Abraham’s Faith




I Was in the Military and Saluting an Officer Was Drilled into us, (I Even Had One Officer Cross the Street to Ask me Why I Did Not Salute Him, and Asked did I See Him, and I Had and Even Nodded my Head Towards Him, however; I Responded that I Didn’t Think that we Were To Salute Someone Across the Street, and He Quickly Informed me that from Now On, I Was).  Wow~!

But, what I Recalled from “Boot Camp” Was that the Officers Also Had to Return my Salute.  Sure, I Have to Salute them, but Just as Importantly, they Have to Return my Salute, and Since a Lot of them went to the Naval Academy where it Was Drilled Even More So into them, When I Saluted them, they always Returned a Salute in Like Kind.  I Found that if I Cupped my Hand, (An Incorrect Salute), and Tipped my Salute Up Like a Wave and said, “Howdy”, (Also Wildly Inappropriate), that they also Responded in Like Kind, (No Joke, they Would Flip Their Hand Upward and say, “Howdy”).  But, If I Gave a Sharp or a Smart Salute, with my Fingers Straight and Inline, Including my Thumb In Line with my Hand, and said, “Good Morning, Sir”, They Were More Likely to Greet me Back More Formally, but Some Were Relaxed and Would Nod their Head in Acknowledgment of my Salute, (While they Were Returning my Salute), and say, “Morning” Back, or “Carry On”.

This made me Realize, there Was both a Time for Formal and Informal Salutes, and Just a Note, you Never Salute When You’re Not Wearing a “Cover” on Your Head, (Unless You’re a Civilian Authority Like the President, or Vice-President, and then Generally it Would be a Verbal Acknowledgment).  But, for the Military, you Never Salute Without a “Cap” or a “Covering” on, and we Never, Ever Wear a “Covering” Onboard a Ship as it Could Get Sucked into the Jets, or Cause you to Hit Your Head on for Not Seeing Past the Bill.

OnBoard the Aircraft Carrier, We Never Saluted One another.  But, My Tipping my Hand Was Returned and I Had to Go to the Deck, (Floor Levels), Where the Commanding Flag Admiral Was and I Passed Him and His Marine Escorts Quite Often, and Because of the Narrow Corridors and the Pipes Along the Walls, we Could Not Extend Our Elbows to Give a Really Smart Salute, without Knocking into the Person Passing.  But, I Could Manage to Get my Hand Up, Elbows Close to my Side and a Small Flick of the Wrist Wave in Front of My Chest as I Passed the Flag Admiral of the Whole Fleet, (I Think it Was Admiral Timothy J. Keating and I Was Supposed to Stop and I Did Later on, When I Would Realize the Marine Passing Would Mean that the Admiral Would Follow, but It Didn't Occur to me at First and No One Scolded me for Not Stopping), nor for Saying, “Howdy”, and he Would Smile back and say, “Howdy, Son”.  Before the Cruise Was over, He Would Spot me Coming and we Would Make Eye Contact as we Approached and He as Waving Back at me.  That Was the Highlight of my Day, (You Have to Find Some Way to Amuse Yourself, When You’re Out at Sea for 21 Days or More).

So, as Soon as I Got Hold of the Fact that they Had to Return the Salute Back, I Never Saw this as a Thing of Recognizing Authority, but of a “Salutation” (A Derivative of the Word “Salute”).

I Said All That Just to Show How I Turned Their Having To Salute Me, into Something Funny.  As we Would Walk Along Side of Our Ship on the Pier to Get to the Gang Plank to Board Our Aircraft Carrier, and Because the Aircraft Carrier Was very long, that made for a Long Walk on the Pier.  If we Saw 2-5 Officers, who Would Always Walk Abreast of One Another.  I Would Get 5-7 of my Pals to Stagger and we Would Spread Out about 20-25 Distance and then the Next One Would Follow Behind.  Now for the Fun Part.  Every other Person Would Go to The Right Side, and Alternating, Every Other Person Would Go to the Left Side.  I usually Was the Last One, so I got to See our Whole Procession, as the Officers had to Turn First to the Left and then to the Right and the back Again for 6-8 Times.  It Was Hilarious~! And Usually, I had a Hugh Smile on my Face, and Cheerfully Greeted them.  One Even Turned Around to Look and we All Were Looking Back, and I Waved a Big Wave, and He Chuckled.  He Knew We Had Set them Up~!

Well, I Have Seen Clips of President Barack Obama Failing to Return the Salute, and even Coming Back Off the Helicopter to Return the Salute of a Marine, {https://youtu.be/Np7lObaDiBk}.  And Being that I Went Along with this Criticism, I Realize Now, that I Was Being too Harsh on Former President Barack Obama.  My Father said Last Night, “Well, That’s the 2nd President in Row that has Never Served in the Military”, and it Dawned on me, Barack Obama had Never Been Taught that He Was Supposed to Return the Salute Back as He Had Not Been in the Military.  Being from the Business World, Neither Has Donald Trump.  Watch Below as President Donald Trump, (He Was Sworn in at this Point, if the Video Clip is in Chronological Order, Doesn’t Even Realize that He Is Supposed to Salute, but President Barack Obama, Having Being Chided by the “Strictly by The Book” Military Types for His Failure in the Past, Smartly Returns the Salute.  My Apologies to President Barack Obama for What I Thought Was Un-American, Was Just an Unfamiliarity with the Military, and their Perceived View of Respect.


Here you See, President Donald Trump Apparently Saluting Ex-President Barack Obama, and Obama Didn’t See that Salute as It Was Behind His Back, but Former President Barack Obama Doesn’t Miss Returning the Salute to the Marine Escorts.  Donald Trump Having Worked in the Business World Doesn’t Know Yet Like Bowing to a Person from Asia, the Proper Protocol of Having the Commander of the Armed Forces Return the Salute, (but I Have a Feeling that a Few in the Military Are Going to Point this Out to Him).


Pray for Donald, Melania, Don, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron Trump.  Also Pray for Vice-President Mike, Karen Sue, Mike, Charlotte and Audrey Pence.  Let Me Add that Now is the Time We Ought to Pray for Ex-President Barack and Michelle Obama the Most.  It is Probably a Very Sad Time for Him, but Also the Time When He Might Turn to Yahweh the Most. While We Are Not Under Compulsion to Pray for them As We Are for Those in Authority, (1 Timothy 2:1-8).  We Now Can Pray for “The Obama’s”, (Barack, Michelle, Malia Ann and Natasha, {Known as Sasha}, Obama from the Heart~!

Having Said this About Returning the Salute, Allow Me to Tell of How Yahweh’s Power Works Much Like A Salute~!


I Thought About the Time that My Friend’s Brother; and the Brother’s Wife Got into a Car Wreck, and the Mother of these Two Brothers Called Me, and I Went Immediately to the Hospital to Baby-Sit their Children in the Waiting Room in the Hospital.  This Guy Did Not Know Yahweh.  His Brother and I Had Prayed For Him About Five Months Prior, and We Had Claimed His Salvation.  I Felt in My Heart at that Time, that I Would Be the One to Lead Him to Christ.

But, I Wasn’t Thinking About that Prayer.  While I Was Minding the Children in the Waiting Room, David’s Mother Comes and Gets Me and Tells Me that Yahweh Has Just Shown Her that I Was to the One that Was to Lead Her Son to Christ, and She Wanted Me to Go Back there Right Now.

So, I Went Back to Room.  His Face Looked Really Frightening, as His Face Was Ghastly and Grotesque in Distortion, and He Was ALL Cut Up with Dried Crimson Blood and Black and Blue Bruises and Sown Up with Black Obnoxious Stitches From the Accident.  It Made Me Feel Faint When I Saw Him.  I Heard the Holy Ghost Tell Me, that When I Was to Look at Him, to Think of Yahoshua and to Recall that by His Stripes that We ARE Healed, and that as I Looked at David to Picture Yahoshua.  I Did, and it Worked~!

I Talked with David and Told Him How Yahweh Wanted to Be His Father.  And How that His Family Almost Lost a Father, and How Much Better it Would Be if He Asked Yahweh to Come in His Life So that He Could Be the Kind of Father that He Wanted to Be Towards His Children.  The Mom Was Right.  She Knew His Heart and Heard the Voice of Yahweh.  This Was His Day, and He Very Easily Asked Yahoshua to Be His Lord.


I Returned to Tending to His Children.  then they Told Me that the Wreck Had Caused His Leg to Get Cut So Badly that they Were Going to Have to Saw Off His Right Leg Just Below the Knee.  Again, the Mom Came and Got Me to Go and Pray and Lay Hands On Him Not to Lose His Leg.  This Time I Don’t Recall if She Heard Yahweh Tell Her to Get Me, ALL I Know Was that I Was Now Put On the Spot, (2 Timothy 4:2).

I Went Obediently.  At First it Was Just the Next Thing to Do, as I Followed Along Blindly.  But, Once I Put My Hands, (My Left Hand On His Thigh, and My Right Hand On His Calf), I Knew that this Was Where the Rubber Meets the Road.  Everyone Was Expecting Me to Pray the Prayer of Faith.  In Five Minutes, the Operation Would Begin and Unless there Was a Miracle of Yahweh, they Would Saw the Leg Off.

All that Came to Me Was Just Two Verses, “These Signs Shall Follow Those that Believe, they Shall Lay Hands On the Sick and They Will Recover, or They Will Get Well, they Shall Be Made Whole, or Healed”, (Mark 16:17 ~ Depending Upon the Translation).

I Like, “Recover” or, “Be Made Whole.”  This Reminds Me of the Word Shalom, Which Means, “Completeness or More Accurately and Literally Translated,” “Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken,” and Implies that there Was Something Missing, Taken or Stolen, and it Has Now Been Recovered.


Anyhow, as I Bowed My Head and Closed My Eyes, there Were About Nine Folks ALL Around Me.  I Began to Pray Out Loud the Introductory Prayer, Sort of My Method to Tune into the Spirit of Yahweh.  I Knew that I Was Going to Lead into Mark 16:17-18.  But Prior to Saying it Out Loud, On the Inside, I Recall Thinking Just For a Moment, “Yahweh, if this Doesn’t Work, Right in the Hour that We Need You; If I Can’t Trust Your Word to Do What You Said it Would Do, then I’m Not  Going to Follow You” {and Some Verses Flooded My Heart About Calling Upon Yahweh in the Day of Trouble and He Would Deliver, (Psalm 50:15; Psalm 86:7; Psalm 91:15)}.  Right then I Caught Myself About to Call it Quits on Yahweh, Zowie, What Was I Thinking.

I Guess this Struck a Chord in Me, and Suddenly, I Knew that Yahweh Could Not Lie, and Since Yahweh Said that if I Laid Hands On the Sick that they Would Recover, then they Would Recover, and so I Said Out Loud, “Yahweh According to Your Word, You Said that these Signs Shall Follow, They Shall Lay Hands On the Sick, and they Shall Be Made Whole and Recover.  I Count it as So Right Now.  As Far as I’m Concerned this Matter’s Over.  It’s a Done Deal.”  (Mark 16:17-18; Mark 11:24).

I Got Goose Pimples ALL Over Me While I Was Praying and I Felt the Holy Ghost Powerfully.  When I Looked Up there Were Four or Five Male Doctors and/or Anesthesiologist and Five Female Nurses, and Alvin, David’s Wife, and the Mom ALL Standing Around.  You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop.

They Then Carted David into the Operating Room on the Gurney that I Just Prayed for Him on, and When He Came Back Out, they Must Not Have Found Damage Enough to Cut the Leg Off, as He Still Had Both of His Legs.  He Still Does Have Both Legs and Walks Around Fine, Although Many, Many Years Afterwards, (Probably 25 Years Ago, Best as I Can Recall).


So, Let’s Recap.  Faith Was What Pushed the Matter Over the Top.  “Faith is Nothing More than Believing Yahweh’s Word to do What Yahweh Said that it Would Do”.  But, Faith Comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh, (Romans 10:17).  I Had Read and Studied Mark 16:17-18, Meditating On it, And According to Mark 4:24, The More that I Mediate On Yahweh’s Word and Hear it, the More of the Word is Given to Me.  I Was Not Ashamed of Yahweh Nor His Words Among Men, and He Was Not Ashamed of Me Among the Angels, (Matthew 10:32-33; Mark 8:38; Luke 9:26).  Most of the Time People Leave Off this Second Part About Being Ashamed of Yahweh’s Words.

Psalm 103:20-21 Says that the Angels Respond Directly to the Voice of the of His Word.  Notice it Did Not Say Yahweh’s Voice.  So, this is My Lips or Your Mouth, Voicing Yahweh’s Word, Returning Yahweh’s Word to Him Which Cannot Return to Him Void, (Isaiah 55:11).  It Originally Came Out of Yahweh’s Mouth, But Now it’s Returning Back to Him Out of My Mouth, and Now it is the Voice of His Word.  Psalm 91:15, Says if I Call Upon Yahweh in My Day of Trouble, that Yahweh Will Deliver and Honor Me.  Yahweh Did Not Let None of Samuel’s Words Fall to the Ground, (1 Samuel 3:19). So Why Should He Let My Words Fall to the Ground.  Yahweh Honored Me.

I said Yahweh “Honored Me”, Not Because I’m so Awesome, but Because of Psalm 91:15 that said, “Call Upon Yahweh In My Day of Trouble, that Yahweh Will Deliver and Honor Me.”  However, this Was a Reciprocal Action to My “Honoring Him”, and His Word, Much Like a Person in the Military Salutes a Superior Officer, and the Superior Officer Has to Return the Salute.  So, Let’s Step Back One, and See Where I Honored Yahweh.  In Psalm 50:15; it Reads, “And Call on Me In The Day of Trouble; I Will Deliver You, and You Shall Honor and Glorify Me.”  When I Stood in Front of those 9 or 10 Doctors and Nurses and they Knew that I Was Saying that Yahweh Will Perform This Miracle Right Now, Because His Word Said So, (Saying that If He Said that He Was Going to Do Something, then He Will Do It), Then I Was Honoring Yahweh.

Same God, Same Lord.  One God, One Faith.  But, it Has to Do with Getting Your Heart Established in Something, (Psalm 112:6-8). 


Abraham’s Faith

We’re Not the Only Ones that Had to Grow in Faith.  Abraham When Being Nearly a Hundred Years Old Was Full of Faith, But Let’s Take a Look Back at the Time that He Was 75 Years Old When Yahweh First Approached Him, or the Time that He Was 86 Years Old and Let’s See If Abraham Was Full of Faith Then.

Yahweh Told Abraham that He Would Have a Child When He Was 75 Years Old.  But, What Was the Problem that Kept it From Coming Until He 100 Years Old.  It Was His Heart, or Rather, When Until He Was Fully Persuaded in His Heart.  Compare Romans 4:16-21 Below Where they Say that Abraham Was Fully Persuaded, (Convinced), “Back with When Yahweh Spoke to Him and Told Him that He Would Be The Father of Many Nations.  Here Are Verses, and then I’ll Comment On Them Again at the Bottom.

Therefore it is of Faith that it Might Be According to Grace, So that the Promise Might Be Sure to ALL the Seed, Not Only to Those Who Are of the Law, But Also to Those Who Are of the Faith of Abraham, Who is the Father of Us ALL (as it is Written, “I Have Made You a Father of Many Nations”*) in the Presence of Him Whom He Believed—Yahweh, Who Gives Life to the Dead and Calls Those Things Which Do Not Exist as Though they Did; Who, Contrary to Hope, in Hope Believed, So that He Became the Father of Many Nations, According to What Was “Spoken”, “So Shall Your Descendants Be.  And Not Being Weak in Faith, He Did Not Consider His Own Body, Already Dead (Since He Was About a Hundred Years Old), and the Deadness of Sarah’s Womb.  He Did Not Waver at the Promise of Yahweh Through UnBelief, But Was Strengthened in Faith, Giving Glory to Yahweh, and Being Fully Convinced that What He Had Promised He Was Also Able to Perform.

Now, Back at Genesis 12, We Find that Abram Was Seventy-Five Years Old When He Departed and Followed Yahweh.  This is the First Time that Yahweh Told Abram that He Would Make of Him a Great Nation, {Which is Interpreted as Having Many Descendants}.




Scriptures References
I Will Make You a Great Nation; I Will Bless You and Make Your Name Great; and You Shall Be a Blessing.” Genesis 12:2
So Abram Departed as Yahweh Had “Spoken” to Him, and Lot Went with Him.  And Abram Was Seventy-Five Years Old When He Departed From Haran. Genesis 12:4
Then Abram Said, “Look, You Have Given Me No Offspring; Indeed One Born In My House is My Heir~! Genesis 15:3
And Behold, the Word of Yahweh Came to Him, Saying, “This One Shall Not Be Your Heir, But One Who Will Come From Your Own Body Shall Be Your Heir.” Genesis 15:4
Then He Brought Him Outside and Said, “Look Now Toward Heaven, and Count the Stars if You Are Able to Number Them.”  And He Said to Him, “So Shall Your Descendants Be.” Genesis 15:5
When Abram Was Ninety-Nine Years Old, Yahweh Appeared to Abram and Said to Him, “I Am Yahweh; Walk Before Me and Be Blameless Genesis 17:1
As For Me, Behold, My Covenant is with Thee, and Thou Shall Be a Father of Many Nations. Genesis 17:4
Neither Shall Thy Name Any More Be Called Abram, But Thy Name Shall Be Abraham; For a Father of Many Nations Have I Made Thee. Genesis 17:5


Abraham is Described in Romans as “A Man that Wavered Not, Fully Persuaded, In Hope Against Hope, Not Being Weak In Faith.”  Yet Back at Genesis 12 & 15 Where the Promise Was Made, and in Genesis 21 Where the Promise Was Fulfilled, or Even Back at Genesis 17 Where the Covenant Was Made, there Lies Chapter 16 of Genesis.

This is that Odd Story Where the Promise of Yahweh Just Didn’t Seem to Be Happening and Where Sari Relying On Her Own Understanding Said, “Go into My Handmaiden,” and Abram, Being a Man That Is, “Not Weak In Faith,” “Not Wavering,” Said, “Sounds Good to Me,” and  Ishmael Was Born, and You’ll Notice that at the Time that Ishmael Was Born, Abram Was 86 Years Old, According to Genesis 16:16.  About the Time that Ishmael Was 13 and Being Circumcised, Abram Was Visited by Yahweh, (Genesis 17:25, This Would Make Abram Ninety-Nine, {86 + 13}, Genesis 18:1), and Was Told About this Time Next Year He Would Have a Son, {to Be Born When He Was 100, (Genesis 20:5)}.

And If You Will Read the Rest of the Accounts in Genesis 12:10-20, Right After Abram Was Told by Yahweh that Yahweh Was Going to Make of Him a Great Nation, You Will See that the Man Wavered and Gave Away His Wife Twice to Another Guy, (Again at Genesis 20:1-18).  Maybe He Thought the Offspring Would Come by Another Man Impregnating His Wife, as He Was Pretty Old.  So, For 24 Years or So, Abram Was Wavering.  But, Romans Says that He Did Not Waver.  How Can That Be?  Note The Age in Romans 4:19 says that Abraham Was About a Hundred Years Old.

So, That’s the Key~!  When Abraham Was First Told that He Would Have a Son, He Was Seventy-Five, and Between then and Age Eighty-Six, He Not Only Went Into His Wife's HandMaiden, and Twice Gave His Wife Away and Once After Age Eighty-Six, Even After He Knew that His Son’s Name Would Be Isaac, (Genesis 17:19 & Genesis 20:2), But Abram Tried to Help Yahweh Out by Fathering a Son by Haggar.  Is this Really the Father of Faith?  Wow~!  I’ve Seen Better~!


But, When Abraham Got to Be Ninety-Nine Years Old, He Received Grace in His Heart to Believe What Yahweh Had Told Him, in Other Words, He Had Established His Heart, (Psalm 112:6-8; James 5:8), and Believed Yahweh, and by Doing So, Sarah Was Persuaded and Had to Put Forth Her Faith Also, (Hebrews 11:11)

So, What I Am Trying to Say to You, Is You Are Not Waiting On Yahweh to Get Everything in You Right.  You Are Waiting On You to Trust What Yahweh Told You, and to Establish Your Heart.  Once You Line Up with What Yahweh Said to You, and Receive it as Your Own, You Will Have the Results Within a Very Short Time.  I’m Not Saying it’s Faith.  It’s Grace to Believe What Yahweh Told You, and to Repeat What Yahweh Told You as Yahoshua is High Priest of Our Confession, (Hebrews 3:1), and to Persuade Your Heart, Holding Fast to Your Confession, (Hebrews 4:14, Hebrews 10:23).  And as You Say Over and Over What Yahweh Told You, then You Will Persuade Your Heart, and Once You Have Been Fully Persuaded in Your Heart, then According to  Mark 11:23 and Romans 10:10, You Got it~!

And Notice What Happen to Abraham After He Had Persuaded His Heart that He Could Have a Son.  Well, Sarah Lived to a Ripe Old Age of 127 and Died, Leaving Abraham Alone, (Genesis 23:1).  And Now, Abraham Was Old, Well Advanced in Years, (Genesis 24:1), But Even So Abraham Found a New Wife, (Genesis 25:1), and From this Wife Had Six, (6) More Sons, and these Sons He Sent to the East Away From Isaac, His Son of Promise, (I Wonder if Abraham Also Had Daughters, that Were Just Not Recorded).  And Abraham Lived to Be 100 Years Older than When Yahweh First Promised Him that He Would Have a Son, and Died at a Good, (Ample, Full) Old Age, an Old Man, Satisfied and Satiated at Age 175, (Genesis 25:7-8).

Bonus:  Abraham’s Faith Was the Same Faith that Allowed Yahoshua to Be Raised From the Dead.  Have You Have Ever Wondered How, Abraham Can Be, The Father of Us All”, (Romans 4:16)?  Well, it Was Because Abraham Accounted that Yahweh Was Able to Raise Isaac From the Dead, “I Will Go Yonder and Worship, and We Will Come Back to You.” (Genesis 22:5; Hebrews 11:19).  This Faith Was Like Unused, (but Still Residing, Untapped), Because Isaac Was Not Killed, but, (See My Web Site on Covenant).  So, it Was This Faith and the Glory of Yahweh that Raised Yahoshua~!  Yahweh Did it with the Glory Through Abraham's Faith, (Romans 6:4).  Yahweh is Restricted and Can Not Do Things on the Earth with Corresponding Faith Action on Man's Part, {Like “When They Began to Sing”, or “When Their Feet Touched The Water”, or “As Long as Moses Held Up The Staff In His Hand, The Israelites Had The Advantage” or When “Moses Stretched Out His Hand Over The Sea”, or “David Hurried, and Ran Toward The Army to Meet The Philistine” or “For She Said”, “As They Went, They Were Cleansed”, etc., (Exodus 14:21,27; Exodus 17:11; 2 Chronicles 20:22; Joshua 3:13-15; 1 Samuel 17:48; Mark 5:28;
Luke 17:14

So, Unless You Mix Faith with the Word of Yahweh, (Faith Being the Call To Action ~ Based On Mark 16:20; Acts 14:3;
1 Corinthians 2:4; Hebrews 2:4
That Says, “They Went Forth, and Preached Everywhere, Yahweh Working with Them, and Confirming the Word by the Signs that Followed
), then it Will Not Avail Anything, {Without Faith, It Is Impossible to Please God, (Hebrews 11:6)}.  For If We Don’t Believe The Word of Yahweh, and Not Mix Faith with the Word, (Hebrews 4:2), Then We Won’t Get Any of These Benefits Mentioned in Romans 8:32 ~ He Who Did Not Spare His Own Son, But Delivered Him Up For Us All, How Shall He Not with Him Also Freely Give Us All Things?


“Father Abraham Had Many Sons, and Many Sons Had Father Abraham. I am One of Them and So Are You, So Let’s Just Praise Yahweh”~!

Here is a Small Note of Something that I Got From Yahweh About Healing.  Click Here.

And Here’s Some Thoughts About the Covenant that Yahweh Made with Yahoshua and Us that Made it ALL Possible.

The Covenant Yahweh Made with Abraham is Still Ours~!



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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14

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