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Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing ...  The Word of God
Romans 10:17



Luke 18:8
I Tell You that He Will Avenge Them Speedily.
Nevertheless, When the Son of Man Comes,
Will He Really Find Faith On the Earth?



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Getting Out of the Boat

We Will Often Find a Promise of Yahweh that Will Cause Us to Get So Excited that We Catch the Vision And Get Out of the Boat to Go After that Promise~!  Here’s One of Those Such Promises, “Thanks Be Unto Yahweh Who Always Causes Us to Triumph in Christ,” (1 Corinthians 15:57; 2 Corinthians 2:14).

By the Way, Here’s a Quick Test On the Above.  Since Yahweh, “ALWAYS Causes Us to Triumph,” at What Point is it Okay to ‘Tuck Tail and Run’?  Hold that Thought.  Read Down to Where You Find the Word Repent or Paradigm Shift in the Same Set of Paragraphs Before You Answer.

Anyhow, We May Have Had a Vision, and So We Get Out of the Boat.  We Decide that, “Yes, Yahweh Has Called Me to Start a Youth Camp, or that I Was Called Here to Preach at This Church, etc.”  And Off We Go.

These Are Exciting Moments~!  But, they Are Just that, “A Moment,” “Unless We Nurture the Word Imparted by Staying Focused.


A Light Dawns, (2 Peter 1:18-19)

Peter Had One of Those, “Leap of Faith Moments,” (Matthew 14:28-32).  Peter Saw Yahoshua Walking Out On the Water, and Peter Said, “Yahoshua if it Be You, bid Me Come,” and Yahoshua Said, “Come,” and Peter Began to Walk On the Water.  But, When He, “Saw” the Wind Boisterous, He Was Afraid and Was Beginning to Sink.

It Didn’t Say Peter Sank, or that Peter Was immersed.  The Scripture Says, Peter Was Beginning to Sink.  Maybe the Water Was Only Up to His Ankles, and Maybe Peter Looked Down.  Peter Was Getting the Heebee-Jeebies~!  What Happened?  Peter Lost Focus, and I’ll Show You that He Did So.

Where is it a Bylaw of Physics, or Nature that States, “One Can Walk On the Water, Unless the Wind is Blowing, then You Will Surely Fail”?  No, this Was Something d—Evil One Was Using as a Distraction into Peter’s Thoughts, (and That’s Where d—Evil One operates, in Our Thoughts).

Having Done All To Stand, Jeremiah 17:7-8.

When I Worked at Boeing Computer Support Services, (BCSS), that Worked Within A Company Called United Space Boosters, Inc, (USBI), Whom I Used to Also Be Employed with and I Transitioned from USBI to Boeing Through Faith, (but That’s a Story for Another Time).  I Was In Charge of Teaching Email as it Was Brand-New and I Would Have Large Classes of 150 People 4-5 Times a Day to Go Over Email In The Auditorium and Because of that I Had Everybody In The Entire Company’s Email Address.

However, the Constant Chatter at the Water Cooler Was that there Was Going to Be Large Lay-Offs and Fear Was Running Rampant.  Often we Would See Two Security Guards Walk Up To Someone’s Desk and Tell Them They Had Been Laid Off.  It Was the Worst Way Possible To Lay Someone Off. 

And so Fear Was in Our Company as Well.  The Constant Buzz Was That They Were Going to Cut Our Budget by 10%.  There had Been Another Employee that Also Worked for BCSS, and He Taught Me A Lot of Computer Know-How.  But, He Would Fall Asleep Often and Be Found With His Head on the Desk.  I Prayed that Yahweh Would be Merciful to Him and that He Would Not Lose His Job as He Was Older and Might Not Find Another Job.  I Said, “If Someone Has to be Let Go, Let it be Me, as I Have Yahweh, Who Promises that “All My Needs Are Met Through Christ Jesus, Who Strengthens Me”, (Philippians 4:19).  Yahweh Told Me Right Then in the Elevator, that, “Because I Had Been Merciful, that I Would Receive Mercy”, (Matthew 5:7).

So, Since I Had All The Employees Email Address, I Sent the Entire Group of Both USBI and BCSS Personnel at Once The Scripture Chapter and Verse of Jeremiah 17:7-8.

Jeremiah 17:7-8 ~ World English Bible (WEB)
7 Blessed is The Person Who Trusts In Yahweh, and Whose Trust Yahweh Is.
8 For They Shall Be as a Tree Planted by The Waters, Who Spreads Out Its Roots by The River, and Shall Not Fear When Heat Comes, But Its Leaf Shall Be Green; and Shall Not be Careful In The Year of Drought, Neither Shall Cease From Yielding Fruit.

My Boss Lady Called me Into Her Office and Asked Why Would I Do This?  I Responded, Because I Thought Yahweh Should Get Equal Time Since There’s so Much Fear Being Spread, That Our God Should Get Equal Time.  She Was Perturbed, but Didn’t Pursue it Any More, but Told Me Not to Write Anymore Emails Company Wide Unless it Was Company Oriented.  I Taught Ten Computer Classes and Was The Sole Instructor Because The Other Two Ladies Asked to be Relieved of this Responsibility and Gave Me Their Classes with The Manager’s Approval, so When They Said They Will Reduce Boeing’s Budget by 10% and They Will Cut The Instructor Program that Meant My Job~!

Ironically, Both of These Other Ladies that Had Taught Classes Prior to My Arrival, Tried Very Hard to Persuade me to Get In Fear and To Say “What are You Going to Do When Your Job Ends”, and Apparently this Fear Was Why They Left Being an Instructor to Start With.  But I Would Not be Consumed by Fear with Their Negative Outlook and Wallow In Sorrow With Them.  I Would Respond by Quoting Jeremiah 17:7-8 and Said, “My Leaf Shall Be Green Even In The Year of Drought”.  That Really Made Them Very Frustrated With Me, (Almost to the Point of being Infuriated with Me, (and That Should Have Been a Clue To Me), and They Would Start Over, “Yeah, But Blah, Blah, Blah”.

Whenever Someone Is So Stanch on Their Position and Getting Frustrated, this is a Clue to Show What Kind of Spirit is Behind their Words, (Compare this to Galatians 2:21, where it is Said, “I Do Not Set Aside and Invalidate and Frustrate’ and Nullify The Grace of Yahweh.”  The Demon Operating Behind the Scene Was Trying to Frustrate’ the Grace of Yahweh for Success and Wanted to Make Me Have a Failure So that d—Evil One Could Point His Finger and Said, "See, there Was a Faith Person that Failed, and this Faith Stuff Doesn’t Work, Instead Try It My Way."

I Stood My Ground in Defiance to their Snarls and Said, “My Leaf Will Be Green in the Year of the Drought”.  So then They Started Looking at Me with that Look As If They Thought I Was Out of Touch With Reality, then They Migrated to A Look of Pity as if I Was Crazy and Didn’t Have Enough Sense to Come In and Out of The Rain, or to Know that My Job Was Ending and Finally They Resolved to Just Feeling Sorry for Me and Labeling me that I Must Have Lost My Mind.  I Really Didn’t Like their Stares or Their Words Behind My Back that I Could Hear Over the 5 Foot Cubicle Walls, (but, I’m Including it because When You Stand By Faith, Don’t Expect Others To Jump Up and Down Shouting and to Stand With You).

However, One of The Classes that I Taught Was Excel.  So Every Day at I Would Eat My Lunch In The Park Nearby and I Would Say Out Loud Alone to Myself or to Whoever Was Listening Proverbs 22:29.

As it Turned Out About One and a Half Months Later, My Lady Boss Told me that My Job Would End and I Would Have Two Weeks Notice, but I Had to Go Home Immediately as I Knew How to Sabotage All The Computers, and They Had to be Cautious for Any Reprisals from an Employee, *(The USBI Employees Did Not Have This Luxury, and When They Got Laid Off, it Was an Immediate Termination with the Two Security Guards Escorting Them Out of the Building.  So, I Went Home, and Said, “Father, I Thought You Said that Because I Had Been Merciful, that I Would Receive Mercy.”  The Holy Ghost Said, “You Have Not Lost Your Job Yet, You Still Have Two Weeks Notice”, (I Just Couldn’t Go to the Office).  I Said, “That’s Right~!”  I Had Just Used Up All of A Week’s Worth of Vacation to Go to Preaching Convention, Where I Got Hold of Jeremiah 17:7-8, and I Was a Little Disgruntled That I Had to Use Up My Only Vacation Time.  Now, I Had a Two Weeks Lay-Off Notice, so Essentially, I Was On a Paid Vacation, (Even Though I Just Used Up My Allotted Vacation Time~!).

Then The Holy Ghost Asked Me “What do I Think that Those Two Former Teachers Were Doing Right Now”.  I Said, “Well, They’re Talking About me Behind My Back, and Saying How I Just Didn’t Get it and that I Was Naive”, (One of their Children had Diabetes so Severe that Despite My Best Efforts Trying to Tell Her to Speak Life Instead of Death, She Would Not and that Son Died During the Four Years that I Worked With Her).  And then She Started Immediately Speaking Death Over Her Other Son.  I Knew that they Both Were Talking About Me Behind My Back to Everyone that Would Listen.  The Holy Ghost Told Me to Pray for Those that Persecute Me and Say Vile Things About Me, (Matthew 5:11;43-48; Luke 6:28; 1 Peter 3:9; 1 Peter 2:12-21).

So, I Began to Bless, (With My Mouth), Those by Speaking Life Over them and Their Situation and Declaring Life Over Her Second Son.  I Had to Forgive and Retract Any Hard Feelings that I Had for Both of Them Speaking Behind My Back, and the Stares.  I Just Kept Praying for About an Hour and a Half.  Then Three Hours from the Time that They Told Me that They Were Laying Me Off, The Boss that Was Higher Up than my Boss Lady Called Me Back and Told Me that I Had a Job with The Parent Company of Boeing at The Alabama Super Computer and to Show Up Monday Morning for the Final Interview.  He Was Delighted to Call Me.  He Really Liked Me and Was In My Corner Rooting For Me.  He Believed that Yahweh Was Real, and I’ll Tell You Why.

Once About a Year or So Prior to this Time His Face Had Gotten Poison Ivy so Bad That He Had Dark Crimson Splotches on His Face.  It Looked like Mikhail Gorbachev’s Head, Except it Was Near His Eye on His Cheek; (it Looked Like a Birth Mark, but Since I Knew Him Before this Came About, I Knew that It Could Not Be a Birth Mark).  I Didn’t Know What It Was, and On My Way to Work One Day, I Asked Yahweh What Was that?  The Reply, I Got Back Was that it Was Poison Ivy.  I Said, “Well, I’ll Lay Hands on Him”, and I Heard Our Loving Heavenly Father “Who Desires All People to Be Saved, {Sozo} and Come to Full Knowledge of The Truth”, (1 Timothy 2:4), said, “You Do That and I’ll Heal Him”.  I Said, “Well, Open Up an Opportunity, and I’ll Do It”, (Colossians 4:3); Because, He Was Not a Man that Appeared to be Receptive to Anything About God Around Others, and I Didn’t Want to Put Him on The Spot and Have Him Appear The Bad Guy if He Wouldn’t Let Me, (James 5:13).

That Very Same Day, I Just Happened to Have Been Using the Stairs to Go to a Trouble Call, (I Also Worked Help Desk the Last Hour of the Day When I Wasn’t Teaching Classes), I Ran Into Him Alone Going Down, While I Was Going Up in the Stairwell Corridor, (This had Never Happened Before, and I’ve Seldom Seen Him Leave His Office).  I Knew that Yahweh Had Opened Up This Opportunity.  We Stopped and Chatted Awhile and I Asked Him What Was Wrong With His Face.  He Said that He Was Burning Some Trash, and He Must Have Burned Some Poison Ivy.  He said, that He Had Tried Everything and Nothing Was Working and that The Doctor’s Don’t Know What to Do, and at First they thought it Might be Shingles, as Nothing Was Working and He Had a Cream on His Face Right Then, but He Was Itching So Bad that He Just Had to Leave His Office, (I Think He Was Hoping To Be Alone in the Stairwell, So That He Could Scratch His Face).  Notice, I Didn’t Tell Him Yahweh Told Me it Was Poison Ivy, I Let Him Confirm What Yahweh Had Already Told Me, as a Way of Endearing His Trust.  Unless, Yahweh tells me to Say Something, I Normally Keep What Yahweh’s Shared With Me to Myself.

He Said that He Was in Agony and So Much Pain that He Might Even Go Home for the Rest of Day.  By then I Was Very Deeply Moved With Compassion, as I Have Had Poison Ivy Myself and I Told Him So, and How Much I Hate and Detest Poison Ivy, and if it Were Up to Me I’d Remove It All From the Planet Earth, (it Seems to me Blonde Haired White Folks Have More Problems with Poison Ivy than Do Black or Brunette Haired Folks, and I Had and Still Do Have Blonde Hair).  Yahoshua Was Often Moved With Compassion and Healed The Sick.  For Even Yahoshua Operated in Compassion, {Click Here To See Most of the Scriptures About Yahoshua Operating in Compassion Before He Ministered in Faith, For Faith Works by Love, Galatians 5:6}.

I Asked Him Very Solemnly, and Sincerely, “May I Lay Hands On You and Pray for You?”  I Thought He’d Turn Me Down, but Immediately, He Said, “Please, Pray for Me”.  I Lay Hands on the Side of Head, Being Careful Not to Touch the Effected Areas, and then I Thought, He’s Not Contagious, I’m Contagious with the Blood of Yahoshua.  Then a Righteous Boldness Came Over Me, as I Had Meant Not to Show My True Charismatic Style, and then I Thought, Everybody Already Thinks at Work that I’m Ultra-Charismatic, so I Think I’m Too Late to Act Conservative Now.  So, I Moved my Palm and Put it Directly on the Dark Crimson Area of His Face, and Again I Thought He Would Scream In Pain and Move My Hand, but He Did Not.  I Said, “Poison Ivy I Curse You by The Name of Yahoshua Ha Mashiach and by Whose Stripes We Were Made Whole by The Blood of Yahoshua Ha Mashiach. Leave Now at Once Like a Scolded Dog~!”

I thought He Would Just Smile and Nod His Head as If He Did Not Really Receive Me and Politely Thank Me and Go On to Still Being In Pain.  But, He Amazed Me~!  He Said, “The Pain Completely Left Me When You Touched The Exact Spot”, and that He Was Surprised that I Touched it, Knowing that I Had Been Susceptible to it Before.  The Next Day, His Face Was Less Crimson, and More of a Dark Pink, and the Next Day a Lighter Shade of Pink, and the Third Day a Very Light Shade of Pink, and by 5-6 Days It Was Gone Completely.  Coincidently, He Met me in the Stairwell about a Month or So Later on, and Told Me that The Pain Went Away and Never Returned the Moment I Prayed.  To This Day, I Don’t Think of This as, “Look I Prayed and He Got Healed”, but Rather, I Am Just So Genuinely Humbled that He Got Made Whole as I Am Not the Healer.  I Was Just the Believer, {(Mark 11:24; Mark 16:18; James 5:15) ~ “All Things Whatever You Pray and Ask For, Believe that You Have Received Them, and You Shall Have Them”; “They Will Lay Hands on The Sick, and They Will Recover”; “And The Prayer of Faith Will Save The One Who is Sick, and The Lord Will Raise Him Up.”}

Two Points Here.  First of All, When it Comes to Having Bulldog Faith that Will Not Let Go, (Ephesians 6:13-14), to Stand Even After it Appears, “That All Is Said and Done”, Because a Lot of Times it’s The Godly Way In Which We Exit that Really Impresses Them The Most~!  And Then They Hire Us Back or Down the Road, They Recommend Us for a Promotion or a Greater Position at Another Company, (Genesis 40:1-23; Genesis 41:8-16).

The Second Thing is Because The Word of God Stands True and it Can Not Lie and When You Stand on The Word of God You Cannot at The Last Minute Change Your Mind and Say “Well, I Guess it Was Meant for Us to Get Another Job” or and Find Another Way Out.  If You Do That, Then from Now On, d—Evil Will Suggest That An Alternate Way Out To You Every Time You Encounter an Occasion for Faith to Arise To Save the Day.  At The Last Minute is When You Really Have to Stay In Faith The Most, (Remember The Auburn Alabama 2013 Iron Bowl Game and Auburn Won by One Second).

Then Another Interesting Thing Happened as I Transferred to the Parent Company of Boeing Working at The Alabama Supercomputer. The New Boss Lady that Was Interviewing me Asked, “How Did I Know Art Hitman”.  Art Hitman Had Been The CEO of Boeing In Seattle Washington.  I Had Never Met Him and Did Not Know Him; Although He Came to Huntsville to The Space & Rocket Center for a Boeing Meet & Greet, and I Heard Our Heavenly Father Tell me to Go Meeting, But I Just Missed it and Did Not Go, and Later Regretted that I Did Not Go.  Well, Art Hitman Had Called and Said and There is no Way that We are Going to Let Charlie Warren Go.  But, Despite The Fact that I Missed it, Yahweh Did Not.

I So Wish You Could Have Seen the Faces of Both of Those Ladies, (Former Instructors), when They Allowed Me To Come Back Into the USBI Building Two Weeks Later to Get All My Belongings that Someone had Boxed Up in Two Cardboard Boxes.  Priceless~!  I Had Been Paid for the Last Two Weeks While I Went to Monte Sano State Park and Walked the Three Mile Trail Almost Every Day While they All Had to Work.  And I Was Just More than Thrilled to Tell them that Not Only Did I Still Keep My Job, but I Start on Monday, and It Involved a Substantial Pay Raise~!  When I Told Them How Much, the Meaner One Said, “That is More than I Make.”  I Said, “Yahweh Said My Grass Would Be Green, Even In The Year of Drought~!”  They had a Look of Totally Bewilderment on their Faces Like They Were Stunned.  My Boss Lady Stepped Out of Her Office To Congratulate Me, and It Was Very Noticeable on Her Face that She Had Taken Stock and Was Pondering Over How I Kept My Job, and What I Had Written in the Emails.  So, I Just Repeated it Again With a Lot of Folks Looking at Me, but this Time Listening, “And it Can Happen to You Also, if You’ll Get In Faith and Not Fear and Believe Yahweh’s Word”, and I Repeated Jeremiah 17:7-8 Verbatim.

Jeremiah 17:7-8
7 Blessed is The Person Who Trusts In Yahweh, and Whose Trust Yahweh Is.
8 For They Shall Be as a Tree Planted by The Waters, Who Spreads Out Its Roots by The River, and Shall Not Fear When Heat Comes, But Its Leaf Shall Be Green; and Shall Not be Careful In The Year of Drought, Neither Shall Cease From Yielding Fruit.

After, I Got My Job Back, I Asked Yahweh, “How Did Art Hitman, the CEO of Boeing Whom I Had Never Met, Nor Did Not Know Call and Preserve My Job.”  Yahweh Reminded me that Every Day at Lunch I Would Walk to the Adjoining Park and Quote Proverbs 22:29...Do You See a Man Who EXCELS In His Work?  He Will Stand Before Kings; He Will Not Stand Before Unknown Men.”

This is The Main Part of This is Where We Don’t Just Try to Be Positive But that You Have a Word of Yahweh That You’re Standing On In Your Recipe to Make this Cake With.


Lost-Focus & Distracted

Peter Was a Fisherman that Spent a Lot of Time in a Boat, and Was Used to Judging His Level of Safety by the Amount of Wind.  It Was a Wise Thing Not to Take a Boat Out to Sea When the Winds Are Rough Causing the swells to Be 6 to 12 Feet High.  However, this Way of Thinking For a Boat Was Not a Good Thing to Do When Walking On The Water, (Like Peter Had Experience Walking On the Water).

At Least Peter Got Out of the Boat, and We Commend Him For that, and We Commend Ourselves For Talking a Step Out of Our Boat.  It is Commendable and to Be Applauded.  And That’s a Start.  But, While Peter Was Walking On the Water, Where Do You Think ALL the Other Eyes in their Boat Were Focused at?  Were they On Peter Walking Towards Yahoshua, or On the Wind?  I’ll Bet that they Were So Wowed by What they Were Seeing that they Would Not Even Have Noticed if a Bee Had Stung Them, Let Alone Notice the Wind..

Where Was Peter’s Focus On?  The Wind.  Peter Lost Focus, and Was Focused On the Distraction, the Wind.  What Was Supposed to Be the Focus?  Okay, I Know Y’all Are Wanting to Say it, So Let’s All Say it Together, “Peter’s Focus Should Have Been On Jesus, (or in Hebrew, Yahoshua).”  However, the Real Focus Was Yahoshua Had Already Said, “Come~!,” (in Response And Connected to the Question, If it Be You, Bid Me Come?  So the Focus Should Have Been.  This is the Son of Yahweh, All Things Are Possible with God and He Has Told Me to Come to Him).  Where’s Your Focus?  What Has the Holy Ghost Told You to Do?

What Are Your Distractions?  Moses Was Called to Be a Spokesperson, But He Believed that He Was Not a Very Good Speaker, (Exodus 4:10), and Opted For Second Best, (Aaron).  Moses Thought He Was a Slow Speaker; However, Speaking Slow Must Have Been Just the What the People Needed to Get this New Message Across to Them.  Suppose, Yahweh Has Told You to Build a Church, and Your Reply Is, “We Don’t Need Another Church Here in the Heart of the Bible Belt.”  Apparently, We Do or Yahweh Wouldn’t Have Directed You to Do So.  Or Your Response Might Be, “I Don’t Know How to Do that.”  So?  Apparently, Yahweh is Going to Send Folks to You that Do Know How, or it’s Not Important, or He’s Going to Show You How, or this is Going to Be a Brand New Concept.

Whatever the Case Is, Yahweh Must Need You with Your Way of Thinking, to Keep d—Evil One From Knowing What His Plans Are.  Yahoshua Wouldn’t Have Told You to Do Something that You Were Not Able to Do~!  Make Your Thoughts Line Up with Yahweh’s and Say, I’m Going to Do Whatever it is that Yahweh Told Me to Do~!

Nitty Gritty"

Okay, Where the Rubber Meets the Road.  Suppose You Have a Lot of High Debt, and You Are Wondering What Do I Need to Do.  Do I Go Get a 2nd Job at Lowe’s? Thoughts Are Trying to Run Rapid in Your Brain, (Who Do You Suppose is the Originator of these Fear Thoughts?).  But Suppose You See and Say This, “And My God Shall Supply ALL My Need According to His Riches in Glory by the Messiah, Yahoshua.” ~ (Philippians 4:19).  Or You Read, or Recall...  He that Spared Not His Own Son, But Delivered Him Up For Us ALL, How Shall He Not with Him Also Freely Give Us All THINGS?, (Romans 8:32).

So, You Have the Same Exact Choice that I Had Yesterday, and the Reason Why I Included that Testimony that Had Been Tested and Proven Concerning My Drop Light that I Didn’t Know Where it Was.  I Can Either Get in Line with the Word of Yahweh and Find The Light, or I Can Say, “I Don’t Know Where that Light Is,” and it Remain Lost~! You Can Get Agree with the Word of Yahweh that You Are Rich, For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Being Rich He Became Poor, For Your Sakes; that Through His Poverty You Might Be Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).

One Choice Will Get You the Results You Want, and One Choice Will Not.

You Decide

Deuteronomy 30:12-15, 19

12 It is Not Up in Heaven, So Distant that You Must Ask, ‘Who Will Go to Heaven and Bring it Down So We Can Hear and Obey it?’
13 It is Not Beyond the Sea, So Far Away that You Must Ask, ‘Who Will Cross the Sea to Bring it to Us So We Can Hear and Obey it?’
14 The Message is Very Close at Hand; It is On Your Lips and in Your Heart So that You Can Obey it.
15 Now Listen! Today I Am Giving You a Choice Between Prosperity and Disaster, Between Life and Death.
19 I Call Heaven and Earth as Witnesses Today Against You, that I Have Set Before You Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing; Therefore Choose Life, that Both You and Your Descendants May Live;


Not by Sight

But, to Have The, “Always Causes Us To Triumph in Christ,” (2 Corinthians 2:14), or, “Victory Meets Me at Every Step,” (Isaiah 41:2 - Amplified Bible Classic Edition), We’ve Got to Stay Focused On the Promise, Despite What You Are Seeing with Your Eyes.  For ‘The Things Seen’ Are Temporal, (NT:4340 ~ Brief and Fleeting, Subject to Change, Transitory, Lasting Only a Time, Momentary, Enduring Only For a Little While, Temporary ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18).  We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight, (2 Corinthians 5:7).

I Like the Way that Amplified Bible Classic Edition Puts This.  I Resisted Getting the Amplified Bible Classic Edition For Five Years, Saying it Was too Wordy, Not Accurate, and Whatever Else Fault I Could Find Fault About it.

I Would Not Have Begun to Grasp Simple Concepts Like, “We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight,” Unless this Wording Had Been Broken Down For Me the Way that the Amplified Bible Classic Edition Does it, as Listed Below.

For We Walk by Faith [We Regulate Our Lives and Conduct Ourselves by Our Conviction or Belief Respecting Man’s Relationship to Yahweh and Divine Things, with Trust and Holy Fervor; Thus We Walk], Not by Sight or Appearance, (2 Corinthians 5:7).

We Regulate Our Lives and Conduct Ourselves by Our Conviction or Belief.  Powerful Statement of What the Faith Walk is ALL About.  We Don’t Just Make the Plummet Like a Diver On the Cliffs of Acapulco, Mexico, and Just Put Our Minds in Neutral On the Way Down Until We Hit the Water.  We Don’t Just Plunge into What Yahweh Has Called Us to Do, and Expect that We Can Now Relax.

If We Do Relax, We Can Be Certain that the Enemy of Yahweh Will Come Up with Some Distractions to Keep Us Off Focus.  Hebrews 10:38 Says that The Just Shall ‘Live’ by Faith.  Daily, Moment by Moment, You Have to Hold the Promise of What Yahweh’s Word Has Told You, (Spoken” or Written).



Walk By Faith

I Saw an Episode of, “Persons of Interest,” the Other Night On Television.  There is this Man Named Leon, that John Reese Has Had to Save Twice Before and Leon Had Gotten Himself into Trouble Once More.  Suddenly, Leon Realized that the People that Had Apprehended Him Were Planning to Kill Him, and He Knew that Every Time Folks Had Tried to Kill Him in the Past, Mr. Reese Seemed to Appear Out of Nowhere and Fight Off His Would Be Attackers.  So, Aware that they Were Trying to Kill Him, Leon Says, “Y’all Are Planning to Kill Me Aren’t You?  Then You Better Run While You Got the Chance,” and then Suddenly and Predictably John Comes in and Saves the Day and Beats Up the Assailants~!  That is the Way We Ought to Be in Regard to Yahweh.  When the Doctor’s Say, “Well, You’ve Got 4th Stage Whatever.”  We Ought to Reply, “Devil Are You Trying to Kill Me?  Then You Better RUN Like a Scalded Dog Now, While You’ve Got the Opportunity~!

It’s Like You Can Not Have the Word by Faith and Also Make Allowances in Case Yahweh Doesn’t Come Through For You.  You Either Have to Be, “All In,” in or You’re Not in at All.  Worry is a Sin~!  Oops.  You Are Either Giving Thanks that All Your Needs Are Met in Christ or You’re in Worry.  I’m Not Talking About Just Spouting Off, “I’m Blessed and Highly Favored,” or, “I’m Blessed by the Best and He’s Taking Care of the Rest”.  I’m Talking About Showing Me Chapter and Verse Where Yahweh Said a Promise and You Can Either Quote it or Look it Up; But that You Believe it with Your Whole Heart and Are Saying it with Your Mouth, (Even if, or Especially if; You’re the Only One Around to Hear Yourself Saying it~!).

If You Don’t Tithe, then I’d Start, Because of this Promise and the Many Other Benefits of Trusting Yahweh with Your Life~!

Maybe Start Saying... Malachi 3:10-11

10 Bring All the Tithes into the Storehouse, that there May Be Food in My House, and Try Me Now in This,” Says Yahweh, (of Hosts), “If I Will Not Open For You the Windows of Heaven and Pour Out For You Such Blessing that there Will Not Be Room Enough to Receive It~!
11 “And I Will Rebuke the Devourer For Your Sakes, So that He Will Not Destroy the Fruit of Your Ground, Nor Shall the Vine Fail to Bear Fruit For You in the Field,” Says Yahweh, (of Hosts);


Focus On the Word Of Yahweh

Peter Saw The Wind, (Maybe the Wind Was Causing the Water to spray Across).  But, Peter Focused On What He Could See and Understand with His Own Mind Rather than What Yahoshua, (or Yahweh), Had Told Him, (Matthew 10:20; John 12:49-50; John 14:10).  We Have to Stand Maintained and Ready, Like an Airplane Ready For Flight.  We Have to Have Sustained Focused On that Promised, and Not Falling For the Distractions, or Falling For Satan’s Smokescreen.  These Things Are Only the Shadows.

A Shadow is an Image of Something Else.  It’s Not the Real McCoy, and Can Cause You No Harm.  d—Evil One Would Like to Have You Think these Distractions Have a bite and to Frighten You into Doing Nothing, But the Real Truth Is, “The Shadow of a Dog Never Bit Anybody.”

Though We Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death; We Will Fear No Evil, (Psalm 23:4), For Yahweh is with Us, (See Also I Am With You).

The Dog’s Already Been Whipped, and Tied Up, and Out of the Way.  It, “Looked” as Though My Needs Are Not Going to Get Met.  What’s the Promise?  What’s the Word that You’re Standing On?  Are We Going to Walk by Sight, or Do We Walk by Faith?


Possess the Land

Remember the Time When Moses Sent Out the Twelve People to Spy Out the Land, (Numbers 13).  Well, Yahweh Had Already Promised Previously in at Least Five Places in the Word of Yahweh.  (Click to Here See ALL the Verses I Found So Far, Exodus 3:8; Exodus 3:17; Exodus 13:5; Exodus 33:1-3; Leviticus 20:24).

What Yahweh Said.

  1. You SHALL Inherit*, the Land, (*Possess Means to DisPossess Those Living there Now ~ Think of Displace, or Displacement, Like You Fill a Jar with Soapy Dish Detergent Water and Put the Jar Under a Faucet of Fresh Water, Eventually, the Fresh Water Will Displace the Soapy Water)

  2. It is a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey.

  3. Seven Nations Stronger than You~! (Deuteronomy 4:38; Deuteronomy 7:1-2, 23-24; Deuteronomy 11:23-25; Joshua 1:3-6; Joshua 3:10; Acts 13:19)...
    {Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites}

And this is the Order that He Told it to Them in.  He Told Them First that they Would Inherit it.  Like if I Were to Tell You For Certain that Your Great Aunt Left You Some Land, there Would Be No Doubt that You Got Some Land Alright, But You’d Want to Go See it, to See if it’s a Piece of Dry Hard Desert Land in Nevada, or Swamp Land in Florida, or Rich Fertile Soil with Oil On it in Alabama.  But, Wait there’s More as Yahweh Also Promises that this is a Land Flowing of Milk and Honey~!  Two Promises that the Folks Could Mull Over and Meditate and Dream About and Ponder Over Until the Time Was Right.  He Will Give You this Land, and it is a Land Flowing with Milk & Honey, (Cattle, Goats, Bees, and that Means Flowering Plants). And One Message of Hope, (There Shall Be Seven Nations Stronger than You So When You See Seven Nations Stronger than You, Don’t Panic).


Dispossess their Land

Leviticus 20:24, Mentions What Yahweh Has Already Told Them.

But I Have Said to You, “You SHALL Inherit Their Land, and I WILL Give it to You to Possess, a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey.”  I Am Yahweh Your Elohim, Who Has Separated You From the Peoples.

Actually, the Words Translated ‘ SHALL Inherit’ Are From the Same Exact Word as the Hebrew Word ‘Possess’, and this Sentence Really Said This.

But I Have Said to You, “You Shall Surely Possess Their Land; And, I, I Am Giving it to You to Possess it, a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey; I Am Yahweh Your Elohim, Who Has Set You Apart From the Nations.

(Please Note that the Word, “Possess” is From the Hebrew Word – Yawrash — Which Means, “To Occupy by Driving Out the Previous Inhabitants, to Cast Out, to Consume, to Destroy, to Disinherit, to DisPossess, {Displace}, the Previous Occupants, and to Take Possession of, as this Will Become Important Later On When You Read Caleb’s Report).

There’s a Big Difference Between Inheriting Something From a Relative that Has Passed On, and Possessing Something Where the Folks Are Alive and Fighting Back~!


Milk and Honey~!

the Twelve Spies ALL Harmoniously Agreed, and Confirmed in One Accord that The Land Was as Yahweh Had Said, “Flowing with Milk and Honey

Numbers 13:27

Then they Told Him, and Said:, “We Went to the Land Where You Sent Us.  It Truly Flows with Milk and Honey, and this is its Fruit, (Referring Back to Numbers 13:23.  This Was a a Single Cluster of Grapes, Yet it Had to Be Carried On a Pole by Two of Them, and I Imagine that they Swapped Responsibilities For Carrying this Fruit Because No One Was Named For Carrying the Fruit.  And they Brought Also of the Pomegranates, and of the Figs.  Then ALL Bore Witness and Presented Evidence that this Land Was as Yahweh Had Said that it Would Be).


It Was As Yahweh Told Us~!

It Was Like Now that they Could See it with their Own eyes, they Could Believe Yahweh.  It Was as Yahweh Told Us~!  the Attitude Should Have Been, “Let there Be Joy in the House Today~!}  It Was Already as Yahweh Had Said, But Now they Could See and Confirm that What Yahweh Was Telling Them Was the Truth~! 

Don’t Down-Play this too Much.  In Fact, Yahweh Even Reminded Them of What He Had Already Done Separating Them From the People of Egypt to Which they Were Supposed to Be Life-Time Bonded into slavery.

Yahweh is The Master Designer Who Built Us Humans, and He Knew that We Needed to Have Some Part of His Word Confirmed.  This is the Way that Prophecy Always Works.  Yahweh Will Speak Through the Prophet to Tell You Something About You that You Already Know, to Allow You to Know that the Other Part is True Also.


Ten Spies Doubt Yahweh’s Word

Okay, What About the Other Part of the Promise that Yahweh Would Cause Them to Inherit the Land.  Again Like Peter Who Got His Mind Fixed in a Certain Way or Pattern of Thinking, Judging His Level of Safety by the Amount of Wind Was Normal For a Fisherman and So He Ended Up, “Watching the Wind,” these spies Also Got Used to, “Walking by Sight.”  Joshua 2:11 goes on to Show that the Canaanite Folks Hearts had Already Melted, “As soon as We had Heard it Our Hearts Melted Neither Did there Remain any More Spirit in any Man Because of You: for Yahweh Your God He is God in Heaven Above And On Earth Beneath.”

If they had Gone into the Land at the First, it Would Have Been an Easy Battle.  They Needed a, “Paradigm Shift” to Believe that What They Thought Was a Good Criteria’s For Making Judgments From the Head, Mind and Intelligent, But Are Not Valid at ALL When Factoring in Faith in Yahweh’s Word.  This is Very Important~!

Notice that Yahweh Calls this Lack of Faith an EVIL REPORT, (Numbers 13:32), {Without Faith it Is Impossible to Please Yahweh, (Hebrews 11:6)}.  Yahweh Had Said, “And there Will Seven Nations Greater and Mightier than You,” (Deuteronomy 4:38; Deuteronomy 7:1-2).  The 10 Spies Came Back and Confirmed What Yahweh Had Said by Reporting the Facts... We Be Not Able to Go Up Against the People; For they Are Stronger than We... ...And there We Saw The Giants, the Sons of Anak, Which Come of the Giants: and We Were in Our Own Sight as Grasshoppers, and So We Were in their Sight,” (Numbers 13:31, 33)  But, it is the Truth of Yahweh’s Word that Cannot Lie that Will Set Us Free, (John 8:32).


Spies Report~!

(Numbers 13:27-33)

27 then they Told Him, and Said:, “We Went to the Land Where You Sent Us.  It Truly Flows with Milk and Honey, and this is its Fruit.

28 Nevertheless The People Be Strong that Dwell in the Land, and the Cities Are Walled, and Very Great: and Moreover We Saw the Children of Anak there

29 The Amalekites Dwell in the Land of the South: and the Hittites, and the Jebusites, and the Amorites, Dwell in The Mountains: and the Canaanites Dwell by the Sea, and by the Coast of Jordan.

30 And Caleb Stilled the People Before Moses, and Said, “Let Us Go Up At Once, and Possess It; For We Are Well Able to Overcome It”.

31 But the Men that Went Up with Him Said, We Be Not Able to Go Up Against the People; For they Are Stronger than We.

32 And they Brought Up an Evil Report of the Land Which they Had Searched Unto the Children of Israel, Saying, “The Land, Through Which We Have Gone to Search it, is a Land that Eateth Up the Inhabitants Thereof; and ALL the People that We Saw in it Are Men of a Great Stature.”

33, “And there We Saw The Giants, the Sons of Anak, Which Come of the Giants: and We Were in Our Own Sight as Grasshoppers, and So We Were in their Sight.”  (Numbers 13:27-33).  Recall that, “We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight,” (2 Corinthians 5:7).  Or How About, “Oh Magnify Yahweh with Me,” {Psalm 34:3, (Not Concentrate and Focus On the Problem)}.


Let the REDEEMED of Yahweh SAY SO~!

So, of Twelve Spies, the Ten Spies Convinced the Assembly by Popular Vote that What Yahweh Has Said Was Only Partly True, (Did You Notice the Words, “Nevertheless).  In Other Words, “Despite What Yahweh Said, this is the Way We Believe it is So.”  Whew~Boy~!  Same Thing Job’s Evil Companions Did... Anybody Can Call Those Things, “As they See It.”  Job 26:3 ~ 3 How Have You Counseled Him that Has No Wisdom?  And How Have You Plentifully Declared the Thing As It Is?

Can You See Why Yahweh Called this an ‘Evil Report’ (A Report Fed Directly From d-evil ~ (Numbers 13:32)?  they Called Yahweh a ‘Flat Out Liar’, and Said ‘Trust Us, Not Yahweh’.  They Were Saying, “Trust Me, I’ve Seen it with My Own eyes.  None of This Faith Talk, ‘Pie in the Sky’ Kind of Talk, We Walk by Sight.”  And Out of the Abundance of the Heart, the Mouth Speaks, (Matthew 12:34)... So they Were NOT Saying the Same Thing that Yahweh Was Saying, (Confessing); But Rather they Were Murmuring, (Deuteronomy 1:27-35; Psalm 106:24-25; Exodus 16:2; Numbers 14:2).  Let the REDEEMED of Yahweh SAY SO, Whom HE HAS REDEEMED From the Hand of the Enemy; as in Saying, “I AM REDEEMED,” (Psalm 107:2).  Is it Important For Us to SAY SO?  Is it Important For Us to Open Our Mouths and to Say the Same Thing, (Confess / Profess,) as He Has Said?  ... Deuteronomy 1:34 ~ And Yahweh Heard the Voice of Your Words, and Was Wroth.

Deuteronomy 1:18-41

18 And I Commanded You at that Time All the Things Which You Should Do.
19 “So We Departed From Horeb, and Went Through All that Great and Terrible Wilderness Which You Saw On the Way to the Mountains of the Amorites, as Yahweh Our God Had Commanded Us.  Then We Came to Kadesh Barnea.
20 And I Said to You, ‘You Have Come to the Mountains of the Amorites, Which Yahweh Our God is Giving Us.
21 Look, Yahweh Your God Has Set the Land Before You; Go Up and Possess it, as Yahweh God of Your Fathers Has “Spoken” to You; Do Not Fear or Be Discouraged.’
22 And Everyone of You Came Near to Me and Said, ‘Let Us Send Men Before Us, and Let Them Search Out the Land For Us, and Bring Back Word to Us of the Way by Which We Should Go Up, and of the Cities into Which We Shall Come.’
23 The Plan Pleased Me Well; So I Took Twelve of Your Men, One Man From Each Tribe.
24 And they Departed and Went Up into the Mountains, and Came to the Valley of Eshcol, and spied it Out.
25 They Also Took Some of the Fruit of the Land in their Hands and Brought it Down to Us; and they Brought Back Word to Us, Saying, ‘It is a Good Land Which Yahweh Our God is Giving Us.’
26 “Nevertheless You Would Not Go Up, But Rebelled Against the Command of Yahweh Your God;
27 And You Complained in Your Tents, and Said, ‘Because Yahweh Hates Us, He Has Brought Us Out of the Land of Egypt to Deliver Us into the Hand of the Amorites, to Destroy Us.
28 Where Can We Go Up? Our Brethren Have Discouraged Our Hearts, Saying, “The People Are Greater and Taller than We; the Cities Are Great and Fortified Up to Heaven; Moreover We Have Seen the Sons of the Anakim there.” ’
29 Then I Said to You, ‘Do Not Be Terrified, or Afraid of Them.
30 Yahweh Your God, Who Goes Before You, He Will Fight For You, According to All He Did For You in Egypt Before Your eyes,
31 And in the Wilderness Where You Saw How Yahweh Your God Carried You, as a Man Carries His Son, in All the Way that You Went Until You Came to this Place.’
32 Yet, For All that, You Did Not Believe Yahweh Your God,
33 Who Went in the Way Before You to Search Out a Place For You to pitch Your Tents, to Show You the Way You Should Go, in the Fire by Night and in the Cloud by Day.
34 “And Yahweh Heard the Sound of Your Words, and Was Angry, and Took an Oath, Saying,
35 ‘Surely Not One of these Men of this Evil Generation Shall See that Good Land of Which I Swore to Give to Your Fathers,
36 Except Caleb the Son of Jephunneh; He Shall See it, and to Him and His Children I Am Giving the Land On Which He Walked, Because He Wholly Followed Yahweh.’
37 Yahweh Was Also Angry with Me For Your Sakes, Saying, ‘Even You Shall Not Go in there;
38 Joshua the Son of Nun, Who Stands Before You, He Shall Go in there. Encourage Him, For He Shall Cause Israel to Inherit it.
39 Moreover Your Little Ones and Your Children, Who You Say Will Be Victims, Who Today Have No Knowledge of Good and Evil, they Shall Go in there; to Them I Will Give it, and they Shall Possess it.
40 But as For You, Turn and Take Your Journey into the Wilderness by the Way of the Red Sea.’
41 “Then You Answered and Said to Me, ‘We Have Sinned Against Yahweh’”...

If Yahweh Told the Truth About, “The Land Flowing with Milk in Honey,” {and About Seven Nations Stronger than You~!  Which ALL Twelve Spies Confirmed Both Parts}, Why Would Yahweh Not Tell the Truth When He Also Said that, “He WOULD Cause Them to Inherit this Land?”  *(which Did Occur as He Had Promised Some Forty Years Later, Delayed Because of their Doubt and UnBelief, But Not Delayed On Yahweh’s Part).  Yahweh Was Ready For Them to Take the Land Right Now.  It Was Not Yahweh’s Plan to Have Them Wait For Forty More Years.  Though they Received the Word, they Did Not Mix it with Faith, So it Profited Them Nothing.  Let the REDEEMED of Yahweh SAY SO, Whom HE HAS REDEEMED From the Hand of the Enemy; as in Saying, “I AM REDEEMED,” (Psalm 107:2).  Is it Important For Us to SAY SO?  Is it Important For Us to Open Our Mouths and to Say the Same Thing, (Confess / Profess,) as He Has Said?  Yes, it Is~!

Not Mixed with Faith~!

I Didn’t Make this Up.  It’s in Hebrews 3:10-19—Hebrews 4:1-2.

Hebrews 3:1 1 Therefore, Holy Brethren, Partakers of the Heavenly Calling, Consider the Apostle and High Priest of Our Confession, Christ Jesus ...
6 But Christ as a Son Over His Own House, Whose House We Are if We Hold Fast the Confidence and the Rejoicing of the Hope Firm to the End. 7 Therefore, as the Holy Spirit Says:, “Today, If You Will Hear His Voice, 8 Do Not Harden Your Hearts as in the Rebellion, in the Day of Trial in the Wilderness, 9 Where Your Fathers Tested Me, Tried Me, and Saw My Works Forty Years. 10 Therefore I Was Angry with that Generation, and Said, ‘they Always Go Astray in their Heart, and Then Have Not Known My Ways.’ 11 So I Swore in My Wrath, ‘they Shall Not Enter My Rest.’ 12 Beware, Brethren, Lest there Be in Any of You an Evil Heart of UnBelief in Departing From the Living God; 13 But Exhort One Another Daily, While it is Called, “Today,” Lest Any of You Be Hardened Through the Deceitfulness of Sin. 14 For We Have Become Partakers of Christ if We Hold the Beginning of Our Confidence Steadfast to the End, 15 While it is Said: Today, if You Will Hear His Voice, Do Not Harden Your Hearts as in the Rebellion. 16 For Who, Having Heard, Rebelled?  Indeed, Was it Not All Who Came Out of Egypt, Led by Moses? 17 Now with Whom Was He Angry Forty Years?  Was it Not with Those Who Sinned, Whose Corpses Fell in the Wilderness? 18 And to Whom Did He Swear that they Would Not Enter His Rest, But to Those Who Did Not Obey? 19 So We See that they Could Not Enter in Because of UnBelief. Hebrews 4:1 Therefore, Since a Promise Remains of Entering His Rest, Let Us Fear Lest Any of You Seem to Have Come Short of it. 2 For Indeed the Gospel Was Preached to Us as Well as to Them; But the Word Which They Heard Did Not Profit Them, Not Being Mixed with Faith in Those Who Heard it.

For a While People Reversed this Order and Said, “Yahweh’s Word Said it, that Settles it,” (Whether You Believe it or Not).  But, That’s Not Right.  Here We See that Because they ‘Had the Word’ On it, But, “Did Not Mix Faith with the Word that they Had Heard,” and So they Stayed in Wilderness For Forty Years~!  Ouch~!

Psalm 95:7-11 ~ For He is Our God, and We Are the People of His Pasture, and the Sheep of His Hand. Today, if You Will Hear His Voice:


A Firm Foundation~!

Like Paul, I Press Towards the Mark.  But, We Have Got to Know What the Mark Is.  What is the Focus?

Psalm 112, Says, “This Man Shall Not Be Afraid Until He Sees His Desire Upon His Enemies, (Psalm 112:8),” and that He Will, “Not Be Moved if it Takes Forever,” (Psalm 112:6).  An, “Established Heart,” “A Fixed Heart,” Unmovable, A Firm Foundation, Steadfast, Stayed, (Psalm 112:7-8).  Having Done All to Stand, Stand~! ~ (Ephesians 6:13).

Once You’re Determined that You’re Going to Stand Forever, and You’re Not Going to Move if it Takes Forever, then it Won’t Take Very Long.  You Become a Strong Wall, (Like a Steel Bulwark On a Ship, or a Dam to Hold Back Tons of Water), that the Enemy Sees Us as, “More Problems than it’s Worth,” and He Will Go and Seek an Easier Person, as He is Not Going to Be Able to Convince You in Your Thoughts Anymore.  If d—Evil One Was All that Powerful, if He Was All that and a Bag of Chips, Why Doesn’t He Just Put Sickness On Us and Walk Away and Never Turn Back?  Why Does He Have to Continually Talk You into Trying to Get You to Accept His Evil Report?

I’ll Tell You Why.  Because Faith and Fear Both Work the Same Way.  We Have to Get it Down into Our Hearts, and then it Comes Out of Our Mouths, and the Devil Knows that.  *Sometimes Children Are Born with a Disease, or a Car Wreck Happens, and I’ll Talk About Those in the Future, But For Most of Us that Are Saved, We Have to Deal with this Nagging Voice.  Often, the Holy Ghost Tries to Warn Us About Impending Disaster, But We Did Not Hear.

Let the REDEEMED of Yahweh SAY SO, Whom HE HAS REDEEMED From the Hand of the Enemy, (Psalm 107:2).

Remaining Firm~!

It’s Just that Simple.  You Get an Urge to Be Mad at Someone, or to Talk About Them Behind their Back or to Look at a Certain Man or Woman On the Internet; and You Get that Check in Your Spirit From Yahweh, and You Just Say:

“I Don’t Do that Anymore, I’ve Been Redeemed, and Bought with a Price,” (1 Corinthians 6:20). 
All My Needs Are Met Through Christ Jesus, Who Strengthens Me, (Philippians 4:19). 
I Am Strong in Yahweh and in the Power of HIS Might, (Joel 3:10; Ephesians 6:10).

Don’t Be Surprised When d—Evil On Will Wait and Come Back For a More Opportune Time, {He Did So with Yahoshua, So, He’ll Probably Do So with You, (Luke 4:13)}, Like Right When Someone Insults You, and You then You Feel Worthless...  d—Evil One is Trying to Wear You Down, Trying to Find a Legal Means to Enter Your Life.  If You Do Give In, it’s Might Be Even Harder to Resist Him the Next Time...  (He’s Trying to Build a Stronghold in Your Life... and You Might Be Saying What Does it Matter if I Get One More Piece of pie).

Caution, an Evil Spirit of Gluttony is Trying to Find a Place to Lodge.  The Devil is He is Bad and Evil Hitchhike.  Once You Give Him a Ride, He Takes Over the Driving, then Tosses You Out, and Steals Your Car, and then Backs Up and Runs Over You~!  You’ll Find Yourself Doing and Saying Mean Things to Those You Love, All Because You Gave in to Temptation in Just One Small Area of Your Life, (Like Eating When the Holy Ghost Advised that You’ve Had Enough).

Remaining Steadfast~!

What if You Do Cave in?  Then Just Repent, (1 John 1:9) ~ If We Confess Our Sins, He is Faithful and Just to Forgive Us Our Sins and to Cleanse Us From All Unrighteousness~!  What if in this Area of Your Life, You’ve Yielded to Temptation a Bunch?  It Doesn’t Matter.  Repent, and Just Repeat, I Am Not My Own, and I Don’t Do that Anymore, and That’s that~!  Resist the Devil and He Will Flee From You, (James 4:7; 1 Peter 5:8).

Suddenly, You’ll Find that Normally Where d—Evil One Will Try to Tempt You in a Certain Area that this Time it Will Be Notably Silent.  d—Evil One is Full of Pride and His Demon Squad and Him Do Not Like Loosing, So they’d Rather Leave You Alone.  It Could Be Something, Like this gnawing Voice that Says, there’s that Pain Again, You Better Go to a Doctor.  We Think it’s Us Talking, (d—Evil One is So Sly).  Just Repeat, I’ve Been Redeemed, and Bought with a Price~!

If You Need a Scripture Feel Free to Fire One Off.  You’ll Find Whatever Scripture that You Need, (His Word WILL NOT Return Unto Him Void ~ (Isaiah 55:10-11) Between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21.  {It Just Seems Like the Scriptures Would Have Ended with Revelation 22:22, But it’s Sort of a Catch-22, in that You Have the Last Word~!}.

Faith Fight~!

Yahweh Has Already Given Us His Promises.  {Whereby Are Given Unto Us Exceeding Great and Precious Promises: that by these You Might Be Partakers of the Divine Nature, Having Escaped the Corruption that is in the World Through Lust.  ~ 2 Peter 1:4}It’s Our Place to Receive these Promises by Faith, Rather than Trying to Get Yahweh to Do Something by Begging.  Faith is Believing the Word of Yahweh in Our Hearts and Speaking it Out of Our Mouths.

Since Isaiah 45:3 Says, “He Will Give You the Treasures of Darkness and Hidden Riches of Secret Places, that You May Know that I, the Lord, Who Call You by Your Name, Am the God of Israel.”  then, there No Need For Us to Ask Others For Money Looking For Others to Meet Our Needs.  Psalm 37:25 ~ I Have Been Young, and Now Am Old; Yet I Have Not Seen the Righteous Forsaken, Nor His Descendants Begging Bread.  Just, Believe, Receive, and Speak this Often Until You Have Convinced Your Heart, (Then it Will Happen Rapidly Once Your Heart is Established).

What if You Find it Hard to Believe This?  Well, Be Honest and Tell Yahweh that You’d Like to Believe this as You Know that He Can’t Lie and Ask Him to Help You Believe it.  What I Get in My Spirit is that Yahweh Sent His Word and Healed Them, Psalm 107:20~!  Grab the Word of Yahweh that You’re Having Problems Believing and Post Them On Your Mirrors, and On the Visor in Your Vehicle So that When You’re at a Stop Light You Can Read it, and On the Refrigerator.  Record Them into Your Cell Phone and Play Them Back While You Drive.  Put Them Before You Night and Day, (Proverbs 4:20-27), And Just Start Saying Them Out Loud, and Say Amen Often After Hearing Yourself~!  Tell Someone, Maybe Your Spouse or a Close Friend, But Only if they Have, “Like Precious Faith” with You, (2 Peter 1:1).  Faith Comes From Hearing and Hearing the Word of Yahweh, {Romans 10:17}; and This is How Faith Will Come to You Also~!


Yahweh is Not Mad at Me, {Isaiah 54:9}.
I Am Accepted in the Beloved, {{Ephesians 1:6}.
Yahweh Kind of Faith is in Me, {Mark 11:22; Galatians 2:20}.
I Am The Righteousness of Yahweh, {2 Corinthians 5:21; James 5:16}.
I’m the Redeemed, {1 Corinthians 6:19-20}.
I’m Redeemed and I’m Gonna Say So, (Psalm 107:2).  Greater Is He that is in Me than He that is in the World, (1 John 4:4), {2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Corinthians 6:20; 1 Corinthians 7:23;
Psalm 103:3; Ephesians 1:7; 1 Peter 1:18-19; Romans 3:25; Psalm 107:2; 1 John 4:4,10

It is Us that Shall Trample On the Snake That d—Evil One Is,
(Psalm 34:7; Psalm 91:13; Matthew 28:18; Luke 10:19; Ephesians 6:11; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Right Under Our Nose~!

I Believe that When We Get to Be with Yahoshua, and We Will Know Even as We Are Known, that a Whole Lot of Stuff Will Just Be as Plain as the Nose On Our Face.  Meaning, that We’ll Understand and See Clearly Things that Were Right Under Our Nose.  Sort of Like the Movie, “The Santa Clause”... Where the Ladder Was Made by the The Rose Suchak Ladder Company.

Guy Fell.  Not My Fault.
Reindeer On the Roof.  That is Hard to Explain.
It’s the Ladder.
Where the Heck Did this Come From?
Look Here, Dad, “The Rose Suchak Ladder Company.”
Huh? - Out by the Roof there’s a Rose Suchak Ladder.
Just Like the Poem.  - Just Like the Poem?

The Rose Suchak Ladder is a Mondegreen For, “There Arose Such a Clatter” in the Poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” A Mondegreen is a Mishearing of a Popular Phrase or Song lyric.

Tumultuous Uproar~!

Well, Here’s Another Obvious Thing that is So Obvious that We Haven’t Seen it.  Like When Yahoshua Went into Jarius Home and the Little Girl Was Dead Laying On Her Bed, and Yahoshua Removed the Folks that Were Speaking Negatively, (Their Roar, {uproar}, (Mark 5:38), Was Showing that there Was Doubt and Fear in their Hearts ~ Mark 5:40).... Because their, “Uproar” or We Might Emphasize this by Saying it Twice as a, “Tumultuous Uproar”.  From Now On, Every Time You Hear The, “Roar of the Crowd,” or, “Uproar” or, “Tumultuous Uproar,” then I Want You to Think About How d—Evil One Goes LIKE a, “Roaring Lion”...  (Didn’t Say He Was a Lion, No, it Said, “Like a Roaring Lion”)...

Be Sober and Self-Controlled.  Be Watchful.  Your Adversary, the Devil, Walks Around Like a Roaring Lion, Seeking Whom He May Devour, (1 Peter 5:8).  d—Evil Goes About as a, “Roaring Lion”.  Now Reflect Back to the Crowd Outside the Little Girl’s Home Making a Roar, “Tumultuous Uproar”.  Reminds Me the Movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” and While James Stewart Was Filibustering, an Evil Man Was Causing a Tumultuous Uproar.  Anytime a Move of Yahweh is About to Happen, Expect to Hear, a Roar, an UpRoar From the Crowd Trying to Discourage You From Moving Forward in Faith and Standing Firm, (I Will Not Be Moved), On the Word of Yahweh.

Bonus: You Will Tread On the Lion and Cobra.  You Will Trample the Young Lion and the Serpent* {adder}, Underfoot, (Psalm 91:13).

*( Brown-Driver-Brigg’s Definition of Adder) ~ Adder
1. dragon, Serpent, Sea Monster a. dragon or Dinosaur
b. Sea or River Monster
c. Serpent, venomous Snake

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The Word is the Final Authority~!

Once You Begin to Understand that Yahweh Nor His Word Can Never Lie or Ever Be Wrong, the Scripture that Talks About Always Triumphing in Christ Becomes a Reality~~!  When You Remain Focused On the Covenant That it’s Already Done, Rather than Thinking How Am I Going to Get Those Promises to Work For Me and My Family, then You’ll See Them Come About.  When You Are Thoroughly Convinced and Your Heart is Fixed, (or Established, {Hebrews 13:9}).

The Word Fixed Means that You Have Reached a Final Decision, (is that Your Final Answer?), and Your Conclusion is This.  The Word Works, Yahweh’s Word Cannot Fail.  The Word is Final Authority~~!  Yahweh’s Word Said it, I Believe it, that Settles it.  It Settles it For You and That’s Where Faith is Going Come From.  If You Stay Focused On the Word and On Yahweh’s Promises and On Your Covenant, You Will Stand, You Will Fight the Good Fight of Faith, You Are Going to Be Victorious, You Are Going to Triumph~!

Everybody that Stays Focused Becomes a Winner.  Yahoshua Said it this Way, When He Taught On the Sower Sows the Word, He Said that One of Those Things that Will Steal the Word From You, is the Cares of this World, (Mark 4:14, 19).  The Amplified Bible Classic Edition Calls this The, “Distraction of the Ages.”  The Enemy of Yahweh, Our Adversary Knows that He Has Got to Distract You Off of the Word of Yahweh, if He Plans to Have Any Measure of Success.


Angels Respond To the One Heralding the Voice of Yahweh~!

One Day You Might Be Praying Protection For a Loved One On a Road Trip, and You Ask Yahweh to Send Forth Angels to Protect Them.  But, then the Next Day, Because You Haven’t Seen Any Angels, You Want to Pray For Them Again Repeating the Same Prayer that You Prayed the Day Before.  Seems Like a Good Thing to Pray For.  But, Near that Time, You See in the Word at Psalm 103:20-21 That Angels Are Dispensed to Hearken To the Voice of Yahweh’s Words.

(Psalm 103:20-21), Bless Yahweh, You His Angels ~ [Heavenly] Agents, Who Are Mighty in Strength, Who Fulfill His Word, Listening and Hearkening to the Voice of His Word.  Bless Yahweh, ALL You His Hosts, You Ministers of His, Who Do His Pleasure, (His Will).

And then You Find at Psalm 91:10-12 (AMPC) that
10 (AMPC) There Shall No Evil Befall You, Nor Any Plague or Calamity Come Near Your Tent. 11 For He WILL GIVE His Angels [Especial] Charge Over You to Accompany and Defend and Preserve You in All Your Ways [of Obedience and Service]. 12 They Shall Bear You Up On their Hands, Lest You Dash Your Foot Against a Stone.  {Click Here to Learn More About Having What You Say}.

Then You Also Find at Hebrews 1:14, That the Angels Are Sent Forth to Minister Unto Those that WILL Inherit Salvation.  Something Dawns On You and it Occurs to You that, “You Are the One Heralding the Voice of Yahweh with Your Mouth,” But Perhaps Because of the Tradition of Men, (Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:8-9, 13; Colossians 2:8), That, “Has Been,” {Past Tense} at Work in Your Life, that You Might Pray Sort of Begging Like.  And You Hear Other People Begging When they Pray. You Say, Surely they Must Be Right?  They Are Men of Faith, and You’ve Heard Others Pray, (However, Without Faith it Is Impossible to Please Yahweh, (Hebrews 11:6).


You Are the One Uttering this Voice of Yahweh’s Words~!

But, Here’s the Truth.  As Long as You Are Begging Yahweh to Send Forth Angels To Protect Your Loved One or Family, You Are Not in Faith, (But, Thanks Be For the Grace of Yahweh).  Okay, Watch This.  Now, that You Can See Plainly that The IT IS the Angels Job to Minister Unto the Saints, and their Responsibility to Keep Us From Even Dashing Our Foot Against a Stone, (isn’t a Car Made Out of Stone ~ Isn’t Steel a Rock?).  The Angels Are Hearkening Even Now to the Voice of Yahweh’s Words And, “You Are the One Uttering this Voice of Yahweh’s Words.”

Then Add Some Power to Your Prayers and Pray Boldly Yahweh’s Words, and Say, “Angels of Yahweh, I Bless You as You Minister to My Family On the Highway.  The Enemy May Come Against You Angels, But You Will Excel in Strength and Triumph Over ALL d—Evil One’s Attempts.  The Evil One Plans a Trap and Falls into it Himself .”  You Will Leave in Confidence that the Angels Are at Work, Because You Blessed Them, “As they Go,” Not, “Hoping and Praying” that they Will Go; (Like Maybe they’re On a Lunch Break).  Receiving Isn’t Just Praying For Something and Hoping it Happens.  Receiving is Reaching Out with the Hand of Faith and Taking What You Pray For, (Mark 11:24 ~ Therefore I Say to You, Whatever Things You Ask When You Pray, Believe that You Receive Them, and You Will Have Them).  Put Some Faith into it, and Since Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God, Read Genesis 24:7, 40; or Read this Web Site On Angels First, then Launch.

  • Send Your Angels To Smite the Demons that Come to Destroy Me, (Isaiah 37:36).

  • Yahweh, the God of Heaven, Who Took Me From My Father’s House, and From the Land of My Birth, Who Spoke to Me, and Who Swore to Me, Saying, ‘To Your Descendants I Will Give this Land.’ He Will Send His Angel Before You, and You Shall Take a Wife For My Son From there, (Genesis 24:7).

  • Yahweh, Before Whom I Walk, Will Send His Angel with You and Prosper Your Way,” (Genesis 24:40).

What I Find is the Most Scripturally Accurate is to Just Put Forth Some Faith and Say, “Yahweh, Before Whom I Walk, Will Send His Angel with Me and Prosper My Way.” that Way I’m Not Directly Commanding Angels, But Rather Putting Faith in Yahweh’s Word.  But, this is Not the Only Way as Angels Respond to the Voice of Yahweh’s Word, So When I Quote in Faith Psalm 34:7 ~ “The Angel of Yahweh Encamps Around Those Who Fear Him, and Delivers Them.” and they Respond.  Click Here to Read More About Yahweh T’Sebaah, (Captain of the Heavenly Host).

The Key is to Confess or to ‘Say the Same Thing that Yahweh Says’ In Your Heart and Coming Out of Your Mouth, {which is the Definition of Confession, {or Declaring}, (G3670), as Used in Various Places in Scripture, and a Derivative of the Word Profession, (G3671)}.

Therefore, Holy Brothers, Partakers of a Heavenly Calling, Consider the Apostle and High Priest of Our Confession, Jesus, {Yahoshua}; (WEB).
Wherefore, Holy Brethren, Partakers of the Heavenly Calling, Consider the Apostle and High Priest of Our Profession, Christ Jesus, {Ha Mashiach Yahoshua}; (KJV).

Having then a Great High Priest, Who Has Passed Through the Heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, Let Us Hold Tightly to Our Confession, (WEB).
Seeing then that We Have a Great High Priest, that is Passed into the Heavens, Yahoshua the Son of God, Let Us Hold Fast Our Profession, (KJV)

Fight the Good Fight of Faith. Lay Hold of the Eternal Life to Which You Were Called, and You Confessed, (G3670), The Good Confession, (G3671),in the Sight of Many Witnesses, (WEB).
Fight the Good Fight of Faith, Lay Hold On Eternal Life, WhereUnto Thou Art Also Called, and Hast Professed, (G3670), A Good Profession, (G3671),Before Many Witnesses, (KJV).
Both Words Are Used Interchangeably For variations of the Word ‘Professed’ or ‘Confessed.

Let Us Hold Fast the Confession of Our Hope Without Wavering; For He Who Promised is Faithful; (WEB).
Let Us Hold Fast the Profession of Our Faith Without Wavering; (For He is Faithful that Promised); (KJV).

You Can’t Say that You’re Fighting the Fight of Faith, if Your Mouth’s Not Talking Because 1 Timothy 6:12 Goes On to Explain that is Precisely What the Good Fight of Faith is Taking About, “Confess the Good Confession.”  Calling Those Things that Be Not as Though they Were, (Romans 4:17).


The Other Three Amigos~!

Remember Those Three Hebrew Boys that Refused to Bow Down?  Those Three Hebrew Boys Went in the Fiery Furnace Were an Example of Someone that Stayed Focused.  Some Astrologers / Chaldeans Folks, Considered the Wisest in the Land, Stirred Up Some Trouble and Told King Nebuchadnezzar, that, “These Boys Will Not Bow.”

And, Ultimately the Boys Response in Daniel 3:16-17 Where it States that if You toss Us into the Fiery Furnace, “Our God, (Yahweh), IS Able to, and Yahweh WILL Deliver Us~!

This is What Caused the King to Go into an Outrage.  The King Became Livid, Enraged, Furious, Full of Fury, Filled with Wrath, (compare this to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit.  Could this Have Been a Demon?).  And So He Said, “We’re Going to Make the Fire Seven Times Hotter,” (Daniel 3:19).   Like Being Thrown into a Regular Fiery Furnace is Okay.  What Difference Does Heating it Seven Times Hotter than it Normally is Make?  Being that the Furnace Was Already Hot Enough to Kill Them, and You Can’t Get More Dead than Dead?  This Was The Distraction to Get them Out Of Faith, and into Fear.  What Was the Promise?  Well, they had Sharp Minds, Educated and Knowledgeable About the Word of Yahweh, So I Have to Take My Best Guess.


Expectancy Of the Blessing~!

I Can Just See Those Boys Now in My Mind as they Are Processed Towards the Fire, with their Hands Bound, Resting in the Confidence of Walking in an Expectancy of the Blessing, (Being the Descendants of Abraham), Yahweh Said I Will Bless Those that Bless You, and Curse Those that Curse You, and Balaam Was Unable to Curse their Forefathers.  A Thousand Shall Fall at Your Side, and Ten Thousand at Your Right Hand; [But] it Shall Not Come Near You.  You Will Only Look with Your eyes, and See the Reward of the Wicked. ~ Psalm 91:7-8.

While they Were Being Thrown into the Fire, the Ones tossing Them in Died From Heat Exposure, But these Three Boys Were Unharmed, and Did Not Even Have the clothes On Them Singed or Scorched, and Nor Did they Smell Like Smoke, (Daniel 3:27).

Probably, the Only Thing On Them that Burned Off Were The Cords that Were Used Keep Them Bound, (The Shackles Were Burned Off).  I Wonder if these Chaldean Astrologers Were Among the Folks Shoving these Boys into the Furnace, Could they Have Been The, “They” Referred to in Daniel 3:19, or Perhaps it Was their Guards, and Probably Doing Some jeering Along the Way, Not Much Compassion, and Certainly Not Standing in Faith.

The Fire Came to Both Groups of Folks, (The Tossers, and the TosSees), But Only Consumed Those Not Full of Faith~!  If the Supposition that these Boys Were Just Saying, “If it Be God’s Will,” Were True, then ALL Should Have Been Spared, But Only those Using Faith by Believing and Saying Out Loud their Belief in Yahweh’s Salvation Were Saved~!  *(Click Here to See More Notes On the Three Hebrew Boys).  in Case, You Don’t Know these Three Hebrew Boys Had Said, “Our God Whom We Serve is Able to Deliver Us From the Burning Fiery Furnace, and He Will Deliver Us From Your Hand,” O King,” (Daniel 3:15-18).

Last Week, I Got Up On My Roof to Clean the Mold Off the Siding On the Dormers On My Roof and Leaning Over the Edge On My Stomach to Clean the Gable Ends of Our Home Using a Water Hose and a Cleaning Solution.  I’ve Heard it Said if You’re Afraid of Heights, that it Will Show Up at 33 Feet, (10 Meters), and That’s About How High I Was Up On the Pinnacle of the Roof.  I’m Not Afraid of Heights.  Very Much the Opposite.  I Really Like High Places.  However, When You’re Up On the Highest Point On a Very Pitched Roof and the Shingles Are Wet and Your Shoes Slip a Little, (Even Though I Was Sitting Down), this is the Time When d—Evil One Will Attempt to Use Fear to Try to Get a StrongHold On Your Mind.  Pictures of You Tumbling Off the rood and Landing On the Concrete Below Are Being Flashed Before You, and in Your Mind, You Can Hear Over and Over Again, the Thoughts of Others Saying, “Be Careful”.  However, at this Same Time, Another Scripture Kept Rolling Around in My Spirit.  “Be Anxious, (or Careful), For Nothing, But in Everything by Prayer and Supplication, with Thanksgiving, Let Your Requests Be Made Known to God”; (Philippians 4:6).

So, While My Wife Was Down Below Watching and Listening to Me, and Any Other EvesDropping Neighbors that Wanted to Listen In, I Started Thanking Yahweh Out Loud.  {Remember this is How You Take Thoughts Captive, Because Your Mind Had to Stop Thinking Thoughts to Listen to Your Own Voice ~ Refresher Matthew 6:25-34 ~ 31 Therefore Take No Thought, SAYING,”}.

I Said, I Thank You Abba Father, that I’ll Not Fall Off this Roof, Because, “The Angel of Yahweh Encamps All Around Those Who Fear Him, and Delivers Them,” And
10No Evil Shall Befall Me, Nor Shall Any Plague Come Near My Dwelling; {I Was Up On Top of My Dwelling, You Can’t Get More Near My Dwelling than that~!}
11 For He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over You, to Keep You in ALL Your Ways.
12 In their Hands they Shall Bear You Up, Lest You Dash Your Foot Against a Stone,” (Psalm 34:7; Psalm 91:10-12).

Well, Once I Said these Scriptures, I Had a Peace From a Knowing that I Would Not Fall.  But, More than that, I Knew that I Knew that What Yahweh Had Said, He Meant Literally.  It Was the Displacement Approach in Action.  I Was Replacing Thoughts of Fear with Thoughts of Faith.  I Don’t Think When Yahweh Wrote, “Be Anxious For Nothing, But in Everything by Prayer and Supplication, with Thanksgiving, Let Your Requests Be Made Known to God,” that He Was Just Talking and Giving Us Good Suggestions, But Giving Us Literal Instructions that We Are to Follow For Us to Have Success~!

When a Thought Whether Health, or Financial or Children or Any Other Form of Worry Tries to Be Thrown at You, Start Speaking Out Loud the Answer From the Word of Yahweh and You’ll Also Be Surprised at How the Concern Just Went Away~!


Froward Mouth, and Perverse Lips~!

Put Your Mouth Where Your Faith Is, (Supporting Scripture).  Proverbs 4:24 Talks About Putting Away From You a Froward Mouth, and Perverse Lips.  No, I Didn’t Misspell Froward, (Strong’s Concordance #:H6143).  It’s Not a Word that We Commonly Use Today.  When I First Ran Across the Word, “Froward,” I Sought Out to Find Out What Does This Word Conveys.  I Found that Froward” is Defined as, “Distortion, Crookedness.”  Also as In, “Wicked,” Like Where We Get the Name, “Wicker Furniture,” (Twisted).

Listed Below Are Other Scriptures From the Book of Proverbs that Use the Word Froward in the King James Version, (Alternate Translations Used to Improve Clarity) and I Really Recommend Clicking On the Links as Each Link Has 50 Translations.

Proverbs 2:12 ~ Wisdom Will Save You From Evil People, From Those Whose Words Are Twisted, {NLT}.

Proverbs 4:24 ~ Put Away From Thee a Froward Mouth, and Perverse Lips Put Far From Thee, {KJV}.
~ Remove From Yourself Deceitful Speech, and Abolish Devious Talk From Yourself, {LEB}

Proverbs 8:8 ~ Everything I Say is Honest [All the Speeches of My Mouth Are Righteous]; Nothing I Say Is ·Crooked [Twisted] or ·False [Perverse], {EXB}.

Proverbs 8:13 ~ the Dread of the Lord Hateth Evil; I Curse Boast, and Pride, and a Shrewd Way, and a Double-Tongued Mouth.  (The Fear of the Lord is to Hate Evil/to Have Reverence For the Lord is to Hate Evil; I Curse Boast, and Pride, and a Depraved Way, and Speaking with a Double-Tongue, or with Duplicity), {WYC}

Proverbs 6:12 ~ A Worthless Person, a Wicked Man, is He Who Goes About with a Perverse (Contrary, Wayward) Mouth, {AMPC}.
~ A Naughty Person, a Wicked Man, Walks with a Froward Mouth, {KJV}.
~ A Troublemaker and a Villain, Who Goes About with a Corrupt Mouth, {NIV}

Proverbs 10:31 ~ the Mouth of the Righteous Flows with Wisdom, But the Perverted Tongue Will Be Cut Out, {NASB}.

Proverbs 10:32 ~ the Lips of a Righteous Person Announce Good Will, But The Mouths of Wicked People Are Devious, {NOG}.

Proverbs 16:30 ~ He Shuts His Eyes to Devise Perverse Things; Moving His Lips He Brings Evil to Pass, {MEV}

Proverbs 17:20 ~ One with a Twisted Mind Will Not Succeed, and One with Deceitful Speech Will Fall into Ruin, {HCSB}

Psalm 34:13 ~ Keep Your Tongue From Evil, and Your Lips From Speaking Lies, (Deceit).

(Proverbs 2:12; Proverbs 4:24; Proverbs 6:12; Proverbs 8:8,13; Proverbs 10:31-32; Proverbs 16:30; Proverbs 17:20; Psalm 34:13)

(Click Here to See All Scriptures that Use the Word, “Froward).


Twisted Thinking~!

While it is Good For a Bent-Wood Rocker to Be Twisted, it is Not Good For Your Mouth.  We Might Say, “He Twisted My Words Around,” Meaning that He Made it to Say Something that I Did Not Say.  A Television News Might Actually Take What Someone Has Said and Rearrange their Words by Cutting, Copying and Pasting Video to Make it Appear that the Person Said Something that is Really Out of Context, (and Actually Twist their Words Around Literally).

Like the Story of the Mother that Always Cut the End of the Ham Off, Because Her Mother Did it this Way, and Her Mother Did this Because Her Mother Did this Also, and it Turns Out that the Original Reason Was So that the Ham Could Fit in the Pan~!  The Thing that Comes to My Mind is that We Hear Said a Lot Is, “The Doctor Said”.  This Saying Has Been Exalted Over the Word of Yahweh.  The First Question Often Asked Has Been, “What Did the Doctor Say”? When a Word or an Action Becomes Set in Stone, Be Cautious as this May Have Just Become a Tradition.

Even Though these Words Above Would Be Obvious, I Believe a More Clear Example Would Be the Password Game, Where One Person Says a Word to the Next Person in a Circle Until the Word Comes Back to the originator, and it is Voiced What the Word Has Become as it Was, “Perverted” by Each Listener.  We Might Use the Word, “Perverted” More, and Just Like in the Password Game, the Original Word Has Been Lost.  Then Each Person in the Game Would Probably Insist that What He Said, Was What He Heard.  However, to Willfully Change Words is Another Thing Altogether.  The Wycliffe Bible Calls This, “Speaking with a Double-Tongue”.  The Indians Called This, “Forked Tongue” or a, “Shrewd Way”.  Modern Legal Contracts Would Say, “Misrepresentation,” and this Leads to A Wayward Mouth, (willful, Headstrong, Stubborn, Obstinate, Obdurate, Perverse, Contrary, Disobedient, Insubordinate, undisciplined; Rebellious, Defiant, uncooperative, Recalcitrant, Unruly, Wild, unmanageable, erratic; Difficult, Impossible).  For Example, We’ve Heard Something Said For So Long, that it Becomes Like a Fact to Us.

Here’s One ‘Tradition of Man(Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:8-9, 13; Colossians 2:8), That Has Made the Word of God of No Effect, “It May Not Be God’s Will to Heal This”.  What?  This Doesn’t Represent the Character of Yahweh Nor Match His Word.  What About at Least 101 Scriptures that I Know of that Promise Healing, (Click Here to See a Short List of these Scriptures of Healing Promises).  In the Old Testament, there Was Pole with a Snake On it and if Any Looked Upon that Snake they Would Be Healed, (Numbers 21:7-9), and this Same Caduceus, the Emblem Associated with Healing in the Military is Mentioned Again in the New Testament Regarding Yahoshua, (John 3:14-18). 

14 And as Moses Lifted Up the Serpent in the Wilderness, Even So Must the Son of Man Be Lifted Up, 15 That Whoever Believes in Him Should Not Perish But Have Eternal Life.

Bill Johnson Said it Well, When He Said, “How Can God Choose Not to Heal Someone When He Already Purchased their Healing?  Was His Blood Enough For All Sin, or Just Certain Sins?  Were the Stripes He Bore Only For Certain Illnesses, or Certain Seasons of Time?  When He Bore Stripes in His Body He Made a Payment For Our Miracle. He Already Decided to Heal. You Can’t Decide Not to Buy Something After You’ve Already Bought it.  There Are No Deficiencies On His End – Neither the Covenant is Deficient, Nor His Compassion or Promises.  All Lack is On Our End of the Equation.”  (Bill Johnson Gives Some Excellent Advice On How to Have Healing Manifest in Your Life by Clicking Here).

You Can Return What You’ve Purchased, But You’ve Already Paid the Price and Are Out that Much Money.  The Price For Our Healing Has Already Been Bought and Paid For~!

Generally, the Usual Response I Get is This, “Are You Saying that if We Don’t Have Enough Faith, then it’s Our Fault”?  No, Not at All.  If We Don’t Have Enough Faith, there Are Provisions For Those Occurrences, Such Getting Someone to Agree with You According to Matthew 18:19, or if You Feel that You Don’t Have Enough Faith, then Call For the Elders, And the Prayer of Faith WILL Save the Sick, and Yahweh WILL Raise Them Up ~ James 5:13-18~!  This Takes the Burden of Praying in Faith Off of Them and Puts The, “Onus” On Us, as We Pray For Them. Without Faith it is Impossible to Please Yahweh, (Hebrews 11:6); So, it’s Going to Take Someone’s Faith to Get the Job Done, (it Just Doesn’t Have to Be their Faith).

What Do You Suppose Would Happen if a Preacher Preached James 5:13-18 Often, Like Once a Month.  Well, Faith Would Arise For Calling For the Elders, as Faith Comes From Hearing and Hearing...  The Word of Yahweh, Romans 10:17.  And then the Folks Would Call Forth the Elders to Pray For Them.  This Might Intimate the Preachers and Pastors, as they May Feel that they Also Don’t Have Enough Faith, (But Don’t Want to Say So).

But, Let Me Assure You that if You Do Things According to the Word of Yahweh, that Our Loving Father Knows All This, and He Will Provide Someone that Can Pray the Prayer of Faith, (The Scriptures Do Not Say that it Has to Be the Preacher).  Actually, Just Before the Scriptures Say that Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing and the Word of Yahweh in Romans 10:17, The Scripture Says in Romans 10:13-17 Quoting Joel 2:32,For Whoever Calls On the Name of Yahweh SHALL BE Saved,” “...How Shall they Hear Without a Preacher,” So Chances Are That’s Not the Preacher’s Calling, {Vocation}, Anyhow.  The Preacher is Just the Messenger, and there Will Be Provided, Intercessors that Are Called to Pray the Prayer of Faith, (*But Don’t Neglect to Follow James 5:13-18 to the Letter Step by Step, Line Upon Line, Precept Upon Precept, Even if Others Are to Pray).

Onus Bonus: Since, I’m Preaching and Faith Might Be Arising On Your Part and You May Go to a Church Where James 5:13-18 Has Risen in their Hearts, I Make Myself Available to Come and Pray For You and Anoint You with Oil.  My Email Address is On the Bottom of this Web Site with an Icon that Reads, “Email”.  Invite Your Pastor to Come Along, as I Certainly Don’t Want to Cause Any Riff or Divisions.

But More Precisely the Fault is that the Scriptures Are Saying that You’ve Had Faith in Stuff that is Not What Yahweh Prescribes.  Yahweh Has Never Said, “Wait and See What the Doctor Says First,” and then Beg Yahweh to Heal.  Healing Belongs to Us, Healing is the Children’s Bread, (Matthew 15:22-28).  We’ve Been Speaking Wrong~!  We’ve Been Talking with a Froward Mouth~!  Say this Now, “Father, I Repent of Speaking with a Froward Mouth.”

Froward is Only Used In a Few Places in the Scriptures, But Yahweh is Telling Me to Include this Definition in What I’m Talking About, So it is Very Important~!  Merriam-Webster Dictionary Describes, “Froward” as, “Habitually Disposed to Disobedience and Opposition.”

These Other Ten Spies Were Speaking with a Froward Mouth and Giving an Evil Report (Numbers 32:7). When they Were Relying On their Own Understanding and Being Obstinate, (perversely Adhering to an Opinion, Purpose, or Course in Spite of Reason, Arguments, or Persuasion), to What Yahweh Said Can Be Accomplished.  Carnally Minded.  their Evil Report Was Like a False Prophecy that Caused People Unnecessary Pain and Toil, (Forty Years Worth) (Deuteronomy 1:28).

And Caleb Stilled the People Before Moses, and Said, Let Us Go Up at Once, and Possess it; For We Are Well Able to Overcome it.  Did You Notice that Caleb Even Used the Same Word, <Strong’s Concordance Number ~ 03423>, that Yahweh Had Promised Concerning this Land in Leviticus 20:24, I Think that Maybe Caleb Had Been Meditating and Pondering Over Leviticus 20:24, That Was Probably Read to the Congregation at Some Point. (Click On the Verse or Click On this Link to Compare Many Translations).

The Basic Definition of Posses Means, “To Seize, Dispossess, Take Possession Off, Inherit, Disinherit, Occupy, Impoverish, Be an Heir”


Saying the Same Thing As What Yahweh Said~!

Click On the Highlighted Text Below to See Both Verses From Numbers 13:30 & Leviticus 20:24 Compared.  Caleb Was NOT Speaking with a Froward Mouth.  He Was Saying the Same Thing, (Literally), that Yahweh Said.

The Word, “Confess” Actually Means, “To Say the Same Thing As.”  Your Mouth Should Always Shoot Straight, and Say What Yahweh Says For Faith to Operate.

Are You Speaking with a Froward Mouth?  Note this in it’s Context. 

Proverbs 4:19-24 ~
19 The Way of the Wicked is Like Darkness; Then Do Not Know What Makes Them Stumble.
20  My Son, Give Attention to My Words; Incline Your Ear to My Sayings.
21 Do Not Let Them Depart From Your Eyes; Keep Them in the Midst of Your Heart;
22 For They Are Life to Those Who Find Them, and Health to All their Flesh.
23  Keep Your Heart with All Diligence, For Out of it Spring the Issues of Life.
24  Put Away From You a Deceitful, {Froward} (H06143), Mouth, And Put Perverse Lips (H3891) Far From You.

Watch What You Are Confessing and Saying Out Loud, For Matthew 12:34-37; Matthew 15:10-11;
Mark 7:14-15; Luke 6:44-45; & James 3:2-13
Say Whatever is in Your Heart is Going to Come Out of Your Mouth and that Will Shape Your Future.  Does What You Are Saying Contradict that Which Yahweh Told You About What He’s Called You to Do?  Perhaps, You’re Saying, “This Church Seems to Be Dying, and On it’s Way Out.”  Is that the Word of Yahweh For This Church ?  Here is What Yahoshua Said During His Time On Earth, and After Studying the Word, “Froward,” (or Twisted, or Pervert), I Believe this Will Give You Some Insight.

Matthew 17:17 ~ “O Unbelieving and Perverse Generation!” Yahoshua Replied, “How Long Must I Remain with You?  How Long Must I Put Up with You?  Bring the Boy Here to Me.”  What Would Cause Yahoshua to Say Such a Thing?  Was He Not Expecting Them to Lay Hands On the Boy and See Him Healed?  How Could He Expect that?  Because the Word Had Promised Healing, (Psalm 103:3 and Many Other Scriptures ~ Click Here to See a Short List of these Scriptures of Healing Promises); But a Thought Bomb Had So Permeated their Thinking, that they Had Perverted or Twisted Yahweh’s Words, (We Do the Same Thing Today When Our First Words Are, “What Are the Doctors Saying?”  We Ought to Be Saying First, What Does the Word of Yahweh Say About This, (Psalm 112:7).

What Did Yahweh Tell You About the Vision that He Entrusted You with.  No Vision?  Go and Spend Time Away From Family Praying Until You Know What the Vision is For Where You Are Called.



Defraud and Degrade Yourself~!

I Saw Someone Make a Mistake, and I Heard Them Say Afterwards Something Like, “Oh, dummy Me.”  I Could Tell that this Was Not the First Time that they’ve Said this About Themselves.  What’s Worse is that We Have Had to Deal with their Poor Decisions, Based On their Bad Choice of Words.

This is Something that I’d Never Say.  The Reason is that it Gets Down in Our Hearts.   In Fact, if We Are Speaking it, then that Means that it is Already in Our Hearts in Abundance to the Point of Overflowing, For Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks, (Matthew 12:34-37; Matthew 15:10-11; Mark 7:14-15;
Luke 6:44-45; James 3:2-13
  And Now that You’re Speaking it, Your Heart Will Be More and More Convinced that is What You Want, and Work to Bring it About, (Proverbs 4:23); When What You Want May Be the Exact Opposite.  Don’t Say Something Else Either, Like, “I Always Call at the Wrong Time,” or, “
I NEVER Get Anything Right,” or, “Everything I Do is Always Wrong,” or, “Stupid, Stupid, STUPID,” or You’ll Again Be Reinforcing in Your Heart the Things that You Don’t Want to Have Happen~!

James 3:3 ~ Who is a Wise Man and Endued with Knowledge Among You?  Let Him Show Out of a Good Conversation His Works with Meekness of Wisdom, {in Context ~ James 3:3-13}.

James 3:3 in the Disciples Literal New Testament, {DLNT} Says This, “Your Speech and Conduct And The Fruit they Produce Reveal The Source of Your Wisdom”

Either Make the Tree Good and Its Fruit Good, or Else Make the Tree Bad and Its Fruit Bad; For a Tree is Known by Its Fruit,  Brood of Vipers!  How Can You, Being Evil, Speak Good Things?  For Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks, A Good Man Out of the Good Treasure of His Heart Brings Forth Good Things, and An Evil Man Out of the Evil Treasure Brings Forth Evil Things. (Matthew 12:33-35).

Have You Heard Someone or Yourself Say, “I’m Losing My Mind” .  I Have, and then Later Watched as they Seem to Have Diminishing Mental Capacities?  Or, “That Just Irritates Me~!,” and then they Are Troubled by, “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”  Or Have You Heard a Mother, Say, “You Kids Are Driving Me Insane, Crazy, Nuts, Nutty, Wacko, Wacky, Loco, Batty, Bananas, Fruity, Bonkers, Cuckoo, Loopy, Loony, Psycho, Looney Tunes, or Out of My Mine,” or, “If You Don’t Stop This, Y’all Are Gonna Cause Me to...,” and then Proceed to Proclaim Self-Inflicted Wounds On Themselves, Like, “Causing Me to Have a Stroke,” {and then Later in Life they Have a Stroke ~ Coincidence?}, or Some More, “Dead Lines,” Such as, “Causing Me to Lose My Hair,” or, “Getting On My Nerves,” “Causing Me to Go Insane.”

Also, I Wouldn’t Say, “That Makes Me Nervous,” Nor, “I Can Live Without that,” (Meaning You Can’t Live with it), Nor, “Scared to Death,” Nor, “That Just Makes Me Sick,” Nor, “I’m Worried or Anxious,” Nor, “My Feet Are Killing Me,” Nor, “That Just Kills Me,” Nor, “I’m Tired of that,” Nor, “I’m Sick of that,” Nor, “I’m So Worn Out,” or, “I’m Working Myself to Death” at This, “Dead End Job”~!

All of these Lines Above Are,LIES,” and at Best Contradict the Word of Yahweh, and at Worse Completely Deny the Word of Yahweh with UnBelief.  I Can Think of a Few Scriptures Right Off the Bat, {(Philippians 4:4) ~ Rejoice in the Lord Always, {At All Times}; Again I Will Say, Rejoice.

1 I Will Bless Yahweh At All Times; His Praise Shall Be in My Mouth
Continually, My Soul Makes Its Boast in Yahweh; Let the Humble Hear and Be Glad,
(Psalm 34:1-2).

5 If Any of You is Lacking in Wisdom, Ask God, Who Gives to All Generously and Ungrudgingly, and it Will Be Given You.
6 But Ask in Faith, Never Doubting, For the One Who Doubts is Like a Wave of the Sea, Driven and Tossed by the Wind.
7 For the Doubter, Must Not Expect to Receive Anything From the Lord.;
8 Being Double-Minded, Unstable in Every Way.
(James 1:5-8).

7 Casting All Your Care Upon Him, For He Cares For You.
8 Be Sober, Be Vigilant; Because Your Adversary the Devil Walks About Like a Roaring Lion, Seeking Whom He May Devour,
(Peter 5:7-8).

This Might Surprise You, But When We’re Talking the Problem, Exalting the Problem Over the Word of Yahweh, Yahweh Calls this an Evil Heart~!  Take Heed, Brethren, Lest there Be in Any of You an Evil Heart of UnBelief, in Departing From the Living God, (Hebrews 3:12), {in Context (Hebrews 3:10-Hebrews 4:2)}. Either Make the Tree Good and Its Fruit Good, or Else Make the Tree Bad and Its Fruit Bad; For a Tree is Known by Its Fruit,  Brood of Vipers!  How Can You, Being Evil, Speak Good Things?  For Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks, A Good Man Out of the Good Treasure of His Heart Brings Forth Good Things, and An Evil Man Out of the Evil Treasure Brings Forth Evil Things. (Matthew 12:33-35).  Just Like in James 3:10-11 ~ 10 Out of the Same Mouth Proceed Blessing and Cursing.  My Brethren, these Things Ought Not to Be So. 11 Does a Spring Send Forth Fresh Water and Bitter From the Same Opening? 12 Can a Fig Tree, My Brethren, Produce Olives, or a Grapevine Bear Figs?  Thus No Spring Yields Both Salt Water and Fresh.

Even So, an Evil Man Cannot Produce Good with His Words, and a Good Man Cannot Produce Evil.  But, if Your Mouth is Producing Evil Words that Oppose Yahweh’s Words, then You Have UnBelief in You and Your Heart According to Hebrews 3:12 is Evil.  You’ve Been Speaking,LIES”.

However, I Have Great News For You.  If We Confess Our Sins, He is Faithful and Just to Forgive Us Our Sins, and to Cleanse Us From All Unrighteousness.
(1 John 1:9).  All it Takes is a Simple, “I Repent... Please Put a Guard On My Mouth, (Psalm 141:3), and Nudge Me When I’m Speaking Contrary to What Your Word Promises Me, (Ephesians 1:3; 2 Peter 1:3).”

The Operative Word Is, “LIES,” Because... I Do Not Consider, Brethren, that I Have Captured and Made it My Own [Yet]; But One Thing I Do: Forgetting What, “Lies”; Behind and Straining Forward to What is Ahead, I Press On Toward the Goal For the Prize of The, “High Calling” of God in Christ Jesus, [Ha Mashiach ~ {the Anointed} Yahoshua]. (Philippians 3:13-14).

So, there is a High Calling Such as, “But Solid Food is For Those Who Are Full Grown, Who by Reason of Use Have their Senses Exercised to Discern Good and Evil, (Hebrews 5:14).


Speak Positive~!!

In Fact, I’d Only Say What I Want to Have Happen.  This Cuts Out a Lot of jokes.  Or Once I Was Using a Poulan Chain Saw, and I Thought it Would Be Funny to Say, “They Call these Poulan’s Because You Have to Keep Pull’n and Pull’n.  So, I Had to Keep Pull’n and Pull’n, and I Said, ”If I Have to Pull this Just One More Time, the Rope Will Break, and Guess What?”  The Cord Broke On the Next Pull.  I Heard Yahweh Say, “Don’t Blame Me, You Know that You Have What You Say.”  On Another Occasion, I Was Walking Backwards Carrying a Load with Another Guy at Work; and Didn’t See a Couple of Wooden Pallets, and Tripped Over Them and Tumbled Backwards Onto the asphalt.

A Supervisor Had Seen this Happen and She Rushed to My Aid, and I Said, “It’s Okay, I Have a Strong Back.”  I Say, “I Have a Strong Back,” a Lot, and My Back Never Got Even So Much as a Bruise or a Strained Muscle From this Somersault.  However, I Heard Yahweh Say to Me, “I Wish You’d Say that About Your eyes.”  It’s So Much Funnier to Say, “Put it On the Floor Where I Can Read it” than it is to Say, “My Eyes Dim Not.”  I Know of Another Man that Would Say as His Moniker, “My Hands Prosper in Whatever I Set Them to,” and that Guy Had the Strongest Grip that I’ve Ever Seen.  I’d Have to Carry Stuff in My Arms that He Could Carry with His Hands.  I Asked Yahweh Why His Hands Were So Strong, and Yahweh Reminded Me that On a Constant Basic He is Heard to Say, “My Hands to Prosper in Whatever I Set Them to.”

I Can Still Have a Sense of Humor But Now On the Positive Side, and I’m Often Heard to Say Like Foghorn LegHorn, “I Say, I Say, ‘My Hands to Prosper in Whatever I Set Them to’,” and Now My Hands Are Strong~!  Or One Might Hear Me Say, “This is the Day Yahweh Has Made, I Will Exceedingly Rejoice in it,” (Psalm 118:24).  Amen?


They Had What they Said~!


Paul William, “Bear” Bryant, Head Coach at Alabama ~ After His Last Game, Bryant Was Asked What He Planned to Do Now that He Was Retired. He Replied, “Probably Croak in a Week.”  Four Weeks After Making that Comment, and Just One Day After Passing a Routine Medical Checkup, On January 25, 1983, Bryant checked into Druid City Hospital in Tuscaloosa After Experiencing Chest Pain.  A Day Later, When Being Prepared For an Electrocardiogram, He Died After Suffering a Massive Heart Attack at Only Age 70~!

Joseph Vincent, “Joe” Paterno, Head Coach at Penn State ~ “JoePa” Has Made it Clear to Those Close to Him that the Death of Paul, “Bear” Bryant Weighs Heavily On Him.  Bryant Retired at the End of the 1982 Season and Died of a Heart Attack Four Weeks Later.  The Feeling is that Paterno Won’t Find Anything to Worthwhile to Do in Retirement, Which Will Ultimately Lead to His Death.  JoePa Passed 2 Months 13 Days Later.

John Denver Said that if Something Were to Go Wrong While Flying, that they’re No Place He Rather Die than in His Airplane and He Ran Out of Fuel and Couldn’t Get to the Other Tank in Time and Died On Impact When His Airplane Crashed in the Sea.


These Too Had What They Said~!

I Read Where, “Crocodile Hunter”; Steve Irwin Felt that According to His Wife Asked by Interviewer Ray Martin if Irwin Believed He Would Die Early, Terri Irwin Said, “He Had a Very Strong Conviction that He Would.”1  Director of His Last underwater Scene John Stainton Told Reporters He and Irwin Had Talked About the Risks He Was Running by Shooting this New Show.  And they Agreed that, “If Ever He Was Going to Go, We Always Said it Was Going to Be the Ocean.” 2

Red Foxx Was Known For Faked Heart Attacks Frequently and For Saying, “My Heart, this is the Big One!  You Hear that, Elizabeth?  I’m Coming to Join ya, Honey,” and then in the Real World, Had a Heart Attack and Died~! ~ “Guard Your Hearts with All that You Do” ~ “As a Man Thinketh, So is He” … (Proverbs 4:20-23; Proverbs 23:7).

Jerry Reed Was Quoted as Saying as a Small Child, While Running Around Strumming His Guitar, “I Am Gonna Be a Star. I’m Gonna Go to Nashville and Be a Star.”

See Mark 11:23... For Assuredly, I Say to You, Whoever SAYS To this Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea, ’ and Does Not Doubt In His Heart,* But Believes that Those Things He Says Will Be Done, He Will Have Whatever He SAYS~!


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14

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