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~ How To Increase Your Faith ~

Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh, (Not by Having Heard Some Scriptures Once), But by Hearing and Hearing the Word of Yahweh Over and Over Again Until Yahweh’s Word Gets Deep Down On the Inside of You and Becomes More Real than the Circumstances that You Can See, (Romans 10:17).

What Was Sown On the Good Ground, this is He Who Hears the Word, and Understands it, Who Most Certainly Bears Fruit, and Brings Forth, Some One Hundred Times as Much, Some Sixty, and Some Thirty, (Matthew 13:23)

And Those Sown On the Good (Well-Adapted) Soil Are the Ones Who Hear the Word and Receive and Accept and Welcome it and Bear Fruit—Some Thirty Times as Much as Was Sown, Some Sixty Times as Much, and Some [Even] a Hundred Times as Much, (Mark 4:20). That in the Good Ground, these Are Such as in an Honest and Good Heart, Having Heard the Word, Hold it Tightly, And Bring Forth Fruit with Patience, (Luke 8:15).

Without Faith It is Impossible to Please Yahweh(Hebrews 11:6);

“When the Son of Man Comes, WIll He Find Faith On the Earth?” ~ (Luke 18:8) 


James 1:6 ~ But Let Him Ask in Faith, Without Any Doubting, For He Who Doubts is Like a Wave of the Sea, Driven by the Wind and Tossed.
James 5:15 ~ And the Prayer of Faith WILL Heal Those that Are Sick, and Yahweh WILL Raise Them Up.  If they Have Committed Sins, it Will Be Forgiven Them.
Ephesians 2:8 ~ For by Grace You Have Been Saved Through Faith, and that Not of Yourselves; it is the Gift of Yahweh.

James 1:6; James 5:15; Ephesians 2:8, (WEB)



Why Preach Faith?

If You Ask Most Christians What is the One Commandment to the Body of Christ that Solves All the Ten Commandant Questions.  The Common Answer is The, “We Are To Love the Lord Our God with All Our Heart”.  Actually, That’s the 2nd Commandment, A Second Likewise is This, ‘You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.’ (Matthew 22:37-39; Mark 12:30-31; Luke 10:27; Deuteronomy 6:5),This is My Commandment, that You Love One Another as I Have Loved You,” (John 15:12;17). Yes, That’s a Commandment, and they Are a Lot of Scriptures Verse About How We Are to Treat One Another, But they Are Second.  However the Commandment that Will Solve All the Ten Commandments is ...
1 John 3:23 ~ This is His Commandment, that We Should Believe in the Name of His Son, Yahoshua the Anointed, and Love One Another, Even As He Commanded.  In Fact, We Really Can’t Love One Another, Until You Do the 1st Commandment.

Why Preach Faith, Because the Entire Armor of Yahweh is Built Upon it. ABOVE ALL, Taking Up the Shield of Faith, with Which You Will Be Able to Quench All the Fiery Darts of the Evil One, (Ephesians 6:16).

Add to Your Faith... (2 Peter 1:5) and According to (2 Peter 1:5-10); if You Do these Things, You’ll Never Stumble.
if You Have these Working in You, You Will Never Fall.  But You Can’t Add to Your Faith, if You Don’t Have Something to Add to, (You Have to Have Some Backing, Some Foundation, Before You Can Add Sheetrock Plaster to a Dry Wall, Something So that the Sheetrock Mud Will Have Something to Adhere to.

Love Functions by Faith, (Galatians 5:6).
We Receive the Promises of Yahweh by Faith, (Galatians 3:29).
Partakers of His Divine Nature by these Exceeding Great and Precious Promises, {by Faith}, (2 Peter 1:3-11).
Follow Those Who by Faith Inherit the Promises. (Hebrew 6:12).
Why Preach Faith, (Because of All the Promises of the Covenant Are by Faith)
Miracles Are by Faith, (Galatians 3:5)
Faith is What Overcomes the World, (1 John 5:4)
The Grace of Yahweh is by Faith. If You Don’t Preach Faith, then Folks Will Not Learn How to Walk by Grace.
It is of Faith that it Might Be by Grace, (Romans 4:16).
Looking to Jesus, The Author, {Pioneer} and Perfecter of Faith, Who For the Joy that Was Set Before Him Endured the Cross, Despising Its Shame, and Has Sat Down at the Right Hand of the Throne of God, (Hebrews 12:2).
Let Them Shout For Joy and Be Glad, Who Favor My Righteous Cause. Yes, Let Them Say Continually, “Yahweh Be Magnified, Who Has Pleasure in the Prosperity of His Servant!”, (Psalm 35:27)
In Whom We Have Boldness and Access with Confidence by the Faith of Him, (Ephesians 4:12).

We Desire that Each One of You May Show the Same Diligence to the Fullness of Hope Even to the End that You Won’t Be Sluggish, But Follow Those or Be Imitators of Who Through Faith and Patience Inherited The Promises, (Hebrews 6:12).  I Looked Up Sluggish, and One the Definitions For Sluggish is Languid and it’s Definition Is: (of a Person, Manner, or Gesture), Displaying or Having a Disinclination For Physical Exertion or Effort; Slow and Relaxed.  So, From this I Deduce that the Scripture is Telling Us Not to Be Slow to Believe, (Show the Same Diligence to the Fullness of Hope Even to the End that You Won’t Be Sluggish).  Don’t Dawdle, Waiting For Another Plan.  But Be Quick to Believe, Quick to Grab the Word of Yahweh and then Stand, (Ephesians 6:13); and Stick to it, No Matter What Your Sight is Saying No Matter How Long it Takes Until the Promises Are Manifest, (Hebrews 6:11-12), For We Walk by Faith, (2 Corinthians 5:7).


Limiting Yahweh

I Recall When I Had to Make a Choice.  It Was When My Daughter Was Born, and I Was Trying to Decide if I Should Press Yahweh For Her Complete Healing or if it Was Yahweh’s Will that She Should Leave Planet Earth.

I Sincerely Did Not Want to Force Yahweh’s Will, or to, “Put Yahweh in a Box.”  It Was a Friday Night at the Hospital, and Lots of Folks that Said Yahweh Told Them to Come there Gathered ALL at Once.  Before it Was Over We Had Fourteen Folks in One Hospital Room.  I Managed to Grab Several Chairs From a Nearby Room.  We ALL Sat Down in a Circle, and Prayed One at a Time.  It Was Like Having a Regular Home Group Meeting.

When it Was My Turn, I Prayed Asking Yahweh to Reveal to Me Which Way to Go.  It Was an Older Man, and Much Respected Sunday School Teacher that Told Me He Could Not See Any Other Way that it Was Not Yahweh’s Will to Heal My Daughter.  Just Prior to Him Saying that, I Had Heard Yahweh Tell Me it Was His Will to Heal My Daughter.

We Prayed and Saw Our Daughter Respond Until Two Months Later When I Released Her to Yahweh, But That’s Another Story.  Yet Years Later, in the Area of Healing For Myself, I Find that I’m Still Wanting to Go Before Yahweh, and Find Out What He Wants Me to Do and then to Do Precisely Whatever Yahweh Says to Do.  I Think that is What We ALL Want to Do.

It Would Be So Great to Hear From the Voice of Yahweh and Have Him Tell Me, “You Don’t Need the Surgery, Go in Peace, and Be Made Whole.”  Or it Would Be Alright if Yahweh Said, “Go, Have the Surgery.”  Either Way, the Burden of Responsibly Would Be Off of Me, and On to Yahweh.


Don’t Forget the Benefits

But, That’s Not What I Find.  I Find that Yahweh Writes in Psalm:103:3 That, “Yahweh Heals ALL My Diseases.”  And I Find it Elsewhere in the Word of Yahweh.  Place Like 1 Peter 2:24, and Isaiah 53:3.  So, Even Though it’s Clear that the Word of the One True Living Yahweh that Cannot Lie Says, “Yahweh Heals ALL My Diseases,” I Hear Many Folks Telling Me, “But, Remember Yahweh Also Uses Doctors.”

This Has to Be a Thought-Bomb.  Why Would So Many Folks that Tell Me that Yahweh Uses Doctor’s to Heal Always Include the Word, “Remember.”  Remember?  How Could I Forget, You Remind Me So Often, I Want to Say., “He Has Blinded their Eyes and He Hardened their Heart, Lest they Should See with their Eyes, and Perceive with their Heart, and Would Turn, and I Would Heal Them,” (John 12:40).

But, if there’s Any Remembering to Be Done, it Ought to Be the Words of Yahweh.  Wasn’t it Yahweh Who Said it First, “Forget Not [One of] ALL His Benefits, “Who Heals [Each One of] ALL Your Diseases”  Psalm 103:2-3.

But, Remember, Yahweh Also Uses Doctors You Still Say.  Alright, Got a Pen, I’ll Jot that Down in the Copy of Yahweh’s Word I Carry Around, Because at this Point it’s Just Not in the Word of Yahweh.  Be ALL Right if We Add to Yahweh’s Holy Word?  Let’s Not Remember Something that Never Was, and Forget Yahweh’s Word as the Final Authority.  To Say the Opposite is to Be the Counterfeit.  A Decoy.

But Yet I Was Convinced by this Decoy, I Would Want to Wait Before Yahweh.  Inquiring If I Should Have this Surgery, or Not.  I Don’t Want to Miss Yahweh.


A More Sure Word

But, I Really Think I Have Put Yahweh in a Box, and that I Have Set Limits On Yahweh.  Yahweh’s Word is Clear, But Still I’m Wanting to Wait For a Word From Yahweh.  I Believe We ALL Would Like to Hear a Sure Word of Yahweh.  We ALL Want to See The Lightning Flash, and to Hear a Voice From Heaven.

Notice Something Recorded About One Such Incident.  The Apostle Peter Heard Yahweh Speak On the Mount of Transfiguration.  Wow~!  Peter Was there When Yahweh Spoke and the Voice Thundered Through the Sky, (Matthew 17:1-8).  This is Certainly One of Those Burning Bush Experiences!

However, Near the Time of the End of the Road For Peter, He Knows that His Time On The Earth is About Over, and He’s Leaving Words For the Ones Left Behind to Follow.  He Knows that Many Folks Comment that He Was a Witness and Personally Saw Yahoshua.  They Know that He Had this and Other Encounters, But What About Them?

2 Peter 1:16-19

16 For We Did Not Follow cunningly Devised Fables When We Made Known to You the Power and Coming of Our Lord Yahoshua Ha Mashiach, (Jesus the Messiah}, But Were Eyewitnesses of His Majesty.
17 For He Received From Yahweh The Father Honor and Glory When Such a Voice Came to Him From the Excellent Glory:, “This is My Beloved Son, in Whom I Am Well Pleased.”

18 And This Voice Which Came From Heaven We Heard, When We Were with Him in the Holy Mount.
19 We Have Also a More Sure Word of Prophecy; WhereUnto You Do Well that You Take Heed, as Unto a Light that Shines in a Dark Place, Until the Day Dawn, and the Day Star Arise in Your Hearts.


We Cast the Deciding Vote~!

Peter Talks of this Voice Booming From Heaven and Says that there is a More Sure Word of Prophecy, (2 Peter 1:19).  Prophecy is the “Spoken Word” Declaring the Future Out Come~!  This More Sure Word is the “Spoken Word”s of Yahweh as Recorded in the Scriptures~!

Psalm 138:2 ~ I Will Worship Toward Your Holy Temple, and Praise Your Name for Your Lovingkindness and Your Truth; for You Have Magnified Your Word Above All Your Name.

When We See as Recorded in Scriptures that, Yahweh Heals ALL Our Diseases”; or as The, “Young’s Literal Translation,” Yahweh is Healing ALL Thy Diseases,” it’s Our Part to Receive this by Faith.

Here’s What I Find.  We’ve Been Waiting On Yahweh, But According to Isaiah 55:11, Yahweh is Waiting On His Word to Return to Him.  We Return Yahweh’s Word with Our Voice.  We Are the Voice that Echoes What Yahweh Has Said.  Yahweh is Scanning the Earth, (2 Chronicles 16:9), Looking to Find Someone Who Is Saying Out Loud, or Confessing, (Saying the Same Thing as), Yahweh’s Word.

Yahweh is Watching Over His Word to Perform it, (Jeremiah  1:12).  Even the Angels Only Respond to the Voice of Yahweh’s Word, (This Says Clearly that it Has to Be Someone Other than Yahweh Speaking or Else it Would Have Read, “The Voice of Yahweh”, Rather Than, “The Voice of Yahweh’s Word”), {Psalm 103:20}.

But Still We Want to Hear Yahweh audibly Say Something.  It’s Normal.  However, We Have a More Sure Word.  Here’s the Real Situation.  Voices Are Crying Out to Us Saying, “But, Remember Yahweh Also Uses Doctors,” and then there’s the Word of Yahweh Crying Out, “Yahweh Heals ALL Our Diseases.”  How Do We Respond?

Don’t Be Surprised, {or Dismayed ~ (Joshua 1:9), ~ “Have I Not Commanded You?  Be Strong and of Good Courage; Do Not Be Afraid, Nor Be Dismayed, For Yahweh Is With You Wherever You Go.”  For I Am With YouSee Also (Psalm 118:6; Romans 8:31)}, When the Doctor’s Say Stuff Like, “We’ve Done ALL that We Can Do,” or, “There’s Nothing More We Can Do.” That’s What the Scriptures Told Us that they Would Say.  Yahweh Said that, “With Men it is Impossible.”  Even Though they’ve Done ALL that they Can Do, Yahweh Hasn’t Done ALL that He Can Do, {with Us Mixing Our Faith with Yahweh’s Word ~ But the Message they Heard Did Not Benefit Them, Because it Was Not Mixed with Faith, (Hebrews 4:2)}.

    Jeremiah 32:17; 27; Matthew 19:26; Luke 18:27; Mark 10:27; Mark 9:23
  • Jeremiah 32:17 ~ Ah Lord Yahweh~!  Behold, You Have Made the Heavens and the Earth by Your Great Power and by Your Outstretched Arm; there is Nothing Too Hard For You,
  • Jeremiah 32:27 ~ Behold, I Am Yahweh, the God of ALL Flesh: is there Anything Too Hard For Me?
  • Matthew 19:26 ~ But Yahoshua, *†{Jesus}, Looked at Them and Said, with Men this is Impossible, But All Things Are Possible with Yahweh.
  • Luke 18:27 ~ But He Said, What is Impossible with Men is Possible with God.
  • Mark 10:27 ~ Yahoshua, *†{Jesus}, glanced Around at Them and Said, with Men [it Is] Impossible, But Not with Yahweh; For All Things Are Possible with Yahweh.
  • Mark 9:23 ~ And Yahoshua, *†{Jesus}, Said, [You Say to Me], If You Can Do Anything?  [Why,] All Things Can Be (Are Possible) to Him Who Believes~!

Psalm 112:7-8 Implies, “Whose Report Are You Going To Believe?”  Whoever’s Report You Can Go With, That’s the One that is Going to Win~!

To Read More About What You Say and it’s Creative Power to Shaped Your Destiny, {Click Here}.


Touch Hem

In the Movie “TomorrowLand,” a Very Optimistic Girl that had the Ability to Change a Negative Future Projection into a Positive Outcome said, “When I Touched this Thing for a few minutes, it felt Like anything Was possible, So Why Can’t the Opposite Happen. What if the monitor is Just a giant Pin, But Instead of Making You Think positive, it Makes You Think Negative, it’s Convincing the Whole World to Feed The Wrong Wolf.”  And in the Same Movie, the Powers that Controlled these Future Projections said, “Sticking Critical Views Directly Into Everyone’s Mind. What if There Was a Way of Skipping The Middleman and Print The News Directly Into People’s Heads. How Do You Think this Vision Was Received? How Do You Think People Responded to The Prospect of Imminent Doom? They Gobbled it Up it Up Like a Chocolate Éclair. They Didn’t Fear Their Demise. They Repackaged it. It Can Be Enjoyed as Video Games, as TV Shows, Books, Movies. The Entire World Wholeheartedly Embraced The Apocalypse, and Sprinted Towards it with Gleeful of Abandon.”  In our Present Time, We Have Been Bombarded with Thoughts from the Enemy with Contrary Beliefs to the Fact that Yahweh is a Good God, and has Only Good Thoughts Towards Us.

Take A Look at the Woman that Touched the Hem of Yahoshua’s Garment.  She Was the One Who Dictated the Way in Which She Was Healed.  Her Faith Said, (Yahoshua’s Words, Not Mine), and the Amplified Bible Classic Edition Says that She, “Kept On Saying,” (Mark 5:27-28); That if If I Only Touch His Garments, I SHALL BE Restored to Health (Mark 5:28).   Not Only by Her Point of Contact, But by the Words She Spoke.  Notice Also That, “She Said.”  She Had Faith in Her Heart and She Said it with Her Mouth.  That Proves that She Had it Down in Her Heart For Out of the Abundance of Heart, the Mouth Speaks, (Matthew 12:34-37; Matthew 15:10-11; Mark 7:14-15; Luke 6:44-45; James 3:2-13)~!

But Not Only Did Mark Catch that the Words of Her Mouth Were Involved in this Healing Process, But So Did Matthew Also Observe This, (Matthew 9:9-21).  And Again the Amplified Bible Classic Edition Says, “For She Kept Saying To Herself, If I Only Touch His Garment, I SHALL BE Restored to Health”.  After This, Other People Wanted to Touch The Hem of Yahoshua’s Garment and They Also Got Healed, (Matthew 14:34-36; Mark 10:13; Luke 18:15).  After This, Other People Wanted to Touch The Hem of Yahoshua’s Garment and They Also Got Healed.  Her Act of Faith Started A Touch Hem Movement,” {Pun:, Touch Him Movement”}, (Matthew 14:34-36; Mark 10:13; Luke 18:15).  Note that it Was Luke that Observed Where She Touched, and Not What She Said, (Luke 8:44).  So, We Need One Another Just as We Need Both Matthew and Luke’s Perspective.

The Answer My Friend Is Blowing in the WHEN~!  And WHEN She Touched Yahoshua, it Happened Just as She Has Said.  So, if this Woman Prescribed the Plans of Yahweh, and Yahweh Does Not Change, then Why Can’t We Do the Same.  We Are the Judge.  We Are the Vote that Will Put it Over One Way or the Other.  If We Decide that Our Faith is in the Doctor’s, then Yahweh Meets Us Where We Are, and Thus Reinforcing the Argument that Yahweh Uses Doctors.  From Man’s Point of View, it Does Appear that Yahweh Used the Doctor’s.  But, Let’s Look at it From Yahweh’s Perspective.


When Will Yahweh Find Faith On The Earth?


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Luke 18:8
8 “I Tell You that He Will Avenge Them Speedily.  Nevertheless, When the Son of Man Comes, Will He Really Find Faith On the Earth?”


Will Yahweh Find Someone that Says, Based On the Word of Yahweh, I See that, Yahweh Heals ALL Our Diseases,” and that is the End of the Story, End of the Song?  As Long as We Make a Provision, then We Are Not Fully In Faith.  It Only Takes a Mustard Seed of Faith to Move Mountains, But it Takes ALL of the Faith, with No Alternate Plan.  As Long as We Say, “Well, if Yahweh Doesn’t Heal Me, then I’m Going to Do Whatever” then We Haven’t Committed in Faith.  We Have to Concede to Our Alternate Plans, and Much Like Queen Esther Say, “If I Die, I Die.”

I Used to Not Even Read the New American Standard Version of the Scriptures Because it omitted The, “Have What You Say,” found in (Mark 11:23 ~ For Most Certainly I Tell You, Whoever May Tell this Mountain, ‘Be Taken Up and Cast into the Sea,’ and Doesn’t Doubt in their Heart, But Believes that What They Say is Happening; Then SHALL “Have Whatever They Say”, {I Call it The HWYS Principal}); But Now, I See that there is a Newer Version of the Amplified Bible Classic Edition that Changed this Wording to, “She Thought,” Rather Than, “She Kept Saying To Herself,” (and I Can See Where Someone Would Conjecture that this is the Same Thing, as Matthew Says that She Was Talking to Herself, (Matthew 9:21); But it omits The Power of the “Spoken Word”s.

Whether Mumbled or Thought Inside One’s Self, the Original Language Must Be observed, {Strong’s Concordance # G3004 in Both Matthew & Mark}, and the Strong’s Concordance Lexicon of these Scriptures Does Not Say that She Said to Herself in Her Thoughts, But Says, “To Say, to Speak”.  However, the Version that Changes the Wording is Called the Amplified Bible Classic Edition, While the Older Version that Includes that She, “Kept On Saying” is Called the Amplified Bible, {So that All My Links to the Classic Bible Go to this Newer Man Changed Version, and That’s Sly, or Tricky}.  I Firmly Believe that d—Evil One Does Not Want People to Know that they, “Have What They Say,” as Yahoshua Said this Was a Key in Mark 4:13-20.


Taking Responsibility

I Hate it When Folks Say, “We’ve Done ALL that We Could Do,” and it Baffles Us and Hurts Our Faith, So that the Next Time, We’re More Likely to Concede and to Cave in Earlier.  I recall When a Young Boy fell and hit Head, and Was in the hospital.  I Drove 3 1/2 hours to Get to Him.  When I Walked in the ICU Room, (I See You), there Was Much Despair, from the Parents, from the Nurses telling them that He Would Probably Not Make it.

I Asked the Nurse What needs to Be Done Right Now.  She said, “The Blood Pressure needs to Come Up Right Now”.  I said, What Does it Did to Come Up to?  She said at least 120, But better at 135.  I’ve Been telling You that You, “Have What You Say,” and So I said Pretty Matter of Fact, But Loud Enough for Everyone Within Earshot In The Room to Hear Me, “Blood Pressure in, {and I called His Full Name}, Come Up to 135 Now,” and at First Nothing Seemed to Have happened.  I Waited All of About One Second and I Was About to Launch My Second Volley, (Mark 8:25), and All I Got Out Was, “Hey, I Said It~!,” and I Kid You Not, Immediately The Blood Pressure Rose From 65 to 135 and Remained There.  You Could Hear The People Inhaling Sharply and Held Their Hand Over Their Mouth, (Funny, Why Do We Put Our Hand Over Our Mouth if We are Not Concerned About What We May Say).  But, The Cool Thing Was that They Began Praising Yahweh, and Saying it’s a Miracle from Yahweh~!

Well, Once Just Before the Doctors Convinced the Parents to Opt For, “Organ Donor,” and Took their Small Boy, (Age Six), Off of Life Support, and Cut Out His Vital Organs in Preparation For an Organ Transplant, I Had a Thought Cross My Mind, (Well, “He’s Not Going to Live Anyhow”); and I Did Not Take that Thought Captive, (2 Corinthians 10:2-6).  Instead, I Just Silently ‘Nodded.  You Have to Walk in Extreme Love for this Faith to Work, and I Should Have stayed in Love with the Parents losing their Son and Not wanting this loss to Occur.

You Can’t Just Order the Blood Pressure to go Up Without Knowing First that Yahweh is a Good God, and that He is Not the One Putting, nor Allowing this Condition to Be on anyone.  You Have to Have that Part settled in Your Mind forever.  I Didn’t Have to pray to Find Out the Will of Yahweh.  I Knew alSo That I had to Drive Up, no One had to Tell Me.  I am an Ambassador of Yahweh, I Represent Yahweh, (2 Corinthians 5:20), Just Yahoshua Told Did When He Was on the Earth and Told Us All Authority Was Given to Him But for Us to go, (Matthew 28:18-20) and these Parents had their Back Up Against the wall and needed reinforcements and I Knew that Having What You Say is Not taught in Main Stream Denominational Churches.

Usually, I Have to Be the Point Man, believing and Getting the Parents to Believe the Word of Yahweh along with Me, and to go Against What the Medicine Man is Saying While at the Same Time maintaining an Appearance and an inner strength of calm, and I Don’t Know What I Was Thinking as I had Just Seen His Blood Pressure go Up Immediately About One Hour Prior to this Time.  Perhaps, I Was Tired, as I had Driven Long and it Was Very Late After midnight, and Maybe Like Peter, I lost My Focus and I saw the Winds Boisterous... And the Young Boy passed on When I got Back home. It Was My Fault. Probably, a Lot of Folks Won’t Like Me Saying This, Because they Think that I’m Saying that if We Had Just Enough Faith We Could Have Healed Such-n-Such, and Putting Condemnation On Folks.

However, the Truth of the Matter is I Am Not the Healer Anyhow.  I Am the Believer, (These Signs Shall Follow Those that Believe, they Shall Lay Hands On the Sick and they Shall Be Made Whole, (Mark 16:17-18), and I Am Admitting, “I Dropped the Ball,” ~ (Jeremiah 2:19).  I Think if More Folks Would Own Up to the Fact that Yahweh Cannot Lie, and Just acknowledge that He Didn’t Miss it, and Repent and Get Forgiveness; then it Would Make Us Much More Powerful the Next Time that We Have to Walk in Faith.  {Click Here For Proof that Yahweh Cannot Lie}.  I’m So Glad Yahoshua Doesn’t Throw Us Away When We Fall Short, (Romans 3:23)~! 

I Should Have Gently Said, “No, That’s Not Going to Happen, For it is Written in the Scriptures that ‘He SHALL LIVE and Not Die and Declare the Works of Yahweh’,” (Psalm 118:17).  After ALL, Faith is Nothing More than Believing Yahweh’s Word and Standing On the Promise of that Word Coming About, (Ephesians 6:13), Regardless of What Our Eyes See, {for We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight ~ (2 Corinthians 5:7)}.  As Far as Not Having Enough Faith, then Why Did Yahweh Say, “Without Faith, it is Impossible to Please Yahweh,” (Hebrews 11:6)?


Repent and Ask For Forgiveness

To this Small Boy at Age Six, I Apologize.  Yahweh, I Repent, “Repent,” Means More than Just, “Change Your Mind,” (James 2:14-17). Repent Means, “Changing Your Actions or the Way that You’ll Respond Next Time.”  I Messed Up and Abba Father Said that if I Asked For Forgiveness, He’d Forgive Me, and I Accept and Believe that, (1 John 1:9).  I Know Yahweh’s Grace is Sufficient to Cover Both, and that We’ll Hear the Amazing Remarkable Story of How this Little Boy’s Organs Went to Some Other Child.

But, That’s Second Best at the Most.  1st Choice Would Have Been For Me to Hold on in Faith to Witness Yahweh’s Miraculous Power to Have Been Manifest and For the Parents to Get to Keep their Son.  I Know that this is True Because of Psalm 127:3 Which Says, “Children Are an Inheritance From Yahweh,” or a, “Blessing” as Deuteronomy 28:4; Ephesians 1:3, 11 and Combining that with Proverbs 10:22 That Says, “The Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich, and He Adds NO Sorrow, {or Grief}, with it.”  Now these Parents Are Numb and Grieving the Loss of their Child.  Bereft or Bereave, (Be Deprived of a Loved One Through a Profound Absence, Especially Due to The  Loved One’s Passing) is a Word that Comes to Mind.  So, We Know For a Fact that this Was Not Yahweh’s Doings, But d—Evil Ones.

The Doctors Seems to Think that if they Can Put an Organ in Someone and Save a Life, then Pride Tells them that they Had a Part in Making or Repairing a Human, {However, the Scriptures Tells Us that it is Yahweh that Has Made Us and Not We Ourselves, (Psalm 100:3)}.  Doctor’s Have a Lot of Patients that they Could Be the Savior to by Getting them a New Organ.  If You Put Yourself In The Doctor’s Shoes, and You Know that You Don’t Know How to Revive this Patient, But, if You Can Get Their Organs to Another Person, Then You Can Extend or Save Someone Else’s Life, What are You Going to Do?  *(and Your Hospital Can Get Mega Bucks for Organ Donations, {None of Which Do they Give to the Patient's Family}; [and They'll Look Like the Hero to the Administration...].  These are Factors that Weigh In On Their Decision Making Process).  Now Compound that with the Fact that Unless this Doctor is a Practicing Believer With “Like Precious Faith”, (2 Peter 1:1); He or She Probably Doesn’t Have a Lot of Patience, and Patience is a Vital Part to Faith, (James 1:3).  A Doctor May Have a Large Clientele with a Lot of Patients, but Not Much Patience.  So Don’t Be Surprised When it’s You and Not them, that is Going to Have to Rely On Faith To Get the Job Done~!

Normally, When d—Evil One Sends a Fiery Dart of FEAR, (Acronym Meaning False Evidence Appearing Real), it Will Come as a Thought, Such as the Lie d—Evil One Told Me that Said, “He’s Going to Die Anyway.”  Ephesians 6:16-17 Says
16 Above ALL, Taking Up the Shield of Faith, with Which You Will Be Able to Quench ALL the Fiery Darts of the Evil One.
17 And Take the Helmet of Salvation, and The Sword of the Spirit, Which is the Word of God;


Battlefield of the Mind

Whenever there is a Battle Going On it is a Battle of the Mind.  d—Evil One Would Like to Convince You...  That’s You’re Just in the Flesh, that this is ‘Just You’.  But, According to 2 Corinthians 10:2-6, it is Not ‘Just You’, But a Spiritual Battle of the Mind~!

2 Corinthians 10:2-6
2 Yes, I Beg You that I May Not, When Present, Show Courage with the Confidence with Which I Intend to Be Bold Against Some, Who Consider Us to Be Walking According to the Flesh.  3 For Though We Walk in the Flesh, We Don’t Wage War According to the Flesh; 4 For the Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not of the Flesh, But Mighty Before God to the Throwing Down of Strongholds*, 5 Throwing Down Imaginations and Every High Thing that is Exalted Against the Knowledge of God, and Bringing Every Thought into Captivity to the Obedience of Christ; 3 And Being in Readiness to Avenge ALL Disobedience, When Your Obedience Will Be Made Full.



*Every Time You Read, “Stronghold” or, “Strongholds” in the Scriptures, Substitute, “Thought-Bombs,” and it Will clarify the Word of Yahweh.  For Example, Suppose You Have a Daughter that Wants to Make a Dessert, and You Let Her Make a Cake, and it Bombs.  I Mean the Cake is Like Lead.  Or it’s Like a Rock.  Either Way, it’s Not Good.

Now, You’re Faced with a Choice.  You Could Start Saying, “My Daughter Just Cannot Make a Cake,” and if She Takes that Thought-Bomb, She’ll Probably Quit Trying.

Or You Could Say, “That’s Okay Honey, Now You Know What Not to Do Next Time,” and Encourage Her.  Even Stand Beside Her and Say, “Let’s See What You Did that Made the Cake Go Bad Last Time and Improve On that.”  Maybe, it’ll Bomb Again, and Even the 3rd and 4th or Even More Times.

But, if You’ll Just Keep Encouraging Her and if She’s Seriously Taking Your Advice, there’s a Good Possibility that One Day, You Will Be Saying, “If there is One Thing that I Know My Daughter Can Do and that is Make a Cake.”  And Others Will Start Asking Her to Make Them a Cake For Special Occasions.

Romans 4:17 Says that, “We Are to Call in Those Things that Be Not as Though they Were.”


Medicine Man

By the Way, Just Being, “Brain Dead,” Doesn’t Warrant The, “Death Certificate,” and Legally the Medical Community Can’t Issue a, “Death Certificate” Based On Being, “Brain Dead” Alone, So the Patient Actually Dies On the Operation Table When the Vital Organs Are Removed, as the Organs that Have No Life in Them Are of No Value, {The Life’s in the Blood ~ (Leviticus 17:11)}, So Much For the Hippocratic, {Hypocritical}, Oath to “Do No Harm”, {}.  And the Medical Field Can Only Take Out the Organs WITH The Parent or Guardians Consent~!  So, Now there Job Is to Be a Sales Person and to Convince You to Allow the Person to Be An Organ Donor.

So there Has to Be Some Thought-Bombs to Effect Your Mind Here to Persuade You that Yahweh Will Not Heal or they Will Not Live Anyhow, and they Want to Suggest that He/She Be an ‘Organ Donor’.”  1 Corinthians 14:14
Says, “My Understanding is UnFruitful,” or Some Translations Say, “My Mind is UnFruitful.”  The Medicine Man* or Woman is Saying that He or She Has Done ALL that they Know to Do with their Mind, and with their Knowledge, (Again with their Mind), But We Are Instructed in the Scriptures to Renew Our Mind, (Romans 12:2); and Ephesians 3:19 Goes So Far as to Tell Us that, “Love that Surpasses Knowledge

*In Revelation 18:23 ~ it Talks About the End Times and Says, “The Light of a Lamp Will Shine No More at ALL in You.  The Voice of the Bridegroom and of the Bride Will Be Heard No More at ALL in You; For Your Merchants Were the Princes of the Earth; For with Your, ‘Sorcery, ’ (G5331), ALL the Nations Were Deceived.”  We’re Not Surprised at ALL that d—Evil One Uses Sorcery or Wizards, Like in the Movie, “Harry Potter.”

However, the Word, “Sorcery,” or, “Sorceries” is Translated From the Greek Word, “Pharmake” or, “Pharmakeía,” From Which We Derive Our Modern English Words Such as, “Pharmacist,” and, “Pharmaceutical.”  Thayer’s Lexicon Describes this as, “1. The Use or the Administering of Drugs 2. Poisoning.”  So, the Doctor’s Are Licensed to ‘Practice,’ “Medicine.”

The Medicine Man and the Medical Community at Large Are Not Licensed to ‘Practice’ Physical Therapy, Nor Rehabilitation, Nor Homeopathic Means Nor the Use of Herbs, (as a Herbalist) and Most Certainly Not Do Most ‘Practice’ Openly Any Kind of Spiritualism.

I Say this to Say that When You Tell a Doctor that You’re Going to Use Faith and Talk to the Problem; Don’t Expect Them to See it From Your Point of View and Agree With You, and they Will Most Likely Revert Back to What they Are Legally Licensed to ‘Practice.’  This Means their Entire Field of Recovery is Centered Around Using, “Pharmaceutical Drugs,” or, “Sorcery.”  This Same Word Used in Galatians 5:20 And is Defined in the King James Version as, “Witchcraft,” (“Beguiled,” Comes to My Mind, as in Genesis 3:13 Where Eve Was Beguiled).

Very Often, the Medical Community Will Try to Convince You to Put Your Loved Ones On Morphine to Ease their Pain.  However, Once On Morphine, they Get So Doped Up that they Are Loopy and Can’t Make Cognitive Decisions, and then Eventually Lose Consciousness and their Body Starts Hurting Them So Much with Constipation that is So Painful and Frustrating their Hopes, and they Lose Hope and the Body Kicks Them Out, (as We Are a Spirit, We Have a Mind, and We Live in a Body).

However, if d—Evil One Can Dope Up Your Mind, then You Have No Say in Your Desire to Live and Not Die, (Psalm 118:17).  Their Attempts to Keep the Patients Out of Pain, Actually Puts Them in Pain.  Wow~!  So, there’s Some Deception Going On Here.  Study Out, “PreScription Drugs,” (Prescription Medication or Prescription Medicine), or Script and You’ll Find that, “Rx” is Often Used as a Short Form For Prescription Drug in North America.  It is an abbreviation For the Latin, “Recipe,” an Imperative Form of, “Recipere,” Meaning, “Take.

Palliative ~ (of a Treatment or Medicine) Relieving Pain or Alleviating a Problem Without Dealing with the Underlying Cause.  Palliative Care, A Palliative Remedy, Medicine, etc.

The Scriptures Would Not Say to Fight the Good Fight of Faith, if there Was No Fight to Be Fought.  So, Don’t Be Surprised When You Have to Do ALL Things to Stand, (Ephesians 6:12; 1 Timothy 6:12).

Fight the Good Fight of Faith, Lay Hold On Eternal Life, Where Unto Thou Art Also Called, and Has Confessed a Good Confession Before Many Witnesses.

But, You’ll Have to Fight the Good Fight of Faith with Your Words, and at the Same Time Walk in Love, and Rest in Him.  It’s Going to Take Some Grace~!


Organ Donor

If Yahweh Said, “By His Stripes You Are Healed,” {Isaiah 53:3; 1 Peter 2:24; Matthew 8:17}; and the Doctor’s Say, “We’ve Done ALL We Can Do,” or, “We Want to Suggest that He or She Be an ‘Organ Donor’,” Relax... Isn’t that What the Scriptures Said that they Would Say... and Just Respond Back, “Yahoshua Said it Would Be Like This, with Man this is Impossible, But Not with God; ALL Things Are Possible with God,” (Jeremiah 32:17; 27; Matthew 19:26; Luke 18:27; Mark 10:27; Mark 9:23)}, and then Wink at Them, Keeping in Mind that, “A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath, But a Harsh Word Stirs Up Anger,” (Proverbs 15:1).”

Even Though they Are Asking You to Terminate a Loved One’s Life, We’ll Give Them Back Love, For, “Faith Works by Love,” (Galatians 5:6).  Assume that they’ve Been Thought-Bombed Themselves and Just Walk in Love, “But the Natural Man Does Not Receive the Things of the Spirit of God, For they Are Foolishness to Him; Nor Can He Know Them, Because they Are Spiritually Discerned,” (2 Corinthians 2:14).

Also, Faith Always Requires a Helper and that Helper is Patience.

  • 2 Corinthians 12:12 ~ The Signs of a True Apostle Were Performed Among You with Utmost Patience, with Signs and Wonders and Mighty Works
  • Luke 8:15 ~ That in the Good Ground, these Are Such as in an Honest and Good Heart, Having Heard the Word, Hold it Tightly, and Produces Fruit with Patience.
  • Hebrews 6:11-12 ~ But, Imitators of Those Who Through Faith and Patience Inherit the Promises
  • James 1:3; Luke 8:15; 2 Corinthians 12:12; Romans 8:24-25; 1 Timothy 1:16; Hebrews 6:11-12 ~ Knowing This, that The Trying of Your Faith Works, (or Produces) Patience
  • Anytime the Medical Staff is in a Hurry Trying to Get You Make a Hasty Decision Right Now... Realize that is Not an Attribute of Yahweh~!  (James 3:17-18 ~ 17 But the Wisdom that is from Above is First Pure, then Peaceable, Gentle, Willing to Yield, Full of Mercy and Good Fruits, Without Partiality and Without Hypocrisy. 18 Now the fruit of Righteousness is sown in Peace by those Who Make Peace).

    An Organ Donor is Still Alive When they Take Out the Vital Organ, as a Dead Organ is of no Use to the Recipient, So the Patient’s Body Dies When they Remove the Organ~!  Yikes~!  The Medical Staff Doesn’t Tell You this.  But, Now the Chances of Reviving Your Loved One Are Greatly Diminished, (Still Nothing is Impossible with Yahweh, and I’d love to See that Happen One Day~!  No Heart, Lung or Kidneys, Yet Yahweh Grows new Organs).

    Patience is Yahweh’s Signature Trade Mark, (Galatians 5:22-23; Ephesians 4:1-3; Colossians 1:11-12; Colossians 3:12-13); and We Are Told to Be Imitators of Him in (Ephesians 5:1-2).  But, You’ll Have to Do ALL to Stand, Stand Fast,
    Ephesians 6:13, and that Means You’re Going to Have to Stand, {Maybe Alone}, Against ALL these Medical People, and Friends and Other Folks From any of Several Denominations Even Until the Very Thing You’re Believing For Manifests Itself, {as they Walk by Sight, Not by Faith, (2 Corinthians 5:7)}.  Just a Reminder, “Faith is Nothing More than Believing Yahweh’s Word and Standing On the Promise of that Word Coming About.”  But, Once You’ve Done Your Part, (Remember, You’re the Believer, Not the Healer, then Your Part is to Just Rest and Take Any Thoughts Captive, and Say Back to d—Evil One You’ll Have to Go Talk to Yahweh About this and See if He’s Changed His Mind About His Holy Word that He Spoke and Said that He’s Watching Over to Perform it, (Jeremiah 1:12)~!


    Faith Comes By Hearing

    But, How Do We Get Faith?  First of ALL, Realize that We’ve ALL Already Been Given a, “Measure of Faith,” (Romans 12:3).  and Romans 10:17 Tells Us that, Faith Comes.”  Just Stop there a Moment and Realize that, “Faith Comes.”  If You Need More Faith, then Faith Comes.  So, Faith Can Increase~!  And to Find Out How Faith Increases, We Find that, “Faith Comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh,” (Not by Having Heard Some Scriptures Once), But by Hearing and Hearing the Word of Yahweh Over and Over Again Until Yahweh’s Word Gets Deep Down On the Inside of You and Becomes More Real than the Circumstances that You Can See, {for We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight ~ (2 Corinthians 5:7)}.

    Even Modern Day Courts Say, “In the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses Shall Every Word Be Established,” (Deuteronomy 17:6; Deuteronomy 19:15; Matthew 18:16; 2 Corinthians 13:1).  Another Witness that Also Confirms this is Luke 8:15 That Reads, “These Are Such as in an Honest and Good Heart, Having Heard the Word, Hold it Tightly, and Produces Fruit with Patience.”

    Read the Promise(s) to You by Yahweh, Our Father Over and Over .  Not, Just One Time, and Hope that it Will Stick.  Yahoshua Said in John 8:32, “You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth That You Know Will Set You Free.”  However, Look What Yahoshua Said Just Prior in Verse 31, “If You Continue in My WORD, then Shall You Be My Disciples Indeed.”  Earlier Yahoshua Had Said that, “If You Live in Me [Abide Vitally United to Me] and My Words Remain in You And Continue to Live in Your Hearts, Ask Whatever You Will, and it Shall Be Done For You,” (John 15:7).


    How Faith Operates

    That’s How Faith Works.  The Words Have to Be in Your Heart in Abundance.  You Hear In Yahweh’s Word that, “Yahweh Heals ALL Our Diseases.”  You Realize that What You’re Hearing From Yahweh’s Word is Different From What You Believed to Be True.  You Just Make an Adjustment in Your Way of Thinking, and Come into Alignment with What the Word of Yahweh Says About You.  You Repent, For Repent Means, “To Change Your Mind.”  Now, You Must Confess, or, “Say the Same Thing as” What Yahweh is Saying.

    And Yahoshua Said that if You’ll Do that, He’ll Watch Over Your Confession, or, “Profession of Faith,” (it’s From the Same Word as Confess{1 Timothy 6:12; Hebrews 3:1; Hebrews 4:14; Hebrews 10:23}).  Let Us Hold Fast the Confession of Our Hope Without Wavering, For He Who Promised is Faithful.  Yahweh Heals ALL Our Diseases.  That’s the End of the Song.  It is Written by Yahweh, (that Cannot Lie).  Therefore, it is Done~!


    Put Me in Remembrance of the Covenant

    Okay, I Am So Glad that Yahweh Speaks Through Other People, and When the Folks Told Me to, “Remember,” Because that Made Me Recall that What Yahoshua Said About Remembering (or Remembrance).

    For I Received From Yahweh that Which I Also Delivered to You: that The Lord Yahoshua On the Same Night in Which He Was Betrayed Took Bread; and When He Had Given Thanks, He Broke it and Said, “Take, Eat; This is My Body Which is Broken For You; Do This in Remembrance of Me.”

    in the Same Manner He Also Took the Cup After Supper, Saying, “This Cup is the New Covenant in My Blood.  This Do, as Often as You Drink it, in Remembrance of Me.”

    26 For as Often You Eat this Bread and Drink this Cup, You Proclaim the Lord’s Death Until He Comes.
    27 Therefore whoever Eats this Bread or Drinks the Lord’s cup in a Way UnWorthy of the Lord Will Be Guilty of the Body and the Blood of the Lord.
    28 But Let a Man Examine Himself, and So Let Him Eat of the Bread, and Drink of the Cup.
    29 For He Who Eats and Drinks in an UnWorthy Way Eats and Drinks Judgment to himself, if He Doesn’t Discern the Lord’s body.

    What if You Partake of the Lord’s Supper, and You Have Asked Yahoshua to Forgive You of ALL Your Sins, according to 1 John 1:9, and So You Are Worthy?  Then You Won’t Be Eating and Drinking Judgment to Yourself, and by Combining the statement About proclaiming the Lord’s Death Until He Comes, then You Are Saying, “Who Himself Bore Our Sins in His Own Body on the Tree, that We, Having Died to Sins, Might Live for Righteousness—by Whose Stripes You Were Healed~!”; (Psalm 103:3; Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24).


    Look What the Scriptures Tells Us About Remembering, or About, “Not Forgetting.” (Psalm 103:1-5)

    1. BLESS (AFFECTIONATELY, Gratefully Praise) Yahweh, O My Soul; and ALL that is [deepest] Within Me, Bless His Holy Name!

    2. Bless (Affectionately, Gratefully Praise) Yahweh, O My Soul, and Forget Not [One of] ALL His Benefits—

    3. Who Forgives [Every One of] ALL Your Iniquities, Who Heals [Each One of] ALL Your Diseases,

    4. Who Redeems Your Life From the Pit and Corruption, Who Beautifies, Dignifies, and Crowns You with Loving-Kindness and Tender Mercy;

    5. Who Satisfies Your Mouth [Your Necessity and Desire at Your Personal Age and Situation] with Good So that Your Youth, Renewed, is Like the Eagle’s [strong, Overcoming, Soaring]!

    (Psalm 103:1-5), (Amplified Bible Classic Edition)



    Job Testimony

    Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh, (Not by Having Heard Some Scriptures Once), But by Hearing and Hearing the Word of Yahweh Over and Over Again Until Yahweh’s Word Gets Deep Down On the Inside of You and Becomes More Real than the Circumstances that You Can See, So You Need to Have Some Word of Yahweh, (Seed) in You, (Since You’re the Soil) For the Word to Grow in~!  And We Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and Our Testimony.

    My Brother-in-law’s Job Ran Out, and He and My Sister Had to Stand in Faith to Get Another Job.  He Got a Job Right Away a Long Drive Away, But they Wanted Him to Gouge Prices After a Storm and He Would Not, and He Was Given the Choice of Do Wrong or Be Fired, {This Job Had Sorrow with it, and the Blessing of Yahweh Makes One Rich and Adds No Sorrow with it, (Proverbs 10:22).  then they Went Without a Job For About 9 Months.  But, During this Time, they Seemed to Have Really Caught Onto Faith, and Starting Saying that He Would Get a Great Manager’s Job, (He Was Over 50, No College Degree, But Over 25 Years Experience in Management).

    My Sister Would Say Continuously, that Her Husband Had a Job, But they Just Don’t Know Where it is Yet.  In the End, Yahweh Got Him a Great Job, Without Having to Take a Cut in Pay, Plus the Bonus of the Company Truck and Company BlackBerry & Monthly Phone Expenses and Better Benefits, (Psalm 103:2).  This is So Very Inspiring~!  It Makes Me Feel Very Honored to Be On Yahweh’s Side.  Often, Folks Tell Us How they Are Sick, or that the Devil is Beating Them Up, and they Don’t Know How Much this Saddens Me.

    But, Stories of Where Someone Waited by Faith in Patience and then Saw the Results Promised in the Scriptures.  Wow~!  I Don’t Believe it Was Just Yahweh, or Just My Sister and Her Husbands’ Faith.  It’s Like a Car.  The Vehicle Can’t Get to the Designation Unless Someone Drives it.  It Could Be a Number of Folks that Are Qualified to Drive it, But Legally Only Yourselves or Those You Allow.  However, You Cannot Arrive at Your Designation Without the Van or Truck.  You Could Drive Other vehicles, But this is the Car You Are Legally Entitled to Drive, (Unless You Rent or Buy Another Car).  It’s a Symbiotic Relationship For Both You and Your Vehicle to Arrive at the Same Place at the Same Time~!

    Or Like Two Halves of a Pair of Scissors, (Faith Being On One Side and Patience Being On the Other), Operating Separately Neither Will Cut the Mustard, But When Operating Together You Can Cut Right Through.  Or Like Two Halves of a Double-Wide 28’ Mobile Home Diving Down the Road, (14’ Wide Each).  Separately, they’re Not Much Protection From the Sun, Wind, Rain, and Snow.  But, Together they Make a Strong Safe Home.

    Romans 10:17, (Amplified Bible Classic Edition)

    Mix the Word with Faith

    Even So, Yahweh Says in Hebrews 4:2 That the Children of Israel Received Word that they Had Come Out of Egypt, and Out of Bondage, and Out of Slavery, and they Were to Enter into The, “Promised Land,” (That in Itself Should Be their Final Answer ~ “PROMISED Land”; {Exodus 3:8, 17; Exodus 12:25; Exodus 13:5, 11; Exodus 33:3;
    Leviticus 20:24; Deuteronomy 6:3; Deuteronomy 9:28; Deuteronomy 19:8; Deuteronomy 27:3
    But they Did Not Mix the Word with Faith, So they Wandered in the Wilderness For 40 Years, and THE PROMISE Was of No Effect For Them.

    However, in Acts 3:16, it Says, “And His Name, Through and by Faith in His Name, Has Made this Man Whom You See and Recognize Well and Strong.”  The Name is Powerful, Extremely Strong, (Philippians 2:10; Romans 14:11 ; Isaiah 45:23), But Without Someone Believing in His Name, (“And these Signs Shall Follow Those that Believe in My Name, Mark 16:17-18), Then it’s Void and Useless.  The Scriptures or the Word of Yahweh is the Most Powerful Force in this Universe, (Psalm 138:2), But if You Don’t Believe that Word, then it Will Not Profit You Any at ALL.  It Would Be Like Taking the Scriptures, and Putting Them On the Floor and Literally Standing On Them, and Saying that You Are Standing On the Word, But it Won’t Change Anything.

    But, When You Take Yahweh’s Word and Say To Everybody, and Anybody that I Am Healed, (Psalm 103:3; Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24), When You Don’t Look Healed, or We Are Prosperous and Out of Debt Because the Word Said that We Are When You Appear Not to Have Any Money at ALL, (Deuteronomy 8:18; Deuteronomy 28:1; Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:3; Psalm 23:1; Psalm 35:27;
    Psalm 92:12; Proverbs 13:22; Malachi 3:10; 2 Corinthians 8:9; 2 Corinthians 9:8; Philippians 4:19
      Now You’re Talking Faith.  Faith Will Always Work, {if it is Working by Love, (Galatians 5:6)}.

    If You Hear Someone Say, I’m Believing Yahweh to Heal Me, then Tell Them that they Might as Well Go Buy a Coffin, Because they Are Going to Remain Sick and May Even Die Early.  But, if Someone Says, “Looky Here, Right Here in the Word, Yahweh Promises that He Has Already Healed Me, and Made Me Prosperous,” and So Therefore I Am Healed, or I Am Prosperous Because He Promised Me, Even in View of Opposing Forces, then that Person Will Never Be Ashamed or Disappointed~!  (Psalm 25:3; Isaiah 50:7; Isaiah 54:4; Romans 10:11; Romans 1:16-17; Romans 9:33).

    This is Sort of a Post Card with Some Scriptures to Get You Started, But to Really Get a Deeper Understanding, I Strongly Recommend Reading the Read Deal in the Scriptures.  I Also Have Other Web Sites Listed Below in the Pull-Down Menu.  Start with Faith, then Faith Talk Then Faith Walk.

    Call Forth A Win~!

     Three Years Ago or So While Outside at a Christian Teen Camp, I Was Talking and it Was Hot.  Way too Hot~!  I Said to the Group, The Scripture Says that as Long as the Earth Remains, there Will Be Hot and Cold... (Genesis 8:22).  But, When it Gets Hot Enough to Kill Elderly Folks, then the Temperature is Violating Another Scripture, (There Shall Be Days of Heaven On Earth ~ (Deuteronomy 11:21), ~ That Your Days May Be Multiplied, and the Days of Your Children, in the Land Which Yahweh Swore to Your Fathers to Give Them, as the Days of the Heavens Above the Earth).

    Of Course, if No​ One​ Mixes Faith with the Word then Nothing Happens, Hebrews 4:2, and Faith is Defined as Confessing, (or to Say the Same Thing as What Yahweh Has Said), then the Angels Have Nothing to Work with, Psalm 103:20-21; as We Have Been Given Dominion Over the Earth and Told to Subdue The Earth, [Adam Was Told this in (Genesis 1:28), and He Lost this Privilege, But the 2nd Adam, {Yahoshua}, (1 Corinthians 15:45), Got it Back For Us, (Romans 5:17)].

    So, I Told the Group, in the Name of Yahoshua I Demand, (Mark 11:24), ~ the Word Ask Can Be Defined as, “Demand”)... Because We’ve Been Redeemed From the Curse, that a Strong Cool Wind Blow Right Now, and the Angels Respond, (Hearken), to The, “Voice of the Word,” Psalm 103:20-21; and We Are the Ones that Voice Yahweh’s Word.  When We Voice Yahweh’s Word Praising Him for the Outcome, this Causes a Chain Reaction.  The Answer My Friend is Blowing in the “When.”

    Faith Inspires

     I Kept On Talking to the Group, and I Don’t Know When it Happened.  But, Suddenly One of the Teens Interrupted Me and Told Me that there Was a Strong Wind Blowing, and it Was~!!!!~!  No Joke.  I Expected it~!  Later One of the Group Leaders From Another Area Who Had Been Riding the Fence On this Religion Stuff Told Me that When He Saw that Wind Come Up So Fast After I Proclaimed it, that He Wanted to Be, “All In,” and He Has.

    He and His Brother ​Have Now Created a 2nd Youth Camp​​ as an Offspring of this Teen Camp’s, (and they Helped Each Other).  Awesome~!  But, it Was a Demonstration of Faith and Power...  That Was Revealed to Me From the Word.  Yahoshua SPOKE to the Wind, and it Obeyed Him, and Yahoshua Told Us that Greater Things than these Would We Do Because He Goes to the Father.

    If You Want to Read Some Verses that You Could Say to a Storm, Read the Following... About Storms

    Call Those Things That Be Not As Though they Were

     I recall the Time I Went to Haiti On a Mission Trip in 1991, and On the Way Back from where We Built a Church, as We Came Down a Mountain Where I Had a Large View of the Land and On this Return Trip My Eyes Were Drawn to a Piece of Property Overlooking the Bay Full of Cactus, (Psalm 32:8).  I Pointed to this Dessert Place with Lots of Cactuses, and I Declared Loudly While Riding In the Back of an Open Flat Bed Truck {with Rails}, “I Claim that Place For the Kingdom of Heaven and this Particular Piece of Property Will Be a Place Where the Hearts of the Fathers Are Turned to the Children,” as Malachi Prophesied.  Furthermore, I Declared that Neighboring Village, and I Pointed at it From My High Viewpoint, that Neighboring Village is Free from the Power and Control of Voodoo, and the Head Voodoo Chiefs Will Come to Know Christ, And that Goes For this Village Also, as I Pointed at Another Village.  On the Mountain, and Said Out Loud, “I Call an End to the Voodoo in that Village and that the People Would Come to Know Yahoshua, starting with the Main Voodoo Medicine Man”.

    I Came Back to Haiti in 2004, and as We rounded the Corner, I Couldn’t Wait to See What Had Become of that Dessert Piece of Property and the Cactuses Were Still there, (I Didn’t Speak to Them to Tell them to Wither Up and Die), and Wouldn’t You Know it, that Was Our Designation Compound For the Love-A-Child Ministries, (A 1 Million Dollar Orphanage Where The Hearts of the Fathers Are Turned to the Children... (Malachi 4:6), ~ It’s the Very Last Word in the Old Testament, [and So it Must Be Very Significant~!]).

    Lives Changed

     Even Though I Said This, it Was Still an utter Surprise to Me 13 Years Later in 2001 to Come to Christian, “Love a Child,” Orphanage that Now Stands Exactly and Precisely On that Piece of Land that Where  I Had Claimed For Yahweh.  And to Top that, the Head of Security Was the Formerly the Voodoo Hit Man in the Neighboring Village that I Had Spoke to in the Spirit, (if You Wanted Someone Killed, He Would Always Kill the Person Plus One to Ensure Fear), and the 2nd in Command of Security Was the Voodoo Hit Man For the Other Village, (That I Had Pointed too).  Both Men Got Saved and Have Turned their Life Around, and Now Are the Security Force For that Compound.

    And What About the Voodoo Chiefs?  The Voodoo Chief From the First Village I Had Pointed to Was a Murderer Hitman and if You Wanted to Have Someone Killed, He Would Always Kill Two to Provoke Fear.  He Got Saved at a Love-A-Child Revival, and is Now the Head of Security at The Love-A-Child Compound.  And the Other Voodoo Chief Would Kill Folks by Hitting Them upside the Head with a Large Stick.  This Was His Signature Method.  He Also Got Saved by Love-A-Child at the Same Revival, and Now He is the 2nd in Command Over Security.  Needless to Say, Because of their Past Reputation, No One Brothers that Compound~!

    I Can’t Make Stuff Up this Good~!  Not that I’m Anyone in Particular Like King David Was the One that Slew the Giant, (by Speaking to the Problem I Might Add ~ (1 Samuel 17:36-37, 45-47); But I Was the One Like the Child in the Easy Bake Oven Commercial that Said, “And I Helped.”.. and I Was the One that Put Forth Faith in Yahweh’s Word and Called in this Place for the Kingdom of Yahweh, (Like the Time Don Moen’s Song, “God Will Make a Way,” About Building a Place in the Dessert — This Song Was Also in My Heart)... ♪ ~ “God Will Make a Way Where There Seems to Be No Way” ... “He Works in Ways We Cannot See” ~ “By a Roadway in the Wilderness, He’ll Lead Me and Rivers in the Desert Will I See” ~ ♪ ~!

    As Was their Custom

     On that 1st Haiti Trip, On Our Way Back into Miami, the Custom’s Office Wanted to Go Through Our Stuff.  Our Leader, an Evangelist Told Us this Would Take 2-5 Hours.  I Said Not Me.  I’m Exhausted From Doing Missionary Work in Haiti and I’m Not Going to Have to Go Through that.  None of Us Are.  A Tornado Tried to Land On Us While We Were in Haiti, and I Was Out there in the Hard Pouring Wind Blowing Rain Shouting to it, and it Turned and Headed to the Ocean, (My Wife Verified this When I Got Back Stateside).  I Had Gotten Up Every Morning at 4 AM and Spent an Hour Out Loud in Prayer Declaring Stuff, and I Saw a Manifestation of a Demon Looking Like a Young Girl Skipping ​at 4:45 AM ​Over the Very Muddy and Boggy Field I Was In, (almost Impossible to Even Walk In, Let Alone Skip); as I had Seen Some demonic manifestations, and So I figured that We Could Have Some Holy Ghost Manifestations, and I Was Ready to Go Home~!

    The Evangelist Told Me, I’ve Been Doing this For 25 Years and I’m Telling You that We Absolutely Must Have to Go Through this Ordeal~!  I Told Him that According to Mark 11:23 that For Assuredly, I Say to You, Whoever SAYS To This Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea,’ and Does Not Doubt in His HEART, But Believes that Those Things He SAYS Will Be Done, He WILL Have Whatever He SAYS~!  The Evangelist Got Very Irate with Me, and Got Argumentative About How He Had Been Doing this For 25 Years and He Knows What He’s Talking About.  Everybody in Our Group of About 25 Folks Turned Against Me, and Were sneering at Me, Like How Dare I Defied the Evangelist.


     I Knew that the One Thing that Will Shut Down Faith, (Mark 11:25), Right After Mark 11:23-24; Was Strife, So I Went Around to the Other Side of the Luggage Carrousel While We Waited For Our Luggage to Come Off the Airplane.  Everybody Was Turning their Nose Up at Me, Like I Thought I Was Better than Them.  I Knew What the Word ​said, and God Can’t Lie.  We Will Not Have to Wait at All, Because I SAID ​SO, Based On Mark 11:23 ~

    23 For Assuredly, I Say to You, Whoever SAYS To This Mountain, ‘Be Removed and Be Cast into the Sea,’ and Does Not Doubt in His HEART, But Believes that Those Things He SAYS Will Be Done, He WILL Have Whatever He SAYS, (NKJV).. Within 5 Minutes an Official Came Out and Told Us that Our Group Had Been Randomly Picked to Be Exempt From the Customs Inspection, and We Were Permitted to Go On to Our Next Flight.  The Evangelist Came to Me and Sort of Apologized, and Said that in All His 25 Years of Going to Haiti, He Had Never Seen Anything Like that Ever.  I Told Him that He Could Have that From Now On, (I Hope that I Was Gentle).  But, His Coming to Me is the Exception.  That’s Rare.  Don’t Look For a Leader to Come to You and Admit that He Was Wrong.

    My Burden Is Light, My Yoke is Easy

    Call Me or Email Me On the Link Below; and I Will Come and Lay Hands On the Sick, and I Will Pray the Prayer of Faith, and Anoint Them with Oil According to the Word of Yahweh, {which Cannot Lie}, and they Will Be Healed... You Might Say, Well, Why Can’t You Pray in Faith From Where You Are.  Because, it Won’t Work.

    It Has to Match the Scriptures.  Someone Has to Call, and Someone Has to Respond to that Call and Go.  Now, We Could Use Matthew 18:19; But to Be Honest, I Don’t Think You and I Can Agree, Because You’re Praying Hoping and I’m Praying According Mark 11:24, {G0154 ~
    24 Therefore I Say to You, Whatever Things You Ask, {G0154,  ~ To Ask, Beg, Call For, Crave, Desire, Require, or ‘Demand~ the Same Word Used at Luke 1:63}, When You Pray, BELIEVE THAT YOU RECEIVE THEM, AND YOU WILL HAVE THEM~!  The General Consensus is that in the Faith Circles that We Believe that if You Don’t Have Enough Faith, then it’s Your Fault.  However, that is False.  Because, What is Not Taken into Account is that Yahweh Provided Others in the Body of Christ that Abound with Faith, and Like Naaman the Leper, You Have to Do it Yahweh’s Way, with Yahweh’s Instructions.

    2 Kings 5:8-14

    11 But Naaman Was Angry, and Went Away, and Said, “Behold, I Thought, ‘He Will Surely Come Out to Me, and Stand, and Call On the Name of Yahweh His God, and Wave His Hand Over the Place, and Heal the Leper.’  12 Aren’t Abanah and Pharpar, the Rivers of Damascus, Better than All the Waters of Israel?  Couldn’t I Wash in Them, and Be Clean?” So He Turned and Went Away in a Rage.  13 His Servants Came Near, and Spoke to Him, and Said, “My Father, if the Prophet Had Asked You Do Some Great Thing, Wouldn’t You Have Done it?  How Much Rather then, When He Says to You, ‘Wash, and Be Clean?’”  14 Then Went He Down, and Dipped Himself Seven Times in the Jordan, According to the Saying of the Man of God; and His Flesh Was Restored Like the Flesh of a Little Child, and He Was Clean.

    1. Naaman Had to Go to the Prophet, (Elisha).  If He Had Returned to Syria After Seeing the King, Naaman Would Have Died Early.

    2. Naaman Had to Be Obedient to Dip in the Jordan River, When His Flesh Said that there Are Cleaner Rivers in Syria.

    3. Now, You Don’t Have to Call Me, You Can Call For the Elders of the Church as the Scriptures Allow.  However, if they Don’t Pray the Prayer of Faith, or if they Don’t Anoint Them with Oil Thinking that is Not Important Even Though That’s What Yahweh’s Instruction Book Said to Do, You’re Wasting a Call.  I Also Am an Elder and I Am Going to Prayer of Faith.  Ask Them if the Person that they Are Praying For Will Be Healed Once they Pray For Him, and if they Say Something Like, “Well, it’s Up to God Now,” or, “We Pray His Will” or, “We Hope So,” then Don’t Even Know How to Pray the Prayer of Faith, and they Are the Wrong Folks to Call.

    Am I Being Too Bold?  Elisha Said the Very Same Thing.

    8 It Was So, When Elisha the Man of God Heard that the King of Israel Had Torn His clothes, that He Sent to the King, Saying, “Why Have You Torn Your clothes?  Let Him Come Now to Me, and He Shall Know that there is a Prophet in Israel.”

    {Notice Elisha Didn’t Go to Naaman, But said, ​​​“Let Him Come Now to Me.​” However, Because of the Distance and Logistics of Traveling with Your Families,and I’ll Drive or Fly to Where Your  Loved On a Moment’s Notice to Pray For You or a Loved One, if Only You Call Me.  If I Don’t Live by, then Fly Me there and Put Me Up in Hotel and Pay For My Meals.  I’m Not Asking For Money Beyond What it Cost Me to Stay.  Or You Can Come Visit Me and Stay in a Nearby Hotel.  What’s Money Compared to Losing a Loved One?

    13 Is Any Among You Suffering?  Let Them Pray.  Is Any Cheerful?  Let Him Sing Praises14 is Any Among You Sick?  Let Him Call For the Elders of the Assembly, and Let Them Pray Over Him, Anointing Him with Oil in the Name of the Lord, 15 And The Prayer of Faith Will Heal Him Who is Sick, and Yahweh Will Raise Him Up.  If He Has Committed Sins, it Will Be Forgiven Him.  16 Confess Your Offenses One to Another, and Pray One For Another, that You May Be Healed.  The Effective, Earnest Prayer of a Righteous Man is Powerfully Effective.  17 Elijah Was a Man with a Nature Like Ours, and He Prayed Earnestly that it Might Not Rain, and it Didn’t Rain On the Earth For Three Years and Six Months.  18 He Prayed Again, and the Sky Gave Rain, and the Earth Brought Forth its Fruit, (James 5:13-18).

    I’m Not the Healer, the Scriptures Said, “Yahweh Will Raise Him UP.”  However, I Am the Believer, (and The Prayer of Faith Will Heal Them that Are Sick).  Mark 11:24 Says the Same Thing...  Therefore I Tell You, ALL Things Whatever You Pray and Ask For,
    Believe That You Have Received Them, and You Shall Have Them.


    By The Love You Have One for Another.
    (John 13:34-35)

    ​​Proverbs 9:9 ~ Instruct a Wise Man, and He Will Be Still Wiser.  Teach a Righteous Man, and He Will Increase in Learning.  The ones with the Gift of Teaching believe that When they received Correction that they Have Learned from that, and rightly So.  The ones with the Gift of Teaching Are Designed for Other Christians.  However, this Approach with Admonishment and Correction Does Not go Over Well with the lost World Because they do Not fit the description of a wise Person as they Are Not Followers nor Disciples, (Discipline), of Christ.  For Whom Yahweh Loves He Corrects, But You Have to Be His Son or Daughter for Correction to Work.  (Hebrews 12:6 ~ “The LORD Disciplines those He Loves, and He Punishes Each One He Accepts as His Child.”)

    A Teacher in the Body of Christ is Great for the Us Disciples that Are Willing to Be Disciplined and Keep Us on Course; However, they Are Not an Evangelist and their Methods of Winning the Lost may Even Be CounterProductive~!  And to Teach Does Not Always mean Correction, But Let Me Give You an Example of Teaching.  In our Family there is a Rule that if You Microwave Something, (especially, Chili or Spaghetti), then it needs to Be Covered, or (and Here Comes the Teaching Part), if You Don’t then it Will SPlatter All Over the Inside of the Microwave Oven.  And I added that if the Person Microwaving Doesn’t Cover their Bowl, or Plate with Another Bowl, Plate or napkins, then they Are responsible for Wiping Down and Cleaning the Inside of the Microwave Oven, (I Just forgot to Cover the Food, and I Disciplined Myself and cleaned the Inside of the Microwave Oven).

    Oftentimes, it is a Kind Act, (Not All the Time, But, Sometimes this Means that I Have to Walk in Love and Do Something that I’d Rather Not do), that Opens the Door for The Word. We’ve Been Taught that the Person that Wins Souls is Wise.  And Essentially, We better Get with the Program, and We Are Instructed Not to Be dismayed by their Rejection, Assuring Ourselves that We Did our Part Leaving them Still Going to hell, But Now the Blood is Off of Our Hands.  And Proverbs 11:30 ~ (American King James Version), Does Say, “The Fruit of the Righteous is a Tree of Life; and He that Wins Souls is Wise.”  However, Another translation of the Same Scripture Passage Gives Insight into a Different Approach that More Correctly fits the Viewpoint.  Proverbs 11:30 ~ (World English Bible), “The Fruit of the Righteous is a Tree of Life.  He Who is Wise Wins Souls.”  Only a Wise Person Wins Souls, (Proverbs 11:30).  Walk in Wisdom Toward those Who Are Outside, (Colossians 4:5).

    When I Was Seven, My grandfather Used to Say that if I Could Get Close enough to Put Salt on a Bird’s Tail, that I Could Catch it, So I Would go All Over the yard with a Salt Shaker sneaking Up on Birds, Trying to Put Salt on a Bird.  I Never Caught a One.  It Was Only as I grew Up that I realized that if I Could Get Close enough to a Bird to Put Salt on it’s Tail, then yes—Sure I Can Catch it.  This is Like Saying that those that go Hunting Are Great Trackers, or that those Who go Fishing Are Wise Fishers.  On the Contrary, Only a Great Tracker or Wise Fishers, Comes home with Game or Fish in their Bucket.  StarKist is Not looking for Tuna that has Great Taste.  StarKist is looking for Tuna that Tastes Great~!

    The Scriptures Does Not Say that All Will Come to Know that We Are His Disciples by the Tracks We Pass Out, But by The Love that We Have One for Another, (John 13:34–35).  Tracks Are a Tool, the Lure.  Yahoshua said in (John 12:32), If I Be lifted Up from the Earth I Will Draw All Men unto Myself.  Yahoshua is Lifted Up When We Die to Self and Walk in Love. I Have never had anyone reject a Word “Fitly Spoken” from God in love that Directly Applied to their Situation.  I Think North Carolina is Saying We Are Tired of the People Calling Us that Are Like the Telemarketers at suppertime, (and telling Us What We’re Doing wrong).  They Know What they Are Doing wrong.  They Already Feel Condemned by What they perceive of as a ”Out to Get You God.” they need to Know The Love of the Real Father Yahweh Towards them and We Are the Representatives of Yahweh to them~!

    Isaiah 50:4-5 ~ The Lord Yahweh Has Given Me the Tongue of Those Who Are Taught, that I May Know How to Sustain with Words Him Who is Weary: He Wakens Morning by Morning, He Wakens My Ear to Hear as Those Who Are Taught. The Lord Yahweh Has Opened My Ear, and I Was Not Rebellious, Neither Turned Away Backward.  Pray for an Opportunity for the Word “Fitly Spoken” at Just the Right Time.

    Colossians 4:3-6 ~ Praying Together for Us Also, that God May Open to Us a Door for the Word, to Speak the Mystery of Christ, for Which I am Also in Bonds; that I May Reveal it as I Ought to Speak.  Walk in Wisdom Toward Those Who Are Outside, Redeeming the Time.  Let Your Speech Always Be with Grace, Seasoned with Salt, that You May Know How You Ought to Answer Each One.

    Colossians 4:2 is the Key Verse that We Can Act in Faith for Concerning the Lost.  Continue Steadfastly in Prayer, Watching Therein with Thanksgiving;

    Father, I Thank You You Can Will Give Me the Words that Are “Fitly Spoken” that Are Like Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver For My the Lost, (Proverbs 15:23; Proverbs 25:11).

    I Thank You Father that the lost Will Come to Know You as their Father, That’s So exciting.  Father I Thank You You Can Give Me the Right Words Because You said in, (Isaiah 50:4-5), You Can Would Give Me a Word of Rest for the Weary and You Can Teach My Tongue as a Learned and as You Open My Ear, I Say What the Father says to the Person Without You.

    Here’s One method of winning the lost to Christ.  When You Are standing at a Grocery Line and You See the Person Ahead of You Ask the Cashier to Put Something Back or they Are Counting their Change, that Usually Indicates that they Are Unable to Pay for it.  Just Quietly Without Drawing Attention to Yourself or Embarrassing them, Say, “Yahweh Will Get That For You,” and Give them $5 $10 or $20; and then Just watch and See What Happens—They Will Glorify our God Every Time, (2 Corinthians 9:12-13).  Have Your Ears ready to Listen to the Holy Spirit to Know What to Say to them Next, (or Be prepared to Say Nothing at All, But Show a Smile). This Will Take Faith, and Could Quite Possible Show Why that, “Without Faith it is Impossible to Please Yahweh,” (Hebrews 11:6), as You Might Be Thinking You Can Don’t Have enough Money But Put Your faith into His Word.  Yahweh Gives Seed to the Sower, (2 Corinthians 9:10), So Make Sure You Can Are in a Position to Be a Sower.  Carry with You Four $5 Dollars Bills, Just for sowing, (One $5 for Each Week).  Or Carry Four $10’s, or Four $20’s, or Four $100’s.  Or Divide any Among into All $5 Bills, (You Can Always Sow More than Your Base that Way, Just Sow the Amount the Holy Ghost instructs You to Sow, and You’ll Be fine).

    2 Corinthians 9:8 ~ And God is Able to Make All Grace (Every Favor and Earthly Blessing) Come to You in Abundance, So that You May Always and Under All Circumstances and Whatever the Need Be Self-Sufficient [Possessing Enough to Require no Aid or Support and Furnished in Abundance for Every Good Work and Charitable Donation].

    2 Corinthians 9:9-13 ~ As it is Written, He Has Scattered Abroad, He Has Given to the Poor.  His Righteousness Remains Forever.  Now May He Who Supplies Seed to the Sower and Bread for Food, Supply and Multiply Your Seed for Sowing, and Increase the Fruits of Your Righteousness; You Being Enriched in Everything to All Liberality, Which Works Through Us Thanksgiving to God.  For this Service of Giving that You Perform Not Only Makes Up for Lack Among the Saints, But Abounds Also Through Many Givings of Thanks to God; Seeing that Through the Proof Given by this Service, Then Glorify God for the Obedience of Your Confession to the Gospel of Christ, and for the Liberality of Your Contribution to Them and to All;

    Remember that from, “Why Preach Faith,” that I said Yesterday that We Can Add to our Faith.  Can You See that We Can Use More than One Fruit of the Spirit at a Time Here by Taking Care of the Poor, and Using Faith to Do So.  If All You Want is for the Needs of Us Four and No More, You’re Missing an Opportunity to Bless, and to Be a Blessing, Every Place You go, (2 Corinthians 2:14).  You Might end Up Praying for them to Be Healed, or Even Saved.  You’re on a Journey, and Like Playing Video Games, where You Can Jump Up and Get Bonus Keys.  Here’s Some Bonus Points You Can Obtain~!

    Add to Your Faith... (2 Peter 1:5) and According to (2 Peter 1:3-10); if You Do these Things, You Will Never Stumble~!

    3 As His Divine Power Has Given to Us All Things that Pertain to Life and Godliness, Through the Knowledge of Him Who Called Us by Glory and Virtue,
    4 By Which Have Been Given to Us Exceedingly Great and Precious Promises, that Through These You May Be Partakers of the Divine Nature, Having Escaped the Corruption that is in the World Through Lust.
    5 But Also for this Very Reason, Giving All Diligence, Add to Your Faith Virtue, {Moral Excellence}, to Virtue Knowledge,
    6 And in Knowledge, Self-Control; and in Self-Control Patience; and in Patience Godliness;
    7 And in Godliness Brotherly Affection; and in Brotherly Affection, Love.
    8 For if These Things Are Yours and Abound, Then Make You to Be Not Idle Nor Unfruitful to the Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    9 For He Who Lacks These Things is Blind, Seeing Only What is Near, Having Forgotten the Cleansing From His Old Sins.
    10 Therefore, Brothers and Sisters, Be More Diligent to Make Your Calling and Election Sure.  For if You do These Things, You Will Never Stumble.


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