Success Yahweh’s Way

Making and Establishing Goals


A Man’s Heart Plans His Way, But Yahweh Directs His Steps,
(Proverbs 16:1, 3, 9, 16)


Why the Need For Goals

  1. If You Knew that You Couldn’t Fail, What Three Goals Would You Set For Your Life?
  2. Do You Want Yahweh’s Best For Your Life or Do You Just Want to Accept What Mediocrity Will Bring?
  3. Are You Willing to Change Something that You Are Doing to Get Different Results?


How to Set Goals

  1. What is the Difference Between a Goal and a Dream/vision?  (Don’t Confuse the Two)

  2. Attributes of People with No Goals

  3. Attributes of People with Goals

  4. Three Types of Goals

    1. Immediate - To Do Lists

      1. Make a List of ALL that You Have to Do Today or Tomorrow, (Best Done the Day Before)

      2. Make a List of ALL that You Have to Do this Week

      3. Prioritize Them, and Be Willing to Scratch Some Off

      4. Put Numbers Beside Them, Maybe if there Are the Same Importance, But In Close Geographical Proximity, then Group Them as Such to Saving Time.  Rearrange the Numbers

      5. Some Things Are Better Done First. For Example, Getting a Hair Cut, Mowing the Lawn, Shaving, Shower.  Obviously, Put Shower Last, But Get Your Hair Cut First, then Cut the Grass, then Shave, as Sweating Stings if You Shave and then Cut the Grass.

    2. Short-Range - (Example ~ Summer vacation)

      1. Repeat Steps Above, (Plan Months Ahead)

      2. Long-Range - (Example ~ Infant to College)

      1. Repeat Steps Above, (Plan 5-20 Years Ahead ~ See How Short-Range and Immediate Goals Can Hinder Or Help You Establish Your Purpose)

  5. Why People Fail to Set Goals, (He Who Fails to Plan, Plans to Fail)

  6. Areas in Which We Should Set Goals

    1. Spiritual

    2. Personal

    3. Family

    4. Vocation

    5. Social

    6. Financial

  7. How to Set Goals:

    1. Ask Yahweh to Guide You (According to Yahweh’s Plans & Purposes)

    2. Determine Exactly What You Want.

      1. Can’t Be Fuzzy, Must Be Definite

      2. Can’t Be Totally Off-the-Wall, Can’t Be Immeasurable.

    3. Decide if the Goal Are Immediate Goals, Short-Range Goals, or Long-Range Goals.

    4. Write Down Your Goals.  (It is What You See that impresses Upon Your Mind).

    5. Ask if the Goal Fits Yahweh’s Purpose and Plan For Your Life.

    6. Set a Goal So High that if Yahweh Doesn’t Help You, You’re Going to Fail.

      1. Don’t Limit Yourself, Allow Yahweh to Scratch Them Off the List Later On.

      2. A Goal is Planned Organized Stretching.  Our Gifts, Our Talents, Our Abilities Pulled and Challenged.

      3. Yahweh Isn’t Going to Give You a Goal that He Doesn’t Give You the Time, Ability and Resources to Do It.

    7. Set a Date For Each Goal.

      1. Must Be Measurable

      2. May Be More Optimistic, and May Have to Reset the Date, Because We Can’t Predict ALL the Circumstances.

    8. Make a Commitment to Achieve Your Goal.


Setting Goals
1 Samuel 17:24
(Memory Jog ~ ALL Start with the Letter, “C”)

  1. Clear Picture

    1. Not Foggy, Hazy

    2. Must Be Written Down

  2. Consuming, Desire to Reach that Goal.

    1. Passion ~ Not a Drudgery

    2. Is the Goal Challenging You, or Have You Planned Some Steps?

  3. Confidence

    1. That You Can Accomplish the Goal Based On the Living Yahweh Within You. ~ 1 Samuel 17:32-37, 45

    2. Greater Is He that is in You, than He that is in the World, (1 John 4:4)

  4. Course of Action, (Steps Necessary to Make the Goal Come About)

  5. Calendar of Events

    1. Set Some Time Limits, Not, “One of these Days”

    2. Someday Are Dreams ~ Not Goals

  6. Cooperation, (Not Lone Rangers)

  7. Consistent

  8. Controlled Emotions, (People Can Steal Your Dreams with Negative Attitudes, and Belittling Remarks)

  9. Courage to Act

    1. Reading the Word of Yahweh to See How Yahweh Helped Others

    2. Praying For Guidance

  10. Consciousness Dependence Upon Yahweh

    1. Absolute Total Dependence Upon Yahweh.

    2. 1st Nine Were Things, “We” Had to Do.


How to Develop a Listening Ear For Yahweh

  1. Priority, (Psalm 1:1-3)

  2. Pursue It, Study the Word of Yahweh, (Mark 4:24)

  3. Persist in It, (Learning How to Listen)

  4. Pray, (Ephesians 6:18)


Five Characteristics of a Listening Spirit

  1. A Teachable Spirit, (Open Spirit, Acknowledging that there is Something to Learn, Faithful-Able-Teachable ~ the Things Which You Have Heard From Me Among Many Witnesses, Commit the Same to Faithful Men, Who Will Be Able To Teach Others Also. 2 Timothy 2:2)

  2. Attentive Spirit, (Proverbs 4:20-23)

  3. A Humble Spirit, (Psalm 25:9)

  4. Submissive Spirit, (Deuteronomy 11:13)

  5. An Expectant Spirit, (Proverbs 8:34)

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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