~ A Triune Being ~



1 Thessalonians 5:23
Now May the God of Peace Himself Sanctify You Completely; and May Your Whole Spirit, Soul, and Body Be Preserved Blameless at the Coming of Our Lord Yahoshua, (The Messiah). 


We Are a Triune Being, Consisting of Spirit, Soul and Body.  We Are a Spirit, We Have a Soul and We Live in a Body.

Our Body Connects Us to the World Around Us by Our Five Senses.  We Touch, Taste, Smell, See and Hear Our World.  Our World Enters Us by these Five Senses.

Without the Five Senses We Have No Contact with the Known Physical World.  When We Die, We Don’t Cease to Exist.  We Just Lose the Body that Contains the Contact with this Planet.  Our Body is Our Earth Suit.  The Body Just Contains the Feelers.  The Brain Translates the Information Received From the Body.  This Information is then Digested by the Soul



In Short, Your Senses Can Affect Your Emotions.  For Example, if You Are in a Bad Mood, and You Come Home and Smell a Fragrance that Your Wife Has On that Was the Same Smell that She Wore On Your Honeymoon.  Despite How You Felt Before You Opened the Door, Your State of Being Has Now Changed.  You Have Much More Anticipation of Good Things to Come.

This is Just One Example.  There Are Countless Others.  Outside Properties Can Affect Your Emotions.  Recall that the Soul is Mind, Will and Emotions.  The Seat of Your Emotions Lays in Your Soul.  Your Emotions Are One of the Factors in Your Response to Yahweh’s Love.  Yahweh Loves You.

Yahweh Always is Good, and Has Good Plans For You, (Jeremiah 29:11).  But, Unless You Receive this Love and these Plans, they Will Not Profit You Any, Not Being Mixed with Faith, (Hebrews 4:2).  Our Response to Yahweh’s Love Directly Affects Whether We Benefit From Yahweh’ Love.  Yahweh Loves Us ALL the Time and is Always For Us.

But Our Emotions May Not Allow Us to Comprehend that Yahweh is Not Mad at Us.  and Our Emotions Are effected by the Five Senses.  If Your Body is Throwing a Sick Fit, it May Be Hard to Understand that this is Not From Yahweh.  You May Instead Have Your Emotions Sending Signals that Yahweh Has Forgotten You.

This is Also a Two Way Channel.  Your Mind, Will and Emotions Can Affect Your Physical Status.  If You Become Depressed, You Would Tend to Sleep a Lot.  (Sleeping a Lot Can Also Make You Become Depressed)

Now as Your Brain is Intervening Between Your Soul and Your Body, So Your Heart is Intervening to Between Spirit and Soul.  Unlike Your Body or Your Heart, Your Spirit is Completely Whole if You Are a New Creation in Christ Yahoshua.  When You Are Born Again, You Get a Complete Spirit that Does Not Need Correcting or Adjusting.  Your Spirit-Man is Complete, and Not Having the Ability to Be Corrupted.  Further Proof that Your Heart is Not Your Spirit.



  Supporting Scriptures

Declarations References

  8So Yahweh, Who Knows the Heart, Acknowledged Them by Giving Them the Holy Spirit, Just as He Did to Us, 9and Made No Distinction Between Us and Them, Purifying their Hearts by Faith Acts 15:8

21 Now He Who Establishes Us with You in Christ and Has Anointed Us is Yahweh, 22 Who Also Has Sealed Us and Given Us the Spirit in Our Hearts as a Guarantee.  2 Corinthians 1:21-22

For as He Thinks in His Heart, So is He, “Eat and Drink!” He Says to You, But His Heart is Not with You.  Proverbs 23:7

34 Brood of Vipers! How Can You, Being Evil, Speak Good Things?  For Out of the Abundance of the Heart The Mouth Speaks.  35 A Good Man Out of the Good Treasure of His Heart Brings Forth Good Things, and an Evil Man Out of the Evil Treasure Brings Forth Evil Things.  Matthew 12:34-35

19 Do Not Lay Up For Yourselves Treasures On Earth, Where Moth and rust Destroy and Where Thieves Break in and Steal; 20 But Lay Up For Yourselves Treasures in Heaven, Where Neither Moth Nor rust Destroys and Where Thieves Do Not Break in and Steal.  21 For Where Your Treasure Is, there Your Heart Will Be Also.  Matthew 6:19-21

Rather Let it Be the Hidden Person of The Heart, with the Incorruptible Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit, Which is Very Precious in the Sight of Yahweh.  1 Peter 3:4

For the Word of Yahweh is Living and Powerful, and Sharper than Any Two-Edged Sword, Piercing Even to the Division of Soul And Spirit, and of Joints and Marrow, and is a Discerner of the Thoughts and Intents of the Heart.  Hebrews 4:12

Since You Have Purified Your Souls in Obeying the Truth Through the Spirit in Sincere Love of the Brethren, Love One Another Fervently with a Pure Heart, 23. Having Been Born Again, Not of Corruptible Seed But Incorruptible, Through the Word of Yahweh Which Lives and Abides Forever. 1 Peter 1:22




Which Means that Your Soul is Affected Directly by Your Five Senses.  (Interesting that it is Five and Five is the Number For Grace).  Your Soul Can Both Be Influenced by Your Five Senses and Influence Your Five Senses.  Similarly, Your Soul is Influenced by Your Spirit and there Are Five Senses in Your Spirit.  And theses Five Senses Are the Same Except that they Are in the Spirit.  To Confirm this First We Must Prove that Yahweh Has the Five Senses, Since We Are Made in His Image.


  1. That You May Eat and Drink at My Table in My Kingdom, and Sit On Thrones Judging the Twelve Tribes of Israel, (Luke 22:30).

    1. Revelation 3:20 ~ Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock.  If Anyone Hears My Voice and Opens the Door, I Will Come in to Him and Dine with Him, and He with Me

    2. John 21:12 ~ Yahoshua Said to Them, “Come and Eat Breakfast.” Yet None of the Disciples Dared Ask Him, “Who Are You?”– Knowing that it Was Yahweh.

    3. Mark 14:25 ~ Assuredly, I Say to You, I Will No Longer Drink of the Fruit of the Vine Until that Day When I Drink it New in the Kingdom of Yahweh. 

  2. O Lord, Let Your Ear Be Attentive to the Prayer of Your Servant and the Prayer of Your Servants Who Delight to Revere and Fear Your Name, (Your Nature and Attributes)  (Nehemiah 1:11 ~ Amplified Bible Classic Edition).

  3. So they Said, “Has Yahweh Indeed “Spoken” Only Through Moses?  Has He Not “Spoken” Through Us Also?” and Yahweh Heard it, (Numbers 12:2).
  4. For the Eyes of Yahweh Run to and Fro Throughout the Whole Earth, to Show Himself Strong On Behalf of Those Whose Heart is Loyal to Him, (2 Chronicles 16:9).  But Yahweh Came Down to See the City and the Tower Which the Sons of Men Had Built, (Genesis 11:5).  (The Word Heart Used Here is What We Would Call Today Soul).

  5. And Yahweh Smelled a Soothing Aroma.  Then Yahweh Said in His Heart, “I Will Never Again Curse the Ground For Man’s Sake, Although the Imagination of Man’s Heart is Evil From His Youth; Nor Will I Again Destroy Every Living Thing as I Have Done, (Genesis 8:21)

  6. Bow Down Your Heavens, O Yahweh, and Come Down; Touch the Mountains, and they Shall Smoke, (Psalm 144:5).

  7. I Speak with Him Face to Face, Even Plainly, and Not in Dark Sayings; and He Sees the Form of Yahweh.  Why then Were You Not Afraid To Speak Against My Servant Moses?  (Numbers 12:8).



When You Can Both See in the Real World with Your Eyes and See in the Spiritual World, You Get a Double Whammy Affect with Both Inputs Converging On the Soul From Both Sides Making an Emotion that Produces a Response.  I Think the Heart is What psychologist Call the Subconscious.  The Brain is Between Our Soul and Body, (our Consciousness), So the Heart is Like Our Subconscious.

Your Spirit is Always Telling You Positive Things Such as by His Stripes You Are Healed.  Your Body May Be Telling Opposite Things Like, I Hurt.  If You Ache For a Long Period of Time Your Body is Effecting Your Soul.  If Every Time You Get a Headache, You Make it a Habit to Lay Down and Sleep it Off, You Are Effecting Your Soul.

One Day a Stroke May Come Along, and Even Though You Believe in Healing and Have Seen Many People Healed by Your Own Hands, You May Have Convinced Your Soul that You Should Go into Prolonged Sleep to Recover, Because that is the Way You Have Always Done it in the Past to Obtain Relief.

You Have Convinced Your Soul of a Lie Just as Samson Did in Judges 16:20 Where He Said, “I Will Go Out as Before, at Other Times, and Shake Myself Free!  But He Did Not Know that Yahweh Had Departed From Him.”  .

Recall that too Much Sleep Can Cause Depression.  Now, Even Though Your Spirit is Sending Signals of, “You Can Make it”; Because of Years of Conditioning, Your Soul is Getting More Input From Your Heart, and Believes the Lie and You Go to Sleep, (Jeremiah 17:9).  Only this Time You Wake Up Not On the Earth.



Perhaps it is Possible to Have Doubt and Belief at the Same Time.  It is Not a Matter of if You Have Doubt or Belief, But, if You Believe More than You Doubt, then You Can Conqueror.  This Conclusion is Drawn From Mark 11:23 Where the Passage Reads, “For Assuredly, “I Say to You”, Whoever Says to this Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea,’ and Does Not Doubt in His Heart, But Believes that Those Things He Says Will Be Done, He Will Have Whatever He Says.  You Could Have Doubt in Your Brain, a Subset of You Soul, (Mind, Will & Emotions), But as Long as You Do Not Have Any Doubt in Your Heart then You Can Have What You Say.

This Also is Saying that For this Principal to Operate in Your Life, Both Your Heart and Your Mouth Have to Be in Agreement.  Not Just Saying, But Saying What You Know in Your Heart.  Don’t Say Beyond What Your Heart Believes or it Won’t Work.  What Comes Out of Your Mouth Should Be the overflow of What’s in Your Heart.  The Same Word Used For Heart in Mark 11:23 is Used in Galatians 4:6 Where it Says, “And Because You Are Sons, Yahweh Has Sent Forth the Spirit of His Son into Your Hearts, Crying Out, “Abba, Father”.




Mark 11:23 Seems to Depict a Balance Scale.  This Viewpoint Also Goes Along with 2 Corinthians 5:7, “For We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight.”  The Opposite of Faith is Walking by Sight.  The Opposite of Faith is Not Fear!  in Other Words, Despite What One of the Five Senses is Telling You, You Allow the Spirit to Influence Your Will, Your Mind and Your Emotions More So than the Contact with the Earth.  Again this is Said in Proverbs 3:5,Trust in Yahweh with ALL Your Heart, and Lean Not On Your Own Understanding”.

I See the Soul as Living in Two Worlds at the Same Time with Both Forces Acting Upon the Soul.  One Force is the Kingdom of Darkness and the Other Force is the Kingdom of Light.  Which World Will You Allow to Be the Greater Influence in Your Life Depends On Which Kingdom Gets Watered.  Perhaps that is Why Psalm 101:3 Says to Set No Evil Before Your Eyes, and Proverbs 27:19 Says to Cease Listening From Instruction Will Cause You to Stray From the Words of Knowledge.




I Compare this to Reading or Watching Pornography Where it Appears that Another Man’s Wife Can Charm You.  It Seems Right, and that You Are Having to Really Fight to Do the Right Thing  Until You Get Yahweh’ Word in there Telling You that the Wife’s Desire SHALL Be For Her Husband, (Genesis 3:16).

Suddenly, the Scales Tip Towards the Truth, and You Realize that Another Man’s Wife Cannot Charm Nor Satisfy You For it is Written by Yahweh that Her Desire Shall Be For Her Husband.  And Besides, Genesis 3:15 Tells Us that the Woman’s Desire Shall Be For Her Husband Only and Exclusively.

The Same is True ALL the Way Down the Line.  You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth That You Know Will Make You Free, (John 8:32).  When You Realize that Yahweh Wants Prosperity in Your Life, You Don’t Have a Problem with Lacking.  Original Sin is UnBelief or Not Receiving.  Faith is Nothing More than Trusting Yahweh’ Word to Do What Yahweh Said that it Would Do.

And it is Your Soul Where Decisions Will Be Made to Trust or Not Trust Yahweh.  Anxiety in the Heart of Man Causes Depression, But a Good Word Makes it Glad, (Proverbs 12:25).  So a Man Can Have His Heart effected by Hearing, Both Physically and in the Spirit.

I’m Not Sure that I Got the Definition of the Word Heart Correct.  So I Am Adding the Definition to Let You Decide.  I Think I Recall that the Old Testament Word For Heart is What We Now Call the Soul.



Old Testament Word For Heart:

Strong’s Concordance # 3820, (Click Here to See More)
{leb ~ Phonetic Spelling   i.e. Pronounced as ‘labe’}

New Testament Word For Heart:

Strong’s Concordance # 2588, (Click Here to See More)
kardia {kar-dee’-ah}  

  1. Inner Man, Mind, Will, Heart, Understanding
    1. inner Part, Midst
      1. Midst (of Things)
      2. Heart (of Man)
      3. Soul, Heart (of Man)
      4. Mind, Knowledge, Thinking, Reflection, Memory
      5. Inclination, Resolution, Determination (of Will)
      6. Conscience
      7. Heart (of Moral Character)
      8. As Seat of Appetites
      9. As Seat of Emotions and Passions (1a) Inner Man, Mind, Will, Heart, Understanding Inner Part, Midst (of Things), Heart (of Man), Soul, Heart (of Man), Mind, Knowledge, Thinking, Reflection, Memory, Inclination, Resolution, Determination (of Will), Conscience, Heart (of Moral Character), as Seat of Appetites, as Seat of Emotions and Passions 1a, as Seat of Courage Inner Man, Mind, Will, Heart, Understanding, Inner Part, Midst, Midst (of Things), Heart (of Man), Soul, Heart (of Man), Mind, Knowledge, Thinking, Reflection, Memory, Inclination, Resolution, Determination (of Will), Conscience, Heart (of Moral Character), as Seat of Appetites, as Seat of Emotions and Passions 1a, as Seat of Courage
    2. As Seat of, Courage

  1. The Heart
    1. that Organ in the Animal Body Which is the Centre of the Circulation of the Blood, and Hence Was Regarded as the Seat of Physical Life
    2. denotes the Centre of ALL Physical and Spiritual Life
    3. The Vigour and Sense of Physical Life
    4. The Centre and Seat of Spiritual Life
      1. The Soul or Mind, as it is the Fountain and Seat of the Thoughts, Passions, Desires, Appetites, Affections, Purposes, Endeavours
      2. Of the Understanding, the Faculty and Seat of the Intelligence
      3. Of the Will and Character
      4. Of the Soul So Far as it is Affected and Stirred in a Bad Way or Good, or of the Soul as the Seat of the Sensibilities, Affections, Emotions, Desires, Appetites, Passions
    5. Of the Middle or Central or Inmost Part of Anything, Even Though Inanimate


Another Way to View the Balance Scale that Seems Right to My Heart is to Think of Something Sliding More Towards One Side Such as a Box On a See-Saw.  Think of the Box as Your Soul and the Force Acting On the Box as Your Spirit On One Side and Your Body On the Other.  As the Box Slides One Way or Another the See-Saw Tilts Towards that Side.  Here’s Another Viewpoint.

I Was Just Playing My Computer at the Game of Hearts.  The Computer Simulates the Other 3 Players.

At the Opening Hand, You Get 13 Cards.  Then You Have to Exchange 3 Cards with Another Player, and this Player Varies From Game to Game.  You Don’t Have a Rule Book that Tells You Which 3 Cards to Exchange.  There Are Some Common Sense Things You Can Go For, But More Often than Not, You Exchange Cards Based On Your Gut Instinct.




Another Way to View the Balance Scale that Seems Right to My Heart is to Think of Something Sliding More Towards One Side Such as a Box On a See-Saw.  Think of the Box as Your Soul and the Force Acting On the Box as Your Spirit On One Side and Your Body On the Other.  As the Box Slides One Way or Another the See-Saw Tilts Towards that Side.  Here’s Another Viewpoint.

I Was Just Playing My Computer at the Game of Hearts.  The Computer Simulates the Other 3 Players.

At the Opening Hand, You Get 13 Cards.  Then You Have to Exchange 3 Cards with Another Player, and this Player Varies From Game to Game.  You Don’t Have a Rule Book that Tells You Which 3 Cards to Exchange.  There Are Some Common Sense Things You Can Go For, But More Often than Not, You Exchange Cards Based On Your Gut Instinct.




And this I Got From Brother John Kilpatrick of the Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama About the Third Eye.

1st Eye ~ The Natural Eye

Luke 11:34-35

34 The Lamp of the Body is the Eye.  Therefore, When Your Eye is Good, Your Whole Body Also is Full of Light. But When Your Eye is Bad, Your Body Also is Full of Darkness.
35 Therefore Take Heed that the Light Which is in You is Not Darkness.

2nd Eye ~ The Eyes of Your Understanding, (The Mind).

Ephesians 1:17-19

17 That the God of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, May Give to You the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of Him.
18 The Eyes of Your Understanding Being Enlightened; that You May Know What is the Hope of His Calling, What Are the Riches of the Glory of His Inheritance in the Saints,
19 And What is the Exceeding Greatness of His Power Toward Us Who Believe, According to the Working of His Mighty Power.

3rd Eye ~ The Eye of Your Spirit.

1 Corinthians 2:9-10

9 But as it is Written: “Eye Has Not Seen, Nor Ear Heard, Nor Have Entered into the Heart of Man the Things Which God Has Prepared For Those Who Love Him.”
10 But God Has Revealed Them to Us Through His Spirit.  For the Spirit Searches All Things, Yes, the Deep Things of God.
11 For What Man Knows the Things of a Man Except the Spirit of the Man Which is in Him?  Even So No One Knows the Things of God Except the Spirit of God.
12 Now We Have Received, Not the Spirit of the World, But The Spirit Who is From God, that We Might Know the Things that Have Been Freely Given to Us by God.




Note Here that Reproofs of Instruction or Correction Can Be Refused.  That Means that the Reproof Cannot Be a Whip or Punishment.  How Can You Refuse a Whip, or Punishment, and Especially Considering that it is Yahweh You Are Assuming is the One Punishing, and I Don’t Think He Would Miss.  But, You Can Refuse Council, or Instruction, or Verbal or Written Reproofs.  So, Instruction is the Way of Life, and is a WellSpring of Life and is Your Life.  I Think ALL of Life Evolves Around this Formula.  If You Start Messing Around with Sin by Disregarding Instructions, You Can Effect Your Soul, and Your Heart, and Actually Have Results Ranging From Missing What Yahweh Wants in Your Life On the Celestial Ball, or Shortening Your Life.

This Makes it Sound Like that if You Believe From Your Heart that Bad Things Are Going to Happen to Us, then they Will and You’re Right.  But, Even More Important if You Lack the Heart to Believe that Good Things Will Happen to You then You Will Miss Out On the Good Things of Life.,

Jeremiah 17:5-6
5 This is What Yahweh Says:, “Cursed is the One Who Trusts in Man, Who Depends On Flesh For His Strength and Whose Heart Turns Away From Yahweh
6 He Will Be Like a Bush in the Wastelands; He Will Not See Prosperity When it Comes.  He Will Dwell in the Parched Places of the Desert, in a Salt Land Where No One Lives.
7 But Blessed is the Man Who Trusts in Yahweh, Whose Confidence Is In Him.
8 He Will Be Like a Tree Planted by the Water that Sends Out its Roots by the Stream. It Does Not Fear When Heat Comes; its Leaves Are Always Green. It Has No Worries in a Year of drought and Never Fails to Bear Fruit.”

Proverbs 4:20-24 ~
20 My Son, Give Attention to My Words; Incline Your Ear to My Sayings.
{My Son, Give Ear to My Words and Incline Your Ear to My Speech, (Aramaic Bible In Plain English).}
21 Do Not Let Them Depart From Your Eyes; Keep Them In The Midst of Your Heart;
22 For They are Life to Those Who Find Them, and Health to All Their Flesh.
23 Keep Your Heart with All Diligence, For Out of it Spring The Issues of Life.
24 Put Away From You a Deceitful Mouth, and Put Perverse Lips Far From You.

I Think this is Why Yahweh Stressed in Proverbs, “Instruction” and it’s Pertinence to Life”

  • Proverbs 4:13 ~ Take Firm Hold of Instruction, Do Not Let Go; Keep Her, For She is Your Life.
  • Proverbs 5:23 ~ They Shall Die For Lack of Instruction, and in the Greatness of His Folly He Shall Go Astray.
  • Proverbs 6:23 ~ For the Commandment is a Lamp, and the Law a Light; Reproofs of Instruction Are the Way of Life.
  • Proverbs 10:17 ~ He Who Keeps Instruction is in the Way of Life, But He Who Refuses Correction Goes Astray.
  • Proverbs 16:22 ~ Understanding is a WellSpring of Life to Him Who Has it.  But the Correction of Fools is Folly.



Doesn’t this Verse Below Make More Sense with that in Mind:

Hebrews 12:6 For Whom Yahweh Loves He Chastens, (Child Training or Instruction), and Scourges, (Cleanses) Every Son Whom He Receives.”   

3811 Paideuo {pahee-dyoo’-o}

AV - Chasten 6, Chastise 2, Learn 2, Teach 2, Instruct 1; 13


1) to Train Children
1a) to Be Instructed or Taught or Learn
1b) to Cause One to Learn
2) to Chastise
2a) to Chastise or Castigate with Words, to Correct
2a1) of Those Who Are Moulding the Character of Others by Reproof and Admonition
2b) of Yahweh



Well, What About Exodus 15:26 Where it is Said,

And Said, “If You Diligently Heed the Voice of Yahweh, Your God and Do What is Right in His Sight, Give Ear to His Commandments and Keep ALL His Statutes, I Will Put None of the Diseases On You Which I Have Brought On the Egyptians.  For I [Am] Yahweh Who Heals You.”  .

That Last Part of that Verse Especially Stands Out.  I AM Yahweh Who Heals You.  However, the First Part of this Verse Makes it Sound Like Yahweh Was Saying,  “If You Do Not Listen to My Instructions and Guard Your Heart, I Will Slap Sickness On You So Fast it Will Make Your Head Spin Off.”  Come On, Something in there Reads Wrong~!  Yahweh Just Said, “I Am Yahweh that HEALS You”.  It’s Like if Yahweh Were a Rock, and this Rock Has Healing Properties.  Well, if this Rock Ever Caused Someone to Get Sick, then For However Long that Encounter Transacted, that Rock Was Not a Healing Rock.  How Can the God that Heals You Be Constantly the God that Heals You and then Say

I Will Put’ and ‘Which I Have Brought“’ {Same Word Used For Both Put and For Brought)

Diseases.  I Mean there is a Contradiction there Somewhere.  I Knew that Something Was Wrong, So I Went to the Concordance, and Lo and Behold, the Word Used in Both Places is the Same Word, (Strong’s Concordance # 07760), and there Was No, “I Will,” or, “I Brought” Mentioned in Either Place.  The Word More Correctly Interpreted is PUT or SET or PLACED.  The ‘I Will’ and ‘which I Have’ is in Italics and Was Added in by the Translators.

It’s Like the New Guy in Town that Just Pulled into a Gas Station and Asked the Attendant What Kind of Town is This?  Are the People Friendly?  The Attendant Asked, “How Were the Folks in the Last Town that You Lived in.”  The Reply Was there Were ALL Mean, Selfish Folks that Only Looked Out After their Own Interest.  The Attendant Responded, “Yes, You’ll Find the Same Here.”

Shortly Afterwards Another Newcomer Drove Up to the Same Gas Station Approaching the Same Town, and Asked the Same Attendant What Kind of Town is This?  Are the People Friendly?  The Attendant Asked, “How Were the Folks in the Last Town that You Lived in.”  The Reply Was there Were ALL the Kindest Bunch of Folks I Ever Saw, they ALL Waved at You as You Passed by, and Were Only too Glad to Bring You an Apple Pie if You Were in the Hospital.  The Attendant Responded, “Yes, You’ll Find the Same Here.”

So, Exodus 15:26 Should Have Read, If You’ll Put Your Trust in Me, I Am Your Shield and Defender, and None of these Diseases Can Be Put or Brought On You. 

Psalm 18:26 - with the Pure You Will Show Yourself Pure; and with the Froward You Will Show Yourself Froward.




To Show Further Proof, Another Time this Word Was Used in Genesis 4:15 and this Word Needed to Show Who PUT, and this Time Is Yahweh, But, Before You Go Aha!  Note the Last Part of this Sentence and See Why Yahweh Put a Mark On Cain.  And Yahweh SET a Mark On Cain, Lest Anyone Finding Him Should Kill Him.  It Was too Hard For the Translators to Believe that We Ourselves Caused Our Troubles and Woes In Exodus 15:26, So We Blamed God, (Jeremiah 2:17, 19)

And if this Word PUT Involved, “I Will,” or, “I Brought,” it Sure Would Seem weird to Be Used as Such in Genesis 24:2; So Abraham Said to the Oldest Servant of His House, Who Ruled Over ALL that He Had, “Please, PUT Your Hand Under My Thigh .  It Would Have Also Looked weird to Say, “I Will” or, “I Brought” at Numbers 23:5 ~ and Yahweh <03068> Put <07760> a Word <01697> in Balaam’s Mouth, and Said, “Return to Balak, and Thus You Shall Speak.”

But, Going Back to Exodus 15:26, You Will Find that this Verse Was Given in Reference to Some Bitter Water the Fleeing Israelites Had Come Across and Yahweh Made Sweet Water.  This Reflects the Meaning of this Verse Well.  In this World there Are Some Bitter Waters, But if You Will Heed My Instructions You Will Have Sweet Water.  What Are the Instructions?  The Instructions Were For Moses to Cast a Tree Yahweh Had Showed Him into the Waters.  What Would Happen if Moses Did Not Obey the Instruction?




Are You Having a Party On the Celestial Ball or Has Your Life Just Parted?

Matthew 25:29 ‘For to Everyone Who Has, More Will Be Given, and He Will Have Abundance; But From Him Who Does Not Have, Even What He Has Will Be Taken Away.   

Now On the Outside, it Would Appear that if You Are Committing Some Act of Sin, and You Get Punished For it, then Yahweh Must Have Done the Punishment.  After ALL this is How We Think We Would Behave Towards Our Child.  It is Our Heart that Again Fools Us, and Causes Us to Rely On Our Own Darkened Understanding.

Jeremiah 17:9 ~ the Heart [is] Deceitful Above ALL [Things], and Desperately Wicked; Who Can Know it? 

Proverbs 26:23 ~ Fervent Lips with a Wicked Heart [Are Like] Earthenware Covered with Silver dross.   

I Believe that Your Receiver, (Your Heart) is Either Broken or Corrupted that Produces the Cause-Effect Result, and Not Yahweh..

Are You Having a Ball On the Celestial Ball or is Your Life Just Plain Misery?

Are You Praying Constantly, (as I Have Been) For More Income, or a Better Job, or More Hair, etc  or Are You Reminding Yourself and Persuading Your Heart that,

So Shall You Find Favor, Good Understanding, and High Esteem in the Sight, [or Judgment] of Yahweh and Man.”
Amplified Bible Classic Edition.



I Think You Would Do Better to Go Through the Scriptures and Find ALL the Places Where You Are, “In Christ; and What You Have Become, than it Would Do For You to Beg and Ask Yahweh For What You Already Got, But Don’t Know You Have.  Don’t Feel Bad, Paul Did this Also, Until Yahweh Reminded Him that the Grace that Had Already Been Given to Him Was Sufficient For Whatever Came Along.

When Yahoshua Said, “It is Finished,” That Was ALL She Wrote.  Yahoshua Isn’t Doing Anything Anymore.  It’s Already Complete.  The Greek Word, “Tetelestai”, Used in John 19:30 is Translated, “It is Finished”, (Tetelestai ~ G5055), is an Accounting Term that Means, “Paid In Full”}.  Yahoshua is the Head.  We Are the Body.  The Head Just Gives Instructions, But the Head Doesn’t Do the Work of the Hands, Nor of the Heart, Nor of the Bowels.  Yahoshua and Us Are One.

Recently, Using the Microsoft Word Thesaurus, I Came Across the synonyms For Identity, (Unity, Oneness, Singleness, Selfsameness, Identicalness, Indivisibility).  and I Wrote, “When We Find Our Identity, (Oneness, Identicalness, Unity), with Christ, then Suffering Has to Stop”.  Yahoshua Isn’t Being Punished and We Are One.

Believe, Receive, Conceive - It’s a Fact of Life.

Romans 2:4-5 ~ Or Do You Despise the Riches of His Goodness, Forbearance, and Longsuffering, Not Knowing that the Goodness of Yahweh Leads You to Repentance?  But in Accordance with Your Hardness and Your Impenitent HEART You Are Treasuring Up For Yourself Wrath in the Day of Wrath and Revelation of the Righteous Judgment of Yahweh.



The Goodness of Yahweh Leads to Repentance, (Meaning to Change Your Mind).  Repentance Does Not Mean Punishment.  It is Our Own Hearts that Cause Problems.  Several Years Ago, I Was Driving too Fast in the Rain.  A Van Stopped in Front of My Truck, and I Locked My Brakes.  I Remember Hearing in My Heart as Loud as if I Were I Talking, “I’m Going to Hit that Van”.

But, I Aimed My Truck to the Side, and Cleared Him, But Just as Suddenly, the Curb that I Was Going to Jump, Had a Driveway at that Very Spot, and the Curve of the Driveway Slid Me Back into the Van.  Bam~!  I Thought Why Did that Have to Happen, I Was Clear of Him.

I Remembered My Heart, and What I Had Said Just Before I Struck.  That is What Got Me Considering this About Your Heart Causing ALL the Problems, and Yahweh Opened Up My Eyes, and I Typed What I Saw.  This is Why it Seemed ALL the More Important that I Guard My Heart.

Just as Clearly as I Saw that Van Get Hit by My Truck and Some $1395.00 Dollars Later, (One Estimate Was $3,000.00), I Saw that One Day an Opportunity Would Come Up Where I Could Die, and if I Did Not Guard My Heart, then Boom, Out I Go, Despite My Best Efforts to Confess and Get My Heart Going in the Right Direction.




Isaiah 44:20 He Feeds On Ashes; A Deceived Heart Has Turned Him Aside; and He Cannot Deliver His Soul, Nor Say, “[Is there] Not a Lie in My Right Hand?”

A Heart that is Perverted, (or ‘Twisted’, Which is Often Translated in Yahweh’s Word as ‘Wicked’, From Which We Derive ‘Wicker Baskets’ and & ‘Wicker Furniture’).

Twisted.  Witchcraft is a Study of Wicca, (Sounds Similar to the ‘Wicker’ in ‘Wicker Furniture~Baskets’), and that Would imply Twisted, or Perverted Beliefs.  No One Can Be a ‘Pervert’, But they Can Be ‘Perverted’, Like Re-channeling Water in the Mud.  Being Perverted Does Not Make One a Pervert.  He/She is Still a Child Yahweh Loves with ALL His Heart.  Yahweh is Able to Separate the Dirt From the Water, {Hebrews 4:12}.

Snakes Represent Witch Craft  By the Way, Notice the Word ‘witch’ in the ‘Switched’.  The Thought that Comes to Me is a ‘Tale Bearer’ Because You Would Grab a Snake by it’s Tail and Bear it.

Snakes Shed their Skin, (reportedly, Often Times Folks Dream of Snakes Prior to their Death) and According to the Secular World, Maybe this Represents a Time of Transition.  To Me it is Spiritual, in that it Could Be that Witchcraft Has Taken Over to Point that it Robbed Them of their Life.  Witch Craft is Just Something ‘Twisted’ in their Thinking.  A Google Search On the Internet Will Reveal that the Words ‘Twisted’ and ‘Switch’ Often Show Up Together.  “Switch” has the Word “Witch” inside it.

Witches Were, by Definition, Evil; and an Evil Twisted Soul Is, of Course, Reflected in an Ugly Twisted Body, and Usually with a Crooked Hat, Body, and a Crooked, (or Twisted), Nose.




But What Comes to My Mind Concerning ‘Twisted’ is ‘Froward’, (or Perverted)
Froward’ is Defined as:

    • Turning Back to One’s Own Ways; Difficult to Deal with: Stubbornly Disobedient or Contrary; Going in One’s Own Willful Ways; Habitually Disposed to Disobedience and Opposition.

    • from the Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Hebrew Lexicon:

      • Twisted, Distorted, Crooked, Perverse, Perverted;

    • from the Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary 2nd Edition Unabridged:

      • Not Willing to Yield or Comply with What is Required or is Reasonable; Perverse; UnYielding; Ungovernable; Refractory; as, Froward Child

      • Synonyms: UnYielding, Ungovernable, Refractory, Disobedient, Petulant, Cross, Peevish

Froward’ Comes From the Old English Word ‘Fraward’ Meaning: in a Direction Leading Away From, Which Comes From Old Norse: Fr (from) + -ward

The New King James Version Translates ‘Frowardly’ as ‘BackSliding(Isaiah 57:17).

Translated From the Hebrew Word: Showbab:
(apostate, i.e. Idolatrous: Backsliding, Turn Away).

Froward’ ~ Key Word ‘Stubborn’.  A Rebellious and Obstinate Attitude, Idolatry

1 Samuel 15:22-23 Says this About Being Stubborn: 23 For Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft, and Stubbornness is as Idolatry and Teraphim (Household Good luck Images).  Because You Have Rejected the Word of Yahweh, He Also Has Rejected You From Being King.

The Snake, (Serpent), On a Pole that Folks Were to Look Upon in Moses Times to Be Healed if a Serpent Had Bitten Them, Became the Emblem or Insignia Denoting the Military Medical Corps, (The Caduceus),

8 And Yahweh Said to Moses, Make a Fiery Serpent [of Bronze] and Set it On a Pole; and Everyone Who is Bitten, When He Looks at it, Shall Live. 9 And Moses Made a Serpent of Bronze and Put it On a Pole, and if a Serpent Had Bitten Any Man, When He Looked to the Serpent of Bronze [Attentively, Expectantly, with a Steady and Absorbing Gaze], He Lived. Numbers 21:8-9).

Do You Have a Bad Case of Snakebite?  Has the Serpent Bitten You?  Yahoshua Said in John 3:14-15
14 “And Just as Moses Lifted Up the Serpent in the Desert [on a Pole], So Must [So it is Necessary that] the Son of Man Be Lifted Up [on the Cross], 15 In Order that Everyone Who Believes in Him [Who Cleaves to Him, Trusts Him, and Relies On Him] May Not Perish, But Have Eternal Life and [Actually] Live Forever!” (John 3:14-15).


A Caduceus ~ And this Might Not Be a Good Thing, (Caduceus - Rod of Hermes) ~ But it's Image Seems to Have Been Copied From the Scriptures Concerning What Yahweh Told Moses to Do.



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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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