Yahweh’s Mysterious Ways

Colossians 2:2 ~ That Their Hearts May Be Comforted, They Being Knit Together In Love, and Gaining All Riches of The Full Assurance of Understanding, That They May Know The Mystery of God, Both of The Father and of Christ


When I Write a Book, I Might Call it, “Yahweh’s Mysterious Ways,” then None Would Find Anything Wrong with this Title.  You, Yourself Might Concur that Yahweh is a Mysterious God Ending All Your Prayers with, “If it Be Your Will.”


However, it Was This Very Illusive Thought that Yahweh Was Somehow Mysterious that Just Did Not Seem to Line Up Right in My Heart.  You Know How it Is; the Square Peg Was Just Not Fitting in the Round Hole.  And then I Heard About a Group that Called Themselves, “Full Gospel.”  Well, I Thought to Myself, “Then What Am I, Part Gospel”? 

No One Countered On This.  I Mean Usually if You Say Something Way Off Base, then Yahweh Through the Holy Spirit Will Correct You, But No Correction Came.  Then I Found Scriptures that Said Stuff Like, “Surely Yahweh God Does Nothing, Unless He Reveals His Secret to His Servants the Prophets,” {Amos 3:7} or, “But there is a God in Heaven Who Reveals Secrets,” {Daniel 2:28, 29, 47}, and, To You it Has Been Given to Know the Mystery of the Kingdom of Yahweh; But to Those Who Are Outside, All Things Come in Parables, {Matthew 13:11; Mark 4:11; Luke 8:10},” and Finally, “It is the Glory of Yahweh to Conceal a Matter, But the dGlory of Kings is to Search Out a Matter,” {Proverbs 25:2}.  “And We Have Known and Believed The Love that God Has Toward Us,” (1 John 4:16). The Mystery Which Has Been Hidden For Ages and Generations.  But Now it Has Been Revealed to His Saints, to Whom God Was Pleased to Make Known What Are the Riches of the Glory of this Mystery Among the Gentiles, Which is Christ in You, the Hope of Glory; (Colossians 1:26-27).

I Felt Drawn in My Heart that Yahweh Had to Talk in Mystery or Mysterious Ways to Avoid the Enemy Hearing His Plans, But it Was Not the Plan of Yahweh to Hide Anything From One of His Own.  Then I Found this Scripture in Colossians 2:2 ~ That Their Hearts May Be Comforted, They Being Knit Together In Love, and Gaining All Riches of The Full Assurance of Understanding, That They May Know The Mystery of God, Both of The Father and of Christ.  There it Was ~ That They May Know The Mystery of God~!  If You’re Still Not Convinced, Do a Bible Search On the Word, “Mystery.”


The Enemy of Darkness Would Love For You to Keep this Point of View that Yahweh is Somehow Mysterious, and that We Don’t Know if it’s Yahweh’s Will For You to Get Whatever it is that You Are Searching For.  For Us to Receive Anything From Yahweh Takes Faith, Which is Simply Trusting Yahweh’s Word to Do What the Scriptures Says He Has Already Done.  If You Are Still Wondering if it is Yahweh’s Will For You to Receive This, then You Can’t Believe it Yours and There Is a Very High Probably That You Won’t Obtain it.  If Anyone is Supposed to Be Kept in the Dark, it is d—Evil One, (Acts 26:18).  We Walk in The Light of the Gospel of the Good News of Salvation, (Ephesians 5:8; 1 John 1:7)~!

So, it Was Because of this Thought that Yahweh Was Mysterious, that I Sought Out to Find the Other Parts of the Gospel.  What Was I Deficient In, and Lacking?  I Visited Other Denominations, and Found that Part of What I Had Been Taught Was Right, But Neither Was the Other Side, “Full Gospel” For they Seemed to Lack the Part that the Baptist Had Taught Me.

But, I Also Found Out What they Know that the Baptist Did Not.  It is My Desire to Write a Book For People in the Last Days that Are Being Drawn by Yahweh to Find Out the Complete Salvation Story.  I Believe that there is Already at Work a Great Revival Crossing Our Land Where Billions of Folks Are Coming to Know Yahweh For the First Time Until the Glory of Yahweh Fills the Earth, and they Are Not Going to Have Time to Go Through the Normal Flow of the Religious Cycle to Find the Truth.  So, I Was Thinking About Calling this Book, “Yahweh’s Mysterious Ways.”


Paradise or the Bosom of Abraham

During the Time of Yahoshua’s Death, Burial and Resurrection, When Did the People that Rose From the Dead and Walked About Come Out of their Tombs?  Did they Precede Yahoshua in Being Raised From the Dead?  No, Matthew 27:52-53, Tells Us That It After Yahoshua's Resurrection that they Came Out of Their Graves.  “And Came Out of the Graves After His Resurrection, and Went into the Holy City, and Appeared Unto Many.” Where Did These Folk Come From and Just Who Were They?  And Colossians 1:18 Confirms that Yahoshua Was the FirstBorn From the Dead, “And He is The Head of The Body, The Church: Who is The Beginning, The Firstborn From The Dead; that In All Things He Might Have The Preeminence.”

Where Were these Saints Up Until that Time?  Did You Know that these Folks Were in the Bosom of Abraham or Paradise, Which Was Right in the Middle of Hell?  I Never Heard this Growing Up.  Have You?

Well, Here’s How I Know This.  Recall the Story From Luke 16:20-25 About the Rich Man and Lazarus, and How the Rich Man Died and Went to Hades, and In Hades Cried Out to Abraham to Send Lazarus to Dip His Finger in the Water and Come and Touch His Tongue that He Might Cool Off.  This Rich Man Could See Abraham, Yet He Was in Another Part.  So this Meant that the Other Part Was Also in Hell.  The Scriptures Says Angels Had Carried Lazarus Off into, “Abraham’s Bosom,” (Luke 16:22).

Abraham Was there Also in this Place, and Neither Abraham Nor Lazarus Were Suffering as Evidenced by the Rich Man’s Plea.  Lazarus Was in a Place that Has Been Called, “The Bosom of Abraham,” “Paradise” or Even, “The Garden of Eden.”  This Was Where the Saints Went When they Died, But, “Hades” or, “Sheol” as Often Called in the Old Testament Was The Other Place in Hell, Where the Dead Without Christ Are Still to this Day.


High Jacked to Hell

Well, Did You Know that When Yahoshua Died On the Cross that He Went to Hell, (or Hades or Sheol)?  I Didn’t Know This.  This Was the Other Part of the Gospel that I Did Not Know.  Yet it Was Right there in the Scriptures at Matthew 12:40 All this Time. “For as Jonas Was Three Days and Three Nights In The Whale’s Belly; so Shall The Son of Man Be Three Days and Three Nights In The Heart of The Earth.”  Why is it So Important to Know this Fact?  Well, if Yahoshua Didn’t Go To Hell, then You Still Have to Go.  But Yahoshua Did Go to Hell For Us.  With Sin There Is Always Hell to Pay, {For the Wages of Sin is Death, and He Who Knew No Sin Became Sin For Us, (Romans 6:23; 2 Corinthians 5:21)}.

Well, Yahweh Had Already ForeSeen this and Had a Plan to Get Yahoshua Out of Hell.  Actually, Yahoshua Was Not Legally Supposed to Go to Sheol or Hades; But Because He Was a Saint, Having Kept the Law and So Forth, Was Supposed to Go to Paradise Only and Not Hades or Sheol or Hell.  Had d—Evil One Allowed Him to Go Where He Was Supposed to Go, it Would Have Diluted Yahweh’s Plan, and Yahoshua Would Probably Still Be in Hell Today.  However, Yahweh Outsmarted d—Evil One.  Yahoshua Was Supposed to Go to Paradise, and He Did After He Broke Out of Sheol, or Hades, (or Hell), and then Preached Faith to the Saints of Old in Paradise.

Luke 23:43 ~ And Yahoshua Said Unto Him, Verily I Say Unto Thee, Today Shall Thou Be with Me in Paradise.

Ephesians 4:8-9 ~
8 Therefore He Says: “When He Ascended on High, He LED Captivity Captive, and Gave Gifts to Men.”
9 (Now this, “He Ascended”—What Does it Mean But that He Also First Descended Into The Lower Parts of The Earth?


Became Sin For Us

Yahoshua Did Not Just Take Our Sin Upon Him.  No, No That’s Not Right at All  Yahoshua Became Sin~!  He Who Knew No Sin, Became Sin For Us in Order that We Might Become The Righteousness of Yahweh in Him, (2 Corinthians 5:21).  Yahoshua Was Made to Be Sin For Us and When He Did, Yahweh Could Not Longer Look Upon Him, For Sin Would Be Destroyed in the Face of Yahweh, (Exodus 33:5; Psalm 97:3; Hebrews 10:27).  So, Yahweh Had to Turn Away From Yahoshua, and Yahoshua Was Like a Lost Man Having No Spiritual Revelation, {Yahweh Had Promised Abraham that He Would Not Leave Him Until Yahweh Had Done that Which He Had “Spoken” to Abraham of ~ Genesis 28:15}.

Then Yahoshua Spoke On the Cross Saying, “It is Finished.”  Was it Finished?  On Earth, Yes.  The Plan of Redemption Wasn’t Finished, He Spent Three Days in the Heart of the Earth.  Then What Was Finished?  The Fulfillment of the Old Covenant Made with Abraham and Written About by Moses Was Finished.  The Work of the New Covenant Was About to Start, as Yahoshua Still Had Hell to Pay.

Further Proof that it Was Not Finished in Galatians 1:12, Paul Said that He Had a Revelation of the New Covenant that Was Not Given to Him by Man, But by Yahoshua Christ, (and Yet Yahoshua Had Already Died On the Cross).  However, Yahoshua in His Earthly Ministry, Preached Only the Old Covenant and That’s Why He Would Not Preach to Anybody But Israel.

Yahweh Has Signed a Contract with Abraham, and Moses Wrote it On Paper.  Then Yahoshua Became the Sacrifice Under the Abrahamic Covenant that Ended the Abraham Covenant.  He Was The Lamb of Yahweh~!  It Really Wasn’t Finished at the Cross, and Not Until Yahoshua Was Seated at the Right Hand of Majesty and Glorified, {Hebrews 1:3}.


d—Evil One's Folly

Yahoshua was Operating Under and Preached the Old Covenant Between Yahweh and Abraham Right Up to the End, and then Became the Final Sacrifice.  That’s What Was Finished!  It Seemed to Yahoshua that Yahweh Had Forsaken Him, and So Yahoshua Spoke it Out From His Heart, Saying, “My God, My God Why Has Thy Forsaken Me.”  And as if Yahoshua Realized in His Lost State of Mind, that For Yahweh to Be Gone Must Mean that Yahweh Had Done ALL that He Had “Spoken” to Abraham in Genesis 28:15, His Next Cry Was, “It is Finished.”

At that Moment, the Enemy of Darkness Did One of the Stupidest Things in the History of the Earth, (1 Corinthians 1:19-25; 1 Corinthians 2:6-8).

“Which None of the Princes of this World Knew: For Had they Known it, they Would Not Have Crucified Yahweh of Glory,” (1 Corinthians 2:8).

d—Evil One Probably Thought, “I Got Him,” and When Yahoshua Gave Up His Ghost, (Matthew 27:50); d—Evil One Took Him to Hades or Sheol, “or Hell as We Know it.”  Yahweh Had a Plan For this Event, and In Fact Was Counting On it.  That’s When Yahweh Could Relax and Say, “We Won~!”  This is the Mystery that People Refer to When they Think of Yahweh.  To the Enemy of Yahweh, the Plans Were Mysterious.  This is Where the Work that Would Establish the New Covenant Took Place.  For Yahweh Has Already Prophesied Through King David that Yahoshua Would Be Taken into the Lower Parts of the Earth, (Psalm 16:10).  Once You Realize that Yahoshua Went to Hell and Preached to His Brethren, Other Scriptures Just Seem to Pop Out at You, Like Psalm 22:22, {Catch-22}.

In Fact, as Yahoshua Hung on the Cross, He was Quoting Psalm 22:1-31, so Read Psalm 22:22-26 and Take Note of the Word “ALL”, in (Psalm 22:23), to Include “ALL You Descendants of Jacob”, Glorify Him, and Fear Him, “ALL You Offspring of Israel!”, {Jacob's Name Was Changed To “Israel”; So this is Talking About the Same Person; but Representing Two Groups of People; One With The Old Covenant that Were Descendants, {Of the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob}. and One With The New Covenant Who Are Offspring, {a Foreshadowing of Yahoshua}, and Psalm 22:24 Might Indicate those Already in the Bosom of Abraham. “For He Has Not Despised Nor Abhorred The Affliction of The Afflicted, Neither Has He Hidden His Face From Him; But When He Cried to Him, He Heard.”  And Psalm 22:25 About “Paying His Vows”, Now Makes Sense.  Psalm 22:30 is Talking About Us—“Future Generations Shall Be Told About Yahweh, They Shall Come and Shall Declare His Righteousness to a People that Shall Be Born,” {Yahoshua's Atonement Covered Past Present and Future}, “For He Has Done it”; Psalm 22:31 Reiterates the Fact that It IS FINISHED.  When Yahoshua Said, “It is Finished,” That Was ALL She Wrote.  Yahoshua Isn’t Doing Anything Anymore.  It’s Already Complete. 

I Realize that this Might Be The First Time You’ve Seen Faith Righteousness, and I Apologize if this is Offends You, But Anything Less Shows that We Are Still Under the Law.  We Are No Longer Under Bondage Trusting in What We Can Accomplish Ourselves, But Instead We Are Trusting In The Finished Work of Yahoshua, {(1 Peter 2:24) ~ The Greek Word, “Tetelestai”, Used in John 19:30 is Translated, “It is Finished”, (Tetelestai ~ G5055), is an Accounting Term that Means, “Paid In Full”}. They Will Come and Declare His Righteousness to a People Yet to Be Born—That He Has Done it [And That It Is Finished]~! ~ (Psalm 22:31).

For Christ is the End of the Law For Righteousness to Every One that Believeth, (Romans 3:4).


Acts 2:27-31

27 For You Will Not Leave My Soul in Hades, Nor Will You Allow Your Holy One to See Corruption.
28 You Have Made Known to Me the Ways of Life; You Will Make Me Full of Joy in Your Presence.’
29 Men and Brethren, Let Me Speak Freely to You of the Patriarch David, that He is Both Dead and Buried, and His Tomb is with Us to this Day.
30 Therefore, Being a Prophet, and Knowing that Yahweh Had Sworn with an Oath to Him that of the Fruit of His Body, According to the Flesh, He Would Raise Up the Christ to Sit On His Throne,
31 He, ForeSeeing This, Spoke Concerning the Resurrection of the Christ, that His Soul Was Not Left in Hades, Nor Did His Flesh See Corruption.
32 This Yahoshua Yahweh Has Raised Up, of Which We Are ALL Witnesses.
33 Therefore Being Exalted to the Right Hand of Yahweh, and Having Received From the Father the Promise of the Holy Spirit, He Poured Out This, Which You Now See and Hear.
34 For David Did Not Ascend into the Heavens, But He Says Himself: ‘Yahweh Said to My Lord, “Sit at My Right Hand,
35 Till I Make Your Enemies Your Footstool.”
36 “Therefore Let ALL the House of Israel Know Assuredly that Yahweh Has Made this Yahoshua, Whom You Crucified, Both Lord and Christ.”  


Old Covenant Fulfilled

 Recall the Angel Telling the Woman that Came to the Tomb that, “He is Not Here, He Has Risen… Just as He Said.”  He Said.  Yahoshua Repeated What David Had “Spoken” and Was Also His Own Prophet.

When Yahoshua Said On the Cross that it is Finished, ALL the Work of the Old Covenant Was Finished, But the Work of the New Covenant Was Yet to Be Done.  Yahoshua Conquered Sin & Death, Hell and the Grave and Grabbed Those Keys to Hades and Death, (Revelation 1:18), and Went Over to Paradise, Which Was in Hell. So, Here Was Paradise, an Isolated Place in Hell Where the Saints of Old Were. 

They Probably Hadn’t Heard a Fresh Word From Yahweh in Long Time Except Maybe Yahoshua’s Earthly Father, Joseph Was there, and Had Told Them that His Wife Had Conceived by a Virgin Birth; and that the Christ Child Was On the Earth Above.  And Perhaps Ironically Enough, a Word From the Other Lazarus Who Was a Friend of Yahoshua; Who Had Died and Been Like a Secret Messenger Telling Them Just a Week or So Before Yahoshua Got there, that Yahoshua Was In Fact the Messiah, {that the Blind Were Made to See, the Lame Walk, the Dead Are Raised, etc. ~ (Matthew 11:3-5; Luke 7:19;22; John 5:36)}.

When Yahoshua Showed Up in Paradise and Begun to Preach, Faith Arose, (Romans 10:17).  That’s When Yahoshua Began to Do the Things that Gave Us the New Covenant, and Literally, “All Hell Broke Loose~!”; {Or At Least the Part that Was in “Paradise ~ The Bosom of Abraham”, also Known Hades or Sheol Broke Lose From Death and the Grave}.  Yahoshua Had Been Wrongly Taken to the Other Part of Hell, and this Is Where The Glory Raised Him from the Dead, (Romans 6:4), and When Yahoshua says in (Revelation 1:18), I Was Dead, and Behold, Now I Am Alive Forever and Ever~!  And I Hold The Keys of Death and of Hades”; This is When Yahoshua Got Those Keys~!  The Captives Were Captive No Longer and they Had a “Hell Break”, and Broke Out of “Hell”, Taking “Paradise” and “The Tree of Life” with Them, (Genesis 2:9; Revelation 2:7; 22:2;14), and as a Witness to Verify What I Am Saying, Came Up On the Earth and Walked Around and We Read About Them, {Called Saints ~ Noteworthy that “ALL”, that Came Up and Walked About Were Called Saints, Not Just the Leaders}, in Matthew 27:52-53, AFTER Yahoshua’s Resurrection, Making Yahoshua the FirstBorn of Many Brethren, Just As It Is Written in Romans 8:29.


Hell To Pay

 You May Think that When Yahoshua Died, He Just Laid Dead in the Tomb?  But that Can’t Possibly Be So.  For We Are a Spirit and We Never Die, (and Since Yahoshua Was the Firstborn of Those Raised From the Dead, We Are Like Him, and He Like Us, (1 John 3:2); So He is Also a Spirit).  We Leave Our Body and it Will Collapse Without Us in it, But We Don’t Die.  Why Do I Feel that it Is Vitally Important to Know that Yahoshua Went to Hell?

Well, if Yahoshua Did Not Go to Hell, then We Still Have to Go.  And it Was the Hatred and Envying of d—Evil One that Made Sure that Yahoshua Went to the Very Depths of the Lowest Part of Hell, and if d—Evil One Had Backed Off Just One Step, there Would Still Be Hell to Pay.  Wherefore He Said, When He Ascended Up On High, He Led Captivity Captive, and Gave Gifts Unto Men.  Now that He Ascended, What is it But that He Also Descended First into the Lower Parts of the Earth?  Ephesians 4:8-9.

Yahoshua Took Our Place in the Great Exchange.  But, it Was Necessary For Yahoshua to Do So, Because We Could Not Be Resurrected.  The Tale of the Prince and Pauper Existed Before Charles Dickens Was Even Born.

I Think it’s Also Important to Realize How Yahweh Got Things Done in the Earth, Since the Fall of Adam and that Yahweh Was Outlawed From Speaking into the Earth Directly, Lest He Became a Liar, and that Would undo ALL that He Was.  If You Knew the Miracles that it Took For Yahweh to Get the Word into The Earth, Like For an Example When Caiaphas Had a Word From Yahweh and Believed it in His Heart and Prophesied it, then it Became a Sure Word in the Earth and Would Occur, {John 11:49-52}.

This Word Prophesied that One Man Would Die For the Nation.  If this One Thing Had Not Been Accomplished, then ALL of Us Would Still Have to Go to Hell.  But, Little by Little Yahweh Got into Covenant with Man, Giving Yahweh Back Legal Right to Help Out Mankind and to Show Love.  Nothing Happened Without Being Acted by Love and then Believed by Faith, and then Being “Spoken” into the Earth.  This is Called Prophecy.


The Exchange Program

Leviticus 4:3 or Hebrews 5:1-5.  And Yahweh Had Already Placed into Effect that the Messiah Would Be the High Priest.  Isn’t It Ironic that the Last High Priest Offered the Now High Priest a Pardon or a Way Out.  Kind of Like the President of The United States Laying a Law of Pardon For the Next President.

As a Foundation to Realize What Yahoshua Did in Hell, and What Significance it Has to Us, You Probably Want to Learn Some Other Parts that I Was Not Taught Like Covenant, and the Great Exchange.  But, I’ll Cover that More in Detail Later on in Other Chapters.  For Now, Let Me Jump to the Conclusion and Say Since Yahoshua Did Die and Go to Hades, or Sheol or Hell as We Call it; and Since Yahoshua Became Sin, then We Became The Righteousness of God.  We Are Not Just Clothed with Yahweh’s Righteousness.  We Are the Righteousness of God.  It Was An Exchange~!

Yahoshua Took our Place, and We got ALL that Yahoshua has, Which Includes Freedom from Sin, or Righteousness.  Awake to Righteousness and Sin Not, 1 Corinthians 15:34.  What Else is So Hot About Righteousness?  Recall How In Psalm 97:3 Referenced Earlier that Evil Cannot Stand In Yahweh’s Presence.  Well, Look Up in the Previous Verse Where In Psalm 97:2 It Says that Righteousness and Justice Are the Foundation of Yahweh’s Throne.  We Are Now The Righteousness of Yahweh.   But, I’ll Cover that More in Detail Later on in Other Chapters.  For Now, Let Me Jump to the Conclusion and Say Since Yahoshua Did Die and go to Hades, {or Sheol or Hell as We Call it}; and Since Yahoshua Became Sin, then We Became The Righteousness of God.  We Are Not Just Clothed with Yahweh’s Righteousness.  We Are the Righteousness of God.  It Was an Exchange.

Yahoshua Took our Place, and We got ALL that Yahoshua Has, Which Includes Freedom from Sin, or Righteousness.


Romans 6:4

Therefore We Are Buried with Him by Baptism into Death: that Like as Christ Was Raised Up From the Dead by the Glory of the Father, Even So We Also Should Walk in Newness of Life.

We Are a New Creation.  Sickness And Disease Cannot Stand in the Presence of Righteousness.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if Anyone is In Christ, He is a New Creation; Old Things Have Passed Away; Behold, ALL Things Have Become New.

Romans 3:21-22

But Now The Righteousness of Yahweh Apart From the Law is Revealed, Being Witnessed by the Law and The Prophets, Even The Righteousness of Yahweh, Through Faith in Yahoshua, (The Messiah), to ALL and On ALL Who Believe.  For there is No Difference;

This Does Away with Our Trying to Earn Yahweh’s Favor.  This is Called, “Faith Righteousness.”  We Are Already Accepted in the Beloved, (Ephesians 1:6).  Once Realized, this Revelation Will Change Our Motives and Will Separate Our Good Works From Dead Works.  This Concept that We Are, “The Righteousness of Yahweh”, is  Also Called The, “Gospel of Peace,” (Ephesians 2:12-14), and is the Heart of the Message of the, “Grace”.  “Gospel”, Means, “Good News.”  When Religion Takes the Place of Covenant, then Hosea 4:6 is Fulfilled, and Another, “Gospel”, is Preached, (2 Corinthians 11:4; Galatians 1:6-7).


Hades, (Sheol)

Hades Was the Place Within the Confines of Hell Where the Souls of the Righteous Went Until the Cross, and Just For Information Purposes, Sheol (Old Testament) and Hades (New Testament) Are One and the Same.  In Hell, there Were Two Compartments, One For the Wicked and the Other For the Righteous, {Also Call “Saints”}, …One Compartment For Suffering and the Other Area For Comfort (Luke16:22, 23). The Negative Side of Hell was Referred to as Death or The Grave, (Which Now that You Can See the Nomenclature Used Makes Psalm 107:20 Have More Significance to us in a Modern Day~!  “He Sent Out His Word and Healed Them; He Rescued Them From The Grave”; [The Amplified Bible Classic Edition Says, “The Pit and Destruction”).

The Thief On the Cross Went to the Comfort Side, or Hades, or also Called Sheol or Hades or Abraham’s Bosom, but was also Known as Paradise, as Promised by Christ {Luke 23:43 ~ “Today You Shall Be with me In Paradise”}.  When we Go On Vacation to Hawaii or to the Bahamas' or the Caribbean, We Might Hear, “This is A Slice of Paradise”... However, Paradise when Yahoshua Died Was Quite Different than That and Was Certainly No Vacation, {or Holiday}~!

This is Where Christ Went Upon His Death, (See Acts 2:27, 31), and where the Saints were, Including Abraham, (Luke 16:20-25). There Yahoshua Ministered to His People and Led Captivity Captive (Ephesians 4:8-10), Releasing and Transporting Them into the Third Heaven of 2 Corinthians 12:2. That is Why Paradise is Referred to as, “Up”, (Revelation 2:7; 2 Corinthians 12:4), for they Were Down in the Bowels of the Earth.  So Presently, the Comfort Side of Hades, (Paradise), Has Been Emptied by Him Who Has the Keys of Death and Hades (Revelation 20:13).

Of Course, the Suffering Side of Hell Still Teems With the Wicked as the Unregenerate Continue to Die Day by Day and Are Added to its Population.  They Have Joined the Rich Man of Luke 16:23 and Will Not Come Out Again Until Judgment Day When they Will Meet Christ at their Trial and Be Transferred to the Final Penitentiary of Lost Souls, Gehenna, {The Lake of Fire ~ Like a Rubbish and Trash Dump that Is Constantly Burning}, (Revelation 20:13, 14).  Christ Describes Hades 11 Times in the New Testament:

Matthew 11:23; 16:18; Luke 10:15; 16:22;23; Acts 2:27;31; Revelation 1:18; 6:8; 20:13;14.

We Have Thought that When Yahweh Heals and Performs a Miracle, it is “A Marvel”, “A Mystery”, An Enigma, and When Someone Doesn’t Seem To Have Gotten Healed, that We Don’t Understand All The Ways of Yahweh, and It Appears that Yahweh is “A Mysterious”.  We Even Have Faithless Songs that Say, “But Even if He Doesn’t”, A Misconception Based on the Incorrect Reading of Daniel 3:15-18, {Click Here To Read The Right Interpretation}.  But as I Am Studying Each Time Yahoshua Was Involved in the Healing Process, I See that it is More Like an Electrician or a Surgeon or a Mechanic Using the Precise Tool that He Needs at Just the Right Time, and that A Word of Faith Can Be Understood, So that This Process Can Be Repeated~!




“If By One Man’s Offense Death Reigned, Much More Surely Shall Those Who Receive Yahweh’s Overflowing Grace and The Free Gift of Righteousness Reign as Kings In Life Through Yahoshua, (The Messiah) The Anointed One”, {Romans 5:17 ~ Amplified Bible Classic Edition}.


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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