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Through Yahweh We Shall Do Valiantly, For it is He Who Shall Tread Down Our Adversaries.
(Psalm 60:12; Psalm 108:13)

Getting Out Of the Boat

I Was Healed in Chattanooga, at the Victory Campaign in April of 2001.  This is My Testimony.  On Thursday, April 12, 2001, While Kenneth Copeland Was Speaking that there Were People Getting Healed Saying that there Was a Woman Here Tonight that Had Five Miscarriages and Was Pregnant Now and that if She Would Come Forward that She and the Baby Would Be Made Whole and the Baby Would Live.  And then He Called Out a Man with The Prostrate Cancer Diagnosed as Terminal; and then People with Pain in their Ankles; and Specifically About a Man that Had Hurt His Ankle On a Tractor, and He Called Out the People with Pain Below the Knees, I Kept Waiting For Him to Call Out My Particular Pain.

You See, Several Years Ago My Mom Had to Have a Hip Replacement.  And Now On a Particular Day Probably Back in June or July 1999, I Suddenly Had a Sharp Pain in My Left Hip While Sitting at My Computer.  I Knew at Once that this Was a Serious Thing, and Went to Yahweh About it.  God Told Me that I Had Allowed Bitterness to Come in and that it Was Rottenness to the Bone; And Unless I Took Some Measures in God, I Would Also Have to Have a Hip Replacement.  I Repented of My Bitterness, (and Envy and Also a Broken Spirit According to Proverbs 14:30, Proverbs 17:22), And Forgave ALL Those I Was Bitter Towards. 

Well, This Nagging, Numbing Pain Had Continued For Months, and I Have Had People Pray For Me About it, and it Was a Bit Discouraging.  I Wasn’t Receiving.  Well, On this Thursday as Kenneth Called Out, What Seemed Like to Me, Everything Except Something About The Hips; I Heard in My Knower, Gloria Copeland Quoting Deuteronomy 30:12-14,

  • 30:12 ~ It is Not in Heaven, that You Should Say,
    “Who Will Ascend Into Heaven for Us and Bring it to Us, that We May Hear it and Do it?”

  • 30:13 ~ Nor is it Beyond the Sea, that You Should Say,
    “Who Will Go Over The Sea for Us and Bring it to Us, that We May Hear it and Do it?”

  • 30:14 ~ But the Word is Very Near You, in Your Mouth and in Your Heart, that You May Do it. 



I Realized I Was Waiting On Yahweh to Proclaim Through Kenneth Copeland, When I Don’t Need to Have Kenneth Copeland Go to Heaven For Me.  It’s In, “My” Mouth and In, “My” Heart.  Without Even a Moment to Think About What Might Happen if I Do This, I Shouted Out, “‘Hip’, You Might as Well Add Hip, Cause I Just Got My Hip Healed.”

I Thought I Was too Far Away For Kenneth Copeland to Hear Me, So I Thought that I Was Safe.  It Was Right then that Kenneth Copeland Said, “I Just Sensed a Movement of Yahweh Over On My Left, About On the 2nd rows,” and Wouldn’t You Know That’s Where I Was.  He Pointed Precisely at Me.  I Had Touched the Hem of Yahoshua’s Garment, So to Speak, {Literally, For, “I Said,” Just Like She, “Said,” (Mark 5:28); So, “Saying is a Very Important Part of Receiving,” In Fact the Amplified Bible Classic Edition Says that, “She Kept Saying”).  I Didn’t Mean to Interrupt What Yahweh Was Doing, So I Stayed Very Quiet, Probably I Should Have Raised My Hand, and Told What I Had Done, that it Might Encourage Others that Were Also Waiting On Yahweh, When Yahweh Was Waiting On Them.

So, Nothing Really Changed in My Body Other than The Confirmation by Kenneth Copeland that there Was a Move of Yahweh Right Where I Was Sitting.  I Tried to Believe I Receive, (Mark 11:24), Whether My Body Felt Normal or Not.  Well, the Next Morning as We Watched Reinhard Bonnke in Africa On the Screen, and they Panned that Exceptionally Large Crowd of Folks.  Just then the Screen Showed One of the Black African Guys Saying that He Had Been Healed of tuberculosis.  Then they Showed a Cut-Away of Reinhard Bonnke Saying that tuberculosis Was Being Healed.  I Was Pondering Why People in Other Countries Get Healed and We in America Have Such a Hard Time with it, Including Myself.



I Confessed that I Must Have Some Religious Thinking in Me More than I Had Been Willing to Admit Before, and I Asked Yahweh to Clean it Out of Me.  Just then, they Came Back to The African Guy that Got Healed Saying that He Heard Reinhard Bonnke Say that Yahweh Was Healing tuberculosis, and He Said, “Case Dismissed,” and then He Immediately Got Healed.  I Saw at Once that the Case Was Dismissed 2000 Years Ago When Yahoshua Went to the Cross, and I Hooked Up, “Case Dismissed,” I Said in My Heart.  Just then the Power of Yahweh Hit Me, and I Was Pushed Back Like an Involuntary Muscle spasm.  My Wife Saw it.  And at the Same Moment that I Jerked, I Heard the Voice of Yahweh Say, “You Just Got the Healing that You Believed For Last Night.”  I Looked Around Slowly Hoping No One Would Notice How I Jerked.

So, On Saturday I Went Forward to Testify of This.  But, Later On I Danced Out in the Floor to Show that I Have Been Made Whole.  I Want You to Know that On Good Friday, April 13, 2001 In Chattanooga, TennesSee My Hip Was Totally and Completely Made Whole, Receiving a New Hip From the Storehouse of Yahweh’s Warehouse of Parts.  I Had Said it with My Mouth the Night Before, and Believed it in My Heart On Good Friday, 2001.  It Was a Good Friday~!



There is Another Testimony that I Think that You Should Also Know as We Rode The Glory Train in the Choo Choo City.  We Had Just Sang On Thursday, “I Went to the Enemy’s Camp, and I, “Took Back What the Devil Stole From Me,” and I Was Praying, “Yahweh, I’d Like to Go Past Just Singing This as a Song, and Really Take Back What the Devil Had Stolen From Me Tonight.”  So, When that Young Black Pregnant Woman Came Forward that Had Had Five Miscarriages, and Was Pregnant Now that Would Have Another Miscarriage Unless Yahweh Was Empowered, I Thought, “What Are the Odds that Someone Would Have Had Five Miscarriages and Be Pregnant Now, and Be Here Tonight?”  this Has to Be Yahweh. 

That Was Awesome, But Yahweh Had Me Keep My Hand Up the Whole Time that She Was Being Prayed For.  The Voice of Yahweh Told Me While She Was Being Prayed For that this Child Would Be More Brilliant than Ben Carson, {http://www.topblacks.com/medicine/ben-carson.htm}.

Wow, I Was in Awe at What Yahweh Was Showing Me, and Finally as the Prayer Was Concluded, Yahweh Said that I Could Lower My Hand.  I Was Curious So I Asked, “Abba, Why Did You Have Me Raise My Hand the Whole Time?”  the Father Said, “Because You Had Your Child Stolen From You”.

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But, I Believe that You Are Supposed to Hear About this Work in Progress Also.

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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