Planted in the House of Yahweh

Psalm 92:12-14 ~

12 The [Uncompromisingly] Righteous Shall Flourish Like the Palm Tree [Be Long-lived, Stately, Upright, Useful, and Fruitful]; they Shall Grow Like a Cedar in Lebanon [Majestic, Stable, Durable, and Incorruptible].

13 They Are Planted in Yahweh’s House.  They Will Flourish in Our God’s Courts, (World English Bible).

14 They Shall Still Bear Fruit in Old Age; Then Shall Be Fresh and Flourishing.



You Only Bloom Where You Are Planted~!
(We Don’t Flourish Just Anywhere)

It’s Also a Concept Taken From Psalm 1:3, (and a Song ♪ ~ Just Like a Tree Planted by the Waters, I SHALL Not Be Moved ♪).

Psalm 1:3 ~ He Shall Be Like a Tree Planted by the Rivers of Water, that Brings Forth Its Fruit in Its Season, Whose Leaf Also Shall Not Wither; and Whatever He Does Shall Prosper.

See Also Jeremiah 17:7-8 ~

7 Blessed is the Man Who Trusts in Yahweh, and Whose Trust Yahweh Is.

8 For He Shall Be Like a Tree Planted by the Waters, Which Spreads Out Its Roots by the River, and Will Not Fear When Heat Comes; But Its Leaf Will Be Green, and Will Not Be Anxious in the Year of Drought, Nor Will Cease From Yielding Fruit.

9 The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, and Desperately Wicked; Who Can Know it?

And this Was Proven True with Isaac When God Told Him to Dwell in the Land Which I Will Tell You of.

You Can Read the Whole Story In Genesis 26:1-17, Where Isaac Never Left Gerar Even in the Midst of a Famine, and Increased a Hundredfold, and Didn’t Even Leave Gerar When the King Told Him to Depart From Him, {(Genesis 26:14, 16) ~ Because Yahweh Made Jacob So Wealthy that the King Was UnComfortable with Jacob Being Mightier than He Was as the TownsFolks Were Envious of Jacob}, or You Can Click On this Link Above or Below.

Genesis 26:1-17, (WEB)
1 ~ There Was a Famine in the Land, Besides the First Famine that Was in the Days of Abraham. Isaac Went to Abimelech King of the Philistines, to Gerar.
2 ~ Yahweh Appeared to Him, and Said, “Don’t Go Down into Egypt Dwell in the Land Which I Will Tell You of.
3 ~ Sojourn in this Land †, {that I Will Tell You of}, and I Will Be With You, and Will Bless You.  For to You, and to Your Seed, I Will Give ALL these Lands, and I Will Establish the Oath Which I Swore to Abraham Your Father.
4 ~ I Will Multiply Your Seed as the Stars of the Sky, And Will Give to Your Seed All these Lands.  In Your Seed Will All the Nations of the Earth Be Blessed,
5 ~ Because Abraham Obeyed My Voice, and Kept My Charge, My Commandments, My Statutes, and My Laws.”
6 ~ Isaac Lived in Gerar.
7 ~ The Men of the Place Asked Him About His Wife. He Said, “She is My Sister,” For He Was Afraid to Say, “My Wife,” Lest, He Thought, the Men of the Place Might Kill Me For Rebekah, Because She Was Beautiful to Look On.
8 ~ It Happened, When He Had Been there a Long Time, that Abimelech King of the Philistines Looked Out at a Window, and Saw, and, Behold, Isaac Was Caressing Rebekah, His Wife.
9 ~ Abimelech Called Isaac, and Said, “Behold, Surely She is Your Wife. Why Did You Say, ‘She is My Sister?’” Isaac Said to Him, “Because I Said, ‘Lest I Die Because of Her.’”
10 ~ Abimelech Said, “What is this You Have Done to Us?  One of the People Might Easily Have Lain with Your Wife, and You Would Have Brought Guilt On Us!”
11 ~ Abimelech Charged ALL the People, Saying, “He Who Touches this Man or His Wife Will Surely Be Put to Death.”
12 ~ Isaac Sowed in that Land, and Reaped in the Same Year One Hundred Times What He Planted. Yahweh Blessed Him.
13 ~ The Man Grew Great, and Grew More and More Until He Became Very Great.
14 ~ He Had Possessions of Flocks, Possessions of Herds, and a Great Household.  The Philistines Envied Him.
15 ~ Now All the Wells Which His Father’s Servants Had Dug in the Days of Abraham His Father, the Philistines Had Stopped, and Filled with Earth.
16 ~ Abimelech Said to Isaac, “Go From Us, For You Are Much Mightier than We.”
17 ~ Isaac Departed From there, Encamped In the Valley of Gerar, and Lived there.

23 And He Went Up From there to Beer-Sheba.

24 Yahweh Appeared to Him The Same Night, and Said, “I Am the God of Abraham Your Father. Don’t Be Afraid, For, “I Am With You and Will Bless You, and Multiply Your Seed For My Servant Abraham’s Sake.”

Interestingly, Isaac Hadn’t Heard From Yahweh All The While  Digging and Re-Digging Wells in the Wrong Land, but as Soon Jacob Got Back Into Israel, Yahweh Appeared to Him The Same Night.

If Isaac Had Left and Gone On to Egypt, Would He Have Been Blessed?  Isaac Was Blessed Because He Was Obedient to the Voice of Yahweh and Stayed Temporarily in the Land of Gerar.  In the Same Way, if Jacob, (Whose Name Was Later Changed to Israel), Had Left Laban, Despite the Fact that Laban Was a Cunning Taskmaster, Jacob Would Not Have Prospered.  How Much More So, God Wants Us to Stay with the Man or Woman that Yahweh Directs and For Us to Stay Where Yahweh Has Placed Us, Despite the Fact that We May Rub Each Other the Wrong Way.  Yahweh is Calling Us to Humble Ourselves.

The Lexham English Bible (LEB) Reads this Way For Genesis 26:3, “Dwell as an Alien in this Land.”  The NIV Reads, “Foreigner.”  Many Translations Read in the Future Tense Such, “Dwell in the Land Which I Shall Tell You of.”  God’s Word Translation Says, “Live Here in this Land For a While.”  Other Translations Say to, “Sojourn in this Land.”  So, Apparently a Few Translators See Gerar as Not Being the Final Place.  Gerar - Means ~ “Lodging-Place” — Just a Temporary Place to Lodge, (A Hotel Comes to My Mind; Something Temporary); {and Also Was a Philistine Town} Beersheba is In Israel, and the Largest City in the Negev Desert in Southern Israel.  Often Referred to as The, “Capital of the Negev,” it is the Seventh-Largest City In Israel.  To Put This In Perspective, think of Philistines and Israel as Rivals.

For Years, I too Thought that Jacob Stayed in Gerar, Because that Was the Land that Yahweh Told Him to Stay in.  Then One with the Gift of Teaching Showed Me On a Map that Gerar Was in Philistine, and that Beersheba Was in Israel.  Israel Was the Place that Yahweh Had Told Him, Not Gerar.  And I Had to Ask Myself, Which Lands Did Yahweh Mean When He Said, “I Will Give ALL these Lands”?  ...The Land of Israel, Of Course.

So, Because Isaac Did Not Go to Egypt He Prospered; But with the Local Philistine Folks Filling His Wells, {He Had to Re-Dig a New Well Four Times}, and the King Took His Wife.  I Wouldn’t Say that Was All a Bed of Roses, and The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It, (Proverbs 10:22); and there Was Excessive Sorrow.  However, it Wasn’t Until He Left the Philistine Town of Gerar and Went Inside the Land of Israel to Beersheba That Something Wonderful Happened, “Yahweh Appeared to Him The Same Night~!”  Jacob Had Been On the Journey, Sojourning with the Philistines, But Once He Got to Where Yahweh Had Told Him of, “Yahweh Appeared to Him the Same Night~!

Here’s What Walter Zemaitis Surmised. 

When God Puts You in a Place or Position He Will Give You the Grace to Keep You.  When You Strive and Put Yourself in a Place or Position that God Has Not Given You, You by the Arm of the Flesh Will Strive to Maintain that Position.  Because God Hasn’t Given You the Grace to Be in That Position You Will Have to Maintain That Position by the Flesh.  When You Maintain Things in Your Own Flesh or Carnal Thinking there is No Peace or Joy Because You Don’t Belong in that Position.  When Yahweh Puts You by His Grace there is Pease and Joy~!

In a NutShell, If You’re in Your Place then You’ll Find God’s Grace.  However, if Not then the You’ll Fall On Your Face, Big Disgrace~!  Anything You Start In The Flesh, You Will Have to Maintain In The Flesh~!

Also, in the New Testament ~ (Look at 1 Corinthians 12:18 ~ But Now God Has Set the Members, Each One of Them, in the Body, Just as He Desired).

Three Things From Nehemiah About Joining a Local Body of Christ.

If the Reason, You Have Not Joined a Local Church, is Because You’ve Been Hurt by Someone, Please Read This, (Click Here).

You Might Say, “Well, I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church Tonight.” ‘Feelings’ Are Not What We Walk by.  We Walk by ‘Faith’ Not by ‘Sight’, (1 Corinthians 5:7), and So then ‘Faith Comes’ by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of God, (Romans 10:17).  But, We Don’t Want to Be Hearers Only, But Doers of the Word.  So, if Yahweh’s Word Tells Us to ‘Forsake Not the Assembling of Ourselves’, {Hebrews 10:25}, Then Our Response Should Be, “We’re Going to Church, Whether We Feel Like it or Not.”  Not Just So that You Can Be Ministered to, But that You Need to Go to Minister to Others.

Hebrews 10:25 Also Says that the Justifiable Reason For Coming Together in an Assembly is to Encourage or Exhort One Another and Also Gain Encouragement or Exhortation, (That You May Not Know that You Needed).

Bottom Line: Find a Local Body of Builders that Have ‘Like Precious Faith’, and Start Going there On a Regular Basis.  Don’t Pick this Church Based On ‘Sight’, Like Do they Have a Good Children’s Program or a Softball Team, But Pray About it.  The Holy Ghost Will Show You Things to Come, (John 16:13), and Your Future, Your Destiny is Very Involved in Where and Who You Get Hooked Up with, (1 Corinthians 12:18 ~ But In Fact God Has Arranged, (or Placed) the Parts in the Body, Every One of Them, Just as He Wanted Them to Be.). 

Notice How Many Times John and Peter Were Together.  It Was No Accident that they Traveled Together to the Empty Tomb or When they Saw a Man at the Gate Beautiful, Peter and John Were Present When Peter’s Mother Was Healed, and Also On the Mount of Transfiguration and When Peter Walked On the Water, etc.

Interesting Thing I Saw in Joshua 1:7 ~ Only Be Strong and Very Courageous, that You May Observe to Do According to All the Law Which Moses My Servant Commanded You; Do Not Turn From it to the Right Hand or to the Left, that You May Prosper Wherever You Go.

We in America Have the Attitude that if We Hear From God, (Not From Man), then We’ll Do it.  But Here Yahweh is Talking, and He is Telling Joshua, (Yahoshua), to Observe to Do According to ALL the Law Which ‘Moses’ My Servant Commanded You.  Do What Moses Has Commanded You.

If Our Pastor is Telling Us to Do Something, then We Think that We Don’t Have to Honor that Word.  Wrong.  Also NoteWorthy is that Moses is Called, “My Servant,” But He Was a Leader, However, Not Before He Was Willing to Submit to Yahweh Would Others Submit to Him.


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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