that, I Think You Ought to Call Them Up and Give Them a Piece of Your Mind.  Or What if You’re Not Paying Much Attention and Do Something Dumb.  You Can Be Sure that the d—Evil One Will Be Right there Saying in Your Voice Inside Your Head, “I’m So Dumb, When the Lord Was Handing Out Brains, I Thought He Said Danes and I Didn’t Want Another Dog.”..>

That Would Be a Great Time to Say, “That’s Not Like Me, as I Have the Mind of Christ,” and Begin to Thank and Praise Yahweh that You’ll Do Better Next Time.  You Might Have to Bind d—Evil One From Speaking Anymore.


Take All Thoughts Captive

Take ALL Thoughts Captive, Subject to the Obedience of Christ, Being Ready to Punish Every Thought that Exalts Itself Above the Knowledge of Yahweh, (2 Corinthians 10:5-6).

John 8:32 ~ You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Will MAKE You Free~!

1.  Yahweh Is With Me, (I Am Not Alone)...  This is Very Important to Know, Because Usually, You Are Seemingly Alone When d—Evil One Attacks with Thought-Bombs.  In Fact, You Ought to Say When You Get a Thought.  Devil, You Picked a Bad Time to Mess with Me For I Am Not Alone, “For Yahweh Is With Me.”  Yahoshua Said, “I Am With You Always,” Even to the End of the World.

2.  Agree with Your Adversary that if We’re Walking by Sight, this Would Be Scary, {But, We’re Not, We’re Walking by Faith, (2 Corinthians 5:7); and Yahweh Said that He Will Fulfill the Number of My Days in (Exodus 23:25-26)}.

3, “Do NOT Be Afraid; Only BELIEVE

4.  Take ALL Thoughts Captive, (Don’t Just Ignore it, But Speak Out Loud to it, No I Certainly Will Not Drive Off this Bridge and Quote Something From His Word that Comes to Your Mind, {This is Why You Need to Mediate On Certain Specific Verses Like, “I Will Live and Not Die,” (Psalm 118:17), or, “He Will Fulfill the Number of My Days” ~ (Exodus 23:25-26), or, “The Angel of Yahweh Encamps Around Me,” (Psalm 34:7)}.


Word Power

Print Out these Scriptures and Post Them Somewhere; then Read Them Out Loud Over and Over Again Until they Are Down in Your Heart~!

1 Corinthians 15:57 ~
But Thanks Be to Yahweh, Who Gives Us the Victory Through Our Lord, Yahoshua Ha Mashiach, {Jesus the Christ}.

2 Corinthians 2:14
But Thanks Be to Yahweh, Who Always Leads Us in Triumph in Christ, and Reveals Through Us the Sweet Aroma of His Knowledge in Every Place.

Jeremiah 30:17
For I Will Restore Health to You, and I Will Heal You of Your Wounds, Says Yahweh; Because they Have Called You an Outcast, [Saying], It is Zion, Whom No Man Seeks After.

Psalm 107:20
He Sends His Word, and Heals Them, and Delivers Them From their Graves.

Psalm 103:3
Who Forgives ALL Your Sins; Who Heals ALL Your Diseases;

Psalm 23:6
Surely Goodness and Loving-Kindness Shall Follow Me ALL the Days of My Life, and I Shall Dwell in Yahweh’s House Forever.

Proverbs 10:22
The Blessing of Yahweh Brings Wealth, and He Adds No Trouble to it.

Galatians 3:13-14
Christ Redeemed Us From the Curse of the Law, Having Become a Curse For Us.  For it is Written, “Cursed is Everyone Who Hangs On a Tree,” that the Blessing of Abraham Might Come On the Gentiles Through Christ Jesus; that We Might Receive the Promise of the Spirit Through Faith.

Psalm 46:1-2
Yahweh is Our Refuge and Strength, A Very Present Help in Trouble.  Therefore Will We Not Be Afraid, Though the Earth Changes, Though the Mountains Are Shaken into the Heart of the Seas;

Romans 8:31
What then Will We Say About these Things?  If Yahweh is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

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