One Voice

We Formerly Had One Language ~
But Now We Speak in Many Languages.



We Used to Have One Language,
But Now We Speak in Many Languages.

(Esther 1:22), Then He Sent Letters to ALL the King’s Provinces, to Each Province in its Own Script, and to Every People in their Own Language, that Each Man Should Be Master in His Own House, And Speak in the Language of His Own People.

(Zephaniah 3:9), For then I Will Restore to the Peoples a Pure Language, that they ALL May Call On the Name of Yahweh, To Serve Him with One Accord.



Generally, I Don’t Get Too Hyper About the Signs of the Times, But Because of My Background in Computers I Have UnEarthed Some Things I Think We Can Expect the Future to Bring.

Well, I’ve Been Watching CNET Central On TV, and I Have Observed Some Things that I Know that the Future is Going to Bring to Past.

For One, the Computer World is Racing Around the Globe to Bring Us Voice Activated Computers.  Forget the Mouse, or the Penlight.   How Would You Like to Talk and the Computer Respond?   is this Related to God?   I Think So, and I’ll Let You Know Why.  I Can Talk and My Own Computer Can Do Things Including Typing.  I Saw On C/NET Central a Woman Holding What Looked Like a Sharp CamCorder and Aiming at a House And, “Snapping” a Picture.  Then She Said, (in a Normal Voice), the Street Address of the House Location, and the Address Was then imprinted Onto the Picture.  This Would Be Nice For Real Estate Sales Persons, or For an Outside Salesman, or Doctors, Nurses, Accountants.

Suppose We Take the Possibilities of Having a Computer that Can Instantly Convert the “Spoken Word” to the Printed Page.  Nice, You Might Say. A Nice-ity~!   But, While the Americans Are Busy Teaching the Computer to Talk English, the Japanese Are Trying Hard to Converse In Japanese.  Well, Add to the Fact that I Recently Saw a Program that Would Allow You to Type in German, or Russian or Spanish as You Type Normally in English.


In Theory, I Go One Step Further, and I Get a Letter From Someone Writing German.  I Can’t Read German, But I Have a Computer that Can Read Text.  The Problem is that My Computer Only Enunciates What it Sees.   English Text is Pronounced in English and So On.  So, My Computer Would Read German Aloud, But it Would Not Avail Me Much.

Da Nicht Die Gesamten Musikstücke Sondern Nur Die Einzelnen Instrumente Digitalisiert Sind, Halten Sich Die Files In Ihrer Größe Noch In Akzeptablen Rahmen.  Leider Hat Dies Auch Einige Kleine Nachteile, Zumindest Auf IBM-Rechnern.

Yeah, it Read About Like that Also.  But, Suppose We Are Able to Combine The Efforts of the Voice Recognition with the Capability to Write in Another Language.  Suppose, You Sent Me The Above Text On Email, Written in the German Language, But I Receive,

“Since Not The Whole Song is Digitized The Files are Relatively Small. But this Has a Few Disadvantages. Since Every Instrument is Digitized Only Once But You Want to Play Different Notes, The Computer Has to Calculate The Data for Every Note During The Output of The Music.” 

Now That’s Nice~! ~ (Having the Language in English)   But, Forget the Typing.  I Talk, and the Words Are Recorded. You Get the Words and Why Should You Have to Read Them.  You Run Your Voice Recognition Software Such as Sound Blaster that Already Exists, (I Have it On My PC), and WaLa~~!  I Can Hear the Words in English that Were Spoken or Typed In German.  I Can Have a Dialog with Someone in Japan.


Now, Let’s Go One Step Further.  Suppose, We Wanted to Communicate, “Live.”  With the Rapid Advances that Telephone Companies Are Making Including Cellular Telephones, Combined with the Quantum Leaps Being Made in the Television, Computer and Cable Industries, Soon We Will Be Able to Talk with Anyone in the World in Our Own Language and Interact with TV.  Upcoming ISDN (Integrated Services Digital NetWork) Modem Protocols, and MPeg Are a Part of This.  I Recently Sent an Email Message to Someone in the Ukraine, and Within a Couple of Hours Got a Reply.  It Used to Take 22 Days One Way to Write a Letter and Now Both the Letter and the Reply Can Be Done in a Couple of Hours.

Well, Where Does God Tie in to ALL This?   You Might Say, This ALL Sounds Like You’re Babbling to Me~!  Right You Are~!  You Might Have Known I’m Going To Talk About The Tower of Babel.  You May Note From (Genesis 10:5), That Language Seems to Be the Key Separator of Peoples.

Genesis 10:5 From these the Coastland [Peoples] of The Gentiles Were Separated into their Lands, Everyone According to His Language, According to their Families, into their Nations.

Genesis 11:1 ~ Now the Whole Earth Had One Language and One Speech.

Genesis 11:6-12 ~ And Yahweh Said, Indeed the People [Are] One and they ALL Have One Language, And this is What they Begin to Do; Now Nothing that they Propose to Do Will Be Withheld From Them.  “Come, Let Us Go Down and there Confuse their Language, that they May Not Understand One Another’s Speech.”   So Yahweh Scattered Them Abroad From There Over the Face of ALL the Earth, and they Ceased Building the City.  Therefore its Name is Called Babel, Because there Yahweh Confused the Language of ALL the Earth; and From there Yahweh Scattered Them Abroad Over the Face of ALL the Earth.


We Used to Have One Language, But Now We Speak in Many Languages.

Esther 1:22 ~ Then He Sent Letters to ALL the King’s Provinces, to Each Province in its Own Script, and to Every People in their Own Language, That Each Man Should Be Master in His Own House, And Speak in the Language of His Own People.

Zephaniah 3:9 ~ For then I Will Restore to the Peoples a Pure Language, that they ALL May Call On the Name of Yahweh, To Serve Him with One Accord.

I Think that the Computer Generated Translator Method that I Spoke of Will Arrive at One Pure Language.  When One Language is Understood by ALL, You Can Be Sure that the Day of Yahweh is Not Far Off.


Here is One Language Translator OnLine:  Alta Vista’s BabelFish Translator, (I Chose this One Because of it’s Name).

Type or Paste Text or Web Address
(beginning with http://) Here:

Translate From:

Powered by Systran

Now, to Show You Some More Stuff From the Days to Come.   Expect to See TV and Computers Merge with Telephones and Cable.  MPeg Technology is Playing a Big Part in ALL Setting the Pieces in Place.  MPeg Technology Allows a Computer to Show a Video as Fast and as Clear as a Live Television Show.

I Saw a Video Reenactment of the Attack On O. J. Simpson’s Wife.  The Video Folks Have Even Placed Live Digitized Photos of the Actual Victims On the Faces and Using Data From the Actual Blows, Reconstructed a Scene that Was Horrifying.  The Movements Looked So Real.  This is Where We Are Going in Video/computer Generated Images Technology.  (Update, MPeg3 Has Now Grown Up and We Know it as DVD)

To the Place Where We Can Make People Look Like they Are Talking, When In Fact they Could Be Dead, (See John F. Kennedy in Forrest Gump to See if I’m Joking) Did You Know that Penthouse Has a New MultiMedia Somewhere On the Internet.  I Saw this On C/NET.Central.   I Haven’t Looked For this On the World Wide Web and I Haven’t Wanted to.  But, A Model Was Shown Talking [to You the Viewer] While Taking a Photo Shoot.

If You Thought You Wanted an Article of Clothing Removed, You Issue a Command and a Real Hand Comes Up that Looks Like You Put Your Hand Through the Viewer and Does What You Say to Do.  This Makes Virtual Reality Not too Far Away From the Common Household user.  Folks Are Falling in Lust Over What?   Not Pictures, But Computer Generated Bit Maps, (Images)

What is a Computer Generated Bit Map?   For a Very Good Example, Find a Good Quality Photo and Look at it in a Close-Up View.  If You Have Windows, Try PaintBRush. On the Mac, I Don’t Know.  But Zoom in On Your Picture.  Zoom in a Lot.  You Will Notice that What Appears to Be One Flowing Picture is Nothing More than a Lot of Small Squares that When Viewed Far Off Appear to Be a Photograph.


Ever Watch Wheel of Fortune, and Watch Vanna White Change The tiles. Let’s Suppose that Each tile Actually Has Three Sides, But We Can Only See One at a Time. Suppose, Each One of these tiles Represented a BitMap On a Computer Generated Image.  As Barney the Dinosaur Would Say, Imagine That On One Side of the tiles Was One View or Image, and On the Other Two Sides Would Be Other Images.

Suppose that there Were Hundreds, or Thousands of these tile, But Much Smaller.  So, Small that When Viewed Far Away they Appeared to Be One Composition.   As tiles Would Be Flipped You Would See a New Picture, Not to Much Unlike the Images of Holograms Embedded On Credit Cards, Except The Quality Would Be Better.

By Using this Technique I Could Have Three, (or More), Views of a Room.  One View with a Man in it.   One View of the Same Room with a Shiny Silver Man in the Room.  and Another View of the Room Empty.  By Hooking Up a Computer to Turn the tiles For Me In a Very Precise Choreographed Way, and Changing Only a Few Selected tiles at a Time, I Can Give the Illusion that the Man vaporized, or Transformed Slowly.

Go See, “Super Mario Brothers” For a Visual of What I’m Talking About, or, “Terminator II.”    By varying the bitmaps or pixels, (as Known On in the Computer Nomenclature), We Can Generate Images, “Image”, {Now That’s an Interesting Word}.


Compare this Back to What I Had Said Earlier About Penthouse and Their, “Images”.  The Destruction of One’s Soul, (Meaning Mind, Will, and Emotion) Coming From Not Even Reality, But a Computer Generated Image.

Proverbs 6:32 Says, “That Whoever Commits Adultery with a Woman Lacks Understanding; He [Who] Does So Destroys His Own Soul.” (NKJ).

Matthew 5:28, “But I Say to You that Whoever Looks at a Woman to Lust For Her Has Already Committed Adultery with Her in His Heart.<”(NKJ).

The IMAGE of the Beast is Mentioned Many Times in Revelation and Here’s a Good Example.  Revelation 13:15, “He Was Granted [Power] to Give Breath to The Image of the Beast, that the Image of the Beast Should Both Speak and Cause as Many as Would Not Worship the Image of the Beast to Be Killed.” (NKJ).

I Think the Anti-Christ Will Be a Computer-Generated Image, with Real Looking Movements, Much Like Max Headroom of TV, But Much Better.

Daniel 11:31 ~ “And Forces Shall Be Mustered by Him, and they Shall Defile the Sanctuary Fortress; then they Shall Take Away the Daily [Sacrifices,] and Place [There] the Abomination of Desolation.” (NKJ).

Daniel 12:11 ~ “And From the Time [that] the Daily [Sacrifice] is Taken Away, and The Abomination of Desolation is Set Up, [There Shall Be] One Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Days.” (NKJ).


It Could Be that the Image Will Be a Homosexual, For the Anti-Christ Will Not Have a Love For Women.  But, Homosexuality Starts in The Heterosexual World of Pornography.  These Are My Thoughts.  More Will Follow.  Tying Together The Abomination of Desolation and Knowing How Destructive Adultery is Towards Your Own Heart and What I Know of Computers and the Word, “Image” Has Stirred Me to Follow Along this Trail.

And Speaking of Communications, Keep Your Eye On The Cellular Telephone Crowd.  With a Portable Telephone, and a Computer with a Modem You Can Have a Map of Your Home Town Using Relays Off of Satellites to Pinpoint Your Exact Location in the Terms of Latitude and Longitude, (Called Global Tracking System, or GPS), and then Convert that Information into Meaningful Info For You.  You Are at The Corner of Lawrence and Green, and You Need to Turn Right then Right Again to Get To Your Designated Location.

It Won’t Take But One Step More to Have the Portable Telephone Small Enough to Go On Your Watch, or a Label Pin, (Like Star Trek).   One Fact that I Have Noticed in My Lifetime is that We Go From the Known to the Unknown in Increments.

A Train Gives Birth to the Idea of Motion and a Car is Born.  However, the First Headlights On a Car Resembled the Headlights On a Train. One Invention Gives Birth to Another.

First, there Was the Ice Box, and then Someone Thought of the Refrigerator.  Then Egg Trays Started Happening, and then a Place for The Vegetables, and of Course We Needed Water and Ice, and then a Place for The Butter.  the Refrigerator of Today is a Long Way From The Refrigerator of 1955.  but The Refrigerators of 1955 Were Just an Electric Icebox.  One Idea Got the Other Going.


Okay, Same Thought About One Idea Getting the Others Going.  We Always Go From the Known to unknown.  That Makes Sense.  So, Generations of Folks that Watched, “Quantum Leap,” and, “Star Trek” Are Going to Invent Things that they Saw.   The Heart Doesn’t Know that it Was Pretend When We Saw the Star Crew Talking to their Computers, or the Ability to Locate Any Person Anywhere.

For Example, I Just Got this Caller ID On My Telephone.   If You Do Not Have an Unlisted Number, then You Can Call Me and Hang-Up, and I Will Know that You Called, Even Over Long Distance.  It Doesn’t Just List The Phone Number.  In Fact Your Name Is Given.  Also, this Little Gadget Knows the Time and Date Without Me Telling it.

Somehow, When the First Person Called the Correct Time and Date Was Instructed to this Device. Telephones with Time and Date.  If We Are Going to Communicate On the World Level, Everyone Being On the Same Time Will Be Important.  So, I See this as a First Step Towards Connecting Computers as Telephones.  My Computer Modem Software/hardware Will Also List the Caller ID.

Apply this Technology to the Grocery Store.   I Bought Groceries at Kroger’s the Other Day with My MasterCard.  The Cashier and I Did Not Say Hardly One Word as I Slid My Card Through and Pressed the Button For Credit Card, and the Button For Yes On the Amount.

I Did Have to Sign Something, But I Saw Where that Will Be Done Away with Someday.  They Now Have a Hand Scan that Works Wonderfully.   Kroger’s Promised Me that Very Soon I Will Be Able to Use My ATM Card there.  That Means the Last Days of the Paper Checks.  (Update, Kroger’s Now Has ATM Machines and I Pay For My Groceries by My ATM Card, and Money is Deducted From My Checking Account).


I Had a Library Card at a University that Kept Track of the Amount of Copies that I Had Remaining.  AT&T Has Cards that You Can Buy to Give Away to a Loved One that Do Very Much the Same Thing Except with Long Distance Phone Expenses.  One Day, Your ATM Card Will Do that For in Regards to Your Checking Account.

Coming Soon to a Grocery Store Near You.   I Take My Kroger’s Vision Value Card and Run it Through the Machine.  I Get Discount Points that Can Be Used For Some Future Purchase.  in Exchange, they Get My Name and What Items I Purchased.   I Can See Where this Would Really Help in Stocking Shelves to Match Local Buying Habits of the Community. 

But, Also My Particular Buying Habits Are Recorded.  That Way Kroger Can Cut Costs by Sending Me a Coupon in the Mail For a Specific Item in an Area that I Have Been Known to Buy, (Such as Cat Food Instead of Dog Food).

But, I Can See in the Days Ahead One Card that Both Debits My Checking Account and Also Has My Purchasing Habits.  In Fact if this Goes Farther and Wal-Mart Already Does My Checks For Me, a Tracking Record of ALL My Purchases Could Be Made.


Someone that is Buying a Lot of Airplane Glue Might Be a Suspect For a Drug Overdose.  If Someone Dropped a Parker Pen at the Scene of a Crime, a List of ALL the People that Buy Parker Pens Could Be Derived.  If Two or More Items Belonging to The Offender Are Found, the Odds of a Capture Go Up.

Someone Suspected of Kidnapping or Selling Infants Would Have to Buy a Lot of Diapers.  If For Some Unknown Reason that You Couldn’t Buy Groceries at a Certain Store Unless You Had the Mark, then Your Very Buying Habits Would Give You Away.  I Buy Jam, But Only Smucker’s Strawberry Jam, and if I Get a Pizza it’s Always Pineapple and Pepperoni, and So On.

Others May Match My Profile, But I Bet there is at Least One Item or Combinations of Items; or the Time that I Buy that Give Me Away.

Tie this Information to the Kinds of Files that I Download, and You Can Get a Pretty Accurate Profile of Me.

Your Brother In Christ,   (I Scanned My Signature in From a FAX to My Computer at Home)

P.S.  As Best as I Can Remember this Was Written in May or June of 1994.  Now, On May 25, 1997, I Find the Following Article in a Software Magazine.


Included in the Tiger Magazine On Pages 69-71 Are Some Software Packages that Convert Voice to Text.  “Voice Pilot” Even Says that You Can Talk at 150 wpm, (That’s Normal Conversation Level, and Faster than Those of Us Folk Down in Alabama).   Even the Fastest typist Usually Don’t Go Much Faster than 95 wpm.

This Will Make a Big Difference with the Internet and What We Now Call Chat Rooms, as Well as EMail.  You Don’t Need to Type.   People that Don’t Type Can Carry On a Normal Conversation in the Chat Room or with Email.

And You Won’t Need to Turn Your PC On.  You Say, “Computer On” Just Like in Star Trek and it Responds and Comes On.  One Day, that Same Computer Will Turn On a Stove For You, or a Coffee Pot in the Morning, and the Shower Also.

But, Listen to this as I Type Out Exactly What is Written in the Tiger Magazine.

Private Chat On the Internet—In Foreign Languages~!

This Could Be the Communication Breakthrough the World Has Been Waiting For… Now You Can Use Your Voice to Speak a Message, Have Your Words Translated into Another Language and Sent Anywhere in the World, and When the Reply Comes Back—Have it Translated Back to English~!   Talk Live in Private Internet Chat Rooms with Anyone in the World—no Matter What Language they Speak~!   English is No Longer a Barrier.

Voice-recognized Text is Usable in Any Windows Word Processor.  With the IBM VoiceType Dictation Engine, Intelligent Recognition Writes Exactly What You Want to Say~!


I Think that the Computer Generated Translator Method that You Spoke of Will Arrive at One Pure Language.  Where I Can Talk Out Loud to My Computer, and that Computer Translate that Voice Recognition into Text, and that Text Translated into Another Language, and Sent Over the Internet to a Foreign Country, and then their Text Recognition Software Say Out Loud in their native Tongue the Message.

When ALL Understands One Language, You Can Be Sure that The Day of Yahweh is Not Far Off.  In Fact, I Believe that the Foundation Has Been Built, So that We Don’t Have to Work as Hard to Re-invent the Wheel.  If We Have to Know Math, then We Can Get Only as Far as Our Forefathers Got in their Lifetime.

I Have Heard My Generation Criticize the Younger Generation Saying that they Can’t Even Add Without a Calculator.  However, if they Can Use Excel or Visual Basic’s and the Software Knows How to Do the Math, then they (and Us) Can Take Off Where My Forefathers Stopped and Continue On For the Next Generation.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Will Be the One to Watch.   For it Will Be the Dragon, (See Scripture Below); that Will Be impersonating The, “Image” of the Beast.

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Copy and Paste the Following into the Passage Box, And Set the Number of Verse to 100, (it’s Just Easier to Add a Zero to the Existing 10).

Revelation 12:3-4; Revelation 12:7; Revelation 12:9; Revelation 12:13; Revelation 12:16-17;
Revelation 13:2; Revelation 13:4; Revelation 13:11; Revelation 16:13; Revelation 20:2


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