Yahweh’s Word is Always True

Hebrews 10:23 ~ Let us Hold on to the Confession of Our Hope Without Wavering, For He Who Promised is Faithful.

...I Declare Things that Are Right, (Isaiah 45:19)

Your Word
 IS a Lamp Unto My Feet and a Light Unto My Path, and I Will Hide Your Word
 in My Heart“


ALL Scripture is Given by Inspiration of Yahweh, and is Profitable For Doctrine, For Reproof, For Correction, For Instruction in Righteousness, that The Men and Women of Yahweh May Be Complete, Thoroughly Equipped For Every Good Work.
{2 Timothy 3:16}

Yahweh Cannot Lie~!
(Numbers 23:19; Hebrews 6:18)

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Declarations References ~ (Instructions)
Yahweh is Not a Man, that He Should Lie Numbers 23:19
Yahweh Cannot Lie Titus 1:2
Yahweh Cannot Lie Hebrews 6:18
And the Scripture Cannot Be Broken John 10:35
Jesus’ Word – My Will Words Will Not Pass Away Matthew 24:25 Luke 21:33)
The Promise of Yahweh Romans 4:20-21
Let us Hold on to the Confession of Our Hope Without Wavering, for He Who Promised is Faithful. Hebrews 10:23
There Has Not Failed One Word of ALL His Good Promise Joshua 21:45; Joshua 23:14; 1 Kings 8:56
Magnified Your Word Above ALL Your Name Psalm 138:2
Yahweh’s Word WILL NOT Return Void Isaiah 55:11
If Yahweh Said it, then He Will Do it Psalm 33:9;11, Isaiah 46:11, Isaiah 14:24

  When I Was Growing Up as a Boy, My Brothers and I Were Not Allowed to Have a Rifle or Other Gun, Because My Mother’s Brother Got Killed with One as a Small Boy. However, My Father Made Sure that We Got to Have BB Gun’s, and Either One of Us Boys Could Blow the Dot Off the “I” of the Sprite Can From About 25-40 Feet Away.  In Fact the Dot Was Than the Size of the BB, So We Would Try to Synchronize the Timing of Our Shots and One of Us Would Take the Upper Left of the Dot, One the Upper Right and the Other One Would Take the Bottom Middle. We Never Could Synchronize to Get ALL Three to Fire at the Same Time, But Often Two of Us Would Hit the Can at the Same Time and Almost Bend the Red Dot Complete Out of Sight.

So, When I Got to the Navy and they Gave Me an M1-Carbine Rifle and I Shot and the Hit Struck About One Half-inch to the Left of the BullsEye, and So I Immediately Knew the Aim Was Off and that the Rifle Was Not Shooting True.  I Didn’t Think, “Oh, I’m a Bad Shot,” or “I Must Have Jerked,” or Anything to Indicate that it Was My Fault.  I Had Confidence in My Ability to Shoot a Dot Off a Sprite Can.  So, I Compensated by Aiming Just About 1/2” to the Right of the Bull’s-Eye and I Ended Up Getting a Score of 98 overall Out of 100 and Tied the Highest Score in My Squadron.

In the Same Way, When the Word of Our God, (Yahweh), Says One Thing, and Yet Circumstances Seem to Say to Contradict and Say Something Else.  The Circumstances Have to Be Wrong, (or Lying), For Yahweh's Word is Always True. Trust the Word, For Yahweh CANNOT Lie~!

If Yahweh Said by His Stripes You Are Healed and the Doctor’s Say, “We’ve Done ALL We Can Do,” or the Medical Community Says that We Want to Suggest that He or She Be An, “Organ Donor,” Relax and Say, “Yahoshua Said it Would Be Like This.” “With Man this is Impossible, But Not with God; All Things Are Possible with God,”

(Jeremiah 32:17; 27; Matthew 19:26; Luke 18:27; Mark 10:27; Mark 9:23).


Yahweh Cannot Lie~!

Declarations References ~ (Instructions)
Yahweh is Alert and Actively Watching Over His Word; Ready to Perform What He Said that He Would Do Jeremiah 1:12
{Amplified Bible Classic Edition}
The Word of Yahweh is Proven 2 Samuel 22:31
Word Hidden in My Heart – Forever Your Word is Settled in Heaven – Word is a Lamp Unto My Path Psalm 119:11;89;105
The Words of Yahweh Are Pure Words, Like Silver Tried in a Furnace of Earth Purified Seven Times Psalm 119:140
David Realizing that Yahweh Said Something and then Believing it - You Shall Preserve Them From this Generation Forever - You Shall Keep Them Yahweh. Psalm 12: 6-7, Psalm 121:5-8
You Can Bank On Yahweh’s Word 2 Samuel 7:28

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Jeremiah 1:12; 2 Samuel 22:31; Psalm 119:11,89,105; Psalm 119:140; Psalm 12: 6-7; Psalm 121:5-8; 2 Samuel 7:28

Yahweh Cannot Lie~!

Declarations References ~ (Instructions)
Every Word of Yahweh is Pure: He is a Shield Unto Them that Put their Trust in Him Proverbs 30:5
The Word of Yahweh is Proven Psalm 18:30
By the Word of Your Lip, I Have Kept Myself From the Paths of the Destroyer Psalm 17:4
He Sends Out His Command to the Earth, His Word Runs Very Swiftly Psalm 147:15
By Faith We Understand that the Worlds Were Framed by the Word of God, So that the Things Which Are Seen Were Not Made of Things Which Are Visible. Hebrews 11:3
For this They Willfully Forget: that by the Word of God the Heavens Were of Old, and the Earth Standing Out of Water and in the Water. 2 Peter 3:5
Yahweh by Wisdom Founded the Earth; by Understanding He Established the Heavens. Proverbs 3:19
You Who Are Named the House of Jacob: “Is the Spirit of the Lord Restricted? Are These His Doings? Do Not My Words do Good to Him Who Walks Uprightly?” Micah 2:7
11 Your Word I Have Hidden in My Heart, that I Might Not Sin Against You~!
16 I Will Delight Myself in Your Statutes; I Will Not Forget Your Word.
17 Deal Bountifully with Your Servant, that I May Live and Keep Your Word.
18 Open My Eyes, that I May See Wondrous Things From Your Law.
25 My Soul Clings to the Dust; Revive Me According to Your Word.
38 Establish Your Word to Your Servant, Who is Devoted to Fearing You.
42 So Shall I Have an Answer for Him Who Reproaches Me, for I Trust in Your Word. (Colossians 4:6)
43 and Take Not the Word of Truth Utterly Out of My Mouth, for I Have Hoped in Your Ordinances.
49 Remember The Word to Your Servant, Upon Which You Have Caused Me to Hope.
50 This is My Comfort in My Affliction, For Your Word Has Given Me Life.
57 You Are My Portion, O Yahweh; I Have Said that I Would Keep Your Words.
67 Before I Was Afflicted I Went Astray, But Now I Keep Your Word.
74 Those Who Fear You Will Be Glad When They See Me, Because I Have Hoped in Your Word.
81 My Soul Faints for Your Salvation, But I Hope in Your Word.
86 All Your Commandments Are Faithful; They Persecute Me Wrongfully; Help Me!
89 Forever, O Yahweh, Your Word is Settled in Heaven.
98 You, Through Your Commandments, Make Me Wiser than My Enemies; For They Are Ever with Me.
99 I Have More Understanding than All My Teachers, For Your Testimonies Are My Meditation.
100 I Understand More than the Ancients, Because I Keep Your Precepts.
101 I Have Restrained My Feet From Every Evil Way, That I May Keep Your Word.
105 Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet and a Light to My Path.
107 I Am Afflicted Very Much; Revive Me, O Lord, According to Your Word.
114 You Are My Hiding Place and My Shield; I Hope in Your Word.
116 Uphold Me According to Your Word, That I May Live; and do Not Let Me Be Ashamed of My Hope.
130 The Entrance of Your Words Gives Light; It Gives Understanding to the Simple.
133 Direct My Steps by Your Word, and Let No Iniquity Have Dominion Over Me.
137 Righteous Are You, O Lord, and Upright Are Your Judgments.
139 My Zeal Has Consumed Me, Because My Enemies Have Forgotten Your Words.
140 Your Word is Very Pure; Therefore Your Servant Loves it.
147 I Rise Before the Dawning of the Morning, and Cry for Help; I Hope in Your Word.
148 My Eyes Are Awake Through the Night Watches, That I May Meditate on Your Word.
154 Plead My Cause and Redeem Me; Revive Me According to Your Word.
160 The Entirety of Your Word is Truth, and Every One of Your Righteous Judgments Endures Forever.
161 Princes Persecute Me Without a Cause, But My Heart Stands in Awe of Your Word.
162 I Rejoice at Your Word as One Who Finds Great Treasure.
169 Let My Cry Come Before You, O Lord; Give Me Understanding According to Your Word.
170 Let My Supplication Come Before You; Deliver Me According to Your Word.
171 My Lips Shall Utter Praise, for You Teach Me Your Statutes.
172 My Tongue Shall Speak of Your Word, for All Your Commandments Are Righteousness.
Psalm 119:11, 16-18, 25, 38; 42-43, 49-50, 57, 67, 74, 81; 86, 89, 98, 99, 100-101, 103; 105, 107, 114, 116, 130, 133, 137, 139-140, 147-148, 154; 160-162, 170-172

(Proverbs 30:5; Psalm 18:30; Psalm 17:4; Psalm 147:15; Psalm 33:16; Hebrews 11:3; 2 Peter 3:5; Proverbs 3:19; Micah 2:7)


Yahweh Cannot Lie~!

Declarations References ~ (Instructions)
His Truth is a Shield and a Buckler Psalm 91:4, John 17:17
Then They Believed His Words; They Sang His Praise. Psalm 106:12
He Sent His Word and Healed Them, and Delivered Them From Their Destructions. Psalm 107:20
The Faithfulness of Yahweh and His Fidelity [to His Word] Even if Man Lies Romans 3:3-4
{Amplified Bible Classic Edition}
For I Am Yahweh. I Speak, and the Word Which I Speak Will Come to Pass; It Will no More Be Postponed; for in Your Days, O Rebellious House, I Will Say the Word and Perform it,  Says Yahweh God. Ezekiel 12:25
Yahweh is Faithful and Ever True to His Promise 1 Corinthians 1:9
{Amplified Bible Classic Edition}}
43 So Yahweh Gave to Israel All the Land of Which He Had Sworn to Give to Their Fathers, and They Took Possession of it and Dwelt in it.
44 Yahweh Gave Them Rest All Around, According to All that He Had Sworn to Their Fathers.  And Not a Man of All Their Enemies Stood Against Them; Yahweh Delivered All Their Enemies Into Their Hand.
45Spoken” to the House of Israel.  All Came to Pass.
Joshua 21:43-45
That Not One Thing Has Failed of All the Good Things Which Yahweh Your God Spoke Concerning You. All Have Come to Pass for You; Not One Word of Them Has Failed. Joshua 23:14
He Who Despises the Word Will Be Destroyed, But He Who Fears the Commandment Will Be Rewarded. Proverbs 13:13
19 Yahweh by Wisdom Founded the Earth; by Understanding He Established the Heavens;
20 By His Knowledge the Depths Were Broken Up, and Clouds Drop Down the Dew.
21 My Son, Let Them Not Depart From Your Eyes-- Keep Sound Wisdom and Discretion;
22 So They Will Be Life to Your Soul and Grace to Your Neck.
23 Then You Will Walk Safely in Your Way, and Your Foot Will Not Stumble.
Proverbs 3:20-23
James 3:17
Rebelled Against Yahweh’s Word Psalm 107:10-16



Yahweh Cannot Lie~!

Declarations References ~ (Instructions)
Upholding ALL Things by the Word of His Power Hebrews 1:3
Yahweh Said to Moses, “You Shall See Now Whether My Word Shall Come to Pass For You or Not Numbers 11:23
That Men and Women Shall Not Live by Bread Alone; But Men and Women Lives by Every Word that Proceeds From the Mouth of Yahweh. Deuteronomy 8:3; Luke 4:4; Matthew 4:4
Therefore Know that Yahweh Your God, He is God, the Faithful God Who Keeps Covenant and Mercy for a Thousand Generations with Those Who Love Him and Keep His Commandments Deuteronomy 7:9
But He Said, “More than that, Blessed Are Those Who Hear the Word of God and Keep it!” Luke 11:28
Of His Own Will He Brought us Forth by the Word of Truth, that We Might Be a Kind of First Fruits of His Creatures. James 1:18
18 But as God is Faithful, Our Word to You Was Not Yes and No.
19 For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Who Was Preached Among You by Us—by Me, Silvanus, and Timothy—Was Not Yes and No, But in Him Was Yes.
20 For All the Promises of God in Him Are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the Glory of God Through Us.
2 Corinthians 1:18-20
He Who Calls You is Faithful, Who Also Will Do It. 1 Thessalonians 5:24
How Shall We Escape if We Neglect So Great a Salvation, Which at the First Began to Be “Spoken” by the Lord, and Was Confirmed to us by Those Who Heard Him. Hebrews 2:3



Yahweh Cannot Lie~!

Declarations References ~ (Instructions)
He Will Not Fear Bad News; His Heart is Confident, Trusting in Yahweh. Psalm 112:7
I Wait for Yahweh; I Wait and Put My Hope in His Word. Psalm 130:5
Until the Time His Prediction Came True, the Word of Yahweh Tested Him. Psalm 105:19
Like Newborn Infants, Desire the Pure Spiritual Milk, So that You May Grow by it for [Your]; Salvation 1 Peter 2:2
Mark 4:14-20 (HCSB)
14 The Sower Sows the Word.
15 These Are the Ones Along the Path Where the Word is Sown: When They Hear, Immediately Satan Comes and Takes Away the Word Sown in Them.
16 and These Are the Ones Sown on Rocky Ground: When They Hear the Word, Immediately They Receive it with Joy.
17 But They Have no Root in Themselves; They Are Short-Lived. When Pressure or Persecution Comes Because of the Word, They Immediately Stumble.
18 Others Are Sown Among Thorns; These Are the Ones Who Hear the Word,
19 But the Worries of this Age, the Seduction of Wealth, and the Desires for Other Things Enter in and Choke the Word, and it Becomes Unfruitful.
20 But the Ones Sown on Good Ground Are Those Who Hear the Word, Welcome it, and Produce a Crop: 30, 60, and 100 Times [What Was Sown].”
Mark 4:14-20
But the One Who Boasts Should Boast in This, that He Understands and Knows Me— that I am •Yahweh, Showing Faithful Love, Justice, and Righteousness on the Earth, for I Delight in These Things. [This Is] Yahweh’s Declaration. Jeremiah 9:24
2 For Indeed the Gospel Was Preached to us as Well as to Them; But the Word Which They Heard Did Not Profit Them, Not Being Mixed with Faith in Those Who Heard it.
11 Let us Therefore Be Diligent to Enter that Rest, Lest Anyone Fall According to the Same Example of Disobedience.
12 for The Word of God is Living and Powerful, and Sharper than any Two-Edged Sword, Piercing Even to the Division of Soul and Spirit, and of Joints and Marrow, and is a Discerner of the Thoughts and Intents of the Heart.
Hebrews 4:2; 11-12
It is Written Luke 4:4; 8
It is Written Romans 4:17
Angels Respond Only to the Voice of Yahweh’s Word (as We Voice it Returning His Word Back to Him) 2 Chronicles 16:9
Psalm 103:20-21
Isaiah 55:11
Jeremiah 1:12
Daniel 10:12


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Your Word
 IS a Lamp Unto My Feet and a Light Unto My Path, and I Will Hide Your Word
 in My Heart“ The Scriptures ~
Yahweh’s Holy Word

The Three OnLine Bibles that I Used the Most Are The The Scriptures Gateway, and Bible Study Tools and  StudyLight, (StudyLight Includes Hard to Find Bible Versions Including the Amplified Bible Classic Edition, the King James Version w/Strong’s Concordance Numbers, the New King James, Jay P. Green, Sr.’s Literal Translation, the Message, the Hebrew Names Version, the Complete Jewish Bible, Yahweh’s Word, the Scriptures in Basic English, the Webster Bible, the English Standard Version, Joseph Bryant Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible, The UpDated Bible, & the World English Bible.  The Last Three Translations Use the Name of, “Yahweh” Rather than ‘The LORD’, and I Like that About Them.  However, the UpDated Bible omits the Book of Acts, and Mark 16:18; So I Have withdrawn My Recommendation For this Translation, “ All Told ~ Access to 47 Bibles, 21 Commentaries, 6 Dictionaries, 4 Concordances ALL On the Same Web Site~!)

I Highly Recommend Both The Scriptures Gateway & Especially StudyLight as it Includes:
The World English Bible, (WEB) & Joseph Bryant Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible, (EBR)
the WEB & the EBR Both Re-Insert the Name of Yahweh Rather than ‘The LORD’

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The Fear of Yahweh is the Beginning of Wisdom
{Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7; Proverbs 9:10}



Pledge of Allegiance to the The Holy Scriptures

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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