Wealth & Prosperity

Abram Was Very Rich in Cattle, in Silver, and in Gold, (Genesis 13:2).

13 Christ Has Redeemed Us From the Curse of the Law, Having Become a Curse For Us (for it is Written, “Cursed is Everyone Who Hangs On a Tree”), 14 That the Blessing of Abraham Might Come Upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that We Might Receive the Promise of the Spirit Through Faith, (Galatians 3:13-14).

3 As His Divine Power Has Given to Us All Things Pertaining to Life and Godliness Through the Full Knowledge of the One Calling Us Through Glory and Virtue, 4 By Which Means He Has Given to Us the Very Great and Precious Promises, So that Through these You Might Be Partakers of the Divine Nature, Escaping From the Corruption in the World by Lust, {2 Peter 1:3-4, (LITV)}

3 Blessed Be the God and Father of Our Lord Yahoshua, *†{Jesus}, Christ, *† {Ha Mashiach}, Who Has Blessed Us with Every Spiritual Blessing in the Heavenly Places in Christ, {Ephesians 1:3},

All My Needs, {and Wants, (Psalm 23:1)}, Are Met in Christ Jesus, (Philippians 4:19).

Beloved, I Pray that You May Prosper in ALL Things and Be Healthy, Even As Your Soul Prospers, (3 John 2:1).

For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Yahoshua, {Jesus}, Ha‘Mashiach, {Christ}, That, Though He was Rich, Yet For Your Sakes He Became Poor, that You Through His Poverty Might Be Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).

But You Shall Remember Yahweh Your God, For it is He Who Gives You Power to Get Wealth; that He May Establish His Covenant Which He Swore to Your Fathers, as it is Today, (Deuteronomy 8:18).

Yahweh is My Shepherd: I Shall Lack Nothing, (Psalm 23:1).

The Young Lions Do Lack, and Suffer Hunger, But Those Who Seek Yahweh Shall Not Lack any Good Thing, (Psalm 34:10).

And My God Will Meet All Your Needs According to the Riches of His Glory in Christ Jesus, (Philippians 4:19).



For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Yahoshua, {Jesus}, Ha‘Mashiach, {Christ}, that, Though He Was Rich, Yet For Your Sakes He Became Poor, that You Through His Poverty Might Be Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).



When You ‘Say’ the Same Thing Yahweh Says About You, {For [then] He Shall Deliver You}”

{Rehearse the Curse and It’ll Bring the Hearse}

Psalm 91:2 ~ I Will Say of Yahweh, He is My Refuge and My Fortress,
My God; On Him I Lean and Rely, and in Him I [Confidently] Trust~!

Psalm 91:3 ~
For [then] He Will Deliver You From the Snare of the Fowler and From the Deadly Pestilence.


When You, “Say” the Same Thing Yahweh Is Saying About You, (For [then] He Shall Deliver You).

I Researched The, “For [then] He Will Deliver You” Because Some Scripture Translations Say, “Surely,” and Also Because The, “Then”, is in Brackets.

What Was Found Out is that this Hebrew Word, [kı̂y, (kee {Pronounced ki^y}) ~ Strong’s Concordance #H3588}, is a Little, “if-ee,” and I’ll Explain What I Mean:

Strong’s Says, that it Is, “Indicating Causal Relations of All Kinds, Antecedent or Consequent; (by Implication).”  The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, (BDB), Defines this Word as, “That, For, Because, When, as Though, as, Because that.

The Complete Word Study Bible by Spiros Zodhiates Has the Following Definition, (Abbreviated):

kiy:, “A Demonstrative Particle Meaning ‘Because, For, that, When, Whenever; Indeed, Even; if; Even When, Even Though’.  It is Used in Various Ways and Must Be Translated Accordingly.  In Every Case, the Context in Which the Word Functions Will Be the Key to Translating Correctly.  Here is a Listing of the Major Ways it is Used: as a Conjunction Meaning Because, (Genesis 3:14); For, (Psalm 6:2, 5); that, (Genesis 1:10; 1 Kings 21:15); as a Conjunctive Time or Condition Indicator, When or if, (Genesis 4:12); In a Clause of Condition, it Means if, In Fact, or in Case, (Job 7:13)”

I Think that the Translators Didn’t Want to Say Under Any Circumstances that Yahweh Would Not Do Something, So they Just Put in Surely, “Surely, He Will Deliver You.”  Surely He Will, Won’t He? 


Yahweh, Your Word IS Settled in Heaven Forever”

It’s a Sure Promise, {on Yahweh’s Part}

However, “Surely” is Not a Great Translation of the Hebrew Word.  It Means that if We Do Something, then Surely He Will Deliver Us.  Like if We Turn On a Light Switch, Surely The Light Will Come On.  But, Yahweh Has a More Sure Word of Promise than the Man Made Lights and Electricity.  Yahweh, Your Word is Settled in Heaven Forever.  The Word of Promise in the Covenant Made in Heaven is Sure to ALL the Seed; Everyone of the Promises is Yea and Amen in Christ, and as Stable as the Heavens, (Psalm 119:89).

Or if We Turn On a Water Faucet then Water Will Come Out.  Or if We Jump Out of Airplane, then Surely We Will Fall.  When You Pull the Rip Cord, Surely the Parachute Will Open.  The Deliverance is a More Sure Thing Based On a ‘Causal Relationship’.  Suppose there’s a Fire in a Apartment Complex and a 7 or 8 Year Old Child is On the 2nd Story Looking Out a Window with Smoke Billowing Out Behind, and I Shout to Them, “Jump”, and I Will Surely Catch You.  Is My, “Surely,” a, “Sure Thing”?  It Is, as I Would Never Let Them Drop, and I’ll Do My Best to Catch Them and So Would You.  My Eye Would Be Glued to their Every Move So I Can React in an Instance in Case they Jump~!

However, My Catching Them is Consequential to their Jumping.  If they Don’t Jump, I Am Still Just as Sure that I Will Catch Them, But there Will Be Nothing to Catch.  So, What is the Catalyst that Causes Yahweh to Deliver Us.  Is it Our Words~!  In Psalm 91:2, This Passage Just Got Through Saying, “I Will SAY of Yahweh,” and then Immediately Psalm 91:3 Reads, “For [then] He Will Deliver You.”  There is Something that We Must Do, and I’m Not Adding to the Finished Work that Yahoshua, (Jesus), Did On the Cross.  His Part is Done.  However, it’s Our Part to Believe, and then to Speak it, (Mark 11:23), To Say”, is When We, “Jump”, Out in Faith Trusting Yahweh to Catch and Deliver Us, For Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaks, (Matthew 12:34-36).  This Isn’t Works, This Is Faith~!  Click Here to See More How Faith Works.

I Actually Did this to 9 Year Old Boys in a Sunday School Class. I Prayed Asked our Father How Could I Show Them What It’s Like to Trust the Lord and to Let Yahoshua Be their Lord, and the Holy Ghost told me to Put them on a Table and ask For a Volunteer and Asked If He Thought I’d Catch Him if I BlindFolded Him.  So, that’s what I Did and One Amazing Young Fellow Said, “Yes Sir”, and then I Put Him on a Folding Table and BlindFolded Him and He Jumped~!  He Jumped Like He Was Sitting Down Legs Straight Hip Folded, Arms on His Chest ~ Ready to Be Caught, {We Call it the Preacher’s Seat in Diving}.  It Impressed me~!  It Was the Way that I Would Have Jumped When I Was Nine Years Old, (If a Man Had Said He’d Catch Me and I Would Believe It, and it Would be the Way He Should Catch me).

But, Still I Didn’t Expect So Much Faith and Trust.  I Thought No One Would Jump.  And it made it Easier to Catch Him, which I Did. Wow~!  I Didn’t Need to Ask Anyone Else to Jump.  By This Time They All Wanted to Jump and the Rest Jumped Vertically and I Would Catch Them Under Their Arms.  I Told the Class that in the Same Way, that is How You Ask Yahoshua, (Jesus) to be Your Lord.  And Later On, I Repented that I Didn’t Go Ahead and Ask them if they Wanted Ask Yahoshua to be their Lord, but I Felt Like at the Time that it Would Be Manipulation and I Didn’t Want to Play on their Emotions After What they Witnessed.  However, Our Loving Father is Gracious and had an Opportunity Where He Came Down Front During an Alter Call and Got Saved Less than One and a Half Months Later, and so did Four Others in that Class and I Always Thought That Played a Part in Their Salvation~!


Joel 3:10 Says to, “Let the Weak SAY,” “I Am Strong~!” Anytime You Find Yourself, ‘Talking the Problem’, then You’re Going in the Wrong Direction, (How Are We Going to“?????).  Start Talking the Answer, {the Word of Yahweh}.

Here’s Our Part, “I Will SAY of Yahweh

Calling Those Things That Be Not as Though they Were,” (Romans 4:17)

{“I Will SAY of Yahweh”}

It is Not Saying that I Am Going Be Healed, But, “I Am Healed,” When You Are Hurting and in Pain.  It is Saying, “I Am Rich and Out of Debt”, When it Appears that You Don’t Even Have Two Nickels to Rub Together, (2 Corinthians 8:9).  It is Saying When Another Woman Catches Your Eye, “My Wife’s Bosom Satisfies Me at ALL Times, and I Am Enthroned by HER Love,” (Proverbs 5:19).  It is Saying that My House is Paid For When You See a 30 Year Mortgage Looming at You, (Psalm 118:25).  Yahoshua Told Peter to Go Get a Coin Out of a Fish’s Mouth to Pay Taxes, (Matthew 17:27).  So it’s Not Your Part to Wonder, ‘How it’s Going to Get Done’, (Whether it’s Sickness, or a Lack of Money ~ It Works the Same Way).  It’s Your Part to Believe in Your Heart and then Confess with Your Mouth, (That’s How You Got Saved ~ Romans 10:9-10}.  The Israelite Folks Didn’t Haven’t to Wander in the Wilderness; However, they Didn’t Mix Faith with the Word that they Heard, (Hebrews 4:2).

I Listened to, “Money, Money Cometh,” From Stan Pody Over and Over and Over and Over and Over Until I Got it in My Heart, (The Lyrics Are Supported by the Scriptures at Deuteronomy 8:18; Psalm 118:25).  Right-Click On “Money, Money Cometh” and Select Save Target As.  I Implore You to Listen to it Also to Establish Your Heart, (for Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks).

Click On the Arrow On the Control Below to Hear Music~!

Dance that Money In~!  I Am Not Joking~!  I Seriously Believe that the Opposite of Faith is NOT Fear, But Walking by Sight.  The Opposite of FEAR is JOY, and You Can Do More in the Spirit by Dancing and Getting into Joy as You Dance~!  So, in Order to Help You, and this is What I Did.  I Would Dance In My Home In Private to Stan Pody’s, “Money, Money ComethAbout 12-14 Times a Day Until I Could See Myself as, “My House is Paid For....Within a Two Week Period of Me Getting Serious with Dancing, Some People Sold Some Timber On their Property and Gave Us the Money, and Boom ~ The Balance On Our House Was Paid For~!


“All The Tithe of the Land, Whether of the Seed of the Land or of the Fruit of the Trees, is Yahweh’s”

{“The Captain of the Avenging Armies”}

I Felt Like Yahweh Wanted Me to Tell the Whole Story, So that You Don’t Think that I’m Someone Special and that this Can’t Happen to You.  First of I Believe in Tithing.  Do You Have to Tithe?  I Can See No Other Way.  Leviticus 27:30 Says that, “All the Tithe of the Land, Whether of the Seed of the Land or of the Fruit of the Trees, is Yahweh’s.  It is Holy to Yahweh.”

Some Try to Argue that Tithing Was Under the Old Testament.  If that Were So, then Why in the New Testament When Yahoshua Was Doing Some Corrections, Did He Not Only Not Correct that But Reinforced Tithing, “Woe to You, Scribes and PhariSees, Hypocrites~!  For You Tithe Mint, Dill, and Cumin, and Have Left Undone the Weightier Matters of the Law: Justice, Mercy, and Faith. But You Ought to Have Done these, and Not to Have Left the Other Undone, (Matthew 23:23; Luke 11:42).  Perhaps this Was Written to Them Before the Cross, and they Would Have Been Under the Law.

There Are Other Verses and Opinions and Arguments Both For and Against Tithing.  But, Just to Prove a Point, I’m Just Going to Take the Side that You Don’t Have to Tithe.  I Don’t Want You to Feel that Must Tithe and if You Don’t then Yahweh Will Be Mad at You or Cause Bad Things to Happen to You.  However, We Have a Bad Devil, a Very Evil Presence that Will Kick You Even When You Are Down.


“We Overcome By the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony”

(Revelation 12:11)

I Started Tithing When I Was in the Navy, and Church Would End Too Late to For the Chow Hall, So On Sunday’s I Had to Eat Out.  The Day that I Started Tithing, I Had to Make a Choice to Either Eat Lunch or Go Without and Tithe.  I Chose to Honor Yahweh’s Word and Thought that I Would Just Have to Go Hungry, (I Was 18, and I Could Eat, I Needed a Bumper Sticker that Would Read, “Honk if You Have Groceries,” So Missing a Meal For Me Was a Big Deal).  And then Someone Invited Me Out For Lunch and Paid For it Right After Church that Day at Pizza Hut.  Awesome~! 

I Have Two Miraculous Stories to Share with You About Yahweh Providing For Us Supernaturally and if You’ll Click Here, You Can Read About Them.


“Devourer Rebuked”

Malachi 3:9-10

But it Was Because I Was a Tither and Standing On Malachi 3:10-11Or the Time, Later On When the Stock Market Tried to Rob Me of $17,500 in One Day Because of the Hung Elections Between George W. Bush and Al Gore, and that Money Was a Loan, {if Either Man Had Been Decided the Victor Promptly, I Would Have Made Money}.  I Refused to Say I Lost it, Because Malachi 3:11 Said,

11 “And, “I Will Rebuke the Devourer For Your Sakes, So that He Will Not Destroy the Fruit of Your Ground, Nor Shall the Vine Fail to Bear Fruit For You in the Field, ” Says Yahweh, (of Hosts);” (AMPC). 

Nor Shall the Vine Fail to Bear Fruit For You in the Field...  That to Me this Was Was Stock Options that Did Not Produce Fruit But Fell to the Ground as Stock Options Turn to a Zero Value Beyond their Expiration Date.

Forty-Five Days Later Someone Miraculously Paid Off that Loan.  I Have More Testimonies.  Lots More.  If I Tithe and I Have a Bill, then Guess What?  Then Yahweh Has a Bill, (and All My Needs Are Met According to the Riches of His Glory ~ (Philippians 4:19); So He Can Afford it ~!  But, if I Don’t Tithe, then I Alone Am Responsible For that Bill~!  Ugh.  That is Why I Said that I Don’t Believe I Can Afford Not to Tithe.  Yahweh Wants Us to Put Him To the Test Him and Says in Malachi 3:10, “Prove Me Now in this Situation,” Bring All the Tithes into the Storehouse, that there May Be Food in My House, and Try Me Now in This,” Says Yahweh, (of Hosts), “If I Will Not Open For You the Windows of Heaven and Pour Out For You Such Blessing that there Will Not Be Room Enough to Receive it.”


“Bring All the Tithes into the Storehouse”

Malachi 3:9-11

What if I Want to Tithe, What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?  Looking at it Purely From a Self-Centered Point of View.  Malachi 3:9-10 Says that there Are Specific Benefits to Tithing, and this Involves Yahweh in Every Financial Part of My Life.

9 “You Are Cursed with a Curse, For You Have Robbed Me, Even this Whole Nation.
10 Bring All the Tithes into the Storehouse, that there May Be Food in My House, and Try Me Now in This, ” Says Yahweh, (of Hosts), “if I Will Not Open For You the Windows of Heaven and Pour Out For You Such Blessing that there Will Not Be Room Enough to Receive it.
11 “And I Will Rebuke the Devourer For Your Sakes, So that He Will Not Destroy the Fruit of Your Ground, Nor Shall the Vine Fail to Bear Fruit For You in the Field, ” Says Yahweh, (of Hosts);

Yahweh, (of Hosts) Means the Captain of the Avenging Armies, (Click Here to See More).  If Somebody Has Done Wrong To Us Believers, Who Are We Going To Call?  If I Buy Stocks and the Stock Markets Crashes... I Just Can Stand Firm On the Word that Yahweh Will Rebuke the Devourer, So that He Will Not Destroy the Fruit of Your Ground, Nor Shall the Vine Fail to Bear Fruit For You in the Field.

So, For Me That’s Enough to Want to Tithe.  Tithing Involves Yahweh in All My Bills~!  You’ll Be Facing d—Evil One All by Your Lonesome if You’re Not Tithing.  Yahweh Loves You, But Legally, Man Has Dominion Over All the Earth.  But, Yahweh Wants to Bless You, So He Devised a Plan Whereby He Gets to Be a Part of Our Lives, So that He Can Stop d—Evil One’s Plans For Us.  What Does Yahweh Do with Your Tithe?  He Spends it Back On You~! 

Malachi 3:10 Matches ~ there May Be Food in My House, (Storehouse, {H0214} ~ Armory [Magazine Holding Area For Weapons], Treasury).


“Bring All the Tithes into the Storehouse”

Malachi 3:9-10

I Looked Up Just What Constitutes a Storehouse...

Store ~ OT:H0214
A Masculine Noun Meaning Treasure or Storehouse. Various Items Were Stored Up, Such as Supplies, (Nehemiah 12:44), or Treasures of a Palace or Temple, (1 Kings 7:51; Jeremiah 15:13). Yahweh Also Has Treasures in the Heavens, (Deuteronomy 28:12), and in the Winds, (Jeremiah 10:13).  The Word Refers to Storehouses Themselves, (Nehemiah 13:12-13).  (From The Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament Copyright © 2003 by AMG Publishers. All Rights Reserved).

  1. OT:H0214

  2. A Treasure, a Storehouse

  3. Treasure (Gold, Silver, etc.)

  4. Store, Supplies of Food or Drink

  5. Treasure-House, Treasury

    1. Treasure-House

    2. Storehouse, Magazine

    3. Treasury

    4. Magazine of Weapons (Figuratively, Used of Yahweh’s Armoury)

    5. Storehouses; (Used by Yahweh For Rain, Snow, Hail, Wind, Sea),

    6. (from the Online Bible Thayer’s Greek Lexicon and Brown Driver & Briggs Hebrew Lexicon, Copyright © 1993, Woodside Bible Fellowship, Ontario, Canada. Licensed From the Institute For Creation Research.)

(Eighty Times in the OT According to KB3 p. 23), Most Often in 1 Chronicles, (Thirteen Times), and 2 Chronicles, (Eight Times).  It is Unnecessary to Accept the Frequent Emendation, (as in RSV and JB), in Zechariah 11:13, of, “Cast it into the Treasury,” For, “Cast I to the Potter,” in the Celebrated Passage About Thirty Pieces of Silver (See Torrey in Bibliography).  {See Also (Luke 21:1; Mark 12:41)}.

House ~ OT:(H1004)
Sometimes it Means Palace or Dynasty When Employed in the Hebrew Phrase, “House of the King”, (Genesis 12:15; 1 Kings 4:6; Jeremiah 39:8). When the Old Testament Speaks of the House of Yahweh, it Obviously Refers to the Temple or Tabernacle, (Exodus 23:19; Daniel 1:2).  The Word is Also Found in Place Names: Bethel, Meaning, “House of God”, (Genesis 12:8); Beth-Shemesh, Meaning, “House of the Sun,” (Joshua 15:10); and Bethlehem, Meaning, “House of Bread”, (Genesis 35:19). (from the Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament Copyright © 2003 by AMG Publishers. All Rights Reserved.).


“Bring ALL the Tithes into the Storehouse”

Malachi 3:9-10

OT: H0214 ~ (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, [TWOT], Number: 154a) ~ Treasure, Treasury, Storehouse.  There Are at Least Nine Words in Biblical Hebrew For, “Treasure” of Which this is One.  It is Used in Either a Literal Sense, Referring to the Treasure in the King’s House or in the Temple or One’s Individual Acquisitions, and Secondly in a Cosmic Sense, the Source of Yahweh’s Possessions and Blessing. Specifically there Are Ten References to, “Treasures/treasury of the King’s House,” {e.g., (1 Kings 14:26)}, and Nine References to, “Treasures Treasury of the Temple of Yahweh,” {e.g., (1 Kings 7:51)}.

Many of these References Are in a Military Context. A Defeated Nation Was Obliged to Give Up Her Treasures to the Victor. Both Asa, (1 Kings 15:18); and Joash, (2 Kings 12:19), Gave to the Arameans Benhadad and Hazael Treasures From Both the Temple and the Royal Treasury.  Nebuchadnezzar Helped Himself to Both, (2 Kings 24:13); as Did the Egyptian Pharaoh, Shishak, Much Earlier, (1 Kings 14:26).

At the Individual Level, Treasure is to Be Happily Accepted and Used, Not Abused, (Proverbs 8:21) But if it Becomes an End in Itself the Consequences Are Dire, (Proverbs 10:2; Proverbs 15:16; Proverbs 21:6,20).  There Are Several References to Divine Storehouses, e.g., (Psalm 33:7; Psalm 135:7; Job 38:22).  Yahweh’s Treasure House is in the Heavens, (Deuteronomy 28:12).  In Jeremiah 50:25, Reference is Made to Yahweh’s, “Armory.”  Bibliography: Torrey, C. C, “The Foundry at Jerusalem,” JBL 55: 247-60. Wolf, C. U, “Treasure, Treasurer, Treasury,” in IDB, IV, pp. 693-94.  (from Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. Copyright © 1980 by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission).

Deuteronomy 14:28-29 ~ 28 At the End of Every Three Years You Must Bring All the Tithe of Your Produce, in that Very Year, and You Must Store it Up in Your Villages. 29 Then the Levites (Because they Have No Allotment or Inheritance with You), The Resident Foreigners, The Orphans, and the Widows of Your Villages May Come and Eat their Fill So that Yahweh Your God May Bless You in All the Work You Do, (Sounds Exactly Like ,” Luke 6:38).  The Purpose of the Tithe as Outlined Here is Pretty Clearly to Take Care of the Levites, (those Devoted to the Ministry, the Foreigners, the Orphans, and The Widows, So that All May Have Food).  This is Repeated at Deuteronomy 26:12.


“10% is Just the Starting Point”

Malachi 3:9-10

Now, Can You See From the New Testament, that You Tithe Because You Want to, Not Because You Have to.  I Wouldn’t Go Any Other Way than to Tithe, (and to Have Offerings).  (“Tithe”, H6237) Means a Tenth or Ten Percent.  The Tithe is 10% and Can Never Get Larger, (Deuteronomy 14:22), But I Can Increase My Sowing into Yahweh’s Kingdom by My Offerings, by Giving to the Poor and Even to the Unbelieving and I’ll Show You that as We Go Along.

If You Really Want to Fight the Word On Tithing, I Might Go Along with You.  However, in the Old Testament, We Were Told Not to Commit Adultery, in the New Testament, it Goes Beyond Taking Another Man’s Wife and Says Anyone Who Stares at a Woman with Lust For Her Has Already Committed Adultery with Her in His Heart, (Matthew 5:28).  In the Old Testament, We Were Told Not to Murder.  In the New Testament, it Goes Beyond that and Says Whosoever Hates His Brother is a Murderer, (1 John 3:15).

So, in Regards to the Tithe, the New Testament Way of “Generous Grace Giving” is the New Testament Standard, Which Seems to Capture the Heartbeat of Both Deuteronomy 14:28-29 and Malachi 3:10.  Yahweh is Generous and Wants Us to Be Generous Also.  So 10% is Just the Starting Point, See the Part About R. G. LeTourneau Giving to Yahweh 90% of His Income at the Bottom of this Web Page, or Read About George Mueller, (Also Spelled George Müller), and How He Was Giving 86% On His Income to Yahweh.  Yahweh Loves a Cheerful Giver, But He Doesn’t Want You to Give Because of Compulsion.

7 Let Each One [Give] as He Has Made Up His Own Mind and Purposed in His Heart, Not Reluctantly or Sorrowfully or Under Compulsion, For Yahweh Loves (He Takes Pleasure In, Prizes Above Other Things, and is Unwilling to Abandon Or To Do Without) A Cheerful (Joyous, “Prompt to Do It”) Giver [Whose Heart Is in His Giving]. (2 Corinthians 9:7).

But, if You Want More Detailed Information, I Recommend this Web Site,
(https://bible.org/seriespage/lesson-4-why-you-Should-not-tithe-selected-scriptures) by Steven J. Cole.


“Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh and His Righteousness, and All these Things Shall Be Added to Me”

Matthew 6:33

But, Wait, there’s More.

Okay, Same Thing in the New Testament, Look at Matthew 6:33 Tells Me that if I Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh and His Righteousness, and All these Things Shall Be Added to Me.  Now, Hold that Thought and Take a Look at Haggai 1:2-9 Says ;

2 “Thus Speaks Yahweh of Hosts, Saying: ‘This People Says, “The Time Has Not Come, the Time that Yahweh’s House Should Be Built.”’”
3 Then the Word of Yahweh Came by Haggai the Prophet, Saying,
4Is it Time For You Yourselves to Dwell in Your Paneled Houses, and This Temple to Lie in Ruins?
5 Now Therefore, Thus Says Yahweh of Hosts:, “Consider Your Ways~!
6You Have Sown Much, and Bring in Little; You Eat, But Do Not Have Enough; You Drink, But You Are Not Filled with Drink; You Clothe Yourselves, But No One is Warm; and He Who Earns Wages, Earns Wages to Put into a Bag with Holes.”
7 Thus Says Yahweh of Hosts:, “Consider Your Ways~!
8 Go Up to the Mountains and Bring Wood and Build The Temple, that I May Take Pleasure In It and Be Glorified,” Says Yahweh.
9 “You Looked For Much, But Indeed it Came to Little; and When You Brought it Home, I Blew it Away. Why?” Says Yahweh of Hosts, “Because of My House that is in Ruins, While Every One of You Runs to His Own House.”


“Build Yahweh’s Kingdom First”

Proverbs 24:27

Yahweh Was Saying, You Have Nice Houses First, But My House Has Not Even Started to Be Built.  Yahweh Was Saying Exactly the Same Thing as Matthew 6:33.  The People Were Sowing, But Reaping Was Not Automatic.  They Repented and Started Building Yahweh’s Temple First Before Building their Homes and You Can Read in the Next Chapter in Haggai 2:1-23 That Yahweh Blessed Them Because they Put Yahweh First.  This Story is Repeated When Elijah Told the Widow Woman to First Go Prepare a Cake For Him, and then She Had Flour and Oil Miraculously, (1 Kings 17:9-16).

Did You Notice How Wealthy Job Ended Up Being, or Abraham, or King David or His Son Solomon.  Let’s Look at Just Solomon, He Was the Wealthiest Person Ever and Still Holds this Honor.  Yet, the Queen of Sheba Felt Led to Bring Him More Wealth and Not Only Her But the Ships of Hiram Brought Timber and the Best Gold, (1 Kings 10:10-11).  Why Did they Want to Bring Solomon More Wealth, When He Was So Exceedingly Wealthy?  It Was Supernatural.  Like When All Those Fish Were Commanded to Get into Peter’s Net, and So Much Fish that it Broke His Net, (Luke 5:6)~!  It Was Because of the Promise that Yahweh Made to Solomon that He Would Be Wealthy.  Why Was that Promise Made?  Because the FIRST Act of Solomon in His Reign Was to Build a House For Yahweh.  He Was Putting the Kingdom of Yahweh First, and then He Built His House, (Proverbs 24:27). 

So, I Say All that to Say This.  Yahweh Told Me to Go to Work at Wal-Mart.  I Used to Work at Boeing, Making the Big Bucks, and at Technical Support at Both Motorola and Intergraph.  But, Yahweh Told Me to Go to Work at Wal-Mart Where I Was Making $5.76 an Hour.  The Father Spoke and Said, “I Have Many Folks Asking Me to Give Them a Job at Boeing, But Not Many Asking Me For a Job at Wal-Mart.”  I Said, “Well, I Imagine That’s So, Because You Can’t Go Forward Working For $5.76 an Hour, and In Fact I’ll Go Backwards”.  I Said, “Father, I Would Rather Go Where I Can Make the Big Bucks Again at Boeing, So that I Can Get Out of Debt.”  Yahweh Said to Me, “Use Your Faith to Make Up the Difference.”  Umph, I Had Not Thought of that Before.  So, I Replied, “I Can Do that”.


“You Can Increase Supernaturally”

The Hand of Yahweh Beats A Great Job with Great Benefits

I Ministered Daily at Wal-Mart to a Young Mixed Race Couple Every Day On My Lunch Break, and For a Season I Was their Pastor.  Then My Wife and I Supernaturally Got a Larger House While I Was Working at Wal-Mart.  Then I Got Hired at an Audio-Video Sales Group, But the Evil That We Were Displaying on the TV Screens We Were Selling Was Weighing On Me.  Later On, I Said Father, if it’s Okay with You I’d Just as Soon Not Have to Work a Secular Job and Also Do Your Work, and I’d Prefer to Believe For the Whole Amount, and I Quit this Job at the Audio-Video Store to Go into the Ministry Full Time.  Not a Soul Called Me to Preach and I Was Led to Volunteer at a Church that Had Many Children’s and Youth Camps Working For Zero Pay For Four Years.  I Built Cabins and Barns, and Was in Charge of the Games, and Setting Up the Camp Fires, and Mopping the Kitchen Floors, Empting the Trash, in Charge of Inmates as We Built the Various Buildings.

It Was during this Time, While I Had No Salary, (My Wife Did Have Her Job), that We Never Lacked Even For Gas So that I Could Go to Work.  In Fact, We Prospered and Bought Things For Others.  But, More than that, it Was during this Time that I Had No Income that Our House Was Supernaturally Paid Off, and My Debts Were Cancelled.  A Short While Later, We Came Completely Out of Debt, then Fell Back in Debt, then Back Out.  We Were Beginners in Getting Out of Debt.  Can We Really Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh and Not Have All these Things Added to Us.  Then Apparently, We Are Seeking Our Stuff First.  But, I Was Seeking First the Kingdom of Yahweh, and I Took Care of Yahweh’s Business First and Then Yahweh Took Care of Our Business~!  I am Blessed by The Best and He’s Taking Care of The Rest~!  And We Came Miraculously Out of Debt, (Matthew 6:33).  The Same Principal Will Work for You; Take Care of Yahweh’s Business First and Then Yahweh Will Take Care of Your Business~!

How Does a Person Get a Large House with an Income of $5.76 an Hour, and Pay Off the House Completely with No Income?  Yahweh Talked to Me Later On, and Asked, “Do You Think I Made Up the Difference Okay?” ~ “I’ll Say So,” Magnificently Even More than if I’d Gotten a Job at Boeing.  This Same Thing Can and Will Happen to You.  Read On to Be Filled with Faith, Yahweh is My Shepherd; I Shall Not Want, (or Be in Want or Need of Anything that I Need as All My Needs Are Met in Yahoshua Ha Mashiach, (Psalm 23:1; Philippians 4:19).

One Last Thing On Coming Out of Debt.  I Think I Got this From Ron Blue, (Christian Financial Advisor), Take All Your Bills and Find the Smallest One.  Pay it Off First.  Then Apply the Same Amount that You Were Paying On That Bill to the Next Smallest Bill, (Which is Now the Smallest).  Keep Doing this and Believe For Supernatural Jubilee Debt Cancellation, (Deuteronomy 15:1), and Witty Ideas, Concepts and Inventions.  (Proverbs 8:12), and Unexpected Surpluses,  (Joshua 19:9) and Miracles, (2 Kings 6:1-7).

“I Am Rich”

{“Yahweh is My Shepherd: I Shall Lack Nothing”}., (Psalm 23:1)}

For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Being Rich He Became Poor, For Your Sakes; that Through His Poverty You Might Be Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).

Various Translations Show this to Read, “You Might Be Rich”, “You Might Become Rich”, “In Order to Make You Rich”, “You Might Grow Rich”, “You Might Be Enriched”, “You Might Become Enriched, (Abundantly Supplied)”, “Make You Rich”, “You Might Have Wealth”, “You Can Become Rich”, “You… … Should Be Rich”, “You Could Become Rich”, “May Become Rich”, “You… …Might Be Enriched”, “You Might Be Made Rich”.

Usually, One of the Most Accurate and Easy to Understand Translations to Me is The, “An Understandable Version (AUV–NT) (1994), and Even there, they Have to Add in their Opinion, {in Gray}, “You People Could Become [Spiritually] Rich”, Should Read, “You People Could Become Rich.”  {This Guy (William Paul), Was From a Traditional Church, But Often Times, I Find Him to Be the Most Spot-On with the Greek, and if Only He Didn’t Add in His Two-Cents, Which this Translation is Chock Full of, {Like they Were Hearing Yahweh, and then Filtering it Through the “Tradition of Man” View Point, (Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:8-9, 13; Colossians 2:8)}.

The King James Version Says that, “You Might Be Made Rich.”  I Don’t Like the Use of the Word, “Might”, Because that Implies that it is Conditional on Yahweh.  This is Like Saying I Put Aside Money So that My Child Might Go to College, (But What if they Decide that they Don’t Want to Go).  The Word Might is Not Like Saying it Might or Might Not Happen.  This Word Used Here is a Sure Thing, But the “Tentative” Part of This Equation is Contingent On Whether We Believe it.  If You Believe this Word, then You Will Be Made Rich, If You Don’t Then You Won’t.

However, the Fact is that it is Conditional On Our Part, (The Hebrews Folks Heard the Word of Yahweh, But Did Not Mix Faith with it, So the Word Which they Heard Did Not Profit Them, Hebrews 4:2)~! ~ “It’s Like I Take Some Sheet Metal, Plastics and Fabrics, that it Might Be Made a Cadillac.”  The Cadillac CTS-V is the Fastest Cadillac with a Backseat.  It Can Reach Up to 191 mph and Get From 0-60 in 3.9 Seconds.  Not Bad For a Sedan~!  Well, this is Not a, “Yugo”, (nor an “AMC Gremlin”).  If You Come Driving Up in a Cadillac CTS-V, I’m Not Going to Say, That’s a Nice, “Yugo”~!  “The Fabrication Might Be Made A Cadillac”...“It Was Assembled To Be a Cadillac”, “It Is a Cadillac”. “You Might Be Made Rich”.  Then, We’re Rich~!


You Might Be Made Rich

{“You Will Be Made Rich in Everything So You Can Be Generous in Every Way”}

Whenever there is a Seemingly Contradiction, or the Meaning is Vague, Most Importantly, I Check Out the Hebrew or Greek For Myself, and then I Compare Other Translations, But I Also Go to See How the Same Author Translated that Same Word or a Derivative of that Word Elsewhere, (This Can Be Very Revealing), and Look What Mr. William Paul Said at 2 Corinthians 9:11, (AUV-NT), “You Will Be Made Rich in Everything, So That You Can Be Generous in Every Way.”  This Will Result in People Thanking Yahweh [for What You Have Done] Through Us.

I Give ALL My Supporting Facts Below.  But the Bottom Line is that, ”You Might Be Made Rich”.  You May Have a Car So that You, “Might”, Not Have to Walk.  However, You Can Still Walk ~ and You Can Still Be Poor~!  It’s Up to You if You Believe and Mix Some Faith with the Word.  So, 2 Corinthians 8:9 is an Exchange Program, and it Goes Along with the Other Scriptures Like
2 Corinthians 9:11 and 3 John 1:2, {Beloved, I Pray that You May Prosper in ALL Things and Be in Health, Just as Your Soul Prospers}.  Click Here to See Some of the Verses About Prospering, (2 Corinthians 8:9; 2 Corinthians 9:8; 2 Corinthians 9:11; 3 John 1:2).

Go Back to The Exchange Concept.  Look at the Scripture Verses Where an Exchange Was Made.
Isaiah 53:5 ~ “But He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions, He Was Bruised For Our Iniquities; The Chastisement For Our Peace Was Upon Him, and by His Stripes We Are Healed~!
1 Samuel 17:47; 2 Chronicles 20:15; Isaiah 41:2; 1 Corinthians 15:57; 2 Corinthians 2:14 ~
Our Battles Are Yahweh’s, But the Victory He Gives to Us
2 Corinthians 5:21 ~ “For He Made Him Who Knew No Sin To Be Sin For Us, that We Might Become The Righteousness of Yahweh in Him.”
2 Corinthians 8:9 ~ “For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Being Rich He Became Poor, For Your Sakes; that Through His Poverty You Might Be Rich.”
1 Corinthians 15:22 ~ “For as In Adam All Die, Even so In Christ Shall All Be Made Alive.  {He Endured Death So That We Might Be Made Alive}.”

Click Here to See That The Cross Set Us Completely Free From The Curse.


You’re the Judge”

{“It is Finished”}

I’ve Found that if the Scriptures Say that, “I Am Healed,” then, “I Am Healed”.  If I Say, “I’ve Got...”, and Add Something Other than What the Scriptures Said About Me, then I Just Forfeited the Good Stuff with My Mouth.  But, When I Quit Begging For Healing and Say, “I Am Healed”, Whether it Looks Like it or Not, Healing Manifests Itself Right Away.

It’s Like You’re in a Court Room, and You’re the Judge, and the Accuser of the Brethren is Saying, “He Doesn’t Deserve this Because He Did Such and Such”.  The Prosecuting Attorney, the One Accusing and Persecuting You is On One Side Arguing His Case, (and Some of His Points Seems Valid).  Maybe Our Adversary Says, “But, the Doctor Said it’s Cancer.”  Maybe, You Did Do Such and Such, and Perhaps the Doctor Did Say it Was Cancer.

Then On the Other Side of the Court Room is Yahoshua, Our Public Defender, (and the Holy Ghost Who Is Our Counselor), and Their Points Seem to Make Sense Also.  Our Advocate and Defender that Pleads Our Case Says, “I Covered that, I Died For That.”  They Can’t Both Be Right. One of Those Two is Lying. But, “I Have”... (The Facts Might Indicate that You Do Indeed, “Have”... Such-n-Such; But the Facts Will Only Make the Problem Grow Worse. It is Only by The, “Truth” that You Are Set Free). The Truth is Contained in Yahweh’s Written Word, that Says, “By His Stripes, You ARE Healed,” Not Going to Be Healed One Day Some Day at Some Nameless Date, But You Are Already Healed Now.  They Both Can’t Be Right.  One of Those Two is Lying.  You as a Judge Can Hear Both Sides of the Argument.  But Whoever You Side with, Will Win the Case~!

Whose Report Are You Going to Believe?  I’m Free.  I’m Innocent.  And Yes, the Doctor Did Say that I Have Whatever.  However; Psalm 103:2-3 Instructs Me to 2 Forget Not All His Benefits: 3 Who Forgives ALL Our Iniquities, Who Heals All Our Diseases; And Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17; 1 Peter 2:24 Says that, “By His Stripes, I Am Healed”~!  Psalm 112:7 ~ Says, “They Will Not Be Afraid of Evil Tidings; Their Heart is Steadfast, Trusting in Yahweh.”

Perhaps, I Did Do Such-n-Such, {Like Smoking that May Have Contributed to this Cancer}.  But Deserve it or Not, Yahoshua Paid the Price For that Sin.  1 Corinthians 6:20 ~ For You Were Bought with a Price.  For Me to Still Feel that I Deserve to Be Punished For a Crime that Was Already Paid For, or to Believe What the Doctor’s Say Over the Word of Yahweh or to Believe I’m Broke, is to Trample UnderFoot the Finished Work of the Cross, (*Hebrews 10:26-31). Yahoshua Said, “It is Finished.”

You, The Judge Have Heard ALL the Evidence and Now It Is Time For You to Make a Decision, (A Judgment), that Stands.  What is The Immeasurable Greatness of His Power Toward Us Who Believe, (Ephesians 1:19). According to The Power at Work Within Us, (Ephesians 3:20).  We’re the Ones that Decide How Much We Should Be Blessed~!

Deuteronomy 30:11-15, 19 ~ 14 But The Word is Very Near You.  It is In Your Mouth and In Your Heart, So That You Can Do it. 15 See, I Have Set Before You Today Life and Good, Death and Evil.  19 {This Day I Call The Heavens and The Earth as Witnesses Against You that I Have Set Before You Life and Death, Blessings and Curses. Now Choose Life, So That You and Your Children* May Live, (Deuteronomy 30:11-15, 19; Romans 10:6-10). *Psalm 78:6.  The Ball Is In Your Court~!  You Decide~!

By His Stripes, I WAS Healed,” (1 Peter 2:24,) or, “I Have... Whatever.”
The Ball Is in Your Court~!  You Choose ~ [Hint: Choose Life]}.

However, We Have a Helper, an Advocate, (Click Here to Read More).


Yahoshua is the High Priest of Our Confession”

{“What We Say Matters”}

To Read What to Do When the Doctor’s Say, “We’ve Done All that We Can Do,” {Click Here}, Then Come Back to Here, {Use Alt-Tab to Navigate}.  To Read More About What You Say and it’s Creative Power to Shaped Your Destiny, {Click Here}.

For if We Go On Deliberately and Willingly Sinning After Once Acquiring the Knowledge of the Truth… Means that if Yahweh Says, “By His Stripes, I Am Healed”, and You Say Something Else; then You’re in Sin and, You’re Sinning with the Both the “Taking a Thought Captive,” and with ”The Saying Part,” and there is No One that Can Help You, (Unless You Repent Before it’s Over).

Who Satisfies Your Mouth with Good Things, So that Your Youth is Renewed Like the Eagle’s.  Therefore, Holy Brothers, Partakers of a Heavenly Calling, Consider the Apostle and High Priest of Our Confession, Yahoshua;
Having then a Great High Priest, Who Has Passed Through the Heavens, Yahoshua, the Son of Yahweh, Let Us Hold Tightly to Our Confession.
If We Confess Our Sins, He is Faithful and Just to Forgive Us Our Sins and to Cleanse Us From ALL Unrighteousness.
If Anyone Among You Thinks He is Religious, and Does Not Bridle His Tongue But Deceives His Own Heart, This One’s Religion is Useless, (Psalm 103:5; Hebrews 3:1; Hebrews 4:14; 1 John 1:9; James 1:26).

Have You Confessed Your Sins?  Is He Faithful and Just to Forgive Us Our Sins and To Cleanse Us From ALL Unrighteousness?  Are You Righteous?  If You Say No, Go Read 1 John 1:9 From Above Again and Again Until You Can See that You Did Your Part, and He Will Do His Part.


“I Do Not Trust in Uncertain Riches, But I Trust in the Living God, Who Gives Us Richly ALL Things to Enjoy~!”
(1 Timothy 6:17)

{“For as a Person Thinks in their Heart, So they Are”, (Proverbs 23:7)}.

So, in the Same Way, Since You Were Made Rich, then You Are Not Poor.  What Would You Do if You Were Rich?  Would You Say, “I Can’t Afford that.”  Would You Say, “We Have to Budget Our Money Because We Have Our House Payment.”  Or, “We Only Have So Much Money Allotted in Our Budget to Buy Gas For Our Vehicles, and We Can’t Afford to Put Gas in Yours.”  Or Would You Say, “We Live On a Fixed Income”?

If I Asked You if You Were Out of Debt, Would You Respond, “Except For Our House, and Car and Some Credit,” or Would You Say, “My House is Paid For, We Are Out of Debt.”  If You Owe Money, I Know that Might Sound Like a Lie.  However, the Lie is that You Believing that You Have Debt, When the Scriptures Say that, “You’re Rich.”

If You Buy a Neighborhood Child a Popsicle From the Ice Cream Truck, and they Turn to their Friends and Proclaim that You Are Rich, (Would You Cower and Say, “No, I’m Not Rich,” Concerned that they ALL Will Want You to Pay For theirs, or Would You Cock Your Head and Say, “That’s Me~!”  And then Get Out Your Wallet?  Of Course, You Should Be Led by the Holy Ghost, and it’s Alright to Say, “No,” But Still Maintain that You Are Who You Are Being Rich). {Read Further On this Web Site Where Your Generosity Gets Others to Praise Yahweh}.

I May Not Be Making this Clear.  I’ll Say it this Way.  If You’re Rich, then Would You Have Any Debt at ALL?  If You Do, it’s Because You’re Thinking Like it’s Better to Use Other People’s Money.  I Wouldn’t Follow or Recommend this Advice, as The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It, (Proverbs 10:22), and the Rich Rules Over the Poor.  The Borrower is Subject to the Lender, (Proverbs 22:7), and That’s Sorrow}.

You Can’t Be Rich and Be in Debt at the Same Time.  {Click Here to Read More On Having What You Say}.  Note, I Have Used Credit Cards to Buy Stuff I Would Normally Buy in One Month, [Like the Tithe, Groceries, Gas, TV / Internet Services, Amazon or eBay Purchases], that I Pay For at the End of the Month if Not that Very Day, and then I Get All the Skymiles and the Advantage Miles and then Used these Miles to Fly to Places, (I Know, I’m Part of the JetSet Crowd, then So What, I’m Rich).  Don’t Buy Things On Credit that You Don’t Have Money to Pay Off Right When You Buy Them.


I Am Rich in this Present World

Or Suppose You Were Attending a Convention and a Sign Near a Banquet Hall Said, “Charge Those Who Are Rich in this Present World That they Not Be Haughty, Nor Have their Hope Set On the Uncertainty of Riches, But On the Living God, Who Richly Provides Us with Everything to Enjoy ~ 1 Timothy 6:17”.  Would You Say, “Wait a Minute, I Should Write that Down, Because that Verse is Talking to Me, For ‘I Am Rich in this Present World’.” As Mark 10:29-30 Says, “Who Will Not Receive a Hundred Times as Much Now in this Time—Houses and Brothers and Sisters and Mothers and Children and Lands, with Persecutions—and in the Age to Come, Eternal Life.”

But, Look at the Very Next Verse of Scripture, 1 Timothy 6:18. Instructs Us to Be Generous, (The Scriptures Teaches that Yahweh, Who Richly Has Supplied Us with All Good Things, Wants Us, “To Be Generous and Ready to Share”), “Ready to Distributor”), {Does this Remind You of When Yahoshua Gave the Food to Disciples, and THEY, {the Disciples, Not Yahoshua}, Distributed it to the Masses ~ (Luke 9:16)}.  Compare this to (Deuteronomy 8:18), “But You Shall Remember Yahweh Your God, For it is He Who Gives You Power to Get Wealth; That He May Establish His Covenant Which He Swore to Your Fathers, as at this Day”.

Here’s the Bottom Line of Thought.  You Can’t Be Rich and at the Same Time Be Poor.  You Are Out of Debt.  You Have to Be, (if You’ll Mix Faith with the Word of Yahweh)~!  If You Were Made Rich, then You Are Rich, “Rich” Means, “Rich,” (“Wealthy”).  If You Are Rich, then You Can’t Still Be in Debt.  That Doesn’t Match 2 Corinthians 9:8, (This is Not a Coincidence to Me that the Scripture Verses Are the Reverse of 2 Corinthians 8:9).  Your House is Paid For.  Now, it’s Not Your Part to Make the Finances, (Yahweh is the Supplier / Provider).  It is Your Part To Believe Psalm 118:25 ~ Save Now, We BeSeech You, O Yahweh; Send Now Prosperity, O Yahweh, We BeSeech You, and Give to Us Success~!  Bring in the Money In by Faith.  We Are Called Suppliers, but Believers~!


“Will Supply and Multiply Your Seed For Sowing”

{“Furnished in Abundance For Every Good Work and Charitable Donation”}

One Thing that is Similar to the Phrase, “Might Be Rich,” is the Excerpt, “Yahweh is Able,” Found In 2 Corinthians 9:8, Like the Phrase, “If it’s Yahweh’s Will,” But in the Same Chapter of 2 Corinthians 9, Just the Very Next Verses Down at Verses 2 Corinthians 9:9-12, it Clarifies this Wording, by Saying, “He Has Distributed Freely, He Has Given to the Poor,” “Bread For Food,” “Multiply Your Seed For Sowing,” “Generous in Every Way,” “Supplying the Needs of the Saints.”  Even in the Same Verse it Clarifies Itself by Stating, “Furnished in Abundance For Every Good Work and Charitable Donation.”  Look at the Whole Verse, “And Yahweh is Able to Make All Grace (Every Favor and Earthly Blessing) Come to You in Abundance, So that You May Always and Under All Circumstances and Whatever the Need Be Self-Sufficient [Possessing Enough to Require No Aid or Support and Furnished in Abundance For Every Good Work and Charitable Donation].”

9 As it is Written, “He Has Distributed Freely, He Has Given to the Poor; His Righteousness Endures Forever.”
10 He Who Supplies Seed to the Sower and Bread For Food Will Supply and Multiply Your Seed For Sowing and Increase the Harvest of Your Righteousness.
11 You Will Be Enriched in Every Way to Be Generous in Every Way, Which Through Us Will Produce Thanksgiving to Yahweh, (ESV).
12 For the Ministry of this Service is Not Only Supplying the Needs of the Saints But is Also Overflowing in Many Thanksgivings to Yahweh.


“Our Generosity Entreats Them to Give Thanks to Yahweh”
{Much Obliged}

{“Something Tangible”}

James 2:16 Say that if You Give to the Poor and Say, “Go in Peace, Be Warmed and Filled,” Without Giving Them the Things Needed For the Body, What Good is that?

So, 2 Corinthians 9:9-13
Has to Be Talking About Giving Them Something Tangible, Like Finances, Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Not Just Words.  I Can’t Count the Numerous Times Have I Given to the Poor, to Have Them Turn and Say, “Bless God,” or, “Thank-You Jesus”~!  One of the Few Things That’s Within Our Powers to Control or to Decide How to Use is Our Generosity.  Our Generosity Entreats Them to, “Give Thanks to Yahweh”.  It’s, “His” Righteousness, But it is Also, “My” Generosity or Lack Thereof, or My Lack of Faith that, “He Gives Seed to the Sower”, that Determines if they Get their Needs Met or Not by Me.

It’s Alright to Ask Yahweh, “How.”  It is Not Okay to Say, “We Don’t Have Enough Finances,” as that is a Direct Contradiction to the Scriptures as Referenced Here, (Proverbs 19:17; Proverbs 22:9; Proverbs 28:27).  I Find it Amazing How Many Times the Word Lack Comes Up On Our Part if We Do or Do Not Give.  For This Service of Giving that You Perform Not Only Makes Up For Lack Among the Saints, (2 Corinthians 9:12).  Either We Lack Faith to Act, or If We Ignore the Cries of the Poor, We Will Lack, “My Generosity,” or Lack Thereof, {Compare This From Yahweh’s Word ~ One Who Gives to the Poor Has No Lack, (Proverbs 19:17; Proverbs 22:9; Proverbs 28:27)}, or My Lack of Faith that, “He Gives Seed to the Sower” Can Hinder Someone Giving Thanks to Yahweh that Has Less Faith, that is Struggling to Make Ends Meet.  Giving to the Poor is Something a Righteous Man that Represents Yahweh Our Father Just Does, “He Has Distributed Freely, He Has Given to the Poor; His Righteousness Endures Forever,” (Psalm 112:9).  Wow, Other Folks Will Praise Yahweh, if I Just Represent Him Right~!  Zowie~!


“Our Generosity Entreats Them to Give Thanks to Yahweh”
{Thank-You Very Much}

Thus You WILL BE Enriched in ALL Things and in Every Way, So that You Can Be Generous, and [Your Generosity as it Is] AdMinistered by Us Will Bring Forth Thanksgiving to God, (2 Corinthians 9:11).

2 Corinthians 9:7-13

7 Let Each One [Give] as He Has Made Up His Own Mind and Purposed in His Heart, Not Reluctantly or Sorrowfully or Under Compulsion, For Yahweh Loves (He Takes Pleasure In, Prizes Above Other Things, and is Unwilling to Abandon Or To Do Without) a Cheerful (Joyous, “Prompt to Do it”) Giver [Whose Heart is in His Giving], (2 Corinthians 9:7).

8 And God is Able to Make All Grace (Every Favor and Earthly Blessing) Come to You in Abundance, So that You May Always and Under All Circumstances and Whatever the Need Be Self-Sufficient [Possessing Enough to Require No Aid or Support and Furnished in Abundance For Every Good Work and Charitable Donation].

9 As it is Written, they [The Benevolent Person] Scatters Abroad; Then Give to the Poor; their Deeds of Justice and Goodness and Kindness and Benevolence Will Go On and Endure Forever~! (2 Corinthians 9:9; Proverbs 11:24-25)

10 And [God] Who Provides Seed For the Sower and Bread For Eating Will Also Provide and Multiply Your [Resources For] Sowing and Increase the Fruits of Your Righteousness [which Manifests Itself in Active Goodness, Kindness, and Charity], (2 Corinthians 9:10).

11 Thus You WILL BE Enriched in ALL Things and in Every Way, So that You Can Be Generous, and [Your Generosity as it Is] AdMinistered by Us Will Bring Forth Thanksgiving to God.

12 For the Service that the Ministering of this Fund Renders Does Not Only Fully Supply What is Lacking to the Saints (Yahweh’s People), But It Also Overflows in Many [Cries of] Thanksgiving to Yahweh~!

13 Because at [Your] Standing of the Test of this Ministry, Then Will Glorify God For Your Loyalty and Obedience to the Gospel of Christ Which You Confess, As Well as For Your Generous-Hearted Liberality to Them and to All [The Other Needy Ones].


“Give To the Poor”

It is Yahweh’s Responsibility to Provide For Us.  We Are Like a River Channel, and if We Block the River, then it Will Not Flow, Yahweh is Our Supplier.  Yahoshua Confirms Proverbs 19:17; Proverbs 22:9; Proverbs 28:27, Saying He that Gives to the Poor Will Have Treasures in Heaven, (Matthew 19:21; Mark 10:21 ; Luke 18:22); and Contrast that to He that Does Not Give to the Poor as One Who is in Lack.  Follow Me, (1 Peter 2:21), Take Up the Cross ~ Die to Self, (Matthew 10:38-39; Matthew 16:24-25; Mark 8:34-35; Luke 9:23-24; Luke 17:33; John 12:25).

So, that Means that 2 Corinthians 9:8 Has to Be Most Definitely Talking About Substantial Stuff that One Can Touch, (Shelter, Finances, Clothes, Food, See Isaiah 58:7).  Why is it Important to Look After the Needs of the Poor?  For Starters, it Exhaust Our Resources, and Teaches Us Rely On Yahweh to Be Our Supplier.  And Also, it Will Draw the People to Yahweh.  But, Most Importantly, is that it is What We Are Instructed to Do~!

It’s in the Scriptures that, “The Poor You Will Always Have with You,” (Matthew 26:11; Mark 14:7; John 12:8).  Most of the Time, When I Hear that Quoted, it is Trying to Stop Me From Giving to the Poor, So that these Folks Won’t Feel Bad Themselves For Not Giving.  However, in the Context of these Scriptures, it Was Saying, “The Poor You Will Always Have with You, But You Will Not Always Have Me,” and Getting the Folks to Prioritize their Lives.

In Fact, Deuteronomy 15:11 Clarifies this and Commands Us, “For the Poor Will Never Cease Out of the Land: Therefore I Command You, Saying, You Shall Surely Open Your Hand to Your Brother, to Your Needy, and to Your Poor, in Your Land.”  And From the New Testament, We Find that 1 John 3:17 Says, “But if Anyone Has the World’s Goods and Sees His Brother in Need, Yet Closes His Heart Against Him, How Does God’s Love Abide in Him?”

Blessed is He Who Considers The Poor.  Yahweh Will Deliver Him In The Day of Evil, (Psalm 41:1).
Whoever is Kind to the Poor Lends To Yahweh, (Proverbs 19:17).
He Who Has a Generous Eye Will Be Blessed; For He Shares His Food with The Poor, (Proverbs 22:9).
Those Who Give to the Poor Will Lack Nothing, (Proverbs 28:27).
He Who Shuts His Ear to The Cry of The Poor Will Also Cry Himself and Not Be Answered, (Proverbs 21:13).
The Righteous Considers The Plea of The Poor; The Wicked Cares Not to Know it, (Proverbs 29:7).
Whoever Scorns The Poor Reviles His Maker; He Who is Glad at Calamities Shall Not Be Unpunished, (Proverbs 17:5).
Don’t Withhold Good From Those to Whom it is Due, When it is In The Power of Your Hand to Do it, (Proverbs 3:27).
In The Morning Sow Your Seed, and In The Evening Don’t Withhold Your Hand; for You Don’t Know Which Will Prosper,
Whether this or that, or Whether They Both Will Be Equally Good, (Ecclesiastes 11:6).

“Your Prayers and Your Gifts to The Needy, [The Poor] Have Gone Up for a Memorial, [of Remembrance] Before God”, (Acts 10:4).

{“Yahweh is Our Supplier” ~ Philippians 4:19. ~ “And My God WILL SUPPLY ALL Your Needs According to His Riches In Glory In Christ Jesus, {Yahoshua Ha Mashiach”}.  (See Also 2 Corinthians 9:8-11; Philippians 4:19; Deuteronomy 2:7; Deuteronomy 8:18;
1 Samuel 2:8; 1 Chronicles 29:12; Psalm 68:9; Psalm 147:8; Matthew 6:26;31-33; Acts 14:17; 2 Peter 1:3; Matthew 6:31-33


“Too Much”

{“More than Enough”}

1 Timothy 6:18 Instructs Us to Be Generous, (The Scriptures Teaches that Yahweh, Who Richly Has Supplied Us with All Good Things, Wants Us, “To Be Generous and Ready to Share”, “Ready to Distributor”).  Or What About the Time That the Tribe of Judah Had Too Much?  {Joshua 19:9 ~ Out of the Portion of the Children of Judah Was the Inheritance of the Children of Simeon: For the Part of the Children of Judah Was TOO MUCH For Them: Therefore the Children of Simeon Had their Inheritance Within the Inheritance of Them}.  The Tribe of Judah Had too Much.  Later On, When the Tribe of Simeon Had No Land, Judah Said, “Take Some of Ours, We’ve Got Plenty”.  Yahweh Never Scolded, Nor Punished the Tribe of Judah for Having Too Much or For Being Too Aggressive In Following Yahweh’s Orders to Possess the Land.  Judah's Having Too Much Resulted in Sharing With Those That Didn’t Have Enough.

If You Like Me, Have Had Faith to Finance What Yahweh Wants Us to Be Doing, We Also as Well Are to Finance the Other Parts of the Body of Christ that Don’t Have Faith in Money or For Prosperity, {But Anyone Can Get this Faith, Because Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing...  The Word of Yahweh ~ (Romans 10:17)}.


“Tips For Getting Debt Free”

{“Being Asked Recently, How Did We Get Debt Free...”}

I Thought of Some Answers.  I’m Not Saying I Have All the Answers, Nor is this a List of the 5 Most Important Things to Do, (There May Be More, or Things that Haven’t Occurred to Me as Part of the Tips For Success, or there May Be More Things that Are Tailor Made For You and Your Situation, Like if You Are a Text Learner or an Audio Learner ~ Let the Holy Ghost Be Your Guide).

None-the-Less, I Think that there Are Some Very Important Things that Have to Happen in Your Mindset For You to Be Debt Free.  It is So Important For the Body of Christ to Come Completely Out of Debt, (Not Just For Your Sake But For the Sake of Others ~ (2 Corinthians 9:13). Think of How Many Internet Video’s and Radio Christian Opportunities For the Gospel You Could Post in Russia, if Only You Had More Money.

Creflo Dollar Referenced the Scriptures to these This Past Week at the South West Believers’ Convention as Philosophy and Vain Deceit, (Colossians 2:8).  Be Careful that You Don’t Let Anyone ROB You Through His Philosophy and Vain Deceit, After the Tradition of Men, After the Elements of the World, and Not After Christ. 


“We Are Rich Now”

Faith is Going to Come by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God, (Romans 10:17)

Okay, 1st Faith is Going to Come by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God, (Romans 10:17).  So, Let’s Do a Quick Mental Exercise of Growing Your Faith.  2 Corinthians 8:9 & 2 Corinthians 9:8 Are Related, (So, if You Forget One, Look Up the Other and Make a Foot Note Referencing the Other and Vice Versa).  But, if it Helps, the 1st One in Chronological Order is the 1st One You Need to Know 1st.

2 Corinthians 8:9 ~ “For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Being Rich He Became Poor, For Your Sakes; that Through His Poverty You Might Be Rich.”  Okay, Let Me Ask You a Question.  If the Scriptures Say that You Are Made Rich, (Now)...  Then Can You Owe Any Debt?  You Might Say, But I Have Debt.  (Do You? If You Say yes, then You Might Want to See My Web Pages On Having What You Say by Clicking Here.  If You Still See Yourself as Being in Debt, We’ll Deal with that Later, (Psalm 112:9 is Another Word that You Can Grab Hold of).  Remember the Facts May Say One Thing, But it is the Truth That Will Set You Free, (John 8:32); Not the Facts. 


“As a Person Thinks in His Heart, So They Are”, (Proverbs 23:7)

We Are Made Rich, Then Can We Have Debt?

But, For Now, Just Grab Hold of This.  If We Are Made Rich, then Can We Have Debt?  Seriously, if Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Donald Trump Have Debt it Might Be to Use Other People’s Money, But Even then it Would Just Be Dumb to Borrow and Pay Interest When You Have the Money to Pay it Off Unless it Was a Serious Tax Write Off.  You’ve Got to See Yourself as Debt Free.  Think this Through with Me.  If I Am Made Rich then I Can’t Owe Any Debt, For Rich Folks Don’t Owe Debt, (Unless they Are Doing it to Use Other People’s Money, or a Tax Write Off).  Therefore, I Am Debt Free.

This Will Make a World of Difference in the Way that You Think and As a Person Thinks in Their Heart, So Are They, (Proverbs 23:7)}.

Suppose, You Pick Up Some of Your Socks and they Are Worn and Thread Bear...  But, it’s All You Got So You Wear Them One More Time.  But, then Suppose You Are Thinking, “I’m Rich”... So You Immediately Toss Them in the Trash and Say, “I’m Rich, I Don’t Have to Put Up with Junk” as and My God Shall Supply All My Needs According to His Riches, (Philippians 4:19), and You’ve Just Acted in Faith Based On the Word of Yahweh.

Suppose You Do that with Everything.  You No Longer Feel that You Have to Squeeze the Last Goody Out of the Ketchup Bottle, or Get that Last Drop of Shampoo Out, (or Add Water to it).  Suppose You Saw Yourself as Rich.  If Someone Says to You, “Maybe You’re Rich, and You Can Afford to that, But I Can’t”... Do You Cower or Say, “That’s Right I Am Rich,” (Based On the Word of Yahweh in Several Places But 2 Corinthians 8:9 is One of Those, and Deuteronomy 8:18, is Another, Ask Me or Go to My Web Site Listed at the Bottom of this Web Site and I’ll Show You Even More).  {I’m Telling You that You Can Only Come Out of Debt Based On Changing You, Through Faith that it Might Be of Grace, (Romans 4:16), and Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God, (Romans 10:17)}. 


“Prosperity Proven”

Call Faith Life Church at (417) 334-9233 and Ask For The “Prosperity Proven” Series, (# 1601).

Second Thing, and I Do Mean This.  I Wish that I Was Shouting.  I Recommend Listening to a Man that is Out of Debt and Has Proven the Word of Yahweh in their Own Lives.  Don’t Listen to Steve Harvey Telling You About How to Save Your Marriage When He Has Been Married Three Times.  Listen, (Romans 10:17), To a Man of God that Has a Proven Track Record.  And to that, I Very Highly Recommend that You Listen to Keith Moore’s Series Called, “Prosperity Proven,” (Series # 1601).  Keith Moore Will Send You this 16 Part CD Series Completely Free, Postage Included, But You Have to Call and Ask Him For it.  He Will Not Send it to Me, to Send to You.  You Have to Want it, (To Be Debt Free).

Call Keith Moore, {Faith Life Church at (417) 334-9233}.

I Liked this Series So Much that I Made 16 Copies of 16 CD’s and Sent Them to Folks and One of Those Folks Got a New House by Faith Shortly After Listening to Them.  My Wife and I Pulled Aside and Went Camping and Did Nothing Else While there Except Watch Our Campfire and Listened to Them Straight Through.  When We Got Home We Listened to Them Again. But, it Worked Enough For Us to Miraculously Get Our House Also.  With that Said, They Are Still Other Ways to Enjoy This Series.  You Can Go to Keith Moore’s Web Site, (Moore Life Ministries), and DownLoad these mp3 Files, and Put Them On Your Cell Phone; (if You Have an Android Smart Phone, Not Sure if this Can Be Done On an iPhone).  Then You Can Play this Through Your Auxiliary Jack or On a Bluetooth Player to Your Car Speakers, (if You Do Not Have a Bluetooth Transmitter, they Can Be Bought, Well Worth the Investment if You Are an Audio Learner).

DownLoad, “Prosperity Proven” at


Yahweh Your God, Gives You Power to Get Wealth

{“Blessed to Be a Blessing”}

Now, For Everything to Align with the Scriptures Such as, “But You Shall Remember Yahweh Your God, For it is He Who Gives You Power to Get Wealth; that He May Establish His Covenant Which He Swore to Your Fathers, as at this Day,” (Deuteronomy 8:18), Then I Have to Already Have Been Made Rich.  Only if I Have an Unlimited Source Can I Be Generous and My Generosity Will Produce Praise to Yahweh.  How Can I Go to a Bunch of Folks, and Want to Bless Them When My Bank Account Says that I Have a Limited Amount of Funds.  Did My Older Brother, {Yahoshua, (Romans 8:29)}, Have to Do this Also?  How Did Five Loaves and Two Fish Feed 5000 Plus?  (Mark 6:41).

And Taking the Five Loaves and the Two Fish He looked Up to Heaven and “Said a Blessing”

And Taking the Five Loaves and the Two Fish He Looked Up to Heaven And, “Said a Blessing” and Broke the Loaves and Gave Them to the Disciples to Set Before the People.  And He Divided the Two Fish Among Them ALL.  Mark 6:41, (ESV).  Wow, Have We Changed the Meaning of, “Say a Blessing.”  It’s Not Something that You Hurriedly Say Before You Eat.  Yahoshua Spoke a Blessing So that they Would Have Something to Eat~!

I Wish I Could Have, “Recorded,” What Yahoshua Said … However, I Know a Blessing is Not Just Saying, “Be Warm and Filled.”  I Think Yahoshua Was Saying, Thank-You Father that You Have Plenty to Feed these Folks Just as You Did in When Yahweh Gave the Folks of the Old Testament with the Daily Manna or Brought to Them Meat, or Like in 2 Kings 4:40-44.


My House is Paid For

{“Confess with Our Mouth” …, “Believe in Our Heart”}

My House is Paid For.  Faith For Anything ALL Works the Same Way.  We, “Confess with Our Mouth” …, “Believe in Our Heart,” (Romans 10:9-10).  Mark 11:23 Puts it this Way:, “For Assuredly, “I Say to You”, Whoever Says to this Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea,’ and Does Not Doubt in His Heart, But Believes that Those Things He Says Will Be Done, He Will Have Whatever He Says.”

I Looked Up the Word, “Rich” as Used in 2 Corinthians 8:9 and the Word, “Rich” Means, “Rich”. If You’re Convinced, then Say this Out Loud, “I Thank-You Abba Father that I Am Enriched in Every Way to Be Generous in Every Way.”

24 There Are Those Who [Generously] Scatters Abroad, and Yet Increase More; there Are Those Who Withhold More than is Fitting or What is Justly Due, But it Results Only in Want.
25 The Liberal Person Shall Be Enriched, and He Who Waters Shall Himself Be Watered, (Proverbs 11:24-25)

Now, Go Find the Movie, “Possums,” with Mac Davis and Watch to Learn More About How You Speak Things into Existence.  And Click On this Link About Taking No Thought, Saying.


Yahweh Multiplies Seed to the Sower”

Yahweh Not Just Gives Seed to the Sower, But He Multiplies Your Seed...  (2 Corinthians 9:10)

See Yourself as a Sower.  My Nephew Who is Like My Son to Me, is Known as Being Generous, So I Recently Sent Him a 2500 Lumen FlashLight, But I Not Only Sent Him One, But Two, Because I Know that He Will Probably Give One Away.  Well, if I Being a Man, (A Human, a Father) Can Do that, Will Not God Also Freely Give to the Sowers? {Matthew 7:11 Says that, “If You then, Being Evil, Know How to Give Good Gifts to Your Children, How Much More Will Your Father Who is in Heaven Give Good Things to Those Who Ask Him~!”}.  There Used to Be Convenience Stores Called 7-11, So as a Memory Jog Think of this as the 7-11 Principal.  Also Found at Luke 11:13.   God Provides and Multiplies Seed For the Sower, (2 Corinthians 9:10), So Become a Sower, (Be Prepared and Be Ready to Sow On a Drop of a Hat).

Now that You See Yourself as a Sower, Perhaps You Wondering,
"What’s the Big Deal, Now that I Know that Yahweh is Giving Seed to the Sower" or Even that "Yahweh Multiplies Seed to the Sower"
.  Like if You Sow $5, then Yahweh Gives You $5, or $10, $20, $40, or $1000.  You Just Break Even.  Well, That’s Not Right.  First of All, Since You Are Getting Reimbursed For the Seed Sown, it’s Not Really Coming Out of Your Pocket, (at a Minimum, You’re Just a Channel Through Which Blessings Flow Onto Others.  However, Suppose You Think of a Seed, and Sowing that Seed.  If I Were to Give You a Tomato Seed and You Sowed, (Planted), that One See into Good Soil; You Got One Seed and You Sowed One Seed.  But Your Yield On that Crop Could Possibly Be as Much as 20-30 Pounds Per Season of Tomatoes.  Suppose You Plant Just 1/4 of these Seeds, Give 1/10 For the Tithe, and a 1/25 For Offerings to Other Neighbors, You’re Still Going to Have a Lot of Tomatoes, Just From One Seed.  If it Were Corn or Apples, Your Yield Could Be as High as 300 Kernels as Much as One Seed, (That’s a Lot of Pop Corn~!).  So, Now Can You See that by Sowing, You’re Going to Get Back Everything You Sowed, Plus a Lot~!  So, You’re Going to Want to Be a Sower.

Yahweh Loves (He Takes Pleasure In, Prizes Above Other Things, and Is Unwilling to Abandon or to Do Without) a Cheerful (Joyous, “Prompt to Do it”) Giver [Whose Heart is in His Giving], (2 Corinthians 9:7)..

I Overheard a Co-Worker Say that if He Won a Million Dollars that He Would Buy His Parents a New Home.  However, That’s Not the Way it Works.  The Scriptures Say that We Are to GIVE, and it Will Be Given to You: Good Measure, Pressed Down, Shaken Together, and Running Over Will Be Put into Your Bosom. For with the Same Measure that You Use, it Will Be Measured Back to You,” (Luke 6:38).  So, “Giving” or, “Sowing” Comes Before the Reaping or Harvesting.  And Because You Are Sowing, then Expect a Return On Your Harvest, (in Other Words, Sow in Faith).  If You Were to Plant Tomatoes in Your Garden, You Wouldn’t Ignore Them When they Started to Sprout, But You’d Be Anticipating Them Producing Fruit.


Determine To Be A Sower”

Do What it Takes to Not Just Be a Talker, But a Doer of the Word of Yahweh, (James 1:22) .

So, Make Up Your Mind that You Are a Prompt to Do it Sower.  But, You Have to Not Just Be Hearer Only, But Be a Doer of the Word, (James 1:22).  So Now, Put Actions to Your Decision and Prepare For this Event to Take Place.  Set Aside Some Money For the Specific Purpose of Sowing.  Get $20, or $40 or a $100 and Divide it Up.  Like Have Four or Eight $5 Dollar Bills On You at All Times, or Twenty $5.00 Bills, (You Can Always Combine the $5’s to Give More).  But Make Plans to Be a Sower.  Be Ready, and if You Run Out, then Go to the Bank, (or a Department Store), and Replenish.

then Watch For Places Where You Can Sow.  Suppose You’re in the Line at a Department Store or a Grocery Store and the Person Ahead of You Hands Something Back to the Cashier and You Realized at Once that they Can’t Afford it, and Are Putting it Back.  That’s Your Place to Shine.  Don’t Be Concerned if they Are Lost or Saved at this Point in Time, {Let Patience Have its Perfect Work in You ~ (James 1:4)}.

Say it Quietly, (Not to Embarrass Them), “I Got This,” and Hand Them One of Your Five Dollar Bills; (That Way they Get the Change When they Give it to the Cashier).  You Can Also Hand it to the Cashier, But Then When You Get the Change Back, (if Any), You’ll Risk the Chance of Exposing their Shortage by Saying, “Just Give the Change Back to Them”.  You Do Not Want to Draw Attention to their Lack of Funds.  However, Be Prepared Because they Will Probable Hug You, and the Words Coming Out of their Mouths Will Exactly to the Tee Match 2 Corinthians 9:7-13.   they Will Say, “Bless God” or, “God is So Good”.

Other Signs of Where to Sow...  People Counting their Change at the Register, (Trying to See if they Have Enough Money), Plus it’s Extra Fun to Give Them More than then Need~!

For A Good Read About Prosperity, {Click Here}


The Thief Comes To Steal...”

(John 10:10)

Bonus Tips: If d—Evil One Sees that You Are Becoming a Sower, He’ll Send Folks Your Way Asking For Money.  Usually, the First Person that You See Asking For Money Just Wants to Blow it On Drugs or Alcohol.  He or She Has Been Sent to You by the Devil’s Orchestration to ROB the Next Recipient or ROB You of Your Giving.  Then Very Soon, You’ll Come Across Someone that You Wish You Had Money to Give to, But by then You Gave it to the Wrong Person. 

I Recently Encountered a Black Man in Fort Worth that Told Me that He Had Been Looking All Day For a Job On a Sunday, (All the While Eating a Large Subway; Sandwich Which He Said that His Friend a Manager Had Given Him).  And He Said that His Name Was Bruce and He Started Off by Saying, “Can I Ask You an Honest Question”... I Bet Someone Gave Him Money and He Bought that Sandwich, But You Don’t Want to Tell Folks that You Just Bought a Sandwich While at the Same Time Asking Them For Money, (So, He Said that a Manager Friend of His Gave it to Him).

Well, My Reply Was, “No”...  But, I Wish I Had Said, “I Don’t Know.  Can You?”  And then I Asked if He Had a Driver’s License and Check to See if His Real Name Was, “Bruce”...  (I Don’t Know of Any Black Men Named Bruce, Was this a Ploy to Endear Himself to Me as a White Man, with a White Person Name Like Bruce as In, “Bruce Wayne,” (*Batman’s True Identify).  And the Word, “Honest” Was Tossed Out, (is this a Rouse?).  I Should Have Checked His ID and Said, “No, You Have Already Shown Me that You Can Not Even Be Honest with Your Name, Let Alone Ask Me an Honest Question, You Can Tell a Lie.”


Counterfeit Folks”

Don’t Get Mad at Them, they Don’t Know Any Better...


Be Kind, Speak Softly and Kindly, and Don’t Offend Them or Put Yourself in Harm’s Way.  But, at the Same Time Don’t Be Afraid to But Bold with these Folks.  I Know of a Man Who Asked For a $5 and My Friend Said, I Only Have a $20, Can You Give Me Change? The Begging Man Said Sure, and Produced a Wad of Money~!  He Still Gave Him the $5, then Witnessed to Him~!

I Had Another Person Tell Me She Needed Gas Even as Her Truck Was Idling, (if I Were Short On Gas, I’d Have Turned the Engine Off).   She Made No Attempt to Get Out of the Truck.  I Poked My Head Inside Her Truck and Looked Inside at Her Fuel Gauge and the Tank Was Showing Full.  I Said, “Praise Yahweh, a Miracle Has Occurred, Your Tank is Full.” She Said, Oh-Oh, that Gauge is Broke.  I Said, “Praise Yahweh, a 2nd Miracle Has Occurred, Because that Gauge is Working Now.”  She Drove Off.

I Like to Give to Those that Don’t Ask, But Where the Holy Ghost Prompts Me.  But, if You Will Change Your Mindset that You Are a Sower, You Won’t Fill Obligated to Give to Someone Just Because they Want Your Money, and Are Quiet Possibly Sent by d—Evil One to Rob the Next Person of Money or Time that they Really Need.  You Can Still Witness to these Folks.

If You Still Have Money Left at the End of the Month, Add it to Your Sowing Fund, and the Time May Come When You Will Be Able to Give More Money All At Once to Someone that Needs It, At Just the Right Time~!


The Hidden Treasures

Notice The, “I Will’s,” (Click Here to See Even More)

Declarations References

They Shall Call the Peoples to the Mountain; there Shall they Offer Sacrifices of Righteousness: For Then Shall Suck the Abundance of the Seas, the Hidden Treasures of the Sand, (Deuteronomy 33:19), I WILL Go Before You, and Make the Rough Places Smooth; I WILL Break in Pieces the Doors of Brass, and Cut in Sunder the Bars of Iron,” “I WILL Give You The Treasures of Darkness, and Hidden Riches of Secret Places, that You May Know that it is I, Yahweh, Who Call You by Your Name, Even the God of Israel”, (Isaiah 45:2-3).  What Treasures Are the Hidden Riches of Secret Places, (Oil, Natural Gas, But Also Gold, Coal, Silver, & Diamonds and Yahweh Says that I WILL GIVE You the Treasures of Darkness).  Our Part is Say the Same Thing, (which is the Meaning of the Word Confess).

My Wife and I Started Quoting Isaiah 45:2-3 as We Had a Very, Very Small Oil Producing Well and it Suddenly Starting Springing Forth.  Spring Forth, (The Beverly Hillbillies ~ “And Up Through the Ground Came a Bubblin’ Crude.  Oil That Is, Black Gold, Texas Tea”).  Well, the Oil On Our Property Began to Flourish So Much So that it Paid Our House Note Each Month For 4-5 Years Until the House Was Later Paid Off.  Yahweh Said, “I Will Give You...” and Our Part is to Mix Our Faith with that and Say, “He Will Give Me...” If You’re Wanting Help with This, Read it Over and Over Again, or Read this Word in the Last Part of Isaiah 45:19, (“I Declare Things that Are Right”).  If You Still Have Problems Believing this or Need Reinforcement, then Click Here.

Thus Says Yahweh, Who Makes a Way in the Sea, and a Path in the Mighty Waters;
Behold, I Will Do a New Thing; Now Shall it Spring Forth; Shall You Not Know it?  I Will Even Make a Way in the Wilderness, and Rivers in the Desert, (Isaiah 43:16, 19)

And Most Importantly, We Need to Match Our Mouths, Our Confession with What We Want to Have Happen, Not the Facts, {the Facts Will Not Set You Free, For it is Only the Truth That Will Make You Free, (John 8:32)}.

The Law of Truth Was in His Mouth, and Unrighteousness Was Not Found in His Lips.  He Walked with Me in Peace and Uprightness, and Turned Many Away From Iniquity, (Malachi 2:6).

Your Confession Should Be to ALL that Have Ears to Hear, I Am Wealthy, and I Am Out of Debt.

Deuteronomy 33:19;
Isaiah 43:16,19;

Isaiah 45:2-3;
Isaiah 43:16,19;
Malachi 2:6


Wealth & Prosperity Confessions

Declarations References

As Long as I Seek Yahweh, Yahweh Makes Me to Prosper.  Above ALL, Yahweh Desires For Me to Prosper and Be in Health Even as My Soul Prospers.  Yahweh Supplies All of My Needs According to His Riches In Glory in Christ Yahoshua, and I Am Out of Debt~! 2 Chronicles 26:5, 3 John 1:2;
Ephesians 1:3; Philippians 4:19

I Am a Tither.  I Have Not Robbed Yahweh in Either Tithes or in Offerings.  I Bring All My Tithes into the Storehouse, {Treasury House}, So that there is Food in Yahweh’s House.  I Prove Yahweh of Hosts, and Yahweh My Provider, {Yireh}, as He Opens Up the Windows of Heaven For Me and Pours Me Out Such a Blessing that there is Not Room Enough to Receive it Yahweh, of the Avenging Armies of the Heavenly Hosts ~ {Tsebaah}, Rebukes the Devourer For My Sake, and the Fruit of My Ground is Not Destroyed, Neither Does My Vine Drop its Fruit Before the Time in the Field Says Yahweh of Host, {Tsebaah}~!  And All Nations Call Me Blessed, For I Am a Land of Delight, Says Yahweh of Host, {Tsebaah}! Malachi 3:10-12

Yahweh Our Provider, {Our Supplier}, {Yireh}, 

Yahweh of Host, {Tsebaah}, (The Captain of the Armies, the Avenger)

Yahweh, Who Carries Me Daily, {Yowm Amas}, Daily Pours Out Blessings to Me, & Daily Loads Me with Benefits~!  Yahweh Gives Me My Daily Bread.  I Love Yahweh, His Methods, and as I Walk in the Commandments of Yahweh, I Am Overtaken with Blessings as I Inherit Wealth and My Treasuries Are Filled~!  I Am Willing and Obedient; So I Eat of the Good of the Land~!  I Am Blessed Going in and Out, Blessed in the City and in the Country~!  I Shall Lend to Many Nations and Not Borrow~!

I Am the Head, and Not the Tail~!  I Am Above Only and Not Beneath~!

Let the Yahweh, (The Supreme Commander) Be Magnified, Who Has Pleasure in the Prosperity of His Servant.  Save Now, O Yahweh, I Pray, Send Now Prosperity.  (Money Cometh Now~!!!~!  Psalm 118:25)

Psalm 68:19;
Matthew 6:11;
Luke 11:3;
Deuteronomy 28:12-13;
Proverbs 8:21;
Isaiah 1:19;
Deuteronomy 28:2-3;
Psalm 35:27;
Psalm 118:25

Yahweh Has Given Me the Power to Obtain Wealth that He Might Establish His Covenant~!  Yahweh Teaches Me How to Profit; and Leads Me in the Path that I Should Go.  And Yahweh Gives Me the Treasures of Darkness, and Hidden Riches of Secret Places, and I Will Partake of the Abundance of the Seas and of Treasures Hidden in the Sand, that I May Know that Yahweh, Yahweh, Who Calls Me by My Name, is Yahweh of Israel.  I Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh and His Righteousness and All these Things Are Added Unto Me.  I Am Highly Favored, EmPowered to Prosper and Excel. Deuteronomy 8:18;
Deuteronomy 33:19;
Isaiah 48:17;
Isaiah 45:3, 7;
Matthew 6:33

Yahweh My Provider, {Yireh}, Provides Me with Bountiful Seed to Sow~!  I Have Seed in the Ground that I Am Now Reaping a Hundredfold Harvest On~!  I Am Blessed.  I Sow Bountifully~!  I Reap Bountifully~! Mark 4:4-20;
Mark 10:28-31

I Give Cheerfully~!  Yahweh Abounds All Grace Towards Me that I Being Sufficient in All Things, Have Abundance For Every Good Work~! Yahweh Who Provides Seed For the Sower and Bread For Eating Will Also Provide and Multiple My Sowing & Increase the Fruits of My Righteousness!  I Am Enriched in All Things and in Every Way, So that I Can Be Extraordinarily Generous~! (And Let the Beauty of Yahweh Our God Be Upon Us, and Establish the Work of Our Hands For Us; Yes, Establish the Work of Our Hands).  Yahoshua Fed 5,000, and Said that I Would Do Greater Works than He Did, (John 14:12).  I’ll Feed Five Billon Folks.  Yahweh Can Flow Through Me to Pay Off the National Debt.

2 Corinthians 9:6-15;
Psalm 90:17;
John 14:12


Robert Gilmour LeTourneau>

R. G. LeTourneau Was an Example of a Man Who Understood Yahweh’s Purpose For Blessing Him Financially.  An Inventor of Earthmoving Machines, R. G. LeTourneau Reached the Point of Giving 90 Percent of His Income to Yahweh.  As He Put it, “I Shovel Out the Money, and Yahweh Shovels it Back to Me—But Yahweh Has a Bigger Shovel. Mover of Men and Mountains: the Autobiography of R.G. LeTourneau
R.G. LeTourneau.  Chicago: Moody Press, 1972.

When Yahweh Prospers Us in this Way it is Not Merely to Give Us New Toys and More Beautiful Homes But to Allow Us to Give Still More:, “You Will Be Made Rich in Every Way So that You Can Be Generous On Every Occasion,” (2 Corinthians 9:11).

Yahweh’s Extra Provision is Usually Not Intended to Raise Our Standard of Living, But to Raise Our Standard of Giving ~  Robert Gilmour LeTourneau

R.G. LeTourneau: Moved by Yahweh to Move Men and Mountains
Rick Williams.  Business Reform 2, No. 4 (July/August 2002).


Scripture Support



He that Spared Not His Own Son, But Delivered Him Up For Us All, How Shall He Not with Him Also Freely Give Us All THINGS?

Romans 8:32


3 As His Divine Power Has Given to Us All THINGS Pertaining to Life and Godliness Through the Full Knowledge of the One Calling Us Through Glory and Virtue, 4 By Which Means He Has Given to Us the Very Great and Precious Promises, So that Through these You Might Be Partakers of the Divine Nature, Escaping From the Corruption in the World by Lust, (LITV).

2 Peter 1:3-4

The Young Lions Do Lack, and Suffer Hunger, But Those Who Seek Yahweh Shall NOT LACK Any Good THING, (WEB).

Psalms 34:10

But Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work, that You May Be Perfect and Entire, WANTING NOTHING, (KJV).

James 1:4

A Psalm of David}
Yahweh is My Shepherd; I Shall Not Want. (MKJV), {Yahweh Meets All My Wants, as Well as Needs}; I Shall LACK NOTHING, (WEB).

 Psalm 23:1

Delight Yourself Also in Yahweh, and He Will Give You the DESIRES and SECRET PETITIONS of Your Heart, (AMPC).

Psalms 37:4

And I WILL GIVE YOU the Treasures of Darkness and Hidden Riches of Secret Places, that You May Know that it is I, Yahweh, the God of Israel, Who Calls You by Your Name, (AMPC).

Isaiah 45:3

GIVE, and it Will Be Given to You: Good Measure, Pressed Down, Shaken Together, and Running Over, Will Be Given to You, {Literally, into Your Bosom}. For with the Same Measure You Measure it Will Be Measured Back to You,” (WEB).

Luke 6:38


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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