Christ Our Passover


For Indeed Christ, Our Passover, Has Been Sacrificed in Our Place. Therefore Let Us Keep the Feast”, (1 Corinthians 5:7-8)

Also See All the Times that the Passover is Supposed to Be On the 14th in the Month of Abib, (Also Called Nisan) ~ (Exodus 12:6, 18-19; Leviticus 23:5; Numbers 9:3,5,11; Numbers 28:16-17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32;
Joshua 5:10; 2 Chronicles 30:15; 2 Chronicles 35:1; Ezra 6:19; Ezekiel 45:21 Leviticus 23:5


Christ, Our Passover

 1 A Song of Ascents. Of David. Behold, How Good and How Pleasant it Is For Brethren to Dwell Together in Unity~!  2 It Is Like the Precious Oil Upon the Head, Running Down On the Beard, the Beard of Aaron, Running Down On the Edge of His Garments. 3 It Is Like the Dew of Hermon, Descending Upon the Mountains of Zion; For there Yahweh Commanded the BlessingLife Forevermore.

(Psalm 133:1-3 ~ NKJV)

The 2009, “Christ, Our Passover” Feast, On Abib, {also Called Nisan} 14 Was Precious~!

We Had Four Children.  The Meal Was a Great Mix of Beef & Brown Rice and Chicken On the Side, with Green Beans, And Salad, and Dressing, a Roll, and Tea, and a Delicious Cream Filled Cake. 
And A Friend Called Us  by Cell Phone Just as We Were Walking In, and I Asked Him to Hold His Hand Up So that, “Hour” Children Could See Him, and He Had Reserved a Table For Us.  We Call Them, “Hour” Kids Because they Were Born For Just this Day and Hour~!
The Friend’s Table Had Just Enough Room For 5 Additional, (table Holds 8, and this Friend’s Family Occupied the Other 3 Seats), But Not Enough For 6, So I Sat One Table Away.  The Table Accepted Me, and they Joked that I Had Been On the Survivor Table, But Had Been voted Off.  I Thought that Was Funny.  The Guy that I Sat Beside Had Been an Army Airborne Parachute Trooper, and the Pastor From a Nazarene Church Had His Son there Also.
I Introduced, “Hour” Children to the Pastor My Table’s Son, and they Seemed to Like One Another.   Also Sitting at the Table Was Another Man From the Nazarene Church, and their Youth Pastor.   Later On Two More Ladies Joined Our Table, (They Were Both Women of Color, and to Me, if We’re Going to Have a Theme of Unity, then there Needs to Be Some Mixing of Denominations and the Color of Our Skin, So this Thrilled Me)~!


Christ, Our Passover

Christ Our Passover ~ Worship 2009

Christ Our Passover 2009

The Children Respond

  Then I Found a 11 Year Old, (We Knew Him From Another Church ).  His Father, Had Hired Me at Southern Home and Hearth, and I Had Visited His Older Brother, in Hattiesburg During Katrina About 6 Months Before Committed Suicide, and This Boy’s Sister Has Been in a Coma For About 7-8 Years Falling Off a 4-wheeler, So this Boy is Special to My Heart and I Took Him Over to Meet, “Hour” Children. 

I Asked Another Pastor, to Come Over and Talk to, “Hour” Children and He Graciously Accepted, and He’s From South Africa and Has a Wonderful Accent.  I Wished that I Had Told the Children What a Man of God that I Think that He Is~!  Unknown to Us at Our Time of Meeting, Murray Later On Gave the Opening Prayer, and So I Was Glad that, “Hour” Children Had Met Him Beforehand.

His opening Prayer Was Wonderful, and Each Word Just Filled with Such a Lovely Accent, *(it’s Easy to Listen to Murray Pray or Preach Because the Accent Draws You in So).  I Just Knew, “Hour” Kids Were Endeared to Him Because He Had Spent the Time to Invest in Meeting Each of Them.  People in the Charismatic circles Often Evaluate the Spirituality of Others by their Shaking, or their Voice, “But, I Look to See if Children Will Come Up to You, Because the Children Always Wanted to Get Close to Yahoshua, (and this Pastor Has that Quality).

The Blowing of the Shofar!

, “Hour” Only Boy and Paul’s Son, (Josh) Bonded Well, as Did the Rest of, “Hour” Children, and then When Josh Left the Table with His Father, (Paul) to Go Blow the Shofar, {Above}, and it Was Awesome~! ~ “Hour” Kids Were glued to the Front While People that they Had Just Met and Were Inspired by, Went Up On Stage with Boldness.

And Paul Did a Great Job of Directing Our Focus On to the Lamb that Was slain For Us.  Paul Delivered the Message with a Lot of Poise, Confidence and Joy that is Normally Displayed Only in a Small Setting of an Audience of One.

It Was Awesome to the Max to Have a Father and Son Blowing the Shofar, Hitting the Same Notes, at the Same Time in Perfect synchronization.  It Was Amos 3:3 in Action and Highly Appropriate For the Theme of Unity.  Great Job~!  I Look Forward to Having Paul Leading Us in Triumphant Victory More Often~!

Paul Had the Shorter Ram’s Horn, (Shofar)


Authentic Ram’s Horn Shofar

While Josh Had the Longer Yemenite Horn


Paul and Josh Blew Together Three Short Blasts, Following by Nine Rapid Blasts Followed by One Long Blast Where We Were Invited to Join in with Shouting and Such.  Jonathan and Josh Seemed to Hit it Off Real Big, (They Both Blow Trumpets), and they Both Play the Same Computer Games, (Nintendo DS), and Were Asking What Level they Were On.

Clair Lynch

Apostle Bob Announced that this Was Not Church, that this Was a ‘Feast’,
a Time to Have Fun Together~!

This Year there Was a Bluegrass Singer, Clair Lynch, (Click Here), Had Been Invited Along with the Four Members of KINVARA, and Someone Played the Flute and there Was a Mandolin, and Another Larger Mandolin.  Nice Sound, Great Harmony, (Good For the Unity Theme), and it Really Drew the ‘kids’ into the Events as they Unfolded, (There Was an Expectancy About the Kids as Everything Was New to Them).

Christ Our Passover ~ Clair Lynch at Passover 2009

Here’s the Write Up in the bulletin.
Clair Lynch, and a, “HomeTown” Talent, Raised in Huntsville, voted IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year 2007, and Received Two Grammy Nominations.  More Importantly, She is a bible Believing Christian.  Click Below to See Clair Singing.
I Think One of, “Hour” Girls Really Connected with Her.  She Sang a Christian Song that She Wrote Inspired by a Book that Bob Somerville Had Written, and Another Song.  Both Were Real Good.  Bob Came Up On Stage and Motioned For Us to Stand and to Clap, (Sometimes, We Can Get too Church ed to Have Fun, “So, We Opened Up and Had a Good Time).


The Green Team

  And Yahweh, (God) Took the Man, and Put Him into the Garden of Eden to
Dress it and to Keep it, (Genesis 2:15).

Christ Our Passover ~ the Green Team Awarded

Money Was Collected to Give to, “The Green Team” that Ensures that Huntsville is a Beautiful City and Bob Told Us that Yahweh Had Instructed Us to, “Dress the Earth.”  Huntsville is Among the Top Southern Cities in it’s Beauty and Clean Appearance Because of their Efforts.  Bob, Also Said that From Now On, 10% of the Offering Would Go to the Israelite Community, (I Think in Our Area).

The Praisers

Christ Our Passover ~ Clair Lynch at Passover 2009

That Did it For the Kids and Me and We Were Up On Our Feet and Out of Our chairs, and then a Woman that I Knew, Went to the Front and Was Overflowing with Joy and to the Side of the Stage Where the Worship Leader Was Playing the Guitar.  The Worship Leader Was So Full of Joy, and it Showed.

The Sower Sows the Word


Christ Our Passover ~ Passover 2009 ~ Worship Dancers

The Young Girls at Our Table Were Really Watching the Ladies Dancing, (kind of a blend of Broadway Dancing and Ballet, they Were Very Good).  Two of the Girls Said that they Wanted to Go Join Another Woman Already Worshipping Down Front, and I Said, I’ll Go with You.  They Seemed Like they Were Going to Go, So I Went On Down and Found Out that they Didn’t Follow, (But Wanted to). 
So, I Danced in Praise and it Was Already a Fast Paced Song and the Crowd Went Up a Notch.  I Just Felt Yahweh Saying You’re Here Now, Dance But Take the Crowd On Up with You. 
While We Praised the TV Camera’s Were Showing Various Folks Up On the Big Screen, and that Was Really a Blessing, Because Even Though it Was a Big Crowd, You Could Look Up and See that Someone You Know Was Here that You Didn’t Know Was Here. 

Bob Somerville Breaks the Matzoth

Christ Our Passover ~ Bob Somerville ~ Passover 2009

Then the Passover Which Was Good Also.  Bob Somerville Was in Top Form and Very Funny, (it’s Supposed to Be a Joyous Occasion, a Feast, or We Call it a Festival).  He Talked About the Matzoth and the Stripes On it, and How they Symbolized Yahoshua Getting Beaten with Stripes On His Back, and the Holes Representing the Holes in Yahoshua’s Hands.

The Sower Sows the Word

Christ Our Passover ~ Bob Somerville ~ with Chalice Passover 2009

And Observation by Billie Goodson, (His First Huntsville Passover), Was the Following.

One of the Beautiful Visuals Pastor Somerville Provided Was that Christ, in His Institution of Yahweh’s Supper, Simplified the Four Cups of the Passover into One Cup!  He is Our Cup of Sanctification, of Deliverance, of Redemption, and the Final Cup of Thanksgiving and Hope.  In His Cup We Celebrate the Fullness of the Promises of God!  His Body Represents the Fullness of the Elements of the Substance of the Passover.  Within His Bread We Experience the Fullness of the Sorrow of Christ in the Suffering Yet the Joy of His Resurrection!  The Bitter and the Sweet Are Complete Within the Groom of the Church.  We, as His Bride Are Reminded of that When We Enter into the Intimate Consummation of Our Relationship with Him.

The Unity Warmed Our Hearts, (Psalm 133:1).  It Was the Best Passover I’ve Ever Been to.  Thanks So Much For Your Bob Somerville For Having the Heart and the Vision to Bring this Our Town.  I Believe Yahoshua is Smiling at Us, as We Were Like in Children Bringing Delight to their Father.

Wouldn’t You Like to Find Out More About Our Rich Hebrew Heritage, and The Best Way is to Experience it Firsthand with a Gathering of Believers From All Walks of Faith at The “Christ, Our Passover” Held Annually In Huntsville, Alabama. to Find Out More Information, Please Go to The Following Web Site.

Behold, How Good and How Pleasant it is For Brethren to Dwell Together in Unity~!  It is Like the Precious Oil Upon the Head, Running Down On the Beard, the Beard of Aaron, Running Down On the Edge of His Garments, (Psalm 133:1).




Yahoshua Was a Pretty Normal Happy Guy

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Photography by Bob Gathany, (Staff Photographer For the Huntsville Times)

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.   Isaiah 54:14

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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