Multiple Ways to Praise & Worship Yahweh,

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Psalm 111:1

Praise You Yahweh~! (Halleluyah~!).  I Will Praise and Give Thanks to Yahweh with My Whole Heart in the Council of the Upright and In The Congregation.

One of the Coolest Things is that no Matter Where You Go in the World, You’ll Find that the Word Hallelujah is Known.  Hallelujah, is Really
Praise Yah... (There Was no “J” in the Hebrews Language).

Psalm 113:1, 3
 “Praise Yah! Praise, You Servants of Yahweh, Praise Yahweh’s Name.”
“From the Rising of the Sun to the Going Down of the Same, Yahweh’s Name Is To Be Praised,”

(Some Translations Say, “Hallelujah”, {It Should Really Be Spelled “Halleluyah”. as There Was no “J” in the Hebrew Language}).

So, I Think it’s Supper Cool that no Matter Where You Go in the World, the Phrase, “Praise Yah”, Exists and is Well Known~!

Just as Yahweh Declared at Exodus 9:16 ~ But Indeed for this Cause I Have Made You Stand: to Show You My Power, and That My Name May Be Declared Throughout All the Earth~!

Worship Yahweh~!

If You’re in a Private Place, (*Not a Public Place Like a Library or at Work), If You Want to, Click On the Video Link Below
to Listen to Worship as You Read This

Bob Fitts - He is Lovely

I’ve Sat and Talked with Mike Atkins at the Georgia Men’s Advance More than One Time, “Such an Ordinary Guy with an ExtraOrdinary God.  This Guy is the Same Man that Tells the Story of a Man Called Norman.  This, “Adoration” Song is So Anointed, Listen to it and You’ll Know What I Mean.

Adoration by Mike Adkins

Worship Defined~!

Right From the Start Let’s Define Worship~!  Look Up Romans 12:1 in the King James Version and You’ll See this Below, “I BeSeech You Therefore, Brethren, by the Mercies of God, that You Present Your Bodies a Living Sacrifice, Holy, Acceptable Unto God, Which is Your Reasonable Service.”

Look Up Romans 12:1 in Other Translations, (Including the NIV, NLT, EST, NAS, God’s Word, BBE, NCV & the WeyMouth New Testament), and You’ll Find that the Word Service is Rendered as ‘Worship

Service or Worship, Which is it?  So I Looked Up the Word in the Greek and it is Strong’s Concordance # 2999.  And Guess What?  It Means, “Both  ~ ‘any Service or Ministration’ & ‘The Service and Worship of God’. 

I Read that Worship is Laying Prostrate Before Our God.  Real Worship of Our God is When We, “Lay Down Our Lives to Serve One Another”, then We Are Honoring His Word and Have Become Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only.

Pure and Genuine Religion in the Sight of God the Father Means Caring For Orphans and Widows in their Distress and Refusing to Let the World Corrupt You, (James 2:27).

For You Have Been Called to Live in Freedom, My Brothers and Sisters.  But Don’t Use Your Freedom to Satisfy Your Sinful Nature.  Instead, Use Your Freedom to Serve One Another in Love, (Galatians 5:13).

When We Present Your Bodies a Living Sacrifice, this Means More than Just Keeping it Holy.  It Means Getting Up in the Middle of the Night to Minister to the Needs of Others, (Romans 12:1).


Seven Ways To Praise

In the Original Language of Hebrew, We Find that there Are Multiple Ways to Exhibit Our Expression of Praise Towards the One True God, (referred to On this Web Site as ‘Yahweh’, Not Be Confused with Any Other God).  There Are Seven Words that Describe This Worship, and these Words Were ALL Translated into One Word ‘Praise’, Obliterating Some of the Meanings of the Original Words.

(Clicking On the Hebrew Words, or the Strong’s Concordance Number Below, Will Show the Definition From the Hebrew Lexicon, and Also Every Occurrence in Yahweh’s Word Where this Word Was Used).

There Are at Least Seven Ways From the Scriptures of Praising Yahweh.  Some Are Quietly Sitting Before Yahweh and Others Require that You Be On the Floor with Your Dancing Shoes On.  You Can See Where these Two Folks Would Suspect that the Other Person Either Has their Wood wet, or they Are too Loud and Boisterous.

  • Towdah, (Confession, Praise, Thanksgiving)

  • Yadah, (Lift Your Hands - Excitedly Like When a Team Wins - Yes~!)

  • Barak, or Barouch, (Bow Quietly in the Awesome Presence of Yahweh)

  • Shabach, (Shout’ til the Answer Comes About)

  • Zamar, (Yahweh in Song with Any Instrument)

  • Hallel or Halal, (Praise that Makes You Want to Dance)

  • Tehillah, (The Song of Yahweh)


The ‘Glory of Yahweh’ in Worship~!

I Feel From the Bottom of My Heart that if We Are Going to See the ‘Glory of Yahweh,’ it Will Be During Sincere Praise & Worship, and that to Me is the Highest Form of ‘Warfare’ and Also of ‘Worship’ Singing and Dancing Loud and Strong.  That Could Just Be My Flavor.  As, Another Brother Feels Just as Strong that the Highest Form of Worship is to Be Quiet Before Yahweh.

(Barak or Barouch).

This Has Caused Me Much Discomfort; None-the-less, this Brother’s Point of View Provoked Me to Pray and Find Out What Was Going On.  And this Web Page is the Result of that.  It is the Glory of Yahweh to Conceal a Thing: But the Honor of Kings is to Search Out a Matter, (Proverbs 25:2).   So, I Thank-You Brother For Motivating Me to Study a Thing Out. 

So, After Praying About it, One Saturday Night I Just Happened to Find On the TV, Carman, (noted Evangelist and Singer Leading Out in Worship in the Concerts).  Carman Said that He Noticed that Everywhere He Went, Folks Seem to Have their Own Kind of Worship, and No Matter What Else Went On, to Them it Wasn’t Worship Unless they Saw the One they Respond to.

Some Like Quiet Hymns, and Others Loud, and For Some it Wasn’t Until they ALL Got Dancing.  Whichever Way Each Group Worshipped, they ALL Believed Strongly that their Way of Worship Was the One True Way, the Ultimate Way to Worship Yahweh.  Well, What Carman Found Was that there Are Seven Forms of Worship.

(Carmen Has a Video Out Displaying The ‘7 Ways 2 Praise’, and it is On the R.I.O.T. CD ~ Righteous Invasion of Truth).  I Heard the Holy Ghost Telling Me While Carman Talked that this Was the Root of the Problem with Worshipping Yahweh.  I Began to Study Out What Carman Said, and I Included it Below.


A Word From Our Sponsor

And then My Wife Had a Word From Yahweh.  The Word Was Worth Reading, So I Am Including it Below.

“What is this Deal About Concern with Worshiping Me Correctly?  I Put Within Each Person the Desire to Worship and Every Person Will Do that Just a Little Different.  I Didn’t Make Each of You Different to Have You ALL Strive to Worship Me Exactly the Same.  I Want Variety.

For Some it Will Be Quiet and Others Extreme Loudness.  I Am a Complex Being and Each of You Has a Part of Me Within You.  Only You Can Minister to that Part of Me that is Connected to that Like Part in You.

If One of My Children is Not Worshiping Me in the Way I Made Him to Worship, then that Part of Me that Needs His Form of Worship is Not Being Ministered to.  There is a Time For Corporate Worship But You Will Be Surprised to Learn How there is Individuality Even Within that.

Let Yourself Search For Me and then Minister to Me What I Put Within You at that Moment.  As You Do this Over Time You Will Notice Similarities Within Your Own Worship.  That is the Part of You that is Like the Part of Me, and that is the Part You Are Responsible For Filling.”

In Fact, Verses Begin to Pop Up in My Head. 

“From Whom the Whole Body, Joined and Knit Together by What Every Joint Supplies, According to the Effective Working by Which Every Part Does its Share, Causes Growth of the Body For the edifying of Itself in Love, (Ephesians 4:16).


Personal Savior~!

I Believe that While Some Folks Clap On the 1st & the 3rd Beat, that Others Clap On the 2nd & the 4th Beat, and When We Come Together We Hit Every Beat.  My Thing is that Worship Should Be Personal Towards Yahweh.  Songs that Sing Directly to Yahweh.  You Know How it is When the Holy Ghost Comes Close to You, and You Feel His Love, and Goose Bumps Get ALL Over You.

Well, I Want to Give Yahweh ~ Goose Bumps, So I Think ALL Worship Music Directed Towards Yahweh Should Be 1st Person, Like ‘How Great Thou Art’, Except Maybe ‘How Great You Are’.  Make it Current and Make it Personal~!

Even the Song that Says, ‘For Yahweh, Our God is Holy’ Has it’s Place in Putting Us in Remembrance of Just How Powerful Yahweh Is, But if I Want to Minister More to Yahweh, then I Need to Talk to Him On a Personal Level by Using Abba, Daddy God, Yahweh, (Not ‘The Lord’).


The Following is a True Account and I Owe a Brother in Yahweh Much For Inadvertently Teaching Me.  This is Not Meant to Belittle this Brother Nor Myself, But to Help You Also Be Able to Deal with Differences that We Have in the Body of Christ.

This Brother Believes that the Highest Form of Worship is Standing Before Yahweh Not Saying a Word.  This is to Me, One Way of Worship, and When We Do this Every Almost Every Wednesday Night, Yahweh Talks, and Especially Talks to My Wife at This Time.  This to Me is Very Boring, But I Try to Keep Quiet For the Sake of Others.

This Brother is Often Heard to Ask Us, ‘Do You Feel that?’, or ‘The Holy Ghost is ALL Over this Place’.  And Meanwhile, I Am Thinking that the Holy Ghost Has Yet to Show Up.

Am I So Carnal that I Can’t Tell When the Holy Ghost Shows Up.  I Don’t Think So, For When We Are Worshipping at Full-tilt as We Did at a Another Church, Where I Worshipped with ALL My Heart, and Tears Were Flowing Down My Face, and I Could Feel Yahweh Strongly Both On the Inside and On the Out to the Point Where I Could Sit No Longer and My Arms Are Raised and I Am Singing in Harmony with Another Worshiper, this Brother is Sitting in His Chair Looking Bored.  I Have Sometimes Wondered Why Can’t He Feel Yahweh, ‘Is His Wood wet’?


You See When I Worship, Often Times People Around Me Get Quiet, and I Am Still Wanting to Worship at Full Throttle Making Up New Songs as I Go.  Here Below is What Yahweh Showed Me, Saying that as I Prophesy by Singing a New Song that Others Will Grow Quiet Around Me as the Secrets of their Hearts Are Being Revealed, But that I Was Not to Stop Worshipping Yahweh Just Because ALL Got Quiet.

  • But if ALL Prophesy, and there Come in One that Believeth Not, or One Unlearned, He is Convinced of ALL, He is Judged of ALL, (1 Corinthians 14:24).

  • And Thus The Secrets of His Heart Are Revealed; and So, Falling Down On His Face, He Will Worship Yahweh and Report that Yahweh is Truly Among You, (1 Corinthians 14:25).

  • How is it then, Brethren?  Whenever You Come Together, Each of You Has a psalm, Has a Teaching, Has a Tongue, Has a Revelation, Has an Interpretation.  Let ALL Things Be Done For edification, (1 Corinthians 14:26).

  • Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly in All Wisdom, Teaching and Admonishing One Another in Psalm and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Singing with Grace in Your Hearts To Yahweh, (Colossians 3:16).

That I May Publish H8085 with the voice H6963 of Thanksgiving, H8426 and Tell H5608 of ALL H3605 Your Wondrous Works. H6381, (Psalm 26:7)(KJV+)


1. Towdah, ( Strong’s #08426)


  • Praising Yahweh Despite the Circumstances

  • It is Praise that Pushes Through the Walls that May Be Built Because of Circumstances

  • It is Praise that is Lifted to Heaven In Our Time of Need Adoration/Thanksgiving by a Choir of Worshipers with Extended Hands (Psalm 100)

  • Confession, Praise, Thanksgiving ~ Give Praise to Yahweh

  • Thanksgiving in Songs of Liturgical Worship, Hymn of Praise

  • Thanksgiving Choir or Procession or Line or Company Thank-Offering

  • Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

  • Confession, (Use One’s Voice to Declare the Things that Be Not as Though they Were; Romans 4:17)

  • Angels Respond / Heed / Hearken to the Voice of His Word, and We Are the Ones that Utter that Word with Our Voices by Our Confession, (Psalm 103:20-21).

  • Prophetic, to Say with Your Mouth.


Psalm 26:7 That I May Publish with the Voice of Thanksgiving, and Tell of ALL Your Wondrous Works.
Psalm 42:4 When I Remember these Things, I Pour Out My Soul in Me: For I Had Gone with the Multitude, I Went with Them to the House of Yahweh, with the Voice of Joy and Praise, with a Multitude that Kept Holyday.
Psalm 50:14 Offer Unto Yahweh Thanksgiving; and Pay Your Vows Unto the Most High:
Psalm 50:23 Whoso Offers Praise Glorifies Me: and to Him that Orders His Conversation Aright Will I Show the Salvation of Yahweh.
Psalm 56:12 Your Vows Are Upon Me, O Yahweh: I Will Render Praises Unto You.
Psalm 69:30 I Will Praise The Name of Yahweh with a Song, and Will Magnify Him with Thanksgiving.
Psalm 95:2 Let Us Come Before His Presence with Thanksgiving, and Make a Joyful Noise Unto Him with Psalm.
Psalm 100:1 Make a Joyful Noise Unto Yahweh, ALL You Lands.
Psalm 100:4 Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving, and into His Courts with Praise: Be Thankful Unto Him, and Bless His Name.
Psalm 107:22 And Let Them Sacrifice the Sacrifices of Thanksgiving, and Declare His Works with Rejoicing.
Psalm 116:17 I Will Offer to You the Sacrifice of Thanksgiving, and Will Call Upon the Name of Yahweh.
Psalm 147:7 Sing Unto Yahweh with Thanksgiving; Sing Praise Upon the Harp Unto Our Yahweh:

Psalm 26:7; Psalm 42:4; Psalm 50:14; Psalm 50:23; Psalm 56:12; Psalm 69:30; Psalm 95:2; Psalm 100:1; Psalm 100:4; Psalm 107:22; Psalm 116:17; Psalm 147:7


Let My Prayer Be Set Before You Like Incense; the Lifting Up of My Hands Like the Evening Sacrifice, (Psalm 141:2)


2. Yadah, (Strong’s # 03034)


  • The Root ‘Yad’ Means Hands

  • an Outward Expression of What is On the Inside

  • Use, Hold Out the Hand, Throw a Stone, Revere or Worship with Extended Hands

  • It is to Lift Your Hands in Response to What Yahweh Has Done - It Also Means to Confess~!

  • Excitedly Like When a Team Wins - Yes~!

  • To Worship with Extended Hands, to Throw Out the Hands to Give Thanks to Yahweh

  • To Confess, Confess (The Name of Yahweh)

  • telling of the Mighty Works of Yahweh When We Lift Our Hands, (Psalm 67:5 ~ Click On this Link, then Right-Click On the Word ‘Praise’ and Open in a New Tab to See the Lexicon Definition)

  • a Choice, an Act of Your Will
    (See Psalm 111:1 ~ 2nd Word For Praise

  • The First Time ‘Praise’ Appears as ‘Judah’, (Genesis 29:35)

Common Ways that Might Express ‘Yadah’

  • Yahoshua On the Cross

  • ‘Pick Me Up’ as Expressed by a Small Child to their Father

  • ‘Receiving’ Position

  • Exaltation

  • International Sign of ‘Surrender’

Your Words Have Life, “Have You Ever Heard George On Seinfeld Say, “Yadah, Yadah, Yadah.”  Well, it Turns Out that the Hebrew Word, “Yadah” Means Among Other Things, “To Confess”, or More Specifically, “To Confess the Name of Yahweh.”

Yadah, (Strong’s Concordance # 3034)

Yadah is a Hebrew Verb with a Root Meaning, “The Extended Hand, to Throw Out the Hand”; Therefore, “To Worship with Extended Hand.”  Eventually it Also Came to Denote Songs of Praise ~ to Lift Up the Voice in Thanksgiving ~ To Tell Forth and Confess His Greatness. (e.g. Psalm 43:4).  2 Chronicles 20:19-20 is the Yadah Type of Praise.  The Antonym is to Bemoan by Wringing of the Hands.

Lifting Your Hands is Almost Always Equivalent to a Yadah, (Whether Literally or Figuratively), Especially When Listening to Music.  When You Yadah to Music You Are Worshiping the Image of the Creator/Source of the Music.

 2 Chronicles 20:19-20 {World English Bible ~ Amplified Bible Classic Edition}   


The Levites, of the Children of the Kohathites and of the Children of the Korahites, Stood Up to Praise Yahweh, the God of Israel, with an Exceeding Loud Voice.


They Rose Early in the Morning, and Went Forth into the Wilderness of Tekoa: and AS THEY WENT FORTH, Jehoshaphat Stood and Said, Hear Me, Judah, and You Inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in Yahweh Your God, So Shall You Be Established; Believe His Prophets, So Shall You Prosper.

Since You Have What You Say, (HWYS ~ Mark 11:23), Then Watch What You Say, Before You Throw Up Your Hands~!

The Ball Is In Your Court, So Be Careful Where You Toss it~!

To See More On the Power of the Tongue, and this Amazing Story Found in 2 Chronicles 20:14-22
If You Would Like to Know More About this Amazing Story Found in 2 Chronicles 20:14-22 Where Yahweh Fought the Battle While the Singers Just Praised Yaheh, (Click Here).

 Mark 11:23 (World English Bible & the New King James Version)


For Assuredly, “I Say to You”, Whoever Says to this Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea,’ and Does Not Doubt in His Heart, But Believes that Those Things He Says Will Be Done, He WILL Have Whatever He Says.

If You Would Like to Know More About
‘The Power of the “Spoken” Tongue’, (Click Here).
Oh Come, Let’s Worship And Bow Down.  Let’s Kneel Before Yahweh, Our Maker, (Psalm 95:6)

Barak or Barouch

3. Barak, or  (Barouch ~ Strong’s # 01288)

  • It Simply Means to Bow Quietly in the Awesome Presence of Yahweh

  • It is to Simply Be Overwhelmed Because You Can Hardly Believe that You Have Been Given Favor by Yahweh & His Holy Majesty

  • To Kneel, to Bless Yahweh, an Act of Adoration

  • The Most Prevalent Form of Worship in the Bible

God Has Gone Up with a Shout, Yahweh with the Sound of a Trumpet, (Psalm 47:5).


4. Shabach, (Strong’s # 07623 / 07624) / 07321)


  • This is a Shout

  • It is Praise that is Given Before the Answer Comes About

  • (memory Jog ~ a Shout ‘til the Answer Comes About ~ A ShaBout)

  • It is a Public Testimony that drowns Out the Noise (I Am ReMinded of a Sports When the One You’re routing For Scores)

  • To Address in a Loud Tone, Command or Glory (Psalm 145:4;  147:12)

Give Thanks to Yahweh with the Lyre.  Sing Praises to Him with the Harp of Ten Strings, (Psalm 33:2).


5. Zamar, (Strong’s # 02167)

  • This is to Praise Yahweh in Song with Any Instrument, (singing is Involved, and Not Instruments Only)

  • It is to Pluck the Strings of an Instrument to Praise with Song

  • to Play a Musical Instrument, to Celebrate in Song and Music, “Your Hands Are Also Instruments!

  • Through the Idea of Striking with the Fingers.

Praise Him with Tambourine and Dancing!  Praise Him with Stringed Instruments and Flute! ~ (Psalm 150:4)


6.  Hallel, (or Halal: Root of the Word ~  HalleluYAH’ ~ Strong’s # 01984),

Hallel” is Spelled, “Halal” in Hebrew, and Pronounced Haw-lel’ in English

But, I Kept it Spelled as Hallel, So that When You See the Word HalleluYah, You Would Instantly Recognize it as What it Is, “Hallel.

Later On, I’ll Probably Repent and Spell it, “Halal.” But, For Now, “Hallel”  (by the Way, There Never Was a ‘J’ in the Original Hebrew Languages, So this Really Should Be Spelled Just as it is Pronounced, ‘HalleluYah’.

The Hallel” Means ‘Praise’, and Take a Guess What ‘Yah’ Stands For.  It’s Short For Yahweh.  ‘Halleluyah Literally Means Praise Yah’~!, and the  ‘J  Just Obscures that the Name Yahweh is Mentioned in HalleluYah~!

For Example Psalm 113:1 in the King James Will Say ‘Praise the Lord’; However, in the Original Languages it is the Very Common Universal Phrase, Known the Same ALL Over the World as ‘Hallelujah’~!  I Think it’s Clever of Yahweh that He Has Kept this ‘Shout’ Always Pronounced Correctly with His Proper Name~!  We’d Sound Like 3 or 4 Years Olds if We Pronounced it Hallelu-JAH~!

Psalms 113-118 Are Known as the Hallel Psalms.  It is Really Shorting out the Real Meaning of Hallel to Just simply Translate it, “Praise”... If I Say Ronald Reagan Was a Good President... Well, (Pun Intended), that is a Type of Praise.  However, Hallel Means Exuberant Praise Like You do at a Football Game~!

We Might Hear the Phrase, “Praise the Lord.”  It Might sound Just Like a Remark that We Hear Like When Someone Sneezes and We Hear, “God Bless You,” or “How Are You?”, and We Reply Without Much Thought, “I’m Fine.”  But, in Actuality, the Original Wording from which We Get, “Praise the Lord,” Means “Hallel Yahweh,” or More Correctly in our Way of Talking, “to Whoop it Up Big Time for Yahweh~!” So, the Next Time You See Someone Really Dancing Down Front, and You’re Thinking that they Are Just Trying to Draw Attention to Themselves, Be Careful as You Are Trampling on What We Are Instructed to Do for Yahweh~!  Perhaps, the Real question You ought to Be Asking is When Was the last Time You Danced Before Yahweh?  Perhaps, Your style of Worship is More of the Barak, or Barouch, (Bow Quietly in the Awesome Presence of Yahweh), But Don’t Pigeon hole everyone Else into Your Flavor of worship.



  • It is to Praise, Laud, Boast of, Celebrate, to Be Clamorously Foolish

  • It is the Kind of Praise that Makes You Want to Dance...

You Know You Make Me Wanna (Shout!)
Kick My heels Up and (Shout!)
Throw My Hands Up and (Shout!)
Throw My Head Back and (Shout!)
Come on Now (Shout!)

We’ve Attributed this song to the Secular World, But Put Yahweh’s Name in When You Say, “You”, and See if You Don’t Get Chills singing it~!  This Was the Kind of Praise that Was meant to Be for Yahweh~!

I Will Praise You with the Harp For Your Faithfulness, O My God; I Will Sing Praise to You with the Lyre, O Holy One of Israel, (Psalm 71:22).

Let Them Praise, {Halel} His Name in Chorus and Choir and with the [single or Group] Dance; Let Them Sing Praises to Him with the Tambourine and Lyre! ~ (Psalm 149:3)

Then Will I Go to the Altar of God, to God, My Joy and My Delight.  I Will Praise You with the Harp, O God, My God, (Psalm 43:4).

Sing to Yahweh with Thanksgiving.  Sing Praises On the Harp To Our God, (Psalm 147:7).


Can You See that to, Hallel Means to Dance Around, Foolishly to Others, But Tender to the Heart of Yahweh.  #H2342 =, “To Twist or Twirl in a Circular Manner”, (Exodus 15:20; Judges 21:21; 1 Samuel 21:11; Psalm 149:3).
Well, Looking the Verses Below, You’ll See that We Are Supposed to Dance Around In the Midst of the Congregation, in the Assembly, or Praise, (Hallel) Him Among the Multitude.
Well, I Kindly Submit to You that You Cannot Dance at ALL While Staying Put in the Pew, or Row of Chairs.  You Might Can Shuffle, But You Can’t Twirl or Dance, or You’ll Knock Someone, or Something Over .
So, to Worship Yahweh in the Midst of the Congregation, (and in the Great Congregation), You’re Going to Have to Come Out From Your Pew, or Row of Chairs.  Anything Less is Not Your Best.
This Will Help You to See it 20-20.  I Like it Best When the Singers, (Praiser’s, Dancers Making a Joyful Noise Come to the Front as that Follows the Scriptural Teachings of 2 Chronicles 20:20-21).  (See This with 20-20 Vision & Note the Praisers Are Not Following But Leading Out in Spiritual Warfare):

I Will Sing a New Song to You, O God; On the Ten-Stringed Lyre I Will Make Music to You, (Psalm 144:9).


7. Tehillah, (Strong’s # 08416)


Other Praise Words

Other Instances that the Word ‘Praise’ Was Used in the Old Testament

    Hilluwl, (Strong’s # 01974)
Used Twice, as Rejoicing

    Mahalal, (Strong’s # 04110)
Used Once Referring to a Man’s Praise, Saying that When Someone Praises, it Will Bring Out Any impurities

What Praise Does

Praising Yahweh is the Answer to the Problem~!

Praising Yahweh is the Answer to the Problem~!  It Could Be Financial or Loss of Health, or Relational, or Demonic.  But as You Praise Yahweh, Angels Are Employed, and Yahweh Himself Comes On the Scene, (Psalm 97:3; Hebrews 10:27), and Nothing that is Not of Yahweh Can Stand in His Presence~!

One of the Best Ways that I Know of to Get Yahweh’s Presence is to Give Thanks.  By Now, You Know I’ve taught You Daily About Faith, and Faith is the Earnest Expectation of Things Hoped For, (Hebrews 11:1).  Well, Fear is the Earnest Expectation of Things Dreaded, (Job 3:25).  So, which scenario is Going to bring You the Results You Can Want.  “You Know I’ve had a few More Birthdays, and I Think My memory is Getting worse and worse,”  or, “Thanks Be to Yahweh that Brings to Our Remembrance All that Yahoshua has said Unto Us,” (John 14:26).  But On a Broader Scale, We Should Have an Earnest Expectation Because Even the Earth Longs For the Kingdom of Yahweh to Come, (Romans 8:21-24).

I Want to Say this Again, Just Like Abraham, We Are Blessed to Be a Blessing Everywhere We Go~! (Genesis 12:2-4; Genesis 13:14-17; Galatians 3:14; 2 Corinthians 2:14).  I Just Bought a New MotherBoard for $45 from eBay for a Computer that I am Building.  These MotherBoards Usually sell for Over a $118 Dollars.  However, in Haste After I purchased the MotherBoard I noticed this Was written on the Auction, “Ethernet port DOES NOT WORK!”  Yikes~!  That’s bad news.  Why Would I Want a MotherBoard that Can’t Connect to the Internet?  Now, I Have Some Choices.  I Can Say, "Why Does this Always Happen to Me"?  Or I Can Say, (which I Used to Say), "I'm More of an Audio Learner than a Text Reader and I tend to Miss stuff that is Written".  Or I Can Say What the Scriptures Say About Me...

1 Corinthians 15:57 ~
But Thanks Be to Yahweh, Who Gives Us the Victory Through Our Lord Yahoshua Ha Mashiach.

2 Corinthians 2:14 ~
But Thanks Be to Yahweh, Who Always Leads Us in Triumph in Christ, and Reveals Through Us The Sweet Aroma of His Knowledge In Every Place.

Isaiah 41:2 ~ “Whom Victory Meets at Every Step?

Psalm 46:1-2 ~
God is Our Refuge and Strength, A Very Present Help in Trouble.  Therefore Will We Not Be Afraid, Though the Earth Changes, Though the Mountains Are Shaken into the Heart of the Seas;

Psalm 46:1-2 ~ God is My Refuge and Strength, a Very Present Help in Trouble.  Therefore I Will Not Fear.

Well, I Chose to Say What Yahweh said About Me, and Within a Week or So, the Holy Ghost Spoke to My Heart that this MotherBoard Would Still Be Under Warranty, and So I called ASUS, and gave them the Serial Number and they gave Me an RMA.  I sent it Off this Morning and Will soon Have Another MotherBoard that is fully Operational~!  Yahweh is So Great~!  But, I played a Part in this also.  If I had believed the circumstances, I Would Not Be telling You this Testimony.

Perhaps One Day Just as We Are Praising Yahweh in the Midst Our Circumstances in an Assembly Concerning the Earth and Proclaiming that Yahweh is King Over ALL the Earth, that Yahweh Himself Will Show Up More So than He Has in the Past.  Then the Day of Yahweh Will Be Upon Us, and Yahweh’s Consuming Fire that Will Burn this Old Earth and Old Heavens, and Everything Carnal and Yahweh Will Cleanse the Earth Making it Pure Once More.  (2 Peter 3:7-13).

This Could Be that Day that We Finally Get to Go to Heaven.  I Give Praise and Thanks to You, O Yahweh, I Praise and Give Thanks; Your Wondrous Works Declare that Your Name is Near and as I Invoke Your Name, I Rehearse Your Wonders(Amplified Bible Classic Edition, Psalm 75:1).

And by the Way, I Repent of Believing that My Way of Worshipping Yahweh is the Best Way.  I Now Think that the Ultimate Form of Praise is Living Out Your Life Day-to-Day by Allowing the Holy Ghost to Have Control of Your Thoughts and Actions, (This is What I Would Consider a Reverential Fear of Yahweh).


  • Come, Let Us Sing For Joy To Yahweh; Let Us Shout Aloud to the Rock of Our Salvation.  Let Us Come Before Him with Thanksgiving and Extol Him with Music and Song.  (Psalm 95:1-2).

  • Sing to Yahweh a New Song; Sing to Yahweh ALL the Earth.  Sing to Yahweh, Praise His Name; Proclaim His Salvation Day After Day.  Declare His Glory Among the Nations, His Marvelous Deeds Among ALL Peoples.  (Psalm 96:1-3).

  • Sing to Yahweh a New Song, For He Has Done Marvelous Things; His Right Hand and His Holy Arm Have Worked Salvation For Him, “Shout For Joy to Yahweh, ALL the Earth, Burst into jubilant Song with Music; Make Music to Yahweh with the Harp, with the Harp and the Sound of Singing, with Trumpets and the Blast of the Ram’s Horn — Shout For Joy Before Yahweh, the King.  (Psalm 98:1, 4-6).

  • Shout For Joy to Yahweh, ALL the Earth.  Worship Yahweh with Gladness; Come Before Him with Joyful Songs.  (Psalm 100:1-2).

Corporate Worship

Worship is Not Just a Private Individual Affair, But Rather a Corporate Event!

Geese Fly South For the Winter in Flocks in Tandem as ALL of their Wings Go Up, and then Back Down at the Same Time Acquiring Better Aerodynamics Flying Together than they Could with Alone~!  This is an Example of the Invisible Things of Yahweh From the Creation of the World that Are Clearly Seen, Being Understood by the Things that Are Made, {as Mentioned in Romans 1:20, Echoing the Real Deal ~ Corporate Worship}.

You Can Especially See a Flock of Birds Flying Together Along the Beaches and Coasts~ (Here is What Yahweh Says About the Coastal Areas and Islands, (This Would Include Coasts On ALL Sides of an Island and Inlets as Well) ~ Sing to Yahweh a New Song, and His Praise From the End of the Earth~!  You Who Go Down to the Sea, and ALL that is in it, the Islands and Coastal Regions and the Inhabitants of Them [Sing a Song Such as Has Never Been Heard in the Heathen World]~!  Let Them Give Glory to Yahweh and Declare His Praise in the Islands and Coastal Regions, (Isaiah 42:10, 12).

2 Chronicles 20:21 When He Had Consulted with the People, He Appointed Singers to Sing to Yahweh and Praise Him in their Holy [Priestly] Garments as they Went Out Before the Army, Saying, Give Thanks to Yahweh, For His Mercy and Loving-Kindness Endure Forever!
Psalm 9:1 I WILL Praise You, O Yahweh, with My Whole Heart; I Will Show Forth {recount and Tell Aloud} ALL Your Marvelous Works and Wonderful Deeds!
Psalm 9:2 I Will Rejoice in You and Be in High Spirits; I Will Sing Praise to Your Name, O Most High!
Psalm 9:11 Sing Praises to Yahweh, Who Dwells in Zion~!  Declare Among the Peoples His Doings!
Psalm 22:22 I Will Declare Your Name to My Brethren; In The Midst of the Congregation Will I Praise You.
Psalm 22:25 My Praise Shall Be of You In The Great Congregation.  I Will Pay to Him My Vows [Made in the Time of Trouble] Before Them Who Fear (revere and Worship) Him.
Psalm 26:12 My Foot Stands On an Even Place; In The Congregations Will I Bless Yahweh.
Psalm 35:18 I Will Thank You In The Great Assembly, and I Will Praise You Among a Mighty People
Psalm 68:26 Bless You Elohim in the Congregations, Even Yahweh, From the Fountain of Israel
Psalm 89:7 Yahweh is Greatly to Be Feared in the Assembly of the Saints, and to Be Had in Reverence of ALL Them that Are About Him.
Psalm 109:30 I Will Greatly Praise Yahweh with My Mouth; yes, I Will Praise Him Among the Multitude.
Psalm 111:1 Praise You Yahweh! {Halleluyah!}.  I Will Praise and Give Thanks to Yahweh with My Whole Heart In The Council of the Upright and in the Congregation.
Luke 12:8 And I Tell You, Whoever Declares Openly [Speaking Out Freely] and Confesses that He is My Worshiper and Acknowledges Me Before Men, the Son of Man Also Will Declare and Confess and acknowledge Him Before the Angels of Yahweh.
Luke 12:9 But He Who Disowns and Denies and Rejects and Refuses to acknowledge Me Before Men Will Be Disowned and Denied and Rejected and Refused Acknowledgement in the Presence of the Angels of Yahweh.
  (See Also Matthew 10:32-33; Mark 8:38; Luke 12:8-9; Luke 9:26)

(2 Chronicles 20:21; Psalm 9:1-2,11; Psalm 22:22,25; Psalm 26:12; Psalm 35:18; Psalm 68:26;
Psalm 89:7; Psalm 109:30; Psalm 111:1; Luke 12:8-9; 1 Corinthians 14:25

  To Read More Click On these Links, (Praise, Battle is Yahweh’s)
Unity Makes a Symphony

Your Wondrous Works Declare that Your Name is Near and Then Who Invoke Your Name Rehearse Your Wonders, (Nehemiah 1:11 ~ Amplified Bible Classic Edition).

StarKist is Not Looking For Tuna that Has Great Taste, StarKist is Looking For Tuna that Taste Great~!  Similarly, I Heard the Holy Spirit Say One Time, ‘Ability I Can Give You, But Attitude of the Heart I Cannot Give You’.

Yahweh Spoke to Me About Corporate Worship and Told Me that Although as an Individual I Had Broken Down Severe Strongholds Through My Worship of Yahweh, But I Have Yet to Even Begin to Touch What the Power of Corporate Worship Will Do to the Enemy of Yahweh.

This Applies to Us ALL, as We Lay Down Our Individuality and Begin to Operate as a Flock of Birds Flying in One Formation.  For Example a Normal Mallard Duck Can Travel About 56 Miles Per Hour For Short bursts, But Ducks in Formation Can Reach Sustained Speeds of 71 mph For Long Periods of Time.

I Think the Appeal of the Numerous Musical Movies, (and most Have Been redone Sometimes More than Once), Such as, “Grease 1 & 2”, “High School Musical 1, 2 & 3”, & it's Offshoot, “American Mall”, “West Side Story”, “Bye Bye Birdie, (and it's remake)”, “Hairspray, (several Remakes)”, the Many “Beach Party Movies”, “Pitch Perfect 1, 2 & 3”, “Camp”, “Camp Rock 1 & 2”, “Fame”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Footloose, (3 Versions)”, “13 Going on 30”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Jail House Rock”, or most of Elvis Movies is that they Were All Doing the Same movements at the Same Time intimating, “Corporate Worship.”

Sometimes Alleluia


Sometimes Alleluia,
Sometimes Praise the Lord
Sometimes Gently Singing,
Our Hearts in One Accord

Oh Let Us Lift Our Voices,
Look Toward the Sky and Start to Sing
Oh Let Us Now Return His Love,
Just Let Our Voices Ring
Oh Let Us Feel His Presence,
Let the Sound of Praises Fill the Air
Oh Let Us Sing the Song of Jesus’ Love,
To People Everywhere.


Oh Let Our Joy Be Unconfined,
Let Us Sing with Freedom Unrestrained
Let’s Take this Feeling that We’re Feeling Now,
Outside these Walls and Let it Rain.
Oh Let the Spirit overflow,
As We Are Filled From Head to toe.
We Love You Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
And We Want this World to Know.


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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