~ I’m Mad, Hurt and Betrayed ~ SHIELDS UP ~ I NEVER Want to Be Hurt Like that Again ~

Ever Notice How Closely ‘Fence’ is Spelled to ‘Offense’?  When Offenses Come Up Against Us, We Want To Put Up Walls, StrongHolds or ‘a Fence’, (OF~Fense), We May Want to Take Up Fencing with Swords to Hurt Them Back~!

The Key to Happiness is Taking Down Those Walls of Offense, and Becoming Vulnerable by Opening Up Our Hearts to Be Offended, and to Allow the Holy Ghost to Lead Us, by Denying Self and Taking Up Our Cross Daily, For We Put On the Glory of Yahweh, Who is Our Rear Guard, (Isaiah 58:8).

We Are Commanded to Take Up Our Cross and Die Daily to the Desires of the Body, (or Flesh), and to Renew Our Mind to Yahweh’s Way of Thinking. This Concurs with, “He that Finds His Life Must Lose His Life in this World,” and this Involves Laying Down Your Life For Your Brethren, and Dying to Self, {or Dying to Selfish Ambition ~ (Matthew 10:38-39; Matthew 16:25;
Mark 8:34-35; Luke 9:23-24; John 12:25; 2 Corinthians 5:15

See (Galatians 2:20), (Acts 2:38) and (Ephesians 4:22-24; Romans 12:1-2; Romans 8:13; Galatians 6:8; 2 Corinthians 5:15).

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AND He [Yahoshua] Said to His Disciples, Offenses, (Temptations ~ Snares, Traps Set to Trip You Up, Traps Baited to Entice to Sin) Are Sure to Come, But Woe to Him by or Through Whom they Come! ~ {Luke 17:1}

The Reverse of Forgiveness is Harboring an Offense

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Sound the Alarm

During 911, When the First Plane Struck the World Trade Center Towers, I Thought, “Now, Two Buildings in New York City Have Been Hit by Air Planes,” (At 9:49 Am On Saturday, July 28, 1945, a B-25 Bomber Crashed into the Empire State Building).

However, When News Arrived that a Second Plane Had Also Struck the Other World Trade Center Tower, I Knew that This Was No Accident.  And then When there Was an Announcement Made that there Was Another Plane Still in the Air, I Went to Full Alert in Spiritual Warfare and Absolutely Demanded that the Other Plane Not Reach it’s Target.

Alert, the Enemy Has Attacked Again and the Arrows Are Already in the Air Heading Our Way~!
You May Not Recognize it Yet, (Appears to Be a Single Incident Like the First Tower).

Here Are Just Some of the Entries From My Friends & Family On FaceBook.

?????  is VERY Hurt. Why Do People Hurt Each Other?  Why Can’t People See the Good in Others, Even Though We Are Not Perfect?! 

?????  Is Mad, Hurt and Betrayed Ex Husbands Suck!!!

????? is Still Heart Broken About this Whole Situation.” “People that Live in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones, Karma is a Heck of a Thing to Deal with.”

Skandalon Defined

Why Do People Hurt Each Other?  The Answer is in a Nutshell is Offense~!
It is One of the Enemies’ Ways and Means, (Ephesians 6:11 Calls this Wiles, or Schemes ~ But it is From the Same Root Word that Method, or Methodology Comes From - Methodeía, {G3180}.  In Fact, if You Remember the Wile E. Coyote Cartoon, they Always Gave a Brief Job Description of Each Character.  Well, in Ephesians 6:11, The Word Used For, “Devil” is the Greek Word, “Diábolos” and is Defined as, “The False Accuser, the Slander... One Who Falsely Accuses and Divides People Without Any Reason”.  So, if the d—Evil One is Out to Divide Us, then Expect Offenses to Come as Told to Us in Luke 17:1, {Expect Them, Detect Them, Reject Them}.

The Greek Word For ’Offense’ is Found in Luke 17:1,

Skandalon ~ {G4625} ~
(Trap, Snare)

The Movable Stick or Trigger of a Trap, a Trap Stick.

  1. A Trap, Snare.
  2. Any Impediment Placed in the Way and Causing One to <b><font Color="#9900FF">Stumble</font></b>, Trip or Fall, (a Stumbling Block, Occasion of Stumbling) i.e.  A Rock Which is a Cause of Stumbling.
  3. Any Person or Thing by Which One is (Entrapped ) ~ Drawn into Error or Sin.
  4. {My Interpretation, it’s What You Trip Over or the Thing that Trips You Up).

Even the Modern Dictionaries Translates the Word ‘Offense’, in the TheFreeDictionary.com as, “The Act of Causing Anger, Resentment, Displeasure, or Affront.”  Merriam-Webster.com Defines ‘Offense’ as, “an Act of Stumbling”; And Dictionary.com Says ‘Offense’ Is, “Something that Offends or Displeases.” And YourDictionary.com Describes ‘Offense’ as, “The Act of Creating Resentment, Hurt Feelings, Displeasure.”

    When I Was Young, My Brothers and I Would Get a CardBoard Box and Support it with a Stick Attached to a String that Was Tied to a Piece of Lettuce.  When a Box Turtle Would Come Along Later and Bite and Grab the Bait, this Would Move the Stick Support and We’d Catch a Turtle~!  This Movable Part of the Trap is the Skandalon~!  And that is What this Web Site is ALL About.  The Bait You Can See.  However it’s the Trap or the Triggering Mechanism that You Cannot See that this Web Site Will Reveal to You~!  (But if You bite and Devour One Another, Be Careful that You Don’t Consume One Another ~ Galatians 5:15).

    However, Our CardBoard Box Wasn’t Strong Enough to Keep the Turtle From Walking Away with the Box Moving Across the Grass.  Funny~!  However, d—Evil One’s Traps Are More Permanent Entrapments and they Are Planned to Rob You of Your Purpose and God Ordained Destiny.  (To See, One Example of Where the Enemy Planned a Trap For Me, Click Here).

Denying Christ

So, Considering We Now Have a Working Knowledge that an Offense is the Trap, or the Trigger On the Trap, Re-Read This Passage of Scripture.  AND He [Yahoshua] Said to His Disciples, Offenses, (Temptations ~ Snares, Traps Set to Trip You Up, Traps Baited to Entice to Sin) Are Sure to Come, But Woe to Him by or Through Whom they Come! ~ {Luke 17:1}

What is it to Become Offended?  To Feel Displeasure at a Thing, to Be Hurt, to Experience Anger And/or Shock, to Be Angry, or to Be shocked, to Be Bitter Against, or to Be Stung to the Heart, and to Cause Someone to No Longer Believe, (The Result is that You No Longer Believe“; to Cause to Stop Believing).

The Enemy’s Purpose is to Separate You From What Yahweh Has Joined You to, and to Cause You to No Longer Believe in What You’re Supposed to Never Stop Believing.  However, it’s Not the Thing You’re Prepared For that Will Shock or Offend You.  It’s the Thing You Haven’t Conceived that Will Try Your Faith, (The Trial of Your Faith ~ 1 Peter 1:6-7).  You Will Be Tempted to Doubt.  Will You Stay Hooked When You Don’t Know Why Nor Understand What’s Going On?  Or Will You Deny Him, {If We Endure, We Will Also Reign with Him.  If We Will Deny Him, He Also Will Deny Us, (2 Timothy 2:12).

Yahweh Says, ‘Don’t Stop Believing In, Don’t Stop Identifying with Me.  Don’t Deny Me’, “Who is the Liar But He Who Denies that Yahoshua is the Messiah, (The Christ)?  This is the Antichrist, He Who Denies the Father and the Son. Whoever Denies the Son, the Same Doesn’t Have the Father.  He Who Confesses the Son Has the Father Also,” (1 John 2:22-23)}.  Can You Have the Father, (Yahweh); While Denying Yahoshua? 

The Biggest Enemy of Yahweh’s Bunch On Earth at this Last Hour is Not Temptation to Drink, or to Murder or to Chew Tobacco.  By Far, the Thing That’s Pulling Down the Most of Us Is, “Being Offended,” and How We Respond to that ‘Offense’, (which is the Trying of Our Faith).

Watch Out~!  It’s a Trap

Matthew 24:10-12

10 And then Many Will Be Offended and Repelled and Will Begin to Distrust and Desert [Him Whom they Ought to Trust and Obey] and Will Stumble and Fall Away and Betray One Another and Pursue One Another with Hatred.
11 And Many False Prophets Will Rise Up and Deceive and Lead Many into Error.
12 And The Love of the Great Body of People Will Grow Cold Because of the Multiplied Lawlessness and Iniquity.

The Word of Yahweh Will Not Fail, Nor Return Void, (if this is Still an Area that Your Heart is Not Convinced In, then Click Here For Proof).  So, the Enemy Has to Avert The Word’s Impact Some Where Else Like Contaminating and Poisoning The Soil Such As Was Done at The Toomer’s Corner Live Oak Trees at Auburn University in Alabama in January 2011.  So the Only Place that d—Evil One Can Stop the Word of Yahweh from Growing and Taking Root is Us, (We Are the Soil).  (Please Read Mark 4:1-32 Over and Over and Over Again, then Read Matthew 13:18-42 ~ (The Parable of the Sower).  Yahoshua Said of This, “Do You Not Know this Parable?  And How Shall You Know ALL the Parables?”  Click or Tap Here For a Little More on Mark 4.

So, Study this Chapter Over and Over and Over Until a Revelation Starts to Dawn; and Even then Read it Some More.  Yahoshua Told Simon Peter that it Will Be His, “Revealed” Word that Will Produce the ‘Winning Ticket’ in this Earth; and it is How We Overcome and How Yahoshua Will Build His Church, (Matthew 16:17-19).

Take a Look at Mark 4:24, Right in the Same Chapter From, “God’s Word Translation”, Says, “Pay Attention to What You’re Listening to~!  Knowledge Will Be Measured Out to You by the Measure of Attention You Give.  This is the Way Knowledge Increases.”  ‘The New Living Translation’ Says, “Pay Close Attention to What You Hear.  The Closer You Listen, the More Understanding You Will Be Given—and You Will Receive Even More”).  Look For the Phrase, “The Word.” 

The Kingdom of God is Like a Man Who Scatters Seed Upon the Ground Mark 4:26 ~ As Long as the Earth Exists, Planting and Harvesting, Cold and Heat, Summer and Winter, Day and Night Will Never Stop, (Genesis 8:22).  The Field is the World; and The Good Seed these Are The Sons of the Kingdom, (Matthew 13:38).  And Those Sown On the Good (Well-Adapted) Soil Are the Ones Who Hear The Word and Receive and Accept and Welcome it and Bear Fruit—Some Thirty Times as Much as Was Sown, Some Sixty Times as Much, and Some [Even] a Hundred Times as Much, (Mark 4:20).  {Called the ‘Incorruptible Seed’ In 1 Peter 1:23}.  We Are the Offspring of the Most High.

I Explain this Again Below Calling Having The Word in You, this Revelation1, The Light and a Spiritual Force, Whereas Getting You to Up-Root Your Word Crop is the Same as Walking Back in the Carnal Realms, (Notice What ALL Happens Because of, “The Word”).  The Sower Sows The WordThe Word is Sown.  Satan Comes and Takes Away The Word.  They Heard The Word.  Tribulation or Persecution Rises Because of The Word.  These Are Those that Have Heard The Word.  And the Cares of the World, and the Deceitfulness of Riches, and the Desires of Other Things Entering In, Choke The Word.  Sown On the Good Ground; Such as Hear The Word, and Accept It, and Bear Fruit, Thirtyfold, and Sixtyfold, and a Hundredfold.

“Talking You Into ‘Offense’ is a Major Strategy d—Evil One Uses to Get You UpRoot The Word Seed.  When The Word is in Your Heart, Satan Has No Authority to Get it Out Himself.  He Has to Convince You to Cast The Word Out of Your Heart.  If He Can Get You Offended, You Will Destroy Your Own Harvest.  When You Choose To Become Offended, You Stumble and Make False Steps in Life.” (Copied From Olga Hermans’s Web Site: http://www.thechoicedrivenlife.com/Why-Are-You-Offended).

Because of the Conflict“

Let Me Go Back in Time to Something, “The Azusa Street Revival“ 

The Azusa Street Revival, Beginning in the Spring of 1906, Largely Spawned the Worldwide Pentecostal Movement and Was Started Mostly By William J. Seymour, (A Black Man with Only One Eye).  To Inform People Around the World About Events at Azusa Street, William J. Seymour and Clara E. Lum, (A White Woman), Co-Edited a Paper, “Apostolic Faith.”  Interracial Activity Was Working~!

It Was Distributed Without Charge to Thousands of Ministers and Lay People.  Gary McGee, Assembly of God Historian, States that 5,000 Copies of the First edition, (September 1906), Were Printed, and by 1907 the Press Run Reached 40,000~!

However; Within Two Years of the Paper’s Initial Printing, Seymour and Lum Entered into a Long Conflict Over the Paper and its Mailing Lists.  Because of the Conflict, His Disavowal of the Initial Evidence Teaching, and RACIAL Conflicts Within Pentecostalism, Seymour Largely Fell into Obscurity by 1912, (Only 6 Years Later).

We Know the Enemy’s Weapons~!

Go to the Bible Gateway

2 Corinthians 2:11
11 That
No Advantage May Be Gained Over Us by Satan; For We Are NOT Ignorant of His Schemes.

Compare these Two Passages of Scriptures Concerning Strife.

And I, Brothers and Sister, Could Not Speak Unto You as Unto Spiritual, But as Unto Carnal, Even as Unto Babes in Christ. I Have Fed You with Milk, and Not with Meat: For Up Until Now You Were Not Able to Bear it, Neither Are You Now Able.  For You Are Still Carnal: For Whereas there is Among You Envying, and Strife, and Divisions.... (1 Corinthians 3:1-3).

Envying, Strife and Divisions Had Reduced the Early Corinthian Christians Back to the Natural, or Carnal, State that they Were in Before they Were Born Again.  It Had So Stunted their Spiritual Growth that they Couldn’t Understand the Things the Apostle Paul Wanted to Teach Them.

Satan Has Sent the Same Spirit of Division Among Us Today. He Knows that a House Divided Against Itself Will Fall. He Also Knows if We All Come Together in the Unity of Our Faith, We’ll Arrive at the Full Stature of Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 4:13).  So He Has Assigned a Spirit of Division to Operate in Our Personal Lives, Our Church Lives, Our Social Lives and Our Family Lives.  His Goal is the Same as it Was in Corinth: to Bring Envying, Strife and Division, and to Stunt Our Spiritual Growth.

But We Don’t Have to Yield to that Spirit.  Instead Paul Says, “[by] Speaking the Truth in Love, [We] May Grow Up into Him in All Things, Which is the Head, Even Christ,” (Ephesians 4:15).

Compare, “Speaking the Truth in Love” to, “Envyings, Strife, and Divisions.”  Diametrical Opposites, Aren’t they?  You Can’t Do Both of Them at the Same Time.  As You Speak the Truth in Love, You Grow Up.  As You Envy, Fuss and Separate From One Another, You Go Back to Babyhood.  “Love is the Door, and Humility is the Key that Unlocks that Door.”

Don’t Let d—Evil One Stop Your Spiritual Growth by Giving in to the Spirit of Division, But Speak the Truth in Love And, “Grow Up into Him in All Things!”

  {Hebrews 11:6}  



When Offenses Come

I Had Just Completed a Great Trip and I Was Able to Witness to a Bunch of Folks.  The Journey Went Extremely Well, Exceeding My Expectations, “Except For the Last Part While Coming Home.  Then This Guy that Had Also Rode Up with Me On the Flight I Had Been On, Was Also On this Return Flight, and He Was a Preacher and Had Preached in the City I Just Travelled to While I Was there, But I Didn’t Know it or Him.  So, I Changed Seats to Just Sit Beside Him and Cultivate a Friendship.
However, He Was a From a Different Denomination and I Have No Problem there, But He Wanted to Start a Debate to Find Out Why I Am Not of His Denomination, (It’s a Lose ~ Lose Situation).  I Finally Told Him that Either He or I May Be Wrong in Our Choice of Denominations.  Even So, if He and I Argued Back and Forth, the Results Would Be that Those Sitting Around Us Would Not Want to Ask Yahoshua to Be their Lord.  This Would Be Counter—Productive to My Interpretation of Yahweh’s Word, and that I Would Not Engage in this Conversation Any Further if it is Going to Cause Strife or an Argument, (Maybe Privately We Could Discuss What We’ve Seen From Yahweh’s Word, Maybe ~ Probably Not, {Ephesians 4:1-4, James 3:18; Ephesians 5:1-2, 9; Galatians 6:1; & 2 Timothy 2:14; 23-26 Below}).

14 Remind [the People] of these Facts and [Solemnly] Charge Them in the Presence of Yahweh to Avoid Petty Controversy Over Words, Which Does No Good But UpSets and Undermines the Faith of the Hearers23 And the Servant of Yahweh Must Not Be Quarrelsome, (Fighting and Contending). 24 Instead, He Must Be Kindly to Everyone and Mild-Tempered [Preserving the Bond of Peace]; He Must Be a Skilled and Suitable Teacher, Patient and Forbearing and Willing to Suffer Wrong.  25 He Must Correct His Opponents with Courtesy and Gentleness, In The Hope that God May Grant that they Will Repent and Come to Know the Truth [That they Will Perceive and Recognize and Become Accurately Acquainted with and Acknowledge it], 26 And that They May Come to their Senses [and] Escape Out of the Snare of the Devil, Having Been Held Captive by Him, [henceforth] to Do His [God’s] Will, (2 Timothy 2:14, 23-26).

That Was Wisdom From Yahweh, and I Believe this Young Preacher Needed to Hear this Advice.  However, Because He Was So Insistent On Wanting to Debate Why I Am Not of His Denomination, I Was Distracted From Realizing Until Later Something Yahweh Had Shown Me in the Past.  Yahweh Had Me Reflect that On Almost Every Successful Trip that I’ve Made, On the Last Part of the Trip, d—Evil One Tries to Get Me into His Arena of Strife, (for the Weapons of Our Warfare Are NOT Carnal ~ 2 Corinthians 10:4-5).  However; I Was Not Able to Pass Along to Him this Greater Advice About ‘Being On Your Guard For the Last Leg of the Trip’.



The Enemy Will Try to Catch You with Your Guard Down

I Said Quietly Under My Breath, Yahweh Show Him the Spirit of the Real You.  We Sat Quietly and Did Not Talk to One Another the Entire Rest of the Trip, Except For One Time, He Started Speaking Out Loud the Words to a Song they Sang Where He Preached at Without the Tune, and I Sang the Tune of Only What I Heard Him Say Out Loud, and What I Was Hearing On the Inside of Me From the Holy Ghost.  He Was Amazed and Said That’s the Right Tune, and Wanted to Know if I’d Heard it Before.  I Assured Him I Had Never Heard it Before He Mouthed the Words.  I Wanted to Be in Tune with the Spirit, Not in Strife as that is the d—Evil One’s Arrows, (Fiery Darts).

Galatians 5:20 ~ Tells Us Specifically What is in the Arsenal of d—Evil One’s Array, and ‘Strife’ is Listed Among these Enemy’s Tactics, (Included Among Jealousies, Outbursts of Anger, Rivalries, Divisions).

Now, Our Weapons Are, “Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self- Control” ~ Galatians 5:22-23 ~ “Against Such there is No Law .  So, as Long as I Stay in ‘Love’, then d-Evil One Has NO Weapon, NO Legal Right, NO Law From Which He Has a Legal Leg to Stand On.



Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails, (1 Corinthians 13:1-8)

 But, if I Engage in Strife, then I Have Just Decided to Fight the Fight Without Faith; which is the Opposite of Romans 5:2 ~ Through Whom We Also Have Our Access by Faith Into this Grace In Which We Stand. We Rejoice In Hope of The Glory of God... and That’s Not Good ~ Since I Have Chosen Debating as the Weapon of My Choice, “For Man‘s Anger Does Not Produce or Promote The Righteousness Yahweh [Wishes and Requires].” ~ James 1:20 Strife is d—Evil One’s Weapon of Choice So Expect Strife to Come Up Today.  Be On the Alert, “Be Ready.”  Be Ready to Forgive, “Forgiving is ‘For Giving’, Not ‘For Keeping’.” (Not Holding On to a Grudge).

If You Have the Gift of Teaching, Watch Out For this Trap~! ~ (Luke 17:1-5).  It Is a Religious Spirit, More Concerned with Being Right than Having a Relationship.  If a Christian Brother or Sister is in Error or Perceived Error, then they Are in Error, But Unless You Feel the Holy Spirit Leading You to, “Correct Them in Love,” (Speak the Truth, But Not Just the Truth; as Ephesians 4:15 Says to, “Speak the Truth in Love”).  If ALL You Can Think Is, “But it’s the Truth,” Then Disengage, and Stand Down~!  When You Have the Proper Amount of Love and Compassion, then You Might Be the One Yahweh Uses to Correct What You Perceive is Wrong, (Even then Consider that Sin is “Walking In Darkness”, (1 John 1:6), and You Don’t Know What Dehgree of Light that they Are Walking In).

There Were Two More Incidents After This to Encourage Me to Engage in Strife, But I Believe You’ve Got the Picture and Don’t Need to Hear these Sad Saga’s. 

James 2:13 (WEB) For Judgment is Without Mercy to Him Who Has Shown No Mercy.
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment.

Click Below For More On this Subject:

The Purpose of Persecution

Let’s Say Someone Has Done Something Wrong to You or Offended You, (You Might Not Know You’re Offended, But if You Avoid Contact with Them, Remove Them From Your FaceBook or Other Social NetWork, then there’s a Good Chance that You Are Offended).  I’m Not Saying that You’re Right or Wrong About this Person that Has Hurt You.  I’m Saying that AS FOR YOU, You Need to Forgive Them.  Look Closely at Luke 17:1-4.

Offenses Are Going to Come.  Occasions of Stumbling Where You Get ‘Tripped Up’ Are GOING TO COME and Woe to Them Through Whom they Do Come.  I’m Not Sure What Woe Means, But it’s Obviously Not Good.  We All Know that they ‘Done You Wrong‘, But Inspect Luke 17:3 ~ “Take Heed to Yourselves,” that You Don’t Get Snared by the Trap.  Don’t Take the Bait Because this Will ‘Trigger the Trap’, (Usually a Cascading Avalanche Effect that Just Escalates and Seems to Keep On Going and You Can’t Seem to Stop it ~ You Cause this Rebounding Sequel to Cease by Getting Back in Love, (and an Apology Might Be the Right Thing to Do)~!

You Do Have to, “Take” Offense.  It’s Not Just Inherently Done and Suddenly You’re Offended.  Instead, You Have to Make a Choice Rather than to, “Take” Offense, to, “Give” Them Mercy and Grace, and, “Forgive” Them; One is Taking and One is Giving, {Clue: the Word, “ForGive” Has, “Give” in it}.  James 3:16 Says ~ For Wherever there is Jealousy (Envy) and Contention (Rivalry and Selfish Ambition), there Will Also Be Confusion (Unrest, Disharmony, Rebellion), and All Sorts of Evil and Vile Practices.

The Purpose of an Offense Used by d—Evil One is to Get Us to Separate Ourselves, to, “Feel Wounded”, and to Put the Focus On Ourselves and to Put Up a, “Fence,” and to Separate Ourselves From the Very Ones that We Are Supposed to Be Linked Up with.  From the Greek, the Word Offense Means That Which Causes to Trip, or Stumble or Fall’).  In Our Day and Time, We Would Say that Which Causes Us to Get ‘Tripped Up’.  Or You Might Hear Someone Say, “Man, You Tripping,” (which is Exactly the Same as Saying You’re Giving Me an Occasion to Get Offended).  (See Matthew 13:20-21; Mark 4:16-17; Luke 7:23)

Tribulation’ Means to Crush, Press, Compress, Squeeze.  ‘Offended’ Means to Become Indignant, Resentful, Annoyed or Repelled or Made to Stumble and that Which Causes Us to Feel Displeasure, to Get Angry, Hurt, Mad, Bent Out of Shape, or that Which Shocks Us or that Which Causes Us to Disconnect, to Cease to Trust or to Believe in Whom We Should Trust and Believe In, and Persecute is to, “Drive Away” or to Separate.

 The Basic Purpose of Offense From the Enemy is that Which Causes You to Separate and to Lose Faith, to Become Skeptical and to Doubt, To Cause Us to Separate, Putting Pressure On Us, and Harassment, So that We Are Tempted to Go by Our Feelings to Be ‘Driven Away

The Trial of Peter‘s Faith

John 16:1 ~ I HAVE Told You ALL these Things, So that You Should Not Be Offended, (The World English Bible Reads, {“So that You Wouldn’t Be Caused to Stumble”}.  Mark 14:27-28 ~ Foretold that ALL of the Disciples Would Stumble, (Offense,  {G4625} Means That Which Causes to Trip, or Stumble or Fall’... ).  Yahoshua Said to Them, “All of You Will Be Made to Stumble Because of Me Tonight, For it is Written, ‘I Will Strike the Shepherd, and the Sheep Will Be Scattered.’”

When the Thing Doesn’t Go the Way that You Thought it Would.  When they Didn’t Get Healed.  When You Are Asking Why?  When You Are Angry, Hurt, Shocked, and Ceasing to Believe in Something You Should Believe in.  Peter’s Faith Was Tried, and the Result Was that He Became Offended.  Peter Had Stated that if ALL Else Would ‘Tuck and Run’, that He Would Never Deny Yahoshua, (Matthew 26:35; Mark 14:31; Luke 22:33).

To Prove that He Was Serious, Peter Cut Off a Man’s Ear When the Roman Guards Came to Capture Yahoshua.  Peter Was Ready to Fight to the Death and Had Actions to Prove This; But Peter Wasn’t Prepared For Yahoshua to Quietly Lay Down His Life.  He Was Prepared to Die For Yahoshua, But Peter Wasn’t Prepared to Stand by and Let Them Take Yahoshua Without a Fight~!

When Things Didn’t Go the Way that He Thought that they Would, and Yahoshua Said, “Put Up the Sword into its Sheath.  The Cup Which the Father Has Given Me, Shall I Not Drink it?”  Peter Was Shocked, and Became Offended.  So, Offended Was Peter that Within Hours, Peter Denies to a Relative of the Man that He Had Cut the Ear Off, that Peter Was Even with Yahoshua, {One of the Servants of the High Priest, Being His Kinsman Whose Ear Peter Cut Off, Said, Did Not I See You in the Garden with Him?  Peter Therefore Denied Again, and Immediately the Rooster Crowed, (John 18:10; 15-16; 25-27)}.

Yahoshua Said, “Simon, Simon, Behold, Satan Asked to Have You, that He Might Sift You as Wheat, But I Prayed For You, that Your Faith Wouldn’t Fail.  You, When Once You Have Turned Again, Establish Your Brothers,” (Luke 22:31-32; 56-61)

Did this Prayer that Yahoshua Work For Peter?  Did Peter Come Back and Strengthen His Brothers, (of Which I Am One).  Later On, Yahoshua Told Them to Go Tell My Disciples and Peter, (Because Peter Had Unhooked ~ Mark 16:7; John 18:17).  If You’ll Come Back and Get Connected, Not Only Will He Welcome You Back But Give You Something to Do.  Yahoshua Told Peter, “To Feed My Sheep,” (John 21:17).

It Was Peter that Later Wrote, “Tend, (Nurture, Guard, Guide, and Fold), the Flock of God that is [Your Responsibility], Not by Coercion or Constraint, But Willingly; Not DisHonorably Motivated by the Advantages and Profits [Belonging to the Office], But Eagerly and Cheerfully,” (1 Peter 5:1-5).  To See More On Pasturing Your Flock, (Click On this Link).  It Was Peter that Wrote About,The Trial of Your Faith,” (1 Peter 1:6-7).


Many of Yahoshua’s Disciples Left Too

d—Evil One Goes About ‘AS a Roaring Lion’ Seeking Those Whom He MAY Devour, (1 Peter 5:8).  So, d—Evil One is NOT a Roaring Lion, and Can’t Devour Everybody, and they’re No Guarantee that He Can Even Devour Those that He Targets; (May Devour ~ May Not)~!  By Contrast, We’ll Tread Upon Lions and Trample Them Under Our Foot, (Psalm 91:13 ~ You Shall Tread Upon the Lion and the Cobra, the Young Lion and the Serpent You Shall Trample Underfoot).  1The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal.  His Weapons Are Only Carnal, So He Has to Get You in the Flesh, to Get You to Separate From the Pack, So that as a Straggler Lagging Behind, as a Lone Wolf / Lone Ranger Can Get into Trouble and d—Evil One Can Be Allowed to Devour Us.

Even Yahoshua Had Folks that Separated From Him and Never Came Back.  Look at John 6:61, 64, 66 ~ But Yahoshua, Knowing Within Himself that His Disciples Were Complaining and Protesting and Grumbling About it, Said to Them:  Is this a Stumbling Block and an Offense to You?  [Does This Upset and Displease and Shock and Scandalize You?].  But [Still] Some of You Fail to Believe and Trust and Have Faith.  For Yahoshua Knew From the First Who Did Not Believe and Had No Faith and Who Would Betray Him, and Be False to Him.

After This, Many of His Disciples Drew Back, (Returned to their Old Associations), and No Longer Accompanied Him, (Walked with Him No More).  Do You Suppose the Twelve Disciples Understood The, “Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood” Sermon, Any More than the Rest of Them?  NO.  They Did Not~!  However, they Remained in Love and Remained ‘Hooked’, Up and Said, “Lord, to Whom Would We Go?  You Have the Words of Eternal Life.”

This Was the Concept of Believing the Best in Others Even When You Don’t Understand Them or their Actions, {The Apostle Paul Under Inspiration Form the Holy Ghost, Put it in a Better Understanding Later On in 1 Corinthians 13:7 as Stated From the Amplified Bible Classic Edition ~ Love Bears Up Under Anything and Everything that Comes, is Ever Ready to Believe the Best of Every Person, its Hopes Are Fadeless Under ALL Circumstances, and it Endures Everything [Without Weakening]}.

The Purpose of Offense is to Cause Us to Separate & Doubt

Proverbs 16:33 (AMPC) ~ The Lot is Cast into the Lap, But the Decision is Wholly of Yahweh, [Even The Events that Seem Accidental Are Really Ordered by Him].  Speaking of the Word ‘Lot’ That Was In The Above Sentence, There Was Also a Person Named ‘Lot’ and as Long as He Stayed Hooked Up with Abraham, He Was Blessed and He and His Family Prospered~!  (Genesis 13:5-17).

Recall that It Is the Intention of d—Evil One to Cause Us to Separate from Those That We Are Supposed to be Hooked Up With?  The Ones Your Very Blessing Will Come Through.  See it From Another Perspective.  If You Have Wealth How Much More You Could Bring Forth the Kingdom of Yahweh and Duplicate More Christians Acting Like Little Christs.  D-evil One is At War With Uss and Just Like in a Physical War, He Must Stop Our Supply Lines, and Blow Up Our Bridges So that We Will Starve and Not Be Effective Against His Attempts to Gain Territory.  Our Bridges Are Our Connections with Others Where Our Supply of the Spirit is.

But There Was Strife Between Abraham’s Herdsmen and Lot’s Herdsmen.  The Canaanites and the Perizzites THEN Dwelt in the Land.  Why Even Mention the Canaanites and the Perizzites? Was It Because they Were Observing the Strife and it was Not Making them Want to Turn to the One True Living God? Could It Have Been Because The Word “Then” Was Used that Instead of Advancing the Kingdom of Yahweh, Because of the Strife that the Canaanites and the Perizzites Took Some Choice Land that Abraham and Lot Could Have Had, if they Had Not Been Arguing? Or Both?

Even John the Baptist Was Offended, Hurt, Upset, Mad, Felt Like He’s Been Let Down, Felt Like Somebody Didn’t Come Through For Him and He Begin to Lose Our Faith.  The Basic Purpose of Offense From the Enemy is that Which Causes You to Separate and to Lose Faith, to Become Skeptical and to Doubt.  John Sent Messengers to Yahoshua Asking:

Matthew 11:2-6 Now When John Heard in the Prison the Works of Christ, He Sent Two of His Disciples and Said to Him, “Are You He Who Comes, or Should We Look For Another?” Yahoshua Answered Them, “Go and Tell John the Things Which You Hear and See: the Blind Receive their Sight, the Lame Walk, the Lepers Are Cleansed, the Deaf Hear, the Dead Are Raised Up, and the Poor Have Good News Preached to Them.  Blessed is He Who Finds No Occasion For Stumbling in Me.“

Luke Records this Same Account at Luke 7:23, in the Amplified Bible Classic Edition as ~ And Blessed, (Happy— with Life-Joy and Satisfaction in God’s Favor and Salvation, Apart From Outward Conditions—and to Be Envied), Is He Who Takes No Offense in Me and Who is Not Hurt or Resentful or Annoyed or Repelled or Made to Stumble [Whatever May Occur].

Luke 7:23 From the Good News Translation (GNT) ~ How Happy Are Those Who Have No Doubts About Me.

The Living Bible ~ And Tell Him, ‘Blessed is the One Who Does Not Lose His Faith in Me.

Not Forgiving an Offense Will Make Your Heart Frozen ~

This Illustrates the Effects of Separation, and Putting Up Walls Because You’ve Been Offended
Or Rejected or Feelings of Betrayal, {UnForgiven Rejection Turns into Rebellion}.

A Kingdom of Isolation,
And it Looks Like I’m the Queen.

The Wind is Howling Like this Swirling Storm Inside
Couldn’t Keep it In, Heaven Knows I Tried~!

Don’t Let Them In, Don’t Let Them See
Be the Good Girl You Always Have to Be
Conceal, Don’t Feel, Don’t Let Them Know
Well, Now they Know! 

Let it Go, Let it Go
Can’t Hold it Back Any More
Let it Go, Let it Go
Turn Away and Slam the Door! 

I Don’t Care
What they’re Going to Say
Let the Storm Rage On,
The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway! 

It’s Funny How Some Distance
Makes Everything Seem Small
And the Fears that Once Controlled Me
Can’t Get to Me at All! 

It’s Time to See What I Can Do
to Test the Limits and Break-Through
No Right, No Wrong, No Rules For Me I’m Free! 

Let it Go, Let it Go
I Am One with the Wind and Sky
Let it Go, Let it Go
You’ll Never See Me Cry~!

Get Understanding

Proverbs 17:27 ~ the Person Who Has Knowledge Spares His Words,
And The Person of Understanding Has a Cool Spirit~!

Psalm 119:104, Proverbs 4:5, Proverbs 4:7, Proverbs 4:7, Proverbs 23:23
ALL Tell Us to Get UnderstandingWhen You Get Understanding, You’re Not Upset at Them~!

Say a Car Passes You Fast, and Cuts You Off.  You’re Mad, But Then as the Car Passes You, You Notice that the Wife is Very Pregnant and About to Have the Baby in the Car~!  You Have an AhHa Moment, and Suddenly You Understand Why this Guy Cut You Off, Turns Out that He’s Not a jerk at ALL, He’s Just Preoccupied with His Wife’s Emergency and You Gain Understanding.

A Person of Understanding Has a Cool Spirit ~ {You Cool Off~!}
(Proverbs 17:27

Have You Prayed For Them.  You Don’t Want to Judge Them, or Later On You Will Be Tested to See How Well that You Can Past that Same Test~!

Matthew 7:1 (AMPC) ~ DO NOT Judge and Criticize and Condemn Others, So that You May Not Be Judged and Criticized and Condemned Yourselves.


Forgiveness, the Way to Success & Promotion

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, I Was Told by Yahweh to Forgive Someone and I Did.  I’d Been Wrestling with This For a Long While Now.  I Wanted Instead of Responding with Forgiveness or Even Love, to Put Up Walls Like a Fortresses, (a Fortified Place: Stronghold; Especially: a Large and Permanent Fortification 1; a Place that is Protected Against Attack 2); and as they Say in Star Trek, “Shields Up,” So that I Could NEVER BE HURT LIKE THAT AGAIN EVER~!  It Was Very, Very Hard to Do~! 

Well, I Chose as Hard as it Was to Forgive and Things Are Happening that I Would Not Have Dreamed that Would Never Have Thought that Could Occur.
This Person is Becoming Like Me.  The Thing that We ALL Hate is When We Are Not Received.  I Don’t Even Think We Know Fully Why We Dislike it So, But We Don’t Like it When We Are Not Accepted.  Rejection Seems to Hurt the Most.
Now, that I Have Forgiven This Person, the Receiving is Going Deeper and Further than I Even Knew Possible.  The Stuff I Go Off and Ponder and Mediate On Privately, this Person Says.  I Had Waited Until I Told You this to See if it Was Happening Over and Over Repeatedly Again and it Is.  I Am Just in Awe~!  I Think I Listen as they Talk the Whole Time with My Mouth Open and My Jaw Dropped~!

I Am Convinced that as Long I Didn’t Receive this Person, then I Was Blocking this Person From Receiving Me.  Since the Moment of Forgiveness, I’ve Been Much Happier, and I Delight in Seeing This Individual Become The Person of Yahweh that they Are Supposed to Become, (and it’s Not that this Person is Copying Me; But they Are Saying and Finding Out Stuff that I Knew Over Sixteen-Eighteen Years Ago).

Surrendering To Self

Not, that I’m ALL that.  Maybe, this Person Was Learning Other Stuff Sixteen Years Ago and Now I’m Learning their Stuff.

And it Actually Turns Out to Be a Promotion James 1:12 ~ (AMPC) ~ Blessed, (Happy, to Be Envied), is the Man Who is Patient Under Trial and Stands Up Under Temptation, For When He Has Stood the Test and Been Approved, He Will Receive [The Victor’s] Crown of Life Which Yahweh Has Promised to Those Who Love Him.   The Temptation is to Take Matters into Your Own Hands, to Return the Hurt, But Even Harder Which Will Only Escalate a Bad Situation into a Worse Situation.  The Temptation to Close Down and Put Up Walls of Self Defense.  You Say, “Turn the Other Cheek,” No, I Want to Turn Up the Heat~!

To Want to Follow 1 Peter 3:9 ~ this is Not Natural ~ Not Rendering Evil For Evil, or Reviling For Reviling; But Instead Blessing; Knowing that to THIS Were You Called, that You May Inherit a Blessing.  If You Inherit a Blessing, then That’s a Promotion in this Lifetime.  If You Receive the Crown of Life, then that a Promotion in the Ages to Come~!

But Instead Blessing; Knowing that to this Were You Called,

It Can Only Be Done by Surrendering.  You Can Do This, (or Else We Would Not Have Been Instructed in the Scriptures to Do So).  Make A Decision, Despite How Hurt You Think that You Are, or How Badly You Feel Mistreated, or Not Understood, and if a Negative Remembrance Comes Up, Say It Out Loud, “I Have Turned that Matter Over to Yahweh, if You Want to Talk to Someone About that, then You Will Have to Talk to Yahweh Directly and Not to Me.  That is Not My Concern Anymore~! (1 Peter 5:5-10; James 4:1, 6-12).  Our Responsibility is to and to DeEscalate Verbally Agitated Persons by Walking in Love. Diffuse is Good Word Because it Relates to Scattering or Spreading and We Are Instructed to Bear One Another’s Burdens, and So Fulfill the Law of Christ, (Galatians 6:2).

Mark 4:16-17 ~ And they Have No Real Root in Themselves, and So they Endure For a Little While; then When Trouble or Persecution Arises On Account of the Word, they Immediately Are Offended (Become Displeased, Indignant, Resentful), and they Stumble and Fall Away, “Being Rooted and Grounded in Love {Ephesians 3:17).  If We Walk in Love, Real Agape Love, as Was Commanded to Us in a Lot of Places Such as, (John 13:34 - 35; John 15:12, 17; Romans 13:8; Romans 12:10; Galatians 5:13; Ephesians 4:2;
1 Thessalonians 3:12; 1 Thessalonians 4:9; 2 Thessalonians 1:3
; & Also Hebrews 10:24; 1 Peter 1:22; 1 Peter 5:14; 1 John 3:11; 1 John 3:23; 1 John 4:7; 1 John 4:11;
1 John 4:12; 2 John 1:5
Then We Won’t Be Offended as Perfect Love Cast Out Fear, (1 John 4:18).

Letting Go

Yahweh Will Take it From there.  Philippians 4:6, Ephesians 6:10, Mark 8:34 & Galatians 2:20 Are No Any Longer Just a Bunch of Nifty Verses to Post On Your Refrigerator, they Are Our Way of Life and a Path to the Fullness of Joy~!

Proverbs 4:18-27 (AMPC) 18 But the Path of The [Uncompromisingly] Just and Righteous is Like The Light of Dawn, that Shines More and More (Brighter and Clearer) Until [it Reaches its Full Strength and Glory In] the Perfect Day [to Be Prepared]. 19 The Way of the Wicked is Like Deep Darkness; they Do Not Know Over What they Stumble20 My Son, Attend to My Words; Consent AND Submit to My Sayings21 Let Them Not Depart From Your Sight; Keep Them in the Center of Your Heart22 For They Are Life to Those Who Find Them, Healing and Health to ALL their Flesh23 Keep and Guard Your Heart with ALL Vigilance and ABOVE ALL that You Guard, For Out of it Flow the Springs of Life24 Put Away From You False And Dishonest Speech, and Willful And Contrary Talk Put Far From You 25 Let Your Eyes Look Right On [with Fixed Purpose], and Let Your Gaze Be Straight Before You.  26 Consider Well the Path of Your Feet, and Let ALL Your Ways Be Established And Ordered Aright.  27 Turn Not Aside to the Right Hand or to the Left; Remove Your Foot From Evil.

Philippians 4:6
In Nothing Be Anxious, But In Everything, by Prayer and Petition with Thanksgiving, Let Your Requests Be Made Known to God.

Ephesians 6:10
Finally, Be Strong in Yahweh, and in the Strength of His Might.

Mark 8:34
He Called the Multitude to Himself with His Disciples, and Said to Them, “Whoever Wants to Come After Me, Let Him Deny Himself, and Take Up His Cross, and Follow Me.

Galatians 2:19-21
For I, Through the Law, Died to the Law, that I Might Live to God.  I Have Been Crucified with Christ, and It is No Longer I that Live, But Christ Living in Me.  That Life Which I Now Live in the Flesh, I Live by Faith of the Son of God, Who Loved Me, and Gave Himself Up For Me.  I Don’t Make Void the Grace of God.  For if Righteousness is Through the Law, then Christ Died For Nothing~!”

Other Resources
I Strongly Suggest Buying a Small Book that You Can Get On Half.com, (http://www.Half.com), or eBay (http://www.ebay.com), or On Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com), For Not Much Money.

Very Large and Easy to Read Print,
Adapted From a Chapter In Francis Frangipane’s Bookk808080">it’s a Small Book, Less than 1/4” Thick)


How to Respond When You Feel Mistreated
by John Bevere For a Small Amount of Money On Half.com~!

Also these Books Can Be Obtained On Audio CD’s or Cassettes or MP3 Files


The Bait


The Bait of Satan by John Bevere.
For More In–depth, I Highly Recommend that You Read or Listen to this Book..

Click Here to go John & Lisa Bevere’s Messengers International Web Site

The Bait of Satan,” (is the Snare, the Trap or the Greek Word For Offense ~ Luke 17:1); is the Trigger Device On this Trap, and a Mouse Trap Might Have Some Cheese On this Triggering Device, So John Bevere Calls This, “The Bait,” or the Lure On a Fishing Hook.  There Has to Be Something there to Entice You or the Trap Won’t Work.

The Bait of Satan by John Bevere; Should Be Required Reading to Every New Believer.  You Can Use the Mouse’s Left Top Button to Click On this Link Below and the Video Will Start the First 30 Minute Sermon in a 12-Part Series.  The Next Link Will Be On the YouTube Video, (on the Top Right Hand Corner After the Video Completes).

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God’s Word, His Promise Will Always Come to Pass
as Long as You Don’t Get Offended, (John Bevere).

Also these Books Can Be Obtained On Audio CD’s or Cassettes or MP3 Files



Let the Peace of Yahweh Rule in Your Heart  

Colossians 3:15 (AMPC) And Let the Peace (Soul Harmony Which Comes) From Christ Rule (Act as Umpire Continually) in Your Hearts [Deciding and Settling with Finality ALL Questions that Arise in Your Minds, in that Peaceful State] to Which as [Members of Christ’s] One Body You Were Also Called [To Live].  And Be Thankful (Appreciative), [Giving Praise to God Always].

Psalm 119:165 Says, “Great Peace Have they Which Love Thy Law and Nothing Shall Offend Them.”


Click Here to go John & Lisa Bevere’s Messengers International Web Site


  The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal ~ 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Ephesians 6:12
For We Do Not Wrestle Against Flesh and Blood, But Against Principalities, Against Powers, Against the Rulers of the Darkness of this Age, Against Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in the Heavenly Places.

1 Peter 3:12
But the Face of Yahweh is Against Those Who Do Evil.  So, Don’t Be On the Sidelines Cheering For their Demise.  These Folks Are Flesh, and We Do Not Wrestle Against Flesh.  they Are Being Used by d—Evil One.

Instead, Let’s Rejoice Now Over Philippians 1:6 and their Deliverance and that’ll Put a Thump On d—Evil One’s ego.

Philippians 1:6 (AMPC)
And I Am Convinced and Sure of this Very Thing, that He Who Began a Good Work in You Will Continue Until the Day of Yahoshua Christ [
Right Up to the Time of His Return], Developing [that Good Work] and Perfecting and Bringing it to Full Completion in You.


  Bless is Something We Do with Our Mouth

Click Here to See the Definition of Bless OnLine

To Praise, Celebrate with Praises
To Invoke Blessings
To Consecrate a Thing with Solemn Prayers
To Ask God’s Blessing On a Thing Pray God To Bless it To One’s Use Pronounce a Consecratory Blessing Of God
To Cause To Prosper, To Make Happy, To Bestow Blessings On Favored of God, Blessed


  Pray For Your Enemies

1 Peter 3:9 (New King James Version ~ NKJV)
Not Returning Evil For Evil or Reviling For Reviling, But On The Contrary Blessing, Knowing that You Were Called to This, That You May Inherit a Blessing.

It’s Like I Need Someone to Move My Van Up the Hill.  I Could Ask a Five Year Old to Do it, and He or She Really Likes Me and I Really Like Him or Her, But the Likelihood of Either One of Them Having an Accident is Very High, Because they Are Not Mature Physically Enough Nor Emotionally to Handle the Van if Something Causes the Wheel to Veer Off Course.

I Need Someone that Can Withstand the Pressures of the Wheel Going Where it Wants to Go.  I Need Someone that When Something Unexpected Happens, (Like the Front Wheels Peeling Out On the Sharp Incline), that they Have the Presence of Mind to Handle the Situation, Either by Backing Off the Accelerator or Backing Down the Mountain and Getting a Running Start.

In the Exact Same Way, Yahweh Needs Someone that Can Minister to His Saints, Even Though they Themselves Are So Hurt that they Hurt Others.  I Recommend that You Read the Book, “Hurt People, Hurt People” by Sandra D. Wilson.  Yahweh Needs You to Forgive and to Love Them For Their Sake and For Yours.  (Click Here For Amazon, Click Here Soft Copy On For Half.com, Click Here For a Hard Copy On Half.com; Click Here For eBay)

1 Peter 3:9 (AMPC)
Never Return Evil For Evil or Insult For Insult
Scolding, Tongue-lashing, Berating), But On the Contrary Blessing [Praying for Their Welfare, Happiness, and Protection, and Truly Pitying and Loving Them].  For Knowing that to this You Have Been Called, that You May Yourselves Inherit a Blessing [from Yahweh—that You May Obtain a Blessing as Heirs, Bringing Welfare and Happiness].

1 Peter 2:1 (NKJV) Therefore, Laying Aside ALL Malice, ALL Deceit, Hypocrisy, Envy, And ALL Evil Speaking,

1 Thessalonians 5:15
See that None of You Repays Another with Evil For Evil, But Always Aim to Show Kindness and Seek to Do Good to One Another and to Everybody.

Romans 12:14 ~ 14 Bless Those Who Persecute You; Bless and Do Not Curse.

Luke 6:28 ~ 38 Bless Those Who Curse You, and Pray For Those Who Spitefully Use You.


  Bless Those Who Curse You

Matthew 5:44-45 (NKJV)
44 But I Say to You, Love Your Enemies, Bless Those Who Curse You, Do Good to Those Who Hate You, and Pray For Those Who Spitefully Use You and Persecute You, 45 That You May Be Sons of Your Father in Heaven; For He Makes His Sun Rise On the Evil and On the Good, and Sends Rain On the Just and On the Unjust.

Ephesians 5:1-2 (AMPC)
1THEREFORE BE Imitators of God [
Copy Him and Follow His Example], as Well-Beloved Children [Imitate their Father].  2And Walk in Love, [Esteeming and Delighting in One Another] as Christ Loved Us and Gave Himself Up For Us, a Slain Offering and Sacrifice to God [for You, So that it Became] a Sweet Fragrance.

Isaiah 58:9 (AMPC)
then You Shall Call, and the Lord Will Answer; You Shall Cry, and He Will Say, Here I Am.  If You Take Away From Your Midst Yokes of Oppression [Wherever You Find Them], The Finger Pointed in Scorn [Toward the Oppressed or the Godly], and Every Form of False, Harsh, Unjust, and Wicked Speaking.


  Teflon Coating Your Soul

For More On Offense, and How to Shed Off this Destructive Weapons of Our Enemy, (We Are Not Ignorant of His Schemes and Devices ~ 2 Corinthians 2:11).

We Do NOT Wrestle Against Flesh and Blood, (Ephesians 6:12).

Our Weapons Are NOT Carnal, (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Yahoshua Told Peter that Upon this Rock I Will Build My Church .  This Rock Was Not Peter, But Rather the Revelation Knowledge, (Yahoshua Had Just Said to Peter, {The Word Peter, (G4074), Means, “Small Stone, Pebble”}, Flesh and Blood Did Not Reveal this to You, But My Father Who is in Heaven and Upon this Rock, {This Greek Word, (G4073), Means, “A Large Stone” Used For a Foundation}, This Rock of Revelation ~ Will I Build My Church, (This is Different From the Kingdom of Yahweh).  ~ Matthew 16:17-18).

The Entrance and Unfolding of Your Words Give Light, (Psalm 119:130); or Like The Light that ‘Dawns’, this is the Revealed Word, “For the Word of God is Living and Powerful, and Sharper than Any Two-Edged Sword, Piercing Even to the Division of Soul and Spirit, and of Joints and Marrow, and is a Discerner of the Thoughts and Intents of the Heart, (Hebrews 4:12).

We Are the Soil.  The Word Cannot Fail, So Satan Has to Get Us Doubt the Word and to Cause to Walk in the Carnal Realm.  For it Will Be The Love of Yahweh, One of the Fruits of the Spirit Against Such as “There is No Law*, (Galatians 5:23); For Us to Prevail and to Triumph Victoriously.

Click On the Links Below…

Keith Moore, (Scroll Down to, “That You Should Not Be Offended”)

Keith Moore, (Scroll Down, “The Trial of Peter’s Faith”)

John Bevere ~ the Bait of Satan

Olga Hermans ~ Why Are You Offended?

This Author On YouTube,
(Same as the Video Above)

Other Scriptures OnLine

Being Offended Robs the Anointing


  Star Wars Comparison

This is an Analysis that On Darth Vader and How He Came to Be Such an Evil Force, (But Prophetically, at the End He Repented, (Repentance is the Key that Opens the Door to Yahweh’s Love).  None-the Less, this Sheds Some Light On Others that Have Felt Rejected or Betrayal, (Real or Perceived), or Like Anakin Skywalker that Had No Positive Affirmations, {No Pats On the Back} or Acclamations, {Strong and Enthusiastic Approval or Praise}.  This is the Correlation of the Analogy of Star Wars and How a Fellow Brother or Sister is Taken Out of the Flock by d—Evil One, (and as Mentioned Above), if d—Evil One Can Get You to Separate From Those that Yahweh Put You Together with, then You Are Isolated From the Protection of the Flock and Vulnerable to Being Attacked and Taken Out and Killed.

Have You Also Noticed in Star Wars How the Evil Enemy, (The Emperor Palpatine); Used the Same Tactics that d—Evil One Uses.  And I Don’t Always Agree with Yoda, But When Anakin Skywalker is First Introduced, Yoda Says this of Him, “Fear is the Path to the Dark Side.  Fear Leads to Anger.  Anger Leads to Hate.  Hate Leads to Suffering.”  I Would Add that Being Offended is a Subset of Fear and Also in this Formula For Destruction and Destruction Comes From Pride.  You‘ve Probably Been Taught that Pride Comes Before a Fall, But the Exact Wording in the Scriptures is that Pride Goes Before Destruction, and a Haughty Spirit Before Stumbling, (Proverbs 16:18).  Pride is Like When You Hear the Holy Spirit’s Inner Voice, (If We Allow the Voice to Enter), Telling You to Do or Not Do Something, and You Think I’ve Done this Many Times Before; and I Know What I’m Doing, and You Proceed Anyhow, and it Goes Bad For You.  Whereas A Haughty Spirit is Defined as a Feeling that You Are More Important or Better than Other People.

Star Wars Used the Name, “Luke,” So Let’s Look at the Gospel of Luke Where Yahoshua Said in Luke 7:23, “And Blessed, (Happy — with Life-Joy and Satisfaction in God’s Favor and Salvation, Apart From Outward Conditions—And to Be Envied), is He Who Takes No Offense in Me and Who is Not Hurt or Resentful or Annoyed or Repelled or Made to Stumble [Whatever May Occur].”  Also in John 16:1 ~ {“These Things Have I Spoke to You, that You Should Not Be Offended”}.

First the Evil Emperor Was Cloaked or Disguised as ann, “Angel of Light,” {Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, a Top Leader in the Senate Was in Actuality, the Evil Dark Lord Darth Sidious Emperor}.  This Dark Lord Got Young Anakin Skywalker to Believe that Anakin Was the Best Jedi that Had Ever Came Along ~ And Like a Father Figure, Further Convinced Young Anakin that Yet Again the Council Had Overlooked Him, Even Limiting Anakin‘s Authority When they Finally Made Him a Jedi, and Did Not Appoint Him to Be On the Council as ALL the Other Jedi Had Been Appointed, (Anakin Skywalker Did Have Talent, But Had Not Yet Developed the Character Needed to Walk in that Talent).

This Was an Offense to Anakin Skywalker.  Anakin then Developed this Feeling of Megalomania, (Characterized by an Inflated Sense of Self-Esteem  and Overestimation by Persons of their Powers and Beliefs), and Perpetuated Anakin’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or as James 3:16 Calls it in the Amplified Bible Classic Edition Selfish Ambition, {For Wherever There Is Jealousy (Envy) and Contention (Rivalry and Selfish Ambition), There Will Also Be Confusion (Unrest, Disharmony, Rebellion) And All Sorts of Evil and Vile Practices}.  This is the Opposite of Humility, Forgiveness, Love and Trusting in Yahweh.  A Good Small Book on this Subject Was written by John Bevere Entitled, “How You Respond to Offenses Will Determine Your Future.”

Anakin’s Feeling of Being Overlooked, Produced Self-Pity, Self-Righteousness, {in that He Thought that He Was Superior to Those Over Him}, Bred in Him that When it Came Time to Do An Important Task, (Like Rescuing His Mother that He Went Without Counsel by Anyone).

Proverbs 11:14 ~ But In The Multitude of Counselors There is Safety.

Proverbs 15:22 ~ Where There is No Counsel, Plans Fail; But in a Multitude of Counselors they Are Established.

Proverbs 20:18 ~ Plans Are Established by Counsel; by Wise Guidance Wage War~!

Proverbs 24:6 ~ For Waging War You Need Guidance, and For Victory ~
Victory is in Many Advisors.

So Basically Armed with Self-Importance, When Anakin Got into a Situation that Was Beyond His Emotional Maturity, He Reacted in Hatred Toward that People that Had Killed His Mother, (The Catalyst For Strife is UnForgiveness, {For an Offense, Either Real or Perceived Offense}).  And Anakin Told the Woman that He Loved, {Senator Padmé}, That He Killed People, He Killed Them ALL, Including Women and Children and that Brought Distance Between Him Padmé.  Now, He Felt Bad and Wants to Beat Himself Up About it Further Separating Him From Those that Could Help Him the Most.  This is the Aim of d—Evil One.  The Enemy Will Say, “Don’t Use that Little Hammer to Beat Yourself Up With, Use this 9-Pound Hammer”~!

This Also Set in Anakin’s Mind that He Never Wanted to Lose Anyone Ever Again and He Found Out Supposedly that On the Dark Side that He Could Have the Power to Keep Someone From Dying, and He then Had a Nightmare that His Wife, (Senator Padmé), Would Die in ChildBirth, {which She Did But Mostly of a Broken Heart Because of the Path He Had Chosen and He Was Not Even There By Her Side When She Passed, Having Been Reduced in Battle to a Armless, Legless Person As Obi-Wan Kenobi Cuts Off Anakin’s Left Arm and Both Legs In One Swipe}.  Walking By Sight, or Fear Unchecked by the Word of Yahweh is Faith in Evil, Just as Faith in Yahweh’s Word Brings About the Things Promised by Yahweh}.

Offense is the Thought Bomb, But Leaving the Flock is the Intended Negative Action that d—Evil One Wants.  Once Someone Has Separated Themselves, they Set the Breeding Ground For More Harm.  A Wolf Never Goes After the Pack, But the Stragglers at the End of the Herd.  If Satan Can Get Someone to Take Offense, {and an Offense is Something that You Have to Take}, then You’re Toast, (You Can Be Wronged, But Forgive and Take No Offense as You Have to Take an Offense For d—Evil One’s Trap to Work).

Then the Evil Emperor Further Patted Anakin Skywalker On the Back Convincing Him that He Was a Better Jedi than His Master, (Obi-Wan Kenobi).  And Anakin Demonstrated in Front of Obi-Wan Kenobi that He Had a Better Word of Knowledge Gift than Obi-Wan Kenobi When He Chased the One that Attempted to Take Padmé’s Life, by Jumping Off into the Air and Timing it So that He Precisely Landed On the Hood of the Bad Guy’s Flying Vehicle.  However, as Mentioned Above this Proved to be Untrue.

Even When Anakin Followed the Proper Channels and Told the Jedi High Council Who the Emperor’s Dark Lord Was, (Chancellor Palpatine); He Was Advised by the High Man On the Council, Mace Windu to Remain Where He Was and This Would Have Been Anakin’s Start into Being Trusted by the Council and Would Have Been the Path of the Righteous that Leads to Life, (Proverbs 4:18).  But Because Anakin Inwardly Believed that He Knew Better than the Council, So He Went Disobeying His Orders, (1 Peter 5:5).  He Did Not Cloth Himself with Humility.  Again He Was Not Emotionally Ready For the Battle that Ensued.

The Evil Emperor Palpatine Used this Disobedience to Garnish Deceit and Goaded Anakin into Defending the Supposedly Helpless Chancellor Against the Federation, (Councilman Mace Windu).  Anger Was Fueled in Anakin and When Anakin Rose to Defend the Emperor From Mace Windu, the Emperor Revealed How Much More Enormous Power that the Emperor Had than He Was Pretending to Have, and the Emperor Killed Councilman Mace Windu.  Inadvertently, Anakin Was Used in the Enemy’s Ploy to Bring Down the Highest Councilman On the Good Side.

Once Anakin Sided On the Dark Side, He Felt that there Was No Turning Back, and His Understanding Became, “Darkened.”  He Still Had Not Dealt with the Feelings of Being Offended, (Mostly Perceived Offenses, But Still Not Resolved).

This is Precisely What Romans 1:21 Says Will Happen When We Cease to, “Give Thanks.”  Romans 1:21 ~ Because, Although They Knew God, They Did Not Glorify Him as God, Nor Were Thankful, But Became Futile In Their Thoughts, and Their Foolish Hearts Were Darkened.  As Long as You Are Thankful or Grateful, then You Don’t Feel that You Deserve Something.  But, the Moment You Feel Like You Deserve Something, (Better Treatment, a Raise, etc, they Shouldn’t Have Talked to Me Like that, Preferred Another Over You), then This Person, (it Could Be Us), is Walking in Pride, and Not Clothing Themselves with Humility, (1 Peter 5:5-10), and this Negates Grace, (and it is by Grace that We Are Saved, “Through Faith ~ Ephesians 2:8),

The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal, But Mighty Through God to the Pulling Down of StrongHolds, (2 Corinthians 10:4).  The New Testament Calls this StrongHolds.  The Old Testament Referred to these as Walls, or a Fortified Walls, [(A Brother Offended is More Difficult than a Fortified City; and Disputes, {Contentions, Quarreling}, Are Like the Bars of a Castle, {Arguments Separate Friends Like a Gate Locked with Bars ~ NLT} ~ (Proverbs 18:19)].

Pride Goes Before Destruction, and an Haughty Spirit Before a Fall,  (Proverbs 16:18).  This is Interesting, Most Preachers Have Taught Us that, “Pride Goes Before a Fall” (You Can Get Up From a Fall), “But, the Scriptures Teach Us that, “Pride Goes Before Destruction,” (Total Annihilation ~ to Cease to Exist).

Now, Realizing that He Had Fully Helped the Dark Side, Anakin Bowed His Knee to the Dark Emperor Lord Palpatine, and Paid Homage to Him, Receiving His Next Assignment that Anakin Was to Go and Destroy the Children that Were in Training to Be Jedi’s.  He Had Destroyed Helpless Children Before Out of Wrath, Now it Was to Be with His Full Consent.  So, Anakin Skywalker Fell into a Place Where He Had Been Before and He Slaughtered the Innocent Children that Had No Way of Defending Themselves Against a Highly Trained Jedi Warrior.

However, at the Lake of Fire When Anakin Went For the Death Blow Against Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Advice, He Found that in Reality He Was Not Superior in Skills to Obi-Wan Kenobi and He Was Severely Struck Down, Losing One Hand and Forearm and Two Legs and His Face Was So Marred that He Was Refitted with a Helmet to Survive and the Emperor Duped Him Darth Vader, (This is How He came to Wear the Mask that Would Be His TradeMark).

In Fact, Anakin Was So Injured that While He Was Being Re-Tooled with New and Longer Legs and Was Unconscious, and that He Would Not Be by His Wife’s Side at ChildBirth, and She Was Broken-Hearted that He Went to the Dark Side and Lost Her Will to Live, and Died.  Anakin Went to the Dark Side For Fear, Rather than Faith and Being On the Dark Side Cost Him the Thing He Feared the Most.  The Deceit Had Run it’s Course.

I See More of this Same Results of Being Offended When Anakin Skywalker Kills Count Dooku and Dooku’s Shocked Face When Lord Sidious Tells Anakin to Kill Dooku, (Lord Dooku Was Supposed to Be the Right-Hand Man to Lord Sidious); and thus Anakin begins to Be Darth Sidious’ Apprentice, (Later on in the Saga, Darth Sidious Tries to Encourage Anakin Skywalker’s Son, Luke Skywalker to Kill His Father Anakin Skywalk, (Darth Vader) and Take The Place at Darth Sidious’ Side, The Position Where Anakin Skywalk Had Been).  This Was Not Anakin Skywalker’s First Time to Kill, But it Was the First Time Under the Orders of Darth Sidious, (The Evil Empire Lord ~ Under the Rouse as Chancellor Palpatine), and it Drew Out of the Feelings of Being Rejected by His Father and Wanting Acceptance, (So this is a Part of “The Force” that Was So Often Referred to throughout the Movie Sequels).  The Force is Really an Evil Spirit Such as Pride, or Fear, Hate or Selfish Ambition or Some Other Works of the Flesh, (Galatians 5:19-20), That the individual Takes in.

Just Before they Engage in the Fight, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi Agree that this Time We'll do it Together, {Matthew 18:19 in Action}.  So the Evil Chancellor Palpatine then Immediately tries to Put Negative Thoughts into Obi-Wan Kenobi by Saying, “Get Help, You Are no Match for Him, He is a Sith Lord.”  Obi-Wan's Reply Was to Take that Thought Captive and to Say, “Sith Lords Are Our Specialty”, (You Don’t See Obi-Wan Just Ignoring this Thought and Not Responding).  Notice the Pride as Anakin Skywalker says to Count Dooka, “MY Powers Have Doubled Since We Last Met”, and Count Dooka's Reply is, “Good, Twice the Pride, Double the Fall.”  You Don’t Hear Obi-Wan Kenobi Boasting.  It is Also Noteworthy that During this Fight, it Was Obvious that Darth Sidious Had Powers Beyond The Helpless Individual He Was Pretending to be as Chancellor Palpatine, Directing Count Dooku to Use a Force Field to Send Obi-Wan Kenobi Out of the Fight and to Bind Him Under Some Weight, and to Engage Only Anakin, {https://youtu.Be/eYT3ctPuVRw}.

Darth, (Dark), Sidious had Deceived Anakin For the Purpose of Activating Carnal Weapons in Anakin, From Which Evil Can Operate From, “The Fruit of the Spirit,” On the Other Hand Are Our Weapons of Choice, Against Such There Is NO Law, (Galatians 5:23).  As Long as We Operate in Carnal Weapons, that is d—Evil One’s TERRORitory, (Territory), and d—Evil One Can Only Operate in that Domain of Darkness, (2 Corinthians 10:4).

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 ...’Let no Man Deceive You by Any Means: for that Day Shall Not Come, Except There Come a Falling Away First, and that Man of Sin be Revealed, The Son of Perdition; Who Opposes and Exalts Himself Above All that is Called God, or that is Worshipped; so that He as God Sits In The Temple of God, Showing Himself that He is God.’

At the Last Episode, it Was the Correct Handling of an Offense by Anakin Skywalker’s Son Luke Skywalker Showing Love, Patience, (Fruits of the Spirit, Against Such There Is No Law—d—Evil One Can’t Operate in a Place Where there Is No Law as He is Like a Legal Lawyer, {Going by the Letter of the Law}; and Has No Part in Grace).  Grace is How We Win.  Yahweh Gives Grace to the Humble, But Opposes the Proud, (James 4:6-12).

There is also an Interesting Thing About the Name “Lord”, it is What they called “Baal” in the Old Testament, and Yahweh said Not to Call Me What they called the FALSE gods, (Click Here to Read More About this).

For More On Strife, and How to Shed Off this Destructive Weapons of Our Enemy, Click Here.


  My Response

My Response To Negative Feelings
By Karen Somerville
  1. I Am Not Going to Believe Anything I Am Thinking or Feeling Right Now.

  2. I Am Not Going to Draw Any Conclusions About My Life From Who I Am What Others Think of Me or What My Future Holds Based On What I Am Thinking Right Now.

  3. I Am Definitely NOT Going to Act, “Based On How I Am Feeling.

  4. I Will Trust Yahweh To Show Me What I Need to Change and What is Pressure From the Enemy, “Yahweh, I Ask Your Truth to Penetrate My Life at this Moment.

  5. I Understand the Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation.  {2 Corinthians 7:10 ~ For Godly Sorrow Works Repentance to Salvation, Which Brings No Regret. But The Sorrow of The World Works Death}.  The Conviction of the Holy Ghost Also Convicts us of Righteousness{John 16:8 ~ When He Has Come, He Will Convict The World About Sin, About Righteousness, and About Judgment}.

    • CONVICTION From the Holy Spirit Brings a Desire to Grow and Change.

    • CONDEMNATION From d—Evil One Brings Death—No Hope or Desire.

  6. I Am…

  7. God is at Work“.

  8. God Has Promised“

  9. God is Faithful, “

  10. I Will Go Forward

Psalm 103:1-5, (World English Bible & the Updated Bible)  


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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