Laughing Yahoshua

The Joy of Yahweh is Our Strength


Nehemiah 8:10
Then He Said to Them, “Go Your Way, Eat the Fat, Drink the Sweet, and Send Portions to Those For Whom Nothing is Prepared; For this Day is Holy to Our Lord.  Do Not Sorrow, For The Joy Of Yahweh is Your Strength.”

To Get Yahweh’s Glory ~ You Must Have Joy and to Have Joy You Must Have Love
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  The Joy of Yahweh is Our Strength, (and this Comes By Love).  Don’t Read this Like it is a Statement Describing Bricks on a Building, (The Joy of Yahweh is Our Strength).  Read it Like You Are Describing a Particular Kind of Mortar Between the Bricks that Allows a Little Swaying and Enables the Building to Not Topple During an Earthquake.  Or Read it backwards Like a Question.  What Makes this Building So Strong?  Well, The Mortar in this Building is Gallina Poly-Carbonate that is Not as Rigid as Common Mortar.  Now, Read this Backwards Wording that I Put Together.  What is the Secret to Your Strength?  (The Joy of Yahweh).

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Staying in Love Is Connected to Keeping Your Joy

Mark 4:16-17, “Immediately, Some Spring Up with Joy...” “...And they Have No Real Root in Themselves, and So they Endure For a Little While; then When Trouble or Persecution Arises On Account of the Word, they Immediately Are Offended, (Become Displeased, Indignant, Resentful), and they Stumble and Fall Away,” Compare that to “Being Rooted and Grounded in Love{Ephesians 3:17)

If You Take Offense, and Become Offended, then Your Joy Can Be Robbed, and You Are Ineffective~!

To Have the Glory, You Must Have Joy.  And to Have, and Keep the Joy, then You Cannot Be Offended.  And to Be unOffendable, You Have to Have Faith, and Faith Works by Love, (Galatians 5:6).  You Can’t Have Joy or The Glory if You Do Not Walk in Love~!


The Greater One in Me

Praise Releases Our Faith and it is by Faith that We Are Saved or Spared, Through Grace, (Ephesians 2:8).  Here’s an Example. I Have a Friend that Has Neighbors and I Heard Him Say that His Neighbors Really Don’t Like Him.  He Repeats His Agony Often and Tells How His Neighbors Loathe Him and Hate Him.

However, I Heard the Holy Ghost Say to Expound Upon this and How that He is Praising the Works of d—Evil One Rather than Praising Yahweh.  Praise is Not Just Something We Do When We Are Gathered Together in an Assembly.

According to the Book, “Destined For the Throne” by Paul E. Billheimer, Praise is the Highest Form of Prayer Because it Combines Petition with Faith.  Praise is the ‘Spark Plug’ of Faith.   It is the One Thing Needed to Get Faith Airborne, Enabling it to Soar Above the Deadly Miasma of Doubt.

Praise is the Detergent Which Purifies Faith and Purges Doubt From the Heart.  The Secret of Answered Prayer is Faith Without Doubt (Mark 11:23).  And The Secret of Faith Without Doubt, is Praise, Triumphant Praise, Continuous Praise, Praise that is a Way of Life.  This is the Solution to the Problem of a Living Faith and Successful Prayer.

In My Interpretation of What Paul Billheimer is Saying in a NutShell, is that, “Prayer is the Ultimate Weapon, and the Ultimate Form of Prayer is Praise~!”  The Praise Goes Ahead of the Army, (2 Chronicles 20:21).  Click For More On Praise.

Confession ~ Have What You Say ~ {HWYS}

Confess Means to Say the Same Thing as Yahweh Says Whether “Spoken” or What He Has Already Outlined in His Word,
(Strong’s Concordance #3670).
Mark 11:23 shows the Importance of Watching What You Are Saying,
(This is Called Confessing, or Confession).

Count the Word, “Say” or, “Tell” and Count the Word, “Heart.”

For Most Certainly I Tell You, Whoever Says This Mountain, ‘Be Taken Up and Cast into the Sea,’ and Doesn’t Doubt in their Heart, But Believes that What They Say is Happening; they Shall Have Whatever they Say, {Mark 11:23}.

Notice there Are Three, “Say’s” and Only One, “Heart,” So The, “Saying” is Going to Be Three Times as Important as What is Coming From Your, “Heart.  The Heart is Very Important, You Can’t Just Say it and Expect it.  It Has to Come Out of Your Heart, (Romans 10:9-10), But That’s Not Where We Miss it Most.  It’s Our Mouths that Keep Turning the Tide Against Us.  (Click Here to Read More).

So, Praise is Confessing What Yahweh Has Said, But More than Just Repeating The Word of Yahweh.  It Is Believing What Was Said and Saying with it Joy and Thanksgiving, Hebrews 4:2, (For Indeed We Have Had Good News Preached to Us, Even as Also they, But the Word of Hearing Did Not Profit Them, Because it Was Not Mixed with Faith by Those Who Heard).  So, What Has Yahweh Said to this Man About His Neighbors.  The Scriptures Tell Us, “When a Man’s Ways Please Yahweh, He Makes Even His Enemies to Be at Peace with Him, {Proverbs 16:7}.

Is this Man Saying the Same Thing as What Yahweh Has Said?  So, From Now On if He Wants Change, He Should Never Confess or Say that His Neighbors Loathe Him, or Hate Him.  In Fact, We Should Treat Those Words Like ‘Cuss’ Words.  Instead He Should Confess, “I Please Yahweh and Yahweh Makes Even My Enemies to Be at Peace with Me.”


Faith Really Works

This is Probably Not What You Wanted to Hear.  Until We Learn that Faith Really Works, We’d Honestly Rather Have Someone Feel Sorry For Us and Put their Arm Around Us, and Let Us Have a Good Cry On their Shoulder.  However, David Had to Encourage Himself in Yahweh at Ziklag.  This is the Opposite of Calling Eight People and Telling Them Your Woes and Hoping that they Will Agree with You that You’ve Had it Rough.  King David Had Some Rough Spots in His Life as Well and Yet He Encouraged Himself in Yahweh.

David Was Greatly Distressed; For the People Spoke of Stoning Him, Because the Soul of ALL the People Was Grieved, Every Man For His Sons and For His Daughters: But David Strengthened, (Encouraged), Himself in Yahweh His God, (1 Samuel 30:6).


Kick Start

Oftentimes We too Have to Kick Start Our Prayer Life in the Same Exact Way with a Good Dose of Believing Yahweh’s Word, (Note that David Didn’t Just Adopt, “The Cup is Half Full” Positive Mentality.  He Had to Encourage Himself In Yahweh, And What Yahweh Had Previously Said About Him.

Such as When the Prophet Samuel Had Appointed David as King and Said that He, (David) Would One Day Be King, (1 Samuel 16:1-13), But at the Time David Was Going From Cave to Cave Running From Saul, While at the Same Time Foraging For Food and Sleeping in Clammy Wet Cave Floors in the Same Clothes Day After Day, and Now Someone Has Stolen His Family).


Every Good Thing Which is in You In

Can You See David Out there Early in the Morning Away From the Others Saying, “I Will Get My Family Back For
Yahweh Is With Me Just as He Was With Me When I Faced Goliath,” (1 Samuel 17:36-37, 45-46), {by the Way, David Did Get His Family Back}.  We Have to as Philemon 1:6 Says and Acknowledge the Good Stuff that is Inside of Us that Helps Us to Overcome the World, (Yeah, That’s Right Even Our Faith ~ 1 John 5:4).  Click Here to See Scriptures that Show, I Am With You”
or, “Yahweh Is With You,” or, “God Was with Him”

Philemon 1:6 ~ That The Communication of Your Faith May Become Effectual by the Acknowledging of Every Good Thing Which is in You in Yahoshua Ha Mashiach.

Once Upon a Time, I Went and Got My Lawn Mower and Cut My Neighbor’s Grass.  I Heard a Voice Inside Saying, “Don’t Cut their Lawn as You’re Going Throw a Rock Through their Window.”  Ugh~!  That Would Cost Me Time, Money and an Apology.  That Doesn’t Sound Like a Blessing to Me, (“The Blessing of Yahweh-it Makes [Truly] Rich, and He Adds No Sorrow with it [Neither Does Toiling Increase it]” ~  Proverbs 1:22).

Now, Suppose that I Decided to Take that Negative Thought and Say Out Loud What the Negative Thought I had Heard About Busting a Window.  This Would Be the Opposite of What Yahoshua Said to Do in Matthew 6:31, Where He Said, “To Take No Thought, Saying

So, I Checked Inside to See if this Was a Warning From Yahweh, (I Tested the Spirit by Saying, “Spirit that Said Unto me ‘Don’t Cut Their Lawn as You’re Going Throw a Rock Through Their Window’, Has Yahoshua Come In The Flesh?” ~ 1 John 4:1-2).  Guess What,  it Wasn’t Yahweh~!

I Could Have Just Let it Ride.  However, Yahweh Told Us to Take Every Thought Captive, (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).  It Doesn’t Take But About a Second to Say, “No, That’s Not Right For ‘Yahweh, Before Whom I Walk, Will Send His Angel with Me, and Prosper My Way’, (Genesis 24:40; Hebrews 1:14).  Boom, Thought Captured ~ No Windows Busted~!  {To See More About that You Have What You Say, Please Click Here}.


That Your Joy Might Be Full~!

I Like to Play the Card Game Hearts on the Computer. Sometimes I am Trying Get All the Cards and thus Give the three Opponents 26 Points Each, (This is bad for them as the object of the Game is to Get Zero Points).

Occasionally, I Just Have a lot of One Particular Suite and I Play that Suite Drawing Out the Hearts, and it is Nice to See that for Example When I Play a Diamond, that no One Else has any Diamonds, and I Still Have Four Diamonds. That Means that for Sure, that I am Going to Win these Next Four Hands if I Play Diamonds. Sometimes, All I Have Left Are Four Cards and they All Happen to Be Diamonds, Even Including the Two of Diamonds. This Means that I am Going to Win this Hand.

I Can Rejoice Because I Know that I've Already Won~!  Sometimes I Count the Cards in a Suite and Can Make this Determination that Way as Well. Either Way, it's a Joy To Know that I Have Already Won~!

This is the Way it is with Faith. I Can Know Already that I'm Healed or that I'm Out of Debt Because I Read in the Word.  “For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Though He Was Rich, Yet for Your Sakes He Became Poor, that You Through His Poverty Might Become Rich” ~ (2 Corinthians 8:9). We've Already Won~!  We Are Out of Debt, (If We're Rich, the We Are Out of Debt~!).  Money, Finances and Resources Are Already on Their Way~!

“Until Now You Have Asked for Nothing in My Name. Ask and You Will Receive, So that Your Joy May Be Full, {and Complete},” (John 16:24).  You Can't Be Full of Joy, {JoyFul}, Unless Your Joy is Full~!


Faith Foundation 101

How Would You Praise if You Were Lifted Above the Situation, (Like in a Hot Air Balloon); and You Could See that the Following Scripture is True?  Romans 8:28 ~ And “We Know that All Things Work Together for Good to Them that Love God, to Them Who are The Called According to His Purpose”.  You Have to Ask Yourself, “Is this Verse True?”

If Romans 8:28 is True in Your Mind, Proceed to the Next Paragraph, otherwise Go Back and Re-Read Romans 8:28 and Ask Yourself if this is True, (if You’re Saying, “But it’s Different for Me”, or “You Don’t Know My Situation”, then Read 1 Corinthians 10:13, Where We Are Told that Nothing But that Which is Common to Man Occurs to Us.

You’ve Not Been Singled Out to Undergo Some Stress Test that No One Else But You Can Endure Like You’re the Right Stuff Astronauts Are Made of, (That’s Pride), “No Temptation Has Overtaken You Except Such as is Common to Man; But God is Faithful, Who Will Not Allow You to Be Tempted Beyond What You Are Able, But with the Temptation Will Also Make the Way of Escape, that You May Be Able to Bear it.”
For You Know The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Though He Was Rich, Yet for Your Sakes He Became Poor, that You Through His Poverty Might Become Rich”,
(2 Corinthians 8:9).   We’ve Already Won~!


Believing the Word Produces Results~!

Begging Doesn’t Work.  Feeling Sorry For Yourself Won’t Work.  Crying Also Can’t Work.  Only the Word Like Romans 4:17 Will Work.  Pray as if 1 Corinthians 15:57; 2 Corinthians 2:14; and Isaiah 41:2, (Whom Victory Meets at Every Step ~ Amplified Bible Classic Edition), Are Also True, (which they Are).

Romans 4:17; Romans 8:28; 1 Corinthians 15:57; 2 Corinthians 2:14; Isaiah 41:2; Philemon 1:6, (WEB)

Romans 4:17 ~ As it is Written, “I Have Made You a Father of Many Nations.”  This is Before Him Whom He Believed, God, Who Gives Life to the Dead, and Calls the Things that Are Not, as Though they Were.

Romans 8:28 ~ We Know that ALL Things Work Together For Good For Those Who Love God, to Those Who Are Called According to His Purpose.


Victory Meets Us~!

1 Corinthians 15:57 ~ But Thanks Be to God, Who Gives Us the Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 2:14 ~ But Thanks Be to God, Who Always Leads Us in Triumph in Christ, and Reveals Through Us the Sweet Aroma of His Knowledge in Every Place.

Isaiah 41:2 ~ Who Has Roused Up One [Cyrus] From the East, Whom He Calls in Righteousness to His Service and Whom Victory Meets at Every Step?  Yahweh Subdues Nations Before Him and Makes Him Ruler Over Kings.  He Turns Them to Dust With the Sword [of Cyrus], and to Driven Straw and Chaff With His Bow.


The Faith Of the Son Of God~!

Galatians 2:20 ~ I Am Crucified with Christ: Nevertheless I Live; Yet Not I, But Christ Lives in Me: and the Life Which I Now Live in the Flesh I Live by the Faith of the Son of God, Who Loved Me, and Gave Himself For Me.

We Live by the Faith of the Son of God.  And it’s Not Even Our Faith~!  Bottom Line Meaning: We Don’t Have to Work Up Our Faith ~ We’ve Got the Faith of Yahoshua.  Like Yahoshua Believed and then Passed On, So this Faith Cannot Fail~!

Philemon 1:6 ~ That the Communication of Your Faith May Become Effectual by The Acknowledging of Every Good Thing Which is in You in Christ Jesus, (hey, The Faith of the Son of God is in Me And 1 John 5:4 Says that I OverCome by this Faith that is Me.


Praise is Different than Worship~!

Praise’ is a Different than ‘Worship’.  Worship is Laying Down Your Life For the Service of Yahweh, {Surprised?  In Romans 12:1, Compare J. P. Green’s Literal Translation or the King James Version Where the Word, “Service” Was Used with Other Translations Such as the Revised English Standard Version or the Amplified Where the Word, “Worship” is Used, or Look Up the Greek Word, (Strong’s Concordance # 2999)}

Studying the Word is Only Half of the Equation, {I Find No Proof in Yahweh’s Word that, “Study is the Highest Form of Worship.” Remember it is The, “Traditions of Men” that Make the Word of God of NO Effect, (Useless, a Moot Point, Making Void), (Matthew 15:6, 9; Mark 7:9, 13)}.


Mediate On the Word of Yahweh

Of Course, We Must Study to Show Ourselves Approved, a Workman that Needs Not to Be Ashamed, (2 Timothy 2:15).  But, That’s Being a Listener.  We Are Instructed Not to Be Hearers Only, But to Be Doers of the Word, (James 1:22).  As In Philemon 1:6 There Needs to Be Some Application to Be a Doer of the Word.  Some Acknowledgment of Faith, or Confession Done with Our Mouths Out Loud~!

Confess, {Strong’s Number 3670 as in Romans 10:9-10) Means, “To Say the Same Thing as,” (or Maybe We Would Understand this Better if We Use the Word Profess, {Strong’s Number 3670 as in Titus 1:6}, Professed, {Strong’s Number 3670 as in 1 Timothy 6:12}, Profession or Professing, ie Like When Someone is Baptized and the Preacher Says, “Based On Your ‘Profession of Faith’, I Baptize You Such-n-Such”).


The Sacrifice of Praise

So, When We Begin to Say the Same Thing as What Yahweh Has Said, Despite the Outward Circumstances, then We Are Entering into Praise, (In Fact; This is the Sacrifice of Praise ~ The Fruit of Our Lips Giving Thanks to His Name, Hebrews 13:15 ~ By Him Therefore Let Us Offer the Sacrifice of Praise to God Continually, That Is, The Fruit of Our Lips Giving Thanks to His Name.).

I Start My Prayers with the Word of Yahweh Right in Front of Me Oftentimes, Even Stopping to Find a Certain Scripture, {and if I Had Not Studied, I Would Not Even Know that a Particular Piece of My Arsenal, (The Word of Yahweh ~ Hebrews 4:12), Was in Yahweh’s Word}, and then I Return that Word Back to Yahweh with My Voice Lifted Up in High Praise For the Thing Being Accomplished, (Isaiah 55:11-13).


Yahweh Cannot Lie~!
{Click Here For Proof}

Not as a, “Begging” or Even An, “Accusation” to Yahweh, Demanding that Yahweh Do What He Said that He’d Do, (When it Appears that Yahweh Has Not Done What He Said that He Was Going to Do); But as a Praise, “The Sacrifice of Praise, the Fruit of Our Lips Giving Thanks”

Confess Means to, “To Say the Same Thing as”; and What Yahweh Has Said About the Circumstance, and Declaring it to Be So, Just Like Romans 4:17 Says~ “Calls the Things that Are Not, as Though they Were” and Watching in Awe and Wonder as they Unfold and Your Prayers Are Answered~!

F. F. Bosworth, (Author of, “Christ The Healer”), Said, “Faith Begins Where the Will of God is Known.”

Another Famous Preacher Said, “You Must Know the Word of Yahweh in Order to Believe What the Word Says.  The Word of Yahweh Contains the Power Within Itself to Cause What it Says to Come to Pass.  If You Believe Yahweh’s Word, and Use it as Yahweh Intended For You to Use it, then the Word Will Begin to Work in Your Life~!  You Must Act On the Word.  Faith is an Act~!  The Best Way to Act On the Word is to Speak it~!”


Hold Fast Your Confession of Faith

For Example, You’re Going On a Trip and You See in the Word at Psalm 121:5-8, That Yahweh Will Keep You and that Yahweh Will Keep (Preserve) Your Going Out and Your Coming in From this Time Forth, and Even Forevermore.  So, Based On the Word of Yahweh, Declare OutLoud with Boldness to any Spirits Listening, that You and Your Family or Company Will Return Back Safe and Sound.

That You if You’re Driving, You Will Not Get into Any Accidents, Nor Have Mechanical Problems or Mishaps, or Speeding Tickets.  If You Say This, and then Follow Up with Some Remarks of UnBelief, {Like, “You Just Never Know,” or, “I Hope So,” then You’re Not Holding Fast to Your Profession of Faith, and Expect Your Doubt and UnBelief to Manifest Itself, (Maybe, You’ll Just Run Out of Gas)}.

If You’ve Gone to ‘Feelings’ and Feeling Sorry For Yourself, and that You Deserve Something, Can You See that This is the Total Opposite of Giving Thanks & Praising Yahweh For ALL the Things that Are Going Right in Your Life.  Get Back On the Word that Yahweh Says About You.

Here’s What We Ought to Be Saying. I, Even I, Am He Who Blots Out Your Transgressions For My Own Sake; and I Will Not Remember Your Sins. Put Me in Remembrance; Let Us Plead Together: Set You Forth [Your Cause], That You May Be Justified, (Isaiah 43:25-26).

Confession of the Day—I, Having Received Abundance of Grace and the Gift of Righteousness Do Reign as a King in Life by Jesus Christ.  (Romans 5:17).


Never Stop Believing Yahweh’s Word~!

Probably the Greatest Reason that Some Prayers Go Unanswered is Because Many Give Up Praying and Believing Before they Receive their Answer.  As Long as We Have the Promise of Yahweh’s Word, Be Patient and Persistent - Keep Believing, and Don’t Quit, No Matter How Long it Takes~!

Say, “The Greater One in Me Will Put Me Over in Life.  He is Greater than Sickness and Disease. Yahweh is Greater than Poverty or Lack, and Greater than Broken Heartedness,” (Isaiah 61:1-3; Luke 4:18-19), “Yahweh Always Causes Me to Triumph in Christ Jesus”). {Yahoshua Ha Mashiach}.


Yahoshua is Full Of Joy
In Your Presence is Fullness of Joy~!

(Psalm 16:11)


Yahoshua Was a Pretty Normal Happy Guy

Looking Away [from ALL that Will Distract] to Yahoshua, Who is the Leader and the Source of Our Faith [Giving the First Incentive For Our Belief] and is Also its Finisher [Bringing it to Maturity and Perfection].  He, For the Joy [of Obtaining the Prize] that Was Set Before Him, Endured the Cross, Despising and Ignoring the Shame, and is Now Seated at the Right Hand of the Throne of Yahweh. Hebrews 12:2


Understanding People Books

  When We Don’t Walk in Love, the Reverse of this is Strife and We Walk in Strife, We Stop ‘The Joy of Yahweh’, (which is Our Strength), and We ‘Frustrate’, (To Nullify, to Make Void or Invalid, to ‘Short Circuit’), ‘The Grace of Yahweh’, and a ‘Root of Bitterness’ Springs Forth and Many Are Defiled, (Nehemiah 8:10; Galatians 2:21; Hebrews 12:15).

Strife Never Just Ends with Someone Getting the Best of the Other Person.  When Someone Feels that they Are Hurt, (Real or Perceived), they Feel that they Have to Hurt Back; But, Since the Pain is Still there; they Want to Cause Harm One Step More, (If You Can Relate, You Might Want to Click Here to Buy, “Hurt People, Hurt People” by Sandra D. Wilson).



Understanding Rejection

  Click Here to Purchase Charles R. Solomon’s, “The Handbook to Happiness” or, “The Rejection Syndrome” or, “Handbook to Acceptance”.

Click Here For a Book Review of, “The Rejection Syndrome

Strife Always Escalates Unless One of the Parties or Both Walk in Love.

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14

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