Have What You Say,
(Things That We Say ~ “Spoken Out Loud)

For Most Certainly I Tell You, Whoever Says This Mountain, ‘Be Taken Up and Cast into the Sea,’ and Doesn’t Doubt in their Heart, But Believes that What They Say is Happening; they Shall Have Whatever they Say, {Mark 11:23}.

Why We Declare Things Out Loud

“If You Abide in Me, and My Words Abide in You, You Will Ask What You Desire, and it Shall be Done for You”, ~ (John 15:7).

Who Being the Brightness of His Glory, and the Express Image of His Person, And Upholding ALL Things by the Word of His Power, When He Had by Himself Purged Our Sins, Sat Down On the Right Hand of the Majesty On High;
{Hebrews 1:3}.


Proverbs 6:2

You Are Trapped by the Words of Your Mouth.  You Are Ensnared with the Words of Your Mouth, with the Words of Your Mouth,

† However; the Way that Things Come From the Heaven to the Earth is Through Us, So it Does Matter if You Talk Bad About What’s Hoped For.  Faith Has to Be in Two Places.  First, it Has to Be in Your Hear†, and the Second Place, Fai†h Has to Be Coming Out of Your Mou†hYou Have to Talk Faith to Expect Faith Results~!  But, You Can’t Just Talk it, or, “Name I†—Claim I†,” “Blabb I†—Grab I†,” “Confess I†—Possess I†,” Because Just Speaking Alone Won’t Work.  You Have to Mix Faith with Your Words “Spoken Out Loud”, {Faith Resides in Your Heart}, (Mark 11:23; Luke 6:45; Romans 10:9-10; Deuteronomy 1:32; Psalm 106:24; Hebrews 4:2).

One of the Strongest Evidence that We Have What We Say Was When Joshua told Yahweh, for the Sun to Stand Still, and the Sun Stood Still for a Whole Day~!

Joshua 10:12-14

12 Then Joshua Spoke to Yahweh in the Day When Yahweh Delivered Up the Amorites Before the Children of Israel.  He Said in the Sight of Israel, “Sun, Stand Still on Gibeon! You, Moon, Stop in the Valley of Aijalon!
13 The Sun Stood Still, and the Moon Stayed, Until the Nation Had Avenged Themselves of Their Enemies.
Isn’t this Written in the Book of Jashar?  The Sun Stayed in the Middle of the Sky, and Didn’t Hurry to go Down About a Whole Day.
14 There Was No Day Like that Before it or After it, that Yahweh Listened to the Voice of a Man; for Yahweh Fought for Israel.

And the Army of Joshua Whooped the Enemy Completely and Joshua Had the Israelite Leaders Stand and Put their Foot on Each of The King’s Necks, and then Joshua Killed the Five Kings Who Had Been Hiding in a Cave and Tossed Their Bodies Into the Cave~!  What the Enemy Meant for Evil, Yahweh Turned it Around for the Good of the Israelite Folks~!  ~ (Genesis 50:20).  It’s a Pretty Amazing Story and I Encourage You to Read the Original Account at Joshua 10:1-43.

Confession ~ Does What We Say Really Matter

Confess Means to Say the Same Thing as Yahweh Has Already Outlined in His Word or His Will,
(Strong’s Concordance #3670).
Mark 11:23 shows the Importance of Watching What You Are, “Saying,”
(This is Called Confessing, or Confession).

Count the Word, “Say” or, “Tell” and Count the Word, “Heart.”

For Most Certainly I Tell You, Whoever Says This Mountain, ‘Be Taken Up and Cast into the Sea,’ and Doesn’t Doubt in their Heart, But Believes that What They Say is Happening; they Shall Have Whatever they Say, {Mark 11:23}.

Notice there Are Three, “Say’s,” (for Now Not Counting The, “Tell,” Yahoshua Said First); and Only One, “Heart,” So The, “Saying” is Going to Be Three Times as Important as Coming From Your, “Heart”.  The Heart is Important, You Can’t Just Say it and Expect it.  It Has to Come Out of Your Heart, (Romans 10:9-10), But That’s Not Where We Miss it Most.  It’s Our Mouths that Keep Turning the Tide Against Us.

Now, Right After Yahoshua Tells Us That You Have What You Say, Yahoshua Say, in Mark 11:24, Therefore, (Indicating What He Is Going to Say is Based on the Foundation of What He Just Said, “I Say to You”... and Uses the Very Pattern of Having What You Say as Yahoshua Explains ... Therefore I Say to You, Whatever Things You Ask, When You Pray, BELIEVE THAT YOU RECEIVE THEM, AND YOU WILL HAVE THEM~!



Confessing and Possessing

Psalm 91:9-14

9 Because You Have Made Yahweh, Which is My Refuge, Even the Most High, Your Dwelling Place, (Your Habitation);
10 No Evil Shall Happen to You, Neither Shall Any Plague Come Near Your Dwelling.
11 For He Will Put His Angels in Charge of You, To Guard You in All Your Ways.
12 Then Will Bear You Up in their Hands, So that You Won’t Dash Your Foot Against a Stone.
13 You Will Tread On the Lion and Cobra.  You Will Trample the Young Lion and the Serpent Underfoot.
14 Because He Has Set His Love Upon Me, Therefore Will I Deliver Him; I Will Set Him
Because He Knows and Understands My Name [has a Personal Knowledge of My Mercy, Love, and Kindness—Trusts and Relies On Me, Knowing I Will Never Forsake Him, No, Never].

It is Not Saying that I Am Going Be Healed, But Saying, “I Am Healed,” When You Are Hurting and in Pain.  It is Saying, “I Am Rich and Out of Debt” When You Don’t Even Have Two Nickels to Rub Together, (2 Corinthians 8:9).  It is Saying When Your Another Woman Catches Your Eye, “My Wife’s Bosom Satisfies Me at ALL Times, and I Am Enthroned by HER Love,” (Proverbs 5:19; Matthew 19:4-6).  It is Saying that My House is Paid For When You See a 30 Year Mortgage Looming at You, (Psalm 118:25; Mark 10:30).

Yahoshua Told Peter to Go Get a Coin Out of the First Fish’s Mouth to Pay Taxes, (Matthew 17:30).  Click Here to Read More On Prospering in Yahweh’s Kingdom.  If there Was a First Fish, that Means that there Was More than One Fish.  Then Why Did Yahoshua specify that the Coin Be Taken Only From the First Fish’s Mouth.  Perhaps, the First Fish Might Look a Little Scrawny and Would Normally Be a Throw-Back?  Or Was it Because at Least Another Fish Also Had Money in it’s Mouth as Well?  Mark 10:30  ~ But He Will Receive One Hundred Times More Now in this Time, Houses, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Children, and Land, with Persecutions; and in the Age to Come Eternal Life.



When Does Yahweh Deliver?

Psalm 91:1 ~ He that Dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High Shall Abide Under the Shadow of the Almighty.
Psalm 91:2 ~ I Will Say of Yahweh
, He is My Refuge and My Fortress, My God; On Him I Lean and Rely, and in Him I [confidently] Trust~!
Psalm 91:3 ~ For [then] He WILL Deliver You Fr
om the Snare of the Fowler and From the Deadly Pestilence.


When You, “
Say” What Yahweh Says About You, (For [then] He SHALL Deliver You) ~
{The Definition of Confess is To Say the Same Thing As}.

What is the Catalyst that Causes Yahweh to Deliver Us?  Is it Our Words~!  Psalm 91:2 Just Got Through Saying, “I Will SAY of Yahweh,” and then Psalm 91:3 Reads, “For [then] He Will Deliver You~!”




I Did Some Research On The, “For [then] He Will Deliver You” Because Some Scripture Translations Say, “Surely,” and Also Because The, “Then” is in Brackets.  However, “Surely” is Not a Great Translation of this Word.  It Means that Whether We Do Something or Not, then Surely He Will Deliver Us.  He Will Deliver Us Regardless.  I Think that the Translators Didn’t Want to Say Under Any Circumstances that Yahweh Would Not Do Something, So they Just Put in Surely, “Surely, He Will Deliver You.”  Making the Outcome of the Sentence a Matter of Fact.

What I Found is that this Hebrew Word, (Strong’s Concordance #H3588), is a Little, “if-ee,” and I’ll Explain What I Mean by the Following Definitions.   The Strong’s Concordance Says, that it Is, “Indicating Causal Relations of All Kinds, Antecedent, ({Precursor, Forerunner, Predecessor}, Something that Came Before Something Else and May Have Influenced or Caused it), or Consequent; (by Implication).”  The Complete Word Study Bible by Spiros Zodhiates Says, “A Demonstrative Particle Meaning Because, For, that, When, Whenever.”  The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, (BDB); Defines this Word, (kee) as, “That, For, Because, When, as Though, as, Because that.”

So, in Regard to the Above Definitions, I Think this is More a Conditional Promise, {Like We Tell Our Children if You Clean Your Room Tonight, then We’ll Go Out to Eat Ice Cream}.  So, it’s a Little, “if-ee” to Me.  A Little Questionable. 



For then...

I Think, “For then” is a Better Translation, “Surely” Has a More UnConditional Permanence About it and that Just Doesn’t Match the Rest of the Scriptures, (generally, there is a Condition that Has to Be Met ~ See Deuteronomy 28:1 For Just One Example).  Like, if We Turn On a Light Switch, Surely the Light Will Come On.  A Computer Programmer Might Write Code Better as, “For ~ If Condition Exist then Do Action ~ Next” ... {The Words, “For” And, “Then” Are Actually Used in Microsoft Excel’s Visual Basic), “For then” ... A Conditional Response.

Or if We Turn On a Water Faucet then Water Will Come Out.  Or if We Jump Out of Airplane, then Surely We Will Fall to the Ground, Unless that Law is Preempted by Another Force Such as You Have a Parachute, (The Law of Gravity is Still in Effect, and You Still Are Falling But at a slower Rate).  But, Even So When You Pull the Rip Cord, Surely the Parachute is Supposed to Open.

But, Yahweh Has a More Sure Word of Promise than the Man-Made Parachute, or Lights or Electricity, or Air or Even Water.  Yahweh, Your Word is Settled in Heaven Forever, (Psalm 119:89).  The Word of Promise in the Covenant Made in Heaven is Sure To ALL the Seed; Everyone of the Promises is Yea and Amen in Christ, (2 Corinthians 1:20), and as Stable as the Heavens.  So, if Yahweh Said that He Will Do Something, then He Will Do it, (Word).  So, How Can it Be that, “Surely” Yahweh Will Do Something, But at the Same Time it Be a Little, “if-ee”?  The Deliverance is a More Sure Thing Based On a ‘Causal Relationship’, (* See The J. B. Phillips Translation at this Link ~ Romans 4:16).  Let Me Explain this Below.



A Sure Thing

The Best Illustration that I Can Think of is When it Rains Hard, and the Ground Gets wet and a Tree that is in that Soft Ground Tilts and Falls Over, and the Tree Becomes unRooted, as a Consequent to the Soggy Bottom Condition of the Ground.  {By the Way, I Am Not a Man of Constant Sorrow}.  I Am Blessed ALL the Time, (“I’m Blessed by the Best and He’s Taking Care of the Rest”).  The Tree Won’t Fall Unless the Conditions Are Met.  Okay, That’s On the Negative Side of a, “Surely.”

Suppose there’s a Fire in a Apartment Complex, and an 8 Year Old Child is On the 2nd Story Looking Out a Window with Smoke Billowing Out Behind, and I Shout to Them, “Jump” and I Will, “Surely” Catch You.  Is My, “Surely,” a Sure Thing?  It Is, as Long as I Don’t Fall, or Trip On a Garden Hose On the Way to Catch Them.  I Would Never On Purpose, Let Them Drop, and I’ll Do My Best to Catch Them, and So Would You.  My Eye Would Be glued to their Every Move So that I Can React in an Instance in Case they Jump~!



Our Part

However, My Catching Them is Consequential, {happening as a Result}, or Conditional to their Leap of Faith.  If they Don’t Jump, I Still Will Keep My Part of the Bargain and I Will Catch Them... But, there Will Be Nothing to Catch~!  So, What is the Catalyst that Causes Yahweh to Deliver Us.  Is it Our Words~!  Psalm 91:2 Just Got Through Saying, “I Will SAY of Yahweh,” and then Psalm 91:3 Reads, “For [then] He Will Deliver You.”

There is Something that We Must Do, and I’m Not Adding to the Finished Work that Yahoshua, (Jesus), Did On the Cross, as His Part is Done.  However, it’s Our Part to Believe and then to Speak it, “To Say,” is When We, “Jump” Out in Faith Trusting Yahweh to Catch and Deliver Us, For Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaks, (Matthew 12:34-37).  This Isn’t Works, this is Faith~!  Click Here to See More How Faith Works.

Compare this to this Verse.  (Mark 16:17-18), ~ And these Signs Shall Follow Them that Believe...  They Shall Lay Hands On the Sick, And they Shall Recover.  Is there a Condition that Must Be Met For Hands Laying On the Sick to Recover?  Them that Believe.

1 Now it Shall Come to Pass, IF You Diligently Obey the Voice of Yahweh Your God, to Observe Carefully ALL His Commandments Which I Command You Today, that Yahweh Your God WILL Set You High Above ALL Nations of the Earth.  2 And ALL these Blessings Shall Come Upon You and Overtake You, Because You Obey the Voice of Yahweh Your God... (Deuteronomy 28:1-12).




The, “Surely” is a Conditional, “Surely,” Not Conditional On Yahweh’s Part: Only Conditional On Our Part; And, “I Will SAY of Yahweh,” “For [then] He Will Deliver You.”

Can You Imagine a Bear Rushing at Us and My Father tucking Tail and Running.... and I Will Say of Yahweh, Because He Has Set His Love On Me.... My Daddy Loves Both of Us.  If there Was a Bear Coming at Me or at You.  My Earthly Father to this Day, as as Old and Frail or Feeble as He is Now in His Old Age, Would Stand Fast Against a Bear.  I Just Know He Would, Just He Really Did Do this For Me When I Was About Eight or Nine, “And I WILL SAY of Yahweh...” “Because He Has Made Me His Habitation, and Set His Love On Me...”

Bonus: Amen Defined, (Strong’s Concordance #’s ~ Hebrew: H0543; Greek: G0281 ~ Means, “So Be It Unto Me According to Your Word,” {Same Thing Mary Said to the Angel Gabriel in Luke 1:38}.
As Captain Jean-Luc Picard Says On, “Star Trek, Next Generations,” “Make it So Number One ~ Engage~!”



Have What We Say, (Hwys),(Mark 11:23)

Everyone Should Know this Verse, Joel 3:10 ~ Let the Weak SAY, “I AM STRONG.” 
Ephesians 6:10 Also Instructs Us to Say, “I AM STRONG

The Only Thing Yahweh is Going to Hear From a Saved Person is a Faith Cry, (Romans 4:17; Hebrews 11:6).  Calling Those Things that Be NOT as Those they Were.  Don’t Let the Weak Say, “We’re Still Sick, or Injured, or Have a Disease in Our Body.” That’s Not How You Come Out of that Mountain of Problems.  The Greek Word, “Tetelestai”, Used in John 19:30 is Translated, “It is Finished”, (Tetelestai ~ G5055), is an Accounting Term that Means, “Paid In Full”}.  Notice that Matthew, a Tax Collector Was Used to Reconciling, {an Accounting Term}; Outstanding Balances with Money Paid and Checking Them Off the List, Said in Matthew 8:17, He Wrote, “That it Might Be Fulfilled Which Was Spoken Through Isaiah the Prophet, Saying: ‘He Took Our Infirmities, and Bore Our Diseases’.”  Matthew Didn’t Say, Which Was Written by Isaiah the Prophet But that Which Was Spoken~!  Here Matthew Was Quoting Isaiah 53:5.  Debt Owed ~ Debt Reconciled~!  By His Stripes, You WERE Healed, (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24)~!  This Debt has Been Paid In Full.

For I Will Restore Health to You, and I Will Heal You of Your Wounds, Says Yahweh, (Jeremiah 30:17).  This Means You’re Going to Have to Stop Saying, “I’ve Got ...” and then, “Naming the Problem.”  The Only Thing that You’ve Got if You Are a Child of Yahweh Is; “Himself Bore My Sickness & Disease and by His Stripes I Am Healed.”  The Bill is Paid in Full~!

On the Way Up & Back From a Road Trip, I Felt Led of Yahweh to Listen to a CD by Keith Moore Called, “We Have Authority,” And, “Watch Your Mouth,” (Click Here For Both); & the Sermon that Keith Moore Preached at the Afternoon Session On 08-18-2008 at the Great Lakes Believers’ Convention Called, “Let the Weak Say I Am Strong in Yahweh,” (Click On the Link Below, or Right-Click Here and Select Open in a New Tab, {or Open in a New Window}), For a Testimony About the Power of Our Words, or On the Link Below~!

Click On the Arrow On the Control Below to Hear, “Let the Weak Say I Am Strong in Yahweh” Referenced Above~!

Notice the Many Times that Matthew Recorded that...
This Was Written that It Might Be Fulfilled’, or ‘It is Written’, or ‘Have You Not Read’, or ‘Have You Never Read’...
Matthew 1:22; 2:15,17-18,23; 3:3; 4:4,7,10,14-16; 8 17; 12:17-21; 13:14-17,35; 15:7-9; 19:4; 21:4-5,16,42; 22:31, 43; 26:54-56; 27:9-10}.




So it’s Not Your Responsibility to Wonder ‘How it’s Going to Get Done?’, (Whether it’s Sickness, or Money, it All Works the Same Way).  It’s Your Part to Believe in Your Heart, and then Confess with Your Mouth, (That’s How You Got Saved ~ Romans 10:9-10}.

For me Also.  As Folks Turn Over 45, Their Eyes are Not as Flexible, and Sometimes to Need Reading Glasses.  I Can Say, (And So Can You), and Get a Laugh if I Say, “Just Put it on The Floor Where I Can Read it”.  But that is Not What I Want.  So, Instead, I Say, “Moses Was One Hundred Twenty Years Old When He Died: His Eye Was Not Dim, (Deuteronomy 34:7), and Neither Will My Eyesight Be Dim.”

I Could Also Say, “Yahweh Said, “Be Bold”, (Joshua 1:9), and I Thought He Said, “Be Bald”.  {Ha, Ha, Ha}.  I Said that for Years, and Now I Seem To Be Balding.  However, I Have Been Saying Instead, (Matthew 10:30; Luke 12:7) ~ “But The Very Hairs of Your Head Are All Numbered.  Therefore Don’t Be Afraid.  You are of More Value than Many Sparrows.”

I Didn’t Catch on to, “Having What You Say”, Until Later on After I Had Already Lost Some Hair.  So, Now, I am Saying, “Folks are Going to Say to Me, “Weren’t You Bald?  What are Doing to Your Hair?  Are You Using Rogaine?”  I’ve Been Saying, I’ll Reply, “No, I’ve Just Been Applying The Word of Yahweh to My Hair”.  Well, Guess What?  Two Weeks Ago, My Hair Stylist Said, You are Growing New Hair In Two Spots, and She Showed Me In The Mirror and Said this is New Hair.  Astounding~!  Our Words Matter~!

Joel 3:10 Says to, “Let the Weak SAY,” “I Am Strong~!” Anytime You Hear Yourself, ‘Talking the Problem’, then You’re Going in the Wrong Direction, (How Are We Ever Going to “?????”).  Start Talking the Answer, Which is the Word of Yahweh.  Say, “I’m Excited to See What Mysterious Way that Yahweh is Going to Act On His Word.” As We Get Older Let Us Say What the Scriptures Like 2 Corinthians 4:16 ~ Say, “Therefore We Don’t Faint, But Though Our Outward Man is Decaying, Yet Our Inward Man is Renewed Day by Day”.

Here’s Our Part, “I Will SAY of Yahweh” Or You Might Say, “I Was Just Joking.”  Like a Madman Who Throws Firebrands, Arrows, and Death is the Man Who Deceives His Neighbor and Says, “I Am Only Joking~!(Proverbs 26:18-19).  Nor Filthiness, Nor Foolish Talking, Nor Jesting, Which Are Not Appropriate; But Rather Giving of Thanks, (Ephesians 5:4). 



Faith Works By Love

I’m Talking a Lot About Faith, But Don’t Be Shocked When I Tell You that Even Though You May Know How to Use Faith; Faith Will Do You No Good, IF there’s No Love Involved~!  But that Measure of Faith Has to Operate in Love or it is Null and Void~!  Yahoshua Was Often Moved With Compassion and Healed The Sick.  For Even Yahoshua Operated in Compassion, {Click Here To See Most of the Scriptures About Yahoshua Operating in Compassion Before He Ministered in Faith, For Faith Works by Love, Galatians 5:6}.

  And 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 Shows Us that Although We Have All Faith, So that We Could Remove Mountains, But Have Not Love, We Are Nothing.

First and Foremost, We Must Learn to Abide in Love, (John 15:4-12), Walk in Love, (Ephesians 5:1-2), Talk in Love, (Ephesians 4:15), And Edify One Another in Love, (Ephesians 4:29); For Our Faith to Be Effective~!

If We Don’t Abide in Love, We Can Forget About Having What We Say.  I’m Speaking the Truth in Love, For if I Just Speak the Truth, Well the Letter of the Law Kills, (2 Corinthians 3:6)... and if I Just Speak in Love, then there is No Growth, (Ephesians 4:15)Following Mark 11:23-24 is Mark 11:25-26; and it Reads: 25, “And Whenever You Stand Praying, if You Have Anything Against Anyone, Forgive Him, that Your Father in Heaven May Also Forgive You Your Trespasses. 26 But if You Do Not Forgive, Neither Will Your Father in Heaven Forgive Your Trespasses.”



Sure Word of Prophecy

Actually, Not Many Really Know How Faith Works, (But That’s changing). I See People Come to the Front to Be Prayed For and the Preacher is shouting Out, “Pray People, Pray,” But Seldom Do You Ever See Someone Just Quietly Open Up the Scriptures to James 5:13-18 and Say According to this New Contract, (New Testament). 

Here is What the Scriptures Says... and then See to it that We Do Each Step, (While Binding the Devil is Good, Just Hollering Louder is Not Really Faith in the Word of God, it is More Like Faith in Faith, {or Worse Like Faith in Ourselves, Which Won’t Work ~ And it is More Like Pride}), and You Don’t Want No One to Dare Say that You Don’t Have Faith.  And to Each of Us Has Been Given a Measure of Faith, Romans 12:3 ~ For Through the Grace Having Been Given to Me, I Say to Everyone Being Among You, Not to Be High-Minded Above What it Behooves You to Think, But to Think So as to Be Sober-Minded, as God Has Allotted to Each a Measure of Faith).  When Instead All We Have to Do is Receive the ​Sure Word of Prophecy;​ *, and Believe that it Will Work For this Time and For this Hour, {ie...  The Doctor’s Say that You’re Not Going to Live Long, But the Word of Yahweh is Prophesying...

{Psalm 107:2 ~ He Sent His Word and Healed Them~!
Psalm 118:17 ~
You Will Live and NOT Die and Declare the Works of Yahweh~!
Psalm 107:20 ~ He Sends His Word, and Heals Them, and Delivers Them From their Graves.
James 5:15 ~ The Prayer of Faith Will Heal Him Who is Sick, and Yahweh Will Raise Him Up}.




The Word Will Prophesy, (Prophesize), a Positive OutCome

If You’ll Pray the Prayer of Faith, {to Believe}.  Not the Man of Faith and Power, {Elijah Was a Man with a Nature Like Ours}, But the Believer and the Receiver,   Rehearsing Yahweh’s Word in Our Hearts.  The Gift of Healing Works Differently, But if You Don’t Have the Gift of Healing and Usually there’s Heat Associated with that, and if You’re Standing Around Waiting For a Nail Gun, When You Got a Hammer in Your Hand, Pick Up the Word of God For You Always Have the The ​Sure Word of Prophecy;​ *(2 Peter 1:19)The Word Will Prophesy, (Prophesize), a Positive OutCome, if You’ll Believe & Receive No Matter What the Doctors Has ForeCast, (as in to Casting a Spell).  He Sent His Word and Healed Them~!  (Psalm 107:2).  You Will Live and NOT Die and Declare the Works of Yahweh~! (Psalm 118:17).

James 5:13 Is Any Among You Suffering?  Let Them Pray.  Is Any Cheerful?  Let Him Sing Praises.  14 Is Any Among You Sick?  Let Them Call For the Elders of the Assembly, and Let Them Pray Over Him, Anointing Them with Oil in the Name of the Lord, 15 And The Prayer of Faith Will Heal Him Who is Sick, and Yahweh Will Raise Him Up.  If they Have Committed Sins, it Will Be Forgiven Them.  16 Confess Your Offenses One to Another, and Pray One For Another, that You May Be Healed.  The Effective, Earnest Prayer of a Righteous Person is Powerfully Effective. 17 Elijah Was a Man with a Nature Like Ours, and He Prayed Earnestly that it Might Not Rain, and it Didn’t Rain On the Earth For Three Years and Six Months. 18 He Prayed Again, and the Sky Gave Rain, and the Earth Brought Forth its Fruit, (James 5:13-18).

I’m Not the Healer; None-the-Less, the Scriptures Said, “Yahweh Will Raise Him UP.”  However, I Am the Believer, (and the Prayer of Faith WILL Heal Them that Are Sick).  d—Evil One Will Try to Convince Us Over and Over and Over Again Repeatedly, that We Must Have Done Something Wrong to Have this Ailment or Disease or Infirmity, (So Our Infirmity is Talking to Us Reminding Us that We’re Going to Die, or We Need to Go to the Doctor Again and Again ~ Thoughts to Ponder, if the d—Evil One is All that, Just Why is the Devil Talking to Us So Much Trying to Get Us to Succumb to this Fate?

If d—Evil One’s So Powerful, Why Doesn’t He Just Give Us a Sickness, and Be Done with it?




We Are Forgiven

We May Have symptoms, But Until We Take a Thought Saying...  d—Evil One Hasn’t Got a StrongHold On Us and We Could Slip Away and Be Healed).  (1) Number One, We CAN’T Trust d—Evil One.  He is a Liar and the Father of Lies.  (2) the Truth is that We Probably Did Nothing to Cause this Sickness.  It’s a Misconception On Our Part to Believe that God is Putting this On Us.  That’s a Lie, Yahweh is a Good God, and this is Not Good, {The Blessing of Yahweh Makes a Person Rich, and He Adds No Sorrow with it ~ (Proverbs 10:22)}.  We’ve Got to Know that Yahweh is Love~!  (1 John 4:8, 16).  Yahweh is Not Putting this Sickness On Us~!  It’s Just that there is a Mean Devil and Now He’s Lying to Us About How We Deserve This, or that We Did Something Wrong.

So What if We Believe We Did Do Something Wrong?  (Hebrews 10:16-17).  Tell the Devil We’ve Repented of that, (perhaps, We Ate or drank Something that We Felt that We Shouldn’t Partake, or We Judged Someone and Now We’re Being Judged For that; or Perhaps We’ve Taken a Thought, “Saying”... (Matthew 6:31) ... Things Like, “Heart Problems Run in Our Family” ~ Yeah, it Runs Alright...  It Was Touch and Go there For a Minute, But Yahweh Touched Me and the Devil Has to Go~!

It Doesn’t Matter What We’ve Done or Perceived that We Have Done as this is Also Covered, 15 And The Prayer of Faith Will Heal Him Who is Sick, and Yahweh Will Raise Him Up.  IF HE HAS COMMITTED SINS, IT WILL BE FORGIVEN HIM {Just Repent}.




The Prayer Of Faith

One of the Most Advantageous Results of Doing Things the Way that Yahweh Outlined it in His Word is So that Later On When the Infirmity, (or d—Evil One), is Talking to Us or Them We Can Say, “Hey, Look a Here, Devil, Did Not the Word Says ‘Chapter and Verse’, and We Did that—So there”.  We or they May Have to Make this Stand, and Will Probably Have to Take their Stand Over and Over More than Once a Day, (Having Done All to Stand, Stand ~ Ephesians 6:13).  Doing these Procedures as Outlined by Yahweh Gives the Recipient of these Prayers Something to Hand their Hat On~!  they Can Say, “Yahweh Told Us to Do as James 5:13-18 Specified and We Did, and I Have Rolled the Care of this Matter Over to Yahweh, and Devil if You Want to Talk to Someone, Talk to Him About this Because it’s His Concern Now.”

Doing this Yahweh’s Way Also Takes the Onus Off of the Person Being Prayed For.  If they Had Enough Faith of their Own, then they Could Have Used Other Scriptures to Make their Stand On.  Scriptures Like Mark 11:24, or if they Didn’t Have Enough Faith, to Join with Someone Else Using, (Matthew 18:19).   But, in this Case, they Feel Overwhelmed.  Therefore, they Have Been Instructed to Call Forth the Elders and to Be Anointed with Oil and Someone Else Prays the Prayer of Faith.  Why the Oil?  It’s a Whole Lot Like the Snake On a Pole that Moses Was Instructed to Have the Folks Look Upon When they Had Gotten Bitten by a Snake, Numbers 21:8-9 ~ It is a Point of Reference Where they Stake their Flag in the Ground and Take their Stand, (it’s their Iwo Jima).

And Here’s a Clue, it Will Help You Three Times More if You Say Your Response to the Accuser of the Brethren Out Loud...  Let You Hear Your Confession.  Don’t Just Tough it Out, But Use the Word of Yahweh and Say, “Let It Be So”, in My Life, (And Say Amen and Refer Back to This Point in Time if the Enemy Tries to Bring it Up, He Won’t Do this Long as He Has Pride and Hates to Lose).  And this is How Faith Will Come, (for Faith COMES by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God ~ Romans 10:17).




Following Instructions Precisely

Mark 11:24 Says the Same Thing... Therefore I Say to You, ALL Things Whatever You Pray and Ask, (Demand ~ Strong’s Concordance # (G0154) For, Believe that You Have Received Them, and You Shall Have Them~! the Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal, But Might Through Yahweh to the Pulling Down of Strongholds, (2 Corinthians 10:4).  But Then Have to Be Acted On by Faith, (Hebrews 4:1-2), “Therefore I Say to You, Whatever Things You Pray, {{G0154 ~ to Ask, Beg, Call For, Crave, Desire, Require, or ‘Demand’ ~ the Same Word Used at Luke 1:63}, When You Pray, Believe that You Receive Them, and You WILL Have Them,” Mark 11:24). 

Ask, {Strong’s Concordance # (G0154)}.  This is Like When You Are at the Supper Table and You Say, “Please Pass the Salt,” it Could Be Interpreted that You Are Begging Because You Said ‘Please’, But it Would Be Understood that You Are Really ‘Calling For, Desiring, Requiring’, Making a Request with the Understanding that they Will Do What You Are Asking For.  Mark 11:24 Comes After Mark 11:23, (Have What You Say), and Before that Mark 11:22, (Have Faith in God), But squeezed in Right Before Mark 11:25-26.  And it Reads: 25And Whenever You Stand Praying, (*Referring Back to v.24), if You Have Anything Against Anyone, Forgive Them, that Your Father in Heaven May Also Forgive You Your Trespasses26 But if You Do Not Forgive, Neither Will Your Father in Heaven Forgive Your Trespasses.”

Now, I’d Be Willing to Say that You Might Say, You Know He’s Got a Point there, Let’s Do it, and Yet You Will Probably Not Hear the Person Being Prayed For Singing.  Normally, they Just Keep Quiet and Hanging their Head Down and Are Hoping that a Miraculous Bolt of Lightning Will Pop Through the Ceiling, But they Don’t Sing.  Then Ought to Be Shout’n For Joy~!  Yahweh Gives Grace to the Humble.  Please Don’t Assume that You Know This, But Read it Again and Again and Ask the Holy Ghost Are You Following Yahweh’s Word Precisely.




How Faith Operates, {The Mechanics of Faith}

Do You Even Have Oil?  I Hear Folks Say that We Don’t Believe it that.  Do You Believe the Scriptures?  So, Do You Want to Do Things the Way that Yahweh Outlined For Success?  Did You Ask the Person to Pray?  (If they Don’t Pray Themselves, it Might Be Because they Think that they Deserve this For Something that they’ve Done in their Past.  Or Possibility that they Have unForgiveness in their Heart, (Mark 11:25-26) ~ Click Here to See Proof that UnForgiveness is the Leading Cause of Cancer) and You’re Wasting Your Time Praying at this Time For Them Until they Get this Resolved, and it Will Make it Look Like the Word Didn’t Work, When the Word Was Never Applied.

So, it’s Important to Find Out this So that You Can Meet Them in Faith, But More So that they Can See From the Scriptures that their Sins Are Forgiven, and to Forgive Others, and then they Can Be Completely Restored to Health, {See Also 1 John 1:9}.  {See Also: http://www.alternative-cancer-care.com/cancer-anger-link.html} ~ James 5:13 Is Any Among You Suffering?  Let Them Pray.  Is Any Cheerful?  Let Him Sing PraisesJames 5:15 And The Prayer of Faith WILL Heal Him Who is Sick, and Yahweh Will Raise Him Up.  If He Has Committed Sins, it Will Be Forgiven Him.

In Every Thing Give Thanks: For this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus Concerning You 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I Copied this From Gloria Copeland.  Notice that this Scripture Instructs Us to Give Thanks in All Things, Not For All Things.  When Tragedy or Temptation Strikes, We Are Not to Thank God For Them.  He is Not their Author.  He’s the One Who Provides Our Way of Escape From Them. and That’s What We’re to Thank Him For.  If You Read the Four Gospels, You’ll Find that Jesus Never Gave Thanks For Sickness or Death. Instead, When He Encountered Them, His Response Was to Overcome Them by God’s Power.  So Give Thanks as Jesus Gave Thanks—Not For Satan’s Activities But For the Victory God Has Given You Over Them.




Singing is Speaking with Power

I Think We May Have Underestimated the Power of Singing.  Even Yahoshua Sang...Then they Sang a Hymn and Went Out to the Mount of Olives, (Matthew 26:26-30; Mark 14:18-26).

Speaking to One Another with Psalms, Hymns and Songs From the Spirit.  Sing and Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord, (Ephesians 5:19).

I Listened to, “Money, Money Cometh,” From Stan Pody Over and Over and Over and Over and Would Sing Along Until Faith Arose in My Heart, (Romans 10:17), (The Lyrics Are Supported by the Scriptures at Deuteronomy 8:18; Psalm 118:25; & Isaiah 45:3).

And I Would Sing this Song Over and Over and Over, Out Loud Knowing that I Have What I Say.
It Wasn’t Manifest then, But it is True and When that Truth Got Down in My Heart, it’s Manifest Now.
My House is Paid For and We Are Out of Debt~!

Right-Click On Money, Money Cometh, and Select Save Target As.
I Implore You to Listen to it Also to Establish Faith in Your Heart,
{for The Word is Near You, in Your Mouth, then The Word Gets in Your Heart, (Deuteronomy 30:14; Romans 10:8)}.

Click On the Arrow On the Control Below to Hear, “Money, Money Cometh,” by Stan Pody Referenced Above~!

Money Money Cometh
Chorus 1
Money Money Cometh
Money Money Cometh
Money Money Cometh
Money Money Cometh
For the Sake of the Gospel
Money Cometh to Me

Verse 1
I’m Blessed in the City
Blessed in the Field in the Fruit of My Body
And All of Its Yield
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
For the Sake of the Gospel
Money Cometh to Me
I’m Blessed Coming In
Blessed Going Out
Sometimes I Get So Happy
I Just Want to Shout
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me

Verse 2
My Father is Rich
In Houses and Lands
He Holds All the Wealth
of the World in His Hands
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
For the Sake of the Gospel
Money Cometh to Me
Houses and Lands
Coming into My Hands
For these Are the Hands
of a Very Rich Man
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
For the Sake of the Gospel
Money Cometh to Me

Verse 3
I Don’t Have to Beg Steal Our Borrow
The Lord Maketh Rich
And He Addeth No Sorrow
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
For the Sake of the Gospel
Money Cometh to Me
Taking Off the Limits
Tearing Down the Walls
This is a Day of Double
Coming Out of the Stall
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
For the Sake of the Gospel
Money Cometh to Me

Misc 1
Double in the Morning
Double in the Evening
Double in My Giving
Double in My Receiving
Double Money Cometh to Me
I’m Leaving the Land
of Doubt and Circumstance
it Makes Me Want to Shout
it Makes Me Want to Dance
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
I’m Gonna Dance that Money In
Gonna Dance that Money In
I’m Gonna Dance that Money In
Gonna Dance that Money In
For the Sake of Gospel
Money Cometh to Me

Verse 4
I’m Leaving the Land
of Barely Enough
Moving into a Land
of More than Enough
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
We’re Walking by Faith
And Not by Sight
We’re Moving Up Higher there is No Doubt
Money Cometh Money Cometh to Me
For the Sake of the Gospel
Money Cometh to Me

Ccli Song # 2486246
Stan Pody
© 1997 Stan Pody/Pneumasong Music Int’l.
For Use Solely with the Songselect Terms of Use. All Rights Reserved. http://www.ccli.com
Ccli License # 983384

Deuteronomy 8:18 ~ But You Shall Remember Yahweh Your God, For it is He Who Gives You Power to Get Wealth; that He May Establish His Covenant Which He Swore to Your Fathers, as it is Today.



For She SAID

Notice How the Woman that Touched the Hem of Yahoshua’s, (Jesus’), Garment Got Healed.

Mark 5:27 ~ 27 Having HEARD The Things Concerning Yahoshua, (Jesus), Came Up Behind Him in the Crowd, and Touched His clothes, (WEB).

28 FOR SHE SAID, “If Only I May Touch His Clothes, I Shall Be Made Well.”

30 And Yahoshua, (Jesus), Immediately Knowing in Himself that POWER Had Gone Out of Him, Turned Around in the Crowd and Said, “Who Touched My Clothes?”
31 But His Disciples Said to Him, “You See the Multitude Thronging You, and You Say, ‘Who Touched Me?’ ”



Her Faith

If I Were there, I’d Be Like Peter Who May Have Said, “Who Hasn’t Touched You?  Hey, Everybody Raise Your Hand that DID NOT Touch Yahoshua?” ...Because The Crowd Thronged Him... (Mark 5:24).

But, Yahoshua Implied by Looking Around, Knowing in Himself that Power, (Virtue, Dunamis Power ~ Strong’s Concordance # G1411; From Where We Get Our Word Dynamite), Had Gone Out of Him.  So, We Now Know by Yahoshua’s Words that this Was Not Yahoshua’s Faith that Healed this Woman~!



YOUR Faith Has Made You Well

In Fact, the Scripture Makes it Plain in Mark 5:34 That it Was NOT Yahoshua’s Faith, But It Was Her Faith~!  34 And He Said to Her, “Daughter, YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL.  Go in Peace, and Be Healed of Your Affliction.”  Wow~! That’s an Eye Opener~!  Did I Read that Right?  YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL.

This is Not the Only Time that YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL is Mentioned in the Scriptures.  Ephesians 3:20 Tells that Yahweh is Able to Do Exceedingly Abundantly Above All that WE ASK OR THINK, [Implied as, “WE THINK”}; {However there is a Restriction Which Is}, “According to the Power that Works in Us~!
The Common English Bible, (CEB), Reads in Colossians 1:29, “I Work Hard and Struggle For this Goal with His Energy, Which Works in Me Powerfully.”  And the Easy-to-Read Version, (ERV) Puts it Like this in Philippians 2:13, “Yes, it is God Who is Working in You.  He Helps You Want to Do What Pleases Him, and He Gives You the Power to Do it.”

You Are of God, Little Children, and Have Overcome Them, Because He Who is in You is Greater than He Who is in the World, (1 John 4:4).



For She Kept Saying

Take A Look at the Woman that Touched the Hem of Yahoshua’s Garment.  She Was the One Who Dictated the Way in Which She Was Healed.  Her Faith Said, (Yahoshua’s Words, Not Mine ~ Mark 5:34)Mark 5:27 Reads, “Having HEARD The Things Concerning Yahoshua, (Jesus).”  So, this Shows Us How Faith Works, (Not Yahoshua’s Faith, But by Example - Her Faith and by Proxy, Our Faith).  Faith Comes, {Each One of Us Has Been Given a Measure of Faith; (Romans 12:3, 6), But Our Faith Can Increase by Hearing and Hearing the Word of God, (Romans 10:17)}...

And the Faith Has to Be in Two Places, (in Your Heart and On Your Lips Coming Out of Your Mouth, (Mark 11:23-24; Romans 10:9-10).  The Amplified Bible Classic Edition Says, “and She Kept SAYING, (Mark 5:27-28); That If I Only Touch His Garments, I SHALL BE Restored to Health (Mark 5:28)..”  Not Only by Her Point of Contact, But by the Words She Spoke.  Notice Also That, “She Said.”  She Had Faith in Her Heart and She Said it with Her Mouth.  That Proves that She Had it Down in Her Heart For Out of the Abundance of Heart, the Mouth Speaks, (Matthew 12:34-37; Matthew 15:10-11; Mark 7:14-15; Luke 6:44-45; James 3:2-13)~!

But Not Only Did Mark Catch that the Words of Her Mouth Were Involved in this Healing Process, But So Did Matthew Also Observe This, (Matthew 9:9-21).  And Again the Amplified Bible Classic Edition Says, “For She Kept Saying To Herself, If I Only Touch His Garment, I SHALL BE Restored to Health”.  After This, Other People Wanted to Touch The Hem of Yahoshua’s Garment and They Also Got Healed.  Her Act of Faith Started A Touch Hem Movement,” {Pun:, Touch Him Movement”}, (Matthew 14:34-36; Mark 10:13; Luke 18:15).  Note that it Was Luke that Observed Where She Touched, and Not What She Said, (Luke 8:44).  So, We Need One Another Just as We Need Both Matthew and Luke’s Perspective.

I Used to Not Even Read the New American Standard Version of the Scriptures Because it omitted The, “Have What You Say,” Found in (Mark 11:23 ~ For Most Certainly I Tell You, Whoever May Tell this Mountain, ‘Be Taken Up and Cast into the Sea,’ and Doesn’t Doubt in their Heart, But Believes that What They Say is Happening; Then SHALL Have Whatever they Say, {I Call it the HWYS Principal}); But Now, I See that there is a Newer Version of the Amplified Bible Classic Edition that Changed this Wording Also to, “She Thought,” Rather Than, “She Kept Saying To Herself”.

I Can See Where Someone Would Conjecture that this is the Same Thing, as Matthew Says that She Was Talking to Herself, (Matthew 9:21).  But this omits the Power of the “Spoken Word”s, Whether Mumbled or Thought Inside One’s Self.  When We Examine the Original Language, {Strong’s Concordance # G3004 in Both Matthew & Mark}, The Word Used is Not Defined as, “She Said to Herself,” {Like in Her Thoughts}, But Defined as, “To Say, to Speak”.  However, the Version that Changes the Wording is Called the Amplified Bible Classic Edition, While the Older Version that Includes that She, “Kept On Saying” is Called the Amplified Bible, {So that All My Links to the Classic Bible Would Go to this Newer Man Changed Version, and That’s Sly, or Tricky}.  I Firmly Believe that d—Evil One Does Not Want People to Know that they, “Have What they Say” as Yahoshua Said this Was a Key in Mark 4:13-20 Click or Tap Here For a More In-Depth Study of Mark 4.



Yahoshua Walked with Jarius

But Watch Jarius’ Actions Prior to this Same Healing at (Mark 5:22).  And Behold, One of the Rulers of the Synagogue Came, Jarius by Name.  And When He Saw Him, {Yahoshua}, Jarius Fell at His Feet and Begged Him Earnestly, SAYING, “My Little Daughter Lies at the Point of Death.  COME AND LAY YOUR HANDS ON HER, THAT SHE MAY BE HEALED, AND SHE WILL LIVE.”

I Don’t Know What Was On Yahoshua’s Agenda For that Day, But Yahoshua Stopped Everything He Was Doing to Go to this Man’s Home Based On the Words Coming Out of His Mouth.  And Yahoshua Only Did What the Father Told Him to Do, So these Words Also Got Yahweh’s Attention, {For the Eyes of Yahweh Run Back and Forth Throughout the Whole Earth, to Show Himself Strong in the Behalf of Them Whose Heart is Perfect Toward Him, (2 Chronicles 16:9)}.  If You Don’t Believe that You Have What You Say, Someone Should Have Told Yahoshua, Because Yahoshua Showed by His Actions that this Was of Yahweh, “So Yahoshua, (Jesus), Went with Him, and a Great Multitude Followed Him and Thronged Him.” 

*Food For Thought ~ Yahweh Went with Him.  And We Know that Yahweh Went with Yahoshua, {and Not the Other Way Around ~ (Acts 10:38 ~ For God Was WITH HIM)}.  Of Course, Yahoshua Only Did What He Saw the Father Doing.  Yahweh Goes with Us Also, Click Here to See Scriptures that Show, “I Am With You” or, “Yahweh Is With You,” or, “God Was with Him”.

Jarius Was a Man that Walked with Yahoshua, (Jesus), (Literally ~ Yahoshua Went with Him), and Actually He Saw this Woman Having a Disease For 12 Years; Get Wonderfully Healed~!  It Just So Happens that His Daughter Was 12 Years Old, (Same Period of Time), is Lying On Her Deathbed, and While He is Walking with Yahoshua Side by Side, (Can it Get Any Better than that?).  then Someone Comes to Him and Tells Him that His Daughter Has Died~!

More Things to Ponder Over.  Jarius Goes to Yahoshua For His Daughter Lay Dying On Her Deathbed, and He is a Ruler of the Synagogue, (Used to People Following Him, and Not the Other Way Around), and Right in the Middle of this After He Has Gotten Yahoshua to Go with Him, this Woman with an Issue of Blood Interrupts this Process... and then She, “Tells All,” (Mark 5:33); and Don’t You Know that a Woman Can Talk?  She Told the Whole Story, (if She Didn’t then How is it that We Know that She Had this Issue of Blood For 12 Years, and that She Had Suffered Many Things From Many physicians, and Had Spent All Her Money and Was Still None the Better, Except that She Told Him the Whole Truth).

this Had to Be Thought Provoking to Jarius that She Had Been Sick For 12 Years and that His Daughter Was 12 Years Old.  I Think this Woman Inspired Jarius’ Faith For What Was About to Come in His Life.  But at the Same Time it Must Have Tried Jarius’ Patience.  While Yahoshua Was Speaking, Interesting Timing and Not While the Woman Was, “Telling the Whole Truth,” (Talking On and On)... Jarius is in the Presence of Yahoshua, in the Flesh~! ♪, “And He Walks with Me and He Talks with Me” ♪; I Would Love to Be in the Earthy Manifest Presence of Yahoshua, and Right in the Middle of that... Someone that Jarius Trusts From His Compound Comes to Jarius and Tells Him that His Daughter Has Died~!  Yikes~!



Do NOT Be Afraid; Only BELIEVE~!

Can’t You See that this is a Moment For the Heebie-Jeebies to Run Amuck?  This is Like Us Getting News that Our Son or Our Daughter or a Loved One Has Just Been in a Car Wreck.  We Strongly Want to Go and Call 15 Folks Right Away, and Say, OMG~!  Oh, My Lord~!  OMG~!  What Are We Going to Do?  But, None of that Will Save Them~!

But Without Faith it is Impossible to Please Him, For He Who Comes to God Must Believe that He Is, and that He is a Rewarder of Those Who Diligently Seek Him, (Hebrews 11:6).  Jarius' First Thought Might Have Been that if this Woman Hadn't Talked So Long, We Would Have Already Departed.  But, Remember Faith Works by Love, (Galatians 5:6), and this is Great Opportunity to Show Love, So that Faith Can Operate.

It’s Only by Faith in Yahweh’s Word and His Words of Life Coming Out of Our Mouths, that the Angels Hearken to and the Angels Are Our Ministering Spirits, (Hebrews 1:14-Hebrews 2:3).  Angels Respond / Heed / Hearken to the Voice of His Word, and We Are the Ones that Utter that Word with Our Voices, (Psalm 103:20-21).  Then He Said to Me, “Fear Not, Daniel, For From the First Day that You Set Your Heart to Understand and Humbled Yourself Before Your God, YOUR WORDS Have Been Heard, and I Have Come Because of YOUR WORDS, (Daniel 10:12).

So What Did Yahoshua Immediately Say To Jarius?  As Soon as Jesus Heard the Word that Was “Spoken, He Said to the Ruler of the Synagogue, “Do NOT Be Afraid; Only BELIEVE.”  Don’t Change Your Confession, (or Profession, G3671), of Faith Now.” He Implied, “Stay with Me, I Am With You, Walking to Your House Based On What You Said.”  We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight, (2 Corinthians 5:7), So Don't Let Your Emotions Dictate Your Actions... Stay Calm.  It's Going to Be All Right, I Am Walking with You.  Keep the Switch of Faith On, “Do NOT Be Afraid; Only BELIEVE.”



Yahoshua Met Jarius Where His Faith Was~!

Interesting to Note, that at Another Time a Centurion Told Yahoshua that You Don’t Have to Come at All, Just SPEAK The Word and My Servant Would Be Healed For I too Am a Man Under Authority.  Yahoshua Didn’t Try to Persuade Jarius to Just Believe, and that His Daughter Would Be Healed Right then On the Spot Like the Centurion, (Matthew 8:5-13; Luke 7:2-10).

Yahoshua Met Jarius Where His Faith Was, and His Faith Confession Coming Out of His Mouth From the Abundance of His Heart, (Matthew 12:34-37; Luke 6:45), Was Speaking Saying, “My Little Daughter Lies at the Point of Death.  COME AND LAY YOUR HANDS ON HER, THAT SHE MAY BE HEALED, AND SHE WILL LIVE.”

So, What Did Yahoshua Do?  He Went with Jarius. Oh, So Important to Match People to Be in Agreement as Yahoshua Went with Jarius, (Matthew 18:19), and to Meet Them Where they Can Believe, and then We’ll Have Success Also~!  But Yahoshua Added Something to This, and Remember Yahoshua Only Did What the Father Told Him to Do, So Yahweh Told Him to Speak to the Girl.  For Not Only Did Yahoshua Lay Hands On Her, But He Also Spoke to Her, (That She Would Be Healed, and Will Live)~!

But Before This, if We Are Going to Have Success, We Are to Do Things by the Example Yahoshua Set For Us, (John 13:15; 1 Peter 2:21), and He Removed the Folks that Were Speaking Negatively, (Their Roar, {uproar}, (Mark 5:38), Was Showing that there Was Doubt and Fear in their Hearts ~ Mark 5:40).

Bonus: Also in this Same Chapter of Mark, (Mark 5:41); the Testimony About Yahoshua and Jarius' Daughter, (referred to as the Little Girl) that Passed Over, Taking Her by the Hand HE SAID To Her, “Talitha Cumi,” Which Means, “Little Girl, I Say to You, Arise.”

This is Another Instance that Yahoshua Was Naming it and Claiming it by Calling Those Things that Be NOT as Those they Were, (Romans 4:17), Because When He SAID, “Little Girl, I Say to You, Arise” She Was Dead as a Doornail~!  Unless, You’ve Talked to a Dead Person in Person, You Might Not Be Able to See that it’s Like Talking to a Fence Post.  But, She Arose~!



Binding & Loosing

Once More We Find Our Example, (John 13:15; 1 Peter 2:21), (Yahoshua), Speaking to the Problem.  If it is Not Important What We Say, Why Did Yahoshua Speak to This Matter.  Why Didn’t He Just Lay Hands On Her Only.  This Was Not an Isolated or One Time Occurrence by Far, and In Fact, Every Time Yahoshua Brought Forth a Miracle, You’ll Find that He Spoke the Answer Out of Faith From His Heart Before it Occurred, (Luke 4:18-19).  If You’ll Notice Not One Single Time Did Yahweh Our Father Not Speak it Before it Happened, Even if it Was to Inform the King(s); that their Kingdom Would Be Torn Away From Them.  If it’s Not Important to Have What You Say, Why Did Yahweh Do it Every Single Time?  Faith is Voice Activated.

This is the Pattern of What We Should Be Doing Also~!  We Are Told to Bind and to Lose, (Matthew 16:19).  We Bind and Lose with Our Words Coming Out of Our Mouth.  Then Once More as Our Example, Yahoshua Did So and Told the Woman Bent Over For 18 Years, “And When Yahoshua, (Jesus) Saw Her, He Called Her to Him, and Said to Her, Woman, You Are Loosed From Your Infirmity,” (Luke 13:11-16).

That there Might Be Some Person Being Used of d—Evil One to Bring About Destruction, and Your Voicing Yahweh’s Words that “d—Evil Ones Plans Are Brought to Naught,” (Isaiah 29:20; Isaiah 8:10; Job 5:12; Psalm 33:10; Nehemiah 4:15); Causes their Plans Not to Happen, and that Whatsoever You Bind is Bound, (Matthew 16:19; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

Are there Things that Need to Be Bound?  Are there Things that Oppose Yahweh’s Word and Ought Not to Be Occurring?  (Like ISIS, Pornography, Sicknesses, Diseases, Gossip, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Murder, Drugs, Religious Spirit, and Apathy Towards The Things of Yahweh, or Even The Weather, (Hurricanes /Tsunamis, Cyclones / Tornadoes, Winter Storms, etc.  Where People Can Be Harmed),  ~ See Galatians 5:19-21 For a More Detailed List of What to Bind).  Then We Are to Bind these Things From Happening.  Are there Things that Need to Be Loosed?  (Like a Revival Spirit to Sweep Through the Land, or More of the Spirit of Yahweh in Our Society ~ See Galatians 5:22-23 For a More Detailed List of What to Lose).  Then We Are to Lose these Things.



The High Praises of Yahweh Be in their Mouths

Psalm 149:6-9
6 May The High Praises of Yahweh, (H0410), Be in their Mouths, and a Two-Edged Sword in their Hand;
7 To Execute Vengeance On the Nations, and Punishments On the Peoples;
8 To Bind Their Kings with Chains, and their Nobles with Fetters of Iron;
9 To Execute On Them the Written Judgment.  All His Saints Have this Honor.  Praise Yah~! ~ (Yah ~ there Was No 'J" in the Hebrew Language, So The Name For Our God Can Not Be Jehovah ~ H3050).

{We Take Thoughts Captive, Saying, (2 Corinthians 10:5-6), these Are Clickable Links}

Psalm 8:2
Out of the Mouth of Babes and Nursing Infants You Have Ordained *Strength, Because of Your Enemies, that You May Silence the Enemy and the Avenger.
*Yahoshua Quoted this and Changed the Word, “Strength” to, “Praise”...

Matthew 21:16 and Said to Him, “Do You Hear What these Are Saying?” Yahoshua, (Jesus), Said to Them, “Yes. Did You Never Read, ‘Out of the Mouth of Babes and Nursing Babies You Have Perfected Praise?’ ”

{Praise is Something Said Out Loud From Our Mouths~!}

Revelation 19:11-16
Coming Out of His Mouth is a Sharp Sword with Which to Strike Down the Nations.

Isaiah 58:1, “Cry Aloud, Spare Not; Lift Up Your Voice Like a Trumpet; Tell My People their Transgression, and the House of Jacob their Sins.”



Die in the Wilderness

The Israelite Folks Didn’t Haven’t to Wander in the Wilderness; However, They Didn’t Mix Faith with the Word that they Heard, (Hebrews 4:2).  Why Did the Israelite Folks Die in the Wilderness?  It’s Because their Confession Was that “They Would Die In The Wilderness” and Thus Denying that Yahweh Would Deliver Them Even After Seeing the Parting of the Red Sea, (20 Scripture References Showing This).  Are We Justified by Yahweh’s Words or by Our Words?   Check this Out From Matthew 12.

Matthew 12:33-34
33 Either Make the Tree Good, and His Fruit Good; or Else Make the Tree Corrupt, and His Fruit Corrupt: For the Tree is Known by His Fruit.
34 O Generation of Vipers, How Can You, Being Evil, SPEAK Good Things, {Words}?  For Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks.
35 A Good Man Out of the Good Treasure of His Heart Brings Forth Good Things, {Words}, and an Evil Man Out of the Evil Treasure Brings Forth Evil Things, {Words}.  But I Say Unto You,
36 That Every Idle Word that Men Shall Speak, they Shall Give Account Thereof in the Day of Judgment,
37 For by YOUR Words You Will Be Justified, and by YOUR Words You Will Be Condemned
,” (Matthew 12:34-37; Matthew 15:10-11; Mark 7:14-15; Luke 6:44-45; James 3:2-13).

 Matthew 10:32-33
32 Whosoever Therefore Shall Confess Me Before Men, Him Will I Confess Also Before My Father Which is in Heaven.
33 But Whoever Denies Me Before Men, I Will Also Deny Him Before My Father in Heaven.

Yahoshua Said, “My Words Are Spirit and They Are Life,” (John 6:63).  I Have Set Before You Life and Death, Therefore YOU Choose Life, (Deuteronomy 30:15,19; Proverbs 4:10, 20-23).  Attend to My Words... Or as We Say in Alabama, “Tend to”.  If We Have Been Asked to Do a Children’s Christmas Party and Someone Else Says to Us, “Come On to Another Christmas Party with Me”.  We Might Respond, “Well, I’d Like to Go, But I’ve Got Some Preparations to ‘Tend to’ For this Children’s Christmas Party”.

(Proverbs 4:10, 20-23)
20 My Child, Attend to My Words; Incline Your Ear Unto My Sayings.
21 Let Them Not Depart From Your Eyes; Keep Them in the Midst of Your Heart.
22 For Then Are Life Unto Those that Find Them, and Health to All their Flesh.
23 Keep Your Heart with All Diligence; For Out of it Are the Issues of Life.

Attend to My Words... Incline Your Ear, Hearken.  Grab Your Ear and Tell Your Body What the Word Says About Your Situation.  Put the Word of Yahweh Before Your Eyes.  Put the Word of Yahweh in Your Ears, Mediate On the Word of Yahweh and Get the Words of Yahweh Down in Your Heart.

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Yahweh Through the Faithfulness of Keith Moore Has Forever Impacted and Changed My Families Lives.

Yahweh Through the Faithfulness of Keith Moore has Forever Impacted and Changed My Families Lives.  I Strongly Recommend Listening to What Yahweh is Teaching Through Him.

I Strongly Recommend Listening to What Yahweh is Teaching Through Him.  Click On this Link or On the Icon Above to Start Listening to Word Studies From Moore Life Ministries~!



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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14


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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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