Read John 15:9-10 About hte Fear of Yahweh

The Pastor(s)
 Besides, One Does Not Appropriate For Himself the Honor [of Being High Priest], But He is Called by God and Receives it of Him, Just as Aaron Did, Hebrews 5:4

7 Remember Those Who Rule Over You, Who Have “Spoken” the Word of God to You, Whose Faith Follow, Considering the Outcome of their Conduct.  17 Obey Them that Have the Rule Over You, and Submit Yourselves: For they Watch For Your Souls, as they that Must Give Account, that they May Do it with Joy, and Not with Grief: For that is Unprofitable For You, {Hebrews 13:7; 17}.



Declarations References

Yahweh, Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done On Earth as it is in Heaven in the Life of My Pastor and their Family.  Yahoshua, (The Messiah), and Him Alone, Sits On the Throne of the Life of My Pastor, and His/Her Family.  The Spirit of Truth, Wisdom, and Revelation of the Knowledge of the Word of God Dwells Within My Pastor.  My Pastor Always Walks in Love, and Follows the Spirit of Our Heavenly Father.

Matthew 6:10
Ephesians 1:17-19

My Pastor Has Ears to Hear, Eyes to See, and a Heart to Know and Understand the Voice, the Workings, and the Will of Yahweh.  As He Receives From Yahweh, He Leads Us into the Entire Plan, Purpose, and Will of Yahweh For Our Lives According to the Vision that Yahweh Has Implanted in His Heart.

Matthew 13:11-16
John 10:27

The Spouse of Our Pastor is a Submissive, Virtuous, Adaptable, and Completing Woman of Yahweh to the Life, Ministry, and Calling of My Pastor.  He or She Operates in a Meek and Quiet Spirit, Functions in Divine Order, and Walks According to the Purpose, Plan, and Will of Yahweh For Her Life.  He or She is Anointed Help and Assists My Pastor in Fulfilling the Vision of Yahweh, (The Wife Could Be the Pastor).

Proverbs 31:10-12
1 Peter 3:1-7
Genesis 2:18



Declarations References
The Pastor’s Spouse is a Submissive, Virtuous, Adaptable, and Completing Woman of Yahweh to the Life, Ministry, and Calling of My Pastor.  She Operates in a Meek and Quiet Spirit, Functions in Divine Order, and Walks According to the Purpose, Plan, and Will of Yahweh For Her Life.  She is Anointed Help and Assists My Pastor in Fulfilling the Vision of Yahweh.

Proverbs 31:10-12
1 Peter 3:1-7
Genesis 2:18
Their Children Are a Heritage of Yahweh, Submissive and Obedient to their Parents, Doing What is Right and Pleasing Unto Yahweh.  The Rod of Correction Has Already Driven Rebellion Out of their Children.  As Arrows Are in the Hand of a Mighty Man; So Are the Children of My Pastor & the Pastor’s Spouse.  My Pastor and His Spouse Have Trained Up their Children and Have Shot these Arrows Pointed in the Way that they Should Go, and Now as the Children Grow Older, they Will Not Depart From This upbringing. 

My Pastor is Blameless, as the Steward of Yahweh; He is Not Self-willed, Not Quick-Tempered, Not Given to Wine, Not Violent, Not Greedy, or Wanting Unholy Money.  My Pastor Rules Well His Own House, Having His Children in Subjection with ALL Gravity, Having Faithful Children Not Accused of Debauchery, Insubordination, Being Unruly, or of Being Rebellious.

Psalm 127:3-4
Proverbs 22:6
Ephesians 6:1
Colossians 3:20
Proverbs 22:15
1 Timothy 3:4
Titus 1:6-7

Strong’s Concordance Numbers 810 & 506


Double Honor~!

Probably Your Pastor Has Not Taught Much On Giving to Those that Have Authority Over Us, (Hebrews 13:17), Because He Would Be Much too Humble to Preach that Because He and His Family Would Be the Recipients.

However, it Still is in the Word, “But Let Him Who is Taught in the Word Share ALL Good Things with Him Who Teaches,” (Galatians 6:6).  We Are Instructed a Little Further on in the Same Chapter of Galatians at Galatians 6:10, “So then, as We Have Opportunity, Let’s Do What is Good Toward ALL Men, and Especially Toward Those Who Are of the Household of the Faith.”

In Fact, We’re Not Only to Share ALL Good Things, But We Are to Give Double Honor To Those of Who Labor in the Word and in Teaching.

“Let The Elders Who Rule Well Be Counted Worthy of Double Honor,” “Especially Those Who Labor In The Word and In Teaching”, (1 Timothy 5:17).

To See More On Honor and How We Should Treat Those In Authority Over Us, Click Here~!


We Will Reap if We Do NOT Lose Heart~!

It’s Scriptural; However, Yahweh Never Instructs Us to Give and Not to Get Something Back.  Squeezed in Between Galatians 6:6 & Galatians 6:10 is this Passage.

7 Do Not Be Deceived, God is Not Mocked; For Whatever a Man Sows, that He Will Also Reap.
8 For He Who Sows to His Flesh Will of the Flesh Reap Corruption, But He Who Sows to the Spirit Will of the Spirit Reap Everlasting Life.
9 And Let Us Not Grow Weary While Doing Good, For in Due Season We Shall Reap If We Do Not Lose Heart.

We Will Reap if We Do Not Lose Heart.  The Best that I Can Figure is that Yahweh’s Hands On Earth Are Us.  And if He Has a Man that is Teaching His Folks, then Yahweh is Delighted, But Sometimes these Men May Become Discouraged and Yahweh Allows Us to Encourage Them, But Yahweh’s Plan is Greater Than that.

Partners Partake~!

When We Submit and Walk Humbly, We Get Grace, Which is the Factor that Gets Us Over .  But, We Also Get ALL the Same Anointing that the Man or Woman of God Has.  Grace Means Gift, and Anointing is that Gift in Action.

Look Here Are Some Benefits, or The, “What’s in it For Me”…

It is Even Right For Me to Think this Way On Behalf of ALL of You, Because I Have You in My Heart, Inasmuch as, Both in My Bonds and in the Defense and Confirmation of the Gospel, You ALL Are Partakers with Me of Grace, (Philippians 1:7).

The Only Difference Between Good Works and Dead Works Are the Motives.  So, We Want Our Motives to Be Pure.  We Want to Give to Those that Are Over Us Generously From a Heart that Just Wants to Them Have the Best, and Not Because We’re Going to Get Something Back, (But I Wanted You to Know that You Do Get Something Back and the Next Time You’re Called Upon Like at a Car Wreck, You Have the Same Anointing of the Ones You Are Partnered with in Christ).

You Will Not See Me, Until You Say, “Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord

Interesting Thing I Saw in Joshua 1:7 ~ Only Be Strong and Very Courageous, that You May Observe to Do According to ALL the Law Which Moses My Servant Commanded You; Do Not Turn From it to the Right Hand or to the Left, that You May Prosper Wherever You Go.

We in America Have the Attitude that if We Hear From Yahweh, then We’ll Do it.  But Here Yahweh is Talking and He is Telling Joshua, (Yahoshua), to Observe to Do According to ALL the Law Which Moses My Servant Commanded You.  If Our Pastor is Telling Us to Do Something, then We Think that We Don’t Have to Honor that Word.  Wrong~!  Major Wrong~!  Yahoshua Said that We Will Not See Him, Until We Say From Our Hearts, “Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord,” (Luke 13:35).  Your Pastor is that Person Who Comes in the Name of Yahweh~!

Are You Calling Him, “Blessed”?  Are You Being a Blessing to Him?  Submission to Our Pastors and Not Showing Honor is an Obstacle that Has Tripped Up the Church For too Long Now.  Click On this Link About Offenses to Avoid the Pit Falls of this Trap.


A Good Leader is a Servant~!


Also NoteWorthy that Moses is Called, “My Servant.”  Yahoshua Said that Even He, the ‘Son of Man’ Came Not to Be Served, (‘Ministered to’), But to Serve, (‘Minister to’), (Matthew 20:28
Mark 10:45
  The Word ‘Minister’ Used Above Means to ‘Serve’.  It’s the Greek Word ‘Diakoneo’, (which is the Word that We Get Deacon From).

Hebrews 6:10 ~ For Yahweh is Not Unjust to Forget Your Work and Labor of Love Which You Have Shown Toward His Name, in that You Have ‘Ministered’ to the Saints, and Do Minister.

Luke 12:37 ~ Blessed (Happy, Fortunate, and to Be Envied) Are Those Servants Whom the Master Finds Awake and Alert and Watching When He Comes.  Truly I Say to You, He Will Gird Himself and Have Them Recline at Table and Will Come and Serve Them~!

John 14:21 ~ Someone Who Has My Commandments, and Keeps Them, That Person is One Who Loves Me.  One Who Loves Me Will Be Loved by My Father, and I Will Love Him, and Will Reveal Myself to Him.”

This is My Commandment, that You Love One Another, Even As I Have Loved You, (John 15:12)This is Not a Suggestion Nor Was the Word, “Please,” or, “Endeavor” Included as a Prefix.

Read More About Walking The Love Walk by Clicking Here


We Serve the Invisible God, that is Not Trying to Get Everyone to Notice Him
Very Often Working ‘UnSeen’ in the BackGround
(Romans 1:20; Romans 8:28; Colossians 1:15-16; 1 Timothy 1:17; Hebrews 11:27)


Hey, I’ve Been Making a Mistake in the Way that I Am Speaking, (no One Corrected Me, Except the Holy Ghost ~ To Learn More About How to Hear the Holy Ghost When He Talks to You, Please Click Here).  Yahweh’s Word Say in Romans 12:8 That, “He Who Exhorts, to His Exhorting.”  Well, I Am One that Has Been Blessed with the Gift of Exhorting.

This is a Gift.  It’s Not Mine.  It’s Really For Others.  However, I Will Find Myself Saying Stuff Like, “I’m an Exhorter.”  I Think I Am Wrong to Say it that Way.  I Also Have a Tent that My Wife and I Camp in and Share with Others, But I Don’t Say that I Am a, “Tenter.”  Sometimes We Do ‘Camp’ and Sometimes I Do ‘Exhort’, (But That’s Not My Identity).

In the Same Way, Please Considered the Phrase, “I Have a Spirit of Discernment” as Compared with Having The, “Discernment of Spirits” Gift.  Saying it Wrong Can Actually Open Up a Door For the Wrong Spirits to Operate as Yahoshua is the High Priest of Our Confession, (Hebrews 3:1; Hebrews 4:14).  The Only Thing that You Have is a Gift that You Will Be Held Responsible For, and How You Used it For Others.

(See 1 Corinthians 12:10), ~ To Another ‘The Working of Miracles’; to Another ‘prophecy’; to Another ‘discerning of Spirits’; to Another ‘divers Kinds of Tongues’; to Another ‘The Interpretation of Tongues’:


Be Careful NOT to Seek a Title


This Distinction May Even Apply to Him or Her Who Preaches, (Called a ‘Preacher’).  And Caution to Him or Her Who Wants to Be Called Doctor, or Having a PHD Making Them Appear Superior.  Yahweh Will Bring Honor.

How then Will they Call On Him in Whom they Have Not Believed?  How Will they Believe in Him Whom they Have Not Heard?  How Will they Hear Without a Preacher?  *(Romans 10:14).  However, I Think the Term ‘Preacher’ is Meant to Be Used as One Who Heralds the Good News, as a Verb, Rather than as a Noun, (and a Proper Noun as a Title).

In Fact, I’m Researching this Whole, “Title” Business, (as I Had Fallen Prey).  We ALL Want to Be Something Special in Yahweh’s Kingdom and We Are~!  We Are Servants of the Most High God, Even then That’s Not Our Title.  We Are Just Supposed to Serve One Another in Love, (Galatians 5:13).

In Fact, there Are a Bunch of "One Another" Commands in the Scriptures, Not Just Love One Another or Serve One Another, But Also Instruct One Another, But Be Devoted to One Another, Live in Harmony with One Another, Bear with One Another, Be Kind and Compassionate to One Another, Submit One Another, Admonish One Another, Encourage One Another, Spur One Another On Towards Love and Good Deeds, (John 13:34; Romans 12:1,10; Romans 15:7,14; Galatians 5:13; Ephesians 4:2,32;
Ephesians 5:21; Colossians 3:16; 1 Thessalonians 5:11; Hebrews 10:24


Benefactors Means, “Titles of Honour


Yahoshua Tells Us in Mark 10:42-45; Matthew 20:25-28; Luke 22:25-27

Matthew 20:25-26 ~ But Yahoshua, (Jesus), Called Them to Himself and Said, “You Know that the Rulers of the Gentiles Lord it Over Them, and Those Who Are Great Exercise Authority Over Them.

Mark 10:42-43
42 But Yahoshua, (Jesus), Called Them to Himself and Said to Them, ”You Know that Those Who Are Considered Rulers Over the Gentiles Lord it Over Them, and their Great Ones Exercise Authority Over Them.
43 Yet it Shall Not Be So Among You; But Whoever Desires to Become Great Among You Shall Be Your Servant.

Luke 22:25 ~ And He Said to Them, “The Kings of the Gentiles ‘Exercise Lordship’ Over Them, And Those Who Exercise Authority Over Them Are Called ‘Benefactors’.

The Word ‘Benefactors’ is From the Greek the Strong’s Concordance #2110 and Translates into ‘a Title of Honour’.  So this Should Have Read, “The Kings of the Gentiles Lord it Over Them, and Those Who Have Authority Over Them Are Called by ‘a Title of Honour’.




Luke 22:25-27 ~ Then Yahoshua Went On to Say, “But this is Not to Be So with You; On the Contrary, Let Him Who is the Greatest Among You Become Like the Youngest, and Him Who is the Chief and Leader Like One Who Serves.”

So, I Don’t Use Titles Either and Neither Did Paul, (See Romans 1:1; Titus 1:1); Nor Do the Rest of the Scriptures.

The Highest Title of Tribute You Could Give a Person in the Old Testament Was to Call Him, “The Servant of Yahweh” (ebedYHVH). The Hebrew Word For Servant, ‘ebed’, Denotes, “God Given Authority as the Accredited Messengers of Yahweh.”  The Servant of Yahweh Was One Who Was Chosen by Yahweh.  The Origin Implies the Position of a Slave. 

‘ebed’ OT Strong’s Concordance #:5650
The Term, “The Servant of Yahweh” is Also Applied to Those Who Worship God (Nehemiah 1:10); and to Those Who Minister or Serve Him (Isaiah 49:5-6). The Phrase, the Servant of Yahweh, is the Most Outstanding Reference to the Messiah in the Old Testament, and its Teachings Are Concentrated at the End of Isaiah; (Isaiah 42:1,19; 43:10; 49:3,5-7; 52:13; 53:11).  {}.

I’m Not So Certain that We Aren’t slipping Off into the Very Area that Yahoshua Said Not to Do.  It is Appropriate For Us Call One Another, “Brothers” And, “Sisters” as in James 4:11, as Long as that is Not a, “Title” to Be, “Lorded” Over Others.  I Just Can’t Get Pass the Words of Yahoshua When He Said, “Yet it Shall Not Be So Among You.”


Exercise Lordship


In Luke 22:25, The Words, “Exercise Lordship” Are Words that I Am Studying Out the Meanings of Right Now.  Anytime We Give Ourselves, “Titles,” that Make it Possible For Us to, “Lord it Over ” Someone Else.  *Examples:, “I Am Your Mother” or, “I Am THE Pastor” or, “I’m the Evangelist” or, “I’m Apostle So-in-So” or, “I Am Your Husband, You Are Supposed to Respect Me,” or, “I Am Your Wife, You Are Supposed to Love Me” or, “I’ve Been an Electrician For Longer than You Are Born, and You’re Going to Tell Me What to Do?,” (Exercising Lordship).  There is No Humility in that, (Yahweh Gives Grace to the Humble ~ Proverbs 3:34; James 4:6).

Hint: ALL Marriage Problems Can Be Approached From Christ and the Church, (Ephesians 5:21-33).  What’s the Husband Supposed to Do, (Dye to Self, Love UnConditionally).  What’s the Wife Supposed to Do, (Respect Her Husband).  So, if they’re Not Doing their Part, You Are Only Responsible For Doing the Part Assigned to You, and Let Yahweh Make Them into the Delightful Spouse that You’ve Always Wanted).  You Can’t Be a Good OverSeer Unless, You Are One that Rules His Own House Well, (Not Like a Tyrant or Dictator ~ But if a Man Doesn’t Know How to Rule His Own House, How Will He Take Care of the Assembly of God?  ~ 1 Timothy 3:1-5).


Title of Honor

John 13:13-17 (WEB)
13 You Call Me, ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord.’  You Say So Correctly, For So I Am.
14 If I then, The Lord, and the Teacher, Have Washed Your Feet, You Also Ought to Wash One Another’s Feet.
15 For I Have Given You an Example, that You Also Should Do As I Have Done to You.
16 Most Assuredly I Tell You, a Servant is Not Greater than His Lord, Neither One Who is Sent Greater than He Who Sent Him.
17 If You Know these Things, Blessed Are You if You Do Them.

For the Son of Man Also Came Not to Be Served, But to Serve, and to Give His Life as a Ransom For Many, (Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45).  If Even Yahoshua, the Head of the Modern Day Church Came Not to Be Served, But to Minister to Others, and He Has Given Us an Example Had Not We Much More So than He, Being that We Are Under His Authority?



Called Benefactors

Look at Luke 22:25...

And He Said to Them, ”The Kings of the Gentiles Exercise Lordship Over Them, and Those Who Exercise Authority Over Them Are ‘Called Benefactors’.

The Wording of, “Called Benefactors.”  To Be, “Called” is a Being, “Called by a Title.”  Not What Your Name Is, But What You Are Called by, (Judge Brown, Doctor Theodore, Reverend Joe, Parson Brown, Reverend Davis, Elder Johnston, Deacon Jones :).  And Look at the Word ‘Benefactors’, (Strong’s Concordance # 2110 Defined Below).

NT:2110 ~ in the New Testament, Used as a Title of Honor
(from the Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament © 1992 by AMG International, Inc.  Revised Edition, 1993)

NT:2110 ~ A ‘benefactor’ (from Pindar and Herodotus Down); it Was Also a ‘Title of Honor’, (from Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, PC Study Bible Formatted Electronic Database.  Copyright © 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.)

Conclusion: the Kings of the Gentiles Exercise Lordship Over Them, and Those Who Exercise Authority Over Them Are Called by Titles… But Not So Among You; On the Contrary, He Who is Greatest Among You, Let Him Be as the Younger, and He Who Governs as He Who Serves, (Luke 20:25-26).

I Want to Be Called by the Same Title that Yahoshua Called Himself by, (Not What Others Called Him by).




Our Authority & Responsibility


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Authority Over the Earth

We’ve Been Given the Ability to Prosper
Hip Healed Testimony




A King Will Take Only the Finest Young Men,
But Neglect the One that Yahweh Chooses~!

And He Said, “This Will Be the Behavior of the King Who Will Reign Over You:  He Will Take Your Sons and Appoint Them For His Own Chariots and to Be His Horsemen, and Some Will Run Before His Chariots,” “He Will Take Your Male Servants, and Your Female Servants, and Your Best Young Men, and Your Donkeys, and Put Them to His Work,” (1 Samuel 8:11-12; 16).

And there Was Sore War Against the Philistines ALL the Days of Saul: and When Saul Saw Any Strong Man, or Any Valiant Man, He Took Him Unto Him, (1 Samuel 14:52).

The Three eldest Sons of Jesse Had Gone After Saul to the Battle: and the Names of His Three Sons Who Went to the Battle Were Eliab the Firstborn, and Next to Him Abinadab, and the Third Shammah, (1 Samuel 17:13).

So David’s Brothers of the House of Jesse Must Have Fit the Criteria of Being a Strong Man, or a Valiant Man that King Saul Had Seen.

Somehow, King Saul Either Did Not See or Did Not Perceive David as Being a Candidate For His Army.  However, this Was Not Only the Man Yahweh Chose, But the Man that Became King For Over 40 Years~!



Here’s Another One in the Line of King David that Was Overlooked~!


Why Was David Chosen to Be a King?

Here’s the Reason Why.  David Would Follow the Ewes and Stay with Them if they Were Pregnant Probably Meaning an Overnighter Without Much Food or Cold Food Eating Alone Instead of the ‘Supper with the Family’ with Laughter Abounding.  David Was a Good Shepherd in Pasture, and Yahweh Wanted Someone with a Heart Like His that Would Want to Watch Over and Tend to Those in His Charge.

Now Therefore Thus Shall You Tell My Servant David, Thus Says Yahweh of Hosts, I Took You From the Sheep Pen, From Following the Sheep, that You Should Be Prince Over My People, Over Israel, (2 Samuel 7:8; 1 Chronicles 17:7).

He Also Chose David His Servant, and Took Him From the Sheepfolds; From Following the Ewes Great with Young He Brought Him to Feed Jacob His People, and Israel His Inheritance, So He Was their Shepherd According to the Integrity of His Heart, and Guided Them by the Skillfulness of His Hands, (Psalm 78:70-73).

Be Diligent to Know the State of Your Flocks, and Attend to Your Herds, (Proverbs 27:23).

Therefore Take Heed to Yourselves and to All the Flock, Among Which the Holy Spirit Has Made You OverSeers, to Shepherd the Church of God Which He Purchased with His Own Blood, (Acts 20:28).

..† Tend, (Nurture, Guard, Guide, and Fold), the Flock of God that is [Your Responsibility], Not by Coercion or Constraint, But Willingly; Not DisHonorably Motivated by the Advantages and Profits [Belonging to the Office], But Eagerly and Cheerfully, (1 Peter 5:1-5).

..† Feed the Flock of God Which is Among You, Taking the Oversight Thereof, Not by Constraint, But Willingly; Not For Filthy Lucre, But of a Ready Mind; Neither as Being Lords Over God’s Heritage, But Being Ensamples, {An Example to Be Imitated ~ of Men Worthy of Imitation}, to the Flock, (1 Peter 5:2-3).

“Be an Example to the Flock.  Yahweh Didn’t Appoint You Over Them to Be a King, But to Lead Them as the Good Shepherd Would~!



Why Was Abraham Chosen?

Yahweh Said, “Will I Hide From Abraham What I Do, Seeing that Abraham Has Surely Become a Great and Mighty Nation, and ALL the Nations of the Earth Will Be Blessed in Him?  For I Have Known Him, to the End that He May Command His Children and His Household After Him, that they May Keep the Way of Yahweh, to Do Righteousness and Justice; to the End that Yahweh May Bring On Abraham that Which He Has “Spoken” of Him,” (Genesis 18:17-19).


Abraham & David Were Faithful~!

And David Said Unto Saul, Thy Servant Kept His Father’s Sheep, and there Came a Lion, and a Bear, and Took a Lamb Out of the Flock: Your Servant Slew Both the Lion and the Bear: and This unCircumcised Philistine Shall Be as One of Them, Seeing He Has Defied the Armies of the Living God,” (1 Samuel 17:34-35)}.  Do a Word Study On Kept or Keep, (Start with Psalm 121:5-8 & Take it ALL the Way to Yahoshua Words, (John 17:12).  Or Click Here, (, to See How Jesus Kept the Disciples in His Charge.


If You Will Do these Three Things, You Will Always Succeed~!
{It Will Eliminate the Situation that Creates Fear of What Other People Think or What they Might Say}
  1. Find Out the Will of Yahweh, (in Prayer Not From Other Folks ~ Spend Time with Yahweh Finding Out His Plan, His Purposes, & His Pursuits.

  2. Once You Find Out the Will and the Direction of Yahweh; Confer No Longer with Flesh & Blood.

  3. Get Your Job Done at ALL Monetary Cost, (Seek Yahweh For the Caring Out of the Plan).  Roll ALL the Care Over On Yahweh, (1 Peter 5:6-10).



Having a Fear of Yahweh that Exceeds a Fear of Man~!!

  1. Don’t Waste Time, Money or Resources Doing Something Yahweh Did Not Tell You to Do, (Don’t Give Away Money or Time to Someone or Programs Just Because Others Are Doing it, and then When the Holy Ghost Prompts You to Give to Someone or Something, and then You Don’t Have the Money).  Is Your Church is Having Problems in Finances?  Are You Doing Programs and Doing Things that Yahweh Did Not Tell You to Do, then When the Programs Come Up that Yahweh Did Tell You to Do, You Won’t Have the Time, Money or Resources.  Suppose You Are spending Money On the Young Adult Class, Did Yahweh Tell You to Have a Young Adult Class?  Seek Yahweh, Not People.
  2. Don’t Ever Read Anything in Print About What Others Have Said About You, Whether Good or Bad.
  3. If You Stand at the Front Door, Shaking Hands, Pray About Why You Do This.  If You Do this Just Because Other Pastors Do This.  This is a Place Where the Congregation May Brag On You, Are You Doing this For Others or For Yourself as this is Where they Brag On You and You Can Get that Extra Pat On the Back.  Just Pray About it, and Don’t Do it by rout.  Take a Look at it, and Find Out Why You’re there.


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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