Can You Feel The Love?

Part Two of a Five-Part Series



For by Grace Are You Saved, Through Faith; and Not of Yourselves

Grace ~ CariV (charis) ~ khar’-ece

Graciousness (as Gratifying), of Manner or Act (abstract or Concrete; Literal, Figurative or Spiritual; Especially The Divine Influence Upon the Heart, and its Reflection in the Life; Including Gratitude):—Acceptable, Benefit, Favour, Gift, Grace(-ious), Joy, Liberality, Pleasure, Thank(-s, -Worthy).


Can You Show Mercy

Yahoshua Said that in the Beginning of Sorrows, “The Love of Many Will Grow Cold,” (Matthew 24:12).  The Word Used Here For Love is the Word Agape, (Strong’s Concordance # 26).  This Kind of “Agape” Love Only Comes From Yahweh.  Only Followers of Christ Have this Kind of Love.  The World Doesn’t Have this “Agape” Love.

Our Love For Our Fellow Believers, (Koinonia), Will Grow Cold, and Our Love For Others.  John Says The Love of the Father is Not in Us When this Happens, “Do Not Love the World or the Things in the World.  If Anyone Loves the World, The Love of the Father is Not in Him,” (1 John 2:15).  Yahweh Was Pretty Firm About this in 1 John 3:10; 1 John 4:8; 1 John 4:20-21, and Also in 1 John 1:7.

Yahoshua Told the PhariSees, “Go And Learn What this Means: I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice,” (Matthew 9:13; Micah 6:6-8; Hosea 6:6).  What Commandment Has Yahweh Told Us to Obey?  To Love One Another, (John 13:34-35; John 15:12; 1 John 3:23; 1 John 4:21; Romans 13:8-10).

If We Love One Another, We Abide in Yahweh, and His Love Has Been Perfected in Us. Yahweh Says in John 13:34-35 That, “A New Commandment I Give to You, that You Love One Another; Even As I Have Loved You, that You Also Love One Another.  By This ALL Will Know that You Are My Disciples, if You Have Love For One Another.”


By, “This.  This What?  This, “Love” That We Have For Each Other.  This Agape Love That the World Does Not Have~!  This is the UnConditional Love For One Another That the World Wants So Bad! A Place Where Everybody is Glad You Came.

This is the Unqualified Acceptance that We Have For One Another.  And it Starts When the World Sees Us Loving One Another.  Loving Brothers in The Lord, Rather than Fighting over Our Differences.

To Love as Yahoshua Has Loved Us.  How Did Yahoshua Love Us?  He Laid Down His Life, More Harder to Let Go, His Purposes, His Dreams, His Ambitions, and His Goals, to Go and Die On the Cross For Us, and to Be Despised and Rejected.  What a Trade Off!

Yahoshua Once Commented that He Was Ready to Take Jerusalem in His Arms, But they Would Not Receive Him, So Yahoshua Had to Love Them in the Way they Demanded, Even Though it Would Cost Him His Life, (Luke 13:34; Isaiah 53:3-5).

Again, Yahoshua Tells Us that, “This is My Commandment, that You Love One Another Even As I Have Loved You.  Greater Love Has No One than This, than to Lay Down One’s Life For His Friends,” (John 15:12-14 and Also in Movie, “The Jungle Book”, When Bagheera Thought that Baloo Had Died For Mowgli).

In a TV Movie Called Tek Wars, a Female Robot Asked a Man How Can You Tell that You’re in Love.  He Responded that Love is Laying Down Your Life For Someone.  Wow! I Am in Awe!  A Secular Show Knew that Fact, While Most Christians Don’t Have the Foggiest Idea of the Definition of Love, and Yet Christians Are Offspring’s of the God of Love.

Love So Important?

You Are My Friends If You Do Whatever I Command You.”  How Would You Liked to Be Called a Friend of Yahoshua and that Yahoshua Likes to Pal Around You.  Not that He Just Loves You, But that He Likes You.  Daniel 11:32 Says, “The People Who Know Their God Shall Be Strong, and Carry Out Great Exploits”.

The Key Word is to Know Yahweh.  The Religious World that Yahoshua Came into Didn’t Know Him, Even at His Birth. The Rest of the Carnal New Age Part of the World Knew More About Him, Through the Magi, than Did The PhariSees Who Were Supposed to Be in Touch with Yahweh.

Just Like in the Movie, “The Lion King,” the One Who Knew that the Young Lion Was Actually the Son of Mufusa; and the One True King, Was Rafiki, Was Someone that Operated in the Dark Side of the Spiritual Realm.  And Notice, Likewise, that it Was the Heathen On the Ship with Jonah, that Were Seeking For the God of the Prophet, While The Prophet of Yahweh Slept, (Jonah 1:5-6)~!

Even So, Today, it is the World that is Crying Out For Spiritual Truth, Saying We Are Tired of the Counterfeit.  They Are Crying Out, “Don’t Bring Your Scriptures in the Workplace, or Your Fancy Car Tags or Your Plaques.”  Show Me The Love~!

They Want to See the Genuine Article.  They Want to See Our Love~!  They Want to See a God that Shows Love.  They Want to See a God with a Face.  That’s Us~!  To Them, “We Are” the Representative Ambassadors of the Only Description of Yahweh that they Can Know~!  However, We Act, or React to their Behavior, is How they Portray that Yahweh Feels About Them.  They Want to Know Like Nala In, “The Lion King”, Can You Feel The Love Tonight?  I Recommend that You Go to YouTube and Listen to Kari Jobe Singing, “We Are.”  We Are The Light of the World~!  We Are the City Set On a Hill~!  We Gotta, We Gotta, We Gotta, Let The Light Shine~!  Matthew 5:14-16.


Again Hear Yahoshua Talking to You Personally Saying, “You Are My Friends If You Do Whatever I Command You”.  This Doesn’t Mean that Yahweh’s Love For Us Stops if We Don’t Do What He Has Commanded Us, But Rather God Likes to Pal Around with Us, and that We Represent God Well When We Love.

We Are Yahweh’s Ambassadors, (2 Corinthians 5:20).  Imagine Having a Son or Daughter that Likes to Wear their Baseball Cap On Backwards.  They Are Still Our Child, But How Much More Joy Comes to Us When they Look Sharp, and Someone Says, “Is that Your Son or Daughter”.

They Represent Us Well.  We Represent God Well When We Walk in Love, “In this The Love of God Was Manifested Toward Us, that God Has Sent His Only Begotten Son into the World, that We Might Live ThRough Him,” (I John 4:9).

If We Don’t Agape Love, Our Relationship to God is More Like a Distance Acquaintance than a Chum; Someone We Know a Lot About, But Not Someone We Know, (compare to 1 John 4:12), If You Keep My Commandments, You Will Abide in My Love, Just as I Have Kept My Father’s Commandments and Abide in His Love,” (John 15:10).

What Has He Commanded Us to Do?  Love One Another.  What Are His Commandments?  Galatians 5:14 Says, “For ALL The Law is Fulfilled in One Word, Even in This: You Shall Love Your Neighbor as YourselfRomans 13:9b-10 Says, “if there is Any Other Commandment, ALL Are Summed Up in this Saying, Namely, ‘You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.’ Love Does No Harm to a Neighbor, Love is the Fulfillment of the Law.

When You Agape Love Someone, You Won’t Kill Them, or Steal From Them, or Commit Adultery with their Spouse.  Love is the Fulfilling of the Law.  The First Four of the Ten Commandments Given Moses, Deal with Our Relationship to God.  The Last Six Commandments Focus On Our Relationship with Each Other.


All this Yahoshua Capsized in Matthew 22:37-40, When He Said The First and Great Commandment is to Love Yahweh Your God with ALL Your Heart, and with ALL Your Soul, and with ALL Your Mind; and the Second Commandment is Like Unto it.  That Is, to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

They Had the New Commandment, But Didn’t Know it.  To, “Love One Another; it Was there ALL the Time in the Ten Commandments.  Or as B. J. Thomas Sang, We Should Be, “Loving People and Using Things, and Not the Other Way Around.

And it is Only by This Love Will ALL Men Know that We Are His Disciples, (John 13:35).  It’s Not that they Will Say, “This One Has it, and this One Does Not”; But Rather, “My Lord, I Want this Kind of Love in My Life.”  This World Has a Hungering Placed in Them by God, that Desires this Kind of Love.

After Yahoshua Had Already Told the PhariSees, “Go and Learn What this Means: I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice,” (Matthew 9:13), He (Yahoshua) Ran Across Some PhariSees Being Critical of the Disciples For Doing Something On the Sabbath.  Yahoshua Admonished the PhariSees Here, But Only Because their Accusations Were Affecting the Disciples.  But Even So, Yahoshua Did this in Love.  Yahoshua Allowed His Disciples to Know they Were Not Guilty, and Removed the Burden of Shame.

This is What Yahoshua Responded to their Criticism with, “But if You Had Known What this Means, I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice, You Would Not Have Condemned the Guiltless,” (Matthew 12:7).  Have We Desired Mercy Rather than Sacrifice?  Would We Rather Sing Five Choruses of I Love You Lord, than to Hug the Unlovely?  Do We Make Accusations or Intercessions?  Even if they Are Wrong?

Do We Join the Bashing or Pray?  Pray For Someone, Not Prey On Them.  Recall that it Is, “The Goodness of God Leads that You to Repentance,” (Romans 4:2), Had Not We Do the Same For One Another?  Yahweh, *(our Example), Blesses Both the and the Just and Unjust with Rain and Sunlight, So that the Crops Will Grow, (Matthew 5:43-45). The Pointing Finger and Telling People What they Are Doing Wrong is Man’s Way, Not Yahweh’s, (Isaiah 58:9).

Reciprocal Love ~ The Mirror Effect~!

Solomon, the Wisest Man On Earth Wrote What I Would Call a Good Definition of Grace In Proverbs 16:6, “By Mercy and Truth Iniquity is Purged: and by the Fear of Yahweh Men Depart From Evil.” (Compare this to What Solomon’s Father David Wrote in Psalm 25:8;10). Probably, You Could Not Detect the Sin Problem in the Other Person’s Life, Unless You Also Were Tempted in this Same Area, (Matthew 7:5; Luke 6:42).

The Other Person’s Sin Acts Like a Mirror to Expose Your Own Weak Areas of Life. Francis Frangipane Wrote in His Book, The Three Battlegrounds”, the Following Statement, “The Judgmental Carnal Mind Always Sees the Image of Itself in Others. Without Realizing it is Seeing Itself, it Assumes that it is Perceiving Others”.

I Think Highly of Someone, (which Might Explain Why that Person Thinks Highly of Me).  I Have Noticed this More than Once, Both On the Good and Bad Side, that if I Think Low of Someone, then they Think Low of Me.  I Used to Sell at a Certain Store.  I Would Often Ask the Customer What Other Stores Have You Looked At for this Item?  They Would Respond and I Would Say, “Oh, That’s an Awesome Store~!”  They Would Be So Surprised that I Would Appraise My Competitor So Highly.  And I Might add, “Yeah, I Buy All My Refrigerators there~!”, (Subtle, as We Only Sold TV’s).  But, One Thing it Did, Was Now they Think Higher of Me, and the Odds of them Buying from Me Just went Up a lot~!  Now, I Was Doing this to Get their Trust, much Like Politician’s do.  However, I Think it is the Way Yahweh Intends For Us to Receive From One Another But with Pure Motives.

I Often Times Think that When Men of Yahweh Feel that Anointing, What they Are Honestly Feeling is the Gift that is Inside of Them Coming Alive Being Drawn Out by Others.  And to Prove My Point, Remember the Time that Yahoshua Was So Tired that He Didn’t Even Want to Go into Samaria.

After Yahoshua Ministered to the Samarian Woman at the Well, then He Was Refreshed, and When His Disciples Came Back with Food, He Responded by Saying that I Have Food that You Know Not of, and that His Food Was to Do the Work of the Father Which Sent Him and to Finish the Work, (John 4:6, 32, 34).  Doing the Work of Yahweh, and Finished the Work of the Father Nourished Yahoshua Just as Food Replenishes Us Physically.

However, it’s Like Yahweh Made it So that Most of the Time We Would Have to Be Dependent On One Another, Because this Gift Has to Either Be Received, or You Can Stir Up this Gift, (Charis) That is Within You by the Laying On of Hands.  See What Happens When You Receive a Child in the Name of Yahoshua.  It is Amazing~!  They Will Begin to Flow in Gifts that You Probably Thought Were Reserved For Much Older Folks.

I Used to Be On a Member of a Telephone Technical Support For Computers, and Here’s What I Learned From Being On the Support Line.  If I Get a Novice and I Treat Him Like Gold, and Start Believing in Him and Drawing Out that Quality that Yahweh Has Put Inside Him, then He Can Out Pass the Experts.  If I Do the Same to an Expert, He Can Go Even Farther.

Or I Can Take a Novice, and Notice that He Thinks that He is Dumb.  He is Waving this Sign Around Like a, “Kick Me” Button.  It is So Much a Part of Him to Be Kicked, that He Makes it Very Easy For Me to Put Him Down.  However, if I Will Ignore the Way in Which He Wants to Be Treated and Treat Him Like Royalty, The Love of Yahweh Will Pour Out and Will Draw Out of Him His Gifting And Calling.

Now ALL Things Are of God, Who has Reconciled Us to Himself Through Yahoshua, (The Messiah), and has Given Us the Ministry of Reconciliation, that is, that God Was in Christ Reconciling the World to Himself, Not Imputing their Trespasses to them, and has Committed to Us the Word of Reconciliation.  (2 Corinthians 5:16-19).

We Quench the Spirit of Yahweh When We Quit Receiving Others

I Think We Quench What Yahweh Wanted to Do Through a Brother When We Stop Receiving a Person as an Anointed Man or Woman of Yahweh.  Somebody Needs to Stand in the Gap For that Person.  I Believe that When People Are Robbed, or Especially When they Are Raped, and then Get Killed, I Would Bet that the Thoughts in the Heart of the Victim Was Towards their Assailant Was Murder, Like I Want to Kill You.

If they Had Used Yahweh’s Armor To Start with, the Crime Would Not Have Happened, (Isaiah 54:17, Either it’s True or it’s a Lie, and Yahweh Cannot Lie).  But, Now they Are Mad at the Assailant, (When they Probably Should Fault Themselves For Not Obeying that Still Small Voice that Said Don’t Go Here), and they Point that Hatred Towards the Other Person, Now they Are the Ones Wearing the Signs that Say, “Kill,” So then That’s What the Assailant Does. 

Especially in Cases of Rape, Instead of Being Received by a Woman in the Right Covenant Way of Marriage, and What that Can Do For a Man, His Own Forcing the Circumstance Causes Him to Be utterly Despised and Rejected in the Woman’s Eyes.

I Believe that the Rapist, Can See the Wrong that He’s Done and Can See that Others Will See The Hurt He Caused and He’ll Be Caught, and Must Think Like Shooting a Wounded Horse that the Only Way to Preserve From Being Caught, and to Stop the Hurt is to Kill This Person.

I’ve Prayed a Lot About this and these Are Some of the Answers that I’ve Gotten.  I Wanted to Be Able to Understand How Someone Could Possibly Do This, as I Might Have to Deal with Someone Like this One Day.

Now, On the Other Hand, if the Church or Our Society Would Offer Hope to these People, they Would Have a Way Out.  But, to a Person that Has Become Labeled a Serial Killer, Even After One Killing, He Knows that if He Were to Walk into a Church that is Supposed to Be Where Yahweh is and Confess His Faults, that Those Very Church Goers Would Call the Police and See to it that He is Executed.  I Certainly Don’t Condone Murder, or Rape.

But, I Can See Once a Person Does This Behavior Once, Because He is Not Received, and Has No Hope, and Doesn’t Know How to Stop, it’s an Endless Cycle.   I Go Back to What I Always Say, “If there Were No Opportunity For Agape Love to Have to Be Acted Upon, then ALL You Have is Phileo or Eros Love”.

But, to Enable the Faith of Yahweh to Work, there Has to Be Agape Love, (Faith Works by Not Just Any Love, But by Agape Love), and to Love Beyond What We Can Love Takes Grace, and to Get Grace there Has to Be Humility, For Yahweh Gives Grace to the Humble, and to Get Humility Takes Laying Down Your Life, Dying to Self, and You Only Do that Through Wisdom Which Requires a Fear of Yahweh.

Speaking the Truth in Love~!

Yahoshua Was Once Confronted by the PhariSees About His Eating with Tax Collectors and Sinners that Was Considered Un-Cool.  That Was the Truth!  How Often Have I Said Something Bad About Someone and Have Yahweh Stop Me.  My Reply is Normally, “But, it’s the Truth!”  Remember From Proverbs 16:6, That My Definition of Grace is a Combination of Mercy And Truth.  Like an Epoxy Needing Both, and Not Just Focused On One.

And Some Folks Need the Law.  In Fact, Those that Not Matured in Grace Must Come Under the Law.  (Romans 2:12, 18; Romans 3:19; Galatians 3:24-25 & Ephesians 2:8)

The Truth Was, “Yahoshua Was Doing Something that The PhariSees Considered Wrong,” But there Was No Mercy On the Part of the PhariSees.  Only Truth.  Assuming that the PhariSees Were Right, Hear the Words of Our Savior and Example as Yahoshua Talks and Says, “Hey Fellows, I Know that You Pride Yourself On Knowledge, and that You Like a Challenge, So Find Out What this Means, “

What an Example of Speaking the Truth in Love, Allowing People to Grow Up, (Ephesians 4:15).  What an Example of Letting Your Conversation Be Filled with Grace, Allowing the People a Way Out, and Not to Be Boxed In, (Ephesians 4:29; Colossians 5:6).  What an Example of a Servant of The Lord Being Not Being Quarrelsome, But in the Midst of a Would-Be Quarrel, Gentle, Able to Teach, in Humility Correcting Those in Opposition,  (2 Timothy 2:24).


Yahoshua Told the PhariSees, “Go and Learn What this Means: I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice,” (Matthew 9:13; Micah 6:6-8; Hosea 6:6).

Later On, Yahoshua Ran Across Some PhariSees Being Critical of the Disciples For Doing Something On the Sabbath.  This Time the PhariSees Really Had a Point.  Last Time it Was a Gray Area Concerning Yahoshua Being in the Home of a Tax Collector, But this Was Definitely Black and White.  This Was Clearly a Wrong.

And the PhariSees Thought So, and Let their Thoughts Be Known by Admonishing Yahoshua with their Accusations.  See, they Cried, “This Time You Can’t Turn Your Back On this Offense.  The Scriptures Says Not to Work On the Sabbath, and We Got You this Time!  This is a Wrong and Your Disciples Are Doing the Wrong!”

Well, it Was the Truth, “ But, Not the Truth “Spoken” in Love.  Their Motive Was Not Love.  There Was No Mercy.  There Was No, “Speaking the Truth in Love, that You May Grow Up,” (Ephesians 4:15). There Was No Grace.  This Was Not, “Let No Corrupt Word Proceed Out of Your Mouth, But What is Good For Necessary edification, that it May Impart Grace to the Hearers,” (Ephesians 4:29), Meaning Allowing Them a Way to Grow.

Yahoshua Reply Was, “But if You Had Known What this Means, I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice, You Would Not Have Condemned the Guiltless,” (Matthew 12:7).

Truth Without Love is Just the Law~!

Judging Others

I Have Mentioned John 13:35 Many Times.  Note that John 13:34-35 Was Given to the Disciples at One of the Hardest Times of Yahoshua’s Life.  This Was the Night Before His Final Execution.  His Own Disciples Would Betray Him by Tomorrow.  Peter Would Turn and Run.  Before the Night Was over, Yahoshua Would Find No One to Pray For Him.

If Ever in the Natural, there Was a Reason to Preserve Self, it Was Now.  This Was the Same Night that Yahoshua Bowed Down as a Servant and Instead of Proclaiming Himself King, Washed the Disciples Feet, (John 13:3-6).  Yahoshua’s Final Message to Us Before the Cross Was John 13:34-35, “By This Shall ALL Men Know You Are My Disciples, by the LOVE You Have For One Another.

James 1:20 Says that, “Man’s Anger Does Not Promote The Righteousness of Yahweh,” Even if the Criticism Seems Justified.  You Are Fallen From Grace and Placed Yourself Back Under Law When You Judge Others, (Galatians 2:21; Galatians 5:4; Hebrews 12:15).  Even if it’s abortion, Yahweh’s Plans For Success is the Same For ALL Situations.

Hebrews 12:14 Says to, “Follow, (Pursue), Peace with ALL Men, and Holiness, Without Which No Man Shall See Yahweh.”  Pursue, to Chase After.  In Hot Pursuit, Like One Squirrel Chasing Another over Limb and Branch, or Like One Bird Darting After Another Bird.  We Are Directed to Chase After Peace with ALL Men.  You Are Not Laying Down Your Life For the Brethren When You Judge or Condemn.

In Fact, if You Judge, You Are Setting Yourself Up For a Fall.  You May Go Through the Same Trial, and Find Out How You’ll Fare, (Romans 2:1 - therefore You Are Inexcusable, O Man, Whoever You Are Who Judge, For in Whatever You Judge Another You Condemn Yourself; For You Who Judge Practice the Same Things.  (NKJ)).  You Reap What You Sow.  Sow Mercy and You’ll Reap Mercy, (Matthew 5:7; James 3:18).


Sow Judgment, and You’ll Reap Judgment, (Matthew 7:1).  Sow Condemnation, and You’ll Reap Condemnation, (Luke 6:35-38).  Criticism Begets Criticism, (Galatians 5:15; Psalm 109:17).

The Christians Have Poured Judgment On the World, So the World judges the Body of Christ.  They Know Judgment Because We Showed Them Judgment.  If You Sow Love, You Reap Love.  You Sow Grace, You Reap Grace~!  Want Somebody to Start Believing in You.  Start Believing in Them~!  in the Same Way, We Know Love Because Our Abba Father, Daddy Yahweh First  Loved Us, (1 John 4:18), and Believes in Us.

Click Here for a Time Out~!

Once Someone verbally Attacked Me.  As I Determined to Die to Self and Allow this Person to Crucify Me.  I Realized that as I Was Being Metaphorically Nailed to a Cross, that I Was Dying For the Sin of this Person’s Very Attack.  This Would Remove that Sin From this One’s Life Forever.  And that Was Exactly What I Wanted.

I Learned First Hand that Yahweh Was Right When He Said, “Those that Want to Find their Life Must Lose it For Yahoshua’s Sake,” (This Must Be Important For it is Listed Six Times and in ALL Four Gospels, Matthew 10:38-39; Matthew 16:24-25; Mark 8:34-35; Luke 9:23-24; Luke 17:33; John 12:25).

My Love For this Person Increased Supernaturally, For in The Natural, I Could Not Have Had this Kind of Love.  I Had to Learn this From Experience.  Until You Have Experienced this You Just Have to Trust that What Yahweh Said Will Work.  Once You Have Experiential Knowledge, Next Time it is Easier to Lean Not to Your Own Understanding, (Proverbs 3:5).

This Walking in Love Seemed Like a vulnerable Maneuver When I Began, But After the Ordeal, I Realized that it Was the Only Resolution that Would Work.  This Produced a Crisis of Belief For Me that I Can Explain Better with the Original Greek Words.

Change Your Mind” ~ Say the Right Stuff

The Greek Word For Repent in the New Testament is Defined as, “To Change Your Mind,” (Strong’s #3340, Metanoeo). And the Word For Confess in the New Testament Means, “To Say the Same Thing As, or to Agree,” (Strong’s #3670, Homologeo). For this Plan to Accomplish the Desired Results, I Had to First Repent, (to Change My Mind), Realizing that What I Thought Would Work, Would Not.

Then I Had to Confess, (or to Say the Same Thing Yahweh Said), that Would Achieve the Goal.  Yahweh Said, “To Deny Self, Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me,” (Luke 9:23).  I Agreed with Yahweh, by Saying the Same Thing Yahweh Said About My Circumstances.  As I Changed My Mind, and Resolved to Do Things the Way Yahweh Had Outlined, I Began to Have a Love For this Person that Was Beyond What I Could Do, and that I Cannot Explain.

I Believe that We Have Missed Much of What Yahweh Had Wanted Us to Use For His Blueprint For Success Because We Do Not Know What Yahweh Meant When He Said Certain Words.  We Have Come Today to Believe that Confess Means to Admit that We Have Done a Wrong, When the Word Yahweh Chose Meant, “To Say the Same Thing.  Yahweh said in Colossians 1:14; Ephesians 1:7 and 1 John 1:7, That We Have Redemption Through His Blood, the Forgiveness of Sins.  So to Confess Our Sins Would Mean that We Are to Say the Same Thing About Our Sins as Yahweh Does.

Yahweh Said in 1 John 1:9 That, “If We Confess, (Again Strong’s # 3670, Homologeo - to Say the Same Thing as), Our Sins, He is Faithful and Just to Forgive Us Our Sins, and to Cleanse Us From ALL Unrighteousness.” that is to Say that I Have Redemption Through Yahoshua’s Blood, and ALL My Sins Are Forgiven, and Therefore I Am The Righteousness of Yahweh in Christ, {Ha Mashiach}, Yahoshua, (Romans 5:17; Revelation 5:9).  Well, if You’re Cleansed From ALL Unrighteousness, You Must Be The Righteousness of Yahweh.


Not Only Are We Unaware of Certain Words, But in Most Denominational Churches, Personal Experience is Ruled Out.  Even in Non-Denominational Churches Most Don’t Know What to Do with Personal Experience.

We Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and The Word of Our Testimony, (Revelation 12:11), But We Don’t Know Much About the Later.  I Think this Has Hurt Us.  Recall that the Word Know Comes From the Greek Word Ginosko and that Means to Know Something Works Because You Have Experienced it.

Now, that I Have Had a Confrontation with a Person that Wanted to verbally Berate Me, and I Have Encountered a Successful Way of Dealing with that Situation; I Now Have a Game Plan in My Heart that I Know Will Work Again if I Am in the Same Dilemma.  But, Do I Have to Experience Everything Personally, Before I Incorporate that Scheme into My Arsenal of Strategies.

No, I Don’t Have that Many Lifetimes!  As Rafiki Told Simba In, “The Lion King,” “You Can Learn From the PastProverbs 1:5 Says, “A Wise Man Will Hear, and Will Increase Learning, and a Man of Understanding Shall Attain Unto Wise Counsels.  This Was Written by Wise Solomon.  Solomon Probably Learned this Tactic of Success From His Father, David.

I Think One of the Ways We Can Go Forth From Success to Success is by Remembering What We Did Last Time that Worked.  Or by Better Yet, by Placing Our Trust in What Yahweh Has Already Performed in the Past in Similar Predicaments, Also Keeping in Mind that Yahweh is Not Locked into Methods and Formula’s.

But, by Remembering What Yahweh Has Done Before, You Won’t Become Overwhelmed by the Situation, and this Will Have a Calming Effect On You Giving Understanding, (Proverbs 17:27), Knowing that We Always Triumph! (1 Corinthians 15:57-58; 2 Corinthians 2:14).  (See Addendum 1).

Spiritual Weapons of Warfare

Well, I Said ALL that Above to Say This.  We Don’t Know that Confession and Repentance Are Offensive Weapons of Our Warfare Instead of Thinking of Confession and Repentance as Defensive Means of Coming Before Yahweh. We Don’t Realized Who We Are, that We Are Yahweh’s Pride and Joy~!

We Are Yahweh’s Children.  We Should Come to Yahweh Boldly, Never Cowardly.  Hebrews 4:16 Says, “Let Us Therefore Come boldly Unto the Throne of Grace, that We Might Obtain Mercy, and Find Grace To Help in Our Time of Need.

If You Can’t Come to Yahweh in Your Time of Need, What’s the Use of Living?  Much Like Queen Esther Coming Boldly Before the Throne in Her Day, Knowing that if the King Did Not Extend the Scepter to Her, She Would Die, (Esther 4:11, 5:2), that is the Way it Was with Us and Yahweh.  Except, in Our Case the Scepter Has Long Ago Been Extended Forevermore in the Person of Yahoshua, (The Messiah).

And if We Have Chocolate Pudding On Our Face, He’ll Clean Us Up Just Like Simba’s Mother, Sarabi, Did to Young Cub In, “The Lion King”.  Babies Are Supposed to Have Chocolate On their Mouth.  Compared to ALL of eternity, We Are But Babes in Yahweh’s Sight.

Contrary to What I’ve Been Taught, Sin Does Not Separate Us From Yahweh.  That’s Not Even Found Anywhere in the New Testament.  Yahweh Never Hides His Face From Us Now that Yahoshua Has Gone to the Cross.  Is Sin the Only Thing that the Holy Spirit Convicts Us of?  John 16:8 Says the Holy Spirit Convicts Us Also of Righteousness.


Yahweh’s Remedy For Sin is that You Agree with Him About What He Says About Your Sin, (Confess).  That is to Say, Your Sins Are Covered by the Blood of His Son, Yahoshua.  We Must Adjust Our Thinking, (Repent).

Even if a Little Child Does What We Tell Them Not to Do, Such as Placing their Hand On a Hot Stove, We Do Not Draw Away From Them, But Instead, We Put Balm On their Wound. Or We Take Them to the Doctor or Whatever Else is Necessary For their Health And Welfare.  They Are Always Our Child.

A Child with Cherry Kool-Aid ALL over His or Her Mouth Will Run Right Up to their Mother or Father For a Hug, and Yet We Think Our Sins Separate Us From Yahweh.  Therefore, We Find it Hard Not to Condemn Those that Are, by Our Standards, Sinning.  Sometimes We Are Like the Older Child Telling the Younger Ones What Mom Said to Do, and Hitting Them if they Don’t Comply.

Sin Will Deceive You, and Cause You to Harden Your Heart to Yahweh So that You Cannot Be Able to Confess and Say the Same Thing Yahweh Says About Your Sin, (See Hebrews 3:13).  You May Not Be Able to,Change Your Mind,” (Repent).  Sin Might Make Us Feel Far Away From Yahweh, But the Truth of the Matter is Yahweh is Not Far Away From Us.

Yahweh Said, “I Will Never Leave You or Forsake You,” in Hebrews 13:5 and Also in Deuteronomy 4:31, So the Tradition Taught of Men that, “Sin Separates Us From Yahweh,” Makes Yahweh’s Word of No Effect.  That’s Old Covenant.  I’m Under a New and Better Covenant than the Old, (Hebrews 8:6).

Does Sin Separates Us From Yahweh?

I Heard an Old Joke that a Man Was Driving in His Truck and He and His Wife of Many Years Saw a Younger Couple in Another Truck Sitting Close Together.  The Wife Turned to the Husband and Said, “Why Don’t We Sit Close Like that any More?”  The Husband Replied, “I Haven’t Moved”.  Sin, “Appears”, To Separates Us From Yahweh, But In Fact it Does Not, (Romans 5:17, 25; Romans 8:39; Colossians 22:13-14; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; 1 John 1:8-9; 1 John 2:2; 1 John 4:10).

Being Man they Messed it Up (Not that We Would Not Have) and Perverted Yahweh’s Laws into a Legalistic Form of Religion that Drove People Away From Yahweh.

Yahoshua Has Paid the Price For the Sin of the Whole World.  What is Sin?  Sin is Rejecting Yahweh.  This is Why Yahweh Wants Us Not to Sin Because Sin Makes Us Feel that He is Not there When He ~ Is- Which Breaks His Heart.

Yahweh Does Not Leave Us When We Sin — We Leave Yahweh.  Since Yahoshua Has Paid the Price For ALL Sin and Even Removed, (by Satisfying), ALL Requirements For Favor with Yahweh — as Yahweh is Not Mad at Us When We Sin, But Rather Grieved For Our Sakes.  He Hurts When We Mess Up Our Lives and Will Teach Us Through His Word But He Will Never Do Anything to Harm.

However, if You Believe in Your Heart that Yahoshua Has Done ALL that is Necessary For You to Have a Correct Relation with Yahweh then d—Evil One Cannot Touch You.  It is Not What You Are Doing Wrong or Failing to Do Right that Separates You From Yahweh.  It is What You Believe in Your Heart; However, (The Paradox or Catch 22), is that Sin Makes it Hard to Believe Correctly in Your Heart.

Yahweh Has the Almost Unique Ability to Separate Who We Are From What We Do.  I Am His Child Because of My Acceptance of His Son Yahoshua Paying the Price For My Sin.  This is Always True No Matter What I Do; Therefore, Yahweh is Always Pleased with Me.  However, He May Not Be Pleased with What I Am Doing and it’s Result.

Interference ~ We’re Getting a Weak Signal

Coming Home One Night, My Car’s Battery Drained and We Had to Park at a Friend’s Home and Have Her Drive Us Home.  The Next Day, the Car Would Not Start, So I Borrowed a Battery From the Alternator Repair Shop Where I Had Just Had a Re-Built Alternator Put On in November, (it Was Now March).  They Said that the Alternator Checked Out Okay.  So, I Gave Them their Battery Back, and they Put a Charge On My Battery.  Then I Took the Car to the Auto Garage, and they Said Both the Alternator and the Battery Checked Out Okay.

So, I Went Home and undid the Side Mount Connections, and Discovered Corrosion.  I Went to the Store and Bought an Inexpensive, ($1.98), Battery Post Cleaner Wire Brush.  I Disconnected the Two Terminal Posts, and On the Positive Post there Are Rings Around Each Post That Look Like Doughnuts with a Bolt Going Through Them.  I Started Cleaning the Green Corrosion Off, (“It Looked Like Comet Cleanser”), and Found Out that Underneath The Light Green Corrosion Was a Dark Green-Gray Metal.

But I Kept Rubbing and Found Out that Underneath this Was Really Shiny Copper!  There Was No Wonder My Battery Lost Power and Had a Voltage Drop~!  The Battery Had Nothing Wrong with it and Was Connected Correctly, and the Alternator Was Working Fine, But Corrosion Was Keeping the Power From Being Supplied.  After Scrubbing Off the Corrosion, I Applied NCP-2 Battery Corrosion Preventative Spray.  It Was Crimson Red, Liquid and Reminded Me Very Much of Blood as it Dripped Down My Hand as I Sprayed it On the Posts.


Sin is the Corrosion that Creeps into Our Hearts, (Connector Posts), and Keeps the Power of Yahweh From Flowing in Our Lives.  I Can Lay Hands On Someone to Be Healed, and the Power of Yahweh is Working Fine, But the Power is Not Being Allowed to Flow Through Me Because I Have Allowed Sin to Corrode the Connection Between Me and Yahweh.

As a Result of Sin, The Word of Knowledge For Someone that Was Supposed to Have Come by Us is Blocked, and Thus the Other Person Suffers From Not Be Presented the Direction of Yahweh.  (The Love of Yahweh Compels or Constrains Me to Not Walk in Sin, Not So Much For My Sake, But For Others).  Sin Hinders Us From Hearing From Yahweh, But Does Not Stop Yahweh or His Love or His Power Towards Us.  It Only Stops Us From Receiving His Love, His UnConditional Acceptance, His Power and His Benefits.

The Corrosion Prevents the Current From the Battery From Getting to Your Radio, (So You Can’t Hear From Yahweh), But it Does Not Diminish the Power of the Battery.  Those Under the Law Will Still Have to Be Dealt with According to the Law, But the Ultimate Goal is For Grace.  And The Blood of Yahoshua Cleanses Us From ALL Sin and Like the Corrosion Preventative in the Natural World is Universal, So Will the Blood of Yahoshua Cleanse Anyone in the World.

1 John 1:9 Says that if We Confess Our Sin, He is Faithful and Just to Forgive Us From ALL Sin.  Lamentations 3:23 Says that His Mercy is Renewed Every Morning.  Yahweh I Ask You to Forgive Me From ALL My Past Sin, and Wash Me in the Water of Your Word, and Abba, My Father, I Trust that You Will Keep Me From Falling Back.Being Confident of this Very Thing, that He Who Has Begun a Good Work in You Will Complete it until the Day of Yahoshua, (The Messiah),” (Philippians 1:6).

Sinners Not Welcome Here

I Wonder if Folks that Commit Hideous Crimes Feel Like that they Can Never Be Pardoned, So What Does it Matter if they Commit One More Act of violence.  They Are Without Hope.  They Probably Hate What they Do, But Don’t Know a Way Out.  Their Only Alternative is to Turn Themselves In, Where they Are Sure to Be Executed.  So Far, this Plan Hasn’t Worked.

Can they Come to the Church Door For Help?  Nobody Wants to Be Told What they Are Doing Wrong.  They Probably Feel Shame, and Rejection From Some Fantasy that Turned Real.  Possibly Something Was Done Wrong to Them as Well.  Or they May Have Played with their Imaginations to the Point that it Became uncontrollable.  They Allowed Darkness to Have Control over their Lives.

They Didn’t Cast Down Vain Imaginations and Those Things that Exalt Themselves Against Yahweh, (2 Corinthians 10:5), But Allowed Them to Become Like the Little Dog On a Lease.  One Day You Feel a tug and Suddenly to Your Horror; the Little Dog Has Grown Up into a Big Dog, and is Now dragging You Around.

Can these Folks Turn to Us Followers of Christ For Love?  Can We After We’ve Missed the Mark?  How Will We Respond to Someone that Has a Difference Sexual Preference than What the Scriptures Outlines Between a Man and a Woman?  Some Friends of Mine Formed a Christian Band, and I Used to Love to Hear Them Singing a Song Out that Says it Best, “Love, Love, Love, We Talk About Love, But Don’t Show it”.


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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