Eros is Not Love at All~!

Now the Works of the Flesh Are Manifest, Which Are [these], Fornication, Uncleanness, Lasciviousness, Idolatry, Sorcery, Enmities, Strife, jealousies, Wraths, Factions, Divisions, Heresies, Envyings, Drunkenness, Revellings, and Such Like: of the Which I Forewarn You, Even as I Did Forewarn You, that they Which Practice Such Things Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of Yahweh. (Galatians 5:19-21).

Fornication’ is From the Greek Word ~ ‘Porneia’ {Porn}


Cupid’ Made Me Stupid and Do Stupid Things”, Like Feeling as if I Have to Buy Certain Things On this Date, and if I Don’t, then I Don’t Love that Special Someone.

I First Kissed the Woman I Would Later Marry On February 14, 1975, (She’s Still My Wife)

I Say that Right Up Front, Because I Want You to Know that I Was Just as Carried Away with the Goings On of Valentine’s Day as Was Anybody Else Was in Our Society.  But, I Repent, (Repent Means to,
Change Your Mind).  First, I Noticed that the Scriptures Never Mentioned Eros.

I Was Always Taught in Church that there Were Three Kinds of Love

  1. Agape, (Love)
  2. Phileo, (Love)
  3. Eros, (Not-Love)
In Actuality Yahweh’s Word Tell a Man to Love His Wife as Christ Loved the Church And, and Christ Died For the Church, Laying Down His Life.  This Was the Ultimate Act of Unselfishness, and the Word Yahweh Used For How a Man Should Love His Wife Was Agapao, Not Eros.  I Thought Eros Just Had to Be in there Somewhere, But Eros is Not in Yahweh’s Word at ALL~!
  1. Agape, (Love)
  2. Phileo, (Love)


We Love Too Much~!

Love, Love, Love, Luv, 143, We’ve So overused the Word, that it Has Become Diluted and Void, (I Love My Wife, I Love My Car, and I Love Pizza Are Just Some of the Examples).

If You’re Reading 1 Peter 1:22, in the King James, it Would Read, “Unfeigned Love of the Brethren, See that You Love One Another,” So You May Think that it is Talking About the Same Love as the Same Word Was Used Both Times and Most ALL Translations of Yahweh’s Word Make No Distinction Between the Two Words Written in English as Love.

1 Peter 1:22 ~ Seeing You Have Purified Your Souls in Obeying the Truth Through the Spirit Unto Unfeigned Love of the Brethren {Philadelphia, Strong’s Concordance # 5360}, See that You Love, {Agapao, Strong’s Concordance # 25}, One Another with a Pure Heart Fervently:


There Really Are Three Kinds of Love
Mentioned in Yahweh’s Word,
(But Eros is Not One of Them).

Storge ~ the Greek Word, ‘Storge’, Refers to the Kind of Love that Occurs Naturally Between Family Members, Which is a Good Gift From God.  It is that Powerful Love that sweeps Over a Mother When She Gives Birth.  It is the Love Between Brothers and Sisters.  God Built a Natural Affection into Every Person Just as He Put a Conscience in Every Person.  The Word, ‘Storge’, is Never Used in Yahweh’s Word, But ‘Astorgos’, (Without Natural Affection), is Mentioned Twice, Romans 1:31; 2 Timothy 3:3).

Another Greek Word, Eros, For Self-gratifying ‘Love.’  Eros is Focused On One’s Self, and What it Can Get; Often in Terms of Pleasure or Self-Gratification.  It Cares Nothing For Others Because it is too Busy Using Others and Taking Advantage of Them—although it May Impersonate Affection to Get What it Wants.  It Often May Even Fool the Person Displaying Eros into Thinking that the Eros is Actually True Love.  This Type of ‘Love’ Gives Many People a Very Warped View of Sex and of Marriage.

However, ‘Eros’is NOT Found in Yahweh’s Word at ALL~!  It is Greek to Us~!  (Pun Intended).


The Other Two Kinds of Love
Mentioned in Yahweh’s Word.

Philadelphia (Love) is Brotherly Love ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is Named After this Kind of Love, {The City of Brotherly Love}.  This Has a Lot to Do with, “Things in Common” Like Members of a Basketball Team ALL Wear the Same jersey’s and Saying, “Hey, While We’re On the Road I Won’t Take Your Wallet if You Leave it Out, Because We’re Brothers or Sisters and that Won’t Help Us as a Team.”

Agapao or Agape, (Love), Is Love that Causes You to Die to Self, Unselfish Love, Love that is Not Only UnConditional, But Love that Doesn’t Require Anything in Return, (which is the Definition of ‘UnConditional’), But I Needed to Say it Again as We’ve Heard this So Much it Might Go Over Our Heads and Not Soak in.  True Love ~ Yahweh’s Love Doesn’t Expect Anything in Return, (is Not Self-Seeking, Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, To See What the Criteria of Love is ALL About).


Eros, (Erotic) is NOT Love

Whereas, Eros is Really Self-Love, Self-Gratification, Selfish Desires, and That’s Why the Men Buy the Negligee / Lingerie, and the Nice Smelling Flowers, Perfume and Whatever Else We Men Think Will Get Them in Bed with the Woman, (Jewelry, Cards, CD’s, Aroma’s, Perfumes and Other Mood Enhancement Techniques) For their Women On this Date, and the Chocolate, (which is Really Not Good For Women at ALL).

Chocolate Was Thought to Arouse the Women Sexually, (Aphrodisiac’, a Word that is Derived From ‘Aphrodite’, The Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility and Desire.  Is it an Coincidence that So Many Women Desire to Be a ‘Divine Goddesses’, {Diva’s, Lady Godiva}.  Lot’s of Red Flags Going Off, But I’m Sure that You Are Already Connecting these Dots, In Fact there’s a Lot of Red On Valentine’s Day ~ Like Blood).

So, You See Erotic Love is Not Actually Love at ALL~!  Erotic Love is Really Lust or Self Being On the Throne.  Eros is When You Can Feel Someone’s Eyes Lusting After You.  Eros is Doping Up the Gal with Drinks or drugs or Chocolate in Order to Get Sex, (ie.. Self-Gratification).


Valentine’s Day Hoopla

Well, Where Does this Come into Play in Valentine’s Day.  ‘Eros’ and the Roman God of ‘Cupid’ and ‘Molech’ and ‘Nimrod’ Are One and the Same.  ‘Eros’’ Mother’s Name Was Aphrodite, (Aphrodite is the Same as the Roman Goddess of Venus Aphrodite or Known in Yahweh’s Word as ‘Ashtoreth’ and Was the Fertility Goddess Consort of ‘Molech’ ~ See Further Notes at the Bottom of this Web Site).

We Are Told in Scriptures Never to Worship ‘Ashtoreth’ and it Was this Same False Pagan ~ Heathen God that Gideon Tore Down the Altars to, {Her Name Was Disguised as, Grove or, Groves in the King James Version}).

So, Even Though On 02/14, I First Kissed My Wife, My Wife Has Already Let Me Know that She Just Doesn’t Feel Led to Have to ‘Do’ Anything More Today For 02/14 Every Year.  It’s Pretending & it’s a False Show of affections.  Real Agapao, (Love) Doesn’t Demand or Require Anything in Return.

So, Today I’ll Not Send Her Chocolate, Nor Any Sweet Smelling Perfume, Nor Flowers, Nor Buy a Card, or a CD or Jewelry or Spanish Fly Other
Aphrodisiacs, (gory origins of Aphrodite, From Which the Term Aphrodisiac is Derived).

If Valentine’s Day is About Love, Not About ‘Eros’, (Erotica); then Why is the Ultimate Goal of the Romance Festival to Have Sex?  Cupid Comes From the Latin Word Meaning to ‘Desire’, ‘Wish’, ‘Long For’, {‘Lust?’}; (Click Here For Proof).

Romance ~ A Love Affair
Affair ~ An Intimate Sexual Relationship or Episode Between Lovers.


True Love

Read More:  I Think I’ll Look For Ways in Which I Can Show Love to My Wife by Dying to Self.  I’ll Cancel ALL My Plans For this Evening, and Just See What She Would Like For Me to Do For Her.  I Need to Meet Her ‘Language of Love’ And, “Spend Quality Time with Her” or, “Acts of Service,” or Both, But Either Way, they Are Not My ‘Language of Love’; So For Me to Do these Things, Means that I Will Have to Lay Down My Life, My Plans, My Agenda and Die to Self.

And In Fact, this Should Be My Lifestyle, Not Just a One Day Event~!

This What Yahweh Meant When He Said, Husbands Love, {Agapao}, Your Wives JUST AS Christ Loved, {Agapao}, The Church and Gave Himself For Her?  (Ephesians 5:25).

We Love, {Agapao}, Him Because He First Loved, {Agapao}, Us, (1 John 4:19).

Romans 5:5


Eros’ Turns Out Not So Much to Be a What, But a Who?

Greek Erōs, From Erōs Sexual Love; akin to Greek erasthai to Love, Desire
14th Century
1: the Greek God of Erotic Love — Compare ‘Cupid

Eros (Greek), or Aros in Greek Mythology, Was the Primordial God of Lust, Love, and Intercourse; He Was Also Worshipped as a Fertility Deity.  His Roman Name Was ‘Cupid’, “desire,” Also Known as Amor, “Love.”

According to Tradition Which Was Made by Eratosthenes, Eros’ Was Principally the Patron of Male Love, While Aphrodite Ruled The Love Between Men and Women.


Many Names Cleverly Disguise this False God

“Cupid is a Roman Name (Also Called Amor) Associated with His Lover Venus.
they Are the God and Goddess of Love Whose Stories Fill the Mythologies.”

Aphrodite is the Female Greek Goddess (Equivalent to the Roman Goddess Venus).  Search, “Mother and Child” Worship…
In Ephesus, the Great Mother Was Known as Diana, the Goddess of Virginity and Motherhood, (Acts 19:27). 

    Venus’ and ‘Cupid’ Mother/Son/Husband Were Known by Many Other Names.  They Were Mother/Son/Husband as She Married and Had Sex with Her Son:
  • In Rome they Were ‘Venus’ and ‘Cupid
  • In Babylon they Were ‘Semiramis’ and ‘Tammuz’.
  • In Phoenicia they Were ‘Ashteroth’ and ‘Baal’.
  • In Greece they Were ‘Aphrodite’, (‘Artemis’) and ‘Eros’, (‘Adonis’).
  • In Iceland they Were ‘Frigga’ and ‘Balder’.
  • Even in the Far East, ‘Cupid’ Was Known as ‘Zoroaster
    (zoro, Seed of ‘Aster or ‘Ashteroth’).
  • In Asia they Were ‘Cybele’ and ‘Deoius
  • In India they Were ‘Isi’ and ‘Iswara
  • In Assyria they Were ‘Ishtar’ and ‘Bacchus’.
  • In Egypt they Were ‘ISIS’ and Osiris
  • In India they Were ‘Kali’ and ‘Shiva

From, “Is Cupid Old Fashioned?” by Dr. Rick Shrader; Aletheia Archives; the Bookshelf; February 1994; Vol. 2, No. 2


Worship of ‘Eros’~!

Worship of Eros Was uncommon in Early Greece, But Eventually Became Widespread.  He Was Fervently Worshiped by a Fertility cult in Thespiae, and Played an Important Role in the Eleusinian Mysteries.  In Athens, He Shared a Very Popular cult with Aphrodite, and the Fourth Day of Every Month Was Sacred to Him.

Eros’, Very Angry at the Lovely Apollo For Making Fun of His Archery skills, *(He Was Known as the Roman God ‘Cupid), Caused Him to Fall in Love with the nymph Daphne, Daughter of Ladon, Who Had Scorned Him.

A Longstanding Tradition as a Folktale of the Ancient Greco-Roman World Long Before it Was Put to Print, It Tells of the Struggle For Love and Trust Between ‘Eros’, (male), And Psyche
, (Female), {Psyche’s Name is Difficult to Appropriately Translate as it Transcends Both the Greek and Latin Language, But Can Be Taken to Mean, “Soul,” “Mind” or Rather Both}.

Aphrodite, (Seduction, Seducing Spirit), is Jealous of the Beauty of Mortal Psyche, as Men Are Leaving
Aphrodite’s Altars Barren to Worship a Mere human, (woman), Instead, and So Aphrodite Commands Her Son Eros to Cause Psyche to Fall in Love with the ugliest Creature On Earth.  Eros Falls in Love with Psyche Himself and Spirits Her Away to His Home.


Foot Notes~!

Notice the Correlation Between ‘Eros’ & Soul, (Psyche), i.e.  To Get a Thought Down into Your, “Soul, ~ Mind, Will & Emotion” ~ “Take No ThoughtProverbs 6:32 ~ But Whoever Commits Adultery with a Woman Lacks Understanding: He that Does it Destroys His Own Soul.

Look Up, “Mother and Child,” {“Right Click”, On the Link at the Left, and Select, “Open in a New Tab”}, and What You’ll See Will Bless Your Heart.

But, if You Dig Deeper, You’ll Find that there Was a Relationship Between, “Madonna and Child,” {“Right Click” On the Link at the Left, and Select, “Open in a New Tab”}, and there Will Most Always Be a Naked Baby with a Striking Resemblance to ‘Cupid’.  Is this an Accident?  What You Read Next May Shock You. “Right Click” On the Link Below, and Select, “Open in a New Tab”.

Chocolate as an ‘Aphrodisiac, “ (‘Aphrodisiac’, a Word that is Derived From ‘Aphrodite’, The Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility and Desire)Chocolate Contains Substances Called Phenylethylamine and Seratonin, Both of Which (Put Simply), Are
Mood Lifting Agents Found Naturally in the Human Brain.

When We Are Experiencing Feelings of Love, Passion or Lust.  This Causes Rapid Mood Change, a Rise in Blood Pressure and Increasing Heart Rate, Inducing Those Feelings of Well Being, Bordering On euphoria Usually Associated with Being in Love.

Recent Research Suggests that Women Are More Susceptible to the Effects of Phenylethylamine and Seratonin Than Men.  Eating Chocolate Does Make You Feel Good and Can Actually Induce or ‘mimic’ the Feelings of Being in Love, “ Men Are Logical, Women Are Relational.  Since Women Are Motivated by Relationships, then this Could Be an ‘Aphrodisiac’ For Them.


Ashtoreth’ Was the Fertility Goddess Consort of ‘Molech’.

Ashtoreth’ is Mentioned Three Times in Scripture, in 1 Kings 11:5;33; 2 Kings 23:13.  When ‘Ashtoreth’ is Mentioned in Scripture, She is Linked to ‘Molech’, (Also Called Milcom in the Scriptures).

“And they Built the High Places of Baal, Which Are the Valley of the Son of Himnon, to Cause their Sons and Daughters to Pass Through the Fire Unto ‘Molech’; Which I Commanded Them Not, Neither Came it into My Mind, that they Should Do this Abomination, to Cause Judah to Sin,” (Jeremiah 32:35).

Elsewhere the Lord Specifically Commanded :, “You Shall Not Give Any of Your Seed to Make Them Pass Through [the Fire] to ‘Molech’; Neither Shall You Profane the Name of Your God: I Am Yahweh,” (Leviticus 18:21); (Also Leviticus 20:1-5).

Ashtaroth’ is Mentioned 12 Times in the Old Testament.  However, it Occurs as ‘Asherah’ in the Original Hebrew Languages 40 Times, But is Disguised in Our Modern Translations.  One of the Best Examples is Where Gideon Was Assigned by Yahweh to Tear Down the Altars of ‘Ashtoreth’, (or Spelled Asherah); However, Most of Us Are Going to Miss this Because the Wording Calls Her ‘grove’ or ‘groves’.  Look these Scriptures with the Linked Strong’s Concordance Up by Clicking Here, (Judges 3:7; Judges 6:25-26, 28).




What Does Yahweh’s Word Say?

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Agapao or Agape


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