The Covenant

 A Covenant Between Yahweh and Us Includes Healing and Prosperity,
(Psalm 103:3).


A Covenant Is An Exchange

When a Woman Marries a Man, She Gets His Last Name; But, That’s Not ALL that She Gets.  She Also Gets His Authority.  I’ll Show You What I Mean.  She Can Walk Up to His Bank, and if the Husband by Virtue of Marriage, Has Made a Joint Account with Her; She Can Write a Blank Check with Her Newly Acquired Last Name, and Say, “I Want to Withdraw ALL the Amount that My Husband Has in His Account,” She Can Wipe Him Out.

Or She Can Just Write Checks at Various Department Stores Using Her Husband’s Checks.  She Gets Access to ALL of the Husbands Things, and the Husband Also Gets Access to ALL of Her Stuff.  This is an Example of a Covenant.

Also, I Can Go Back Home to Visit My Parents, Even Though I’m an Adult Now, and Walk Right Up to the Refrigerator and Get Something to Eat.  Healing is the Children’s Bread, and it Belongs to Us Just as Much, as My Parents Don’t Mind if I Get Something to Eat.  In Fact, they Like it and Want to Try to Feed Me, and I’ll Show by the End of this Web Page How Healing Does Belong to Us.  If I Need Something in Dad’s Tool Shed, I Would Not Even Think Twice About Getting it, Even if the Door Was Locked and I Had to Break in Through a Window to Get it, (Then Repair the Window).  But, I Feel that I Have Rights to Access His Stuff, Because I Am My Father’s Son.

The Scriptures Has a Lot to Say About Covenant.  It’s an Exchange But Not Just of Vows, You Get the Strength of Another, and they Get Your Strengths.  Why Would Yahweh Make a Covenant with Man?  Sure, We Need ALL that He Has, But What Do We Have that He Needs.  For Starters, We Are On the Earth in a Physical Form.  We Are the Body, and Christ is the Head.

In Fact, Like a Marriage Covenant, there is a Name Change.  We Are Called Christians.  When Yahweh Made a Covenant with Abram, Abram Was No Longer Called Abram,” But Had His Name Altered to Include Yahweh’s Promise, {for a Father <01> of Many <01995> Nations <01471> Have I Made Thee}, as He Was Now to Be Called ”Abraham.”  You Can Find the Complete Account of this at Genesis 15, & Genesis 17.

 Genesis 17:5
17:5    Neither Shall Your Name Any More Be Called Abram, But Your Name Shall Be Abraham; For A Father of Many Nations Have I Made Thee.

F81: Abraham: That Is, Father of a Great Multitude

This Exchange of Covenant Wasn’t One Sided, For Now Yahweh Called Himself, “The God of Abraham,” and then Yahweh Went On to Call Himself, “The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” and Yahoshua Was Referred to as, “The Son of Abraham,” (Matthew 1:1), or as, “The Son of David,” (which to Me Shows that David Must Have Had Something to Do with Prophesying and Bringing Forth Yahoshua into The Earth, Along with Abraham as Yahweh Does Nothing Without Speaking it Forth First From Out of His Heart, or Having Us Speak it Forth as a Word of Yahweh ~ Romans 4:17).

The Flip-Side of this Exchange Was that Yahoshua Called Himself, “The Son of Man,” (Not the Son of God as You Might Have Expected).  In Fact, Only Others Called Yahoshua, “The Son of God”, and Many of these Were the Demons, (Matthew 8:29, Luke 4:41), or the Devil When Trying to Tempt Yahoshua, (Saying, “if Thou Be The Son of God”; Matthew 4:4-6, Luke 4:3-4, 19), and the Religious Folks Trying to Crucify Yahoshua, (Matthew 26:63, Matthew 27:40-43).

Also Note that Yahoshua Said in Matthew 8:12 That, “The Son of Man”, Was, “Lord”, Even of The Sabbath.  It Would Have Been Obvious that, “The Son of God”, Was, “Lord”, of the Sabbath.  Later On, We See that When Stephen is Stoned, He Identifies the One On the Right Hand Side of the Throne of God as, “The Son of Man,” (Acts 7:56).

And Also Phillip and Saul, While He Was Still a Newborn Christian, (Later Known as Paul), Identifies Christ as, “The Son of God,” (Acts 8:37, Acts 9:20).  Yahoshua Was the Son of Yahweh, and Did Not Deny this When People Said that He Was, Including, “John the Baptist,” John 1:34, John 1:49, John 3:18, John 11:25-27, & Luke 22:70,” But Yahoshua Identified with Man and His Covenant Relationship with the Father by Calling Himself, “The Son of Man.”

Click Here to Find ALL Occurrences  of, “Son of God”, in the Four Gospels While Yahoshua Was On the Earth, and Click Here to Find ALL Occurrences of The, “Son of Man”, in the Four Gospels While Yahoshua Was On the Earth.

We Now Can Partake of His Divine Nature, (2 Peter 1:4), and Do Greater Things than Yahoshua Did, (John 14:12), Because Yahoshua Became 100% Man.   We‘re Blessed with Every Spiritual Blessing Through Christ, (The Messiah ~ Ha Mashiach), (Ephesians 1:3) ~ Blessed Be the God and Father of Our Lord Yahoshua Ha Mashiach, (Jesus Christ), Who Has Blessed Us with Every Spiritual Blessing in the Heavenly Places In Christ.  We Are Not Automatically Blessed with Every Spiritual Blessing, Apart From Yahoshua Ha Mashiach Coming to Earth as a Man~!

More than A Contract

Even Today When Two Corporations Merge, there is a, “Contract”, Between Them, and they Are Usually Called by the Combination of Both of their Former Names, Like When the Manufactures of the DC-3, (Douglas), Merged with The McDonnel Corporation; then We Have the McDonnel-Douglas Corporation.  (Next Time You Fly and You Notice that You Are Flying On a MD-80 Alias McDonnel~Douglas-80), then Recall that this is a Type of Covenant.  (Other Examples Would Be Owens~Corning Fiberglass, or Teledyne~Brown, or Lockheed~Martin).

Just the Fact that the Family Name Like, “Douglas”, or, “McDonnel”, Was Given to the Corporation is Another Display of Covenant.  Mr. Douglas Could Not Have Manufactured ALL the Aircraft with Just Him and His Family, and So He Gives His Covenant Name to the Employees in Exchange For their Labor.  On a Smaller and More Temporary Scale, the Employees Become Part of the Douglas Family, or Partners with Each One Gaining Something From their Combined Agreement.

A Covenant is More than a Contract, But Contract is the Word that We Have Best that Sort of Explains it to Us.  Like When You Buy an Item at a Store, and On the Receipt it is Printed, “No Refunds, Exchanges Only Within 5 Days”.  If You Come Back After 5 Days, You’re Not Going to Get an Exchange, Even if You Take it to Court.  This Small Sliver of Paper On Which the Receipt is Printed Serves as a Legally Binding Contract Between You and the vender.

You Might Persuade the Seller Before the Transaction is Made, to Give You More Time Because this is a Gift Item.  However; You Have to Write this Extension of Time On the Receipt and Get Both Parties to Sign it, and then You Have a New Legally Binding Contract that Would Be Upheld in a Court of Law.  But the Conditions that Both Parties Are Agreeing to Has to Be Done First Before the Exchange of Merchandise and Money Transpires.

This is Called a Contract, (Insurance Policies Are Binding Contracts, But Not Very Unilateral, the Conditions Are Outlined by Only One Set of the Parties, and the Other Agrees to these Conditions).  A Covenant Like a Contract is a Binding Agreement that Serves as a Title Deed or Legal Document of Guarantee.  Therefore, a Covenant Between Man and Yahweh is Also Like a Contract, in that it Describes the Terms and Conditions of Yahweh’s Peace Plan For Mankind.

Can’t Break This Contract

We Hear About Movie Stars Breaking their Contracts, But You Cannot Break a Covenant.  The Covenant is More Like When Indians Become Blood Brothers with Another Race, or with Each Other.  If You Find a Choctaw Indian that Has Become a Blood-Brother with an Apache, This Means that Not Only Does this Choctaw Have ALL the Rights of an Apache, But if You Mess with Him, it Will Be Like You Messed with One of the Apache’s, and they ALL Will Be After You~!

Or in Our Modern Day, When the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s Feud, and You Are a Brown or a Smith that Happens to Live Close by to the McCoy’s, it Would Behoove You to Enter into a Covenant with the McCoy’s So that One of the Opposing Parties Doesn’t Destroy Your Property.

Now, You Are a McCoy-Brown, or a McCoy-Smith, and this Gives Assurance that the McCoy’s Will Not Attack You, and the Hatfield’s Now Know that if they Touch Your Property, then the McCoy’s Will Retaliate On Your Behalf.  Anytime You See a Hyphenated Name, You Can Be Sure that there Was a Covenant Made Between Someone.

Well, in Joshua’s Time, (Yahoshua, as there Was no “J”, in Hebrew, Same Name as the Messiah… Interesting).  Add to this about the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s in this Similar Story.

In Fact, this is Precisely What Happened to Joshua and the Israelites.  Joshua and Israel Following the Direction of Yahweh Conquering AI and Jericho.  However, When the People of Gibeon Heard What Joshua Had Done to Jericho and Ai, they Were Afraid of Israel and Resorted to a Ruse, and Tricked Joshua into Making A Covenant with the Israelites, (Joshua 9:1-26).  Even Though The Gibeonites Were Formerly Enemies and Were Scheduled to be Destroyed, Once they Entered into a Covenant With Israel, Even through Deception and Trickery, they Not Only Would Not Be Destroyed, but Protected.  A Coalition Of Five Kings from Neighboring Towns Joined Together to Attack Gibeon When They Discovered the Gibeonites had Entered into a “Peace Treaty”, with Israel.  The Men of Gibeon Sent to Joshua at the Camp at Gilgal, Saying, “Don’t Abandon Your Servants~!  Come Up to Us Quickly and Save Us~!  Help Us; for All the Kings of the Amorites that Dwell in the Hill Country Have Gathered Together Against Us.”

So, that is What Joshua and Israel Did~!  And How Did Yahweh Feel about this Situation?  Even Though the Israelites had Been Deceived into Entering into this Covenant, and Didn’t Inquire of Yahweh Before Making Covenant, (Joshua 9:14); When the Gibeonites Beckoned for Support, Not Only Did Joshua and the Calvary Arrive Traveling All Night Long To Get there, But Yahweh Also Intervened and Yahweh Hurled Down Great Stones From the Sky on Them to Azekah, and They Died. There Were More Who Died From the Hailstones than Those Whom the Children of Israel Killed with the Sword, (Joshua 10:11).

We Were Once Enemies of Yahweh, (Ephesians 2:12, ~ That You Were at that Time Separate From Christ, Alienated From The Commonwealth of Israel, and Strangers From The Covenants of The Promise, Having No Hope and Without God In The World.), but Since Yahoshua Became a Man and Entered Into Covenant With Yahweh for Us, We Are Now Protected and Have All the Covenant Promises and Privileges, (Hebrews 2:14).

But, That’s Not All Folks~!  There’s More to this Story.  My Wife’s Uncle Once Shot at a Deer that Was Standing Close to Another Deer and Killed Two Deer With One Shot.  These Were the Five Kings Whose Cities Yahweh Had Instructed Joshua, (Yahoshua), to Destroy and Here they All Were Gathered Together Against Joshua’s Armies, (Saving Joshua from Going to Each of their Territories).  So Joshua told Yahweh, for the Sun to Stand Still, and the Sun Stood Still for a Whole Day~!  And the Army of Joshua Whooped the Enemy Completely and Joshua Had the Israelite Leaders Stand and Put their Foot on Each of The King’s Necks, and then Joshua Killed the Five Kings Who Had Been Hiding in a Cave and Tossed Their Bodies Into the Cave~!  What the Enemy Meant for Evil, Yahweh Turned it Around for the Good of the Israelite Folks~!  ~ (Genesis 50:20).  It’s a Pretty Amazing Story and I Encourage You to Read the Original Account at Joshua 10:1-43.

But, Wait.  There is Still More to this Story.  These Were the Same Gibeonites that Later King Saul Decided Should be Eradicated From Off the Face of the Earth, and He Killed a Bunch of Them.  But Then There Was a Three-Year Famine In The Days of David, Year After Year; and David Inquired of Yahweh. Yahweh Replied, it is on Account of Saul and His Bloody House, for He Put to Death The Gibeonites, (Who Were Formerly Enemies but Had Entered into a Covenant with Israel Even Though They Did So By Using Deception ~ 2 Samuel 21:1-14).  So, King David asked the Gibeonites, What Must We Do to Make this Right, and they Said, they Wanted Kill Some of King Saul’s Sons.  So, to Appease their Anger and to Stop the Famine, King David Handed Over Seven Sons of Saul.  However, there is a Noted Exception Listed Here.  David Spared Mephibosheth, the Son of Saul’s Son Jonathan, Because of the Covenant of Yahweh that Was Between David and Jonathan, Saul’s Son, (2 Samuel 21:7; 1 Samuel 18:3;20:12-17; 23:18).  We’re Going to Talk About Mephibosheth Later On.  (Ironically, there Was another Mephibosheth, the Son of Saul’s Oldest Daughter Merab and This Mephibosheth Was One of those Offered to be Hanged).  According to the Scriptures, Merab was Meant to Marry David, But She Was Given In Matrimony to Adriel The Meholathite.  In Other Words, Had Merab Married David She Would Have Been In Covenant with David as Marriage is the Strongest Covenant Possible.  But Because She Not Marry David She Was Not Protected and Her Son Mephibosheth Did Not Have a Covenant with David.  One Mephibosheth that Had A Covenant Relationship with King David Lived and One Mephibosheth that Did Not Have a Covenant Relationship with Kind David Died.

Covenant Started

Now, Let’s Go Back and See How that the Covenant Originally Started, and What Were the Obligations of Each Party in the Covenant.  Yahweh Required Something From Abraham.  Abraham Had to Agree to Serve Yahweh.  I Will Serve Yahweh, (See Also Exodus 23:25-26).

Pretty Simple.  And as a Sign of this Covenant, Abraham Had to Be Circumcised, and Lest We Let this Slip Right On by Us, Circumcision Produces Blood, For this Was a, “Blood Covenant”, Requiring Blood to Put The Covenant in Motion.

Abraham Had Blood, But Yahweh Didn’t, So Yahweh Told Abraham to, “Take For Me”, the Blood of Some Specific Animals, {Genesis 15:9}.  And Abraham’s Part Was to Serve Yahweh and Have ALL Males Circumcised.  Yahweh and Abraham’s Part Are Described in More Detail in Genesis 17, (I’m Just Trying to Establish the Fact that Blood Was Required).  If You Want to See More About What is Yahweh’s Part Is, Deuteronomy 28 Gives You a Real Good Look~!

But the Problem Isn’t that We Don’t Have a Covenant.  The Problem is that We Don’t Know that We’ve Got a Covenant, or What The Covenant Rights Give Us.  My People Are Destroyed Because of Lack of Knowledge, (Hosea 4:6), Being Strangers to the Covenant of Promise, (Ephesians 2:12).

Like the Man that Saved Up ALL His Money to Go On a Cruise Across The Ocean, and then Was Hidden Away in a Corner Watching the Other Passengers Dine, While He Ate Cracker Crumbs and Water.  The Purser Found Him and Inquired Why He Was Starving Himself So. 

He Replied Back, “It Took ALL the Money that I Had Saved to Buy the Ticket For this Cruise, and I Don’t Have Any Money Left to Buy Meals”.  The Purser Said, “Didn’t You Know that the Meals Are Included~!”  That’s Where We Are Today.  We Don’t Know What’s Ours Already.


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There Was a Curse Associated with Covenant, and Also a Blessing.  Yahweh Outlined Both The Blessings and the Cursing Part of the Covenant with Moses in Deuteronomy 28.  Yahweh Said a Whole Pile of Stuff Here Regarding Covenant, and I Highly Recommend Reading Deuteronomy 28 For Yourself.

One of Those Things that Yahweh Promised if they Would Enter into this Covenant with Yahweh, is that When the Enemy Would Come Out Against You One Way, that the Enemy Would Flee From You Seven Different Ways.  In Fact, Going Further in this Same Verse Yahweh Promises to Smite Our Enemies~!  Find this at Deuteronomy 28:7 Below.  And Look at Deuteronomy 28:10, Where Yahweh Says that they Will Be Afraid of You, and Just to Point Out that the Name is Important in a Covenant, Look Again at Deuteronomy 28:10.

 Deuteronomy 28:7,10
28:7    Yahweh Shall Cause Thine Enemies that Rise Up Against Thee to Be Smitten Before Your Face: they Shall Come Out Against Thee One Way, and Flee Before Thee Seven Ways.
28:10    And ALL People of the Earth Shall See that Thou Art Called by the Name of Yahweh; and they Shall Be Afraid of Thee.

The Sign of the Covenant

So, Let’s Travel Forward Past Abraham and Moses, and Come to Jonathan.  Jonathan Was the Son of Saul, the Current Reigning King of Israel.  Jonathan is Heir, and as Such Destined For the Throne.  But, Something Happens Along the Way.  Yahweh Disapproves of Saul After Saul Disobeyed Yahweh’s Prophet Samuel, And Samuel Under the Direction of Yahweh Appoints a Ruddy Little Shepherd Boy Named David to Be the Next King.

Saul Acquires an Army From the Finest Men in the Country.  If Saul Saw Someone that He Considered Built Like a Line Backer or Valiant, He Took Them as His Own, {1 Samuel 14:52, Just as Samuel said that a King Would Do in (1 Samuel 8:11)}.  But, David Was Not Chosen.  Either the King Didn’t See David, or Thought He Was a Scrawny Throw-Back with Nothing Resembling Bravery, and We Know this Because ALL that Saul Saw that He Thought Were Strong or Courageous He Took, and He Took Three of David’s Brothers, (1 Samuel 17:13).

But, About the Same Time that King Saul Was Getting Folks For His Army, His Son Jonathan Did Something of Bravery.  Jonathan Took On 20 Key Men in the Philistine Army with Just Himself, and His Armor-Bearer, (1 Samuel 14:1-23).  And I Call these Philistines Key Men, Because as these Men Fled in Fear, the Rest of the Philistine Army Fled Also and Alerted the Israelite Army Led by Saul, Who Pursued Them.

It Was a Divine Strategy.  But, Here is the Thing, and Once You See it, You’ll Realize that it Wasn’t Just Something that Jonathan Dreamed Up.  Jonathan Said to His Armor-Bearer.  Come, Let Us Go Over to the Garrison of these, “unCircumcised

 1 Samuel 14:6


And Jonathan Said to the Young Man that Bare His Armour, Come, and Let Us Go Over Unto the Garrison of these unCircumcised : it May Be that Yahweh Will Work For Us: For there is No Restraint to Yahweh to Save by Many or by Few.

This Was Faith For Sure.  But Faith in What?  What Was Jonathan Saying When He Called Them, “unCircumcised.  Was He Name-Calling, Labeling Them Something Derogatory?  No, Jonathan Was Saying they Don’t Have a Covenant with Almighty God.  Read (Deuteronomy 28:7, 10) Once More, “They Shall Come Against You One Way, and Flee Seven Ways.  And ALL the People of the Earth, “Shall Be Afraid of Thee.”  Jonathan Was Not Bluffing, He Was Calling in Faith On the Covenant of Yahweh.  Apparently, His Armor-Bearer Had Been Told of the Covenant and Did Not Waste Any Time, But Agreed Readily.  Jonathan and His Armor-Bearer Won and the Earth Quaked, and And the Scripture Records that it Became a Terror From Yahweh, So this Must Be So.  Yahweh Did Not Let Jonathan Down at ALL.

Now then We Jump Ahead to Find that David’s Father Has Decided to Send David Off to the Battlefield to Check On His Brothers, and Bring Them Some Substance.  But, as David Comes into the Place Where they Were, He Hears Shouts From Some Giant, Defying the Armies of Israel.  The Timing that Might Otherwise Seem Accidental; Was to Yahweh Providential, (Proverbs 16:33).

David Was Also Raised Like Jonathan, and this Must Have Sounded Small to Hear this Giant That Thinks He Can Whoop Up On The Armies of Yahweh.  Probably David Might Have Thought Something Like, “Doesn’t This Man Know that We Are in Covenant with Yahweh?  Doesn’t He Know that Yahweh Will Smite Our Enemies and they Shall Come Against Us One Way, But Flee Seven.  Is this Person Dumb?”

And then Finally David Sees that No One Seems to Realize that We Have a Covenant with Yahweh Which Would Produce ‘The Enemy Fleeing in Fright’?  So, David Asks, “What Reward Will the Man Get that Takes Away the Reproach of Israel.”  I Imagine the Threats of the Giant Could Be Heard in the Background as David Was Asking this Question Out Loud.

Finally, David Lets the Cat Out of the Bag About Knowing What His Covenant Rights Are, and Says, Who is This, “unCircumcised”,  Philistine?  There’s that Word Again, “unCircumcised.”   David, (Like Jonathan Before), Was Saying; “This Giant DOES NOT Have a Covenant with Almighty Yahweh.  In Fact, David Really Compares this Giant to the Same as an Animal that is Without a Covenant From Yahweh.

1 Samuel 17:36
Your Servant Has Killed Both Lion and Bear; and this unCircumcised Philistine Will Be Like One of Them, Seeing He Has Defied the Armies of the Living God.”

And Saul Sends David Before the Giant, and David Defeats the Giant, Knocking Him Out and then Cutting His Head Off.

1 Samuel 17:57-58

57 When David Returned From Killing the Philistine, Abner Took Him and Brought Him Before Saul with the Philistine’s Head Still in His Hand.
58 Saul Said to Him, “Whose Son Are You, Young Man?” “The Son of Your Servant Jesse of Bethlehem”, David Answered.

(David Later Proves that He Knows His Covenants Rights at Psalm 74:20).

Mephibosheth Finds Out that He Has A Covenant

But Somebody Else Was Watching David that Day that Had Also Realized that they Were in Covenant with Yahweh, and that Someone Was Jonathan.

David Answers King Saul in 1 Samuel 17:58, and then We Find in the Next Verse, 1 Samuel 18:1-4 That Jonathan and David Enter into Covenant with Each Other Saying that ALL that is Yours is Mine, and ALL that is Mine is Yours, (Including the Throne).  The Prince and the Pauper Story Was Here Long Before Charles Dickens Ever Told it.  David Probably Had Shared His Intimate Thoughts with Jonathan, (1 Samuel 18:1, 3-4).  David Also Had Went So Far as to Make a Covenant with Jonathan, Which Further Shows that David Knew What a Covenant Was ALL About.  They Even Exchanged Coats and Weapons.  Your People Shall Be My People, and Your God Shall Be My God Said Ruth to Naomi, (Ruth 1:16).

1 Samuel 18:1-4
18:1   And it Came to Pass, When He Had Made an End of Speaking Unto Saul, that The Soul of Jonathan Was Knit with the Soul of David, and Jonathan Loved Him as His Own Soul.
18:2   And Saul Took Him that Day, and Would Let Him Go No More Home to His Father’s House.
18:3   Then Jonathan and David Made a Covenant, Because He Loved Him as His Own Soul.
18:4   And Jonathan Stripped Himself of the Robe that Was Upon Him, and Gave it to David, and His Garments, Even to His Sword, and to His Bow, and to His Girdle.

In 1 Samuel 14:6-16, You Will Find a Remarkable Story of Courage and Bravery of Jonathan, Echoing Almost Word for Word What David Said, Again Referencing the UnCircumcised and Making Mention of the God of A Few Good Men.

David and Jonathan Were Saying What Our Policemen Say When they Wear a Badge.  ”We May Be Small in Number, But You Harm One of Us then You Will Have to Deal with Who We Represent.”  Indian Blood-Brothers Have this Same Viewpoint, and So Do Gangs.

Jonathan Probably Got a Sling, and David a Sword.  This is Covenant!  Where Have We Heard this Story Before?  It Was Ruth that Said it to Naomi, (Ruth 1:16).  Do You Suppose that in Ruth’s Family that this Story Was Told to Her Family and Children and Grand-Children Over and Over Again, and Before the Advent of Television that the Story of the Courtship Between Her and Boaz Was Told in Dramatic Details, How She Came in as a Foreigner and Entered into and Made Covenant with the People of Israel.  Same Story Was Probably Passed Down to Ruth from Boaz’s Mother Rahab, {Formerly a Canaanite Harlot in the City of Jericho}.

Did You Know that Rahab, {the Former Canaanite Harlot} Was David’s Great, Great GrandMother, or that Ruth Was Formerly a Moabite, and also David’s Great Grandmother?  Boaz’s Mother had Been a Canaanite and Boaz Married a Moabite.  {Salmon the Father of Boaz, Whose Mother Was Rahab, Boaz the Father of Obed, Whose Mother Was Ruth, Obed the Father of Jesse, and Jesse the Father of King David, (Matthew 1:5-6).  So, “Whose Son Is?”, This, Might Be a More Important and Appropriate Question than We May Have Thought, as King David Was GrandFathered into a Covenant Relationship with Yahweh).

These Foreigners and Strangers to the Covenant Have Been Adopted and Grafted In To Be the Children of Yahweh, (John 1:12; Romans 8:14-17; Galatians 3:26; 1 John 3:2).  When the Alien Resides with You in Your Land, You Shall Not Oppress the Alien.  The Alien Who Resides with You Shall be to You as the Citizen Among You; You Shall Love the Alien as Yourself, for You Were Aliens in the Land of Egypt: I am Yahweh Your God”, (Leviticus 19:33-34; Leviticus 24:22).  {See Also Exodus 12:49; Joshua 8:33-35}.  Listed Among Yahoshua's Disciples Was Simon, “The Canaanite”, in the King James Version, (Matthew 10:4; Mark 3:18), {it May be that this Simon Was Not an Israelite}.

Saul asked, “Whose Son Is?”, But His Intention behind the Question Was to Ensure that David Came from One of the Tribes of Israel and that he Had a Covenant Relationship with Yahweh and David goes on to be in the Ancestry of Yahoshua.  But, Just In Case You Think that Yahoshua Was From a Line of the Highest Pedigree of Blue Bloods, if You’ll Check Out His Lineage You Find it is Less than Royal, and Certainly Not Regal nor Stellar as even Perez the Scandalous Son of Judah is Also Listed, (Matthew 1:3); Further Showing How Deep a Covenant Relationship is and Can Not Be Broken~!

King Saul Never Liked David, But Took Him into His House, So that He Could Take Glory For What David Had Done.  Saul Told Jonathan to Not Be Friendly with David, and Went So Far as to Say that David Would Take the Throne Away From Jonathan.  Little Did Saul Know that it Was Too Late, as Jonathan Had Already Given David the Throne in their Covenant Agreement.  And You Can Read the Whole Exciting, “Robin Hood”, Story in 1 Samuel 18-31.

But, Eventually, Saul Was in Battle and His Sons Were Also Involved in the Same War.  On that Particular Day, they ALL Were Killed in Battle, Including Jonathan, (1 Samuel 31:7).  And Eventually, David Became King.  Well, One Day While David Was King, He Thought About Jonathan.  They Were Very Close.  Their Hearts Were Drawn Together.  But, this Was Much More than a Close Friendship.

 2 Samuel 9:1
9:1   And David Said, is there Yet Any that is Left of the House of Saul, that I May Show Him Kindness For Jonathan’s Sake?

You See, David Was Still in Covenant with Jonathan and Jonathan’s Family, Even Though Jonathan Was Gone.  It Turned Out that Jonathan Had a Son that Was the Opposite of What His Grandfather Saul Was Looking For to Fit His Army.

Saul’s Followers Thought in Fear that Whoever Got to Be the Next King Would Wipe Out Any of the Family of the Previous King, (Like Washington, D.C. When One Political Party Wins and Oust Out the Former Party).  So, in this Panic and Fear Based Flight From the Throne by a Maid, This Boy Was Injured, and Was Made Lamed.

However, King David Said, “Is there Anybody that I May Show the Kindness of Yahweh Unto”?  That’s an Interesting Phrase.  Not Just David’s Kindness, But David Wanted to Show the Kindness of Yahweh.  If We Read Between the Lines, this Sounds Like David is Speaking About Something that He Has Experienced.

And He Had, For David Had Experienced Yahweh’s Kindness.  Was it Not David that Watched Another Man’s Wife, and then Murdered Her Husband.  If Justice Had Been Served, David Would Not Have Been Yahweh’s Representative.  But, Yahweh Had Shown King David Mercy and Loving-Kindness.

In the English, a Lot of Words Get Muddled and Not as Specific as they Are in The Hebrew or Chaldee Languages.  But the Word King David Used For Kindness in 2 Samuel 9:3 Was the Hebrew Word Dox, (Strong’s Concordance # 2617).  We Transliterate the Word into English as Checed ~ kheh’-sed.

It’s a Word that Indicates More than Just Little Acts of Kindness.  In Fact, the Only Word Equivalent to it in the New Testament is the Word Agape.  The Gesenius Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon of the Old Testament, Phased David’s Words to in 2 Samuel 9:3 To Say, “I Will Act Kindly Towards Him Like Unto Yahweh”.  So, David Sought Out Any Kinfolks of Jonathan.

This Boy’s Name Was Mephibosheth, and David Not Only Showed Him Loving-Kindness, But Restored to Him His Former Lands, and Landlord to Care For His Property.  Mephibosheth Thought For Sure that He Was a, “Dead Dog”.

Mephibosheth Didn’t Know About the Blood Covenant Between His Father and the King that Made Him in Right Standing with King David.  You Can Read the Account at 2 Samuel 9:1-13.  It is a Great Account of How We Have Seen Ourselves Before Yahweh and His Throne of Grace, Compared to How Yahweh Views Us.

More Covenants

After the Covenant that Yahweh Made with Abraham, Yahweh Made Five At Least More Covenants with Folks Including Isaac, Jacob, Noah, and Moses, and King David, But ALL these Were Temporary, Until a Perfect Man Could Be Born to Make Covenant with Yahweh.

With the Covenant that Yahweh Made with Yahoshua, that Makes Seven Covenants.  (There May Be Even More as Eleazar is Mentioned Also In Covenant, and Also in Deuteronomy 29:1 We Find that Yahweh Made More than One Covenant with Moses).  But, it Was the Covenant with Abraham that Allowed Yahweh to Offer His Son On the Cross.

When Abraham Believed by Faith that He Would Have a Son by Covenant with Yahweh that Would Make Him the Father of Many Nations and that From this Son Would Come the Seed.  And this Seed Was Yahoshua, But Abraham Believed it Before it Was So, (Romans 4:13-22).

Since Abraham Believed that the Seed Would Be Born, He Was, and the Scriptures Prophesied Yahoshua into the Earth, {“And The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us,” the “Spoken Word”, or the Prophesied Word ~ (John 1:14)}.  And Since Abraham Offered His Son, Yahweh Was Obligated Under the Same Covenant to Offer His Son, (Yahoshua, the Christ), and Since Abraham Believed by Faith that Yahweh Would Raise His Son Up From the Dead, that Same Faith Brought Yahoshua Up From the Grave.

So, You See, Father Abraham Was Very Important to Getting Yahoshua into the Earth, Allowing Yahoshua to Die For Our Sins, and then Raising Yahoshua From the Dead.  Then Yahoshua Being Born a Man, by Faith, Made a Final Covenant with Yahweh that We Enjoy Today, (Hebrews 2:14).

Just to Show You How Important that Covenants Are to Yahweh, What Was in the Ark?  What Was the Ark Called? ~ (Answer:, “The Ark of the Covenant”).  Many Covenants Were Made to Get Yahoshua into the Earth. "And The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us", the Written Word, or the Prophesied Word ~ (John 1:14).

Genesis 6:18; Genesis 9:9, 11-13, 15-17

I Will Establish My Covenant with You... {Covenant with Noah}

Genesis 15:18

In the Same Day Yahweh Made a Covenant with Abram...

Genesis 17:1-21

I Will Make My Covenant Between Me and You, {Abram}...

Exodus 34:27

Then Yahweh Said to Moses, Write these Words, For According to the Tenor of these Words I Have Made a Covenant with You and with Israel.”

Deuteronomy 29:1

These Are the Words of the Covenant Which Yahweh Commanded Moses to Make with the Children of Israel in the Land of Moab, Besides the Covenant Which He Made with Them in Horeb.

Exodus 2:24

So Yahweh Heard their Groaning, and Yahweh Remembered His Covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.

Leviticus 26:42 Then I Will Remember My Covenant with Jacob, and My Covenant with Isaac and My Covenant with Abraham I Will Remember; I Will Remember the Land.
2 Kings 13:23

But Yahweh Was Gracious to Them, Had Compassion On Them, and Regarded Them, Because of His Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Would Not Yet Destroy Them or Cast Them From His Presence.

1 Chronicles 16:17

And Confirmed it to Jacob For a Statute, To Israel For an Everlasting Covenant,

Psalms 105:10

And Confirmed it to Jacob For a Statute, To Israel as an Everlasting Covenant,

Isaiah 54:9

For this is Like the Waters of Noah To Me; For as I Have Sworn That the Waters of Noah Would No Longer Cover the Earth, So Have I Sworn that I Would Not Be Angry with You, Nor Rebuke You.

Acts 7:8

Then He Gave Him the Covenant of Circumcision; and So Abraham Begot Isaac and Circumcised Him On the Eighth Day; and Isaac Begot Jacob, and Jacob Begot The Twelve Patriarchs.

Final Covenant

So, Finally there Was a Lasting Covenant Made Between Yahweh and Man, and Our Representative Was the Man Yahoshua, (Hebrews 2:17; Philippians 2:5-8).  Yahweh Made a Covenant with Yahoshua, and We Are Joint Heirs with Christ, (Romans 8:17; Ephesians 3:6; 1 Peter 3:7).

One of the Things that Up Unto this Point, Prevented Us From Doing the Same Things that Yahoshua, (Jesus) Did, is that We Believe that Yahoshua Was God, and that Only He Could Perform Special Miracles or Gifts of Healings Because He Was the Son of God, or Because He Was God.

Well Philippians 2:5-8 Says, 5 Let this Mind Be in You Which Was Also in Christ Jesus, 6 Who, Being in the Form of God, Did Not Consider it Robbery to Be Equal with God, 7 But Made Himself of No Reputation, Taking the Form of a Bondservant, and Coming in the Likeness of Men. 8 And Being Found in Appearance as a Man, He Humbled Himself and Became Obedient to the Point of Death, Even the Death of the Cross.

As a God, Yahoshua Could Not Die, But as a Man, He Said, “Therefore My Father Loves Me, Because I Lay Down My Life that I May Take it Again.  No One Takes it From Me, But I Lay it Down of My Own Accord.  I Have Authority to Lay it Down and Authority to Take it Up Again,” (John 10:17-18).  So, if Yahoshua Would Have Used His God Abilities, He Would’ve Made Void the Covenant Between God & Man.

“Therefore, It Was Necessary For Yahoshua to Be in Every Respect Like Us, His Brothers and Sisters, So that He Could Be Our Merciful And Faithful High Priest Before Yahweh.  He then Could Offer a Sacrifice that Would Take Away the Sins of the People,” (Hebrews 2:17).

You See, Yahoshua Had to Become a 100% Man to Be Able to Legally Make this Covenant with Yahweh.  Even Though Yahoshua Was 100% God, He Did Not Come to Earth as God, But as a Man Just the Same as You and Me, Operating Under the Old Covenant.  You See, Yahoshua Was the Firstborn of Many Brothers and Sisters, (Romans 8:29).   Yahoshua is Our Older Brother~!

Do You Recall that Time When Jarius Came to See Yahoshua, and While they Were Conversing, a Messenger Came and Said, “Your Daughter is Dead. Why Trouble the Teacher Any Further?”  And Yahoshua Immediately Said to Jarius, “Do NOT Be Afraid, Only Believe,” (Mark 5:36).  If Yahoshua Was On Earth as God, Why Didn’t He Say, “Never Fear, I Am Here to Save the Day.  Stand Back While I Go to Your Daughter and Raise Her Up From the Dead.”  So, Why Bother to Talk to Jarius About UnBelief, Fear and Doubt and Believing, (Faith).

Why Didn’t Yahoshua Just Say, “Tell Me Where She is and I’ll Go by Myself.”  Yahoshua Was Only Going Because That’s Where the “Word of Faith”, Was Coming Out of Jarius’ Mouth, (“COME AND LAY YOUR HANDS ON HER, THAT SHE MAY BE HEALED, AND SHE WILL LIVE.”  (Mark 5:23).  {See Also Romans 10:8}.

If Yahoshua Came to Earth as God, then He Would Know Where Jarius Lived.  In Fact, He Would Have Known a Lot of Things that He didn‘t Like “Who Touched Me”, ... Because He Had Known that Power Had Gone Out of Him, and that this Wasn‘t His Faith that Drew this Power Out, (it Was the Woman’s Faith with the Issue of Blood), (Mark 5:30; Luke 8:46).

When He Was Thirsty On the Cross Yahoshua They Gave Him Sour Wine to Drink Mixed with Gall and He Also Didn‘t Know that.  .  When He Had Tasted it, He Would Not Drink, (Matthew 27:34).  He Asked One Blind Man, “Do You See Anything?,” (Mark 8:23).  If Yahoshua Had His God Powers On, then He Would Have Known, and Not Needed to Ask.  Now, there Were Other Times, When He Knew their Thoughts or Knew that the Woman at the Well Had Five Previous Husbands.  This Was a “Word of Knowledge”, Gift that Certain Believers that Have Been Given this Gift Are Also Able to Function in Today‘s Times~!  (Ephesians 4:8; 1 Corinthians 12:8)  You‘ll See that Yahoshua Came to Earth as a Man, a Human, Without Doing Anything that We Also Can Do Under the Old Covenant.  However, We Are Now Under the New Covenant and Can Do Far Greater Things, *(I‘ll Talk About that Later On in a Few Paragraphs).

Jarius’ “Spoken Word of Faith”, Was the Catalyst Being Used to Activate Yahoshua.  Habakkuk 2:4 Says, “The Just Shall Live by Faith”.  It Says it Again at Romans 1:17, and Again at Galatians 3:11 and then Again at Hebrews 10:38.  If God Says Something Once, it’s Important.  But When Yahweh Says the Very Same Thing Four Times, Well That’s Extremely Important~!  Yahoshua Operating While He Was On Earth by the Same Faith that We Have to Operate in Ourselves.  And Without Faith it is Impossible to Please Yahweh, (Hebrews 11:6).  These Group of Words Will Forever Change What You Thought You Knew About Yahoshua, “Your Faith Has Made You Well.”  If Yahoshua Came as God, Why Was it Necessary So Many Times For their Faith to Be Involved at All?

It’s Like Ephesians 2:8 Says, “For by Grace You Have Been Saved Through Faith, and that Not of Yourselves”.  Grace: His Loving Desire to Treat Us as if Sin Had Never Been~!  Or Like ServPro, The Fire and Flood Restorers says, “Like It Never Even Happened”.  Grace Saved You and Me, But it Was FAITH that Received it~!  Romans 4:16 Tells Us the Rest of the Story:

16 Therefore It is of Faith, that It Might Be By Grace; to the End the Promise Might Be Sure to All the Seed; Not to that Only Which is of the Law, But to that Also Which is of the Faith of Abraham; Who is the Father of Us All.

The Spiritual Force Call Faith is the Receiver~!  Faith Made the Connection, and Yahweh Did the Rest~!

And Romans 4:16 From the J.B. Phillips New Testament in Modern English.

The Whole Thing, then, is a Matter of Faith On Man’s Part and Generosity On God’s. He Gives the Security of His Own Promise to ALL Men Who Can Be Called Children of Abraham,” i.e. Both Those Who Have Lived in Faith by the Law, and Those Who Have Exhibited a Faith Like that of Abraham.

Meditate On This:  The Carpenter Lives by their Hammer.  That‘s the Tool with Which they Make their Living.  The Musician Lives by their Musical Instrument.  That‘s the Tool with Which they Make their Living.  The Just Live by Faith.  That‘s the Tool with Which they, {the Just}, Receive their Living.

Let Me Explain it From a Different Perspective.  For Logistic Purposes, it Would Not Be Practical to Send the Entire Church to a State Convention as there Would Have to Be an Enormous Building to House All Those Folks.  So, We Send One or Two Persons that Will Be a Stand-in For a Particular Church.  It’s as if I Go to a Convention Representing a Certain Church that I Am Not a Member of, and at the Convention they Vote to Take Up $100.00 a Month Per Church For a Good Cause Like Helping the Homeless.

And When it Comes Time to Cast Votes, I Cast the “Yes”, Vote Representing a Church that I Am Not a Member of.  And they Accept My Vote as Valid, and Write it Down.  Later On, When the Convention Board Calls this Certain Church and Asks Where is the Contribution that Was Promised; the Response Will Ultimately Come Down to the Fact that I Was Misrepresenting the Church, as I Am Not a Member of that Church, Nor Was I Appointed to Go as an Ambassador or Representative, and that My Vote is Null and Void.

Conversely, if I Were the Genuine Delegate, then My Vote Would Count, it Would Be as if the Whole Church Went to the Convention and Every One of The Members Voted, “Yes”.  I Would Be their Representative. 

Even as I Would Have to Be an Authentically Appointed Member to Go and Represent This Church, Yahoshua Had to Be a Bona Fide Human to Represent Mankind, and Romans 5:15 & 1 Corinthians 15:47 Tells Us that Yahoshua Was A Man, “But the Free Gift is Not Like the Offense. For if by the One Man’s Offense Many Died, Much More the Grace of God and the Gift by the Grace of The One Man, Jesus Christ, abounded to Many.” “The First Man Was of the Earth, Made of Dust; The Second Man is the Lord From Heaven.”  I didn‘t Say Yahoshua Wasn‘t Lord, Because He Was and Is.  But, He Did Not Come to Earth as Such, “In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word Was with God, and The Word Was God...” “And The Word Became Flesh,” John 1:1, 14, In Other Words, the Word Became a Man in the Man Kind Class, and if Someone Becomes Something Else, then it Cannot Still Be What it Was, (A Butterfly Does Not Got Back to Being a Caterpillar; A Frog Does Not Go Back to Being a TadPole, Nor Does an Adult become a Child Again).

Yahoshua Did Not Come to Earth Knowing Everything, Nor Was He Fully Grown as a Human.  He Had to Learn From Yahweh Just Like We Do.
Luke 2:40 “And The Child Grew and Became Strong in Spirit, Filled with Wisdom; and the Grace of God Was Upon Him”
Luke 2:52 “And Yahoshua Increased in Wisdom and Stature, and in Favor with God and Men”, (Luke 2:40, 52).

Now, if Yahoshua Were Still a God that Would Disqualify Him From Being Man.  Yahoshua Had to Be Our Brother.  It Would Be Odd, that Yahoshua is the Firstborn of Many Brothers and Sisters, with the Exception that He Was Also God.  No.  Yahoshua Laid Aside His Ability to Be God, So that He Could Be Just Like Us in Every Way.

One of the Test to Know if Something is From God or Not is to Ask the Spirit, “Did Yahoshua Come in the Flesh”?, “By This You Know the Spirit of God: Every Spirit that Confesses that Yahoshua Ha Mashiach, (Jesus the Christ), Has Come in the Flesh is of God,” (1 John 4:2).  Asked Another Way, “Was Yahoshua a Man?  In Other Words, Did Yahoshua Come to the Earth as a Man, Not as a God-Man Being Half God and Half Man, But Did He Deny His God Powers; and Become Just Like Us, So that He Could Become the Firstborn of Many Brothers and Sisters, (Romans 8:29)?

Hebrews 2:14 ~ Forasmuch then As the Children Are Partakers of Flesh and Blood, He Also Himself Likewise Took Part of the Same; that Through Death He Might Destroy Him that Had the Power of Death, That Is, the Devil;

Yahoshua Was the Son of God and He Was and Still is the Only, “Begotten”, Son of God, (John 3:16).  But, He is Not the Only Son of God Anymore, Just the Only, “Begotten”, Son of God, as the Rest of Us Were Not “Begotten,” But Have Been Adopted and Grafted In To Be the Children of Yahweh, (John 1:12; Romans 8:14-17; Galatians 3:26; 1 John 3:2).  In Fact, there Are Now Some Daughters of Yahweh.  Bonus: A Woman is a Man Also, and Even Has the Word “Man” in Her Description of WoMAN ~ She Is Just a Man with a Womb, in the Mankind Class Same as the Male Gender of Mankind.  A Man Can Never Be a Woman, Because He Has No Womb.  Look at Another Scripture that Says that Yahoshua is the Firstborn of Many Brothers and Sisters and Other Scriptures that Says that Yahoshua is Our Example of What We Are to Do Today, (John 13:15; 1 Peter 2:21).  So, if We Put these Scriptures Together, We Come Up with the Fact that We Are Supposed to Be Doing the Same Thing that Yahoshua Did.  That’s Precisely What Yahoshua Said In: (John 14:12), “Most Assuredly, I Say to You, He Who Believes in Me, the Works that I Do they Will Do Also; and Greater Works than these He Will Do, Because I Go to My Father.”

Debt Reconciled

Matthew the Tax Collector Often Would Describe Something Yahoshua Did and Point Out that this Was Done On Purpose to Fulfill a Scripture, (Debt Owed, Debt Reconciled, Like an Accountant, or a Tax Collector Would Do).  Now, (Psalm 69:21) Does Say, “Then Also Gave Me Gall For My Food.  In My Thirst, they Gave Me Vinegar to Drink”.

However, Using this Premise, then You Would Have to Say that Peter Denied Christ Three Times So that He Might Fulfill Yahoshua’s Prophecy.  No, It Was Just that the Prophecy Was Fulfilled and then Peter Recalled What Yahoshua Had Said, “And Peter Remembered the Saying of the Lord”, (John 18:13-27; Mark 14:66-72; Luke 22:54-62).

Or that Judas Sold Yahoshua For 30 Pieces of Silver On Purpose Just to Fulfill Prophecy.  Or that Judas Hung Himself in the Potter’s Field On Purpose Leaving His Office Vacant Just to Fulfill Another Prophecy.  Matthew 27:3-10 Says, “Then Judas, Which Had Betrayed Him, When He Saw that He Was Condemned, Repented Himself, and Brought Again the Thirty Pieces of Silver to the Chief Priests and Elders, Saying, “I Have Sinned in that I Have Betrayed the Innocent Blood.”  And they Said, What is that to Us?  See Thou to that.  And He Cast Down the Pieces of Silver in the Temple, and Departed, and Went and Hanged Himself.  And the Chief Priests Took the Silver Pieces, and Said, It is Not Lawful For to Put Them into the Treasury, Because it is the Price of Blood.  And they Took Counsel, and Bought with Them the Potter’s Field, to Bury Strangers in.  Wherefore that Field Was Called, the Field of Blood, Unto this Day.  Then Was Fulfilled that Which Was “Spoken”, by the Prophet, {(Zechariah 11:12-13)}, Saying, and they Took the Thirty Pieces of Silver, the Price of Him that Was Valued, Whom they of the Children of Israel Did Value; and Gave Them For the Potter’s Field, as the Lord Appointed Me,”

Acts 1:16-20 Says, “Men and Brethren, this Scripture Must Needs Have Been Fulfilled, Which the Holy Ghost by the Mouth of David Spake Before Concerning Judas, Which Was Guide to Them that Took Jesus.  For He Was Numbered with Us, and Had Obtained Part of this Ministry.  Now this Man Purchased a Field with the Reward of Iniquity; and Falling Headlong, He Burst Asunder in the Midst, and All His Bowels Gushed Out.  And it Was Known Unto All the Dwellers at Jerusalem; Insomuch as that Field is Called in their Proper Tongue, Aceldama, that is to Say, the Field of Blood.  For it is Written in the Book of Psalms, Let His Habitation Be Desolate, and Let No Man Dwell Therein: and His Bishopric Let Another Take.”

One Commentator Writes Matthew 27:9-10 Says “That Which Was “Spoken”,” Not, “That Which Was Written,” So there is No Need to Look For the Exact Quotation in the Book of Jeremiah.  Jeremiah Spoke the Prophecy But Did Not Write it.  Zechariah then Wrote Jeremiah’s Oral Prophecy While Omitting the Reference to a Field Because that Detail Had Already Been Described in Jeremiah 32:6-10.

The New Living Translation   
Hebrews 2 Read this Chapter
Therefore, it Was Necessary For Yahoshua to Be in Every Respect Like Us, His Brothers and Sisters, So that He Could Be Our Merciful And Faithful High Priest Before Yahweh.  He then Could Offer a Sacrifice that Would Take Away the Sins of the People.

Now, if I Made the Covenant, I Might Break it or Annul it, or Try to Add Something to it, and Yahoshua Being a Man While He Was On Earth, Would Have to Rely On The Holy Ghost to Keep it Also.  Yahoshua Was Not Impervious to Wounds, and He Showed Us that When He Was Cut, He Bled.  Which Should Make You Think, Well What if Yahoshua Got The Flu and Couldn’t Make it to the Cross?  If Being Sick is Just a Thing We ALL Get, Why Didn’t Yahoshua Ever Get Sick?

Because Sickness Was Not Part of the Covenant Blessings, But Part of the Curse, (Deuteronomy 28:61), and Yahoshua Walked in the Blessings of the Previous Covenants.  In the Covenant, Our Part is to Serve Yahweh Our God, and We Can’t Serve at ALL if We Are Sick.  (Exodus 23:25).  And We Are Supposed to Be Conformed to the Image of His Son Who is the Image of Yahweh, and Yahweh is Not Sick, and So Neither Could Yahoshua Have Been Sick then, Nor is Yahoshua Sick Now, (Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 4:4).  And Since We Are Conformed to Yahoshua’s Image, then We Are Not Sick Either.

 Philippians 2:5-8
2:5    Let this Mind Be in You, Which Was Also in Christ Yahoshua:
2:6    Who, Being in the Form of Yahweh, Thought it Not Robbery to Be Equal with Yahweh:
2:7    But Made Himself of No Reputation, and Took Upon Him the Form of a Servant, and Was Made in the Likeness of Men:
2:8    And Being Found in Fashion as a Man, He Humbled Himself, and Became Obedient Unto Death, Even the Death of the Cross.

F7: Fashion: or Habit

The Habitus, as Comprising Everything in a Person Which Strikes the Senses, the Figure, Bearing, Discourse, Actions, Manner of Life etc.

Yahoshua Became A Man

Yahoshua Became a Man and Went Back to Heaven as a Man, (John 3:13; John 1:14).  One of the Ways that We Are Told to Test the Spirit and to Ask, “Did Yahoshua, (The Messiah) Come in the Flesh,” (1 John 4:2-4).  in Other Words, this is a Two Part Question.

1) ~ Is Yahoshua the Promised Messiah or the Anointed, the Christ?

2) ~ Did the Messiah Come as 100 Percent Man?

John 3:13


And No Man Has Ascended Up to Heaven, But He that Came Down From Heaven, Even The Son of Man Which is in Heaven.

Note Here in John 3:13 That it Was a MAN that Ascended Up to Heaven.  Yahoshua Was 100% God, But He Turned Off His God-powers While He Was On Earth and Became 100% Man Only, So that He Could Enter into Covenant with Yahweh On Our Behalf.

 John 1:14  

And The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us, and We Beheld His Glory, the Glory as of the Only Begotten of the Father, Full of Grace and Truth.


Yahoshua Was Saying that He Was a Man, But Operating Under the Covenant, and Talking About Man, it Was Even Written, “You Are Gods,” (Psalm 82:6).  Although Yahoshua Came as a Man, He Did Not Consider it Robbery to Be Equal with Yahweh, and this Was Based On The Covenant.  Yahoshua Was God, Became Man, then as Man Thought it Not Robbery to Be Equal with Yahweh.  Then We Are Instructed to Let this Mind Be in Us Which Was in Yahoshua.  We Also Are Not to Consider it Robbery to Be Equal with Yahweh, (Philippians 2:5-8).

Yahoshua Said, He That Believeth On Me, the Works that I Do, Shall He Do Also, and Greater Works than These Shall He Do, (John 14:12).  So Put Another Way, Any Work that Yahoshua Did, We Can Do Greater.  This is Really a Hard Pill to Swallow, and Unless You Realize that Yahoshua Was Operating Just as a Man by Faith Walking Out the Old Covenant.  Again, We Haven’t Known Covenant and What the Covenant Blessings Were that Yahoshua Walked Under.  We Usually Rationalize that, “Yahoshua Could Open the Eyes of the Blind Because He Was God.”

Yahoshua Did Not Cheat and Rely On His Being God.  He Came into the World Knowing Nothing More than What You and I Know.  Yahoshua Had to Grow in Stature and Wisdom, (Luke 2:52), and if He Was Still God; Why Would He Need to Grow in Wisdom, Wouldn’t He Already Have Wisdom?  Yahoshua Had to Find Out Who He Was From Yahweh’s Word, and of Course When Yahoshua Was Full of the Holy Spirit, (Luke 4:1), He Had the Same Advantage that We Can Have Today Over the Carnal Man When We Are Full of the Holy Ghost.

If Yahoshua Knew ALL Like Yahweh Does, Why Did Yahoshua Not Know Some Things, and Have to Go to the Mountain to Pray, or Have to Have Angels to Minister to Him?  Yahoshua Only Did What He Saw the Father Doing, and Was Limited by Being a Man, Just as We Are.  Yahoshua, (The Messiah), (The Greek Word For Messiah), Came Literally in the Flesh~!

Last Will and Testament

There is a Clause in the Earth that is Pretty Kew~EL~!  {And It Is Not Santa Claus}.  It Basically Says that Whatever You Said While On Earth While You Were Still Alive Still Stands.  We Call it a Person’s, “Last Will & Testament.” “Testament,” Like in a Person’s Testimony or Like the New Testament, or the Old Testament.

Testament is Also the Same Word Used For Covenant, (See For Yourself Without Knowing the Greek or the Hebrew by Looking it Up by Clicking or Tapping on the Following Link at Hebrews 9:16-18, {or by Opening Up the Scripture Reference in the New American Standard Version / King James Version}).

So, in Order For a Covenant or a Person’s, “Last Will and Testament”, to Be in Force that Person Has to Die.  Kind of Obvious.  You Can’t Walk Up to Your Parents, and Say I Know that You’re Going to Leave Me Your House, So I Want to Go Ahead and Take Possession of it Now.

No, No.  Just Like with the Circumcision, Some Blood Has to Be Shed.  There Has to Be the Death of the One Who Made the Covenant.


 Hebrews 9:16-18 (The New American Standard Bible)   
9:16    For Where a Covenant Is, there Must of Necessity Be The Death of the One Who Made it.
9:17    For a Covenant is Valid Only When Men Are Dead, For it is Never in Force While the One Who Made it Lives.
9:18    Therefore Even the First Covenant Was Not Inaugurated Without Blood.

F83: Or, Testament
F84: Lit, Be Brought
F85: Or, Testament
F86: Lit, Over the Dead
F87: Some Ancient Manuscripts Read For Is it then, “Lives?
 Hebrews 9:16-18
9:16    For Where a Testament Is, there Must Also of Necessity Be The Death of the Testator.
9:17    For a Testament is of Force After Men Are Dead: Otherwise it is of No Strength at ALL While the Testator Lives.
9:18    Whereupon Neither the First Testament Was Dedicated Without Blood.

F29: Be: or, Be Brought In
F30: Dedicated: or, Purified
 Hebrews 9:16-18 (The New Living Translation)   
9:16    Now When Someone Dies and Leaves a Will, No One Gets Anything Until it is Proved that the Person Who Wrote the Will is Dead.
9:17    The Will Goes into Effect Only After the Death of the Person Who Wrote it.  While the Person is Still Alive, No One Can Use the Will to Get Any of the Things Promised to Them.
9:18    That is Why Blood Was Required Under the First Covenant as a Proof of Death.

F39: Or Covenant.
F40: Or Now When Someone Makes a Covenant, it is Necessary to Ratify it with the Death of a Sacrifice.
Their Faith is Still Going

That’s Why Hebrews Chapter Eleven is So Important~!  These Men Had Faith, and When it Came Time For Them to Die, they Still Had Not Lost their Faith that Yahweh Was Going to Come Through On What they Were Believing For, Whether they Saw it Come About in their Life Time or Not, and Most of Them Did Not See it Come About While they Were Still Alive.  So, they Kept the Faith to Death and Beyond.  The Word of Yahweh that Yahweh Had “Spoken”, to Them Cannot Never Be Stolen or Other Wise Nullified, (Reference Mark 4:13-21), From Them After they Have Died.

Abraham’s Faith Was Still Going, Believing that Even if His Son, (which Would Include the Seed, Yahoshua), Was Killed that Yahweh Would Raise Him From the Dead; Read it For Yourself Below in Hebrews 11: 17-19.

It Was the Very Faith of Father Abraham that Allowed Yahoshua to Be Raised From the Dead, {For Abraham’s Faith Was Like The, “Energizer Bunny”… Still Going and Going, (However, Yahweh Prevented Abraham From Killing His Only Son, Because of The Covenants Which Yahweh Made with Abraham Written in Genesis 15 & 17)}.

After Abraham Obeyed Yahweh and Was Going to Offer His Son as a Sacrifice, Yahweh Was Now Obligated Under the Covenant to Offer His Son to Death.  Yahweh Did Us Good, by Making it Legal For Him to Get His Son in the Earth.  Yahweh Stopped Abraham From Killing His Only Son, and We Could Have Stopped Yahweh From Killing His Only Son, But We Did Not, and Yahoshua Died On the Cross.

 Hebrews 11:17-19
11:17    By Faith Abraham, When He Was Tried, Offered Up Isaac: and He that Had Received the Promises Offered Up His Only Begotten Son,
11:18    Of Whom it Was Said, that in Isaac Shall Your Seed Be Called:
11:19    Accounting that Yahweh Was Able to Raise Him Up, Even From the Dead; From Whence Also He Received Him in a Figure.

So Yahweh Also Had Access to the Faith of a Certain Man, with Legal Rights to Be On the Earth, to Believe that His Son Would Be Raised From the Dead, (as Yahweh Was in Covenant with Abraham).  There is Something About Being Born On the Earth that Gives You a Natural Citizenship On this Planet.

Bonus:, “I Will Go Yonder and Worship, and We Will Come Back to You.” (Genesis 22:5). {WE Will Come Back to You”}

Compare this with Matthew 18:19, Where Yahoshua Said that if Two or More Agree “On Earth, (Don’t Go to Mars, or this Verse Won’t Work).  Well, it Probably Would Because We Are Born On this Earth, and Since I Am Made of the Dust of the Earth, I Would Be Taking Earth with Me to Mars.  We Have a Natural Citizenship to the Planet Earth, But Now We Are Dual-Citizens of Both Heaven and of Earth

This is a Failsafe that Prohibits the Enemy of Yahweh From Using or Working Any Kind of Spiritual Law, For the Prince of this World is Not of the Earth, But is Prince of the Power of the Air, (Ephesians 2:2).  This is Why the Enemy Needed Adam, Because Adam Was Born On The Earth, and Had Been Given Authority Over the Earth.

What the Enemy Did Was to Cause Adam to Doubt that Yahweh’s Methods Would Work and then to Trust Self, or d—Evil One’s Method’s For His Source.  The Moment that Adam Did This, He Placed the Devil Up as a God and Man Surrendered His Rights to the Earth.

God of this World

Man Formerly Was the God of this Earth, and Was Directed by Yahweh to Subdue the Earth, (Genesis 1:26-28), and to Have Dominion Over it, and ALL the Creatures in it, But Now We Find in 2 Corinthians 4:4, and in 2 Corinthians 3:14, that the Enemy of Darkness, d—Evil One is the God of this World.  Something Must Have Happened to Cause this Shift in the Government of the Earth.

 2 Corinthians 4:4
4:4    In Whom The God of this World Has Blinded the Minds of Them Which Believe Not, Lest The Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, Who is The Image of Yahweh, Should Shine Unto Them.

The Enemy of Yahweh Wanted Us to Come to Him to Meet ALL Our Needs, with Him the Center as a God, and Us Dependent Upon Him.  Having the World’s Material Goods, and the World’s Way of Obtaining these Things.  You See Yahweh Had No Legal Right to Be in the Earth Anymore, Once Adam’s Transgression, Which Allowed the Enemy of Darkness to Steal Man’s Authority.

At the Cross, Yahoshua Restored the Kingdom of Yahweh Back Rightfully to One He First Gave it to.  Yahoshua Died On the Cross For Us, to Pay Our Debt, But Came Back to Life Restoring Our Authority On the Planet Earth.

Romans 5:14 Nevertheless Death Reigned From Adam To Moses, Even Over Those Who Had Not Sinned According to the Likeness of the Transgression of Adam, Who is a Type of Him Who Was to Come.

Yahweh Wants to Be the God of this World Once More, and He Made this Possible Through Yahoshua.  Let Me Show You Proof by Asking a Question and then Responding From the Scriptures.  When Was the “Ruler of this World”, Overthrown? 

John 12:31-32 {The New King James Version}


Now is the Judgment of this World; Now the Ruler of this World Will Be Cast Out.


And I, if I Am Lifted Up From the Earth, Will Draw ALL Peoples to Myself.

The Enemy of Yahweh Had Stolen Adam’s Authority.  But Yahweh Devised a Way For Yahoshua to Get that Authority Back.  Now a Days, the Only Way that the Enemy Can Accomplish Anything is to Use Carnal Methods of Trickery and Deceitfulness, (or What Man Can Reason with His Mind in The Natural), To Trick Us into Being His Voice.  The Odds Are in Our Favor~!  The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal, and His Weapons Are Only Carnal, (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Yahweh Never Intended For Abraham to Kill His Only Son, But Needed this Act Done by Abraham to Obligate Himself, (Yahweh), to Have to Send His Own Son, (Yahoshua), to Die On the Cross.  Of Course Yahweh Stopped Abraham From Taking His Own Son’s Life, But None-the-less as Far as Abraham Was Concerned, He Was Making the Down Stroke Before He Was Prevented.  But by Abraham Being in Covenant with Yahweh, this Now Obligated Yahweh to Do the Same Thing with His Son.

I Can’t Help But to Marvel at The Love of Yahweh as I See this Part of Yahweh’s Personality Revealed.  Yahweh Told Abraham to Offer His Son On the Alter, Just So that it Would Obligate Yahweh to Have to Offer His Son For Us.  This is Like Losing at Checkers to Your Child On Purpose, But with Much More Grave and Serious Consequences~!  Yahweh’s Love is Greater than I First Thought. 

Ephesians 2:4-9 Tells Us that 4 But God, Being Rich in Mercy, For His Great Love with Which He Loved Us, 5 Even When We Were Dead Through Our Trespasses, Made Us Alive Together with Christ (by Grace Have You Been Saved), 6 And Raised Us Up with Him, and Made Us to Sit with Him in the Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus, 7 That in the Ages to Come He Might Show the Exceeding Riches of His Grace in Kindness Toward Us in Christ Jesus; 8 For by Grace You Have Been Saved Through Faith, and that Not of Yourselves; It is the Gift of God, 9 Not of Works, that No One Would Boast.

But, I Wonder if Abraham Realized that Yahweh Really Meant to Bless Him When He Was Instructed to Offer His Only Son, the Son that Had the Promise of More Children, (Including Yahoshua).  Forget “Mary Did You Know”, “Abraham, DID YOU KNOW?”  If Yahweh Wants Something From Us, Like Tithing, You Can Be Assured, (But God, Being Rich in Mercy, For His Great Love with Which He Loved Us); that It Is For Our Benefit~!

1 Corinthians 15:22 For as in Adam ALL Die, Even So in Christ ALL Shall Be Made Alive.
1 Corinthians 15:45 And So it is Written, “The First Man Adam Became a Living Being.”  The Last Adam Became a Life-Giving Spirit.
1 Timothy 2:13 For Adam Was Formed First, then Eve.
1 Timothy 2:14 And Adam Was Not Deceived, But the Woman Being Deceived, Fell into Transgression.
Yahweh’s Persistent Love For Man

So, Yahweh’s Unrelenting Love For Us Made Him Pursue Other Ways to Get His Kindness On the Earth, as Yahweh Was Barred From Coming into the Earth Since Adam Had Locked Yahweh Out Until the Lease Was Up, and Yahweh Did this by Entering into Covenant with Different Folks From Adam to Now.

So, We Needed a Second Adam, a Second Perfect Man to Make a Covenant Between Yahweh and Man; and Yahweh Got Legal Right to Have His Son On the Earth by a Covenant Between Him and Abraham, So that Yahweh Could Make Another Covenant with His Son For Us.

This Second Adam Was of Course, Yahoshua, and You Can Find that in Yahweh’s Word Listed Above.  Yahweh Had to Work Yahoshua into the Earth, and Yahweh Did it One Step at a Time, by Using Covenants, Which Gave Yahweh Authority Through Yahoshua to Speak into the Earth.

Yahweh Even Had to Work Out the Last Minute Details While Yahoshua Was Still Alive On The Earth Making it Possible For Yahoshua to Be the Scapegoat For ALL Mankind.  Yahweh Being the Kind of Yahweh that He Is, Even Used the High Priest to Help Out, And Yet the High Priest Was the Very One Trying to Kill Yahoshua.

Watch this in John 11:49-51.  And One of Them, Caiaphas, Being High Priest that Year, Said to Them, “You Know Nothing at ALL, Nor Do You Consider that it is Expedient For Us that One Man Should Die For the People, and Not that the Whole Nation Should Perish.”  Now this He Did Not Say On His Own Authority; But Being High Priest that Year He Prophesied that Yahoshua Would Die For the Nation.

If the High Priest Hadn’t Said This, then Every Body Else Would Still Have to Be Responsible For their Own Sins.  This is Where I Believe that it Became Possible For Yahoshua Who Knew No Sin to Be Made Sin For Us.  The High Priest Decreed it So with a Prophetic Word From Yahweh~!

This is Where the Enemy of Yahweh ~ Got Fooled~!  He Was So Eager to Get Hold of Yahoshua, that He Didn’t Realize it Had Already Been Set into Law by Yahweh that a High Priest Was Also Supposed to Offer a Sacrifice For Himself Also, (See Leviticus 4:3, or Hebrews 5:1-5).

And Yahweh Had Already Placed into Effect that the Messiah Would Be the High Priest.  Ironic that the Last High Priest Offered the Now High Priest a Pardon, or a Way Out So to Speak.  Kind of Like the President of the United States Laying a Law For the Next President.

Authority Over the Earth

By the Way, there is a Difference Between, “World”, And, “Earth.”  The Earth, or, “The Ball”, is Still Yahweh’s, and the Earth, Yahweh Has Given to the Children of Men.  But The, “World”, Refers to The Current World Order of Government that Revelation 18 Describes as, “Babylon”, and Portrays Her Downfall.  Yahweh Has to Bring His People Out of Egypt, (A Type of the Babylonian World System), So that We Can Worship Him According to His System of Government.

Right Now, The, “World”, is Set Up So that it Must Obtain ALL it’s Ways of Producing Prosperity Through the Enemy of Yahweh.  Most All of the World’s Way of Doing Things Say that, “We’re in Business to Make a Profit.  Even When They Give It Is To Have a Tax Write Off, (in Other Words To Gain ~ as they Must Make More than they Expend to Stay Afloat).  Sounds Good Right?  Yahweh is the Richest Entity Anywhere and Yet that is Not His Philosophy.  Yahweh’s Ways Are to “Give and it Shall Be Given Unto You”, (Luke 6:38).  Yahweh is Into Increase, and You Only Increase When You Get Back More than You Invested.

The World Views this as a Profit), but The Buyer Has to Pay all the Extra Hidden Costs for Building Materials, Labor and Insurance and Lights and the Gas, etc... I think the Way that Yahweh Does it, He Must Pay for All those Things, as He Is the Provider, the Supplier, (Philippians 4:19), or He Gets it From the Wealth of the Sinners that is Laid up for the Just, (but that Doesn’t Explain How He Does it In Eternity and I’m Not Sure The Wealth of The Sinner is Enough for that, or that there will be Sinners in the Afterlife).  Sometimes, Yahweh Even Has Us Pay More Than Something Cost.  Can You See that this is the Opposite to the World’s View?

Yahweh Wants to Once Again Be Our Source Instead of Us Leaning or Relying On The, “Worlds”, Methods.  Look at Jeremiah 17:5-10.  Right Now, Yahweh is Trying Us, and Testing Our Minds and Hearts to See, “Will We Serve Yahweh, or Mammon?,” (Mammon is the World’s Ways of Trying to Provide For Needs and Wants).

We Once More Have Authority Over the Earth Under the New Covenant, (Colossians 1:12-13), However; there Are Now Two Kingdoms, (1 Peter 2:9), and Some Still Operate Under the Kingdom of Darkness, While We Can Operate Under the Kingdom of His Dear Son.

 Colossians 1:12-13
1:12   Giving Thanks Unto the Father, Which Has Made Us Meet to Be Partakers of the Inheritance of the Saints in Light:
1:13   Who Has Delivered Us From the Power of Darkness, and Has Translated Us into The Kingdom of His Dear Son:

F1: His, “: Gr.  The Son of His Love

You Can Click Here to Find Out More About Our Authority Over the Earth.  There Really is a Lot More to this Subject, and More than I Have Time to Type Up Right Now.  But if You Want to Come Back, Maybe I’ll Have a Link to the Subject of, “Yahoshua, The King Over ALL The Earth”.  Here’s Just Some References For Right Now: (Psalm 2:6-8; Isaiah 9:6-7; Daniel 7:13-14; Zechariah 9:9-11; Matthew 25:31-34; 1 Corinthians 15:23-25;
1 John 3:8

What Are Our Covenant Rights?

Yahweh Made a Covenant with Yahoshua, and Now that Yahoshua Has Died, that Covenant, or “Last Will & Testament”, Cannot Be Annulled or Broken.  And that Covenant Included that, “By His Stripes We ARE Healed”~!  Just Like the Bride that Has Access to ALL Her “Husband’s Possessions”, We as the Bride of Yahoshua Have Been Given A Blank Check Including Giving Us His Name, and We Are Authorized, (Yahoshua Said ALL Authority is Given to Me, Therefore You Go ~ The, “Yugo”, Principal), and Yahoshua Put Us On the Account as Joint Heirs with Himself.

 Matthew 28:18-20
28:18    And Yahoshua Came and Spoke Unto Them, Saying, All Power is Given Unto Me in Heaven and in Earth.
28:19    Go You Therefore, and Teach ALL Nations, Baptizing Them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of The Holy Ghost:
28:20    Teaching Them to Observe ALL Things Whatsoever I Have Commanded You: And, Lo, I Am With You Always, Even Unto the End of the World. Amen.

F55: Teach“: or, Make Disciples, or, Christians of ALL Nations
 Luke 10:19
10:19    Behold, I Give Unto You Power to Tread On Serpents and Scorpions, and Over ALL The Power of the Enemy: and Nothing Shall by Any Means Hurt You.

So, the Bottom Line is that We Are Still in the Covenant That Yahweh Made with Abraham Because We Are Abraham’s Seed Also, (See Below).  But Now We Got the Covenant Made Between Yahweh and Yahoshua.  We’ve Still Got ALL the Promises of Deuteronomy 28-30.  Let’s Start with Just a Few Verses From Galatians, Remembering that Deuteronomy 28-30 Also Talks About the Curses, and Even in the Wild, Wild West, Every One Knew that Someone Being Hanged From a Tree is Cursed.

 Galatians 3:13-29
3:13   Christ Has Redeemed Us From the Curse of the Law, Being Made a Curse For Us: For it is Written, Cursed Is Every One that Hangs On a Tree:
3:14    That The Blessing of Abraham Might Come On the Gentiles Through Yahoshua, (The Messiah); that We Might Receive the Promise of the Spirit Through Faith.
3:15    Brothers and Sisters, I Speak After the Manner of Men; Though it Be But a Man’s Covenant, Yet if it Be Confirmed, No Man Disannuls, or Adds thereto.
3:16    Now to Abraham and His Seed Were the Promises Made.  He Said Not, And to Seeds, as of Many; But as of One, and to Your Seed, Which is Christ.
3:17    And this I Say, that the Covenant, that Was Confirmed Before of Yahweh in Christ, the Law, Which Was Four Hundred and Thirty Years After, Cannot Disannul, that it Should Make the Promise of None Effect.
3:18    For if the Inheritance Be of the Law, it is No More of Promise: But Yahweh Gave it to Abraham by Promise.
3:19    Wherefore then Serves the Law?  It Was Added Because of Transgressions, Till the Seed Should Come to Whom The Promise Was Made; and it Was Ordained by Angels in the Hand of a Mediator.
3:20    Now a Mediator is Not a Mediator of One, But Yahweh is One.
3:21   Is the Law then Against The Promises of Yahweh?  Yahweh Forbid: For if there Had Been a Law Given Which Could Have Given Life, Verily Righteousness Should Have Been by the Law.
3:22   But the Scripture Has Concluded ALL Under Sin, that the Promise by Faith of Yahoshua, (The Messiah) Might Be Given to THEM THAT BELIEVE.
3:23   But Before Faith Came, We Were Kept Under the Law, Shut Up Unto the Faith Which Should Afterwards Be Revealed.
3:24    Wherefore the Law Was Our Schoolmaster to Bring Us Unto Christ, that We Might Be Justified by Faith.
3:25    But After that Faith is Come, We Are No Longer Under a Schoolmaster.
3:26    For You Are ALL the Children of Yahweh by Faith in Christ Yahoshua.
3:27    For as Many of You as Have Been Baptized into Christ Have Put On Christ.
3:28    There is Neither Jew Nor Greek, there is Neither Bond Nor Free, there is Neither Male Nor Female: For You Are ALL One in Christ Yahoshua.
3:29    And if You Be Christ’s, then Are You Abraham’s Seed, and Heirs According to the Promise.

F5: Covenant: or, Testament

Better Promises

Now if Under the Old Law, Old Testament or Old Covenant, Yahweh Said, “Blessed Be the Fruit of Your Body,” (Deuteronomy 28:4), Then Someone Being Born Sickly Would Not Match that Promise, and I Am One of Abraham’s Offspring, (Galatians 3:29).  For if You Are Christ’s then Are You Abraham’s Seed.  Hey, That’s Us~!

Father Abraham Had Many Sons, and I Am One of Them, So Let’s Just Praise Yahweh!  Right Arm... ♪”

So, I Don’t Have to Be Sick Anymore, and I Don’t Have to Ask Yahweh to Heal Me~!  This is Good News~!  Just Like Mephibosheth Got Back What Was His Just Because His Father Was In Covenant with the King, So What Was Stolen From Us Has Now Been Restored.  I Just Appropriate the Blood of Our King, and Let the Kingdom of Yahweh Come, and The Will of Yahweh Be Done On Earth Just as the Will of Yahweh is Already Being Done In Heaven. 

I Have Promises that Belong to Me as Being a Seed of Abraham Under the New Covenant That Yahweh Made with Yahoshua.  I Don’t Have to Be Ashamed of the Gospel Anymore.  Just Like the Newly Married Woman, I Have the Name of Yahoshua.  I Am the Bride of Christ.  I Do Have His Power of Authority.  I Just Receive What Yahoshua Has Appropriated For Me.

I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, For it is the Power of Yahweh Unto Salvation, (Romans 1:16).  Salvation is the Modern Translation that Comes From a Greek (Arabic) Word, Which is Soteria, (Strong’s Concordance # 4991), Which Encompasses Health, Wealth, and Deliverance.  So, Who Are these unCircumcised Folks Anyhow?


You Might Respond, Well That’s Old Testament, and You Are Right.  Remember that, “Testament”, Means, “Covenant”.  We’ve Got a Better Covenant Than that.  We Have a New and a Better “Covenant” That Was Made Not Between Yahweh and Abraham But to Abraham’s Seed, Which is Christ.

 Ephesians 1:3
1:3   Blessed Be Yahweh and Father of Our Lord Yahoshua Ha Mashiach, (Jesus the Messiah), Who Has Blessed Us with ALL Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places in Christ:
 Hebrews 7:22
7:22   By So Much Was Yahoshua Made a Surety of a Better Testament.
 Hebrews 12:24
12:24    And to Yahoshua the Mediator of the New Covenant, and to the Blood of Sprinkling, That Speaks Better Things than that of Abel.
 Hebrews 11:40
11:40    Yahweh Having Provided Some Better Thing For Us, that they Without Us Should Not Be Made Perfect.

I Believe that Was What Yahoshua Was Referring to About Yahweh’s Supper.  It is a Part of the Covenant.  If You Eat of Yahweh’s Supper unWorthily, and Some Among Us Get Sick and Some Sleep, (and this is Not Talking About a ‘Cat Nap’ Here), then if You Are Worthy, then it Must Provide the Opposite, Which Would Be Health.

 Same Thing as Deuteronomy 30:15-19, (I Set Before You Today Life and Death, Blessings and Cursing, Therefore Choose Life).  By the Way, the Sign of Our Covenant is No Longer a Physical Circumcision, But a Circumcision of the Heart, (Deuteronomy 30:6,
Romans 2:29).

 1 Corinthians 11:23-30 {The New King James Version}   
11:23   For I Received From Yahweh that Which I Also Delivered to You: that Yahweh Yahoshua On the Same Night in Which He Was Betrayed Took Bread;
11:24    And When He Had Given Thanks, He Broke it and Said, “Take, Eat; this is My Body Which is Broken For You; Do this in Remembrance of Me.”
11:25    In the Same Manner He Also Took the Cup After Supper, Saying, “This Cup is the New Covenant in My Blood.  This Do, as Often as You Drink it, in Remembrance of Me.”
11:26    For as Often as You Eat this Bread and Drink this Cup, You Proclaim Yahweh’s Death Till He Comes.
11:27    Therefore Whoever Eats this Bread or Drinks this Cup of Yahweh in an UnWorthy Manner Will Be Guilty of the Body and Blood of Yahweh.
11:28    But Let a Man Examine Himself, and So Let Him Eat of the Bread and Drink of The Cup.
11:29    For He Who Eats and Drinks in an UnWorthy Manner Eats and Drinks Judgment to Himself, Not Discerning Yahweh’s Body.
11:30    For this Reason Many Are Weak and Sick Among You, and Many Sleep.

F33: NU-Text omits Take, Eat.
F34: NU-Text omits Broken.
F35: NU-Text and M-Text Read the Blood.
F36: NU-Text omits in an UnWorthy Manner.
F37: NU-Text omits Lord’s.
Taking Yahweh’s Name in Vain

Remember that Woman that Yahoshua Encountered that Had Been Bent Over or Hunched-Backed For 18 Years, and Yahoshua Inquired Why This, “Daughter of Abraham”, Should Not by Virtue of Her Being a Daughter of Abraham Be Made Whole.  They Could Have ALL Laughed at Yahoshua and Said, “Look Around You, We Are ALL Children of Abraham.  What Makes this Woman So Special Because She is a Daughter of Abraham”? They Didn’t Know Covenant~! They All Were Made Whole Also.

 Luke 13:16
13:16    And Ought Not this Woman, Being a Daughter of Abraham, Whom Satan Has Bound, Lo, these Eighteen Years, Be Loosed From this Bond On the Sabbath Day?

When We Go Around Being Sick, We Are Taking Yahweh’s Name in Vain, (Not Knowing that the Name of Our Yahweh is a Strong Tower, a Safe Refuge ~ Yahweh Rapha, I Am Yahweh that Heals You ~ Exodus 15:26).  Yahoshua Also Said that Greater Things that He Did, Shall We Do, and Yahoshua Spoke to the Wind, Saying Peace Be Still, and it Was So.

John 14:12 {The King James Version}


Verily, Verily, I Say Unto You, He that Believeth On Me, the Works that I Do Shall He Do Also; and Greater Works than these Shall He Do; Because I Go Unto My Father.

This Doesn’t Make Us Yahweh and Lord, But We Are Calling in the Kingdom of the One True Yahweh, Because We Doubt Not in Our Hearts, Then We According to Yahoshua, You Will Have What You Say.

 Mark 11:23
11:22-23   22 So Jesus Answered and Said to Them,  “Have the Faith of God. 23 For Assuredly, I Say to You, if You Say To this Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea,’ and Do Not Doubt in YOUR Heart, BUT BELIEVE THAT THOSE THINGS You SAY WILL BE DONE, You WILL Have What You Say~!

Just After Yahoshua Said that You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free, (John 8:32), Yahoshua Went On to Say that their Father Was the Devil, John 8:44”.  In Other Words, they Were Under a Different Kingdom, or a Different Set of Rules, or Laws.  Yahoshua Came to Restore Us Back to the Kingdom of Yahweh.  The Message that Yahoshua Preached Everywhere He Went Was the Same One that John, the Baptist Preached, and that Was The, “Kingdom of Yahweh.”

A Good Way to Remind Yourself of Covenant Is to Think About an Exchange.  Yahoshua Represents Us in Heaven, But We Represent Yahoshua On the Earth.  In Other Words, Yahoshua Has Called Me to Say and Do the Same Things that He Would Say and Do if He Were Here.  Yahoshua Needs Us as Much as We Need Yahoshua.  Christ is the Head, But We Are the Body.  Everything Yahweh is Going to Do, He Does Through People.

We Are the Hands and the Arms, and the Legs and Feet.  If We Don’t Go Then No One Goes to Visit the Folks in Prison.  This is Why it Becomes Apparent that Wealth is a Part of the Covenant That is Our Inherited Right, For Us to Do the Part of the Covenant that Yahweh Wants Us to Do.  I Can Back This Up with Deuteronomy 8:18, and with Matthew 6:33 and 2 Corinthians 9:6-15.

 Deuteronomy 8:18
8:18    But Thou Shall Remember Yahweh Your God: For it is He that Gives You Power to Get Wealth, that He May Establish His Covenant Which He Has Sworn Unto Your Fathers, as it is this Day.
 Matthew 6:31-34
6:31   Therefore Take No Thought, Saying, What Shall We Eat?  or, What Shall We Drink?  or, Wherewithal Shall We Be Clothed?
6:32   (For After ALL these Things Do the Gentiles Seek:) For Your Heavenly Father Knows that You Have Need of ALL these Things.
6:33   But Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh, and His Righteousness; and ALL these Things Shall Be Added Unto You.
6:34    Take Therefore No Thought For Tomorrow: For Tomorrow Shall Take Thought For the Things of Itself. Sufficient Unto the Day is the Evil Thereof.
 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
9:6    But this I Say, He Which Sows Sparingly Shall Reap Also Sparingly; and He Which Sows Bountifully Shall Reap Also Bountifully.
9:7    Every Man According as He Purposes in His Heart, So Let Him Give; Not Grudgingly, or of Necessity: For Yahweh Loves a Cheerful Giver.
9:8    And Yahweh Is Able to Make ALL Grace Abound Toward You; that You, Always Having ALL Sufficiency in ALL Things, May Abound to Every Good Work:
9:9    (As it is Written, He Has Dispersed Abroad; He Has Given to the Poor: His Righteousness Remains For Ever.
9:10    Now He that Ministers Seed to the Sower Both Minister Bread For Your Food, and Multiply Your Seed Sown, and Increase the Fruits of Your Righteousness;)
9:11   Being Enriched in Every Thing to ALL Bountifulness, Which Causes Through Us Thanksgiving to Yahweh.
9:12   For the Administration of this Service Not Only Supplies the Needs of the Saints, But Also is Abounding Through Many Thanksgivings to God;
9:13   While by the Experiment of this Ministration they Glorify Yahweh For Your Professed Subjection Unto the Gospel of Christ, and For Your Liberal Distribution Unto Them, and Unto ALL Men;
9:14    And by Their Prayer For You, Which Long After You For the Exceeding Grace of Yahweh in You.
9:15    Thanks Be Unto Yahweh For His unSpeakable Gift.

F22: Bountifulness: or, Liberality: Gr. Simplicity
The Big Swap ~ A Covenant Is An Exchange~!

Luke 13:16 ~ And Ought Not this Woman, Being a Daughter of Abraham, Whom Satan Hath Bound, Lo, these Eighteen Years, Be Loosed From this Bond On the Sabbath Day?

Why is Her Being a Daughter of Abraham Important Enough for Luke, {The Physician Noted for Attention to the Details}, to Even Mentioned, this Wasn’t to Display Her Lineage or to Show What Tribe She Was From. It Was Because Yahweh made a Covenant with Abraham and Covenants Always Extend from One Family to Another Family Down Through the Generations, and She Was Entitled to Healing, (if You’re Still Wondering If It God’s Will to Heal, then I Urge You to Reexamine Why You Thought to be True, through the Eyes of the Covenant Relationship that Got Into the Earth by Abraham and Yahweh that Allowed Yahoshua to be Raised from the Dead, So That Yahoshua Could Form a New and Better Covenant with Yahweh and this Covenant.

Now, Since this Covenant is Between Yahweh and Yahoshua, and Yahweh Can’t Ever Break His Part, Because Yahweh is Not a Man that He Should Lie, and Yahoshua Can’t Change it Either, as he has Already Died, and this Was His Binding Last WILL and Testament that Cannot be Changed. As a MAN, Yahoshua Died, (He’s Still a Man, But Not Having to be Limited to Being Just a Man Anymore, so he is the New Man, the First Fruits, {More Fruits Like You and me to Come, the First Born of Many Brethren}). So, this Covenant that Includes Your Health and Wealth, an Exchange that Cannot be Changed, Annulled nor Broken~!

1 Corinthians 15:21-26 ~
20 But Now Christ Has Been Raised From The Dead. He Became The First Fruits of Those Who are Asleep.
21 For Since Death Came by Man, The Resurrection of The Dead Also Came by Man.
22 For as In Adam All Die, so Also In Christ All Will be Made Alive.
23 But Each In His Own Order: Christ The First Fruits, then Those Who are Christ’s, at His Coming.
24 Then The End Comes, When He Will Deliver Up The Kingdom to God, Even The Father; When He Will Have Abolished All Rule and All Authority and Power.
25 For He Must Reign Until He Has Put All His Enemies Under His Feet.
26 The Last Enemy that Will be Abolished is Death.

1 Corinthians 15:45-49 ~
45 So Also it is Written, “The First Man, Adam, Became a Living Soul.” The Last Adam Became a Life-Giving Spirit.
46 However that Which is Spiritual Isn’t First, But that Which is Natural, then that Which is Spiritual.
47 The First Man is of The Earth, Made of Dust. The Second Man is The Lord From Heaven.
48 As is The One Made of Dust, Such are Those Who are Also Made of Dust; and as is The Heavenly, Such are They Also That are Heavenly.
49 As We Have Borne The Image of Those Made of Dust, Let’s Also Bear The Image of The Heavenly.

But, More than Just the Fact that We Are the Only Yahoshua that People Will Ever See, A Covenant Is An Exchange of What We Had For What Yahweh Has~!  Yahoshua Was Wealthy and Prosperous in ALL Respects, Before He Came to the Earth, Yet Even So, He Became Poor For Our Sakes in Order that We Might Become Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).

He Who Knew No Sin, Became Sin For Us in Order that We Might Become The Righteousness of Yahweh in Him, (2 Corinthians 5:21).
Because Christ Also Suffered for Sins Once, The Righteous for the Unrighteous, that He Might Bring You to God; Being Put to Death in the Flesh, But Made Alive in the Spirit; (1 Peter 3:18).

He that Was Made Whole with Nothing Broken, Nothing Missing, (See Hebrew Word Shalom), But Was Wounded For Our Transgressions.  He Was Bruised For Our Iniquities; The Chastisement For Our Peace Was Upon Him.

Can You Not See that this Was an Exchange Program, and that in Return; By His Stripes, We Were Healed, (Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17, 1 Peter 2:24)?

Yahweh Will Keep You in Perfect Peace, Whose Mind is Stayed On Him, (Isaiah 26:3).  The Hebrew Word Used Here in Isaiah 26:3 and in Isaiah 53:5 For Peace is the Word Shalom, Which Means Literally, “Nothing Broken, Nothing Missing.”  Yahweh Says that He Will Keep You in Perfect Peace, with Nothing Broken, Nothing Missing, and this Means in Good Health, Whose Mind is Stayed On Him.  Himself Bore Our Sickness and Diseases and by His Stripes You ARE Healed 2000 Years Ago.

So, if You ARE Healed, Then You Are Still Healed~!  But, Unless You Believe This You Will Not Prosper in this Area of Your Life.  If I’m Going to Prosper in My Body, I’ve Got to First Prosper in My Soul.  It’s Got to Happen On the Inside of Us First.  In 3 John 1:2, The Author Says that He Wishes Above ALL Things that We Prosper and Be in Good Health, Even as Our Soul, (Mind, Will & Emotions) Prosper.  Unless You Prosper in Your Soul, (Mind, Will & Emotions), then You Will Not Prosper in Receiving What Yahoshua Has Already Done For You by His Covenant.

All the Old Covenant Was Made Between Yahweh and Man to Bring Yahoshua into the Earth, (Hebrews 9:15), So that Yahoshua Could Make New Covenant with Yahweh, and We Are No Longer Under the Old Covenant, But We Are Under the New.  Yahweh is the Great Covenant Keeper.  He’s the Supreme Promise Keeper.

Yahweh is the God Who Makes Promises and He Always Keeps Those Promises.  Anything Promised Under The Old Covenant, is Still Promised, But Better   An Upgraded Model, with Better Promises, (Hebrews 8:6-13).

I Am Just as Rich as I Am Saved, (Same Greek Word ~ Sozo).  I Am Just as Healed as I Am Rich.  I Am Prosperous in Yahweh.  I Am Full of The Love of Yahweh.  I Am Full of the Compassion of Yahweh.  I Am Full of the Grace of Yahweh.


Here Plain and Simple Are Some of the Basic Terms of the Covenant
(To Which We Now Are a Part of).

(Also Read Deuteronomy 28)

 Deuteronomy 7:9-15
7:9    Know Therefore that Yahweh Your God, He is God, the Faithful God, Which Keeps Covenant and Mercy with Them that Love Him and Keep His Commandments to a Thousand Generations;
7:10    And Repays Them that Hate Him to their Face, to Destroy Them: He Will Not Be Slack to Him that Hates Him, He Will Repay Him to His Face.
7:11   You Shall Therefore Keep the Commandments, and the Statutes, and the Judgments, Which I Command Thee this Day, to Do Them.
7:12   Wherefore it Shall Come to Pass, if You Hearken to these Judgments, and Keep, and Do Them, that Yahweh Your God Shall Keep Unto Thee the Covenant and the Mercy Which He Swore Unto Your Fathers:
7:13   And He Will Love Thee, and Bless Thee, and Multiply Thee: He Will Also Bless the Fruit of Your Womb, and the Fruit of Your Land, Your Corn, and Your Wine, and Your Oil, the Increase of Your Kin, and The flocks of Your Sheep, in the Land Which He Swore Unto Your Fathers to Give Thee.
7:14    You Shall Be Blessed Above ALL People: there Shall Not Be Male or Female Barren Among You, or Among Your Cattle.
7:15    And Yahweh Will Take Away From Thee ALL Sickness, and Will Put None of the Evil Diseases of Egypt, Which Thou Knew, Upon Thee; But Will Lay Them Upon ALL Them that Hate Thee.
 Exodus 23:25-26
23:25    And You Shall Serve Yahweh Your God, and He Shall Bless Your Bread, and Your Water; and I Will Take Sickness Away From the Midst of Thee.
23:26    There Shall Nothing Cast their Young, Nor Be Barren, in Your Land: the Number of Your Days I Will Fulfil.
 Exodus 15:26
15:26    And Said, If Thou Wilt Diligently Hearken to the Voice of Yahweh Your God, and Wilt Do that Which is Right in His Sight, and Wilt Give Ear to His Commandments, and Keep ALL His Statutes, I Will Put None of these Diseases Upon Thee, Which I Have Brought Upon the Egyptians: For I Am Yahweh that Heals You.

The Battle is Yahweh’s, But He Shares the Victory with Us~!

The Battle is Yahweh’s, (2 Chronicles 32:7-8), But He Shares the Victory with Us~!
(1 Samuel 17:47; 2 Chronicles 20:15; 1 Corinthians 15:57; 2 Corinthians 2:14); and Yahweh Will Fight For Us ~
(Exodus 14:14,25; Deuteronomy 1:30; 3:22; 20:4; Joshua 10:42; 23:3,10; 2 Chronicles 20:29; 32:8; Psalm 35:1; Zechariah 14:3; Revelation 19:11-21).

This is Just Some Bonus Interesting Information.  We Read that The Wise Men Came to Yahoshua, (Matthew 2:1-12).  How Did These Wise Men Know About Astrology and its Connection to the Birth of the Christ?  Have You Ever Read But Just Skimmed over Daniel 2:48 that says, “Then the King Made Daniel Great, and Gave Him Many Great Gifts, and Made Him to Rule Over the Whole Province of Babylon, and to be Chief Governor Over All the Wise Men of Babylon.”  In All Probability, Daniel Trained these Wise Men who Passed it Along from One Generation to the Next~!


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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